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Packages beginning with letter P

PDAL-2.1.0-8.el8 Point Data Abstraction Library linux/ppc64le
PDAL-devel-2.1.0-8.el8 PDAL development header files and libraries linux/ppc64le
PDAL-doc-2.1.0-8.el8 Documentation for PDAL linux/noarch
PDAL-libs-2.1.0-8.el8 The shared libraries required for PDAL linux/ppc64le
PEGTL-devel-2.8.1-1.el8 Development files for PEGTL linux/ppc64le
PackageKit-Qt5-1.0.1-5.el8 Qt5 support library for PackageKit linux/ppc64le
PackageKit-Qt5-devel-1.0.1-5.el8 Development files for PackageKit-Qt5 linux/ppc64le
Panini-0.73.0-7.el8 A tool for creating perspective views from panoramic and wide angle images linux/ppc64le
Pound-2.8-1.el8 Reverse proxy and load balancer linux/ppc64le
p7zip-16.02-16.el8 Very high compression ratio file archiver linux/ppc64le
p7zip-doc-16.02-16.el8 Manual documentation and contrib directory linux/noarch
p7zip-plugins-16.02-16.el8 Additional plugins for p7zip linux/ppc64le
packmol-20.010-1.el8 Packing optimization for molecular dynamics simulations linux/ppc64le
pagure-5.12-2.el8 A git-centered forge linux/noarch
pagure-ci-5.12-2.el8 A CI service for pagure linux/noarch
pagure-dist-git-1.10.1-1.el8 Pagure Git auth backend for Dist-Git setups linux/noarch
pagure-ev-5.12-2.el8 EventSource server for pagure linux/noarch
pagure-loadjson-5.12-2.el8 The loadjson service for pagure linux/noarch
pagure-logcom-5.12-2.el8 The logcom service for pagure linux/noarch
pagure-milters-5.12-2.el8 Milter to integrate pagure with emails linux/noarch
pagure-mirror-5.12-2.el8 The mirroring service for pagure linux/noarch
pagure-theme-chameleon-5.12-2.el8 Web interface based on openSUSE's chameleon theme linux/noarch
pagure-theme-pagureio-5.12-2.el8 Web interface theme used for linux/noarch
pagure-theme-srcfpo-5.12-2.el8 Web interface theme used for linux/noarch
pagure-web-apache-httpd-5.12-2.el8 Apache HTTPD configuration for Pagure linux/noarch
pagure-web-nginx-5.12-2.el8 Nginx configuration for Pagure linux/noarch
pagure-webhook-5.12-2.el8 Web-Hook server for pagure linux/noarch
pam-kwallet-5.18.4-1.el8.1 PAM module for KWallet linux/ppc64le
pam_2fa-1.0-4.el8 Second factor authentication for PAM linux/ppc64le
pam_mount-2.16-10.el8 A PAM module that can mount volumes for a user session linux/ppc64le
pam_oath-2.6.2-3.el8 A PAM module for pluggable login authentication for OATH linux/ppc64le
pam_radius-1.4.0-15.el8 PAM Module for RADIUS Authentication linux/ppc64le
pam_script-1.1.9-7.el8 PAM module for executing scripts linux/ppc64le
pam_ssh-2.3-2.el8 PAM module for use with SSH keys and ssh-agent linux/ppc64le
pam_ssh_user_auth-1.0-4.el8 PAM module to help with SSH_AUTH_INFO_0 linux/ppc64le
pam_url-0.3.3-12.el8 PAM module to authenticate with HTTP servers linux/ppc64le
pam_yubico-2.26-4.el8 A Pluggable Authentication Module for yubikeys linux/ppc64le
pamtester-0.1.2-14.el8 Utility to test Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) linux/ppc64le
paper-2.3-1.el8 Query paper size database and retrieve the preferred size linux/ppc64le
par2cmdline-0.8.0-3.el8 PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool linux/ppc64le
parallel-20190922-1.el8 Shell tool for executing jobs in parallel linux/noarch
partclone-0.3.17-1.el8 Utility to clone and restore a partition linux/ppc64le
pass-1.7.3-7.el8 A password manager using standard Unix tools linux/noarch
passenger-6.0.4-3.el8 Phusion Passenger application server linux/ppc64le
passenger-devel-6.0.4-3.el8 Phusion Passenger development files linux/ppc64le
past-time-0.2.0-3.el8 Visualizer for the days of the year linux/noarch
patchelf-0.12-1.el8 A utility for patching ELF binaries linux/ppc64le
pbuilder-0.230.4-2.el8 Personal package builder for Debian packages linux/noarch
pbzip2-1.1.13-1.el8 Parallel implementation of bzip2 linux/ppc64le
pcodedmp-1.2.6-1.el8 VBA p-code disassembler linux/noarch
pcsc-cyberjack-3.99.5final.SP14-1.el8 PC/SC driver for REINER SCT cyberjack USB chip card reader linux/ppc64le
pcsc-cyberjack-cjflash-3.99.5final.SP14-1.el8 Flash tool for cyberJack linux/ppc64le
pcsc-cyberjack-examples-3.99.5final.SP14-1.el8 Sample code linux/noarch
pcsc-perl-1.4.14-12.el8 Perl interface to the PC/SC smart card library linux/ppc64le
pcsc-tools-1.5.3-3.el8 Tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC linux/ppc64le
pcsc-tools-gscriptor-1.5.3-3.el8 GUI tool to send command to a smart card linux/ppc64le
pdfgrep-2.1.2-2.el8 Tool to search text in PDF files linux/ppc64le
pdns-4.4.0-2.el8 A modern, advanced and high performance authoritative-only nameserver linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-ldap-4.4.0-2.el8 LDAP backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-lua2-4.4.0-2.el8 LUA2 backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-mysql-4.4.0-2.el8 MySQL backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-pipe-4.4.0-2.el8 Pipe backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-postgresql-4.4.0-2.el8 PostgreSQL backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-remote-4.4.0-2.el8 Remote backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-sqlite-4.4.0-2.el8 SQLite backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-backend-tinydns-4.4.0-2.el8 TinyDNS backend for pdns linux/ppc64le
pdns-ixfrdist-4.4.0-2.el8 A program to redistribute zones over AXFR and IXFR linux/ppc64le
pdns-recursor-4.3.6-1.el8 Modern, advanced and high performance recursing/non authoritative name server linux/ppc64le
pdns-tools-4.4.0-2.el8 Extra tools for pdns linux/ppc64le
percolator-3.05-1.el8 Software for postprocessing of shotgun proteomics data linux/ppc64le
percolator-data-3.05-1.el8 percolator data files linux/noarch
percolator-static-3.05-1.el8 percolator static libraries linux/ppc64le
perl-AWS-Signature4-1.02-2.el8 Create a version4 signature for Amazon Web Services linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-C3-0.10-16.el8 Module for merging hierarchies using the C3 algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Algorithm-Combinatorics-0.27-17.el8 Efficient generation of combinatorial sequences linux/ppc64le
perl-Algorithm-Loops-1.032-2.el8 Perl module for looping constructs linux/noarch
perl-Any-Moose-0.27-14.el8 Use Moose or Mouse automagically (DEPRECATED) linux/noarch
perl-Any-URI-Escape-0.01-19.el8 Load URI::Escape::XS preferentially over URI::Escape linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-BDB-1.1-34.el8 Truly asynchronous Berkeley DB access linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-CacheDNS-0.08-17.el8 Simple DNS resolver with caching linux/noarch
perl-AnyEvent-HTTP-2.24-5.el8 Simple but non-blocking HTTP/HTTPS client linux/noarch
perl-Apache-DBI-1.12-19.el8 Persistent database connections with Apache/mod_perl linux/noarch
perl-Apache-LogFormat-Compiler-0.35-10.el8 Compile a log format string to perl-code linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Reload-0.13-12.el8 Reload changed Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-1.93-15.el8 Persistence framework for session data linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Browseable-1.3.4-1.el8 Add index and search methods to Apache::Session linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-LDAP-0.4-9.el8 LDAP implementation of Apache::Session linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-NoSQL-0.2-13.el8 NoSQL implementation of Apache::Session linux/noarch
perl-Apache-Session-Redis-0.2-13.el8 Redis driver for Apache::Session::NoSQL linux/noarch
perl-Apache2-SOAP-0.73-31.el8 A replacement for Apache::SOAP designed to work with mod_perl 2 linux/noarch
perl-App-Nopaste-1.013-4.el8 Easy access to any pastebin linux/noarch
perl-AppConfig-1.71-16.el8 Perl module for reading configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Any-Lite-0.11-12.el8 Simple CPAN package extractor linux/noarch
perl-Archive-Peek-0.35-17.el8 Peek into archives without extracting them linux/noarch
perl-Array-Diff-0.09-1.el8 Find the differences between two arrays linux/noarch
perl-Array-Unique-0.08-15.el8 Tie-able array that allows only unique values linux/noarch
perl-Array-Utils-0.5-25.el8 Small utils for array manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Astro-SunTime-0.06-7.el8 Calculates sun rise/set times linux/noarch
perl-AuthCAS-1.7-10.el8 Client library for CAS 2.0 authentication server linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Captcha-1.024-17.el8 Perl extension for creating captchas linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Credential-1.1-13.el8 Abstraction of a credential linux/noarch
perl-Authen-DecHpwd-2.007-8.el8 DEC VMS password hashing linux/ppc64le
perl-Authen-Krb5-1.9-28.el8 Krb5 Perl module linux/ppc64le
perl-Authen-PAM-0.16-37.el8 Authen::PAM Perl module linux/ppc64le
perl-Authen-Passphrase-0.008-2.el8 Hashed passwords/passphrases as objects linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Radius-0.31-1.el8 Provide simple Radius client facilities linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Simple-0.5-22.el8 Simple Authentication linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Simple-Passwd-0.6-26.el8 Simple Passwd authentication linux/noarch
perl-B-COW-0.004-2.el8 Additional B helpers to check Copy On Write status linux/ppc64le
perl-B-Compiling-0.06-16.el8 Expose PL_compiling to perl linux/ppc64le
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Annotation-0.44-25.el8 Annotate and delegate hooked OPs linux/ppc64le
perl-B-Hooks-OP-Check-0.22-8.el8 Wrap OP check callbacks linux/ppc64le
perl-B-Keywords-1.20-1.el8 Lists of reserved barewords and symbol names linux/noarch
perl-B-Utils-0.27-15.el8 Helper functions for op tree manipulation linux/ppc64le
perl-BDB-1.92-12.el8 Asynchronous Berkeley DB access linux/ppc64le
perl-BSD-Resource-1.291.100-11.el8 BSD process resource limit and priority functions linux/ppc64le
perl-Bencode-1.501-7.el8 BitTorrent serialization format linux/noarch
perl-BerkeleyDB-0.63-2.el8 Interface to Berkeley DB linux/ppc64le
perl-Browser-Open-0.04-23.el8 Open a browser in a given URL linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISBN-3.005-4.el8 Perl module to work with International Standard Book Numbers linux/noarch
perl-Business-ISBN-Data-20191107-4.el8 The data pack for Business::ISBN linux/noarch
perl-Bytes-Random-Secure-0.29-14.el8 Perl extension to generate cryptographically-secure random bytes linux/noarch
perl-CBOR-XS-1.71-4.el8 Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) linux/ppc64le
perl-CDB_File-1.02-1.el8 Perl extension for access to cdb databases linux/ppc64le
perl-CGI-Compile-0.23-1.el8 Compile .cgi scripts to a code reference like ModPerl::Registry linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Emulate-PSGI-0.23-12.el8 PSGI adapter for CGI applications linux/noarch
perl-CGI-Fast-2.15-3.el8 CGI Interface for Fast CGI linux/noarch
perl-CGI-SpeedyCGI-2.22-39.el8 Speed up perl scripts by running them persistently linux/ppc64le
perl-CLASS-1.00-28.el8 Alias for __PACKAGE__ linux/noarch
perl-CPAN-Changes-0.400002-13.el8 Read and write Changes files linux/noarch
perl-CSS-Tiny-1.20-11.el8 Read/Write .css files with as little code as possible linux/noarch
perl-Cache-Cache-1.08-15.el8 Generic cache interface and implementations linux/noarch
perl-Cache-FastMmap-1.48-4.el8 Uses an mmap'ed file to act as a shared memory interprocess cache linux/ppc64le
perl-Cache-LRU-0.04-12.el8 Simple, fast implementation of LRU cache in pure Perl linux/noarch
perl-Cache-Memcached-1.30-21.el8 Perl client for memcached linux/noarch
perl-Cairo-1.107-1.el8 Perl interface to the cairo library linux/ppc64le
perl-Cairo-GObject-1.005-1.el8 Integrate Cairo into the Glib type system linux/ppc64le
perl-Carp-Assert-0.21-17.el8 Executable comments linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Assert-More-1.24-1.el8 Convenience wrappers around Carp::Assert linux/noarch
perl-Carp-Fix-1_25-1.000001-20.el8 Smooth over incompatible changes in Carp 1.25 linux/noarch
perl-Child-0.013-11.el8 Object oriented simple interface to fork() linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Grouped-0.10014-10.el8 Build groups of accessors linux/noarch
perl-Class-Accessor-Lite-0.08-16.el8 Minimalistic variant of Class::Accessor linux/noarch
perl-Class-C3-0.34-1.el8 Pragma to use the C3 method resolution order algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Class-C3-Componentised-1.001002-10.el8 Load mix-ins or components to your C3-based class linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-3.0.17-38.el8 Simple Database Abstraction linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-0.03-42.el8 Abstract base class for Class::DBI plugins linux/noarch
perl-Class-DBI-Plugin-DeepAbstractSearch-0.08-33.el8 SQL::Abstract for Class::DBI linux/noarch
perl-Class-ErrorHandler-0.04-14.el8 Class::ErrorHandler Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Class-Iterator-0.3-22.el8 Iterator class linux/noarch
perl-Class-Load-0.25-9.el8 A working (require "Class::Name") and more linux/noarch
perl-Class-Load-XS-0.10-10.el8 XS implementation of parts of Class::Load linux/ppc64le
perl-Class-Measure-0.08-1.el8 Create, compare and convert units of measurement linux/noarch
perl-Class-MethodMaker-2.24-17.el8 Perl module for creating generic object-oriented methods linux/ppc64le
perl-Class-Mix-0.006-7.el8 Dynamic class mixing linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-0.013-12.el8 Support for creating standard "inside-out" classes linux/noarch
perl-Class-Std-Fast-0.0.8-11.el8 Faster but less secure replacement for Class::Std linux/noarch
perl-Class-Trigger-0.15-1.el8 Mixin to add / call inheritable triggers linux/noarch
perl-Class-Unload-0.11-12.el8 Unload given class linux/noarch
perl-Clipboard-0.26-1.el8 Copy and paste with any OS linux/noarch
perl-Clone-Choose-0.010-7.el8 Choose appropriate clone utility linux/noarch
perl-Clone-PP-1.07-10.el8 Recursively copy Perl data-types linux/noarch
perl-Collectd-5.9.0-5.el8 Perl bindings for collectd linux/ppc64le
perl-Color-ANSI-Util-0.164-2.el8 Routines for dealing with ANSI colors linux/noarch
perl-Color-RGB-Util-0.601-2.el8 Utilities related to RGB colors linux/noarch
perl-ColorThemeBase-Static-0.008-2.el8 Base class for color theme modules with static list of items linux/noarch
perl-ColorThemeRole-ANSI-0.001-2.el8 Roles for using ColorTheme::* with ANSI codes linux/noarch
perl-ColorThemeUtil-ANSI-0.001-2.el8 Utility routines related to color themes and ANSI code linux/noarch
perl-Compress-LZF-3.8-14.el8 Extremely light-weight Lempel-Ziv-Free compression linux/ppc64le
perl-Config-Any-0.32-10.el8 Load configuration from different file formats, transparently linux/noarch
perl-Config-General-2.63-10.el8 Generic configuration module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Config-Generator-1.0-10.el8 Shared variables for the Config::Generator modules linux/noarch
perl-Config-GitLike-1.18-3.el8 Git-compatible config file parsing linux/noarch
perl-Config-IniFiles-3.000002-3.el8 A module for reading .ini-style configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Simple-4.59-32.el8 Simple configuration file class linux/noarch
perl-Config-Std-0.903-7.el8 Perl module to load and save configuration files in a standard format linux/noarch
perl-Config-Tiny-2.24-1.el8 Perl module for reading and writing .ini style configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Config-Validator-1.3-13.el8 Schema based configuration validation linux/noarch
perl-Const-Fast-0.014-19.el8 Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, and hashes linux/noarch
perl-Context-Preserve-0.03-11.el8 Run code after a subroutine call, preserving the context linux/noarch
perl-Contextual-Return-0.004014-10.el8 Create context-sensitive return values linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Base32-0.06-5.el8 Encoding and decoding of base32 strings linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Bencode-1.03-26.el8 Functions for converting to/from bencoded strings linux/noarch
perl-Convert-Bencode_XS-0.06-27.el8 Faster conversions to/from Bencode format linux/ppc64le
perl-Convert-BinHex-1.125-13.el8 Convert to/from RFC1741 HQX7 (Mac BinHex) linux/noarch
perl-Convert-PEM-0.08-31.el8 Read/write encrypted ASN.1 PEM files linux/noarch
perl-Convert-TNEF-0.18-17.el8 Perl module to read TNEF files linux/noarch
perl-Convert-UU-0.5201-27.el8 Perl module for uuencode and uudecode linux/noarch
perl-Convert-UUlib-1.8-1.el8 Perl interface to the uulib library linux/ppc64le
perl-Cookie-Baker-0.11-2.el8 Cookie string generator / parser linux/noarch
perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS-4.14-1.el8 JSON::XS for Cpanel, fast and correct serializing linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-Blowfish-2.14-16.el8 XS Blowfish implementation for Perl linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-CBC-2.33-25.el8 Encrypt Data with Cipher Block Chaining Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-CipherSaber-1.01-12.el8 Perl module implementing CipherSaber encryption linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Cracklib-1.7-24.el8 Crypt-Cracklib - Perl interface to Alec Muffett's Cracklib linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-DES-2.07-19.1.el8 Perl DES encryption module linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-DES_EDE3-0.01-37.el8 Triple-DES EDE encryption/decryption module linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DH-0.07-22.el8 Perl module implementing the Diffie-Hellman key exchange system linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-DH-GMP-0.00012-16.el8 Crypt::DH Using GMP Directly linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-ECB-2.22-1.el8 Encrypt data using ECB Mode linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Eksblowfish-0.009-26.el8 Eksblowfish block cipher linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-IDEA-1.10-16.el8 Perl interface to IDEA block cipher linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-MySQL-0.04-8.el8 Emulate MySQL PASSWORD() function linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-X509-1.813-1.el8 Perl interface to OpenSSL for X509 linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-PWSafe3-1.22-14.el8 Read and write Passwordsafe v3 files linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-PasswdMD5-1.4.0-17.el8 Provides interoperable MD5-based crypt() functions linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-RC4-2.02-23.el8 Perl implementation of the RC4 encryption algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Random-Seed-0.03-16.el8 Simple method to get strong randomness linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Rijndael-1.14-2.el8 Crypt::CBC compliant Rijndael encryption module linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-SMIME-0.25-6.el8 S/MIME message signing, verification, encryption and decryption linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-SMIME-tests-0.25-6.el8 Test suite for package perl-Crypt-SMIME linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-Salsa20-0.03-13.el8 Encrypt data with the Salsa20 cipher linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-ScryptKDF-0.010-14.el8 Scrypt password based key derivation function linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-SmbHash-0.12-38.el8 Pure-perl Lanman and NT MD4 hash functions linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-Twofish-2.17-22.el8 Twofish Encryption Algorithm linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-URandom-0.36-14.el8 Non-blocking randomness for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-UnixCrypt_XS-0.11-7.el8 Perl xs interface for a portable traditional crypt function linux/ppc64le
perl-Crypt-X509-0.51-19.el8 Parse a X.509 certificate linux/noarch
perl-Curses-1.36-14.el8 Perl bindings for ncurses linux/ppc64le
perl-Curses-UI-0.9609-15.el8 Curses based OO user interface framework linux/noarch
perl-Cwd-Guard-0.05-11.el8 Temporarily change the current directory linux/noarch
perl-DBD-CSV-0.55-1.el8 DBI driver for CSV files linux/noarch
perl-DBD-Firebird-1.32-1.el8 A Firebird interface for perl linux/ppc64le
perl-DBD-Mock-1.55-2.el8 Mock database driver for testing linux/noarch
perl-DBD-ODBC-1.61-2.el8 ODBC Driver for DBI linux/ppc64le
perl-DBIx-Class-0.082842-4.el8 Extensible and flexible object <-> relational mapper linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Class-Storage-Debug-PrettyPrint-1.87-2.el8 Pretty Printing DebugObj linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Connector-0.56-11.el8 Fast, safe DBI connection and transaction management linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-ContextualFetch-1.03-40.el8 Add contextual fetches to DBI linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-QueryLog-0.42-4.el8 Logging queries for DBI linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-RunSQL-0.21-3.el8 Run SQL commands from a file linux/noarch
perl-DBIx-Safe-1.2.5-37.el8 Safer access to your database through a DBI database handle linux/noarch
perl-DBM-Deep-2.0016-3.el8 A pure perl multi-level hash/array DBM linux/noarch
perl-Data-Binary-0.01-1.el8 Simple detection of binary versus text in strings linux/noarch
perl-Data-Compare-1.26-1.el8 Compare perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Denter-0.15-29.el8 An alternative to Data::Dumper and Storable linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dump-Color-0.241-4.el8 Like Data::Dump, but with color linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dump-Streamer-2.40-13.el8 Accurately serialize a data structure as Perl code linux/ppc64le
perl-Data-Dumper-Concise-2.023-12.el8 A convenient way to reproduce a set of Dumper options linux/noarch
perl-Data-Dumper-Names-0.03-32.el8 Data::Dumper like module for printing and eval data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Entropy-0.007-11.el8 Entropy (randomness) management linux/noarch
perl-Data-Faker-0.10-15.el8 Perl extension for generating fake data linux/noarch
perl-Data-Float-0.013-7.el8 Details of the floating point data type linux/noarch
perl-Data-GUID-0.049-13.el8 Globally unique identifiers linux/noarch
perl-Data-HexDump-0.02-28.el8 Hexadecimal Dumper linux/noarch
perl-Data-Integer-0.006-7.el8 Details of the native integer data type linux/noarch
perl-Data-Password-1.12-12.el8 Perl extension for assessing password quality linux/noarch
perl-Data-Perl-0.002009-17.el8 Base classes wrapping fundamental Perl data types linux/noarch
perl-Data-Report-0.10-30.el8 A flexible plugin-driven reporting framework linux/noarch
perl-Data-Section-Simple-0.07-17.el8 Read data from __DATA__ linux/noarch
perl-Data-Serializer-0.60-14.el8 Modules that serialize data structures linux/noarch
perl-Data-Stream-Bulk-0.11-23.el8 N at a time iteration API linux/noarch
perl-Data-Taxi-0.96-25.el8 Taint-aware, XML-ish data serialization linux/noarch
perl-Data-Validate-IP-0.27-11.el8 Perl IP address validation routines linux/noarch
perl-Date-Holidays-DE-2.05-1.el8 Perl module to determine German holidays linux/noarch
perl-Date-Simple-3.03-29.el8 Simple date object for perl linux/ppc64le
perl-DateTime-Calendar-Mayan-0.0601-27.el8 Mayan Long Count Calendar linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-ICal-0.13-14.el8 Perl DateTime extension for computing rfc2445 recurrences linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Event-Recurrence-0.19-11.el8 DateTime::Set extension for create basic recurrence sets linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-DateParse-0.05-24.el8 Parse Date::Parse compatible formats linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Epoch-0.16-9.el8 Convert DateTimes to/from epoch seconds linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Excel-0.31-27.el8 Convert between DateTime and Excel dates linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Flexible-0.32-3.el8 Flexibly parse strings and turn them into DateTime objects linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-ICal-0.09-33.el8 Parse and format iCal datetime and duration strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-MySQL-0.06-12.el8 Parse and format MySQL dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Natural-1.09-2.el8 Create machine readable date/time with natural parsing logic linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Natural-Test-1.09-2.el8 Common test routines/data for perl-DateTime-Format-Natural linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-Pg-0.16013-12.el8 Parse and format PostgreSQL dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-RFC3339-1.2.0-13.el8 Parse and format RFC3339 datetime strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-SQLite-0.11-28.el8 Parse and format SQLite dates and times linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Format-W3CDTF-0.07-9.el8 Parse and format W3CDTF datetime strings linux/noarch
perl-DateTime-Set-0.3900-12.el8 Datetime sets and set math linux/noarch
perl-DateTimeX-Easy-0.089-25.el8 Parse a date/time string using the best method available linux/noarch
perl-Declare-Constraints-Simple-0.03-36.el8 Declarative Validation of Data Structures linux/noarch
perl-DepGen-Perl-Tests-0.1.2-11.el8 Tests for RPM dependency generator for Perl packages linux/noarch
perl-Devel-ArgNames-0.03-19.el8 Figure out the names of variables passed into subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Devel-CallParser-0.002-20.el8 Custom parsing attached to subroutines linux/ppc64le
