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RPM of Group Unspecified

PackageKit-Qt5-1.0.1-5.el8 Qt5 support library for PackageKit linux/aarch64
PackageKit-Qt5-devel-1.0.1-5.el8 Development files for PackageKit-Qt5 linux/aarch64
R-Rcpp-1.0.6-1.el8 Seamless R and C++ Integration linux/aarch64New
R-Rcpp-devel-1.0.6-1.el8 Rcpp Development Files linux/aarch64New
R-Rcpp-examples-1.0.6-1.el8 Rcpp Examples linux/aarch64New
Rex-1.13.2-1.el8 The friendly automation framework on basis of Perl linux/noarch
accounts-qml-module-0.7-1.el8 QML bindings for libaccounts-qt + libsignon-qt linux/aarch64
accounts-qml-module-doc-0.7-1.el8 Documentation for accounts-qml-module linux/noarch
amavis-2.12.1-5.el8 Email filter with virus scanner and spamassassin support linux/noarchNew
amavis-doc-2.12.1-5.el8 Amavis doc files linux/noarchNew
amavis-snmp-2.12.1-5.el8 Exports amavis SNMP data linux/noarchNew
analitza-19.12.2-1.el8 Library of mathematical features linux/aarch64
analitza-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Developer files for analitza linux/aarch64
apprise-0.9.0-2.el8 Apprise CLI Tool linux/noarchNew
baloo-widgets-19.12.2-1.el8 Widgets for Baloo linux/aarch64
baloo-widgets-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Developer files for baloo-widgets linux/aarch64
beakerlib-1.22-2.el8 A shell-level integration testing library linux/noarchNew
beakerlib-vim-syntax-1.22-2.el8 Files for syntax highlighting BeakerLib tests in VIM editor linux/noarchNew
bitlbee-facebook-1.2.1-2.el8 Facebook protocol plugin for BitlBee linux/aarch64New
bleachbit-4.2.0-1.el8 Remove sensitive data and free up disk space linux/noarchNew
blinken-19.12.2-1.el8 Memory Enhancement Game linux/aarch64
bluedevil-5.18.4-1.el8 Bluetooth stack for KDE linux/aarch64
bpytop-1.0.58-1.el8 Linux/OSX/FreeBSD resource monitor linux/noarchNew
breeze-cursor-theme- Breeze cursor theme linux/noarch
breeze-icon-theme-5.68.0-1.el8 Breeze icon theme linux/noarch
breeze-icon-theme-rcc-5.68.0-1.el8 breeze Qt resource files linux/noarch
cadaver-0.23.3-20.el8 Command-line WebDAV client linux/aarch64
cantor-19.12.2-2.el8 KDE Frontend to Mathematical Software linux/aarch64
cantor-R-19.12.2-2.el8 R backend for cantor linux/aarch64
cantor-devel-19.12.2-2.el8 Development files for cantor linux/aarch64
cantor-libs-19.12.2-2.el8 Runtime files for cantor linux/aarch64
castxml-0.4.2-1.el8 C-family abstract syntax tree XML output tool linux/aarch64New
cekit-3.8.0-1.el8 Container image creation tool linux/noarchNew
cekit-bash-completion-3.8.0-1.el8 Container image creation tool linux/noarchNew
cekit-zsh-completion-3.8.0-1.el8 Container image creation tool linux/noarchNew
cervisia-19.12.2-1.el8 CVS frontend linux/aarch64
chrome-remote-desktop-87.0.4280.141-1.el8 Remote desktop support for google-chrome & chromium linux/aarch64New
chromedriver-87.0.4280.141-1.el8 WebDriver for Google Chrome/Chromium linux/aarch64New
chromium-87.0.4280.141-1.el8 A WebKit (Blink) powered web browser linux/aarch64New
chromium-common-87.0.4280.141-1.el8 Files needed for both the headless_shell and full Chromium linux/aarch64New
chromium-headless-87.0.4280.141-1.el8 A minimal headless shell built from Chromium linux/aarch64New
colord-kde-0.5.0-11.el8 Colord support for KDE linux/aarch64
copr-cli-1.92-1.el8 Command line interface for COPR linux/noarchNew
coturn-4.5.2-1.el8 TURN/STUN & ICE Server linux/aarch64New
coturn-client-devel-4.5.2-1.el8 Coturn client development headers linux/aarch64New
coturn-client-libs-4.5.2-1.el8 TURN client static library linux/aarch64New
coturn-utils-4.5.2-1.el8 Coturn utils linux/aarch64New
csbuild-2.7.0-1.el8 Tool for plugging static analyzers into the build process linux/noarch
csdiff-2.0.0-1.el8 Non-interactive tools for processing code scan results in plain-text linux/aarch64
csmock-2.7.0-1.el8 A mock wrapper for Static Analysis tools linux/noarch
csmock-common-2.7.0-1.el8 Core of csmock (a mock wrapper for Static Analysis tools) linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-bandit-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for Bandit. linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-clang-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for Clang linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-cppcheck-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for Cppcheck linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-pylint-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for Pylint. linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-shellcheck-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for ShellCheck. linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-smatch-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for smatch linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-strace-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for strace linux/noarch
csmock-plugin-valgrind-2.7.0-1.el8 csmock plug-in providing the support for valgrind linux/noarch
dbusmenu-qt5-0.9.3-0.20.20160218.el8.1 A Qt implementation of the DBusMenu protocol linux/aarch64
dbusmenu-qt5-devel-0.9.3-0.20.20160218.el8.1 Development files for dbusmenu-qt5 linux/aarch64
diff-pdf-0.4.1-5.el8 A simple tool for visually comparing two PDF files linux/aarch64New
distcc-3.3.3-3.el8 Distributed C/C++ compilation linux/aarch64
distcc-server-3.3.3-3.el8 Server for distributed C/C++ compilation linux/aarch64
distribution-gpg-keys-1.47-1.el8 GPG keys of various Linux distributions linux/noarchNew
distribution-gpg-keys-copr-1.47-1.el8 GPG keys for Copr projects linux/noarchNew
dnsperf-2.4.0-4.el8 Benchmarking authorative and recursing DNS servers linux/aarch64New
dnsperf-data-201202-4.el8 Benchmarking authorative and recursing DNS servers data linux/noarchNew
dolphin-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE File Manager linux/aarch64
dolphin-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Developer files for dolphin linux/aarch64
dolphin-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Dolphin runtime libraries linux/aarch64
dolphin-plugins-19.12.2-1.el8 Dolphin plugins for revision control systems linux/aarch64
dragon-19.12.2-1.el8 Media player linux/aarch64
drbd-9.15.1-2.el8 DRBD user-land tools and scripts linux/aarch64New
drbd-bash-completion-9.15.1-2.el8 Programmable bash completion support for drbdadm linux/aarch64New
drbd-pacemaker-9.15.1-2.el8 Pacemaker resource agent for DRBD linux/aarch64New
drbd-rgmanager-9.15.1-2.el8 Red Hat Cluster Suite agent for DRBD linux/aarch64New
drbd-udev-9.15.1-2.el8 udev integration scripts for DRBD linux/aarch64New
drbd-utils-9.15.1-2.el8 Management utilities for DRBD linux/aarch64New
duplicity-0.8.18-1.el8 Encrypted bandwidth-efficient backup using rsync algorithm linux/aarch64New
edg-gridftp-client- Command line clients to GridFTP libraries linux/aarch64
extra-cmake-modules-5.68.0-1.el8 Additional modules for CMake build system linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-31.0.4-1.el8 Fedora 31 default desktop background linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-animated-31.0.4-1.el8 Time of day images for Fedora 31 backgrounds linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-base-31.0.4-1.el8 Base images for Fedora 31 default background linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-base-31.0.4-1.el8 Base images for F31 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-gnome-31.0.4-1.el8 Extra F31 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-kde-31.0.4-1.el8 Extra F31 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-mate-31.0.4-1.el8 Extra F31 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-xfce-31.0.4-1.el8 Extra F31 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-gnome-31.0.4-1.el8 Fedora 31 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-kde-31.0.4-1.el8 Fedora 31 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-mate-31.0.4-1.el8 Fedora 31 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-xfce-31.0.4-1.el8 Fedora 31 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
fedpkg-1.40-2.el8 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarchNew
fedpkg-stage-1.40-2.el8 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarchNew
fmf-0.14-1.el8 Flexible Metadata Format linux/noarchNew
fswebcam-20200725-1.el8 Tiny and flexible webcam program linux/aarch64New
fusioninventory-agent-2.5.2-1.el8 FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-cron-2.5.2-1.el8 Cron for FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-collect-2.5.2-1.el8 Custom information retrieval support for FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-deploy-2.5.2-1.el8 Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-esx-2.5.2-1.el8 FusionInventory plugin to inventory vCenter/ESX/ESXi linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-inventory-2.5.2-1.el8 Inventory task for FusionInventory linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-network-2.5.2-1.el8 NetDiscovery and NetInventory task for FusionInventory linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-wakeonlan-2.5.2-1.el8 WakeOnLan task for FusionInventory linux/noarch
