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glibc-common-2.31.9000-5.fc33 RPM for aarch64

From Fedora Rawhide for aarch64 / g

Name: glibc-common Distribution: Fedora Project
Version: 2.31.9000 Vendor: Fedora Project
Release: 5.fc33 Build date: Thu Mar 26 15:54:44 2020
Group: Unspecified Build host:
Size: 8422407 Source RPM: glibc-2.31.9000-5.fc33.src.rpm
Packager: Fedora Project
Summary: Common binaries and locale data for glibc
The glibc-common package includes common binaries for the GNU libc
libraries, as well as national language (locale) support.




LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2+ with exceptions and GPLv2+ and GPLv2+ with exceptions and BSD and Inner-Net and ISC and Public Domain and GFDL


* Wed Mar 25 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-5
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 4eda036f5b897fa8bc20ddd2099b5a6ed4239dc9.
  - stdlib: Move tst-system to tests-container
  - support/shell-container.c: Add builtin kill
  - support/shell-container.c: Add builtin exit
  - support/shell-container.c: Return 127 if execve fails
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-1751 (bug 25423)
  - posix: Fix system error return value [BZ #25715]
  - y2038: fix: Add missing libc_hidden_def attribute for some syscall wrappers
  - Extended Char Intro: Use getwc in example (Bug 25626)
  - stdio: Add tests for printf multibyte convertion leak [BZ#25691]
  - stdio: Remove memory leak from multibyte convertion [BZ#25691]
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-1752 (bug 25414)
  - math: Remove inline math tests
  - math: Remove mathinline
  - m68k: Remove mathinline.h
  - oc_FR locale: Fix spelling of Thursday (bug 25639)
  - x86: Remove ARCH_CET_LEGACY_BITMAP [BZ #25397]
  - Fix build with GCC 10 when long double = double.
  - nscd/cachedumper.c : fix whitespace
  - Fix nscd/cachedumper.c compile errors
  - manual: Fix inconsistent declaration of wcsrchr [BZ #24655]
  - nscd: add cache dumper
* Fri Mar 13 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2de7fe62534b7a6461c633114f03e9dff394f5f7.
  - parse_tunables: Fix typo in comment
  - ldconfig: trace origin paths with -v
  - test-container: print errno when execvp fails
  - [AArch64] Improve integer memcpy
  - Add NEWS entry for CVE-2020-10029 (bug 25487)
  - gcc PR 89877: miscompilation due to missing cc clobber in longlong.h macros
  - mips: Fix wrong INTERNAL_SYSCALL_ERROR_P check from bc2eb9321e
  - elf: Fix wrong indentation from commit eb447b7b4b
  - y2038: linux: Provide __futimesat64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __lutimes64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __futimes64 implementation
  - y2038: fix: Add missing libc_hidden_def for __futimens64
  - sparc: Move sigreturn stub to assembly 
  - ldbl-128ibm: Let long double files have specific compiler flags
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add tests for IBM long double functions
  - powerpc: Fix feraiseexcept and feclearexcept macros
  - arm: Fix softp-fp Implies (BZ #25635)
  - Remove reference of --without-fp on configure
  - linux/sysipc: Include linux/posix_types.h for __kernel_mode_t
  - Improve IFUNC check [BZ #25506]
  - linux: Clear mode_t padding bits (BZ#25623)
  - linux: Remove aarch64 ipc_priv.h
  - Linux: Use __fstatat64 in fchmodat implementation
  - Linux: Use AT_FDCWD in utime, utimes when calling utimensat
  - S390: Remove backchain-based fallback and use generic backtrace.c.
  - manual: Fix wrong declaration of wcschr [BZ #24654]
  - manual: Fix typo in parse_printf_format example [BZ #24638]
* Thu Mar 05 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.31.9000-3
  - Emergency patch for broken utimes/utime functions
* Tue Mar 03 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-2
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 78c9d0c6efabe2067ef7f93cd36325f54c60adc2.