perl-Devel-CheckCompiler-0.07-11.el8 Check the compiler's availability linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Cover-1.33-4.el8 Code coverage metrics for Perl linux/ppc64le
perl-Devel-Cycle-1.12-16.el8 Find memory cycles in objects linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Declare-0.006019-14.el8 Adding keywords to perl, in perl linux/ppc64le
perl-Devel-Hide-0.0010-6.el8 Forces the unavailability of specified Perl modules (for testing) linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Leak-0.03-41.el8 Utility for looking for perl objects that are not reclaimed linux/ppc64le
perl-Devel-OverloadInfo-0.005-7.el8 Introspect overloaded operators linux/noarch
perl-Devel-PartialDump-0.20-8.el8 Partial dumping of data structures, optimized for argument printing linux/noarch
perl-Devel-PatchPerl-1.64-2.el8 Patch perl source a la Devel::PPPort's linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StackTrace-AsHTML-0.15-9.el8 Displays a stack trace in HTML linux/noarch
perl-Devel-StackTrace-WithLexicals-2.01-15.el8 Generate stack traces with lexical variables linux/noarch
perl-Devel-Timer-0.13-1.el8 Track and report execution time for parts of code linux/noarch
perl-Device-SerialPort-1.04-35.el8 Linux/POSIX emulation of Win32::SerialPort functions linux/ppc64le
perl-Digest-MD4-1.9-23.el8 Perl interface to the MD4 Algorithm linux/ppc64le
perl-Digest-MD5-File-0.08-23.el8 Perl extension for getting MD5 sums for files and URLs linux/noarch
perl-Digest-Perl-MD5-1.9-18.el8 Perl implementation of Ron Rivest's MD5 Algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Dir-Self-0.11-14.el8 A __DIR__ constant for the directory your source file is in linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Queue-2.0-6.el8 Object oriented interface to a directory based queue linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Queue-tests-2.0-6.el8 Test suite for package perl-Directory-Queue linux/noarch
perl-Directory-Scratch-0.18-17.el8 Self-cleaning scratch space for tests linux/noarch
perl-EV-4.22-3.el8 Wrapper for the libev high-performance event loop library linux/ppc64le
perl-Email-Abstract-3.008-15.el8 Unified interface to mail representations linux/noarch
perl-Email-Address-1.912-5.el8 RFC 2822 Address Parsing and Creation (DEPRECATED) linux/noarch
perl-Email-Address-XS-1.04-6.el8 Parse and format RFC 2822 email addresses and groups linux/ppc64le
perl-Email-Date-Format-1.005-11.el8 Produce RFC 2822 date strings linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-1.949-1.el8 Easy MIME message parsing linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-ContentType-1.024-1.el8 Parse a MIME Content-Type Header linux/noarch
perl-Email-MIME-Encodings-1.315-17.el8 Unified interface to MIME encoding and decoding linux/noarch
perl-Email-MessageID-1.406-14.el8 Generate world unique message-ids linux/noarch
perl-Email-Sender-1.300031-9.el8 A library for sending email linux/noarch
perl-Email-Simple-2.216-6.el8 Simple parsing of RFC2822 message format and headers linux/noarch
perl-Encode-EUCJPASCII-0.03-28.el8 EucJP-ascii - An eucJP-open mapping linux/ppc64le
perl-Encode-HanExtra-0.23-28.el8 Extra sets of Chinese encodings linux/ppc64le
perl-Env-Sanctify-1.12-17.el8 Lexically scoped sanctification of %ENV linux/noarch
perl-Eval-WithLexicals-1.003006-10.el8 Pure Perl eval with persistent lexical variables linux/noarch
perl-Event-1.27-1.el8 Event loop processing linux/ppc64le
perl-Excel-Writer-XLSX-1.03-3.el8 Create a new file in the Excel 2007+ XLSX format linux/noarch
perl-Exception-Base-0.2501-1.el8 Lightweight exceptions linux/noarch
perl-Exception-Class-TryCatch-1.13-16.el8 Syntactic try/catch sugar for use with Exception::Class linux/noarch
perl-Expect-1.35-10.el8 Expect for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Declare-0.114-15.el8 Exporting done right linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Lite-0.08-14.el8 Lightweight exporting of variables linux/noarch
perl-Exporter-Tidy-0.08-14.el8 Another way of exporting symbols linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-CChecker-0.10-13.el8 Configure-time utilities for using C headers, libraries, or OS features linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Config-0.008-17.el8 A wrapper for perl's configuration linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Depends-0.8000-1.el8 Easily build XS extensions that depend on XS extensions linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-F77-1.24-4.el8 Simple interface to F77 libs linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-HasCompiler-0.022-1.el8 Check for the presence of a compiler linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-Helpers-0.026-12.el8 Various portability utilities for module builders linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-InstallPaths-0.012-7.el8 Build.PL install path logic made easy linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-MakeMaker-CPANfile-0.09-4.el8 CPANfile support for ExtUtils::MakeMaker linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-PkgConfig-1.16-10.el8 Simplistic interface to pkg-config linux/noarch
perl-ExtUtils-XSBuilder-0.28-34.el8 Modules that parse C header files and create XS glue code linux/noarch
perl-FCGI-Client-0.09-4.el8 Client library for the fastcgi protocol linux/noarch
perl-FCGI-ProcManager-0.28-9.el8 A FastCGI process manager linux/noarch
perl-Fennec-Lite-0.004-22.el8 Minimalist Fennec, the commonly used bits linux/noarch
perl-File-Copy-Recursive-Reduced-0.006-6.el8 Recursive copying of files and directories within Perl 5 toolchain linux/noarch
perl-File-Edit-Portable-1.25-1.el8 Read and write files while keeping the original line-endings intact linux/noarch
perl-File-FcntlLock-0.22-16.el8 Perl module for file locking with fcntl linux/ppc64le
perl-File-Find-Iterator-0.4-22.el8 Iterator interface for search files linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Object-Rule-0.0311-1.el8 Alternative interface to File::Find::Object linux/noarch
perl-File-Find-Rule-Perl-1.15-13.el8 Common rules for searching for Perl things linux/noarch
perl-File-KeePass-2.03-21.el8 Interface to KeePass V1 and V2 database files linux/noarch
perl-File-LibMagic-1.16-9.el8 Perl wrapper/interface for libmagic linux/ppc64le
perl-File-Map-0.67-3.el8 Memory mapping made simple and safe linux/ppc64le
perl-File-NFSLock-1.29-4.el8 Perl module to do NFS (or not) locking linux/noarch
perl-File-Next-1.18-1.el8 An iterator-based module for finding files linux/noarch
perl-File-Path-Tiny-0.9-9.el8 Recursive versions of mkdir() and rmdir() without as much overhead as File::Path linux/noarch
perl-File-ShareDir-Install-0.13-7.el8 Install shared files linux/noarch
perl-File-Slurper-0.012-6.el8 Simple, sane and efficient module to slurp a file linux/noarch
perl-File-Tail-1.3-13.el8 Perl extension for reading from continously updated files linux/noarch
perl-File-Tempdir-0.02-12.el8 Object interface for File::Temp module linux/noarch
perl-File-Type-0.22-35.el8 Determine file type using magic linux/noarch
perl-Filesys-Df-0.92-36.el8 Perl extension for filesystem disk space information linux/ppc64le
perl-Filesys-Notify-Simple-0.13-8.el8 Simple and dumb file system watcher linux/noarch
perl-Font-AFM-1.20-31.el8.1 Perl interface to Adobe Font Metrics files linux/noarch
perl-Font-TTF-1.06-11.el8 Perl library for modifying TTF font files linux/noarch
perl-Font-TTF-XMLparse-1.06-11.el8 XML Font parser linux/noarch
perl-FreezeThaw-0.5001-28.el8 Convert Perl structures to strings and back linux/noarch
perl-Frontier-RPC-0.07b4p1-36.el8 A Perl interface for making and serving XML-RPC calls linux/noarch
perl-Frontier-RPC-Client-0.07b4p1-36.el8 Frontier-RPC-Client Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Frontier-RPC-doc-0.07b4p1-36.el8 Frontier-RPC-Client Perl module documentation linux/noarch
perl-Fsdb-2.71-1.el8 A set of commands for manipulating flat-text databases from the shell linux/noarch
perl-Function-Parameters-2.1.3-7.el8 Subroutine definitions with parameter lists linux/ppc64le
perl-FusionInventory-Agent-2.5.2-1.el8 Libraries for Fusioninventory agent linux/noarch
perl-Future-0.46-1.el8 Perl object system to represent an operation awaiting completion linux/noarch
perl-GD-2.71-1.el8 Perl interface to the GD graphics library linux/ppc64le
perl-GD-Barcode-1.15-36.el8 Create barcode image with GD linux/noarch
perl-GD-SecurityImage-1.75-4.el8 Security image (captcha) generator linux/noarch
perl-GDGraph-1.54-11.el8 Graph generation package for Perl linux/noarch
perl-GDTextUtil-0.86-42.el8 Text utilities for use with GD linux/noarch
perl-GIS-Distance-0.18-6.el8 Calculate geographic distances linux/noarch
perl-GIS-Distance-Fast-0.14-3.el8 C implementation of GIS::Distance formulas linux/ppc64le
perl-GTop-0.18-27.el8 Perl interface to libgtop linux/ppc64le
perl-Geo-Distance-0.24-3.el8 Calculate distances and closest locations linux/noarch
perl-Geo-IP-1.51-9.el8 Efficient Perl bindings for the GeoIP location database linux/ppc64le
perl-Geography-Countries-2009041301-27.el8 2-letter, 3-letter, and numerical codes for countries linux/noarch
perl-Getopt-Long-Descriptive-0.104-1.el8 Getopt::Long with usage text linux/noarch
perl-Glib-1.3291-1.el8 Perl interface to GLib linux/ppc64le
perl-Glib-Object-Introspection-0.048-1.el8 Dynamically create Perl language bindings linux/ppc64le
perl-Glib-devel-1.3291-1.el8 Development part of Perl interface to GLib linux/ppc64le
perl-GnuPG-Interface-0.52-14.el8 Perl interface to GnuPG linux/noarch
perl-Graph-0.97.04-15.el8 Perl module for dealing with graphs, the abstract data structures linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-2.24-12.el8 Interface to the GraphViz graphing tool linux/noarch
perl-GraphViz-XML-2.24-12.el8 Visualize XML as a tree linux/noarch
perl-Graphics-ColorNamesLite-WWW-1.14.000-2.el8 WWW color names and equivalent RGB values linux/noarch
perl-Gtk3-0.036-1.el8 Perl interface to the 3.x series of the GTK+ toolkit linux/noarch
perl-Guard-1.023-19.el8 Safe cleanup blocks linux/ppc64le
perl-HTML-Element-Extended-1.18-21.el8 Various HTML::Element extensions linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Form-6.07-1.el8 Class that represents an HTML form element linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Formatter-2.16-10.el8 HTML formatter modules linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Lint-2.32-7.el8 HTML::Lint Perl module linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Restrict-3.0.0-2.el8 Perl module to strip unwanted HTML tags and attributes linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Scrubber-0.19-3.el8 Library for scrubbing/sanitizing html linux/noarch
perl-HTML-StripScripts-1.06-11.el8 Strip scripting constructs out of HTML linux/noarch
perl-HTML-StripScripts-Parser-1.03-25.el8 XSS filter using HTML::Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Table-2.08a-32.el8 Create HTML tables using simple interface linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-2.97-10.el8 Perl module to use HTML Templates linux/noarch
perl-HTML-Template-Pro-0.9510-22.el8 Perl/XS module to use HTML Templates from CGI scripts linux/ppc64le
perl-HTTP-Body-1.22-16.el8 HTTP Body Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Cache-Transparent-1.4-9.el8 Cache the result of http get-requests persistently linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-DAV-0.49-6.el8 WebDAV client library for Perl5 linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Daemon-SSL-1.04-30.el8 Simple http server class with SSL support linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Entity-Parser-0.21-2.el8 PSGI compliant HTTP Entity Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Headers-Fast-0.22-3.el8 Faster implementation of HTTP::Headers linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Lite-2.44-19.el8 Lightweight HTTP implementation linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-MultiPartParser-0.02-10.el8 HTTP MultiPart Parser linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-AsCGI-1.2-29.el8 Setup a CGI environment from a HTTP::Request linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Request-AsCGI-tests-1.2-29.el8 Test suite for package perl-HTTP-Request-AsCGI linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Response-Encoding-0.06-32.el8 HTTP::Response::Encoding Perl module linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-0.52-10.el8 Very simple standalone HTTP daemon linux/noarch
perl-HTTP-Server-Simple-PSGI-0.16-15.el8 PSGI handler for HTTP::Server::Simple linux/noarch
perl-Hash-FieldHash-0.15-9.el8 Lightweight field hash implementation linux/ppc64le
perl-Hash-Flatten-1.19-26.el8 Flatten/unflatten complex data hashes linux/noarch
perl-Hash-Merge-0.300-8.el8 Merges arbitrary deep hashes into a single hash linux/noarch
perl-Hash-Merge-Simple-0.051-15.el8 Recursively merge two or more hashes, simply linux/noarch
perl-Hash-MultiValue-0.16-16.el8 Store multiple values per key linux/noarch
perl-Hash-StoredIterator-0.008-12.el8 Functions for accessing a hash's internal iterator linux/ppc64le
perl-Heap-0.80-33.el8 Perl extension for keeping data partially sorted linux/noarch
perl-Hook-LexWrap-0.26-6.el8 Lexically scoped subroutine wrappers linux/noarch
perl-IO-AIO-4.72-1.el8 Asynchronous Input/Output linux/ppc64le
perl-IO-CaptureOutput-1.1104-15.el8 Capture STDOUT/STDERR from sub-processes and XS/C modules linux/noarch
perl-IO-FDPass-1.2-12.el8 Pass a file descriptor over a socket linux/ppc64le
perl-IO-Handle-Util-0.02-5.el8 Utilities for working with IO::Handle-like objects linux/noarch
perl-IO-Interactive-1.022-14.el8 Utilities for interactive I/O linux/noarch
perl-IO-Interface-1.09-16.el8 Perl extension for accessing network card configuration information linux/ppc64le
perl-IO-Pipely-0.005-16.el8 Portably create pipe() or pipe-like handles, one way or another linux/noarch
perl-IO-SessionData-1.03-16.el8 IO::SessionData and IO::SessionSet modules linux/noarch
perl-IO-Socket-Multicast-1.12-12.el8 Perl library for sending and receiving multicast messages linux/ppc64le
perl-IO-Socket-Timeout-0.32-13.el8 IO::Socket with read/write timeout linux/noarch
perl-IPC-ShareLite-0.17-30.el8 Lightweight interface to shared memory linux/ppc64le
perl-IPC-SharedCache-1.3-40.el8 Perl module to manage a cache in SysV IPC shared memory linux/noarch
perl-IRI-0.009-5.el8 Internationalized Resource Identifiers linux/noarch
perl-Ima-DBI-0.35-30.el8 Database connection caching and organization linux/noarch
perl-Image-Base-1.17-15.el8 Base class for loading, manipulating and saving images in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-ExifTool-12.00-1.el8 Utility for reading and writing image meta info linux/noarch
perl-Image-Info-1.41-8.el8 Image meta information extraction module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-Size-3.300-16.el8 Determine the size of images in several common formats in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-Xbm-1.10-11.el8 Load, create, manipulate and save xbm image files in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Image-Xpm-1.13-10.el8 Load, create, manipulate and save xpm image files in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Inline-0.86-4.el8 Inline Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Inline-Files-0.71-6.el8 Allows for multiple inline files in a single Perl file linux/noarch
perl-JSON-Any-1.39-14.el8 A meta-module to make working with JSON easier linux/noarch
perl-JSON-Any-tests-1.39-14.el8 Test suite for package perl-JSON-Any linux/noarch
perl-JSON-Color-0.130-3.el8 Encode to colored JSON linux/noarch
perl-JSON-MaybeXS-1.004000-6.el8 Use Cpanel::JSON::XS with a fallback to JSON::XS and JSON::PP linux/noarch
perl-JSON-Parse-0.56-1.el8 Read JSON into a Perl variable linux/ppc64le
perl-JSON-RPC-1.06-14.el8 Perl implementation of JSON-RPC 1.1 protocol linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-Apache2-1.06-14.el8 JSON-RPC server for mod_perl2 linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-CGI-1.06-14.el8 JSON-RPC server for CGI scripts linux/noarch
perl-JSON-RPC-Daemon-1.06-14.el8 JSON-RPC standalone daemon linux/noarch
perl-Jcode-2.07-30.el8 Perl extension interface for converting Japanese text linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Protocol-PSGI-0.11-2.el8 Override LWP's HTTP/HTTPS backend with your own PSGI application linux/noarch
perl-LWP-Protocol-http10-6.03-21.el8 Legacy HTTP/1.0 support for LWP linux/noarch
perl-LWP-UserAgent-Determined-1.07-7.el8 Virtual browser that retries errors linux/noarch
perl-Lchown-1.01-14.el8 Use the lchown(2) system call from Perl linux/ppc64le
perl-Lexical-Persistence-1.023-17.el8 Persistent lexical variable values for arbitrary calls linux/noarch
perl-Lexical-SealRequireHints-0.011-11.el8 Prevent leakage of lexical hints linux/ppc64le
perl-Lexical-Var-0.009-21.el8 Static variables without name space pollution linux/ppc64le
perl-Lingua-EN-Inflect-1.904-1.el8 Convert singular to plural, select "a" or "an" linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Preferred-0.2.4-32.el8 Perl extension to choose a language linux/noarch
perl-Lingua-Translit-0.28-7.el8 Transliterates text between writing systems linux/noarch
perl-Linux-Inotify2-2.1-6.el8 Scalable directory/file change notification linux/ppc64le
perl-Linux-Pid-0.04-40.el8 Get the native PID and the PPID on Linux linux/ppc64le
perl-List-SomeUtils-0.56-8.el8 Provide the stuff missing in List::Util linux/noarch
perl-Locale-US-3.04-13.el8 Two letter codes for state identification in the United States and vice versa linux/noarch
perl-LockFile-Simple-0.208-17.el8 Simple file locking scheme linux/noarch
perl-Log-Contextual-0.008001-10.el8 Simple logging interface with a contextual log linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-2.68-1.el8 Dispatches messages to one or more outputs linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-Array-1.003-14.el8 Log events to an array (reference) linux/noarch
perl-Log-Dispatch-FileRotate-1.36-1.el8 Log to files that archive/rotate themselves linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-1.50-1.el8 Log4j implementation for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Appender-DBI-1.50-1.el8 Log to a database linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Appender-RRDs-1.50-1.el8 Log to a RRDtool archive linux/noarch
perl-Log-Log4perl-Config-DOMConfigurator-1.50-1.el8 Read log4j XML configuration files linux/noarch
perl-Log-Trace-1.070-30.el8 A unified approach to tracing linux/noarch
perl-MCE-1.862-1.el8 Many-core Engine for Perl providing parallel processing capabilities linux/noarch
perl-MCE-Shared-1.862-1.el8 MCE extension for sharing data, supporting threads and processes linux/noarch
perl-MCE-tools-1.862-1.el8 Many-core Engine command line tools linux/noarch
perl-MIME-EncWords-1.014.3-15.el8 Deal with RFC 2047 encoded words (improved) linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-3.030-16.el8 MIME::Lite - low-calorie MIME generator linux/noarch
perl-MIME-Lite-HTML-1.24-24.el8 Provide routine to transform a HTML page in a MIME-Lite mail linux/noarch
perl-MIME-tools-5.509-9.el8 Modules for parsing and creating MIME entities in Perl linux/noarch
perl-MLDBM-2.05-19.el8 Store multi-level hash structure in single level tied hash linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Box-3.008-1.el8 Manage a mailbox, a folder with messages linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Message-3.008-6.el8 MIME message handling linux/noarch
perl-Mail-SPF_XS-1.2.10-24.20150405gitd57d79fd.el8 An XS implementation of Mail::SPF linux/ppc64le
perl-Mail-Sender-0.903-7.el8 Module for sending mails with attachments through an SMTP server linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Sendmail-0.80-4.el8 Simple platform independent mailer for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Mail-Transport-3.004-3.el8 Email message exchange linux/noarch
perl-Math-Base-Convert-0.11-12.el8 Very fast base to base conversion linux/noarch
perl-Math-Base36-0.14-18.el8 Encoding and decoding of base36 strings linux/noarch
perl-Math-BigInt-GMP-1.6004-5.el8 Use the GMP library for Math::BigInt routines linux/ppc64le
perl-Math-Calc-Units-1.07-26.el8 Human-readable unit-aware calculator linux/noarch
perl-Math-Random-ISAAC-1.004-26.el8 Perl interface to the ISAAC PRNG algorithm linux/noarch
perl-Messaging-Message-1.6.1-10.el8 Abstraction of a message linux/noarch
perl-Meta-Builder-0.004-7.el8 Tools for creating Meta objects to track custom metrics linux/noarch
perl-MetaCPAN-Client-2.028000-1.el8 A comprehensive, DWIM-featured client to the MetaCPAN API linux/noarch
perl-Mixin-Linewise-0.108-15.el8 Write your linewise code for handles; this does the rest linux/noarch
perl-Mock-Sub-1.09-8.el8 Mock package, object and standard subroutines, with unit testing in mind linux/noarch
perl-Modern-Perl-1.20200201-1.el8 Enable all of the features of Modern Perl with one command linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-Deprecated-0.4210-15.el8 Collection of modules removed from Module-Build linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-Tiny-0.039-15.el8 A tiny replacement for Module::Build linux/noarch
perl-Module-Build-XSUtil-0.19-7.el8 A Module::Build class for building XS modules linux/noarch
perl-Module-CPANTS-Analyse-0.99-1.el8 Generate Kwalitee ratings for a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Module-Compile-0.38-4.el8 Perl Module Compilation linux/noarch
perl-Module-Extract-Use-1.043-10.el8 Pull out the modules a module explicitly uses linux/noarch
perl-Module-ExtractUse-0.343-1.el8 Find out what modules are used linux/noarch
perl-Module-Find-0.13-15.el8 Find and use installed modules in a (sub)category linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-ExtraTests-0.008-23.el8 Ignorable, contextual test support for Module::Install linux/noarch
perl-Module-Install-Repository-0.06-19.el8 Automatically sets repository URL from Svn/Svk/Git checkout linux/noarch
perl-Module-Load-Util-0.003-2.el8 Some utility routines related to module loading linux/noarch
perl-Module-Manifest-1.09-8.el8 Parse and examine a Perl distribution MANIFEST file linux/noarch
perl-Module-Refresh-0.17-25.el8 Refresh %INC files when updated on disk linux/noarch
perl-Module-Runtime-Conflicts-0.003-10.el8 Provide information on conflicts for Module::Runtime linux/noarch
perl-Module-Signature-0.83-5.el8 CPAN signature management utilities and modules linux/noarch
perl-Module-Util-1.09-22.el8 Module name tools and transformations linux/noarch
perl-Mojolicious-8.42-1.el8 A next generation web framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Monitoring-Plugin-0.40-1.el8 Family of modules to streamline writing plugins for various monitoring systems linux/noarch
perl-Moo-2.003004-7.el8 Minimalist Object Orientation (with Moose compatibility) linux/noarch
perl-MooX-0.101-19.el8 Using Moo and MooX:: packages the most lazy way linux/noarch
perl-MooX-HandlesVia-0.001008-16.el8 NativeTrait-like behavior for Moo linux/noarch
perl-MooX-Types-MooseLike-0.29-13.el8 Some Moosish types and a type builder linux/noarch
perl-MooX-late-0.015-19.el8 Easily translate Moose code to Moo linux/noarch
perl-Moose-2.2011-9.el8 Complete modern object system for Perl 5 linux/ppc64le
perl-MooseX-Aliases-0.11-16.el8 Easy aliasing of methods and attributes in Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-ArrayRef-0.005-12.el8 Blessed array references with Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-AttributeHelpers-0.25-12.el8 Extended Moose attribute interfaces linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-ConfigFromFile-0.14-17.el8 An abstract Moose role for setting attributes from a configfile linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Getopt-0.74-6.el8 Moose role for processing command line options linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-NonMoose-0.26-15.el8 Easy subclassing of non-Moose classes linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Object-Pluggable-0.0014-18.el8 Make your Moose classes pluggable linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Role-Parameterized-1.11-2.el8 Make your roles flexible through parameterization linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Role-WithOverloading-0.17-15.el8 Roles that support overloading linux/ppc64le
perl-MooseX-SimpleConfig-0.11-15.el8 Moose role for setting attributes from a simple configfile linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-StrictConstructor-0.21-12.el8 Make your object constructors blow up on unknown attributes linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-0.50-9.el8 Organize your Moose types in libraries linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-Common-0.001014-10.el8 A library of commonly used type constraints linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTime-0.13-15.el8 DateTime related constraints and coercions for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-DateTime-MoreCoercions-0.15-15.el8 Extensions to MooseX::Types::DateTime linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-JSON-1.00-17.el8 JSON data types for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-JSON-tests-1.00-17.el8 Test suite for package perl-MooseX-Types-JSON linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-LoadableClass-0.015-11.el8 ClassName type constraint with coercion to load the class linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-Path-Class-0.09-10.el8 A Path::Class type library for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-Path-Tiny-0.012-10.el8 Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose linux/noarch