gengetopt-2.23-3.el8 Tool to write command line option parsing code for C programs linux/aarch64New
git-tools-2019.11-1.el8 Assorted git-related scripts and tools linux/noarch
git2cl-2.0-0.16.git8373c9f.el8 Converts git logs to GNU style ChangeLog format linux/noarch
gnome-monitor-config-0-0.1.20190520.gitbc2f76c.el8 GNOME Monitor Configuration Tool linux/aarch64
gnome-shell-extension-caffeine-33-2.20200226gitc71fd6e.el8 Disable the screen saver and auto suspend in gnome shell linux/noarchNew
gnupg1-1.4.23-14.el8 A GNU utility for secure communication and data storage linux/aarch64New
golang-x-sys-devel-0-0.29.20191215gitac6580d.el8.1 Go packages for low-level interaction with the operating system linux/noarch
gpsd-3.19-4.el8.1 Service daemon for mediating access to a GPS linux/aarch64
gpsd-clients-3.19-4.el8.1 Clients for gpsd linux/aarch64
gpsd-devel-3.19-4.el8.1 Development files for the gpsd library linux/aarch64
gpsd-libs-3.19-4.el8.1 Client libraries in C for talking to a running gpsd or GPS linux/aarch64
grantlee-qt5-5.2.0-5.el8 Qt5 string template engine based on the Django template system linux/aarch64
grantlee-qt5-apidocs-5.2.0-5.el8 Grantlee API documentation linux/noarch
grantlee-qt5-devel-5.2.0-5.el8 Development files for grantlee-qt5 linux/aarch64
gwenview-19.12.2-1.el8 An image viewer linux/aarch64
gwenview-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime files for gwenview linux/aarch64
htop-3.0.5-1.el8 Interactive process viewer linux/aarch64New
ipv6calc-3.0.1-48.el8 IPv6 address format change and calculation utility linux/aarch64New
ipv6calc-ipv6calcweb-3.0.1-48.el8 IP address information web utility linux/aarch64New
ipv6calc-mod_ipv6calc-3.0.1-48.el8 Apache module for ipv6calc linux/aarch64New
jmtpfs-0.5-2.el8 FUSE and libmtp based filesystem for accessing MTP devices linux/aarch64New
juk-19.12.2-1.el8 Music player linux/aarch64
k3b-19.12.2-1.el8.1 CD/DVD/Blu-ray burning application linux/aarch64
k3b-devel-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Files for the development of applications which will use k3b linux/aarch64
k3b-libs-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Runtime libraries for k3b linux/aarch64
kaccounts-integration-19.12.2-3.el8 Small system to administer web accounts across the KDE desktop linux/aarch64
kaccounts-integration-devel-19.12.2-3.el8 Development files for kaccounts-integration linux/aarch64
kactivitymanagerd-5.18.4-1.el8 Plasma service to manage user's activities linux/aarch64
kalgebra-19.12.2-1.el8 2D and 3D Graph Calculator linux/aarch64
kamera-19.12.2-1.el8 Digital camera support for KDE linux/aarch64
kamoso-18.03.80-5.el8 Application for taking pictures and videos from a webcam linux/aarch64
kanagram-19.12.2-1.el8 Letter Order Game linux/aarch64
kapptemplate-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE Template generator linux/aarch64
kate-19.12.2-1.el8 Advanced Text Editor linux/aarch64
kate-plugins-19.12.2-1.el8 Kate plugins linux/aarch64
kbruch-19.12.2-1.el8 Practice Fractions linux/aarch64
kcalc-19.12.2-1.el8 Scientific Calculator linux/aarch64
kcharselect-19.12.2-1.el8 Character selector linux/aarch64
kcm_systemd-1.2.1-16.el8 Systemd control module for KDE linux/aarch64
kcm_wacomtablet-3.1.1-4.el8 KDE Control module for Wacom Graphictablets linux/aarch64
kcolorchooser-19.12.2-1.el8 A color chooser linux/aarch64
kcron-19.12.2-1.el8 Cron KDE configuration module linux/aarch64
kde-cli-tools-5.18.4-1.el8 Tools based on KDE Frameworks 5 to better interact with the system linux/aarch64
kde-dev-utils-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Utilities for developers using KDE linux/aarch64
kde-dev-utils-common-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Common files for kde-dev-utils linux/noarch
kde-filesystem-4-63.el8 KDE filesystem layout linux/aarch64
kde-gtk-config-5.18.4-1.el8 Configure the appearance of GTK apps in KDE linux/aarch64
kde-partitionmanager-3.3.1-4.el8 KDE Partition Manager linux/aarch64
kde-print-manager-19.12.3-2.el8 Printer management for KDE linux/aarch64
kde-print-manager-libs-19.12.3-2.el8 Runtime files for kde-print-manager linux/aarch64
kde-settings-32.0-3.el8 Config files for kde linux/noarch
kde-settings-plasma-32.0-3.el8 Configuration files for plasma linux/noarch
kde-settings-pulseaudio-32.0-3.el8 Enable pulseaudio support in KDE linux/noarch
kdecoration-5.18.4-1.el8 A plugin-based library to create window decorations linux/aarch64
kdecoration-devel-5.18.4-1.el8 Developer files for kdecoration linux/aarch64
kdeedu-data-19.12.2-1.el8 Shared icons, artwork and data files for educational applications linux/noarch
kdegraphics-mobipocket-19.12.2-1.el8 A collection of plugins to handle mobipocket files linux/aarch64
kdegraphics-mobipocket-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kdegraphics-mobipocket linux/aarch64
kdegraphics-thumbnailers-19.12.2-1.el8 Thumbnailers for various graphic types linux/aarch64
kdeplasma-addons- Additional Plasmoids for Plasma 5 linux/aarch64
kdeplasma-addons-devel- Development files for kdeplasma-addons linux/aarch64
kdesdk-kioslaves-19.12.2-1.el8 KDESDK KIOslaves linux/aarch64
kdesdk-thumbnailers-19.12.2-1.el8 Thumbnailers for KDE linux/aarch64
kdesu-5.18.4-1.el8 Runs a program with elevated privileges linux/aarch64
kdesvn-2.0.95-5.el8 Subversion client for KDE linux/aarch64
kdevelop-5.5.0-3.el8 Integrated Development Environment for C++/C linux/aarch64
kdevelop-devel-5.5.0-3.el8 Development files for kdevelop linux/aarch64
kdevelop-libs-5.5.0-3.el8 kdevelop runtime libraries linux/aarch64
kdevelop-pg-qt-2.2.0-3.el8 A parser generator linux/aarch64
kdevelop-pg-qt-devel-2.2.0-3.el8 Developer files for kdevelop-pg-qt linux/aarch64
kdialog-19.12.2-1.el8 Nice dialog boxes from shell scripts linux/aarch64
kdnssd-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE Network Monitor for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf) linux/aarch64
keditbookmarks-19.12.2-1.el8 Bookmark organizer and editor linux/aarch64
keditbookmarks-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime libraries for keditbookmarks linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-calendar-19.12.2-1.el8 The Akonadi Calendar Library linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-calendar-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-akonadi-calendar linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-contacts-19.12.2-1.el8 The Akonadi Contacts Library linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-contacts-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-akonadi-contacts linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-mime-19.12.2-1.el8 The Akonadi Mime Library linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-mime-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-akonadi-mime linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-notes-19.12.2-1.el8 The Akonadi Notes Library linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-notes-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-akonadi-notes linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-search-19.12.2-1.el8 The Akonadi Search library and indexing agent linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-search-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-akonadi-search linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-server-19.12.2-1.el8.1 PIM Storage Service linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-server-devel-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Developer files for kf5-akonadi-server linux/aarch64
kf5-akonadi-server-mysql-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Akonadi MySQL backend support linux/aarch64
kf5-attica-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks Tier 1 Addon with Open Collaboration Services API linux/aarch64
kf5-attica-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-attica linux/aarch64
kf5-baloo-5.68.0-1.el8 A Tier 3 KDE Frameworks 5 module that provides indexing and search functionality linux/aarch64
kf5-baloo-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-baloo linux/aarch64
kf5-baloo-file-5.68.0-1.el8 File indexing and search for Baloo linux/aarch64
kf5-baloo-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 Runtime libraries for kf5-baloo linux/aarch64
kf5-bluez-qt-5.68.0-1.el8 A Qt wrapper for Bluez linux/aarch64
kf5-bluez-qt-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-bluez-qt linux/aarch64
kf5-filesystem-5.68.0-1.el8 Filesystem for KDE Frameworks 5 linux/aarch64
kf5-frameworkintegration-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 4 workspace and cross-framework integration plugins linux/aarch64
kf5-frameworkintegration-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-frameworkintegration linux/aarch64
kf5-frameworkintegration-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 Runtime libraries for kf5-frameworkintegration. linux/aarch64
kf5-gpgmepp-16.08.3-13.el8 C++ wrapper and Qt integration for GpgMe library linux/aarch64
kf5-gpgmepp-devel-16.08.3-13.el8 Development files for kf5-gpgmepp linux/aarch64
