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abrt-devel-2.11.0-1.fc29 RPM for s390x

From Fedora 29 for s390x / a

Name: abrt-devel Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.11.0 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 1.fc29 Build date: Mon Oct 8 16:08:55 2018
Group: Unspecified Build host: unused
Size: 450509 Source RPM: abrt-2.11.0-1.fc29.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Development libraries for abrt
Development libraries and headers for abrt.






* Mon Oct 08 2018 Martin Kutlak <> 2.11.0-1
  - Translation updates
  - plugins: Allow abrt-retrace-client to be optional at build time
  - daemon: Fix double closed fd race condition
  - sosreport: plugin "general" split into two new plugins
  - plugins: Replace vfork with posix_spawn
  - gui-config: Remove deprecated GTK functions
  - abrtd.service: force abrt-dbus to load changes from conf
  - spec: Build python*-abrt-addon packages as noarch
  - spec: remove duplicated python3-devel
  - spec: set PYTHON variable because of ./py-compile
* Sat Sep 15 2018 Adam Williamson <> - 2.10.10-5
  - Backport fix for RHBZ #1629408 (failed gdb backtrace generation)
  - Backport fix for deprecated function use (broke build)
  - Backport fix for argument error in harvest_vmcore
  - Backport fix for missing parameter translations in abrt-hook-ccpp
* Thu Jul 12 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 2.10.10-4
  - Rebuilt for
* Mon Jun 18 2018 Miro Hrončok <> - 2.10.10-3
  - Rebuilt for Python 3.7
* Fri Jun 08 2018 Miro Hrončok <> - 2.10.10-2
  - Set PYTHON to python3 during install to avoid ambiguous python invocation (#1589314)
* Thu May 31 2018 Matej Marusak <> 2.10.10-1
  - Translation updates
  - Changelog: Update changelog
  - Remove dependency on deprecated nss-pem
  - spec: abrt do not require python2
  - spec: abrt-addon-ccpp do not require python2
  - spec: drop python2-abrt-addon requires
  - spec: fix bugs in python requires
  - cores: comment an unclearing statement
  - cores: print to stdout
  - cores: read all journal files
* Thu May 10 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.9-5
  - abrt do not require python2 if "with python3"
* Wed May 09 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.9-4
  - abrt-addon-ccpp do not require python2 if "with python3"
* Thu May 03 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.9-3
  - drop python2-abrt-addon requires
* Fri Apr 27 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.9-2
  - fix requires for python in spec file
* Fri Apr 27 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.9-1
  - build: conditionalize the Python2 and Python3
  - cli-ng,hooks,python-problem: Allow python to be optional at build time
  - spec: fix ambiguous Python 2 dependency declarations
  - plugins: a-a-g-machine-id use dmidecode command
  - spec: use dmidecode instead of python3-dmidecode
  - hooks: use container-exception-logger tool
  - spec: container python hooks require cel
  - hooks: do not write any additional logs
  - a-a-s-package-data: add python3.7 to known Interpreters
  - autogen: ignore abrt's python packages
  - correctly parse buildrequires from spec file
* Wed Mar 21 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.8-1
  - Translation updates
  - spec: use Python3 as default in abrt-cli-ng
  - cli-ng: use Python3 as default
  - Add a new element 'interpreter' for python problems
  - retrace-client: Require nss-pem
* Mon Feb 26 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.7-1
  - Translation updates
  - hooks: introduce docker hook for Python2
  - hook: add type to Python3 container exception handler
  - spec: introduce docker hook for Python2
  - Add ABRT hexa stickers
  - a-container-logger: workaround permission issue in minishift
* Mon Feb 19 2018 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.6-1
  - Translation updates
  - hooks: introduce docker hook for Python3
  - spec: introduce Python3 hook for container
  - Remove deprecated is_error macro
  - ldconfig is not needed in rawhide
  - remove python_sitearch macro
  - remove python_site macro
  - move BuildRequires to top
  - remove systemd-units and replace it with systemd macro
  - remove init.d services
  - a-h-event: Do not deduplicate different containers
  - rpm: include epocho in package element if > 0
* Thu Nov 02 2017 Julius Milan <> 2.10.5-1
  - Translation updates
  - a-action-ureport: add option 'ProcessUnpackaged'
  - spec: change dependency on python{2,3}-gobject
  - applet: Additional changes to allow optional polkit
  - doc: remove obsolete doxygen tags
  - dbus: Additional changes to allow optional polkit
  - cli-ng: Explicitly state python version in shebangs
  - spec: rename python binary packages
  - a-d-journal-core: Save mountinfo from journal
  - a-d-journal-core: Save container cmdline
  - logging: rename omitted log() to log_warning()
* Mon Aug 28 2017 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.4-1
  - Translation updates
  - logging: rename log() to log_warning()
  - Quick hack to fix build with rpm >= 4.14
  - tests: Crash different binary in infinite event loop
  - tests: Revert not sufficient fix
  - tests: Reflect field changes in reporter-s-journal
  - tests: Get docker-inspect while container is running
  - cli,dbus: Allow polkit to be optional at build time
  - spec: add dependency for python{3}-gobject
  - a-d-journal-core: fix bad condition in creating reason msg
  - a-d-journal-core: use pid of crashed process in dumpdir name
  - changelog: update
* Thu Jun 15 2017 Martin Kutlak <> 2.10.3-1