perl-MooseX-Types-Stringlike-0.003-17.el8 Moose type constraints for strings or string-like objects linux/noarch
perl-Mouse-2.5.9-2.el8 Moose minus the antlers linux/ppc64le
perl-MouseX-Foreign-1.000-12.el8 Extends non-Mouse classes as well as Mouse classes linux/noarch
perl-MouseX-Types-0.06-24.el8 Organize your Mouse types in libraries linux/noarch
perl-Nagios-Plugin-0.37-16.el8 Family of perl modules to streamline writing Nagios plugins linux/noarch
perl-Net-Amazon-S3-0.97-2.el8 Use the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) linux/noarch
perl-Net-BGP-0.17-1.el8 Perl module for object-oriented API to the BGP protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-CIDR-0.20-1.el8 Manipulate IPv4/IPv6 netblocks in CIDR notation linux/noarch
perl-Net-CIDR-Lite-0.21-26.el8 Perl extension for merging IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-CUPS-0.64-11.el8 Perl bindings to the CUPS C API Interface linux/ppc64le
perl-Net-Daemon-0.49-2.el8 Perl extension for portable daemons linux/noarch
perl-Net-Domain-TLD-1.75-12.el8 Work with TLD names linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTP-AutoReconnect-0.3-28.el8 FTP client class with automatic reconnect on failure linux/noarch
perl-Net-FTP-RetrHandle-0.2-27.el8 File reading interface for reading files on a remote FTP server linux/noarch
perl-Net-Facebook-Oauth2-0.11-2.el8 Simple Perl wrapper around Facebook OAuth 2.0 protocol linux/noarch
perl-Net-INET6Glue-0.603-13.el8 Make common modules IPv6 ready by hotpatching linux/noarch
perl-Net-IP-1.26-20.el8 Perl module for manipulation of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses linux/noarch
perl-Net-LibIDN-0.12-35.el8 Perl bindings for GNU LibIDN linux/ppc64le
perl-Net-Netmask-1.9104-5.el8 Perl module for manipulating and looking up IP network blocks linux/noarch
perl-Net-OAuth-0.28-20.el8 OAuth protocol support library for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Common-1.20-11.el8 Libraries shared between Net::OpenID::Consumer and Net::OpenID::Server linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Consumer-1.18-11.el8 Library for consumers of OpenID identities linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenID-Server-1.09-14.el8 Library for building your own OpenID server/provider linux/noarch
perl-Net-OpenSSH-0.80-1.el8 Perl SSH client package implemented on top of OpenSSH linux/noarch
perl-Net-Patricia-1.22-23.el8 Patricia Trie perl module for fast IP address lookups linux/ppc64le
perl-Net-Pcap-0.18-14.el8 Interface to pcap(3) LBL packet capture library linux/ppc64le
perl-Net-SFTP-Foreign-1.90-4.el8 SSH File Transfer Protocol client linux/noarch
perl-Net-SNMP-6.0.1-25.el8.1 Object oriented interface to SNMP linux/noarch
perl-Net-SSLGlue-1.058-10.el8 Add/extend SSL support for common perl modules linux/noarch
perl-Net-STOMP-Client-2.3-10.el8 STOMP object oriented client module linux/noarch
perl-Net-UPnP-1.4.6-4.el8 Perl extension for UPnP linux/noarch
perl-No-Worries-1.6-3.el8 Perl coding without worries linux/noarch
perl-Number-Bytes-Human-0.11-10.el8 Convert byte count to human readable format linux/noarch
perl-Number-Format-1.75-13.el8 Perl extension for formatting numbers linux/noarch
perl-Number-Misc-1.2-13.el8 Handy utilities for numbers linux/noarch
perl-OLE-Storage_Lite-0.19-27.el8 Simple Class for OLE document interface linux/noarch
perl-Object-Accessor-0.48-19.el8 Interface to create per object accessors linux/noarch
perl-Object-ID-0.1.2-18.el8 A unique identifier for any object linux/noarch
perl-Object-Realize-Later-0.21-7.el8 Delayed creation of objects linux/noarch
perl-Object-Remote-0.004001-4.el8 Call methods on objects in other processes or on other hosts linux/noarch
perl-PAR-Dist-0.49-23.el8 Toolkit for creating and manipulating Perl PAR distributions linux/noarch
perl-PHP-Serialization-0.34-16.el8 Converts between PHP's serialize() output and the equivalent Perl structure linux/noarch
perl-POE-1.368-5.el8 Portable multitasking and networking framework for event loops linux/noarch
perl-POE-Loop-Event-1.305-15.el8 Bridge that allows POE to be driven by linux/noarch
perl-POE-Test-Loops-1.360-18.el8 Reusable tests for POE::Loop authors linux/noarch
perl-POSIX-strftime-Compiler-0.42-11.el8 GNU C library compatible strftime for loggers and servers linux/noarch
perl-PPI-1.270-1.el8 Parse, Analyze and Manipulate Perl linux/noarch
perl-PPI-HTML-1.08-21.el8 Generate syntax-highlighted HTML for Perl using PPI linux/noarch
perl-PPIx-QuoteLike-0.008-1.el8 Parse Perl string literals and string-literal-like things linux/noarch
perl-PPIx-Regexp-0.068-1.el8 Represent a regular expression of some sort linux/noarch
perl-PPIx-Utilities-1.001000-35.el8 Extensions to PPI linux/noarch
perl-Package-Constants-0.06-19.el8 List all constants declared in a package linux/noarch
perl-Package-Variant-1.003002-15.el8 Parameterizable packages linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-ForkManager-2.02-5.el8 Simple parallel processing fork manager linux/noarch
perl-Parallel-Iterator-1.00-24.el8 Simple parallel execution linux/noarch
perl-Params-Coerce-0.14-30.el8 Allows your classes to do coercion of parameters linux/noarch
perl-Parse-CPAN-Packages-2.40-16.el8 Parse 02packages.details.txt.gz linux/noarch
perl-Parse-DebControl-2.005-18.el8 Easy OO parsing of debian control-like files linux/noarch
perl-Parse-EDID-1.0.7-5.el8 Extended display identification data (EDID) parser linux/noarch
perl-Parse-Gitignore-0.04-7.el8 Parse a .gitignore file linux/noarch
perl-Parse-RecDescent-1.967015-6.el8 Generate Recursive-Descent Parsers linux/noarch
perl-Path-Class-0.37-14.el8 Cross-platform path specification manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-1.134-5.el8 Critique Perl source code for best-practices linux/noarch
perl-Perl-Critic-Pulp-97-2.el8 Some add-on perlcritic policies linux/noarch
perl-Perl-MinimumVersion-1.38-20.el8 Find a minimum required version of perl for Perl code linux/noarch
perl-Perl4-CoreLibs-0.004-9.el8 Libraries historically supplied with Perl 4 linux/noarch
perl-Perl6-Caller-0.100-18.el8 OO caller() interface linux/noarch
perl-PerlIO-Layers-0.012-3.el8 Querying your file handle capabilities linux/ppc64le
perl-PerlIO-buffersize-0.002-2.el8 Set the buffersize of a handle linux/ppc64le
perl-PerlIO-gzip-0.20-10.el8 Perl extension to provide a PerlIO layer to gzip/gunzip linux/ppc64le
perl-PerlIO-via-Timeout-0.32-13.el8 PerlIO layer that adds read & write timeout to a handle linux/noarch
perl-Plack-1.0047-7.el8 Perl Superglue for Web frameworks and Web Servers (PSGI toolkit) linux/noarch
perl-Plack-Test-1.0047-7.el8 Test-modules for perl-Plack linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Coverage-Moose-0.07-13.el8 Pod::Coverage extension for Moose linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Coverage-TrustPod-0.100005-7.el8 Allow a module's pod to contain Pod::Coverage hints linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Eventual-0.094001-15.el8 Read a POD document as a series of trivial events linux/noarch
perl-Pod-MinimumVersion-50-26.el8 Perl version for POD directives used linux/noarch
perl-Pod-POM-2.01-13.el8 Object-oriented interface to Perl POD documents linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Readme-1.2.3-1.el8 Intelligently generate a README file from POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Snippets-0.14-16.el8 Extract and reformat snippets of POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Spell-1.20-13.el8 A formatter for spell-checking POD linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Strip-1.02-27.el8 Remove POD from Perl code linux/noarch
perl-Pod-Tests-1.20-6.el8 Extract embedded tests and code examples from POD linux/noarch
perl-Prima-1.60-1.el8 Perl graphic toolkit linux/ppc64le
perl-Prima-Test-1.60-1.el8 Test tools for Prima Perl graphic toolkit linux/ppc64le
perl-Probe-Perl-0.03-16.el8 Information about the currently running perl linux/noarch
perl-Proc-Daemon-0.23-12.el8 Run Perl program as a daemon process linux/noarch
perl-Proc-ProcessTable-0.59-3.el8 Perl extension to access the Unix process table linux/ppc64le
perl-RDF-Query-2.918-11.el8 SPARQL 1.1 Query and Update implementation for RDF::Trine linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Trine-1.019-8.el8 RDF Framework for Perl linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Trine-mysql-1.019-8.el8 RDF::Trine store in MySQL linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Trine-postgresql-1.019-8.el8 RDF::Trine store in PostgreSQL linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Trine-redis-1.019-8.el8 RDF::Trine store in Redis linux/noarch
perl-RDF-Trine-sqlite-1.019-8.el8 RDF::Trine store in SQLite linux/noarch
perl-REST-Client-273-15.el8 Simple client for interacting with RESTful http/https resources linux/noarch
perl-RPM2-1.4-10.el8 Perl bindings for the RPM Package Manager API linux/ppc64le
perl-Razor-Agent-2.85-33.el8 Use a Razor catalogue server to filter spam messages linux/ppc64le
perl-Redis-1.995-3.el8 Perl binding for Redis database linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Assemble-0.38-8.el8 Assemble multiple Regular Expressions into a single RE linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Common-2017060201-11.el8 Provide commonly requested regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Regexp-Pattern-Perl-0.004-1.el8 Regexp patterns related to Perl linux/noarch
perl-Return-Type-0.005-10.el8 Specify a return type for a function linux/noarch
perl-Router-Simple-0.17-14.el8 Simple HTTP router linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-Lite-1.27-7.el8 Client and server side SOAP implementation linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-3.003-14.el8 Perl module for SOAP with WSDL support linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-Apache-3.003-14.el8 SOAP server with WSDL support for Apache2 web server linux/noarch
perl-SOAP-WSDL-examples-3.003-14.el8 Examples for the Perl SOAP::WSDL module linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Abstract-1.87-2.el8 Generate SQL from Perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Abstract-Classic-1.91-3.el8 Generate SQL from Perl data structures linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Statement-1.412-13.el8 SQL parsing and processing engine linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Translator-1.61-3.el8 Manipulate structured data definitions (SQL and more) linux/noarch
perl-SQL-Translator-Producer-Diagram-1.61-3.el8 ER diagram producer for SQL::Translator linux/noarch
perl-Safe-Isa-1.000010-1.el8 Call isa, can, does and DOES safely on things that may not be objects linux/noarch
perl-Scalar-Properties-1.100860-20.el8 Run-time properties on scalar variables linux/noarch
perl-Scalar-String-0.003-8.el8 String aspects of scalars linux/ppc64le
perl-Scalar-Util-LooksLikeNumber-1.39.2-14.el8 Access to looks_like_number() perl API function linux/ppc64le
perl-Schedule-Cron-1.01-3.el8 Provides a simple but complete cron like scheduler linux/noarch
perl-Schedule-Cron-Events-1.96-1.el8 Take a line from a crontab and find out when events will occur linux/noarch
perl-Scope-Upper-0.32-2.el8 Act on upper scopes linux/ppc64le
perl-Sentry-Raven-1.11-2.el8 Perl sentry client linux/noarch
perl-Sereal-4.018-1.el8 Fast, compact, powerful binary (de-)serialization linux/noarch
perl-Sereal-Decoder-4.018-1.el8 Perl deserialization for Sereal format linux/ppc64le
perl-Sereal-Encoder-4.018-1.el8 Perl serialization into Sereal format linux/ppc64le
perl-Set-Crontab-1.03-23.el8 Expand crontab(5)-style integer lists linux/noarch
perl-Set-Infinite-0.65-29.el8 Sets of intervals linux/noarch
perl-Set-Scalar-1.29-15.el8 Basic set operations linux/noarch
perl-Shared-Examples-Net-Amazon-S3-0.97-2.el8 Example modules for Net::Amazon::S3 Perl tool kit linux/noarch
perl-Socket-GetAddrInfo-0.22-19.el8 RFC 2553's "getaddrinfo" and "getnameinfo" functions linux/noarch
perl-Software-License-CCpack-1.11-19.el8 Software::License pack for Creative Commons' licenses linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Key-1.33-5.el8 Fastest way to sort anything in Perl linux/ppc64le
perl-Sort-MergeSort-0.31-13.el8 Merge pre-sorted input streams linux/noarch
perl-Sort-Naturally-1.03-22.el8 Sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically linux/noarch
perl-Spellunker-0.4.0-16.el8 Pure perl spelling checker implementation linux/noarch
perl-Spiffy-0.46-19.el8 Framework for doing object oriented (OO) programming in Perl linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-ParseExcel-0.6500-24.1.el8 Extract information from an Excel file linux/ppc64le
perl-Spreadsheet-WriteExcel-2.40-17.el8 Write formatted text and numbers to a cross-platform Excel binary file linux/noarch
perl-Spreadsheet-XLSX-0.15-12.el8 Perl extension for reading Microsoft Excel 2007 files linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Basic-1.6611-16.el8 A collection of very basic statistics modules linux/noarch
perl-Statistics-Descriptive-3.0702-6.el8 Perl module of basic descriptive statistical functions linux/noarch
perl-Stream-Buffered-0.03-14.el8 Temporary buffer to save bytes linux/noarch
perl-String-Approx-3.28-13.el8 Perl extension for approximate matching (fuzzy matching) linux/ppc64le
perl-String-Escape-2010.002-29.el8 String::Escape Perl module linux/noarch
perl-String-Format-1.18-1.el8 Sprintf-like string formatting capabilities with arbitrary format definitions linux/noarch
perl-String-Random-0.30-6.el8 Perl module to generate random strings based on a pattern linux/noarch
perl-String-Util-1.26-11.el8 String processing utilities linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Exporter-ForMethods-0.100052-13.el8 Helper routines for using Sub::Exporter to build methods linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Exporter-Lexical-0.092292-11.el8 Export lexically-available subs with Sub::Exporter linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Infix-0.004-10.el8 Create a fake infix operator linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Override-0.09-20.el8 Perl extension for easily overriding subroutines linux/noarch
perl-Sub-Quote-2.006003-3.el8 Efficient generation of subroutines via string eval linux/noarch
perl-Symbol-Util-0.0203-24.el8 Additional utilities for Perl symbols manipulation linux/noarch
perl-Sys-Mmap-0.19-1.el8 Use mmap to map in a file as a Perl variable linux/ppc64le
perl-Sys-Statistics-Linux-0.66-21.el8 Front-end module to collect system statistics linux/noarch
perl-Taint-Util-0.08-22.el8 Test for and flip the taint flag without regex matches or eval linux/ppc64le
perl-Task-Weaken-1.06-1.el8 Ensure that a platform has weaken support linux/noarch
perl-TeX-Hyphen-1.18-10.1.el8 Hyphenate words using TeX's patterns linux/noarch
perl-Template-Toolkit-2.29-4.el8 Template processing system linux/ppc64le
perl-Term-ProgressBar-2.22-7.el8 Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal linux/noarch
perl-Term-ProgressBar-Quiet-0.31-20.el8 Provide a progress meter if run interactively linux/noarch
perl-Term-ProgressBar-Simple-0.03-20.el8 Simpler progress bars linux/noarch
perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu-1.36-7.el8 Perl extension for the GNU Readline/History Library linux/ppc64le
perl-Term-Shell-0.11-3.el8 Simple command-line shell framework linux/noarch
perl-Term-ShellUI-0.92-18.el8 Perl module to implement a full-featured shell-like command line environment linux/noarch
perl-Term-Size-0.209-4.el8 Simple way to get terminal size linux/ppc64le
perl-Test-API-0.010-6.el8 Test a list of subroutines provided by a module linux/noarch
perl-Test-Assert-0.0504-31.el8 Assertion methods for those who like JUnit linux/noarch
perl-Test-Assertions-1.054-30.el8 Simple set of building blocks for both unit and runtime testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Base-0.89-9.el8 Data Driven Testing Framework linux/noarch
perl-Test-CPAN-Meta-0.25-19.el8 Validation of the META.yml file in a CPAN distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-CPAN-Meta-JSON-0.16-15.el8 Validate a META.json file within a CPAN distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckChanges-0.14-26.el8 Check that the Changes file matches the distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckDeps-0.010-23.el8 Check for presence of dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Test-CheckManifest-1.42-4.el8 Check if your Manifest matches your distro linux/noarch
perl-Test-Class-0.50-15.el8 Easily create test classes in an xUnit/JUnit style linux/noarch
perl-Test-CleanNamespaces-0.24-6.el8 Check for uncleaned imports linux/noarch
perl-Test-Compile-2.2.2-2.el8 Check whether Perl module files compile correctly linux/noarch
perl-Test-Dependencies-0.24-1.el8 Ensure that your Makefile.PL specifies all module dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Test-DistManifest-1.014-15.el8 Author test that validates a package MANIFEST linux/noarch
perl-Test-Distribution-2.00-32.el8 Perform tests on all modules of a distribution linux/noarch
perl-Test-EOL-2.00-10.el8 Check the correct line endings in your project linux/noarch
perl-Test-FailWarnings-0.008-17.el8 Add test failures if warnings are caught linux/noarch
perl-Test-Fake-HTTPD-0.09-1.el8 Fake HTTP server module for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-File-Contents-0.23-11.el8 Test routines for examining the contents of files linux/noarch
perl-Test-HasVersion-0.014-13.el8 Check Perl modules have version numbers linux/noarch
perl-Test-Identity-0.01-24.el8 Assert the referential identity of a reference linux/noarch
perl-Test-JSON-0.11-26.el8 Test JSON data linux/noarch
perl-Test-JSON-tests-0.11-26.el8 Test suite for package perl-Test-JSON linux/noarch
perl-Test-Kwalitee-1.28-3.el8 Test the Kwalitee of a distribution before you release it linux/noarch
perl-Test-LWP-UserAgent-0.033-9.el8 LWP::UserAgent suitable for simulating and testing network calls linux/noarch
perl-Test-LeakTrace-0.16-11.el8 Trace memory leaks linux/ppc64le
perl-Test-Manifest-2.021-6.el8 Test case module for Perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-Memory-Cycle-1.06-13.el8 Check for memory leaks and circular memory references linux/noarch
perl-Test-MemoryGrowth-0.03-5.el8 Assert that code does not cause growth in memory usage linux/noarch
perl-Test-MinimumVersion-0.101082-11.el8 Check whether your code requires a newer perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-MockModule-0.170.0-5.el8 Override subroutines in a module for unit testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-MockObject-1.20180705-5.el8 Perl extension for emulating troublesome interfaces linux/noarch
perl-Test-MockTime-0.17-7.el8 Replaces actual time with simulated time linux/noarch
perl-Test-Modern-0.013-15.el8 Precision testing for modern perl linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mojibake-1.3-13.el8 Check your source for encoding misbehavior linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mojo-8.42-1.el8 Test::Mojo perl Module linux/noarch
perl-Test-Moose-2.2011-9.el8 Test functions for Moose specific features linux/ppc64le
perl-Test-Most-0.35-11.el8 Perl module with test functions and features linux/noarch
perl-Test-Mouse-2.5.9-2.el8 Test functions for Mouse specific features linux/ppc64le
perl-Test-Name-FromLine-0.13-15.el8 Automatically name tests from their source code linux/noarch
perl-Test-Needs-0.002006-3.el8 Skip tests when modules not available linux/noarch
perl-Test-Net-LDAP-0.07-2.el8 Net::LDAP subclass for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-NoTabs-2.02-7.el8 Check the presence of tabs in your project linux/noarch
perl-Test-Number-Delta-1.06-15.el8 Compare the difference between numbers against a given tolerance linux/noarch
perl-Test-Object-0.08-4.el8 Thoroughly testing objects via registered handlers linux/noarch
perl-Test-Output-1.03.1-9.el8 Utilities to test STDOUT and STDERR messages linux/noarch
perl-Test-Perl-Critic-1.04-7.el8 Use Perl::Critic in test programs linux/noarch
perl-Test-Perl-Critic-Policy-1.134-5.el8 A framework for testing your custom Policies linux/noarch
perl-Test-Pod-LinkCheck-0.008-20.el8 Tests POD for invalid links linux/noarch
perl-Test-Portability-Files-0.10-4.el8 Check file names portability linux/noarch
perl-Test-PostgreSQL-1.27-6.el8 PostgreSQL runner for Perl tests linux/noarch
perl-Test-Prereq-2.002-11.el8 Check if Makefile.PL has the right pre-requisites linux/noarch
perl-Test-RDF-Trine-Store-1.019-8.el8 Collection of functions to test RDF::Trine stores linux/noarch
perl-Test-RandomResult-0.001-2.el8 Test that results of a running code look random linux/noarch
perl-Test-Refcount-0.10-3.el8 Assert reference counts on objects linux/noarch
perl-Test-Regexp-2017040101-10.el8 Test your regular expressions linux/noarch
perl-Test-RequiresInternet-0.05-15.el8 Easily test network connectivity linux/noarch
perl-Test-Script-1.25-2.el8 Cross-platform basic tests for scripts linux/noarch
perl-Test-SharedFork-0.35-13.el8 Fork test linux/noarch
perl-Test-Signature-1.11-21.el8 Automated SIGNATURE testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Spelling-0.25-1.el8 Check for spelling errors in POD files linux/noarch
perl-Test-SubCalls-1.10-2.el8 Track the number of times subs are called linux/noarch
perl-Test-Synopsis-0.16-1.el8 Test your SYNOPSIS code linux/noarch
perl-Test-TCP-2.22-1.el8 Testing TCP program linux/noarch
perl-Test-TempDir-0.11-1.el8 Temporary files support for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Time-0.08-3.el8 Overrides the time() and sleep() core functions for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-Toolbox-0.4-11.el8 Tools for testing linux/noarch
perl-Test-TrailingSpace-0.0302-1.el8 Test for trailing space in source files linux/noarch
perl-Test-Trap-0.3.4-4.el8 Trap exit codes, exceptions, output, etc linux/noarch
perl-Test-TypeTiny-1.004004-2.el8 Test::TypeTiny module linux/noarch
perl-Test-Unit-Lite-0.12-33.el8 Unit testing without external dependencies linux/noarch
perl-Test-UseAllModules-0.17-15.el8 Do use_ok() for all the MANIFESTed modules linux/noarch
perl-Test-Valgrind-1.19-12.el8 Generate suppressions, analyze and test any command with valgrind linux/noarch
perl-Test-Vars-0.014-13.el8 Detects unused variables linux/noarch
perl-Test-Version-2.09-8.el8 Check to see that versions in modules are sane linux/noarch
perl-Test-Without-Module-0.20-10.el8 Test fallback behavior in absence of modules linux/noarch
perl-Test-XML-0.08-16.el8 Compare XML in perl tests linux/noarch
perl-Test-mysqld-1.0013-1.el8 Mysqld runner for tests linux/noarch
perl-Test2-Plugin-NoWarnings-0.08-1.el8 Fail if tests warn linux/noarch
perl-Test2-Tools-Explain-0.02-2.el8 Explain tools for the Perl Test2 framework linux/noarch
perl-TestML-0.54.05-8.el8 Generic software Testing Meta Language linux/noarch
perl-Text-ASCIITable-0.22-11.el8 Create a nice formatted table using ASCII characters linux/noarch
perl-Text-Aligner-0.13-11.el8 Text::Aligner Perl module linux/noarch
perl-Text-Autoformat-1.750000-1.el8 Automatic text wrapping and reformatting linux/noarch
perl-Text-CSV-2.00-2.el8 Comma-separated values manipulator linux/noarch
perl-Text-CSV_XS-1.40-1.el8 Comma-separated values manipulation routines linux/ppc64le
perl-Text-Format-0.61-6.el8 Various subroutines to format text linux/noarch
perl-Text-Fuzzy-0.29-1.el8 Partial string matching using edit distances linux/ppc64le
perl-Text-Levenshtein-Damerau-XS-3.2-11.el8 XS Damerau Levenshtein edit distance linux/ppc64le
perl-Text-RecordParser-1.6.5-18.el8 Read record-oriented files linux/noarch
perl-Text-Reform-1.20-25.el8 Manual text wrapping and reformatting linux/noarch
perl-Text-Table-1.133-7.el8 Organize Data in Tables linux/noarch
perl-Text-TabularDisplay-1.38-18.el8 Display text in formatted table output linux/noarch
perl-Throwable-0.200013-12.el8 Role for classes that can be thrown linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Cache-0.21-15.el8 LRU Cache in Memory linux/noarch
perl-Tie-Hash-Method-0.02-12.el8 Tied hash with specific methods overridden by callbacks linux/noarch
perl-Time-Duration-1.21-3.el8 Time-Duration - rounded or exact English expression of durations linux/noarch
perl-Time-Duration-Parse-0.15-5.el8 Parse string that represents time duration linux/noarch
perl-Time-Fake-0.11-2.el8 Simulate different times without changing your system clock linux/noarch
perl-Time-Moment-0.44-6.el8 Represents a date and time of day with an offset from UTC linux/ppc64le
perl-Time-Out-0.11-18.el8 Easily time out long running operations linux/noarch
perl-Time-ParseDate-2015.103-13.el8 Perl modules for parsing dates and times linux/noarch
perl-Time-Piece-MySQL-0.06-13.el8 MySQL-specific methods for Time::Piece linux/noarch
perl-Time-y2038-20100403-21.el8 Versions of Perl's time functions which work beyond 2038 linux/ppc64le
perl-Tk-TableMatrix-1.23-37.el8 Perl module for creating and manipulating tables linux/ppc64le
perl-Type-Tie-0.014-5.el8 Tie a variable to a type constraint linux/noarch
perl-Type-Tiny-1.004004-2.el8 Tiny, yet Moo(se)-compatible type constraint linux/noarch
perl-Types-DateTime-0.002-5.el8 Type constraints and coercions for datetime objects linux/noarch
perl-Types-Path-Tiny-0.006-7.el8 Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose and Moo linux/noarch
perl-Types-URI-0.006-7.el8 Type constraints and coercions for URIs linux/noarch