kf5-grantleetheme-19.12.2-2.el8 KDE PIM library for Grantlee template system linux/aarch64
kf5-grantleetheme-devel-19.12.2-2.el8 Development files for kf5-grantleetheme linux/aarch64
kf5-kactivities-5.68.0-1.el8 A KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 to organize user work into separate activities linux/aarch64
kf5-kactivities-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Developer files for kf5-kactivities linux/aarch64
kf5-kactivities-stats-5.68.0-1.el8 A KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 library for accessing the usage data collected by the activities system linux/aarch64
kf5-kactivities-stats-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Developer files for kf5-kactivities-stats linux/aarch64
kf5-kalarmcal-19.12.2-1.el8 The KAlarmCal Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kalarmcal-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kalarmcal linux/aarch64
kf5-kapidox-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 4 scripts and data for building API documentation linux/noarch
kf5-karchive-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with archive functions linux/aarch64
kf5-karchive-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-karchive linux/aarch64
kf5-kauth-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 integration module to perform actions as privileged user linux/aarch64
kf5-kauth-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kauth linux/aarch64
kf5-kblog-19.12.2-1.el8 The KBlog Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kblog-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kblog linux/aarch64
kf5-kbookmarks-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon for bookmarks manipulation linux/aarch64
kf5-kbookmarks-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kbookmarks linux/aarch64
kf5-kcalendarcore-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 KCalendarCore Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kcalendarcore-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcalendarcore linux/aarch64
kf5-kcalendarutils-19.12.2-1.el8 The KCalendarUtils Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kcalendarutils-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcalendarutils linux/aarch64
kf5-kcmutils-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon with extra API to write KConfigModules linux/aarch64
kf5-kcmutils-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcmutils linux/aarch64
kf5-kcodecs-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with string manipulation methods linux/aarch64
kf5-kcodecs-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcodecs linux/aarch64
kf5-kcompletion-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 addon with auto completion widgets and classes linux/aarch64
kf5-kcompletion-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcompletion linux/aarch64
kf5-kconfig-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with advanced configuration system linux/aarch64
kf5-kconfig-core-5.68.0-1.el8 Non-GUI part of KConfig framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kconfig-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kconfig linux/aarch64
kf5-kconfig-gui-5.68.0-1.el8 GUI part of KConfig framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kconfigwidgets-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon for creating configuration dialogs linux/aarch64
kf5-kconfigwidgets-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kconfigwidgets linux/aarch64
kf5-kcontacts-5.68.0-1.el8 The KContacts Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kcontacts-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcontacts linux/aarch64
kf5-kcoreaddons-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with various classes on top of QtCore linux/aarch64
kf5-kcoreaddons-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcoreaddons linux/aarch64
kf5-kcrash-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 addon for handling application crashes linux/aarch64
kf5-kcrash-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kcrash linux/aarch64
kf5-kdav-19.12.2-1.el8 A DAV protocol implementation with KJobs linux/aarch64
kf5-kdav-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdav linux/aarch64
kf5-kdbusaddons-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with various classes on top of QtDBus linux/aarch64
kf5-kdbusaddons-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdbusaddons linux/aarch64
kf5-kdeclarative-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon for Qt declarative linux/aarch64
kf5-kdeclarative-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdeclarative linux/aarch64
kf5-kded-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon with extensible daemon for system-level services linux/aarch64
kf5-kded-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kded linux/aarch64
kf5-kdelibs4support-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 4 module with porting aid from KDELibs 4 linux/aarch64
kf5-kdelibs4support-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdelibs4support linux/aarch64
kf5-kdelibs4support-doc-5.68.0-1.el8 Documentation and user manuals for kf5-kdelibs4support linux/noarch
kf5-kdelibs4support-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 Runtime libraries for kf5-kdelibs4support linux/aarch64
kf5-kdesignerplugin-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 integration module for Qt Designer linux/aarch64
kf5-kdesu-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 integration with su linux/aarch64
kf5-kdesu-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdesu linux/aarch64
kf5-kdewebkit-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 integration module for QtWebKit linux/aarch64
kf5-kdewebkit-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdewebkit linux/aarch64
kf5-kdgantt2-16.08.3-9.el8 KDE PIM library for rendering Gantt graphs linux/aarch64
kf5-kdgantt2-devel-16.08.3-9.el8 Development files for kf5-kdgantt2 linux/aarch64
kf5-kdnssd-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 integration module for DNS-SD services (Zeroconf) linux/aarch64
kf5-kdnssd-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdnssd linux/aarch64
kf5-kdoctools-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 addon for generating documentation linux/aarch64
kf5-kdoctools-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kdoctools linux/aarch64
kf5-kemoticons-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 module with support for emoticons and emoticons themes linux/aarch64
kf5-kemoticons-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kemoticons linux/aarch64
kf5-kfilemetadata-5.68.0-1.el8 A Tier 2 KDE Framework for extracting file metadata linux/aarch64
kf5-kfilemetadata-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Developer files for kf5-kfilemetadata linux/aarch64
kf5-kglobalaccel-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 integration module for global shortcuts linux/aarch64
kf5-kglobalaccel-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kglobalaccel linux/aarch64
kf5-kglobalaccel-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 Runtime libraries for kf5-kglobalaccel linux/aarch64
kf5-kguiaddons-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with various classes on top of QtGui linux/aarch64
kf5-kguiaddons-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kguiaddons linux/aarch64
kf5-kholidays-5.68.0-1.el8 The KHolidays Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kholidays-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kholidays linux/aarch64
kf5-khtml-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 4 solution with KHTML, a HTML rendering engine linux/aarch64
kf5-khtml-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-khtml linux/aarch64
kf5-ki18n-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon for localization linux/aarch64
kf5-ki18n-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-ki18n linux/aarch64
kf5-kiconthemes-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 integration module with icon themes linux/aarch64
kf5-kiconthemes-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kiconthemes linux/aarch64
kf5-kidentitymanagement-19.12.2-1.el8 The KIdentityManagement Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kidentitymanagement-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kidentitymanagement linux/aarch64
kf5-kidletime-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 integration module for idle time detection linux/aarch64
kf5-kidletime-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kidletime linux/aarch64
kf5-kimageformats-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with additional image plugins for QtGui linux/aarch64
kf5-kimap-19.12.2-1.el8 The KIMAP Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kimap-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kimap linux/aarch64
kf5-kinit-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 tier 3 solution for process launching linux/aarch64