  - Update translations
  - Convert Python scripts to Python 3
  - alpha: Do not build with -fpic
  - y2038: linux: Provide __utime64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __utimes64 implementation
  - y2038: Introduce struct __utimbuf64 - new internal glibc type
  - microblaze: vfork is always available
  - m68k: getpagesize syscall number is always available
  - Linux: epoll_pwait syscall number is always available
  - x86_64: Do not define __NR_semtimedop in <sysdep.h>
  - ia64: Do not define __NR_semtimedop in <sysdep.h>
  - Linux: open_by_handle_at syscall number is always available
  - Linux: set_robust_list syscall number is always available
  - Linux: pciconfig_iobase syscall number is always available on alpha
  - Linux: getdents64 syscall number is always available on MIPS
  - Linux: Clean up preadv2, pwritev2 system call names
  - Linux: exit_group syscall number is always available
  - Linux: set_tid_address syscall number is always available
  - Linux: pkey_mprotect syscall number is always available
  - Linux: rt_sigqueueinfo syscall number is always available
  - Linux: getrandom syscall number is always available
  - Linux: Clean up preadv, pwritev system call names
  - Linux: Clean up pread64/pwrite64 system call names
  - Linux: sigaltstack syscall number is always available
  - Linux: sched_getaffinity syscall number is always available
  - Linux: sched_setaffinity syscall number is always available
  - Linux: statx syscall number is always available
  - Linux: mq_* syscall numbers are always available
  - Linux: mlock2 syscall number is always available
  - Linux: copy_file_range syscall number is always available
  - Linux: renameat2 syscall number is always available
  - Add list-compilers, list-glibcs commands
  - Add --shallow option
  - Fixed typo in run_command_array() in support/shell-container.c
  - Add missing libc_hidden_def for __utimensat64
  - elf: Add elf/check-wx-segment, a test for the presence of WX segments
  - i386: Use comdat instead of .gnu.linkonce for i386 setup pic register (BZ #20543)
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: link tst-ldbl-efgcvt against loader too
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: enforce ibm128 on compat tests
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Provide nexttoward functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Provide a significand implementation
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Redirect complex math functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Redirect long double functions to f128/ieee128 functions
  - posix: Remove posix waitid
  - posix: Refactor tst-waitid (BZ #14666)
  - support: Add support_process_state_wait
  - malloc/tst-mallocfork2: Kill lingering process for unexpected failures
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.31.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 758599bc9dcc5764e862bd9e1613c5d1e6efc5d3.
  - elf: Apply attribute_relro to pointers in elf/dl-minimal.c
  - powerpc: Refactor fenvinline.h
  - csu: Use ELF constructor instead of _init in
  - ldbl-128ibm: make ieee754.h work with IEEE 128 long double
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: fixup subdir location of several funcs
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: enforce correct abi flags on internal file
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Provide ieee128 symbols to narrow functions
  - Undefine redirections after long double definition on __LDBL_COMPAT [BZ #23294]
  - nios2: Fix Linux kABI for syscall return
  - Fix use-after-free in glob when expanding ~user (bug 25414)
  - nptl: Move pthread_setschedparam implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_getschedparam implementation into libc
  - Add hidden prototypes for __sched_getparam, __sched_getscheduler
  - nptl: Move pthread_cond_init implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_cond_destroy implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_condattr_init implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_condattr_destroy implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_setscope implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_getscope implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_setschedpolicy implementation into libc
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_getschedpolicy implementation into libc
  - nptl: Sort routines list in Makefile alphabetically
  - nptl: Use .NOTPARALLEL in Makefile only if actually running tests
  - Block all signals on timer_create thread (BZ#10815)
  - Fix tst-pkey expectations on pkey_get [BZ #23202]
  - y2038: linux: Provide __gettimeofday64 implementation
  - Linux: Work around kernel bugs in chmod on /proc/self/fd paths [BZ #14578]
  - Introduce <elf-initfini.h> and ELF_INITFINI for all architectures
  - mips: Fix bracktrace result for signal frames
  - Move implementation of <file_change_detection.h> into a C file
  - <fd_to_filename.h>: Add type safety and port to Hurd
  - Prepare redirections for IEEE long double on powerpc64le
  - conform/ Extend tokenizer to cover character constants
  - stdlib: Reduce namespace pollution in <inttypes.h>
  - x86: Avoid single-argument _Static_assert in <tls.h>
  - x86 tls: Use _Static_assert for TLS access size assertion
  - htl: Link internal htl tests against libpthread
  - pthread: Fix building tst-robust8 with nptl
  - pthread: Move robust mutex tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Remove stub warning for pthread_mutexattr_setpshared
  - htl: Add missing functions and defines for robust mutexes
  - htl: Only check pthread_self coherency when DEBUG is set
  - hurd tls: update comment about fields at the end of tcbhead
  - Do not export free/calloc/malloc/realloc functions [BZ #25486]
  - Remove weak declaration of free from <inline-hashtab.h>
  - elf: Extract _dl_sym_post, _dl_sym_find_caller_map from elf/dl-sym.c
  - elf: Introduce the rtld-stubbed-symbols makefile variable
  - arm: fix use of INTERNAL_SYSCALL_CALL
  - nptl: Remove ununsed pthread-errnos.h rule
  - linux: Consolidate INLINE_SYSCALL
  - s390: Consolidate Linux syscall definition
  - riscv: Avoid clobbering register parameters in syscall
  - microblaze: Avoid clobbering register parameters in syscall
  - nios2: Use Linux kABI for syscall return
  - mips: Use Linux kABI for syscall return
  - mips64: Consolidate Linux sysdep.h
  - ia64: Use Linux kABI for syscall return
  - alpha: Refactor syscall and Use Linux kABI for syscall return
  - sparc: Avoid clobbering register parameters in syscall
  - sparc: Use Linux kABI for syscall return
  - powerpc: Use Linux kABI for syscall return
  - powerpc: Consolidate Linux syscall definition
  - i386: Enable CET support in ucontext functions
  - tst-clone3: Use __NR_futex_time64 if we don't have __NR_futex
  - powerpc64: Add memory protection key support [BZ #23202]
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Provide a scalb implementation
  - Add a generic scalb implementation
  - Adjust thresholds in Bessel function implementations (bug 14469).