perl-Types-UUID-0.004-8.el8 Type constraints for UUIDs linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-can-1.20140328-15.el8 Hack around people calling UNIVERSAL::can() as a function linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-isa-1.20171012-4.el8 Hack around module authors using UNIVERSAL::isa as a function linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-moniker-0.08-34.el8 Real world naming for classes linux/noarch
perl-UNIVERSAL-ref-0.14-28.el8 Turns ref() into a multimethod linux/ppc64le
perl-UNIVERSAL-require-0.18-17.el8 Require() modules from a variable linux/noarch
perl-URI-Encode-1.1.1-11.el8 Percent encoding/decoding for URIs linux/noarch
perl-URI-Find-20160806-10.el8 Find URIs in plain text linux/noarch
perl-URI-FromHash-0.05-12.el8 Build a URI from a set of named parameters linux/noarch
perl-URI-cpan-1.007-4.el8 URLs that refer to things on the CPAN linux/noarch
perl-URL-Encode-XS-0.03-17.el8 XS implementation of URL::Encode linux/ppc64le
perl-UUID-Tiny-1.04-18.el8 Pure Perl UUID Support With Functional Interface linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-CheckUTF8-1.03-27.el8 Checks if scalar is valid UTF-8 linux/ppc64le
perl-Unicode-Map-0.112-49.el8 Perl module for mapping charsets from and to utf16 unicode linux/ppc64le
perl-Unicode-Map8-0.13-33.el8 Mapping table between 8-bit chars and Unicode for Perl linux/ppc64le
perl-Unicode-MapUTF8-1.11-40.el8 Conversions to and from arbitrary character sets and UTF8 linux/noarch
perl-Unicode-String-2.10-12.el8 Perl modules to handle various Unicode issues linux/ppc64le
perl-User-Identity-0.99-8.el8 Maintains info about a physical person linux/noarch
perl-VM-EC2-1.28-16.el8 Perl interface to Amazon EC2 linux/noarch
perl-VM-EC2-Security-CredentialCache-0.25-16.el8 Cache credentials respecting expiration time for IAM roles linux/noarch
perl-Validation-Class-7.900057-11.el8 Powerful Data Validation Framework linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Curl-4.17-21.el8 Perl extension interface for libcurl linux/ppc64le
perl-WWW-Form-UrlEncoded-0.26-3.el8 Parser and builder for application/x-www-form-urlencoded linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Mechanize-1.97-1.el8.1 Automates web page form & link interaction linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Pastebin-PastebinCom-Create-1.003-19.el8 Paste to from Perl linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Twilio-API-0.21-10.el8 Accessing Twilio's REST API with Perl linux/noarch
perl-WWW-Twilio-TwiML-1.05-12.el8 Light and fast TwiML generator linux/noarch
perl-Want-0.29-8.el8 Perl module implementing a generalization of wantarray linux/ppc64le
perl-Web-ID-1.927-4.el8 Implementation of WebID (a.k.a. FOAF+SSL) linux/noarch
perl-X10-0.04-10.el8 Enables Perl to communicate with X10 devices linux/noarch
perl-X11-Protocol-0.56-36.el8 X11-Protocol - Raw interface to X Window System servers linux/noarch
perl-X11-Protocol-Other-31-6.el8 Miscellaneous X11::Protocol helpers linux/noarch
perl-X2Go-Log- Perl X2Go::Log package linux/noarch
perl-X2Go-Server- Perl X2Go::Server package linux/noarch
perl-X2Go-Server-DB- Perl X2Go::Server::DB package linux/ppc64le
perl-XML-CommonNS-0.06-12.el8 List of commonly used XML name spaces linux/noarch
perl-XML-Dumper-0.81-35.el8 Perl module for dumping Perl objects from/to XML linux/noarch
perl-XML-Entities-1.0002-12.el8 Decode strings with XML entities linux/noarch
perl-XML-Filter-BufferText-1.01-32.el8 Filter to put all characters() in one event linux/noarch
perl-XML-LibXSLT-1.96-6.el8 Perl module for interfacing to GNOME's libxslt linux/ppc64le
perl-XML-Namespace-0.02-12.el8 Simple support for XML name spaces linux/noarch
perl-XML-NamespaceFactory-1.02-12.el8 Simple factory objects for SAX name-spaced names linux/noarch
perl-XML-Parser-Lite-0.722-4.el8 Lightweight regexp-based XML parser linux/noarch
perl-XML-RSS-1.61-1.el8 Perl module for managing RDF Site Summary (RSS) files linux/noarch
perl-XML-SAX-Writer-0.57-5.el8 SAX2 Writer linux/noarch
perl-XML-SemanticDiff-1.0007-5.el8 Perl extension for comparing XML documents linux/noarch
perl-XML-TreePP-0.43-14.el8 Pure Perl implementation for parsing/writing XML documents linux/noarch
perl-XML-Writer-0.625-15.el8 A simple Perl module for writing XML documents linux/noarch
perl-XMLRPC-Lite-0.717-19.el8 Client and server implementation of XML-RPC protocol linux/noarch
perl-XString-0.002-2.el8 Isolated String helpers from B linux/ppc64le
perl-XXX-0.35-4.el8 See Your Data in the Nude linux/noarch
perl-YAML-PP-0.026-1.el8 YAML 1.2 processor linux/noarch
perl-aliased-0.34-14.el8 Use shorter versions of class names linux/noarch
perl-asa-1.04-1.el8 Lets your class/object say it works like something else linux/noarch
perl-autobox-3.0.1-7.el8 Call methods on native types linux/ppc64le
perl-autobox-Core-1.33-11.el8 Core functions exposed as methods in primitive types linux/noarch
perl-autobox-List-Util-20090629-23.el8 Bring the List::Util functions to autobox linux/noarch
perl-autobox-dump-20090426.1746-23.el8 Human/perl readable strings from the results of an EXPR linux/noarch
perl-autovivification-0.18-8.el8 Lexically disable autovivification linux/ppc64le
perl-boolean-0.46-11.el8 Boolean support for Perl linux/noarch
perl-ccom-1.4.1-33.el8 Perl module for context-sensitive phonetic string replacement linux/ppc64le
perl-clearsilver-0.10.5-56.el8 Perl interface to the ClearSilver HTML templating system linux/ppc64le
perl-constant-boolean-0.02-29.el8 Define TRUE and FALSE constants linux/noarch
perl-constant-defer-6-15.el8 Constant subs with deferred value calculation linux/noarch
perl-enum-1.11-12.el8 C-style enumerated types and bitmask flags in Perl linux/noarch
perl-hamlib-4.0-2.el8 Hamlib radio control library Perl binding linux/ppc64le
perl-indirect-0.39-3.el8 Lexically warn about using the indirect object syntax linux/ppc64le
perl-libapreq2-2.13-38.el8 Perl interface to the Apache HTTP request library linux/ppc64le
perl-match-simple-0.010-4.el8 Simplified clone of smartmatch operator linux/noarch
perl-namespace-sweep-0.006-10.el8 Sweep up imported subs in your classes linux/noarch
perl-perl5i-2.13.2-12.el8 Fix as much of Perl 5 as possible in one pragma linux/ppc64le
perl-pmtools-2.2.0-6.el8 A suite of small programs to help manage Perl modules linux/noarch
perl-podlinkcheck-15-10.el8 Check Perl POD L<> link references linux/noarch
perl-prelude-5.2.0-1.el8 Perl bindings for prelude linux/ppc64le
perl-strictures-2.000006-6.el8 Turn on strict and make most warnings fatal linux/noarch
perl-sword-1.8.1-18.el8 Perl bindings for Sword linux/ppc64le
perl-thrift-0.13.0-2.el8 Perl support for thrift linux/noarch
perl-true-1.0.1-1.el8 Automatically return a true value when a file is required linux/ppc64le
perl-utf8-all-0.024-7.el8 Turn on Unicode everywhere linux/noarch
perlmulticore-devel-1.03-3.el8 Perl Multicore specification and implementation linux/ppc64le
petsc-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation linux/ppc64le
petsc-devel-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (developer files) linux/ppc64le
petsc-doc-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (documentation files) linux/noarch
petsc-mpich-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (MPICH) linux/ppc64le
petsc-mpich-devel-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (MPICH) linux/ppc64le
petsc-openmpi-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (OpenMPI) linux/ppc64le
petsc-openmpi-devel-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (OpenMPI) linux/ppc64le
petsc64-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64le
petsc64-devel-3.11.3-10.el8 Portable Extensible Toolkit for Scientific Computation (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64le
pg-semver-0.30.0-2.el8 A semantic version data type for PostgreSQL linux/ppc64le
pgbouncer-1.14.0-2.el8 Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL linux/ppc64le
phonon-qt5-4.11.1-3.el8 Multimedia framework api for Qt5 linux/ppc64le
phonon-qt5-backend-gstreamer-4.10.0-1.el8 Gstreamer phonon-qt5 backend linux/ppc64le
phonon-qt5-devel-4.11.1-3.el8 Developer files for phonon-qt5 linux/ppc64le
php-IDNA_Convert-0.8.0-14.el8 Provides conversion of internationalized strings to UTF8 linux/noarch
php-adodb-5.20.6-9.el8 Database abstraction layer for PHP linux/noarch
php-pear-Auth-SASL-1.1.0-6.el8 Abstraction of various SASL mechanism responses linux/noarch
php-pear-Cache-Lite-1.8.3-1.el8 Fast and Safe little cache system for PHP linux/noarch
php-pear-Date-1.4.7-22.el8 Date and Time Zone Classes linux/noarch
php-pear-HTTP-Request-1.4.4-18.el8 Provides an easy way to perform HTTP requests linux/noarch
php-pear-Mail-1.4.1-6.el8 Class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails linux/noarch
php-pear-Net-SMTP-1.9.0-1.el8 Provides an implementation of the SMTP protocol linux/noarch
php-pear-Net-Socket-1.2.2-6.el8 Network Socket Interface linux/noarch
php-pear-Net-URL-1.0.15-20.el8 Easy parsing of URLs linux/noarch
php-pear-Text-Diff-1.2.2-9.el8 Engine for performing and rendering text diffs linux/noarch
php-xmpphp-0.1-0.23.rc2.r77.el8 XMPPHP is the successor to Class.Jabber.PHP linux/noarch
pidgin-discord-0-30.20200718git8fd7ceb.el8 Adds pixmaps, icons and smileys for Discord protocol linux/noarch
pidgin-groupchat-typing-notifications-3-3.el8 Adds typing notifications for group chats in Pidgin linux/ppc64le
pidgin-hangouts-0-70.20200710gitefa7a53.el8 Adds pixmaps, icons and smileys for Hangouts protocol linux/noarch
pidgin-matrix-0-16.20191228git1d23385.el8 Adds pixmaps, icons and smileys for Matrix protocol linux/noarch
pidgin-skypeweb-1.7-1.el8 Adds pixmaps, icons and smileys for Skype protocol linux/noarch
pidgin-toobars-1.14-12.el8 Toolbar and status bar for Pidgin linux/ppc64le
pjproject-2.9-2.el8 Libraries for building embedded/non-embedded VoIP applications linux/ppc64le
pjproject-devel-2.9-2.el8 Development files to use pjproject linux/ppc64le
pjsua-2.9-2.el8 command line SIP user agent linux/ppc64le
pkcs11-helper-1.22-7.el8 A library for using PKCS#11 providers linux/ppc64le
pkcs11-helper-devel-1.22-7.el8 Development files for pkcs11-helper linux/ppc64le
plasma-applet-redshift-control-1.0.18-8.el8 Plasma 5 applet for redshift linux/noarch
plasma-applet-translator-0.8-1.el8 Plasma 5 applet for translate-shell linux/noarch
plasma-breeze- Artwork, styles and assets for the Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop linux/ppc64le
plasma-breeze-common- Common files shared between KDE 4 and Plasma 5 versions of the Breeze style linux/noarch
plasma-browser-integration- plasma-browser-integration provides components necessary to integrate browsers into the Plasma Desktop linux/ppc64le
plasma-desktop- Plasma Desktop shell linux/ppc64le
plasma-desktop-doc- Documentation and user manuals for plasma-desktop linux/noarch
plasma-drkonqi- DrKonqi crash handler for KF5/Plasma5 linux/ppc64le
plasma-integration- Qt Platform Theme integration plugin for Plasma linux/ppc64le
plasma-mediacenter-5.7.5-11.el8 A mediacenter user interface written with the Plasma framework linux/ppc64le
plasma-milou- A dedicated KDE search application built on top of Baloo linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-5.18.5-1.el8 Plasma for managing network connections linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-fortisslvpn-5.18.5-1.el8 Fortigate SSL VPN support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-iodine-5.18.5-1.el8 Iodine support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-l2tp-5.18.5-1.el8 L2TP support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-mobile-5.18.5-1.el8 Mobile support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-openconnect-5.18.5-1.el8 OpenConnect support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-openswan-5.18.5-1.el8 Openswan support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-openvpn-5.18.5-1.el8 OpenVPN support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-pptp-5.18.5-1.el8 PPTP support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-ssh-5.18.5-1.el8 SSH suppor for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-sstp-5.18.5-1.el8 SSTP support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-strongswan-5.18.5-1.el8 Strongswan support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-nm-vpnc-5.18.5-1.el8 Vpnc support for plasma-nm linux/ppc64le
plasma-pa- Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio linux/ppc64le
plasma-pk-updates-0.3.2-5.el8 Plasma applet for system updates using PackageKit linux/ppc64le
plasma-sdk- Development tools for Plasma 5 linux/ppc64le
plasma-systemsettings- KDE System Settings application linux/ppc64le
plasma-systemsettings-devel- Development files for plasma-systemsettings linux/ppc64le
plasma-user-manager- Manage the users of your system linux/ppc64le
plasma-vault- Plasma Vault offers strong encryption features in a user-friendly way linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace- Plasma workspace, applications and applets linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace-common- Common files for plasma-workspace linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace-devel- Development files for plasma-workspace linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace-doc- Documentation and user manuals for plasma-workspace linux/noarch
plasma-workspace-geolocation- Plasma5 geolocation components linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace-geolocation-libs- Plasma5 geolocation runtime libraries linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace-libs- Runtime libraries for plasma-workspace linux/ppc64le
plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.18.4-1.el8 Additional wallpapers for Plasma workspace linux/noarch
plasma-workspace-wayland- Wayland support for Plasma linux/ppc64le
platform- Platform support library used by libCEC and binary add-ons for Kodi linux/ppc64le
platform-devel- Development files for platform linux/ppc64le
plplot-5.14.0-8.el8 Library of functions for making scientific plots linux/ppc64le
plplot-data-5.14.0-8.el8 Data files for PLplot linux/noarch
plplot-devel-5.14.0-8.el8 Development headers and libraries for PLplot linux/ppc64le
plplot-doc-5.14.0-8.el8 Documentation for PLplot linux/ppc64le
plplot-fortran-devel-5.14.0-8.el8 Development files for using PLplot Fortran bindings linux/ppc64le
plplot-java-5.14.0-8.el8 Functions for scientific plotting with Java linux/ppc64le
plplot-java-devel-5.14.0-8.el8 Development files for using PLplot GNOME linux/ppc64le
plplot-libs-5.14.0-8.el8 Libraries for PLplot linux/ppc64le
plplot-lua-5.14.0-8.el8 Functions for scientific plotting with Lua linux/ppc64le
plplot-pyqt-5.14.0-8.el8 Functions for scientific plotting with PyQt linux/ppc64le
plplot-qt-5.14.0-8.el8 Functions for scientific plotting with Qt linux/ppc64le
plplot-qt-devel-5.14.0-8.el8 Development files for using PLplot with Qt linux/ppc64le
plplot-tk-5.14.0-8.el8 Functions for scientific plotting with Tk linux/ppc64le
plplot-tk-devel-5.14.0-8.el8 Development files for using PLplot with Tk linux/ppc64le
plplot-wxGTK-5.14.0-8.el8 Functions for scientific plotting with wxGTK linux/ppc64le
plplot-wxGTK-devel-5.14.0-8.el8 Development files for using PLplot with wxGTK linux/ppc64le
pngcheck-2.4.0-5.el8 Verifies the integrity of PNG, JNG and MNG files linux/ppc64le
pngcheck-extras-2.4.0-5.el8 Helper utilities distributed with pngcheck linux/ppc64le
pngcrush-1.8.13-4.el8 Optimizer for PNG (Portable Network Graphics) files linux/ppc64le
pngquant-2.12.5-1.el8 PNG quantization tool for reducing image file size linux/ppc64le
po-debconf-1.0.21-2.el8 Tool for managing templates file translations with gettext linux/noarch
podman-compose-0.1.7-2.git20201120.el8 Run docker-compose.yml using podman linux/noarch
polkit-kde-5.18.4-1.el8 PolicyKit integration for KDE Desktop linux/ppc64le
polkit-qt-doc-0.112.0-15.el8.1 Doxygen documentation for the PolkitQt API linux/noarch
polkit-qt5-1-0.112.0-15.el8.1 PolicyKit Qt5 bindings linux/ppc64le
polkit-qt5-1-devel-0.112.0-15.el8.1 Development files for PolicyKit Qt5 bindings linux/ppc64le
poly2tri-0.0-21.20130501hg26242d0aa7b8.el8 A 2D constrained Delaunay triangulation library linux/ppc64le
poly2tri-devel-0.0-21.20130501hg26242d0aa7b8.el8 Development files for poly2tri linux/ppc64le
portaudio-19-30.el8 Free, cross platform, open-source, audio I/O library linux/ppc64le
portaudio-devel-19-30.el8 Development files for the portaudio audio I/O library linux/ppc64le
portmidi-217-30.el8 Real-time Midi I/O Library linux/ppc64le
portmidi-devel-217-30.el8 Headers for developing programs that will use portmidi linux/ppc64le
portmidi-tools-217-30.el8 Tools to configure and use portmidi linux/ppc64le
postgresqltuner-1.0.1-4.el8 Simple script to analyze PostgreSQL database configuration and tuning linux/noarch
postgrey-1.37-9.el8 Postfix Greylisting Policy Server linux/noarch
powerdevil-5.18.4-1.el8 Manages the power consumption settings of a Plasma Shell linux/ppc64le
powerline-2.8-3.el8 The ultimate status-line/prompt utility linux/ppc64le
powerline-docs-2.8-3.el8 Powerline Documentation linux/noarch
powerline-fonts-2.8-3.el8 Powerline Fonts linux/noarch
poxml-19.12.2-1.el8 Text utilities from kdesdk linux/ppc64le
pprof-2.7-6.el8 CPU and Heap Profiler tool linux/noarch
pptpd-1.4.0-23.el8 PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server linux/ppc64le
pptpd-sysvinit-1.4.0-23.el8 PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server linux/noarch
prelockd-0.9-1.el8 Lock binaries and libraries in memory to improve system responsiveness linux/noarch
prelude-correlator-5.2.0-1.el8 Real time correlator of events received by Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
prelude-lml-5.2.0-1.el8 Log analyzer sensor with IDMEF output linux/ppc64le
prelude-lml-devel-5.2.0-1.el8 Libraries and headers for Prelude-LML linux/ppc64le
prelude-lml-doc-5.2.0-1.el8 Documentation for prelude-lml linux/noarch
prelude-lml-rules-5.2.0-1.el8 Prelude LML community ruleset linux/noarch
prelude-manager-5.2.0-1.el8 Bus communicator for Prelude modules and other IDMEF agents linux/ppc64le
prelude-manager-db-plugin-5.2.0-1.el8 Database report plugin for Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
prelude-manager-devel-5.2.0-1.el8 Libraries, includes, etc. to develop Prelude Manager plugins linux/ppc64le
prelude-manager-doc-5.2.0-1.el8 Documentation for prelude-manager linux/noarch
prelude-manager-relaying-plugin-5.2.0-1.el8 Relaying plugin for Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
prelude-manager-script-plugin-5.2.0-1.el8 Script plugin for Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
prelude-manager-snmp-plugin-5.2.0-1.el8 SNMP plugin for Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
prelude-manager-xml-plugin-5.2.0-1.el8 XML report plugin for Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
prelude-tools-5.2.0-1.el8 Command-line tools for libprelude linux/ppc64le
preludedb-mysql-5.2.0-1.el8 Plugin to use prelude with a MySQL database linux/ppc64le
preludedb-pgsql-5.2.0-1.el8 Plugin to use prelude with a PostgreSQL database linux/ppc64le
preludedb-sqlite3-5.2.0-1.el8 Plugin to use prelude with a SQLite3 database linux/ppc64le
preludedb-tools-5.2.0-1.el8 Command-line tools for libpreludedb linux/ppc64le
preproc-0.2-2.el8 Simple text preprocessor linux/noarch
preproc-rpmspec-1.2-1.el8 Minimalistic tool for rpm spec-file preprocessing linux/noarch
prewikka-5.2.0-4.el8 Graphical front-end analysis console for IDMEF linux/ppc64le
privoxy-3.0.28-2.el8 Privacy enhancing proxy linux/ppc64le
procServ-2.7.0-11.el8 Process server with telnet console and log access linux/ppc64le
procdump-1.1.1-1.el8 Sysinternals process dump utility linux/ppc64le
procenv-0.51-1.el8 Utility to show process environment linux/ppc64le
procyon-0.5.33-0.4.pre02.el8 procyon java decompiler and other tools linux/noarch
procyon-compilertools-0.5.33-0.4.pre02.el8 The procyon-compilertools project linux/noarch
procyon-core-0.5.33-0.4.pre02.el8 The procyon-core framework contains common support classes linux/noarch
procyon-decompiler-0.5.33-0.4.pre02.el8 procyon-decompiler is a front-end for the Java decompiler linux/noarch
procyon-expressions-0.5.33-0.4.pre02.el8 The procyon-expressions framework provides a more natural form of Linq-like code generation linux/noarch
procyon-reflection-0.5.33-0.4.pre02.el8 The procyon-reflection framework provides a rich reflection and code generation API linux/noarch
proftpd-1.3.6e-2.el8 Flexible, stable and highly-configurable FTP server linux/ppc64le
proftpd-devel-1.3.6e-2.el8 ProFTPD - Tools and header files for developers linux/ppc64le
proftpd-ldap-1.3.6e-2.el8 Module to add LDAP support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/ppc64le
proftpd-mysql-1.3.6e-2.el8 Module to add MySQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/ppc64le
proftpd-postgresql-1.3.6e-2.el8 Module to add PostgreSQL support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/ppc64le
proftpd-sqlite-1.3.6e-2.el8 Module to add SQLite support to the ProFTPD FTP server linux/ppc64le
proftpd-utils-1.3.6e-2.el8 ProFTPD - Additional utilities linux/ppc64le
proj-6.3.2-4.el8 Cartographic projection software (PROJ) linux/ppc64le
proj-datumgrid-1.8- Additional datum shift grids for PROJ linux/noarch
proj-datumgrid-europe-1.6-1.el8 European datum shift grids for Proj linux/noarch
proj-datumgrid-north-america-1.4-1.el8 North American datum shift grids for Proj linux/noarch
proj-datumgrid-oceania-1.2-1.el8 Oceania datum shift grids for Proj linux/noarch
proj-datumgrid-world-1.0-3.el8 World datum shift grids for Proj linux/noarch
proj-devel-6.3.2-4.el8 Development files for PROJ linux/ppc64le
proj-static-6.3.2-4.el8 Development files for PROJ linux/ppc64le
projectM-jack-3.1.8-1.el8 The projectM visualization plugin for jack linux/ppc64le
projectM-pulseaudio-3.1.8-1.el8 The projectM visualization plugin for pulseaudio linux/ppc64le
prosody-0.11.7-2.el8 Flexible communications server for Jabber/XMPP linux/ppc64le
protonvpn-cli-2.2.4-1.el8 Linux command-line client for ProtonVPN written in Python linux/noarch
proxytunnel-1.10.20200907-1.el8 Tool to tunnel a connection through an standard HTTP(S) proxy linux/ppc64le
prwd-1.9.1-1.el8 A tool to print a reduced working directory linux/ppc64le
psblas3-common-3.6.1-11.el8 Documentation files for psblas3 linux/noarch
psblas3-mpich-3.6.1-11.el8 MPICH psblas3 linux/ppc64le
psblas3-mpich-devel-3.6.1-11.el8 The MPICH psblas3 headers and development-related files linux/ppc64le
psblas3-openmpi-3.6.1-11.el8 OpenMPI psblas3 linux/ppc64le
psblas3-openmpi-devel-3.6.1-11.el8 The OpenMPI psblas3 headers and development-related files linux/ppc64le
psblas3-serial-3.6.1-11.el8 psblas3 serial mode linux/ppc64le
psblas3-serial-devel-3.6.1-11.el8 Development files for psblas3 linux/ppc64le
pscan-1.3-21.el8 Limited problem scanner for C source files linux/ppc64le
psi-notify-1.2.1-1.el8 Alert when your machine is becoming over-saturated linux/ppc64le
pskctool-2.6.2-3.el8 A command line tool for manipulating PSKC data linux/ppc64le
pslib-0.4.5-19.el8 C-library to create PostScript files linux/ppc64le
pslib-devel-0.4.5-19.el8 Development files for pslib linux/ppc64le
pspg-3.1.4-1.el8 A unix pager optimized for psql linux/ppc64le
pssh-2.3.1-29.el8 Parallel SSH tools linux/noarch
psutils-2.04-1.el8 PostScript utilities linux/noarch
pugixml-1.11.4-1.el8 A light-weight C++ XML processing library linux/ppc64le
pugixml-devel-1.11.4-1.el8 Development files for pugixml linux/ppc64le
pugixml-doc-1.11.4-1.el8 Documentation for pugixml linux/ppc64le
pulledpork-0.7.4-1.el8 Pulled Pork for Snort and Suricata rule management linux/noarch
pulseaudio-qt-1.2-1.el8 Qt bindings for PulseAudio linux/ppc64le
pulseaudio-qt-devel-1.2-1.el8 Development files for pulseaudio-qt linux/ppc64le
pungi-4.1.38-1.el8.2 Distribution compose tool linux/noarch
pungi-legacy-4.1.38-1.el8.2 Legacy pungi executable linux/noarch
pungi-utils-4.1.38-1.el8.2 Utilities for working with finished composes linux/noarch
puppet-6.19.0-1.el8 Network tool for managing many disparate systems linux/noarch
pure-ftpd-1.0.49-4.el8 Lightweight, fast and secure FTP server linux/ppc64le
pure-ftpd-selinux-1.0.49-4.el8 SELinux support for Pure-FTPD linux/ppc64le
purple-discord-0-30.20200718git8fd7ceb.el8 Discord plugin for libpurple linux/ppc64le
purple-hangouts-0-70.20200710gitefa7a53.el8 Hangouts plugin for libpurple linux/ppc64le
purple-matrix-0-16.20191228git1d23385.el8 Matrix plugin for libpurple linux/ppc64le
purple-skypeweb-1.7-1.el8 Adds support for Skype to Pidgin linux/ppc64le
purple-telegram-1.4.6-1.el8 Libpurple protocol plugin for Telegram support linux/ppc64le
pv-1.6.6-7.el8 A tool for monitoring the progress of data through a pipeline linux/ppc64le
pveclib-1.0.4-3.el8 Library for simplified access to PowerISA vector operations linux/ppc64le
pveclib-devel-1.0.4-3.el8 Header files for pveclib linux/ppc64le
pveclib-static-1.0.4-3.el8 This package contains static libraries for pveclib linux/ppc64le
pwgen-2.08-3.el8 Automatic password generation linux/ppc64le
pwncat-0.1.0-2.el8 TCP/UDP communication suite linux/noarch
pxz-4.999.9-19.beta.20200421git.el8 Parallel LZMA compressor using XZ linux/ppc64le
pybind11-devel-2.4.3-2.el8 Development headers for pybind11 linux/ppc64le
pyhoca-cli- Command line X2Go client written in Python linux/noarch
pyhoca-gui- Graphical X2Go client written in (wx)Python linux/noarch
pyjson5-0.9.1-1.el8 Tool for working with the JSON5 data format linux/noarch
pylint-2.4.4-1.el8 Analyzes Python code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality linux/noarch