kf5-kinit-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kinit linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for filesystem abstraction linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-core-5.68.0-1.el8 Core components of the KIO Framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-core-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 Runtime libraries for KIO Core linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kio linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-doc-5.68.0-1.el8 Documentation files for kf5-kio linux/noarch
kf5-kio-file-widgets-5.68.0-1.el8 Widgets for file-handling for KIO Framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-gui-5.68.0-1.el8 Gui components for the KIO Framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-ntlm-5.68.0-1.el8 NTLM support for KIO Framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-widgets-5.68.0-1.el8 Widgets for KIO Framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kio-widgets-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 Runtime libraries for KIO Widgets library linux/aarch64
kf5-kipi-plugins-5.9.1-4.el8 Plugins to use with kf5-libkipi applications linux/aarch64
kf5-kipi-plugins-libs-5.9.1-4.el8 Runtime libraries for kf5-kipi-plugins linux/aarch64
kf5-kirigami-1.1.0-13.el8 QtQuick plugins to build user interfaces based on the KDE UX guidelines linux/aarch64
kf5-kirigami-devel-1.1.0-13.el8 Development files for kf5-kirigami linux/aarch64
kf5-kirigami2-5.68.0-1.el8 QtQuick plugins to build user interfaces based on the KDE UX guidelines linux/aarch64
kf5-kirigami2-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kirigami2 linux/aarch64
kf5-kitemmodels-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with item models linux/aarch64
kf5-kitemmodels-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kitemmodels linux/aarch64
kf5-kitemviews-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with item views linux/aarch64
kf5-kitemviews-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kitemviews linux/aarch64
kf5-kitinerary-19.08.3-1.el8.1 A library containing itinerary data model and itinerary extraction code linux/aarch64
kf5-kitinerary-devel-19.08.3-1.el8.1 Development files for kf5-kitinerary linux/aarch64
kf5-kjobwidgets-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 addon for KJobs linux/aarch64
kf5-kjobwidgets-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kjobwidgets linux/aarch64
kf5-kjs-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 functional module with JavaScript interpreter linux/aarch64
kf5-kjs-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kjs linux/aarch64
kf5-kjsembed-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon for binding JS objects to QObjects linux/aarch64
kf5-kjsembed-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kjsembed linux/aarch64
kf5-kldap-19.12.2-1.el8 The KLDAP Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kldap-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kldap linux/aarch64
kf5-kmailtransport-19.12.2-1.el8 The KMailTransport Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kmailtransport-akonadi-19.12.2-1.el8 The KmailTransportAkonadi Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kmailtransport-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kmailtransport linux/aarch64
kf5-kmbox-19.12.2-1.el8 The KMbox Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kmbox-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kmbox linux/aarch64
kf5-kmediaplayer-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 module with interface for media player features linux/aarch64
kf5-kmediaplayer-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kmediaplayer linux/aarch64
kf5-kmime-19.12.2-1.el8 The KMime Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kmime-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kmime linux/aarch64
kf5-knewstuff-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 module for downloading application assets linux/aarch64
kf5-knewstuff-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-knewstuff linux/aarch64
kf5-knotifications-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 solution with abstraction for system notifications linux/aarch64
kf5-knotifications-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-knotifications linux/aarch64
kf5-knotifyconfig-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 module for KNotify configuration linux/aarch64
kf5-knotifyconfig-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-knotifyconfig linux/aarch64
kf5-kontactinterface-19.12.2-1.el8 The Kontact Interface Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kontactinterface-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kontactinterface linux/aarch64
kf5-kpackage-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 library to load and install packages as plugins linux/aarch64
kf5-kpackage-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kpackage linux/aarch64
kf5-kparts-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for KParts linux/aarch64
kf5-kparts-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kparts linux/aarch64
kf5-kpeople-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 library for contact and people aggregation linux/aarch64
kf5-kpeople-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kpeople linux/aarch64
kf5-kpimtextedit-19.12.2-3.el8 The KPimTextEdit Library linux/aarch64
kf5-kpimtextedit-devel-19.12.2-3.el8 Development files for kf5-kpimtextedit linux/aarch64
kf5-kpkpass-19.12.2-1.el8 Library to deal with Apple Wallet pass files linux/aarch64
kf5-kpkpass-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kpkpass linux/aarch64
kf5-kplotting-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon for plotting linux/aarch64
kf5-kplotting-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kplotting linux/aarch64
kf5-kpty-5.68.0-2.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 module providing Pty abstraction linux/aarch64
kf5-kpty-devel-5.68.0-2.el8 Development files for kf5-kpty linux/aarch64
kf5-kross-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for multi-language application scripting linux/aarch64
kf5-kross-core-5.68.0-1.el8 Non-gui part of the Kross framework linux/aarch64
kf5-kross-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kross linux/aarch64
kf5-kross-python2-19.12.2-1.el8 KF5 Kross plugin for python2 linux/aarch64
kf5-kross-ruby-19.12.2-1.el8 KF5 Kross plugin for ruby linux/aarch64
kf5-kross-ui-5.68.0-1.el8 Gui part of the Kross framework linux/aarch64
kf5-krunner-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution with parallelized query system linux/aarch64
kf5-krunner-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-krunner linux/aarch64
kf5-kservice-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for advanced plugin and service introspection linux/aarch64
kf5-kservice-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kservice linux/aarch64
kf5-ksmtp-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE SMTP libraries linux/aarch64
kf5-ksmtp-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-ksmtp linux/aarch64
kf5-ktexteditor-5.68.0-2.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 with advanced embeddable text editor linux/aarch64
kf5-ktexteditor-devel-5.68.0-2.el8 Development files for kf5-ktexteditor linux/aarch64
kf5-ktextwidgets-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 addon with advanced text editing widgets linux/aarch64
kf5-ktextwidgets-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-ktextwidgets linux/aarch64
kf5-ktnef-19.12.2-1.el8 The KTNef Library linux/aarch64
kf5-ktnef-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-ktnef linux/aarch64
kf5-kunitconversion-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 2 addon for unit conversions linux/aarch64
kf5-kunitconversion-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kunitconversion linux/aarch64
kf5-kwallet-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for password management linux/aarch64
kf5-kwallet-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kwallet linux/aarch64
kf5-kwallet-libs-5.68.0-1.el8 KWallet framework libraries linux/aarch64
kf5-kwayland-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 library that wraps Client and Server Wayland libraries linux/aarch64
kf5-kwayland-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kwayland linux/aarch64
kf5-kwidgetsaddons-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon with various classes on top of QtWidgets linux/aarch64
kf5-kwidgetsaddons-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kwidgetsaddons linux/aarch64
kf5-kwindowsystem-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 integration module with classes for windows management linux/aarch64
kf5-kwindowsystem-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kwindowsystem linux/aarch64
kf5-kxmlgui-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 solution for user-configurable main windows linux/aarch64
kf5-kxmlgui-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kxmlgui linux/aarch64