  - Translation updates
  - applet: add a default action to a notification
  - spec: require libreport-plugin-systemd-journal on Fedoras
  - changing load location from bin to libexec
  - changing location of abrt-action-save-container-data from bin to libexec
  - koops: Improve not-reportable for oopses with taint flags
  - This fixes #1173
  - python: provide more information about exception
  - abrt-journal: adapt to suspicious blacklist addition
  - koops: add suspicious strings blacklist
  - build: fix changelog adding in release target
  - changelog: update
* Tue Apr 25 2017 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.2-1
  - Translation updates
  - spec: introduce migration to abrt-journal-core
  - abrt_event: Save cpuinfo in problem directories
  - koops: Improve fatal MCE check when dumping backtrace
  - lib: typo in header
  - Spelling fixes
  - Python 3.6 invalid escape sequence deprecation fix
  - koops_event: add check to restrict reporting of MCEs
* Thu Mar 16 2017 Matej Habrnal <> 2.10.1-1
  - changelog: update
  - build: create tarball in release-* target
  - spec: sosreport is not a package
  - Fix Typo
  - bodhi: Remove dependency on hawkey
  - spec: Remove dependency on hawkey
  - build: do not upload tarball to
  - spec: do not use as source
  - spec: install new plugins
  - plugins: introduce Machine ID and SOS report
  - Update
  - build: fix generating list of dependences in
  - spec: start abrt-journal-core instead of abrt-ccpp
  - build: fix scratch-build target
  - a-a-ureport: fix calling of run_event_on_problem_dir
  - spec: if using systemd, default to os-release ID for desktopvendor
  - kernel: modify suspicious string "invalid opcode:"
  - daemon: Allow rpm to be optional at build time
  - spec: allow any compression of man pages
  - spec: remove defattr
  - spec: remove cleaning buildroot
  - spec: use versioned provides
  - spec: remove changelog entries older than 2 years
  - remove Buildroot and Groups tags
  - spec: recommend libreport-plugin-systemd-journal on Fedoras
  - doc: document selinux change needed for automatic deletion of reports
  - ccpp: tell gdb to analyze saved binary image
* Sat Dec 03 2016 Jakub Filak <> 2.10.0-1
  - Translation updates
  - spec: bump required libreport and satyr versions
  - build: make the release-* targets smarter
  - Add
  - a-a-notify: set env var before run report_systemd-journal event
  - use run_event_on_problem_dir() helper for running events
  - notify: do not require package element
  - spec: add catalog_journal_ccpp_format.conf file
  - reporter-s-journal: add formatting file for abrt-journal-core analyser
  - cli-ng: fix --fmt parameter
  - python: create analyzer element in dumpdir
  - abrt-action-list-dsos: fix typo in vendor variable name
  - cli-ng: chown problem before reporting
  - lib: stop printing out a debug message 'adding: '
  - cli: print out the not-reportable reason
  - cli: configure libreport to ignore not-reportable
  - cli-ng: force reporting even if not-reportable
  - cli-ng: introduce verbose argument
  - Import GObject from gi.repository
  - ccpp: configure package repositories for correct OS
  - a-a-s-c-data: adapt to current docker
  - daemon: don't drop problems from unknown containers
  - a-a-s-c-data: correct detection of container type
  - spec: install Bodhi event files
  - bodhi: factor out Bodhi updates lookup into a solo event
  - problems2: update the documentation
  - a-a-analyze-python: create exception_type element
  - a-a-analyze-xorg: create crash_function into dump dir
  - koops: create crash_function element
  - a-a-analyze-python: create crash_function element
  - a-a-analyze-c: create crash_function element
  - spec: add formatting files for reporter-systemd-journal
  - reporter-systemd-journal: add formatting files
  - vmcore: /var/tmp/abrt is no longer a dump location
  - events: add event report_systemd-journal to all addons
  - abrt-action-notify: notify to systemd journal
  - spec: add abrt's catalog source files
  - journal-catalog: add abrt's catalog source files
  - ccpp: retain partial core_backtrace upon error
  - ccpp: log waitpid errors
  - ccpp: inform users about not supported unwinding
  - ccpp: close stdin when we can let the process die
  - daemon: properly shutdown socket connection
  - daemon: close forgotten FD to /proc/[pid]
  - ccpp: pass proc pid FD instead of pid to *_at fns
  - ccpp+daemon: pass valid params to dd_open_item()
  - python: remove unused functions from sysexcept hook
  - build: add gettext-devel to sysdeps
  - spec: add libcap-devel to BRs of addon-ccpp
  - ccpp: avoid running elfutils under root
  - Add abrt-action-analyze-vulnerability to .gitignore
  - build: without args configures for debugging
  - conf: increase MaxCrashReportsSize to 5GiB
  - ccpp: fast dumping and abrt core limit
  - CI: make debugging easier with more log messages
  - doc: add a guide for ABRT hackers
  - vmcore: fix an undefined variable on error path
  - vmcore: read kdump.conf from an arbitrary location
  - ccpp: use libreport 'at' functions
  - ccpp: use abort() to exit in debug mode
  - python2: stop generating dso_list in the process
  - python: stop collecting ENVIRON in the process
  - abrtd: details of processes from different PID NS
  - abrtd: save interesting process details
  - a-a-s-package-data: add python3.6 to known Interpreters
  - spec: update gdb Requires
  - tree-wide: make path to GDB configurable
  - a-a-ureport: print out exit codes in verbose mode
  - daemon: stop replacing analyzer with type



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