pypolicyd-spf-2.0.2-7.el8 SPF Policy Server for Postfix (Python implementation) linux/noarch
pysubnettree-0.33-1.el8 Python Module for CIDR Lookups linux/ppc64le
pythia8-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia Event Generator for High Energy Physics linux/ppc64le
pythia8-data-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 Data Files linux/noarch
pythia8-devel-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 Development Files linux/ppc64le
pythia8-doc-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 Documentation linux/noarch
pythia8-examples-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 Example Source Files linux/noarch
pythia8-lhapdf-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 LHAPDF Interface linux/ppc64le
python-Bottleneck-doc-1.2.1-13.el8 Documentation files for python-Bottleneck linux/noarch
python-CommonMark-doc-0.9.1-3.el8 Documentation for python-CommonMark linux/noarch
python-adafruit-platformdetect-doc-2.18.2-1.el8 Documentation for adafruit-platformdetect linux/noarch
python-adafruit-pureio-doc-1.1.7-1.el8 Documentation for adafruit-pureio linux/noarch
python-aiohttp-sse-client-doc-0.2.0-1.el8 aiohttp-sse-client documentation linux/noarch
python-amqp-doc-2.5.2-3.el8 Documentation for python-amqp linux/noarch
python-asteval-doc-0.9.18-1.el8 The python-asteval documentation linux/noarch
python-basemap-examples-1.2.1-1.el8 Example programs and data for python3-basemap linux/ppc64le
python-beautifultable-doc-0.8.0-2.el8 The python-beautifultable documentation linux/noarch
python-binaryornot-docs-0.4.4-1.el8 Documentation for python-binaryornot linux/noarch
python-bloom-doc-0.10.0-1.el8 HTML documentation for 'python-bloom' linux/noarch
python-bugzilla-cli-3.0.2-1.el8 Command line tool for interacting with Bugzilla linux/noarch
python-calcephpy-doc-3.4.7-2.el8 Documentation files for python-calcephpy linux/noarch
python-capturer-doc-2.4-5.el8 Documentation for the 'capturer' Python module linux/noarch
python-catkin_pkg-doc-0.4.23-1.el8 HTML documentation for python-catkin_pkg linux/noarch
python-celery-doc-4.3.0-5.el8 Documentation for python-celery linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-cloudflare-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 certbot-dns-cloudflare documentation linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-cloudxns-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 certbot-dns-cloudxns documentation linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-dnsimple-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 certbot-dns-dnsimple documentation linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy documentation linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-gehirn-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 Documentation for python-certbot-dns-gehirn linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-linode-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 Documentation for python-certbot-dns-linode linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-luadns-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 certbot-dns-luadns documentation linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-nsone-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 certbot-dns-nsone documentation linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-ovh-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 Documentation for python-certbot-dns-ovh linux/noarch
python-certbot-dns-sakuracloud-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 Documentation for python-certbot-dns-sakuracloud linux/noarch
python-collectd_systemd-selinux-0.0.1-0.19.20181018git212cb79.el8 selinux policy for collectd systemd plugin linux/noarch
python-copr-doc-1.107-1.el8 Code documentation for python-copr package linux/noarch
python-crochet-doc-1.10.0-5.el8 Documentation for python-crochet linux/noarch
python-django-bash-completion-2.2.17-1.el8 bash completion files for Django linux/noarch
python-django-filter-doc-2.3.0-2.el8 django-filter documentation linux/noarch
python-django3-bash-completion-3.1.4-1.el8 Bash completion files for Django linux/noarch
python-entrypoints-doc-0.3-1.el8 Documentation for python-entrypoints linux/noarch
python-ephem-doc- The ephem documentation linux/noarch
python-f5-sdk-doc-3.0.21-8.el8 Documentation for python-f5-sdk linux/noarch
python-feedparser-doc-5.2.1-17.el8 Documentation for the Python feedparser linux/noarch
python-fields-doc-5.0.0-1.el8 Documentation for 'python-fields' linux/noarch
python-filelock-doc-3.0.12-2.el8 Documentation for filelock, A platform independent file lock linux/noarch
python-formencode-langpacks-2.0.0a1-1.el8 Locale files for the python-formencode library linux/noarch
python-geoip2-doc-2.9.0-1.el8 Documentation for python-geoip2 linux/noarch
python-gilt-doc-1.2.1-5.el8 Gilt is a git layering tool linux/noarch
python-git-url-parse-doc-1.2.2-6.el8 A simple GIT URL parser similar to linux/noarch
python-gitlab-doc-1.15.0-1.el8 Python gitlab documentation linux/noarch
python-gunicorn-doc-20.0.4-2.el8 Documentation for the python-gunicorn package linux/noarch
python-humanfriendly-doc-4.18-1.el8 Documentation for the 'humanfriendly' Python module linux/noarch
python-idna-ssl-1.1.0-9.el8 Patch ssl.match_hostname for Unicode(idna) domains support linux/noarch
python-imgcreate-sysdeps-27.1-8.el8 Common system dependencies for python-imgcreate linux/ppc64le
python-importlib-resources-doc-1.0.2-2.el8 importlib_resources documentation linux/noarch
python-josepy-doc-1.2.0-5.el8 Documentation for python-josepy linux/noarch
python-kitchen-doc-1.2.6-1.el8.2 API documentation for the Kitchen python2 module linux/noarch
python-losant-rest-doc-1.11.0-1.el8 Documentation for python-losant-rest linux/noarch
python-marshmallow-doc-3.1.1-1.el8 Documentation for python-marshmallow linux/noarch
python-maxminddb-doc-1.5.1-1.el8 Documentation for maxminddb linux/ppc64le
python-meld3-2.0.0-2.el8 HTML/XML templating system for Python linux/noarch
python-mido-doc-1.2.9-5.el8 sphinxcontrib-asyncio documentation linux/noarch
python-multilib-conf-1.2-10.el8 Configuration files for python-multilib linux/noarch
python-mysqlclient-doc-1.4.6-2.el8 Documentation for python-mysqlclient linux/ppc64le
python-notify2-doc-0.3.1-7.el8 notify2 documentation linux/noarch
python-oletools-doc-0.56-1.el8 Documentation files for python-oletools linux/noarch
python-osrf-pycommon-doc-0.1.10-1.el8 API Documentation for the osrf_pycommon Python modules linux/noarch
python-paramiko-doc-2.4.3-1.el8 Docs and demo for SSH2 protocol library for python linux/noarch
python-pika-doc-1.0.1-3.el8.1 Additional API documentation for python-pika linux/noarch
python-pkginfo-doc- Documentation for python-pkginfo linux/noarch
python-plaster-doc-0.5-6.el8 Documentation for python-plaster linux/noarch
python-portend-doc-2.6-1.el8 portend documentation linux/noarch
python-pvc-doc-0.3.0-9.el8 Documentation files for PVC (Python vSphere Client) linux/noarch
python-pyarlo-doc-0.2.2-2.el8 pyarlo documentation linux/noarch
python-pycares-doc-3.1.1-4.el8 Documentation for python-pycares linux/noarch
python-pyghmi-doc-1.5.19-2.el8 The pyghmi library documentation linux/noarch
python-pygit2-doc-0.26.4-1.el8 Documentation for python-pygit2 linux/noarch
python-pymeeus-doc-0.3.6-2.el8 python-pymeeus documentation linux/noarch
python-pymilter-common-1.0.4-3.el8 Common files and directories for python milters linux/noarch
python-pymilter-selinux-1.0.4-3.el8 SELinux policy module for pymilter linux/noarch
python-pyserial-asyncio-doc-0.4-1.el8 pyserial-asyncio documentation linux/noarch
python-qpid-proton-docs-0.32.0-2.el8 Documentation for the Python language bindings for Qpid Proton linux/noarch
python-readme-renderer-docs-24.0-3.el8 Documentation for python-readme-renderer linux/noarch
python-requests-futures-1.0.0-2.el8 Asynchronous Python HTTP Requests linux/noarch
python-rosdep-doc-0.19.0-1.el8 HTML documentation for 'python-rosdep' linux/noarch
python-rosdistro-doc-0.8.3-1.el8 HTML documentation for 'python-rosdistro' linux/noarch
python-rospkg-doc-1.2.8-1.el8 Documentation for python-rospkg linux/noarch
python-rtmidi-doc-1.3.1-1.el8 rtmidi documentation linux/ppc64le
python-service-identity-doc-18.1.0-2.el8 Service-identity documentation linux/noarch
python-shodan-doc-1.23.0-1.el8 python-shodan documentation linux/noarch
python-slixmpp-doc-1.5.2-2.el8 Documentation for Slixmpp linux/noarch
python-sphinxcontrib-asyncio-doc-0.2.0-2.el8 sphinxcontrib-asyncio documentation linux/noarch
python-stem-doc-1.8.0-8.el8 Python controller library for Tor linux/noarch
python-sybil-doc-1.2.2-1.el8 Documentation for python3-sybil linux/noarch
python-sysv_ipc-examples-1.0.0-3.el8 Examples for Python sysv_ipc module linux/ppc64le
python-tables-doc-3.5.2-6.el8 Documentation for PyTables linux/noarch
python-testtools-doc-2.4.0-3.el8 Documentation for python-testtools linux/noarch
python-tornado-doc-6.0.2-1.el8 Examples for python-tornado linux/ppc64le
python-treq-doc-18.6.0-1.el8 treq documentation linux/noarch
python-txaio-doc-18.8.1-7.el8 Documentation for txaio linux/noarch
python-verboselogs-doc-1.7-5.el8 Documentation for the 'verboselogs' Python module linux/noarch
python-wrapt-doc-1.11.2-4.el8 Documentation for the wrapt module linux/ppc64le
python-wxpython4-doc-4.0.7-13.el8 Documentation and samples for wxPython linux/noarch
python-x2go-doc- Python X2Go client API documentation linux/noarch
python-xlib-doc-0.26-1.el8 Documentation and examples for python-xlib linux/noarch
python2-Automat-0.7.0-3.1.el8 Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go linux/noarch
python2-Levenshtein-0.12.0-11.el8 Python extension computing string distances and similarities linux/ppc64le
python2-WSGIProxy2-0.4.1-14.el8 WSGI Proxy that supports several HTTP backends linux/noarch
python2-absl-py-0.11.0-2.el8 Abseil Python Common Libraries linux/noarch
python2-appdirs-1.4.3-8.el8 Python module for determining platform-specific directories linux/noarch
python2-authres-1.2.0-6.el8 Authentication Results Header Module linux/noarch
python2-beautifulsoup4-4.6.3-2.el8.1 HTML/XML parser for quick-turnaround applications like screen-scraping linux/noarch
python2-blinker-1.4-4.el8 Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling linux/noarch
python2-chai-1.1.2-12.el8 Easy to use mocking/stub framework linux/noarch
python2-chameleon-3.6.2-1.el8 XML-based template compiler linux/noarch
python2-cheetah-3.2.3-2.el8 Template engine and code generator linux/ppc64le
python2-colorclass-2.2.0-6.el8 Yet another ANSI color text library for Python linux/noarch
python2-constantly-15.1.0-4.el8 Symbolic constants in Python linux/noarch
python2-cssselect-0.9.2-10.el8 Parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0 linux/noarch
python2-cycler-0.10.0-11.el8 Cycle through lists in various ways (used by matplotlib) linux/noarch
python2-distro-1.4.0-1.el8 Linux Distribution - a Linux OS platform information API linux/noarch
python2-dockerpty-0.4.1-18.el8 Python library to use the pseudo-tty of a docker container linux/noarch
python2-dogpile-cache-0.6.8-1.el8.1 A caching front-end based on the Dogpile lock linux/noarch
python2-easygui-0.96-25.el8 Very simple, very easy GUI programming in Python linux/noarch
python2-ecdsa-0.13.3-1.el8 ECDSA cryptographic signature library linux/noarch
python2-editor-1.0.4-1.el8 Programmatically open an editor, capture the result. linux/noarch
python2-elasticsearch-7.0.5-2.el8 Python 2 Client for Elasticsearch linux/noarch
python2-elasticsearch6-6.4.2-2.el8 Python 2 Client for Elasticsearch linux/noarch
python2-enum34-1.1.6-8.el8 Backport of Python 3.4 Enum linux/noarch
python2-geoip2-2.9.0-1.el8 MaxMind GeoIP2 API linux/noarch
python2-hamcrest-1.9.0-8.el8 Hamcrest matchers for Python linux/noarch
python2-httmock-1.3.0-2.el8 A mocking library for requests linux/noarch
python2-hupper-1.8.1-1.el8.1 Integrated process monitor for developing servers linux/noarch
python2-hyperframe-5.2.0-1.el8.1 HTTP/2 framing layer for Python linux/noarch
python2-incremental-17.5.0-5.el8.1 It versions your Python projects linux/noarch
python2-isodate-0.6.0-1.el8 An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter linux/noarch
python2-kerberos-1.3.0-4.el8 A high-level wrapper for Kerberos (GSSAPI) operations linux/ppc64le
python2-kiwisolver-1.1.0-3.el8 A fast implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver linux/ppc64le
python2-kobo-0.10.0-1.el8 Python modules for tools development linux/noarch
python2-kobo-admin-0.10.0-1.el8 Kobo admin script for instant project deployment linux/noarch
python2-kobo-client-0.10.0-1.el8 CLI client linux/noarch
python2-kobo-django-0.10.0-1.el8 Django components linux/noarch
python2-kobo-hub-0.10.0-1.el8 Xml-rpc and web interface to a task database linux/noarch
python2-kobo-rpmlib-0.10.0-1.el8 Functions to manipulate with RPM files linux/noarch
python2-kobo-worker-0.10.0-1.el8 Worker daemon processing tasks submitted to the hub linux/noarch
python2-libxc-4.3.4-1.el8 Python2 interface to libxc linux/noarch
python2-lockfile-0.11.0-13.el8.1 A platform-independent file locking module linux/noarch
python2-m2r-0.2.1-1.20190604git66f4a5a.el8 Markdown to reStructuredText converter linux/noarch
python2-maxminddb-1.5.1-1.el8 Documentation for maxminddb linux/ppc64le
python2-memcached-1.58-8.el8 A Python memcached client library linux/noarch
python2-mistune-0.8.3-6.el8 Markdown parser for Python linux/ppc64le
python2-multilib-1.2-10.el8 Configuration files for python-multilib linux/noarch
python2-munch-2.3.2-3.el8 A dot-accessible dictionary (a la JavaScript objects) linux/noarch
python2-openidc-client-0.6.0-4.20180605gitcd8d91c.el8 Python OpenID Connect client with token caching and management linux/noarch
python2-otf2-2.2-2.el8 Python 2 bindings for otf2 linux/ppc64le
python2-paste-3.0.8-1.el8.1 Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack linux/noarch
python2-paste-deploy-2.0.1-1.el8 Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers linux/noarch
python2-pathspec-0.6.0-1.el8 Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths linux/noarch
python2-pbr-5.1.2-3.el8 Python Build Reasonableness linux/noarch
python2-pika-1.0.1-3.el8.1 AMQP 0-9-1 client library for Python 2 linux/noarch
python2-plaster-0.5-6.el8 Application configuration settings abstraction layer linux/noarch
python2-plaster-pastedeploy-0.7-1.el8.1 A PasteDeploy binding to the plaster configuration loader linux/noarch
python2-polib-1.0.7-10.el8 A library to parse and manage gettext catalogs linux/noarch
python2-pretend-1.0.8-15.el8 A library for stubbing in Python linux/noarch
python2-psutil-5.7.3-1.el8 A process and system utilities module for Python linux/ppc64le
python2-pungi-4.1.38-1.el8.2 Python 2 libraries for pungi linux/noarch
python2-pyModbusTCP-0.1.8-2.el8 A simple Modbus/TCP library for Python linux/noarch
python2-pybind11-2.4.3-2.el8 Development headers for pybind11 linux/ppc64le
python2-pycodestyle-2.5.0-2.el8 Python style guide checker linux/noarch
python2-pycryptodomex-3.9.7-1.el8 A self-contained cryptographic library for Python linux/ppc64le
python2-pykwalify-1.7.0-4.el8 Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation linux/noarch
python2-pylibacl-0.5.4-3.el8 POSIX.1e ACLs library wrapper for Python linux/ppc64le
python2-pymilter-1.0.4-3.el8 Python interface to sendmail milter API linux/ppc64le
python2-pytest-cov-2.6.0-1.el8 Pytest plugin for coverage reporting linux/noarch
python2-pytest-forked-1.0.2-1.el8 py.test plugin for running tests in isolated forked subprocesses linux/noarch
python2-pytest-runner-4.0-4.el8 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution linux/noarch
python2-pythia8-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 Python 2 bindings linux/ppc64le
python2-scapy-2.4.3-2.el8 Interactive packet manipulation tool and network scanner linux/noarch
python2-service-identity-18.1.0-2.el8 Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL linux/noarch
python2-setproctitle-1.1.10-17.el8 Python module to customize a process title linux/ppc64le
python2-tempita-0.5.1-22.el8.1 A very small text templating language linux/noarch
python2-translationstring-1.3-9.el8 Library used for internationalization (i18n) duties related to translation linux/noarch
python2-venusian-1.2.0-1.el8 A library for deferring decorator actions linux/noarch
python2-waitress-1.2.1-2.el8.1 Waitress WSGI server linux/noarch
python2-webob-1.8.5-1.el8.1 WSGI request and response object linux/noarch
python2-webtest-2.0.33-1.el8 Helper to test WSGI applications linux/noarch
python2-zope-component-4.3.0-8.el8 Zope Component Architecture linux/noarch
python2-zope-configuration-4.0.3-15.el8 Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML) linux/noarch
python2-zope-deprecation-4.4.0-2.el8 Zope 3 Deprecation Infrastructure linux/noarch
python2-zope-event-4.2.0-12.el8 Zope Event Publication (Python 2) linux/noarch
python2-zope-exceptions-4.0.8-12.el8.1 Zope Exceptions linux/noarch
python2-zope-i18nmessageid-4.0.3-14.el8.1 Message Identifiers for internationalization linux/ppc64le
python2-zope-interface-4.6.0-1.el8 Zope 3 Interface Infrastructure linux/ppc64le
python2-zope-schema-4.4.2-13.el8 Zope 3 schemas linux/noarch
python2-zope-testing-4.6.1-8.el8 Zope Testing Framework linux/noarch
python3-AWSIoTPythonSDK-1.4.9-1.el8 SDK for connecting to AWS IoT using Python linux/noarch
python3-Automat-0.7.0-3.1.el8 Self-service finite-state machines for the programmer on the go linux/noarch
python3-Bottleneck-1.2.1-13.el8 Collection of fast NumPy array functions written in Cython linux/ppc64le
python3-CommonMark-0.9.1-3.el8 Documentation for python-CommonMark linux/noarch
python3-FireflyAlgorithm-0.0.1-1.el8 Firefly Algorithm in Python linux/noarch
python3-GeographicLib-1.50.1-1.el8 Python 3 implementation of GeographicLib linux/noarch
python3-GitPython-3.1.0-1.el8 Python Git Library linux/noarch
python3-HepMC3-3.2.3-1.el8 HepMC3 Python 3 bindings linux/ppc64le
python3-HepMC3-rootIO-3.2.3-1.el8 HepMC3 ROOT I/O module Python 3 bindings linux/ppc64le
python3-HepMC3-search-3.2.3-1.el8 HepMC3 search module Python 3 bindings linux/ppc64le
python3-Levenshtein-0.12.0-11.el8 Python extension computing string distances and similarities linux/ppc64le
python3-PyDrive-1.3.1-11.el8 A wrapper library of google-api-python-client for Google Drive API tasks linux/noarch
python3-TestSlide-2.6.4-2.el8 A Python test framework linux/noarch
python3-TurboGears2-2.4.3-2.el8 Next generation front-to-back web development megaframework linux/noarch
python3-WSGIProxy2-0.4.1-14.el8 WSGI Proxy that supports several HTTP backends linux/noarch
python3-absl-py-0.11.0-2.el8 Abseil Python Common Libraries linux/noarch
python3-acme-1.11.0-1.el8 Python library for the ACME protocol linux/noarch
python3-acora-2.2-1.el8 A Python multi-keyword text search engine linux/ppc64le
python3-adafruit-platformdetect-2.18.2-1.el8 Platform detection module linux/noarch
python3-adafruit-pureio-1.1.7-1.el8 Python access to Linux IO including I2C and SPI linux/noarch
python3-adb-shell-0.1.3-1.el8 Python implementation for ADB shell and file sync linux/noarch
python3-aeidon-1.9-1.el8 Read, write, and manipulate text-based subtitle files linux/noarch
python3-aenum-2.2.3-1.el8 Advanced Enumerations, NamedTuples and NamedConstants for Python linux/noarch
python3-afsapi-0.0.4-1.el8 Python wrapper for the Frontier Silicon API linux/noarch
python3-ailment- The angr intermediate language linux/noarch
python3-aiocmd-0.1.2-1.el8 Coroutine-based CLI generator using prompt_toolkit linux/noarch
python3-aiocurrencylayer-0.1.2-1.el8 Python wrapper for interacting with the currencylayer API linux/noarch
python3-aiodns-2.0.0-5.el8 Simple DNS resolver for asyncio linux/noarch
python3-aiogqlc-1.0.4-1.el8 GraphQL client with file upload support linux/noarch
python3-aioguardian-1.0.2-1.el8 Python library for Elexa Guardian devices linux/noarch
python3-aiohomekit-0.2.50-1.el8 Python HomeKit client linux/noarch
python3-aiohttp-3.6.2-3.el8 Python HTTP client/server for asyncio linux/ppc64le
python3-aiohttp-sse-client-0.2.0-1.el8 Server-Sent Event Python client linux/noarch
python3-aiohue-2.2.0-2.el8 Python module to talk to Philips Hue linux/noarch
python3-aioiotprov-0.0.7-1.el8 Library/utility to help provision various IoT devices linux/noarch
python3-aioitertools-0.7.0-1.el8 Itertools and builtins for AsyncIO and mixed iterables linux/noarch
python3-aiolifx-0.6.8-1.el8 Python API for local communication with LIFX devices linux/noarch
python3-aiomultiprocess-0.7.0-1.el8 Asyncio version of the standard multiprocessing module linux/noarch
python3-aiomysql-0.0.20-2.el8 MySQL driver for asyncio linux/noarch
python3-aioopenssl-0.5.1-1.el8 TLS-capable transport using OpenSSL for asyncio linux/noarch
python3-aiopg-1.0.0-2.el8 Postgres integration with asyncio linux/noarch
python3-aioresponses-0.6.4-2.el8 Mock out requests made by ClientSession from aiohttp package linux/noarch
python3-aiosasl-0.4.1-2.el8 Protocol agnostic SASL Python library linux/noarch
python3-aiosmb-0.2.26-1.el8 Asynchronous SMB protocol implementation linux/noarch
python3-aiosnmp-0.2.2-2.el8 Asyncio Python SNMP client linux/noarch
python3-aiosqlite-0.12.0-1.el8 Asyncio bridge to the standard SQLite3 module linux/noarch
python3-aiounittest-1.3.1-2.el8 Test asyncio code more easily linux/noarch
python3-aiozeroconf-0.1.8-5.el8 An asyncio/pure Python implementation of mDNS service discovery linux/noarch
python3-airthings-3.2.0-1.el8 Fetch sensor measurements from Airthings devices linux/noarch
python3-alembic-1.0.11-2.el8 Database migration tool for SQLAlchemy linux/noarch
python3-altgraph-0.16.1-2.el8 Python graph (network) package linux/noarch
python3-amqp-2.5.2-3.el8 Client library for AMQP linux/noarch
python3-ana-0.06-1.el8 Python module to provide easy distributed data storage linux/noarch
python3-ansicolors-1.1.8-14.el8 ANSI colors for Python linux/noarch
python3-anyjson-0.3.3-26.el8 Wraps the best available JSON implementation linux/noarch
python3-apipkg-1.5-6.el8 A Python namespace control and lazy-import mechanism linux/noarch
python3-appdirs-1.4.3-8.el8 Python module for determining platform-specific directories linux/noarch
python3-apprise-0.8.9-1.el8 A simple wrapper to many popular notification services used today linux/noarch
python3-apsw-3.26.0.r1-1.el8 Another Python SQLite Wrapper linux/ppc64le
python3-ara-1.5.3-1.el8 Records Ansible playbooks and makes them easier to understand and troubleshoot linux/noarch
python3-archinfo- Collection of classes that contain architecture-specific information linux/noarch
python3-argparse-manpage-1.5-1.el8 Build manual page from Python 3 ArgumentParser object linux/noarch
python3-arrow-0.14.2-2.el8 Better dates and times for Python linux/noarch
python3-asciitree-0.3.3-14.el8 Draws ASCII trees linux/noarch
python3-ase-3.19.1-3.el8 Atomic Simulation Environment for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-asgiref-3.2.10-1.el8 ASGI specs, helper code, and adapters linux/noarch
python3-asteval-0.9.18-1.el8 Evaluator of Python expression using ast module linux/noarch
python3-astral-1.10.1-5.el8 Calculations for the position of the sun and moon linux/noarch
python3-astroid-2.3.3-6.gitace7b29.el8 Common base representation of python source code for pylint and other projects linux/noarch
python3-async-generator-1.10-2.el8 Async generators and context managers linux/noarch
python3-async-timeout-3.0.1-8.el8 Asyncio-compatible timeout context manager linux/noarch
python3-asysocks-0.0.7-1.el8 Socks5/Socks4 client and server library linux/noarch
python3-atomicwrites-1.3.0-7.el8 Python Atomic file writes on POSIX linux/noarch
python3-atpublic-1.0-3.el8 Decorator for populating a Python module's __all__ linux/ppc64le
python3-auth-credential-1.0-21.el8 Python abstraction of a credential linux/noarch
python3-authres-1.2.0-6.el8 Authentication Results Header Module linux/noarch
python3-autobahn-19.10.1-3.el8 Python networking library for WebSocket and WAMP linux/noarch
python3-autowrap-0.22.0-2.el8 Generates Python3 Extension modules from [Cython] PXD files linux/noarch
python3-backcall-0.1.0-8.el8 Specifications for callback functions passed in to an API linux/noarch
python3-backlash-0.3.1-2.el8 Standalone WebOb port of the Werkzeug Debugger with Python3 support meant to replace WebError in TurboGears2 linux/noarch
python3-backoff-1.6.0-2.el8.1 Python library providing function decorators for configurable backoff and retry linux/noarch
python3-badchars-0.4.0-4.el8 HEX bad char generator for different programming languages linux/noarch
python3-baluhn-0.1.2-5.el8 A base-independent implementation of the Luhn algorithm for Python linux/noarch
python3-barman-2.12-1.el8 Shared libraries for Barman linux/noarch
python3-basemap-1.2.1-1.el8 Plots data on map projections (with continental and political boundaries) linux/ppc64le
python3-batinfo-0.4.2-14.el8 Python module to retrieve battery information linux/noarch
python3-bcrypt-3.1.6-2.el8.1 Modern password hashing for your software and your servers linux/ppc64le
python3-beautifulsoup4-4.6.3-2.el8.1 HTML/XML parser for quick-turnaround applications like screen-scraping linux/noarch
python3-beautifultable-0.8.0-2.el8 Print ASCII tables for terminals linux/noarch
python3-betamax-0.8.1-7.el8 VCR imitation for python-requests linux/noarch
python3-betamax-matchers-0.4.0-5.el8 A set of third-party matchers for Betamax linux/noarch
python3-betamax-serializers-0.2.0-2.el8 A set of third-party serializers for Betamax linux/noarch
python3-billiard- A multiprocessing pool extensions linux/noarch