kf5-kxmlrpcclient-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 library for interaction with XML RPC services linux/aarch64
kf5-kxmlrpcclient-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-kxmlrpcclient linux/aarch64
kf5-libgravatar-19.12.2-1.el8 Gravatar support library linux/aarch64
kf5-libgravatar-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libgravatar linux/aarch64
kf5-libkcddb-19.12.2-1.el8 CDDB retrieval library linux/aarch64
kf5-libkcddb-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libkcddb linux/aarch64
kf5-libkcddb-doc-19.12.2-1.el8 Documentation for kf5-libkcddb linux/noarch
kf5-libkcompactdisc-19.12.2-1.el8 A KDE compact disc library linux/aarch64
kf5-libkcompactdisc-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libkcompactdisc linux/aarch64
kf5-libkdepim-19.12.2-1.el8 Library for common kdepim apps linux/aarch64
kf5-libkdepim-akonadi-19.12.2-1.el8 The LibkdepimAkonadi runtime library linux/aarch64
kf5-libkdepim-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libkdepim linux/aarch64
kf5-libkexiv2-19.12.2-1.el8 A wrapper around Exiv2 library linux/aarch64
kf5-libkexiv2-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libkexiv2 linux/aarch64
kf5-libkgeomap-19.12.2-1.el8 A wrapper around different world-map components, to browse and arrange photos over a map linux/aarch64
kf5-libkgeomap-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libkgeomap linux/aarch64
kf5-libkipi-19.12.2-1.el8 Common plugin infrastructure for KDE image applications linux/aarch64
kf5-libkipi-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libkipi linux/aarch64
kf5-libksane-19.12.2-1.el8 SANE Library interface for KDE linux/aarch64
kf5-libksane-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libksane linux/aarch64
kf5-libksieve-19.12.2-1.el8 Sieve support library linux/aarch64
kf5-libksieve-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-libksieve linux/aarch64
kf5-mailimporter-19.12.2-1.el8 Mail importer library linux/aarch64
kf5-mailimporter-akonadi-19.12.2-1.el8 The MailImporterAkondi runtime library linux/aarch64
kf5-mailimporter-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-mailimporter linux/aarch64
kf5-modemmanager-qt-5.68.0-1.el8 A Tier 1 KDE Frameworks module wrapping ModemManager DBus API linux/aarch64
kf5-modemmanager-qt-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-modemmanager-qt linux/aarch64
kf5-networkmanager-qt-5.68.0-1.el8 A Tier 1 KDE Frameworks 5 module that wraps NetworkManager DBus API linux/aarch64
kf5-networkmanager-qt-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-networkmanager-qt linux/aarch64
kf5-pimcommon-19.12.2-1.el8 PIM common libraries linux/aarch64
kf5-pimcommon-akonadi-19.12.2-1.el8 The PimCommonAkondi runtime library linux/aarch64
kf5-pimcommon-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for kf5-pimcommon linux/aarch64
kf5-plasma-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 3 framework is foundation to build a primary user interface linux/aarch64
kf5-plasma-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-plasma linux/aarch64
kf5-prison-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 barcode library linux/aarch64
kf5-prison-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-prison linux/aarch64
kf5-purpose-5.68.0-1.el8.1 Framework for providing abstractions to get the developer's purposes fulfilled linux/aarch64
kf5-purpose-devel-5.68.0-1.el8.1 Development files for kf5-purpose linux/aarch64
kf5-rpm-macros-5.68.0-1.el8 RPM macros for KDE Frameworks 5 linux/noarch
kf5-solid-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 integration module that provides hardware information linux/aarch64
kf5-solid-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-solid linux/aarch64
kf5-sonnet-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 solution for spell checking linux/aarch64
kf5-sonnet-core-5.68.0-1.el8 Non-gui part of the Sonnet framework linux/aarch64
kf5-sonnet-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-sonnet linux/aarch64
kf5-sonnet-ui-5.68.0-1.el8 GUI part of the Sonnet framework linux/aarch64
kf5-syndication-5.68.0-1.el8 The Syndication Library linux/aarch64
kf5-syndication-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-syndication linux/aarch64
kf5-syntax-highlighting-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Syntax highlighting engine for Kate syntax definitions linux/aarch64
kf5-syntax-highlighting-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-syntax-highlighting linux/aarch64
kf5-threadweaver-5.68.0-1.el8 KDE Frameworks 5 Tier 1 addon for advanced thread management linux/aarch64
kf5-threadweaver-devel-5.68.0-1.el8 Development files for kf5-threadweaver linux/aarch64
kfind-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE Find File Utility linux/aarch64
kgeography-19.12.2-1.el8 Geography Trainer linux/aarch64
kgpg-19.12.2-1.el8 Manage GPG encryption keys linux/aarch64
khangman-19.12.2-1.el8 Hangman game linux/aarch64
khelpcenter-19.12.2-1.el8 Show documentation for KDE applications linux/aarch64
khotkeys-5.18.4-1.el8 Application to configure hotkeys in KDE linux/aarch64
khotkeys-devel-5.18.4-1.el8 Development files for khotkeys linux/aarch64
kinfocenter-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE Info Center linux/aarch64
kiten-19.08.3-2.el8 Japanese Reference/Study Tool linux/aarch64
kiten-devel-19.08.3-2.el8 Development files for kiten linux/aarch64
kiten-libs-19.08.3-2.el8 Runtime files for kiten linux/aarch64
klettres-19.12.2-1.el8 Learn the alphabet and read some syllables in different languages linux/aarch64
kmag-19.12.2-1.el8 A screen magnifier linux/aarch64
kmahjongg-19.12.2-1.el8 A tile matching game linux/aarch64
kmenuedit-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE menu editor linux/aarch64
kmines-19.12.2-1.el8 A classic Minesweeper game linux/aarch64
kmix-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE volume control linux/aarch64
kmousetool-19.12.2-1.el8 A program that clicks the mouse for you linux/aarch64
kmouth-19.12.2-1.el8 A program that speaks for you linux/aarch64
kmplot-19.12.2-1.el8 Mathematical Function Plotter linux/aarch64
knock-0.7.8-10.20151227git258a27e.el8 A port-knocking server/client linux/aarch64
knock-server-0.7.8-10.20151227git258a27e.el8 A port-knocking server/client linux/aarch64
koji-1.23.0-3.el8 Build system tools linux/noarchNew
koji-builder-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji RPM builder daemon linux/noarchNew
koji-builder-plugins-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji builder plugins linux/noarchNew
koji-hub-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji XMLRPC interface linux/noarchNew
koji-hub-plugins-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji hub plugins linux/noarchNew
koji-utils-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji Utilities linux/noarchNew
koji-vm-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji virtual machine management daemon linux/noarchNew
koji-web-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji Web UI linux/noarchNew
kolourpaint-19.12.2-1.el8 An easy-to-use paint program linux/aarch64
kolourpaint-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime libraries for kolourpaint linux/aarch64
kompare-19.12.2-1.el8 Diff tool linux/aarch64
kompare-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Developer files for kompare linux/aarch64
kompare-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime libraries for kompare linux/aarch64
konqueror-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE File Manager and Browser linux/aarch64
konqueror-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for konqueror linux/aarch64
konqueror-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime libraries for konqueror linux/aarch64
konsole5-19.12.2-1.el8 KDE Terminal emulator linux/aarch64
konsole5-part-19.12.2-1.el8 Konsole5 kpart plugin linux/aarch64
konversation-1.7.5-7.el8 A user friendly IRC client linux/aarch64
kpartloader-19.12.2-1.el8.1 KPart loader linux/aarch64
kpmcore-3.3.0-4.el8 Library for managing partitions by KDE programs linux/aarch64
kpmcore-devel-3.3.0-4.el8 Development files for kpmcore linux/aarch64
krdc-19.12.2-1.el8 Remote desktop client linux/aarch64
krdc-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Developer files for krdc linux/aarch64
krdc-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime libraries for krdc linux/aarch64
krfb-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Desktop sharing linux/aarch64
krfb-libs-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Runtime libraries for krfb linux/aarch64
kruler-19.12.2-1.el8 A screen ruler and color measurement tool linux/aarch64
krusader-2.7.2-2.el8 An advanced twin-panel (commander-style) file-manager for KDE linux/aarch64
kscreen-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE Display Management software linux/aarch64
kscreenlocker-5.18.4-1.el8 Library and components for secure lock screen architecture linux/aarch64
kscreenlocker-devel-5.18.4-1.el8 Development files for kscreenlocker linux/aarch64
ksshaskpass-5.18.4-1.el8 A ssh-add helper that uses kwallet and kpassworddialog linux/aarch64