  - resolv: Fix ABA race in /etc/resolv.conf change detection [BZ #25420]
  - resolv: Enhance __resolv_conf_load to capture file change data
  - resolv: Fix file handle leak in __resolv_conf_load [BZ #25429]
  - resolv: Use <file_change_detection.h> in __resolv_conf_get_current
  - Add STATX_ATTR_VERITY from Linux 5.5 to bits/statx-generic.h.
  - Use gcc -finput-charset=ascii for check-installed-headers.
  - math/test-sinl-pseudo: Use stack protector only if available
  - alpha: Fix static gettimeofday symbol
  - nss: Add function types and NSS_DECLARE_MODULE_FUNCTIONS macro to <nss.h>
  - nss_compat: Do not use nss_* names for function pointers
  - Avoid ldbl-96 stack corruption from range reduction of pseudo-zero (bug 25487).
  - mips: Fix argument passing for inlined syscalls on Linux [BZ #25523]
  - mips: Use 'long int' and 'long long int' in linux syscall code
  - alpha: Use generic gettimeofday implementation
  - sunrpc: Properly clean up if tst-udp-timeout fails
  - elf: avoid stack allocation in dl_open_worker
  - elf: avoid redundant sort in dlopen
  - elf: Allow dlopen of filter object to work [BZ #16272]
  - Update translations
  - Rename RWF_WRITE_LIFE_NOT_SET to RWH_WRITE_LIFE_NOT_SET following Linux 5.5.
  - S390: Fix non-ascii character in fenv.h.
  - io: Add io/tst-lchmod covering lchmod and fchmodat
  - Linux: Emulate fchmodat with AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOW using O_PATH [BZ #14578]
  - io: Implement lchmod using fchmodat [BZ #14578]
  - Add internal <file_change_detection.h> header file
  - elf.h: Add R_RISCV_IRELATIVE
  - Fix typo in the name for Wednesday in Kurdish [BZ #9809]
  - debug: Add missing locale dependencies of fortify tests
  - htl C11 threads: Avoid pthread_ symbols visibility in static library
  - hurd: Add __pthread_spin_wait and use it
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: set PRINTF_CHK flag in {,v}sprintf_chk
  - Use --disable-gdbserver in
  - Improve random memcpy benchmark
  - nptl: update default pthread-offsets.h
  - nptl: add missing pthread-offsets.h
  - htl: Avoid a local plt for pthread_self
  - pthread: Move some join tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Make joining self return EDEADLK
  - pthread: Move most barrier tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Fix barrier_wait with one thread
  - pthread: Move most sem tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Make sem_wait/sem_timedwait interruptible
  - htl: Make sem_open return ENOSYS
  - htl: Add support for semaphore maximum value
  - pthread: Move key tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - hurd: Make nanosleep a cancellation point
  - htl: Add support for libc cancellation points
  - htl: clean __pthread_get_cleanup_stack hidden proto
  - htl: XFAIL rwlock tests which need pshared support
  - pthread: Move some rwlock tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - pthread: Move most once tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: support cancellation during pthread_once
  - pthread: Move most cond tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: make pthread_cond_destroy return EBUSY on waiters
  - htl: Report missing mutex lock on pthread_cond_*wait
  - htl: Fix linking static testcases
  - htl: Move __register_atfork from forward to own file
  - pthread: Move some attr tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Fix default guard size
  - pthread: Move most mutex tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - pthread: Move spin tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: make pthread_spin_lock really spin
  - htl: Avoid check-installed-headers looking at inlines
  - htl: Do not put spin_lock inlines in public headers