python3-binaryornot-0.4.4-1.el8 A pure Python package to check if a file is binary or text linux/noarch
python3-bitstring-3.1.7-1.el8 Simple construction, analysis and modification of binary data linux/noarch
python3-blackbird-0.5-1.el8 Python API for talking to Monoprice Blackbird devices linux/noarch
python3-bleach-3.1.4-2.el8 An easy whitelist-based HTML-sanitizing tool linux/noarch
python3-blessed-1.17.10-1.el8 A thin, practical wrapper around terminal capabilities in Python linux/noarch
python3-blessings-1.7-8.el8 Python 3 library for terminal coloring, styling, and positioning linux/noarch
python3-blinker-1.4-4.el8 Fast, simple object-to-object and broadcast signaling linux/noarch
python3-blist-1.3.6-23.el8 Faster list implementation for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-bloom-0.10.0-1.el8 HTML documentation for 'python-bloom' linux/noarch
python3-bmaptools-3.5-2.el8 Python library to manipulate sparse images in the "block map" (bmap) format linux/noarch
python3-bodhi-4.0.2-2.el8.1 Common files shared by bodhi-client and bodhi-server linux/noarch
python3-bodhi-client-4.0.2-2.el8.1 REST API bindings for Python. linux/noarch
python3-bodhi-messages-4.0.2-2.el8.1 Python convenience package for interacting with Bodhi messages linux/noarch
python3-botan2-2.12.1-2.el8 Python3 bindings for botan2 linux/ppc64le
python3-boto3-1.15.15-1.el8 The AWS SDK for Python linux/noarch
python3-botocore-1.18.15-1.el8 Low-level, data-driven core of boto 3 linux/noarch
python3-bravado-11.0.2-1.el8 Library for accessing Swagger-enabled API's linux/noarch
python3-bravado-core-5.17.0-1.el8 Library for adding Swagger support to clients and servers linux/noarch
python3-bsddb3-6.2.6-5.el8 Python 3 bindings for Berkeley DB linux/ppc64le
python3-bugzilla-3.0.2-1.el8 Python library for interacting with Bugzilla linux/noarch
python3-caca-0.99-0.43.beta19.el8 Python bindings for libcaca linux/ppc64le
python3-cached_property-1.5.1-7.el8 A cached-property for decorating methods in Python classes. linux/noarch
python3-cachelib-0.1.1-1.el8 A collection of cache libraries with a common API linux/noarch
python3-cachetools-3.1.1-4.el8 Extensible memoizing collections and decorators linux/noarch
python3-calcephpy-3.4.7-2.el8 Astronomical library to access planetary ephemeris files linux/ppc64le
python3-cantor-19.12.2-2.el8 cantor python3 backend linux/ppc64le
python3-capstone-4.0.1-9.el8 Python3 bindings for capstone linux/ppc64le
python3-capturer-2.4-5.el8 Documentation for the 'capturer' Python module linux/noarch
python3-caribou-0.4.21-18.el8 Keyboard UI for caribou linux/noarch
python3-case-1.5.3-6.el8 Python unittest Utilities linux/noarch
python3-catkin-sphinx-0.3.1-1.el8 Sphinx extension for Catkin projects linux/noarch
python3-catkin_lint-1.6.10-1.el8 Check catkin packages for common errors linux/noarch
python3-catkin_pkg-0.4.23-1.el8 HTML documentation for python-catkin_pkg linux/noarch
python3-cccolutils-1.5-11.el8 Python Kerberos Credential Cache Collection Utilities linux/ppc64le
python3-cchardet-2.1.6-2.el8 High speed universal character encoding detector linux/ppc64le
python3-celery-4.3.0-5.el8 Distributed Task Queue linux/noarch
python3-cerberus-1.3.2-1.el8 Lightweight, extensible data validation library for Python linux/noarch
python3-certbot-1.11.0-1.el8 Python 3 libraries used by certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-apache-1.11.0-1.el8 The apache plugin for certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-cloudflare-1.11.0-1.el8 Cloudflare DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-cloudxns-1.11.0-1.el8 CloudXNS DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-digitalocean-1.11.0-1.el8 DigitalOcean DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-dnsimple-1.11.0-1.el8 DNSimple DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-dnsmadeeasy-1.11.0-1.el8 DNS Made Easy DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-gehirn-1.11.0-1.el8 Gehirn Infrastructure Service DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-google-1.11.0-1.el8 Google Cloud DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-linode-1.11.0-1.el8 Linode DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-luadns-1.11.0-1.el8 LuaDNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-nsone-1.11.0-1.el8 NS1 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-ovh-1.11.0-1.el8 OVH DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-rfc2136-1.11.0-1.el8 RFC 2136 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-route53-1.11.0-1.el8 Route53 DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-dns-sakuracloud-1.11.0-1.el8 Sakura Cloud DNS Authenticator plugin for Certbot linux/noarch
python3-certbot-nginx-1.11.0-1.el8 The nginx plugin for certbot linux/noarch
python3-certifi-2018.10.15-7.el8 Python package for providing Mozilla's CA Bundle linux/noarch
python3-cftime- Time-handling functionality from netcdf4-python linux/ppc64le
python3-chai-1.1.2-12.el8 Easy to use mocking/stub framework linux/noarch
python3-chameleon-3.6.2-1.el8 XML-based template compiler linux/noarch
python3-cheetah-3.2.3-2.el8 Template engine and code generator linux/ppc64le
python3-cheroot-8.5.1-1.el8 Highly-optimized, pure-python HTTP server linux/noarch
python3-cherrypy-18.4.0-1.el8 Pythonic, object-oriented web development framework linux/noarch
python3-chirpstack-api-3.7.7-1.el8 Chirpstack Python API linux/noarch
python3-ciso8601-2.1.3-2.el8 Fast ISO8601 date time parser linux/ppc64le
python3-cjdns-21.1-1.el8 Python tools for cjdns linux/noarch
python3-click-completion-0.5.2-3.el8 Add automatic completion support for fish, Zsh, Bash and PowerShell to Click linux/noarch
python3-click-man-0.4.1-2.el8 Generate man pages for click based CLI applications linux/noarch
python3-click-plugins-1.1.1-4.el8 Click extension to register CLI commands via setuptools linux/noarch
python3-cloudflare-2.7.1-1.el8 Python wrapper for the Cloudflare Client API v4 linux/noarch
python3-clustershell-1.8.3-2.el8 ClusterShell module for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-cmarkgfm-0.4.2-2.el8 Minimal bindings to GitHub's fork of cmark linux/ppc64le
python3-coapthon3-1.0.1-2.el8 A Python library for the CoAP protocol linux/noarch
python3-colander-1.7.0-2.el8 Simple schema-based serialization and deserialization library linux/noarch
python3-colcon-argcomplete-0.3.3-1.el8 Completion for colcon command lines using argcomplete linux/noarch
python3-colcon-bash-0.4.2-1.el8 Extension for colcon to provide Bash scripts linux/noarch
python3-colcon-bazel-0.1.0-2.el8 Extension for colcon to support Bazel packages linux/noarch
python3-colcon-bundle-0.1.0-2.el8 Plugin to bundle built software for the colcon command line tool linux/noarch
python3-colcon-cd-0.1.1-3.el8 Extension for colcon to change the current working directory linux/noarch
python3-colcon-cmake-0.2.26-1.el8 Extension for colcon to support CMake packages linux/noarch
python3-colcon-common-extensions-0.2.1-1.el8 Meta package aggregating colcon-core and common extensions linux/noarch
python3-colcon-core-0.6.1-1.el8 Command line tool to build sets of software packages linux/noarch
python3-colcon-coveragepy-result-0.0.8-1.el8 Extension for colcon to collect results linux/noarch
python3-colcon-defaults-0.2.5-1.el8 Extension for colcon to read defaults from a config file linux/noarch
python3-colcon-devtools-0.2.2-1.el8 Extension for information about colcon extensibility linux/noarch
python3-colcon-ed-0.1.2-1.el8 Extension for colcon to edit a file within a package linux/noarch
python3-colcon-lcov-result-0.5.0-1.el8 Extension for colcon to provide test results using LCOV linux/noarch
python3-colcon-library-path-0.2.1-3.el8 Extension for colcon adding an environment variable to find libraries linux/noarch
python3-colcon-metadata-0.2.5-1.el8 Extension for colcon to read package metadata from files linux/noarch
python3-colcon-mixin-0.2.0-1.el8 Extension for colcon to read CLI mixins from files linux/noarch
python3-colcon-notification-0.2.13-1.el8 Extension for colcon to provide status notifications linux/noarch
python3-colcon-output-0.2.12-1.el8 Extension for colcon to customize the output in various ways linux/noarch
python3-colcon-package-information-0.3.3-1.el8 Extension for colcon to output package information linux/noarch
python3-colcon-package-selection-0.2.10-1.el8 Extension for colcon to select the packages to process linux/noarch
python3-colcon-parallel-executor-0.2.4-1.el8 Extension for colcon to process packages in parallel linux/noarch
python3-colcon-pkg-config-0.1.0-2.el8 Extension for colcon to find pkg-config files linux/noarch
python3-colcon-powershell-0.3.6-1.el8 Extension for colcon to provide PowerShell scripts linux/noarch
python3-colcon-python-setup-py-0.2.7-1.el8 Extension for colcon to support Python packages with a file linux/noarch
python3-colcon-recursive-crawl-0.2.1-1.el8 Extension for colcon to recursively crawl for packages linux/noarch
python3-colcon-ros-0.3.21-1.el8 Extension for colcon to support ROS packages linux/noarch
python3-colcon-ros-bazel-0.0.1-2.el8 Extension for colcon to support ROS2 Bazel packages linux/noarch
python3-colcon-ros-bundle-0.1.0-1.el8 Plugin for colcon to bundle ros applications linux/noarch
python3-colcon-spawn-shell-0.2.0-2.el8 Source colcon workspaces in a new shell linux/noarch
python3-colcon-test-result-0.3.8-1.el8 Extension for colcon to provide information about the test results linux/noarch
python3-colcon-zsh-0.4.0-1.el8 Extension for colcon to provide Z shell scripts linux/noarch
python3-collectd_cvmfs-1.3.1-1.el8 Collectd plugin to monitor CvmFS Clients linux/noarch
python3-collectd_puppet-2.0.0-6.el8 Collectd plugin to monitor puppet agents linux/noarch
python3-collectd_systemd-0.0.1-0.19.20181018git212cb79.el8 Collectd plugin to monitor systemd services linux/noarch
python3-colorama-0.4.3-1.el8 Cross-platform colored terminal text linux/noarch
python3-colorclass-2.2.0-6.el8 Yet another ANSI color text library for Python linux/noarch
python3-colorlog-4.1.0-1.el8 A colored formatter for the Python logging module linux/noarch
python3-colour-0.1.5-1.el8 Python module to convert and manipulate color representations linux/noarch
python3-commandparse-1.0.8-1.el8 CLI application commands parser linux/noarch
python3-configargparse-0.14.0-6.el8 A Python module with support for argparse, config files, and env variables linux/noarch
python3-confuse-1.0.0-4.el8 A Python module for handling YAML configuration files linux/noarch
python3-connect-box-0.2.8-1.el8 Python client for interacting with Compal CH7465LG devices linux/noarch
python3-constantly-15.1.0-4.el8 Symbolic constants in Python linux/noarch
python3-cooldict-1.04-1.el8 Some useful dict-like structures linux/noarch
python3-copr-1.107-1.el8 Python interface for Copr linux/noarch
python3-copr-common-0.9-1.el8 Python code used by Copr linux/noarch
python3-copr-messaging-0.5-1.el8 Abstraction for Copr messaging listeners/publishers linux/noarch
python3-copr-messaging-doc-0.5-1.el8 Code documentation for copr messaging linux/noarch
python3-coreapi-2.3.3-3.el8 Python client library for Core API linux/noarch
python3-coreschema-0.0.4-3.el8 Core Schema linux/noarch
python3-cornice-3.5.1-1.el8 Define Web Services in Pyramid linux/noarch
python3-cornice-sphinx-0.3-8.el8 Cornice extension to generate Sphinx docs linux/noarch
python3-coronavirus-1.1.1-1.el8 Python client for getting Corona virus info linux/noarch
python3-cov-core-1.15.0-15.el8 Plugin core for use by pytest-cov, nose-cov and nose2-cov linux/noarch
python3-coveralls-1.8.2-3.el8 provides seamless integration with linux/noarch
python3-coveralls-docs-1.8.2-3.el8 python-coveralls documentation linux/noarch
python3-cppheaderparser-2.7.4-1.el8 Parse C++ header files and generate a data structure linux/noarch
python3-cpuinfo-5.0.0-1.el8 Getting CPU info linux/noarch
python3-cram-0.7-4.el8 Simple testing framework for command line applications linux/noarch
python3-crank-0.8.1-12.el8 Generalization of dispatch mechanism for use across python3 web frameworks linux/noarch
python3-crayons-0.3.1-1.el8 Python module for writing colored text to terminal linux/noarch
python3-crcelk-1.3-4.el8 A Python implementation of the CRC algorithm linux/noarch
python3-crochet-1.10.0-5.el8 Documentation for python-crochet linux/noarch
python3-croniter-0.3.30-1.el8 Iteration for datetime object with cron like format linux/noarch
python3-cryptography-vectors-2.6.1-1.el8 Test vectors for the cryptography package linux/noarch
python3-csdiff-2.0.0-1.el8 Python interface to csdiff for Python 3 linux/ppc64le
python3-cssselect-0.9.2-10.el8 Parses CSS3 Selectors and translates them to XPath 1.0 linux/noarch
python3-cssselect2-0.3.0-6.el8 CSS selectors for Python ElementTree linux/noarch
python3-curtsies-0.3.4-2.el8 Curses-like terminal wrapper, with colored strings linux/noarch
python3-cxxfilt-0.2.0-1.el8 Python interface to c++filt/abi::__cxa_demangle linux/noarch
python3-cycler-0.10.0-11.el8 Cycle through lists in various ways (used by matplotlib) linux/noarch
python3-d2to1-0.2.12-15.post1.el8 Allows using distutils2-like setup.cfg files with linux/noarch
python3-daemon-2.2.4-1.el8 Library to implement a well-behaved Unix daemon process linux/noarch
python3-daikin-2.4.0-1.el8 Python Daikin HVAC appliances interface linux/noarch
python3-danfossair-0.1.0-1.el8 Python interface for Danfoss Air HRV systems linux/noarch
python3-dataclasses-0.8-3.el8 An implementation of PEP 557: Data Classes linux/noarch
python3-dateutils-0.6.8-3.el8 Various utilities for working with date and datetime objects linux/noarch
python3-ddt-1.2.1-5.el8 Python library to multiply test cases linux/noarch
python3-debconf-1.5.74-4.el8 Python3 for debconf linux/noarch
python3-deconz-73-1.el8 Python library for communicating with deCONZ REST API linux/noarch
python3-defusedxml-0.6.0-1.el8 XML bomb protection for Python stdlib modules linux/noarch
python3-deprecated-1.2.10-1.el8 Python decorator to deprecate old python classes, functions or methods linux/noarch
python3-dialog-3.3.0-22.el8 Python interface to the Unix dialog utility linux/noarch
python3-dictdiffer-0.8.1-1.el8 Dictdiffer is a module that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries linux/noarch
python3-dictdumper-0.7.1-1.el8 A Python dict formatted dumper linux/noarch
python3-digitalocean-1.16.0-1.el8 Easy access to Digital Ocean APIs to deploy droplets, images and more linux/noarch
python3-dill- Serialize all of Python linux/noarch
python3-dingz-0.2.0-1.el8 Python API client for interacting with dingz devices linux/noarch
python3-dirq-1.7.1-14.el8 Directory based queue linux/noarch
python3-discord-1.4.1-1.el8 Python wrapper for the Discord API linux/noarch
python3-distlib-0.3.0-1.el8 Low-level components of distutils2/packaging, augmented with higher-level APIs linux/noarch
python3-distro-1.4.0-1.el8 Linux Distribution - a Linux OS platform information API linux/noarch
python3-distroinfo-0.3.2-2.el8 Parsing and querying distribution metadata stored in text/YAML files linux/noarch
python3-distutils-extra-2.39-16.el8 Integrate more support into Python's distutils linux/noarch
python3-django-2.2.17-1.el8 A high-level Python Web framework linux/noarch
python3-django-auth-ldap-2.2.0-1.el8 Django LDAP authentication backend linux/noarch
python3-django-cache-url-3.0.0-2.el8 Use Cache URLs in your Django application linux/noarch
python3-django-cacheops-5.1-1.el8 ORM cache with automatic granular event-driven invalidation for Django linux/noarch
python3-django-cors-headers-3.1.0-4.el8 Django application for handling the server headers required for CORS linux/noarch
python3-django-crispy-forms-1.10.0-1.el8 Best way to have Django DRY forms - Python 3 version linux/noarch
python3-django-debug-toolbar-2.2-1.el8 Configurable set of panels that display various debug information linux/noarch
python3-django-doc-2.2.17-1.el8 Documentation for Django linux/noarch
python3-django-email-url-0.2.0-2.el8 Use an URL to configure email backend settings in your Django Application linux/noarch
python3-django-filter-2.3.0-2.el8 A Django application for allowing users to filter queryset dynamically linux/noarch
python3-django-ipware-2.1.0-4.el8 A Django application to retrieve client's IP address linux/noarch
python3-django-js-asset-1.2.2-4.el8 Script tag with additional attributes for django.forms.Media linux/noarch
python3-django-jsonfield-backport-1.0.2-1.el8 Backport of the cross-DB JSONField model and form fields from Django 3.1 linux/noarch
python3-django-mptt-0.11.0-1.el8 Utilities for implementing Modified Preorder Tree Traversal linux/noarch
python3-django-pglocks-1.0.4-1.el8 Context managers for advisory locks for PostgreSQL linux/noarch
python3-django-prometheus-2.1.0-1.el8 Django middlewares to monitor your application with linux/noarch
python3-django-rest-framework-3.11.0-3.el8 Web APIs for Django, made easy linux/noarch
python3-django-rq-2.4.0-1.el8 App that provides django integration for RQ (Redis Queue) linux/noarch
python3-django-rules-2.1.0-4.el8 Awesome Django authorization, without the database linux/noarch
python3-django-search-url-0.1-2.el8 Use Search URLs in your Django Application linux/noarch
python3-django-tables2-2.3.1-1.el8 Table framework for Django linux/noarch
python3-django-taggit-1.1.0-4.el8 Reusable Django application for simple tagging linux/noarch
python3-django-tastypie-0.14.2-1.el8 A flexible and capable API layer for Django linux/noarch
python3-django-tastypie-doc-0.14.2-1.el8 Documentation for python-django-tastypie linux/noarch
python3-django-timezone-field-4.1.1-1.el8 Django app providing database and form fields for pytz timezone objects linux/noarch
python3-django-timezone-field+rest_framework-4.1.1-1.el8 Django app providing database and form fields for pytz timezone objects linux/noarch
python3-django3-3.1.4-1.el8 A high-level Python Web framework linux/noarch
python3-django3-doc-3.1.4-1.el8 Documentation for Django linux/noarch
python3-dns-lexicon-3.3.17-2.el8 Manipulate DNS records on various DNS providers in a standardized/agnostic way linux/noarch
python3-dnsgen-1.0.4-1.el8 Generates DNS names from existing domain names linux/noarch
python3-dnslib-0.9.14-1.el8 Simple library to encode/decode DNS packets linux/noarch
python3-dockerpty-0.4.1-18.el8 Python library to use the pseudo-tty of a docker container linux/noarch
python3-docopt-0.6.2-15.el8 Pythonic argument parser, that will make you smile linux/noarch
python3-dogpile-cache-0.6.8-1.el8.1 A caching front-end based on the Dogpile lock linux/noarch
python3-dominate-2.5.1-1.el8 Python library for HTML documents linux/noarch
python3-drf-yasg-1.20.0-1.el8 Automated generation of real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 schemas from Django Rest linux/noarch
python3-drf-yasg+validation-1.20.0-1.el8 Automated generation of real Swagger/OpenAPI 2.0 schemas from Django Rest linux/noarch
python3-dropbox-9.5.0-1.el8 Official Dropbox REST API Client linux/noarch
python3-dtfabric-0.0.20200119-1.el8 A tool to manage data types and structures, as used by libyal linux/noarch
python3-dulwich-0.19.13-1.el8 A Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols linux/ppc64le
python3-easyco-0.2.3-1.el8 Configuration with YAML files linux/noarch
python3-easygui-0.96-25.el8 Very simple, very easy GUI programming in Python3 linux/noarch
python3-ecdsa-0.13.3-1.el8 ECDSA cryptographic signature library linux/noarch
python3-editor-1.0.4-1.el8 Programmatically open an editor, capture the result. linux/noarch
python3-elasticsearch-7.0.5-2.el8 Python 3 Client for Elasticsearch linux/noarch
python3-elasticsearch6-6.4.2-2.el8 Python 3 Client for Elasticsearch linux/noarch
python3-email-validator-1.0.5-2.el8 A robust email syntax and deliverability validation library linux/noarch
python3-emoji-0.5.4-1.el8 Emoji library for Python linux/noarch
python3-empy-3.3.4-6.el8 A powerful and robust template system for Python linux/noarch
python3-enlighten-1.6.2-1.el8 Enlighten Progress Bar linux/noarch
python3-entrypoints-0.3-1.el8 Discover and load entry points from installed packages linux/noarch
python3-ephem- Compute positions of the planets and stars linux/ppc64le
python3-epson-projector-0.2.3-1.el8 Python support for Epson projectors linux/noarch
python3-espresso-mpich-4.1.3-1.el8 Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft matter linux/ppc64le
python3-espresso-openmpi-4.1.3-1.el8 Extensible Simulation Package for Research on Soft matter linux/ppc64le
python3-eventlet-0.26.0-1.el8 Highly concurrent networking library linux/noarch
python3-eventlet-doc-0.26.0-1.el8 Documentation for python3-eventlet linux/noarch
python3-execnet-1.7.1-1.el8 Elastic Python Deployment linux/noarch
python3-extras-1.0.0-11.el8.1 Useful extra bits for Python linux/noarch
python3-f5-icontrol-rest-1.3.15-1.el8 F5 BIG-IP iControl REST API client linux/noarch
python3-f5-sdk-3.0.21-8.el8 F5 Networks Python SDK linux/noarch
python3-fasjson-client-0.1.1-6.el8 An OpenAPI client for FASJSON linux/noarch
python3-fasteners-0.14.1-20.el8 A python package that provides useful locks linux/noarch
python3-fedora-0.10.0-10.el8 Python modules for talking to Fedora Infrastructure Services linux/noarch
python3-fedora-flask-0.10.0-10.el8 Python modules for flask applications authing to Fedora Account System linux/noarch
python3-fedora-messaging-2.0.2-1.el8 Set of tools for using Fedora's messaging infrastructure linux/noarch
python3-feedgen-0.7.0-5.el8 Feed Generator (ATOM, RSS, Podcasts) linux/noarch
python3-feedparser-5.2.1-17.el8 Parse RSS and Atom feeds in Python linux/noarch
python3-fields-5.0.0-1.el8 Documentation for 'python-fields' linux/noarch
python3-filelock-3.0.12-2.el8 Documentation for filelock, A platform independent file lock linux/noarch
python3-fixtures-3.0.0-19.el8 Fixtures, reusable state for writing clean tests and more linux/noarch
python3-flake8-3.7.7-6.el8 Python code checking using pyflakes, pycodestyle, and mccabe linux/noarch
python3-flake8-polyfill-1.0.2-7.el8 Polyfill package for Flake8 plugins linux/noarch
python3-flask-healthz-0.0.2-1.el8 Module to easily add health endpoints to a Flask application linux/noarch
python3-flask-login-0.4.1-10.el8 User session management for Flask linux/noarch
python3-flask-migrate-2.1.1-9.el8 SQLAlchemy database migrations for Flask applications using Alembic linux/noarch
python3-flask-script-2.0.6-8.el8 Scripting support for flask in python3-flask linux/noarch
python3-flask-sqlalchemy-2.4.4-1.el8 Adds SQLAlchemy support to Flask application linux/noarch
python3-flask-wtf-0.14.2-8.el8 Simple integration of Flask and WTForms linux/noarch
python3-flit-1.3-1.el8 Simplified packaging of Python modules linux/noarch
python3-flufl-lock-3.2-9.el8 NFS-safe file locking with timeouts for POSIX systems linux/noarch
python3-flufl-testing-0.8-3.el8 Small collection of test tool plugins linux/noarch
python3-fmf-0.13-1.el8 Flexible Metadata Format linux/noarch
python3-formencode-2.0.0a1-1.el8 HTML form validation, generation, and convertion package linux/noarch
python3-freeipa-1.0.7-1.el8 Lightweight FreeIPA client for Python 3.6 linux/noarch
python3-freezegun-0.3.12-1.el8.1 Let your Python tests travel through time linux/noarch
python3-friendlyloris-1.0.1-1.el8 A Slow Loris package for Python linux/noarch
python3-frozendict-1.2-13.el8 An immutable dictionary linux/noarch
python3-funcy-1.15-1.el8 Fancy and practical functional tools linux/noarch
python3-future-0.18.2-2.el8 Easy, clean, reliable Python 2/3 compatibility linux/noarch
python3-fuzza-0.6.0-3.el8 TCP fuzzing tool to test for remote buffer overflows linux/noarch
python3-gdal-3.0.4-5.el8 Python modules for the GDAL file format library linux/ppc64le
python3-gdl-0.9.9-20.20190915git2870075.el8 GDL python module linux/ppc64le
python3-genshi-0.7.3-1.el8 Toolkit for stream-based generation of output for the web linux/noarch
python3-geoip2-2.9.0-1.el8 MaxMind GeoIP2 API linux/noarch
python3-geopy-1.21.0-1.el8 Python client for several popular geocoding web services linux/noarch
python3-gfal2-1.9.5-5.el8 gfal2 python bindings for Python 3 linux/ppc64le
python3-gilt-1.2.1-5.el8 Gilt is a git layering tool linux/noarch
python3-git-url-parse-1.2.2-6.el8 A simple GIT URL parser similar to linux/noarch
python3-gitdb-4.0.1-2.el8 Git Object Database linux/noarch
python3-gitlab-1.15.0-1.el8 Interact with GitLab API linux/noarch
python3-glances-api-0.2.0-2.el8 A Python client for interacting with Glances linux/noarch
python3-gmqtt-0.6.3-1.el8 Client for the MQTT protocol linux/noarch
python3-gnupg-0.4.6-1.el8 A wrapper for the Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG or GnuPG) linux/noarch
python3-gnuradio- GNU Radio Python 3 module linux/ppc64le
python3-google-api-client-1.6.7-10.el8 Google APIs Client Library for Python linux/noarch
python3-google-auth-1.1.1-10.el8 Google Auth Python Library linux/noarch
python3-google-auth-oauthlib-0.4.1-1.el8 Google oAuth Authentication Library linux/noarch
python3-gpsd-3.19-4.el8.1 Python libraries and modules for use with gpsd linux/ppc64le
python3-grokmirror-1.2.0-5.el8 Framework to smartly mirror git repositories linux/noarch
python3-gunicorn-20.0.4-2.el8 Python WSGI application server linux/noarch
python3-h2-3.1.0-3.el8.1 HTTP/2 State-Machine based protocol implementation linux/noarch
python3-h5py-2.9.0-7.el8 A Python interface to the HDF5 library linux/ppc64le
python3-hamcrest-1.9.0-8.el8 Hamcrest matchers for Python linux/noarch
python3-hamlib-4.0-2.el8 Hamlib radio control library Python binding linux/ppc64le
python3-hatasmota-0.0.10-1.el8 Python module to help parse and construct Tasmota MQTT messages linux/noarch