ksysguard-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE Process Management application linux/aarch64
ksysguardd-5.18.4-1.el8 Performance monitor daemon linux/aarch64
ksystemlog-19.12.2-1.el8 System Log Viewer for KDE linux/aarch64
ktorrent-5.1.2-2.el8.1 A BitTorrent program linux/aarch64
ktorrent-libs-5.1.2-2.el8.1 Runtime libraries for ktorrent linux/aarch64
ktouch-19.12.2-1.el8 Touch Typing Tutor linux/aarch64
kturtle-19.12.2-1.el8 Educational Programming Environment linux/aarch64
kuiviewer-19.12.2-1.el8.1 Displays designer UI files linux/aarch64
kwalletmanager5-19.12.2-1.el8 Manage KDE passwords linux/aarch64
kwayland-integration-5.18.4-1.el8 Provides integration plugins for various KDE Frameworks for Wayland linux/aarch64
kwebenginepart-19.12.2-1.el8 A KPart based on QtWebEngine linux/aarch64
kwebkitpart-1.4.0-0.6.20190110.el8 A KPart based on QtWebKit linux/aarch64
kwin-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE Window manager linux/aarch64
kwin-common-5.18.4-1.el8 Common files for KWin X11 and KWin Wayland linux/aarch64
kwin-devel-5.18.4-1.el8 Development files for kwin linux/aarch64
kwin-doc-5.18.4-1.el8 User manual for kwin linux/noarch
kwin-libs-5.18.4-1.el8 KWin runtime libraries linux/aarch64
kwin-wayland-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE Window Manager with experimental Wayland support linux/aarch64
kwordquiz-19.12.2-1.el8 Flash Card Trainer linux/aarch64
kwrite-19.12.2-1.el8 Text Editor linux/aarch64
kwrited-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE Write Daemon linux/aarch64
latex2rtf-2.3.18-4.el8 LaTeX to RTF converter that handles equations, figures, and cross-references linux/aarch64
libaccounts-qt-doc-1.16-1.el8 User and developer documentation for libaccounts-qt linux/noarch
libaccounts-qt5-1.16-1.el8 Accounts framework Qt5 bindings linux/aarch64
libaccounts-qt5-devel-1.16-1.el8 Development files for libaccounts-qt linux/aarch64
libdirq-0.5-6.el8 C implementation of the simple directory queue algorithm linux/aarch64
libdirq-devel-0.5-6.el8 Development files for libdirq linux/aarch64
libdirq-static-0.5-6.el8 Static libraries for libdirq linux/aarch64
libkdegames-19.12.2-1.el8 Common code and data for many KDE games linux/aarch64
libkdegames-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for libkdegames linux/aarch64
libkeduvocdocument-19.12.2-1.el8 Library to parse, convert, and manipulate KVTML files linux/aarch64
libkeduvocdocument-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for libkeduvocdocument linux/aarch64
libkgapi-19.12.2-1.el8 Library to access to Google services linux/aarch64
libkgapi-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for libkgapi linux/aarch64
libkmahjongg-19.12.2-1.el8 Common code, backgrounds and tile sets for games using Mahjongg tiles linux/aarch64
libkmahjongg-data-19.12.2-1.el8 Common data for libkmahjongg linux/noarch
libkmahjongg-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for libkmahjongg linux/aarch64
libkomparediff2-19.12.2-1.el8 Library to compare files and strings linux/aarch64
libkomparediff2-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Developer files for libkomparediff2 linux/aarch64
libkscreen-qt5-5.18.4-1.el8 KDE display configuration library linux/aarch64
libkscreen-qt5-devel-5.18.4-1.el8 Development files for libkscreen-qt5 linux/aarch64
libksysguard-5.18.4-1.el8 Library for managing processes running on the system linux/aarch64
libksysguard-common-5.18.4-1.el8 Runtime data files shared by libksysguard and ksysguard-libs linux/aarch64
libksysguard-devel-5.18.4-1.el8 Development files for libksysguard linux/aarch64
libkworkspace5- Runtime libkworkspace5 library linux/aarch64
liblove-11.3-1.el8 Library for Love, A free 2D game engine linux/aarch64
libmongocrypt-1.2.0-1.el8 The companion C library for client side encryption in drivers linux/aarch64New
libmongocrypt-devel-1.2.0-1.el8 Header files and development libraries for libmongocrypt linux/aarch64New
love-11.3-1.el8 A free 2D game engine which enables easy game creation in Lua linux/aarch64
lua-lxc-3.0.2-4.el8 Lua binding for LXC linux/aarch64
lua5.1-lpeg-1.0.2-1.el8 Parsing Expression Grammars for Lua 5.1 linux/aarch64
lxc-3.0.4-2.el8 Linux Resource Containers linux/aarch64
lxc-devel-3.0.4-2.el8 Development files for lxc linux/aarch64
lxc-doc-3.0.4-2.el8 Documentation for lxc linux/noarch
lxc-libs-3.0.4-2.el8 Runtime library files for lxc linux/aarch64
lxc-templates-3.0.4-2.el8 Templates for lxc linux/aarch64
lxcfs-3.0.4-2.el8 FUSE based filesystem for LXC linux/aarch64
marble-19.12.2-1.el8 Virtual globe and world atlas linux/aarch64
marble-astro-19.12.2-1.el8 Marble Astro Library linux/aarch64
marble-astro-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for Marble Astro Library linux/aarch64
marble-common-19.12.2-1.el8 Common files of marble linux/noarch
marble-qt-19.12.2-1.el8 Marble qt-only interface linux/aarch64
marble-widget-data-19.12.2-1.el8 Marble Widget data linux/noarch
marble-widget-qt5-19.12.2-1.el8 Marble Widget Library linux/aarch64
marble-widget-qt5-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for Qt5 Marble Widget linux/aarch64
mock-2.9-1.el8 Builds packages inside chroots linux/noarchNew
mock-core-configs-33.5-1.el8 Mock core config files basic chroots linux/noarchNew
mock-filesystem-2.9-1.el8 Mock filesystem layout linux/noarchNew
mock-lvm-2.9-1.el8 LVM plugin for mock linux/noarchNew
mock-scm-2.9-1.el8 Mock SCM integration module linux/noarchNew
monitorix-3.13.0-1.el8 A free, open source, lightweight system monitoring tool linux/noarchNew
ncview-2.1.8-8.el8 A visual browser for netCDF format files linux/aarch64
neXtaw-0.15.1-32.el8 Modified version of the Athena Widgets with N*XTSTEP appearance linux/aarch64
neXtaw-devel-0.15.1-32.el8 Development files for the neXtaw library linux/aarch64
nethack-3.6.4-1.el8 A rogue-like single player dungeon exploration game linux/aarch64
nethack-bitmap-fonts-3.6.4-1.el8 Bitmap fonts for Nethack linux/noarch
nethack-bitmap-fonts-core-3.6.4-1.el8 X11 core fonts configuration for nethack-bitmap linux/noarch
nextcloud-client-3.1.1-1.el8 The Nextcloud Client linux/aarch64
nextcloud-client-devel-3.1.1-1.el8 Development files for nextcloud-client linux/aarch64
nextcloud-client-dolphin-3.1.1-1.el8 Dolphin overlay icons linux/aarch64
nextcloud-client-libs-3.1.1-1.el8 Common files for nextcloud-client linux/aarch64
nextcloud-client-nautilus-3.1.1-1.el8 nextcloud client nautilus extension linux/aarch64
nextcloud-client-nemo-3.1.1-1.el8 Nemo overlay icons linux/aarch64
nsntrace-4-2.el8 Perform network trace of a program by using network namespaces linux/aarch64New
nv-codec-headers- FFmpeg version of Nvidia Codec SDK headers linux/noarch
ocaml-migrate-parsetree-1.4.0-4.el8 Convert OCaml parsetrees between different major versions linux/aarch64
ocaml-migrate-parsetree-devel-1.4.0-4.el8 Development files for ocaml-migrate-parsetree linux/aarch64
ocaml-ppx-tools-versioned-5.2.3-2.el8 Tools for authors of ppx rewriters linux/aarch64
ocaml-ppx-tools-versioned-devel-5.2.3-2.el8 Development files for ocaml-ppx-tools-versioned linux/aarch64
ocaml-result-1.2-14.el8 Compat result type linux/aarch64
ocaml-result-devel-1.2-14.el8 Development files for ocaml-result linux/aarch64
ocaml-sedlex-2.1-3.el8 Unicode-friendly lexer generator linux/aarch64
ocaml-sedlex-devel-2.1-3.el8 Development files for ocaml-sedlex linux/aarch64
okular-19.12.3-2.el8 A document viewer linux/aarch64
okular-devel-19.12.3-2.el8 Development files for okular linux/aarch64
okular-libs-19.12.3-2.el8 Runtime files for okular linux/aarch64
okular-part-19.12.3-2.el8 Okular kpart plugin linux/aarch64
openbox-3.6.1-14.el8 A highly configurable and standards-compliant X11 window manager linux/aarch64
openbox-devel-3.6.1-14.el8 Development files for openbox linux/aarch64
openbox-kde-3.6.1-14.el8 KDE integration for openbox linux/noarch
openbox-libs-3.6.1-14.el8 Shared libraries for openbox linux/aarch64
opensmtpd-6.8.0p2-1.el8 Free implementation of the server-side SMTP protocol as defined by RFC 5321 linux/aarch64New
oxygen-icon-theme-5.59.0-1.el8 Oxygen icon theme linux/noarch
oxygen-sound-theme- Sounds for Oxygen theme linux/noarch
pam-kwallet-5.18.4-1.el8.1 PAM module for KWallet linux/aarch64
parley-19.12.2-1.el8 Vocabulary Trainer linux/aarch64
past-time-0.2.0-3.el8 Visualizer for the days of the year linux/noarch
pcsc-tools-1.5.3-3.el8 Tools to be used with smart cards and PC/SC linux/aarch64
pcsc-tools-gscriptor-1.5.3-3.el8 GUI tool to send command to a smart card linux/aarch64
perl-Authen-Credential-1.1-13.el8 Abstraction of a credential linux/noarch
perl-Authen-Passphrase-0.008-2.el8 Hashed passwords/passphrases as objects linux/noarch
perl-Config-Generator-1.0-10.el8 Shared variables for the Config::Generator modules linux/noarch
perl-Config-Validator-1.3-13.el8 Schema based configuration validation linux/noarch
perl-Crypt-GPG-1.64-19.el8 Perl Object Oriented Interface to GnuPG linux/noarchNew
perl-Directory-Queue-2.0-6.el8 Object oriented interface to a directory based queue linux/noarch
perl-FusionInventory-Agent-2.5.2-1.el8 Libraries for Fusioninventory agent linux/noarch
perl-IO-Capture-0.05-34.el8 Abstract Base Class to build modules to capture output linux/noarchNew
perl-Messaging-Message-1.6.1-10.el8 Abstraction of a message linux/noarch
perl-Net-STOMP-Client-2.3-10.el8 STOMP object oriented client module linux/noarch
perl-No-Worries-1.6-3.el8 Perl coding without worries linux/noarch
phonon-qt5-4.11.1-3.el8 Multimedia framework api for Qt5 linux/aarch64
phonon-qt5-backend-gstreamer-4.10.0-1.el8 Gstreamer phonon-qt5 backend linux/aarch64
phonon-qt5-devel-4.11.1-3.el8 Developer files for phonon-qt5 linux/aarch64
plasma-applet-redshift-control-1.0.18-8.el8 Plasma 5 applet for redshift linux/noarch
plasma-applet-translator-0.8-1.el8 Plasma 5 applet for translate-shell linux/noarchNew
plasma-breeze- Artwork, styles and assets for the Breeze visual style for the Plasma Desktop linux/aarch64
plasma-breeze-common- Common files shared between KDE 4 and Plasma 5 versions of the Breeze style linux/noarch
plasma-browser-integration- plasma-browser-integration provides components necessary to integrate browsers into the Plasma Desktop linux/aarch64
plasma-desktop- Plasma Desktop shell linux/aarch64
plasma-desktop-doc- Documentation and user manuals for plasma-desktop linux/noarch
plasma-drkonqi- DrKonqi crash handler for KF5/Plasma5 linux/aarch64
plasma-integration- Qt Platform Theme integration plugin for Plasma linux/aarch64
plasma-mediacenter-5.7.5-11.el8 A mediacenter user interface written with the Plasma framework linux/aarch64
plasma-milou- A dedicated KDE search application built on top of Baloo linux/aarch64
plasma-pa- Plasma applet for audio volume management using PulseAudio linux/aarch64
plasma-pk-updates-0.3.2-5.el8 Plasma applet for system updates using PackageKit linux/aarch64
plasma-sdk- Development tools for Plasma 5 linux/aarch64
plasma-systemsettings- KDE System Settings application linux/aarch64
plasma-systemsettings-devel- Development files for plasma-systemsettings linux/aarch64
plasma-user-manager- Manage the users of your system linux/aarch64
plasma-vault- Plasma Vault offers strong encryption features in a user-friendly way linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace- Plasma workspace, applications and applets linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace-common- Common files for plasma-workspace linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace-devel- Development files for plasma-workspace linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace-doc- Documentation and user manuals for plasma-workspace linux/noarch
plasma-workspace-geolocation- Plasma5 geolocation components linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace-geolocation-libs- Plasma5 geolocation runtime libraries linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace-libs- Runtime libraries for plasma-workspace linux/aarch64
plasma-workspace-wallpapers-5.18.4-1.el8 Additional wallpapers for Plasma workspace linux/noarch
plasma-workspace-wayland- Wayland support for Plasma linux/aarch64
polkit-kde-5.18.4-1.el8 PolicyKit integration for KDE Desktop linux/aarch64
polkit-qt-doc-0.112.0-15.el8.1 Doxygen documentation for the PolkitQt API linux/noarch
polkit-qt5-1-0.112.0-15.el8.1 PolicyKit Qt5 bindings linux/aarch64
polkit-qt5-1-devel-0.112.0-15.el8.1 Development files for PolicyKit Qt5 bindings linux/aarch64
powerdevil-5.18.4-1.el8 Manages the power consumption settings of a Plasma Shell linux/aarch64
poxml-19.12.2-1.el8 Text utilities from kdesdk linux/aarch64
preproc-0.5-1.el8 Simple text preprocessor linux/noarchNew
pylint-2.4.4-1.el8 Analyzes Python code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality linux/noarch
python-copr-doc-1.108-1.el8 Code documentation for python-copr package linux/noarchNew
python-gitlab-doc-1.15.0-1.el8 Python gitlab documentation linux/noarch
python-qpid-proton-docs-0.33.0-1.el8 Documentation for the Python language bindings for Qpid Proton linux/noarchNew
python-slixmpp-doc-1.5.2-2.el8 Documentation for Slixmpp linux/noarchNew
python-wrapt-doc-1.11.2-4.el8 Documentation for the wrapt module linux/aarch64
python2-httmock-1.3.0-2.el8 A mocking library for requests linux/noarch
python2-junit_xml-1.9-1.20210114gitba89b41.20210114gitba89b41.el8 Python module for creating JUnit XML test result documents linux/noarchNew
python3-FireflyAlgorithm-0.0.1-1.el8 Firefly Algorithm in Python linux/noarch
python3-aiodns-2.0.0-6.el8 Simple DNS resolver for asyncio linux/noarchNew
python3-apprise-0.9.0-2.el8 A simple wrapper to many popular notification services used today linux/noarchNew
python3-auth-credential-1.0-21.el8 Python abstraction of a credential linux/noarch
python3-cantor-19.12.2-2.el8 cantor python3 backend linux/aarch64
python3-copr-1.108-1.el8 Python interface for Copr linux/noarchNew
python3-csdiff-2.0.0-1.el8 Python interface to csdiff for Python 3 linux/aarch64
python3-dictdiffer-0.8.1-1.el8 Dictdiffer is a module that helps you to diff and patch dictionaries linux/noarch
python3-dirq-1.7.1-14.el8 Directory based queue linux/noarch
python3-enlighten-1.7.2-1.el8 Enlighten Progress Bar linux/noarchNew
python3-execnet-1.7.1-1.el8 Elastic Python Deployment linux/noarch
python3-fmf-0.14-1.el8 Flexible Metadata Format linux/noarchNew
python3-frozendict-1.2-13.el8 An immutable dictionary linux/noarch
python3-gitlab-1.15.0-1.el8 Interact with GitLab API linux/noarch
python3-gpsd-3.19-4.el8.1 Python libraries and modules for use with gpsd linux/aarch64
python3-httmock-1.3.0-2.el8 A mocking library for requests linux/noarch
python3-junit_xml-1.9-1.20210114gitba89b41.20210114gitba89b41.el8 Python module for creating JUnit XML test result documents linux/noarchNew
python3-keyring-21.5.0-1.el8 Python 3 library to access the system keyring service linux/noarch
python3-koji-1.23.0-3.el8 Build system tools python library linux/noarchNew
python3-koji-cli-plugins-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji client plugins linux/noarchNew
python3-koji-hub-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji XMLRPC interface linux/noarchNew
python3-koji-hub-plugins-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji hub plugins linux/noarchNew
python3-koji-web-1.23.0-3.el8 Koji Web UI linux/noarchNew
python3-lazy-object-proxy-1.3.1-10.el8 A fast and thorough lazy object proxy linux/aarch64
python3-lxc-3.0.4-2.el8 Python binding for LXC linux/aarch64
python3-messaging-1.1-17.el8 Python abstraction of a "message" linux/noarch
python3-pcapy-0.11.5-8.el8 A Python interface to libpcap linux/aarch64New
python3-pylint-2.4.4-1.el8 Analyzes Python code looking for bugs and signs of poor quality linux/noarch
python3-pynetbox-5.3.1-1.el8 Python API client library for Netbox linux/noarchNew
python3-pystemd-0.8.0-1.el8 A thin Cython-based wrapper on top of libsystemd linux/aarch64New
python3-pytelegrambotapi-3.7.6-1.el8 Python Telegram bot API linux/noarchNew
python3-qpid-proton-0.33.0-1.el8 Python language bindings for the Qpid Proton messaging framework linux/aarch64New
python3-rfc3987-1.3.7-15.el8 Parsing and validation of URIs (RFC 3986) and IRIs (RFC 3987) linux/noarchNew
python3-s3transfer-0.3.4-1.el8 Amazon S3 Transfer Manager linux/noarchNew
python3-should_dsl-2.1.2-1.el8 Should assertions in Python in as clear and readable a way as possible linux/noarch
python3-simplevisor-1.2-17.el8 Python simple daemons supervisor linux/noarch
python3-slixmpp-1.5.2-2.el8 Slixmpp is an XMPP library for Python 3.5+ linux/aarch64New
python3-sphinx_lv2_theme-1.0.0-2.el8 A minimal pure-CSS theme for Sphinx linux/noarchNew
python3-strictyaml-1.3.2-1.el8 Parses and validates a restricted subset of YAML linux/noarchNew
python3-svgwrite-1.4.1-1.el8 Python 3 library to create SVG drawings linux/noarchNew
python3-toolz-0.10.0-3.el8 A functional standard library for Python 3.6 linux/noarch
python3-tox-3.4.0-2.el8 Virtualenv-based automation of test activities linux/noarchNew
python3-typed_ast-1.4.0-4.el8 A fork of the ast module with type annotations linux/aarch64
python3-wrapt-1.11.2-4.el8 A Python module for decorators, wrappers and monkey patching linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-2.2.1-3.el8 Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-botan-2.2.1-3.el8 Botan plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-cyrus-sasl-2.2.1-3.el8 Cyrus-SASL plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-devel-2.2.1-3.el8 Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture development files linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-gcrypt-2.2.1-3.el8 Gcrypt plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-gnupg-2.2.1-3.el8 Gnupg plugin for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-logger-2.2.1-3.el8 Logger plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-nss-2.2.1-3.el8 Nss plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-ossl-2.2.1-3.el8 Openssl plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-pkcs11-2.2.1-3.el8 Pkcs11 plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qca-qt5-softstore-2.2.1-3.el8 Pkcs11 plugin for the Qt5 Cryptographic Architecture linux/aarch64