python3-hdate-0.9.11-1.el8 Hebrew date and Zmanim linux/noarch
python3-hikvision-1.2-1.el8 Python interface to interact with a Hikvision camera linux/noarch
python3-hole-0.5.0-3.el8 A Python client for interacting with a *hole instance linux/noarch
python3-holidays-0.9.12-2.el8 Generate and work with holidays in Python linux/noarch
python3-homeconnect-0.6.1-1.el8 Python client for the BSH Home Connect REST API linux/noarch
python3-homeworks-0.0.6-1.el8 Lutron Homeworks Series 4 and 8 interface linux/noarch
python3-hpack-3.0.0-5.el8.1 Pure-Python HPACK header compression linux/noarch
python3-hstspreload-2020.6.5-1.el8 Chromium HSTS Preload list linux/noarch
python3-html2text-2019.9.26-3.el8 Convert HTML to Markdown-formatted text linux/noarch
python3-httmock-1.3.0-2.el8 A mocking library for requests linux/noarch
python3-httpcore-0.12.2-1.el8 Minimal low-level HTTP client linux/noarch
python3-httpretty-0.9.7-2.el8 HTTP request mock tool for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-httpx-0.16.1-1.el8 Python HTTP client linux/noarch
python3-humanfriendly-4.18-1.el8 Documentation for the 'humanfriendly' Python module linux/noarch
python3-hupper-1.8.1-1.el8.1 Integrated process monitor for developing servers linux/noarch
python3-hvac-0.9.5-1.el8 HashiCorp Vault API client for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-hyperframe-5.2.0-1.el8.1 HTTP/2 framing layer for Python linux/noarch
python3-hyperlink-19.0.0-1.el8.1 A featureful, immutable, and correct URL for Python linux/noarch
python3-idstools-0.6.4-1.el8 Snort and Suricata Rule and Event Utilities for Python3 linux/noarch
python3-ifcfg-0.21-1.el8 Python cross-platform network interface discovery (ifconfig/ipconfig/ip) linux/noarch
python3-img2pdf-0.4.0-3.el8 Lossless images to PDF conversion library and command linux/noarch
python3-imgcreate-27.1-8.el8 Python 3 modules for building system images linux/ppc64le
python3-impacket-0.9.21-5.el8 Collection of Python classes providing access to network packets linux/noarch
python3-importlib-metadata-0.23-1.el8 Read metadata from Python packages linux/noarch
python3-importlib-resources-1.0.2-2.el8 Read resources from Python packages linux/noarch
python3-incremental-17.5.0-5.el8.1 It versions your Python projects linux/noarch
python3-inflection-0.5.1-1.el8 Port of Ruby on Rails inflector to Python linux/noarch
python3-inotify_simple-1.3.4-1.el8 A simple Python 3 wrapper around inotify linux/noarch
python3-ipmi-0.4.2-1.el8 Pure python IPMI library linux/noarch
python3-iptools-0.7.0-2.el8 A few useful functions and objects for manipulating IP addresses in python 3 linux/noarch
python3-ipython-7.16.1-1.el8 An enhanced interactive Python shell linux/noarch
python3-ipython-sphinx-7.16.1-1.el8 Sphinx directive to support embedded IPython code linux/noarch
python3-ipython_genutils-0.1.0-20.el8 IPython vestigial utilities linux/noarch
python3-iso3166-1.0.1-1.el8 Self-contained ISO 3166-1 country definitions linux/noarch
python3-isodate-0.6.0-1.el8 An ISO 8601 date/time/duration parser and formatter linux/noarch
python3-isort-4.3.21-6.el8 Python utility / library to sort Python imports linux/noarch
python3-itanium_demangler-1.0-1.el8 Pure Python parser for mangled itanium symbols linux/noarch
python3-itypes-1.1.0-3.el8 Simple immutable types for python linux/noarch
python3-jaraco-6.2-6.el8 A Parent package for jaraco's parent dir and init file. linux/noarch
python3-jaraco-classes-2.0-7.el8 Utility functions for Python class constructs linux/noarch
python3-jaraco-functools-2.0-4.el8 Functools like those found in stdlib linux/noarch
python3-jaraco-packaging-6.2-6.el8 A Parent package for jaraco's parent dir and init file. linux/noarch
python3-javaobj- Python module for serializing and deserializing Java objects linux/noarch
python3-jedi-0.15.1-1.el8 An auto completion tool for Python that can be used for text editors linux/noarch
python3-jeepney-0.4.3-3.el8 Low-level, pure Python DBus protocol wrapper linux/noarch
python3-jenkins-1.6.0-1.el8 Python bindings for the remote Jenkins API linux/noarch
python3-jinja2-time-0.2.0-13.el8 Jinja2 Extension for Dates and Times linux/noarch
python3-jira-2.0.0-7.el8 A library to ease use of the JIRA 5 REST APIs linux/noarch
python3-josepy-1.2.0-5.el8 JOSE protocol implementation in Python linux/noarch
python3-journal-brief-1.1.6-1.el8 Find new systemd journal entries since last run linux/noarch
python3-jsmva-6.22.06-1.el8 TMVA interface used by JupyROOT linux/noarch
python3-json2table-1.1.5-6.el8 Python module to convert JSON to an HTML table linux/noarch
python3-json5-0.9.1-1.el8 Python implementation of the JSON5 data format linux/noarch
python3-jsonpath-rw-1.4.0-1.el8 %{sumary} linux/noarch
python3-jsonpickle-1.4.1-4.el8 A module that allows any object to be serialized into JSON linux/noarch
python3-jsonref-0.2-1.el8 An implementation of JSON Reference for Python linux/noarch
python3-jupyroot-6.22.06-1.el8 ROOT Jupyter kernel linux/ppc64le
python3-kajiki-0.8.2-1.el8 Really fast well-formed xml templates linux/noarch
python3-kerberos-1.3.0-4.el8 A high-level wrapper for Kerberos (GSSAPI) operations linux/ppc64le
python3-keyring-21.3.1-1.el8 Python 3 library to access the system keyring service linux/noarch
python3-kismet-rest-2019.5.2-1.el8 Python API for the Kismet REST interface linux/noarch
python3-kitchen-1.2.6-1.el8.2 Small, useful pieces of code to make python 3 coding easier linux/noarch
python3-kitchen-doc-1.2.6-1.el8.2 API documentation for the Kitchen python3 module linux/noarch
python3-kiwi-9.21.26-2.el8 KIWI - Python 3 implementation linux/noarch
python3-kiwi-boxed-plugin-0.1.12-1.el8 KIWI - Boxed Build Plugin - Python 3 implementation linux/noarch
python3-kiwisolver-1.1.0-3.el8 A fast implementation of the Cassowary constraint solver linux/ppc64le
python3-kobo-0.10.0-1.el8 Python modules for tools development linux/noarch
python3-kobo-admin-0.10.0-1.el8 Kobo admin script for instant project deployment linux/noarch
python3-kobo-client-0.10.0-1.el8 CLI client linux/noarch
python3-kobo-django-0.10.0-1.el8 Django components linux/noarch
python3-kobo-hub-0.10.0-1.el8 Xml-rpc and web interface to a task database linux/noarch
python3-kobo-rpmlib-0.10.0-1.el8 Functions to manipulate with RPM files linux/noarch
python3-kobo-worker-0.10.0-1.el8 Worker daemon processing tasks submitted to the hub linux/noarch
python3-koji-1.23.0-1.el8 Build system tools python library linux/noarch
python3-koji-cli-plugins-1.23.0-1.el8 Koji client plugins linux/noarch
python3-koji-hub-1.23.0-1.el8 Koji XMLRPC interface linux/noarch
python3-koji-hub-plugins-1.23.0-1.el8 Koji hub plugins linux/noarch
python3-koji-web-1.23.0-1.el8 Koji Web UI linux/noarch
python3-kombu-4.6.6-3.el8 An AMQP Messaging Framework for Python linux/noarch
python3-korean-lunar-calendar-0.2.1-1.el8 Convert Korean lunar-calendar to Gregorian calendar linux/noarch
python3-kubernetes-11.0.0-6.el8 Kubernetes Python Client linux/noarch
python3-kubernetes-tests-11.0.0-6.el8 Tests python-kubernetes library linux/noarch
python3-lacrosse-0.4-2.el8 LaCrosse Python sensor library linux/noarch
python3-lammps-20190807-2.el8 LAMMPS Python interface linux/ppc64le
python3-lark-parser-0.8.1-1.el8 Lark is a modern general-purpose parsing library for Python linux/noarch
python3-lazy-object-proxy-1.4.3-2.el8 A fast and thorough lazy object proxy linux/ppc64le
python3-ldap3-2.8.1-2.el8 Strictly RFC 4511 conforming LDAP V3 pure Python client linux/noarch
python3-ldapdomaindump-0.9.3-2.el8 Active Directory information dumper via LDAP linux/noarch
python3-ldeep-1.0.8-1.el8 LDAP enumeration utility linux/noarch
python3-lhapdf-6.3.0-1.el8 Les Houches Accord PDF Interface - Python 3 module linux/ppc64le
python3-libarchive-c-2.8-8.el8 Python interface to libarchive linux/noarch
python3-libchewing-0.5.1-17.el8 Python binding for libchewing linux/noarch
python3-libftdi-1.4-2.el8 Libftdi library Python 3 binding linux/ppc64le
python3-libgpiod-1.4.3-1.el8 Python 3 bindings for libgpiod linux/ppc64le
python3-libkml-1.3.0-24.el8 Python 3 bindings for libkml linux/ppc64le
python3-libsvm-3.23-7.el8 Python3 tools and interfaces for libsvm linux/ppc64le
python3-linkheader-0.4.3-2.el8 Parse and format link headers according to RFC 5988 linux/noarch
python3-llfuse-1.3.6-1.el8 Python Bindings for the low-level FUSE API Python 3.6 packages linux/ppc64le
python3-lockfile-0.11.0-13.el8.1 A platform-independent file locking module linux/noarch
python3-logging-tree-1.8.1-1.el8 Introspect and display the logger tree inside "logging" linux/noarch
python3-logutils-0.3.5-11.el8 Logging utilities linux/noarch
python3-losant-rest-1.11.0-1.el8 REST client for the Losant API linux/noarch
python3-lrparsing-1.0.16-4.el8 Python 3.6 library for constructing LR(1) parsers linux/noarch
python3-luftdaten-0.6.3-3.el8 A Python API wrapper for interacting with linux/noarch
python3-lxc-3.0.4-2.el8 Python binding for LXC linux/ppc64le
python3-lz4-2.1.2-6.el8 LZ4 Bindings for Python 3 linux/ppc64le
python3-m2crypto-0.35.2-5.el8 Support for using OpenSSL in Python 3 scripts linux/ppc64le
python3-m2r-0.2.1-1.20190604git66f4a5a.el8 Markdown to reStructuredText converter linux/noarch
python3-managesieve-0.6-4.el8 Accessing a Sieve-Server for managing Sieve scripts linux/noarch
python3-markdown2-2.3.10-1.el8 A fast and complete Python implementation of Markdown linux/noarch
python3-marshmallow-3.1.1-1.el8 Documentation for python-marshmallow linux/noarch
python3-marshmallow-enum-1.5.1-1.el8 Enum serializer/deserializer for use with Marshmallow linux/noarch
python3-masscan-0.1.6-1.el8 Python module to interact with masscan linux/noarch
python3-matplotlib-3.0.3-3.el8 Python 2D plotting library linux/ppc64le
python3-matplotlib-data-3.0.3-3.el8 Data used by python-matplotlib linux/noarch
python3-matplotlib-data-fonts-3.0.3-3.el8 Fonts used by python-matplotlib linux/noarch
python3-matplotlib-doc-3.0.3-3.el8 Documentation files for python-matplotlib linux/ppc64le
python3-matplotlib-gtk3-3.0.3-3.el8 GTK3 backend for python3-matplotlib linux/ppc64le
python3-matplotlib-qt5-3.0.3-3.el8 Qt5 backend for python3-matplotlib linux/ppc64le
python3-matplotlib-test-data-3.0.3-3.el8 Test data for python3-matplotlib linux/ppc64le
python3-matplotlib-tk-3.0.3-3.el8 Tk backend for python3-matplotlib linux/ppc64le
python3-maxminddb-1.5.1-1.el8 Documentation for maxminddb linux/ppc64le
python3-mccabe-0.6.1-11.el8 McCabe checker, plugin for flake8 linux/noarch
python3-meld3-2.0.0-2.el8 HTML/XML templating system for Python linux/noarch
python3-memcached-1.58-8.el8 A Python memcached client library linux/noarch
python3-messaging-1.1-17.el8 Python abstraction of a "message" linux/noarch
python3-metno-0.8.1-1.el8 Library to communicate with the API linux/noarch
python3-mido-1.2.9-5.el8 A Python library for working with MIDI messages and ports linux/noarch
python3-migrate-0.13.0-1.el8 Schema migration tools for SQLAlchemy linux/noarch
python3-mimeparse-1.6.0-13.el8 Python module for parsing mime-type names linux/noarch
python3-minidb-2.0.4-1.el8 Simple python object store linux/noarch
python3-minidump-0.0.12-1.el8 A Python library to parse and read Microsoft minidump file format linux/noarch
python3-minikerberos-0.2.1-1.el8 A Kerberos manipulation library in Python linux/noarch
python3-mistune-0.8.3-6.el8 Markdown parser for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-mmtf-1.1.2-4.el8 A decoding library for the macromolecular transmission format (MMTF) linux/noarch
python3-moksha-common-1.2.5-14.el8 Common components for Moksha linux/noarch
python3-mongomock-3.20.0-1.el8 Module for testing MongoDB-dependent code linux/noarch
python3-mongoquery-1.3.6-5.el8 Python implementation of mongodb queries linux/noarch
python3-monotonic-1.5-7.el8 An implementation of time.monotonic() for Python 2 & < 3.3 linux/noarch
python3-more-itertools-7.2.0-3.el8 Python library for efficient use of itertools utility linux/noarch
python3-mozilla-django-oidc-1.2.2-4.el8 A django OpenID Connect library linux/noarch
python3-mpi4py-mpich-3.0.2-5.el8 Python 3.6 bindings of MPI, MPICH version linux/ppc64le
python3-mpi4py-openmpi-3.0.2-5.el8 Python 3.6 bindings of MPI, Open MPI version linux/ppc64le
python3-msgpack-0.6.2-1.el8 A Python MessagePack (de)serializer linux/ppc64le
python3-msldap-0.2.13-1.el8 Python library to play with MS LDAP linux/noarch
python3-msoffcrypto-4.11.0-1.el8 Python library for decrypting MS Office files with passwords or other keys linux/noarch
python3-mulpyplexer-0.08-1.el8 Module that multiplexes interactions with lists of Python objects linux/noarch
python3-multi_key_dict-2.0.3-2.el8 Multi-key dictionary implementation in Python linux/noarch
python3-multidict-4.7.4-1.el8 MultiDict implementation linux/ppc64le
python3-multilib-1.2-10.el8 Configuration files for python-multilib linux/noarch
python3-munch-2.3.2-3.el8 A dot-accessible dictionary (a la JavaScript objects) linux/noarch
python3-munkres-1.1.2-1.el8 A Munkres algorithm for Python linux/noarch
python3-mysql-1.4.6-5.el8 An interface to MySQL linux/ppc64le
python3-mysql-debug-1.4.6-5.el8 An interface to MySQL, built for the CPython debug runtime linux/ppc64le
python3-mysqlclient-1.4.6-2.el8 MySQL/mariaDB database connector for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-mystrom-2.0.0-1.el8 Python API client for interacting with myStrom devices linux/noarch
python3-nanoid-2.0.0-2.el8 Unique string ID generator for Python linux/noarch
python3-natlas-libnmap-0.7.1-1.el8 Python library for nmap tasks, parse and compare/diff scan results linux/noarch
python3-ndg_httpsclient-0.5.1-4.el8 Provides enhanced HTTPS support for httplib and urllib2 using PyOpenSSL linux/noarch
python3-nessus-file-reader-0.2.0-1.el8 Python file reader for nessus files linux/noarch
python3-netapp-lib-2020.7.16-1.el8 NetApp library for Python linux/noarch
python3-netcdf4-1.5.2-1.el8 Python/numpy interface to netCDF linux/ppc64le
python3-netdata-0.1.2-5.el8 A Python API for interacting with Netdata linux/noarch
python3-nine-1.1.0-2.el8 Python 2 / 3 compatibility, like six, but favouring Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-nitrate-1.6-1.el8 Python API for the Nitrate test case management system linux/noarch
python3-nmap-0.6.1-15.el8 A Python library which helps in using nmap port scanner linux/noarch
python3-nordugrid-arc-6.9.0-1.el8 ARC Python 3 wrapper linux/ppc64le
python3-nose-cover3-0.1.0-28.el8 Coverage 3.x support for Nose linux/noarch
python3-nose-timer-0.7.5-2.el8 A timer plugin for nosetests linux/noarch
python3-nose2-0.7.4-4.el8 Next generation of nicer testing for Python linux/noarch
python3-notify2-0.3.1-7.el8 Python interface to DBus notifications linux/noarch
python3-nptyping-1.3.0-1.el8 Type hints for Numpy linux/noarch
python3-ns1-python-0.15.0-1.el8 Python SDK for the NS1 DNS platform linux/noarch
python3-nudepy-0.4-4.el8 A Python module for nudity detection linux/ppc64le
python3-nuheat-0.3.0-1.el8 Python library for NuHeat Signature radiant floor thermostats linux/noarch
python3-numexpr-2.7.0-3.el8 Fast numerical array expression evaluator for Python and NumPy linux/ppc64le
python3-numpydoc-0.9.2-1.el8 Sphinx extension to support docstrings in NumPy format linux/noarch
python3-oauth2client-4.1.3-9.el8 Python client library for OAuth 2.0 linux/noarch
python3-olefile-0.46-4.el8 Python package to parse, read and write Microsoft OLE2 files linux/noarch
python3-oletools-0.56-1.el8 Tools to analyze Microsoft OLE2 files linux/noarch
python3-omnilogic-0.4.1-1.el8 Integration for the Hayward OmniLogic pool control system linux/noarch
python3-opendata-transport-0.2.1-1.el8 A Python client for interacting with linux/noarch
python3-openid-3.1.0-4.el8 Python 3 port of the python-openid library linux/noarch
python3-openid-cla-1.2-11.el8.1 OpenID support for Flask linux/noarch
python3-openid-teams-1.1-14.el8.1 OpenID support for Flask linux/noarch
python3-openidc-client-0.6.0-4.20180605gitcd8d91c.el8 Python OpenID Connect client with token caching and management linux/noarch
python3-openimageio- Python 3 bindings for OpenImageIO linux/ppc64le
python3-opensensemap-api-0.1.5-2.el8 A Python Client for interacting with the openSenseMap API linux/noarch
python3-openshift-0.11.2-1.el8 Python client for the OpenShift API linux/noarch
python3-openslide-1.1.2-1.el8 Python 3 bindings for the OpenSlide library linux/ppc64le
python3-opentrep-0.07.4-1.el8 Python bindings for opentrep linux/ppc64le
python3-osrf-pycommon-0.1.10-1.el8 API Documentation for the osrf_pycommon Python modules linux/noarch
python3-otf2-2.2-2.el8 Python 3 bindings for otf2 linux/ppc64le
python3-pagure-messages-0.0.3-1.el8 A schema package for messages sent by pagure linux/noarch
python3-paho-mqtt-1.5.0-2.el8 A Python MQTT version 3.1/3.1.1/5.0 client class linux/noarch
python3-pam-1.8.4-6.el8 Pure Python interface to the Pluggable Authentication Modules system on Linux linux/noarch
python3-pandas-0.25.3-1.el8 Python library providing high-performance data analysis tools linux/ppc64le
python3-parameterized-0.6.1-6.el8.1 Parameterized testing with any Python test framework linux/noarch
python3-paramiko-2.4.3-1.el8 SSH2 protocol library for python linux/noarch
python3-parsedatetime-2.5-1.el8 Parse human-readable date/time strings in Python linux/noarch
python3-parso-0.5.1-4.el8 Parser that supports error recovery and round-trip parsing linux/noarch
python3-passlib-1.7.2-1.el8 Comprehensive password hashing framework supporting over 20 schemes linux/noarch
python3-paste-3.0.8-1.el8.1 Tools for using a Web Server Gateway Interface stack linux/noarch
python3-paste-deploy-2.0.1-1.el8 Load, configure, and compose WSGI applications and servers linux/noarch
python3-paste-script-3.2.0-2.el8 A pluggable command-line frontend linux/noarch
python3-path-11.5.0-2.el8 Python 3 module wrapper for os.path linux/noarch
python3-pathspec-0.6.0-1.el8 Utility library for gitignore style pattern matching of file paths linux/noarch
python3-pbr-5.1.2-3.el8 Python Build Reasonableness linux/noarch
python3-pcodedmp-1.2.6-1.el8 VBA p-code disassembler linux/noarch
python3-pecan-1.3.2-9.el8 A lean WSGI object-dispatching web framework linux/noarch
python3-pendulum-2.0.5-2.el8 Python datetimes made easy linux/ppc64le
python3-pep562-1.0-1.el8 Backport of PEP 562 linux/noarch
python3-periodictable-1.5.2-2.el8 Extensible periodic table of the elements linux/noarch
python3-pg8000-1.16.6-1.el8 Pure Python3 PostgreSQL Driver linux/noarch
python3-pgpdump-1.2.12-12.el8 PGP packet parser library in Python 3.x linux/noarch
python3-pickleshare-0.7.5-2.el8 Tiny 'shelve'-like database with concurrency support linux/noarch
python3-pika-1.0.1-3.el8.1 AMQP 0-9-1 client library for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-pkgconfig-1.5.1-5.el8 Python3 interface to the pkg-config command line tool linux/noarch
python3-pkginfo- Query metadata from sdists / bdists / installed packages linux/noarch
python3-plaintable-0.1.1-17.el8 A Python module to build plain text tables linux/noarch
python3-plaster-0.5-6.el8 Application configuration settings abstraction layer linux/noarch
python3-plaster-pastedeploy-0.7-1.el8.1 A PasteDeploy binding to the plaster configuration loader linux/noarch
python3-pluginlib-0.8.0-1.el8 A framework for creating and importing plugins in Python linux/noarch
python3-plugnplay-0.5.4-1.el8 A generic plug-in system for Python linux/noarch
python3-polib-1.0.7-10.el8 A library to parse and manage gettext catalogs linux/noarch
python3-portend-2.6-1.el8 portend documentation linux/noarch
python3-portmidi-217-30.el8 Python 3 wrapper for portmidi linux/ppc64le
python3-poyo-0.4.1-11.el8 A lightweight YAML Parser for Python linux/noarch
python3-prelude-5.2.0-1.el8 Python 3 bindings for prelude linux/ppc64le
python3-prelude-correlator-5.2.0-1.el8 Real time correlator of events received by Prelude Manager linux/ppc64le
python3-preludedb-5.2.0-1.el8 Python 3 bindings for preludedb linux/ppc64le
python3-pretend-1.0.8-15.el8 A library for stubbing in Python linux/noarch
python3-prewikka-5.2.0-4.el8 Graphical front-end analysis console for IDMEF linux/ppc64le
python3-prewikka-updatedb-5.2.0-1.el8 Database update scripts for prewikka linux/noarch
python3-priority-1.3.0-5.el8 A pure-Python implementation of the HTTP/2 priority tree linux/noarch
python3-productivity-0.4.1-1.el8 Python driver for AutomationDirect Productivity Series PLCs linux/noarch
python3-profilehooks-1.11.2-1.el8 Decorators for profiling/timing/tracing individual functions linux/noarch
python3-progress-1.5-3.el8 Easy to use progress bars linux/noarch
python3-prometheus_client-0.9.0-1.el8 Python client for Prometheus linux/noarch
python3-prometheus_client+twisted-0.9.0-1.el8 Python client for Prometheus linux/noarch
python3-promise-2.3.0-3.el8 Promises/A+ implementation for Python linux/noarch
python3-prompt-toolkit-2.0.10-1.el8 Library for building powerful interactive command lines in Python linux/noarch
python3-psutil-5.7.3-1.el8 A process and system utilities module for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-pungi-4.1.38-1.el8.2 Python 3 libraries for pungi linux/noarch
python3-pvc-0.3.0-9.el8 Python vSphere Client with a dialog interface linux/noarch
python3-pwncat-0.1.0-2.el8 TCP/UDP communication suite linux/noarch
python3-py3dns-3.2.1-1.el8 Python3 DNS library linux/noarch
python3-py3nvml-0.2.6-1.el8 Python 3 Bindings for the NVIDIA Management Library linux/noarch
python3-py3nvml-doc-0.2.6-1.el8 Documentation for py3nvml linux/noarch
python3-pyModbusTCP-0.1.8-2.el8 A simple Modbus/TCP library for Python linux/noarch
python3-pyaff-3.7.18-8.el8 Python3 binding for the AFFLIB linux/ppc64le
python3-pyarlo-0.2.2-2.el8 Python library to interact with Netgear Arlo cameras linux/noarch
python3-pybalboa-0.10-1.el8 Module to communicate with a Balboa spa Wifi adapter linux/noarch
python3-pybind11-2.4.3-2.el8 Development headers for pybind11 linux/ppc64le
python3-pycares-3.1.1-4.el8 Python interface for c-ares linux/ppc64le
python3-pycdio-2.0.0-8.el8 A Python interface to the CD Input and Control library linux/ppc64le
python3-pycodestyle-2.5.0-2.el8 Python style guide checker linux/noarch
python3-pycoingecko-1.2.0-1.el8 Python wrapper around the CoinGecko API linux/noarch
python3-pycomm3-0.10.2-1.el8 Python library for communicating with Allen-Bradley PLCs linux/noarch
python3-pycryptodomex-3.9.7-1.el8 A self-contained cryptographic library for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-pycxx-devel-7.1.4-2.el8 PyCXX header and source files linux/noarch
python3-pydot-1.2.4-6.el8 Python3 interface to Graphviz's Dot language linux/noarch
python3-pyemby-1.6-1.el8 Python module to interact with a Emby media server linux/noarch
python3-pyflakes-2.1.1-1.el8 A simple program which checks Python source files for errors linux/noarch
python3-pyftdi-0.51.2-1.el8 Python support for FTDI devices linux/noarch
python3-pyghmi-1.5.19-2.el8 Python General Hardware Management Initiative (IPMI and others) linux/noarch
python3-pyghmi-tests-1.5.19-2.el8 Tests for the pyghmi library linux/noarch
python3-pygit2-0.26.4-1.el8 Python 3.x bindings for libgit2 linux/ppc64le
python3-pygithub-1.46-2.el8 Python library to work with the Github API linux/noarch
python3-pygments-pytest-1.2.0-4.el8 A pygments lexer for pytest output linux/noarch
python3-pygrib-2.0.4-1.el8 Python module for reading and writing GRIB (editions 1 and 2) files linux/ppc64le
python3-pyhcl-0.3.13-2.el8 HCL configuration parser for Python linux/noarch
python3-pyi2cflash-0.2.2-1.el8 Python I2C eeprom device drivers linux/noarch
python3-pyiqvia-0.3.0-1.el8 Python API for IQVIA data linux/noarch
python3-pykwalify-1.7.0-4.el8 Python lib/cli for JSON/YAML schema validation linux/noarch
python3-pylast-3.2.0-2.el8 A Python interface to API compatible social networks linux/noarch
python3-pylibacl-0.5.4-3.el8 POSIX.1e ACLs library wrapper for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-pylibravatar-1.6-20.el8 Python module for Libravatar linux/noarch
python3-pylint-2.4.4-1.el8 Analyzes Python code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality linux/noarch
python3-pymediainfo-4.2.1-1.el8 Python3 wrapper around the MediaInfo library linux/noarch
python3-pymeeus-0.3.6-2.el8 Python implementation of Jean Meeus astronomical routines linux/noarch
python3-pymilter-1.0.4-3.el8 Python interface to sendmail milter API linux/ppc64le
python3-pymod2pkg-0.17.1-2.el8 python module name to package name map linux/noarch
python3-pynacl-1.3.0-5.el8 Python binding to the Networking and Cryptography (NaCl) library linux/ppc64le
python3-pynetbox-5.3.0-1.el8 Python API client library for Netbox linux/noarch
python3-pyngus-2.3.0-1.el8 Callback API implemented over Proton linux/noarch
python3-pynuvo-0.2-1.el8 Python API for talking to Nuvo multi zone amplifier linux/noarch
python3-pyopengl-3.1.5-3.el8 Python 3 bindings for OpenGL linux/ppc64le
python3-pyopengl-tk-3.1.5-3.el8 PyOpenGL Python 3.x Tk widget linux/noarch
python3-pyotgw-1.0b1-1.el8 Python library to interface with the OpenTherm Gateway linux/noarch
python3-pypcapkit-0.14.5-1.el8 A Python multi-engine PCAP analyse kit linux/noarch
python3-pypck-0.7.7-1.el8 Python LCN-PCK library linux/noarch
python3-pyproj-2.2.1-1.el8 Cython wrapper to provide python interfaces to Proj linux/ppc64le
python3-pyproj-doc-2.2.1-1.el8 Documentation and example code linux/noarch
python3-pyquery-1.4.0-2.el8 A jQuery-like library for python3 linux/noarch
python3-pyramid-1.10.4-1.el8.1 The Pyramid web application framework, a Pylons project linux/noarch
python3-pyramid-fas-openid-0.3.9-7.el8 A view for pyramid that functions as an OpenID consumer linux/noarch
python3-pyramid-mako-1.0.2-9.el8.1 Mako template bindings for the Pyramid web framework linux/noarch
python3-pyrfc3339-1.1-1.el8 Generate and parse RFC 3339 timestamps linux/noarch
python3-pyroute2-0.5.3-3.el8 Pure Python netlink library linux/noarch
python3-pyserial-asyncio-0.4-1.el8 Asynchronous Python Serial Port Extension linux/noarch
python3-pyshp-2.1.0-6.el8 Pure Python 3 read/write support for ESRI Shapefile format linux/noarch
python3-pysmb-1.2.2-1.el8 Python SMB/CIFS library linux/noarch
python3-pysmt-0.8.0-2.el8 Solver-agnostic library for SMT Formulae manipulation and solving linux/noarch
python3-pysnmp-4.4.12-1.el8 An SNMP engine written in Python linux/noarch
python3-pyspf-2.0.14-8.el8 Python module and programs for SPF (Sender Policy Framework) linux/noarch
python3-pyspiflash-0.6.3-1.el8 Python SPI data flash device drivers linux/noarch
python3-pysqueezebox-0.5.0-1.el8 Python library to control Logitech Media Server linux/noarch
python3-pystalk-0.5.1-4.el8 Python 3 library for terminal coloring, styling, and positioning linux/noarch
python3-pysvn-1.9.12-3.el8 Pythonic style bindings for Subversion linux/ppc64le
python3-pytapo-0.11-1.el8 Python library for communication with Tapo Cameras linux/noarch
python3-pytelegrambotapi-3.7.4-1.el8 Python Telegram bot API linux/noarch
python3-pytest-aiohttp-0.3.0-6.el8 A pytest plugin for aiohttp support linux/noarch
python3-pytest-arraydiff-0.3-6.el8 The py.test arraydiff plugin linux/noarch
python3-pytest-astropy-0.5.0-4.el8 The py.test astropy plugin linux/noarch
python3-pytest-asyncio-0.10.0-1.el8.2 Pytest support for asyncio linux/noarch
python3-pytest-benchmark-3.1.1-8.el8 A py.test fixture for benchmarking code linux/noarch
python3-pytest-catchlog-1.2.2-15.el8 py.test plugin to catch log messages (fork of pytest-capturelog) linux/noarch
python3-pytest-cov-2.6.0-1.el8 Pytest plugin for coverage reporting linux/noarch
python3-pytest-doctestplus-0.5.0-1.el8 The py.test doctestplus plugin linux/noarch
python3-pytest-forked-1.0.2-1.el8 py.test plugin for running tests in isolated forked subprocesses linux/noarch
python3-pytest-mock-1.10.4-1.el8 Thin-wrapper around the mock package for easier use with py.test linux/noarch
python3-pytest-multihost-3.0-10.el8 Utility for writing multi-host tests for pytest linux/noarch
python3-pytest-openfiles-0.4.0-1.el8 The py.test openfiles plugin linux/noarch
python3-pytest-randomly-3.4.1-2.el8 Pytest plugin to randomly order tests and control random.seed linux/noarch
python3-pytest-remotedata-0.3.2-1.el8 The py.test remotedata plugin linux/noarch
python3-pytest-repeat-0.7.0-1.el8 A pytest plugin for repeating test execution linux/noarch
python3-pytest-rerunfailures-4.2-1.el8 A py.test plugin that re-runs failed tests to eliminate flakey failures linux/noarch
python3-pytest-runner-4.0-4.el8 Invoke py.test as distutils command with dependency resolution linux/noarch
python3-pytest-sourceorder-0.5-17.el8 Test-ordering plugin for pytest linux/noarch
python3-pytest-timeout-1.2.1-4.el8 py.test plugin to abort hanging tests linux/noarch
python3-pytest-tornado-0.8.0-4.el8 Py.test plugin for testing of asynchronous tornado applications linux/noarch
python3-pytest-xdist-1.24.1-1.el8 py.test plugin for distributed testing and loop-on-failing modes linux/noarch
python3-pythia8-8.2.44-2.el8 Pythia 8 Python 3 bindings linux/ppc64le
python3-pyvlx-0.2.17-1.el8 Python wrapper for the Velux KLF 200 API linux/noarch
python3-pyvmomi-7.0.1-1.el8 vSphere SDK for Python%{python3_other_version} linux/noarch
python3-pywizlight-0.3.4-1.el8 Python connector for WiZ light devices linux/noarch
python3-pyxs-0.4.1-9.el8 Pure Python bindings to XenStore linux/noarch
python3-qpid-proton-0.32.0-2.el8 Python language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/ppc64le
python3-qrcodegen-1.6.0-2.el8 High-quality QR Code generator library (Python version) linux/noarch
python3-qscintilla-qt5-2.11.2-6.el8 QScintilla-qt5 python3 bindings linux/ppc64le
python3-qscintilla-qt5-devel-2.11.2-6.el8 Development files for QScintilla-qt5 python3 bindings linux/noarch
python3-queuelib-1.5.0-1.el8 A collection of persistent (disk-based) queues linux/noarch
python3-rak811-0.7.3-1.el8 Interface for RAK811 LoRa module linux/noarch
python3-rangeparser-0.1.3-2.el8 Parses a list of ranges or numbers linux/noarch
python3-ratelimitingfilter-1.1-4.el8 A rate limiting filter for the Python logging system linux/noarch
python3-raven-6.10.0-1.el8 Python client for Sentry linux/noarch
python3-rdflib-4.2.1-9.el8.1 Python library for working with RDF linux/noarch
python3-rdopkg-1.3.0-1.el8 RPM packaging automation tool linux/noarch
python3-readlike-0.1.3-1.el8 Readline-like line editing module linux/noarch
python3-readme_renderer-24.0-3.el8 Documentation for python-readme-renderer linux/noarch
python3-recommonmark-0.6.0-3.git.el8 docutils-compatibility bridge to CommonMark linux/noarch
python3-redis-3.5.3-1.el8 Python 3 interface to the Redis key-value store linux/noarch
python3-regenmaschine-2.1.0-1.el8 Python API for RainMachine sprinkler controllers linux/noarch
python3-registry-1.3.1-2.el8 Read access to Windows Registry files linux/noarch
python3-remoto-1.1.4-4.el8 Execute remote commands or processes linux/noarch
python3-rencode-1.0.6-10.el8 Web safe object pickling/unpickling linux/ppc64le
python3-reparser-1.4.3-1.el8 Simple regex-based lexer/parser for inline markup linux/noarch
python3-repoze-lru-0.7-6.el8 A tiny LRU cache implementation and decorator linux/noarch
python3-repoze-tm2-2.1-1.el8 Zope-like transaction manager via WSGI middleware linux/noarch
python3-repoze-who-2.3-1.el8 An identification and authentication framework for WSGI linux/noarch
python3-repoze-who-plugins-sa-1.0.1-27.20160106gite1a36c5.el8 repoze.who SQLAlchemy plugin linux/noarch
python3-requests-cache-0.5.1-3.el8 Persistent cache for requests library linux/noarch
python3-requests-gssapi-1.2.2-1.el8 A GSSAPI/SPNEGO authentication handler for python-requests linux/noarch
python3-requests-kerberos-0.12.0-5.el8.1 A Kerberos authentication handler for python-requests linux/noarch
python3-requests-mock-1.7.0-1.el8 A requests mocking tool for python linux/noarch
python3-requests-pkcs12-1.7-1.el8 Add PKCS12 support to the requests library linux/noarch
python3-requests-toolbelt-0.9.1-4.el8 Utility belt for advanced users of python-requests linux/noarch
python3-requests-unixsocket-0.1.5-5.el8 Use requests to talk HTTP via a UNIX domain socket linux/noarch
python3-resalloc-3.3-1.el8 Resource allocator for expensive resources - Python 3 client library linux/noarch
python3-responses-0.10.5-1.el8.1 Reusable django app for collecting and visualizing network topology linux/noarch
python3-rfc3987-1.3.7-15.el8 Parsing and validation of URIs (RFC 3986) and IRIs (RFC 3987) linux/noarch
python3-ring-doorbell-0.6.1-1.el8 Python library to communicate with Ring Door Bells linux/noarch
python3-rmol-1.00.3-1.el8 Python bindings for rmol linux/ppc64le
python3-root-6.22.06-1.el8 Python extension for ROOT linux/ppc64le
python3-rosdep-0.19.0-1.el8 HTML documentation for 'python-rosdep' linux/noarch
python3-rosdistro-0.8.3-1.el8 HTML documentation for 'python-rosdistro' linux/noarch
python3-rosinstall_generator-0.1.22-1.el8 Generates rosinstall files linux/noarch
python3-rospkg-1.2.8-1.el8 Documentation for python-rospkg linux/noarch
python3-routes-2.4.1-12.el8 Rails-like routes for Python3 linux/noarch
python3-rpkg-1.62-1.el8 Python library for interacting with rpm+git linux/noarch
python3-rpmconf-1.1.3-1.el8 Python interface for rpmconf linux/noarch
python3-rpmconf-doc-1.1.3-1.el8 Documentation of python interface for rpmconf linux/noarch
python3-rpyc-4.1.4-1.el8 A Transparent, Symmetrical Python Library for Distributed-Computing linux/noarch
python3-rq-1.7.0-1.el8 Simple, lightweight, library for creating background jobs, and processing them linux/noarch
python3-rsa-3.4.2-16.el8 Pure-Python RSA implementation linux/noarch
python3-rst-linker-1.11-4.el8 Can add links and perform other custom replacements to rst linux/noarch
python3-rtmidi-1.3.1-1.el8 Python binding for the RtMidi C++ library linux/ppc64le
python3-ruamel-yaml-0.15.41-2.el8 YAML 1.2 loader/dumper package for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-s3transfer-0.3.3-3.el8 Amazon S3 Transfer Manager linux/noarch
python3-saml-1.9.0-3.el8 Add SAML support to your Python software using this library linux/noarch
python3-satyr-0.26-2.el8 Python 3 bindings for satyr linux/ppc64le
python3-scanless-2.1.2-2.el8 An online port scan scraper linux/noarch
python3-scapy-2.4.3-2.el8 Interactive packet manipulation tool and network scanner linux/noarch
python3-schedule-0.6.0-2.el8 Job scheduling for humans linux/noarch
python3-scp-0.13.2-8.el8 scp module for paramiko linux/noarch
python3-scramp-1.2.0-1.el8 Implementation of the SCRAM protocol linux/noarch
python3-secure_cookie-0.1.0-1.el8 Provides interfaces for secure cookies and sessions in WSGI applications linux/noarch
python3-selenium-3.12.0-5.el8 Python bindings for Selenium linux/noarch
python3-sentencepiece-0.1.92-1.el8 Python module for SentencePiece linux/ppc64le
python3-sentinels-1.0.0-1.el8 Various objects to denote special meanings in Python linux/noarch
python3-serpent-1.30.2-1.el8 Serialization based on ast.literal_eval linux/noarch
python3-service-identity-18.1.0-2.el8 Service identity verification for pyOpenSSL linux/noarch
python3-setproctitle-1.1.10-17.el8 Python module to customize a process title linux/ppc64le
python3-setuptools_scm_git_archive-1.1-4.el8 A setuptools_scm plugin that adds support for git archives linux/noarch
python3-sh-1.12.14-16.el8 Python subprocess replacement linux/noarch
python3-shelly-0.2.6-1.el8 Library for Shelly smart home devices linux/noarch
python3-shodan-1.23.0-1.el8 Python library and command-line utility for linux/noarch
python3-should_dsl-2.1.2-1.el8 Should assertions in Python in as clear and readable a way as possible linux/noarch
python3-sieve-0.1.9-17.el8 XML Comparison Utils linux/noarch
python3-simplegeneric-0.8.1-17.el8 Simple generic functions (similar to Python's own len(), pickle.dump(), etc.) linux/noarch
python3-simplejson-3.17.0-2.el8 Simple, fast, extensible JSON encoder/decoder for Python 3 linux/ppc64le
python3-simplemediawiki-1.2.0-0.18.b2.el8 Extremely low-level wrapper to the MediaWiki API linux/noarch
python3-simplevisor-1.2-17.el8 Python simple daemons supervisor linux/noarch
python3-singledispatch- This library brings functools.singledispatch from Python 3.4 to Python 2.6-3.3 linux/noarch
python3-sipvicious-0.3.0-1.el8 Python module of sipvicious linux/noarch
python3-slacker-0.13.0-4.el8 Python Slack API client linux/noarch
python3-slacker-doc-0.13.0-4.el8 Documentation files for python-slacker linux/noarch
python3-slixmpp-1.5.2-2.el8 Slixmpp is an XMPP library for Python 3.5+ linux/ppc64le
python3-slowloris-0.2.0-1.el8 Low bandwidth DoS tool linux/noarch
python3-slugify-4.0.0-1.el8 %{sum} linux/noarch
python3-smart-gardena-0.7.10-1.el8 Python client to communicate with Gardena systems linux/noarch
python3-smi-0.3.4-9.el8 A Python implementation of SNMP/SMI MIB parsing and conversion library linux/noarch
python3-smmap-3.0.1-2.el8 Sliding window memory map manager linux/noarch
python3-snappy-0.5.4-5.el8 Python library for the snappy compression library from Google linux/ppc64le
python3-snipeit-1.2-1.el8 Python Interface to the SnipeIT API linux/noarch
python3-socialscan-1.3.0-1.el8 CLI and library for usage checking of user names and email addresses linux/noarch
python3-socks5line-0.0.3-2.el8 Helper for socks5-unaware clients linux/noarch
python3-speaklater-1.3-19.el8 Implements a lazy string for python3 useful for gettext linux/noarch
python3-spec-1.4.1-2.el8 Specification-style output for python3-nose linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-autodoc-typehints-1.10.3-1.el8 Type hints support for the Sphinx autodoc extension linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-bootstrap-theme-0.8.0-1.el8 A sphinx theme that integrates the Bootstrap framework linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-notfound-page-0.4-5.el8 Create a custom 404 page with absolute URLs hardcoded linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-removed-in-0.2.1-1.el8 versionremoved and removed-in directives for Sphinx linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-testing-1.0.1-6.el8 Testing utility classes and functions for Sphinx extensions linux/noarch
python3-sphinx-theme-py3doc-enhanced-2.3.2-12.el8 Theme based on the theme of linux/noarch
python3-sphinxcontrib-asyncio-0.2.0-2.el8 Sphinx extension to support coroutines in markup linux/noarch
python3-sphinxcontrib-trio-1.1.2-1.el8 Make Sphinx better at documenting Python functions and methods linux/noarch
python3-spnego-0.1.1-2.el8 Windows Negotiate Authentication Client and Server linux/noarch
python3-sqlalchemy_schemadisplay-1.3-8.el8 Turn SQLAlchemy DB Model into a graph linux/noarch
python3-sqlparse-0.2.4-6.el8 Non-validating SQL parser for Python linux/noarch
python3-ssdp-1.0.1-1.el8 Python library for Simple Service Discovery Protocol (SSDP) linux/noarch
python3-sseclient-0.0.26-1.el8 Python library for iterating over HTTP Server Sent Events (SSE) linux/noarch
python3-sseclient-py-1.7-1.el8 SSE client for Python linux/noarch
python3-stackprinter-0.2.4-1.el8 Debug-friendly stack traces linux/noarch
python3-stdiomask-0.0.1-1.el8 Python module for masking passwords linux/noarch
python3-stem-1.8.0-8.el8 Python controller library for Tor linux/noarch
python3-stomper-0.4.3-6.el8 A python client implementation of the STOMP protocol linux/noarch
python3-stomppy-5.0.1-1.el8 Python stomp client for messaging for python3 linux/noarch
python3-straight-plugin-1.5.0-10.el8 Python plugin loader linux/noarch
python3-strict-rfc3339-0.7-1.el8 Strict, simple, lightweight RFC3339 functions linux/noarch
python3-strictyaml-1.1.1-3.el8 Parses and validates a restricted subset of YAML linux/noarch
python3-string_utils-0.6.0-10.el8 A python module containing utility functions for strings linux/noarch
python3-subarulink-0.3.6-1.el8 Python package to interact with Subaru Starlink Remote Services API linux/noarch
python3-subvertpy-0.10.1-11.el8 Python bindings for Subversion linux/ppc64le
python3-svgwrite-1.4-1.el8 Python 3 library to create SVG drawings linux/noarch
python3-swagger-spec-validator-2.7.3-1.el8 Validation of Swagger specifications linux/noarch
python3-sword-1.8.1-18.el8 Python bindings for Sword linux/ppc64le
python3-sybil-1.2.2-1.el8 Automated testing for the examples in your documentation linux/noarch
python3-sysv_ipc-1.0.0-3.el8 System V IPC for Python - Semaphores, Shared Memory and Message Queues linux/ppc64le
python3-tables-3.5.2-6.el8 HDF5 support in Python linux/ppc64le
python3-tabulate-0.8.3-8.el8 Pretty-print tabular data in Python, a library and a command-line utility linux/noarch
python3-tambo-0.4.0-14.el8 A command line object dispatcher linux/noarch
python3-tasmotadevicecontroller-0.0.8-1.el8 Control Tasmota devices via their web API linux/noarch
python3-tbtrim-0.3.1-1.el8 A utility to trim Python traceback information linux/noarch
python3-tempita-0.5.1-22.el8.1 A very small text templating language linux/noarch
python3-templated-dictionary-1.1-1.el8 Dictionary with Jinja2 expansion linux/noarch
python3-tempora-1.14.1-5.el8 Objects and routines pertaining to date and time (tempora) linux/noarch
python3-testcloud-0.4.0-1.el8 Python 3 interface to testcloud linux/noarch
python3-testing.postgresql-1.1.0-16.el8 Automatically setup a PostgreSQL testing instance linux/noarch
python3-testscenarios-0.5.0-18.el8 Testscenarios, a pyunit extension for dependency injection linux/noarch
python3-testtools-2.4.0-3.el8 Extensions to the Python unit testing framework linux/noarch
python3-text-unidecode-1.3-1.el8 A Python module for handling non-Roman text data linux/noarch
python3-textparser-0.23.0-2.el8 Python text parser linux/noarch
python3-texttable-1.6.2-5.el8 Python module to generate a formatted text table, using ASCII characters linux/noarch
python3-textwrap3-0.9.2-1.el8 Text wrap backport linux/noarch
python3-thrift-0.13.0-2.el8 Python 3 support for thrift linux/ppc64le
python3-timeout-decorator-0.4.1-1.el8 Timeout decorator for Python linux/noarch
python3-tinycss2-1.0.2-8.el8 Low-level CSS parser for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-tld-0.11.10-1.el8 Extract the top level domain from the URL given linux/noarch
python3-tldextract-2.2.3-1.el8 Accurately separate the TLD from the registered domain and subdomains of a URL linux/noarch
python3-tmt-1.2.1-1.el8 Python library for the Test Management Tool linux/noarch
python3-toml-0.10.0-3.el8 Python Library for Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language linux/noarch
python3-toolz-0.10.0-3.el8 A functional standard library for Python 3.6 linux/noarch
python3-tornado-6.0.2-1.el8 Scalable, non-blocking web server and tools linux/ppc64le
python3-tox-3.4.0-1.el8 Virtualenv-based automation of test activities linux/noarch
python3-tqdm-4.50.2-1.el8 Fast, Extensible Progress Meter linux/noarch
python3-tracer-0.7.4-1.el8 Common files for tracer linux/noarch
python3-trademgen-1.00.4-1.el8 Python bindings for trademgen linux/ppc64le
python3-traitlets-4.3.3-1.el8 A lightweight derivative of Enthought Traits for configuring Python objects linux/noarch
python3-transaction-3.0.1-1.el8 Transaction management for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-translationstring-1.3-9.el8 Library used for internationalization (i18n) duties related to translation linux/noarch
python3-tre-0.8.0-27.20140228gitc2f5d13.el8 Python bindings for the tre library linux/ppc64le
python3-tree-format-0.1.2-10.el8 Python library to generate nicely formatted trees, like the UNIX tree command linux/noarch
python3-treq-18.6.0-1.el8 A requests-like API built on top of twisted.web's Agent linux/noarch
python3-trololio-1.0-4.el8 Trollius and asyncio compatibility library for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-trustme-0.6.0-4.el8 #1 quality TLS certs while you wait, for the discerning tester linux/noarch
python3-tw2-core-2.2.9-1.el8 Web widget creation toolkit based on TurboGears widgets linux/noarch
python3-tw2-forms-2.2.6-6.el8 Forms for ToscaWidgets2 linux/noarch
python3-twisted-19.10.0-2.el8 Twisted is a networking engine written in Python linux/ppc64le
python3-txaio-18.8.1-7.el8 Compatibility API between asyncio/Twisted/Trollius linux/noarch
python3-txws-0.9.1-20.el8 Twisted WebSockets wrapper linux/noarch
python3-txzmq-0.8.2-1.el8 Twisted bindings for ZeroMQ linux/noarch
python3-typed_ast-1.4.0-4.el8 A fork of the ast module with type annotations linux/ppc64le
python3-typedecorator-0.0.5-1.el8 Decorator-based type checking library linux/noarch
python3-typeguard-2.10.0-2.el8 Run-time type checker for Python linux/noarchNew
python3-typing-extensions- Python Typing Extensions linux/noarch
python3-ujson-2.0-0.2.20170206git2f1d487.el8 An ultra fast JSON encoder and decoder written in pure C linux/ppc64le
python3-unidiff-0.6.0-3.el8 Python library to parse and interact with unified diffs (patches) linux/noarch
python3-uptime-3.0.1-1.el8 Cross-platform uptime library linux/ppc64le
python3-uritemplate-3.0.0-10.el8 Simple python library to deal with URI Templates (RFC 6570) linux/noarch
python3-urlbuster-0.5.0-2.el8 URL bruteforcer to locate files or directories linux/noarch
python3-urlgrabber-4.1.0-2.el8 A high-level cross-protocol url-grabber linux/noarch
python3-urllib-gssapi-1.0.1-8.el8 A GSSAPI/SPNEGO authentication handler for urllib/urllib2 linux/noarch
python3-validators-0.14.2-2.el8 Data validation in Python for humans linux/noarch
python3-vconnector-0.6.0-1.el8 vSphere Connector Module for Python linux/noarch
python3-vcstool-0.2.15-1.el8 Tool to invoke vcs commands on multiple repositories linux/noarch
python3-vcstools-0.1.42-1.el8 Version Control System tools for Python linux/noarch
python3-velbus-2.0.46-1.el8 Python Library for the Velbus protocol linux/noarch
python3-venusian-1.2.0-1.el8 A library for deferring decorator actions linux/noarch
python3-verboselogs-1.7-5.el8 Documentation for the 'verboselogs' Python module linux/noarch
python3-vine-1.3.0-5.el8 Promises, promises, promises linux/noarch
python3-virtualenv-clone-0.5.4-1.el8 Script to clone virtualenvs linux/noarch
python3-volkszaehler-0.2.0-1.el8 Python Client for interacting with the Volkszahler API linux/noarch
python3-voluptuous-0.11.7-1.el8 A Python data validation library linux/noarch
python3-voluptuous-serialize-2.4.0-1.el8 Convert voluptuous schemas to dictionaries linux/noarch
python3-volvooncall-0.8.12-2.el8 Communicate with Volvo On Call linux/noarch
python3-vsure-1.6.0-1.el8 Read and change status of verisure devices linux/noarch
python3-waitress-1.2.1-2.el8.1 Waitress WSGI server linux/noarch
python3-waqiasync-1.0.0-1.el8 Python API for linux/noarch
python3-wcwidth-0.2.4-1.el8 Measures number of Terminal column cells of wide-character codes linux/noarch
python3-webcolors-1.11.1-3.el8 A library for working with HTML and CSS color names and value formats linux/noarch
python3-webob-1.8.5-1.el8.1 WSGI request and response object linux/noarch
python3-webpy-0.61-2.el8 A simple web framework for Python linux/noarch
python3-websocket-client-0.56.0-5.el8 WebSocket client for python linux/noarch
python3-webtest-2.0.33-1.el8 Helper to test WSGI applications linux/noarch
python3-webthing-ws-0.1.0-1.el8 WebThing WebSocket consumer and API client linux/noarch
python3-whatever-0.6-3.el8 Easy way to make anonymous functions by partial application of operators linux/noarch
python3-whichcraft-0.6.1-1.el8 Cross-python shutil.which functionality linux/noarch
python3-whitenoise-5.1.0-1.el8 Static file serving for Python web apps linux/noarch
python3-whitenoise-doc-5.1.0-1.el8 Documentation for the Python Whitenoise module linux/noarch
python3-wiffi-1.0.1-1.el8 Python module to interface devices from STALL WIFFI linux/noarch
python3-winacl-0.0.4-1.el8 Python ACL/ACE/Security Descriptor manipulation library linux/noarch
python3-winsspi-0.0.9-1.el8 Windows SSPI library in Python linux/noarch
python3-wrapt-1.11.2-4.el8 A Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching linux/ppc64le
python3-wsaccel-0.6.2-20.el8 Accelerator for ws4py and AutobahnPython linux/ppc64le
python3-wtforms-2.2.1-8.el8 Forms validation and rendering library for python linux/noarch
python3-wxpython4-4.0.7-13.el8 New implementation of wxPython, a GUI toolkit for Python linux/ppc64le
python3-wxpython4-media-4.0.7-13.el8 New implementation of wxPython, a GUI toolkit for Python (media module) linux/ppc64le
python3-wxpython4-webview-4.0.7-13.el8 New implementation of wxPython, a GUI toolkit for Python (webview module) linux/ppc64le
python3-x2go- Python module providing X2Go client API linux/noarch
python3-xapian-1.4.14-1.el8 Python 3 bindings for Xapian linux/ppc64le
python3-xlib-0.26-1.el8 X client library for Python 3 linux/noarch
python3-xlrd-1.2.0-3.el8 Library to extract data from Microsoft Excel (TM) spreadsheet files linux/noarch
python3-xlsxwriter-1.3.7-1.el8 Python 3 modules for writing files in the Excel 2007+ XLSX file format linux/noarch
python3-xmlsec-1.3.3-7.el8 Python bindings for the XML Security Library linux/ppc64le
python3-xmltodict-0.12.0-6.el8 A Python to transform XML to JSON linux/noarch
python3-xpath-expressions-1.0.2-1.el8 Treat XPath expressions as Python objects linux/noarch
python3-xrootd-5.0.3-2.el8 Python 3 bindings for xrootd linux/ppc64le
python3-xvfbwrapper-0.2.9-1.el8 run headless display inside X virtual framebuffer (Xvfb) linux/noarch
python3-yara-3.11.0-2.el8 Python3 binding for the YARA pattern matching tool linux/ppc64le
python3-yarl-1.4.2-2.el8 A Python module to handle URLs linux/ppc64le
python3-yaswfp-0.9.3-2.el8 Yet Another SWF Parser in Python linux/noarch
python3-yattag-1.14.0-1.el8 Generate HTML or XML in a pythonic way linux/noarch
python3-zc-lockfile-2.0-2.el8 Basic Inter-Process Locks linux/noarch
python3-zeep-3.4.0-8.el8 A fast and modern Python SOAP client linux/noarch
python3-zinnia-0.06-46.el8 Python bindings for zinnia linux/ppc64le
python3-zipp-0.5.1-3.el8 Backport of pathlib-compatible object wrapper for zip files linux/noarch
python3-zipstream-1.1.4-17.el8 ZIP archive generator for Python linux/noarch
python3-zm-0.5.2-1.el8 Python wrapper around the ZoneMinder REST API linux/noarch
python3-zmq-19.0.0-1.el8 Software library for fast, message-based applications linux/ppc64le
python3-zmq-tests-19.0.0-1.el8 Software library for fast, message-based applications, testsuite linux/ppc64le
python3-zope-component-4.3.0-8.el8 Zope Component Architecture linux/noarch
python3-zope-configuration-4.0.3-15.el8 Zope Configuration Markup Language (ZCML) linux/noarch
python3-zope-deprecation-4.4.0-2.el8 Zope 3 Deprecation Infrastructure linux/noarch
python3-zope-event-4.2.0-12.el8 Zope Event Publication (Python 3) linux/noarch
python3-zope-exceptions-4.0.8-12.el8.1 Zope Exceptions linux/noarch
python3-zope-i18nmessageid-4.0.3-14.el8.1 Message Identifiers for internationalization linux/ppc64le
python3-zope-interface-4.6.0-1.el8 Zope 3 Interface Infrastructure linux/ppc64le
python3-zope-schema-4.4.2-13.el8 Zope 3 schemas linux/noarch
python3-zope-sqlalchemy-1.3-1.el8 Minimal Zope/SQLAlchemy transaction integration with Python 3 support linux/noarch
python3-zope-testing-4.6.1-8.el8 Zope Testing Framework linux/noarch
python38-radicale3-3.0.6-15.el8 Python module for Radicale linux/noarch
pyzor-1.0.0-19.20180724git2b8d76d.el8 Collaborative spam filtering system linux/noarch

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