qpid-proton-c-docs-0.33.0-1.el8 Documentation for the C development libraries for Qpid Proton linux/noarchNew
qpid-proton-cpp-docs-0.33.0-1.el8 Documentation for the C++ development libraries for Qpid Proton linux/noarchNew
qqc2-desktop-style-5.59.0-1.el8 QtQuickControls2 style for consistency between QWidget and QML apps linux/aarch64
qt-creator-4.12.4-3.el8 Cross-platform IDE for Qt linux/aarch64New
qt-creator-data-4.12.4-3.el8 Application data for qt-creator linux/noarchNew
qt-creator-doc-4.12.4-3.el8 User documentation for qt-creator linux/noarchNew
qt-creator-translations-4.12.4-3.el8 Translations for qt-creator linux/noarchNew
qt-settings-32.0-3.el8 Configuration files for Qt linux/noarch
qt5-qtaccountsservice-0.6.0-12.el8 Qt5 - AccountService addon linux/aarch64
qt5-qtaccountsservice-devel-0.6.0-12.el8 Development files for Qt Account Service Addon linux/aarch64
qt5-qtcharts-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - Charts component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtcharts-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtcharts linux/aarch64
qt5-qtcharts-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtcharts linux/aarch64
qt5-qtconfiguration-0.3.1-11.el8 Qt5 - QtConfiguration module linux/aarch64
qt5-qtconfiguration-devel-0.3.1-11.el8 Development files for qt5-qtconfiguration linux/aarch64
qt5-qtdatavis3d-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - Qt Data Visualization component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtdatavis3d-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtdatavis3d linux/aarch64
qt5-qtdatavis3d-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtdatavis3d linux/aarch64
qt5-qtenginio-1.6.2-28.el8 Qt5 - Enginio component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtenginio-devel-1.6.2-28.el8 Development files for qt5-qtenginio linux/aarch64
qt5-qtenginio-doc-1.6.2-28.el8 API documentation for qt5-qtenginio linux/noarch
qt5-qtenginio-examples-1.6.2-28.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtenginio linux/aarch64
qt5-qtgamepad-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - Gamepad component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtgamepad-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtgamepad linux/aarch64
qt5-qtgamepad-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtgamepad linux/aarch64
qt5-qtremoteobjects-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - Qt Remote Objects linux/aarch64
qt5-qtremoteobjects-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtremoteobjects linux/aarch64
qt5-qtremoteobjects-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtremoteobjects linux/aarch64
qt5-qtscxml-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - ScXml component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtscxml-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtscxml linux/aarch64
qt5-qtscxml-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtscxml linux/aarch64
qt5-qtspeech-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - Speech component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtspeech-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtspeech linux/aarch64
qt5-qtspeech-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtspeech linux/aarch64
qt5-qtspeech-speechd-5.12.8-1.el8 qt5-qtspeech speech-dispatcher plugin linux/aarch64
qt5-qtstyleplugins-5.0.0-38.el8 Classic Qt widget styles linux/aarch64
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - VirtualKeyboard component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard linux/aarch64
qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtvirtualkeyboard linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebengine-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - QtWebEngine components linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebengine-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtwebengine linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebengine-devtools-5.12.8-1.el8 WebEngine devtools_resources linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebengine-doc-5.12.8-1.el8 API documentation for qt5-qtwebengine linux/noarch
qt5-qtwebengine-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Example files for qt5-qtwebengine linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebkit-5.212.0-0.42.alpha3.el8 Qt5 - QtWebKit components linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebkit-devel-5.212.0-0.42.alpha3.el8 Development files for qt5-qtwebkit linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebview-5.12.8-1.el8 Qt5 - WebView component linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebview-devel-5.12.8-1.el8 Development files for qt5-qtwebview linux/aarch64
qt5-qtwebview-examples-5.12.8-1.el8 Programming examples for qt5-qtwebview linux/aarch64
qt5-style-oxygen- Oxygen widget style for Qt 5 linux/aarch64
qt5ct-0.38-8.el8 Qt5 Configuration Tool linux/aarch64
rocs-19.12.2-1.el8 Graph Theory IDE linux/aarch64
rocs-devel-19.12.2-1.el8 Development files for rocs linux/aarch64
rocs-libs-19.12.2-1.el8 Runtime files for rocs linux/aarch64
rubygem-ffi-1.10.0-3.el8 FFI Extensions for Ruby linux/aarch64
rubygem-ffi-doc-1.10.0-3.el8 Documentation for rubygem-ffi linux/noarch
rubygem-gssapi-1.3.0-2.el8 A FFI wrapper around the system GSSAPI library linux/noarch
rubygem-gssapi-doc-1.3.0-2.el8 Documentation for rubygem-gssapi linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-3.20.0-1.el8 Hoe is a simple rake/rubygems helper for project Rakefiles linux/noarch
rubygem-hoe-doc-3.20.0-1.el8 Documentation for rubygem-hoe linux/noarch
rubygem-open4-1.3.4-9.el8 Manage child processes and their IO handles easily linux/noarch
rubygem-open4-doc-1.3.4-9.el8 Documentation for rubygem-open4 linux/noarch
s3fs-fuse-1.88-1.el8 FUSE-based file system backed by Amazon S3 linux/aarch64New
sddm-0.18.1-4.el8 QML based X11 desktop manager linux/aarch64
sddm-breeze- SDDM breeze theme linux/noarch
sddm-kcm-5.18.4-1.el8 SDDM KDE configuration module linux/aarch64
sddm-themes-0.18.1-4.el8 SDDM Themes linux/noarch
shairport-sync-3.3.7-0.el8 AirTunes emulator. Multi-Room with Audio Synchronisation linux/aarch64New
signon-8.60-5.el8 Accounts framework for Linux and POSIX based platforms linux/aarch64
signon-devel-8.60-5.el8 Development files for signon linux/aarch64
signon-doc-8.60-5.el8 Documentation for signon linux/noarch
signon-plugin-oauth2-0.22-9.el8 OAuth2 plugin for the Accounts framework linux/aarch64
signon-plugin-oauth2-devel-0.22-9.el8 Development files for signon-plugin-oauth2 linux/aarch64
singularity-3.7.1-1.el8 Application and environment virtualization linux/aarch64New
spectacle-19.12.2-1.el8 Screenshot capture utility linux/aarch64
ssldump-1.2-1.el8 SSL/TLS network protocol analyzer linux/aarch64New
stompclt-1.6-3.el8 Versatile STOMP client linux/noarch
tkrzw-0.9.3-4.el8 A straightforward implementation of DBM linux/aarch64New
tkrzw-devel-0.9.3-4.el8 Development files for Tkrzw linux/aarch64New
tkrzw-doc-0.9.3-4.el8 Tkrzw API documentation linux/noarchNew
tkrzw-libs-0.9.3-4.el8 Libraries for applications using Tkrzw linux/aarch64New
trader-7.16-1.el8 Star Traders, a simple game of interstellar trading linux/aarch64New
uberftp-2.8-11.el8 GridFTP-enabled ftp client linux/aarch64
umbrello-19.12.2-1.el8 UML modeler and UML diagram tool linux/aarch64
umr-1.0-9.20210115git8bf83ae.el8 AMDGPU Userspace Register Debugger linux/aarch64New
umr-devel-1.0-9.20210115git8bf83ae.el8 UMR development package linux/aarch64New
unrealircd-5.0.8-1.el8 Open Source IRC server linux/aarch64
votca-csg-1.6.4-1.el8 VOTCA coarse-graining engine linux/aarch64New
votca-csg-bash-1.6.4-1.el8 Bash completion for VOTCA CSG linux/noarchNew
votca-csg-common-1.6.4-1.el8 Architecture independent data files for VOTCA CSG linux/noarchNew
votca-csg-devel-1.6.4-1.el8 Development headers and libraries for VOTCA coarse-graining Engine linux/aarch64New
votca-csg-doc-1.6.4-1.el8 Architecture independent doc files for VOTCA CSG linux/noarchNew
votca-csg-libs-1.6.4-1.el8 Libraries for VOTCA coarse-graining engine linux/aarch64New
votca-tools-1.6.4-1.el8 VOTCA tools library linux/aarch64New
votca-tools-devel-1.6.4-1.el8 Development headers and libraries for votca-tools linux/aarch64New
votca-xtp-1.6.4-1.el8 VOTCA excitation and charge properties module linux/aarch64New
votca-xtp-common-1.6.4-1.el8 Architecture independent data files for VOTCA XTP linux/noarchNew
votca-xtp-devel-1.6.4-1.el8 Development headers and libraries for VOTCA XTP linux/aarch64New
votca-xtp-libs-1.6.4-1.el8 Libraries for VOTCA excitation and charge properties module linux/aarch64New
whsniff-1.1-1.el8 Command line utility that interfaces TI CC2531 USB dongle linux/aarch64
xdg-desktop-portal-kde-5.18.4-1.el8.1 Backend implementation for xdg-desktop-portal using Qt/KF5 linux/aarch64
xmakemol-5.16-10.el8 Program for visualizing atomic and molecular systems linux/aarch64New
xsensors-0.80-9.el8 An X11 interface to lm_sensors linux/aarch64
youtube-dl-2021.01.16-1.el8 A small command-line program to download online videos linux/noarchNew

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