  - pthread: Move basic tests from nptl to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Fix calling pthread_exit in the child of a fork
  - x86: Remove <bits/select.h> and use the generic version
  - C11 threads: Move implementation to sysdeps/pthread
  - htl: Add C11 threads types definitions
  - C11 threads: make thrd_join more portable
  - C11 threads: Fix thrd_t / pthread_t compatibility assertion
  - C11 threads: do not require PTHREAD_DESTRUCTOR_ITERATIONS
  - nptl: Move nptl-specific types to separate header
  - htl: Make __PTHREAD_ONCE_INIT more flexible
  - htl: Add support for C11 threads behavior
  - htl: Add missing internal functions declarations
  - htl: Rename _pthread_mutex_init/destroy to __pthread_mutex_init/destroy
  - htl: Move internal mutex/rwlock symbols to GLIBC_PRIVATE
  - Linux: Add io/tst-o_path-locks test
  - support: Add the xlstat function
  - htl: Remove duplicate files
  - htl: Remove unused files
  - resolv: Fix CNAME chaining in resolv/tst-resolv-ai_idn-common.c
  - Remove a comment claiming that sin/cos round correctly.
  - y2038: linux: Provide __settimeofday64 implementation
  - y2038: Provide conversion helpers for struct __timeval64
  - y2038: alpha: Rename valid_timeval64_to_timeval to valid_timeval_to_timeval32
  - y2038: alpha: Rename valid_timeval_to_timeval64 to valid_timeval32_to_timeval
  - y2038: Introduce struct __timeval64 - new internal glibc type
  - y2038: Define __suseconds64_t type to be used with struct __timeval64
  - Update kernel version to 5.5 in
  - Update syscall lists for Linux 5.5.
  - NEWS: Set fill-column hint to 72
  - y2038: linux: Provide __timespec_get64 implementation
  - Use binutils 2.34 branch in
  - Run nptl/tst-pthread-getattr in a container
  - test-container: add exec, cwd
  - Use Linux 5.5 in
  - rt: avoid PLT setup in timer_[sg]ettime
  - Update or_IN collation [BZ #22525]
  - Fix ckb_IQ [BZ #9809]
  - Add new locale: ckb_IQ (Kurdish/Sorani spoken in Iraq) [BZ #9809]
  - Wrap at 72 chars
  - y2038: linux: Provide __sched_rr_get_interval64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __timerfd_settime64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __timerfd_gettime64 implementation
  - i386: Remove _exit.S
  - i386: Use ENTRY/END in assembly codes
  - i386-mcount.S: Add _CET_ENDBR to _mcount and __fentry__
  - i386/sub_n.S: Add a missing _CET_ENDBR to indirect jump target
  - i386: Don't unnecessarily save and restore EAX, ECX and EDX [BZ# 25262]
  - x86: Don't make 2 calls to dlerror () in a row
  - Open master for 2.32 development
* Mon Feb 03 2020 DJ Delorie <> - 2.31-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.31/master,
    commit 9ea3686266dca3f004ba874745a4087a89682617.
  - glibc 2.31 release
  - Generate ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.20 for 2.31
  - Add bugs fixed in 2.31 in NEWS
  - Update newest tested versions of dependencies in install.texi
  - Add more contributors to the manual
  - Add note to NEWS about kernel headers dependency on risc-v
  - Add Portuguese (Portugal) translation
  - Add NEWS entry about 64-bit time_t syscall use on 32-bit targets
  - nptl: Avoid using PTHREAD_MUTEX_DEFAULT in macro definition [BZ #25271]
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-33
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 352bb99754ae7c83ff1b974f9c52244e974c9410.
  - Build raise with -fasynchronous-unwind-tables.
  - Fix locale/tst-locale-locpath cross-testing when sshd sets LANG.
  - Fix elf/tst-rtld-preload cross-testing.
  - Fix cross-testing of tst-ifunc-fault-* tests.
  - gitlog-to-changelog: Drop scripts in favour of gnulib version
  - Add NEWS entry about the change in handling of PT_GNU_STACK on MIPS
  - Fix array overflow in backtrace on PowerPC (bug 25423)
  - getaddrinfo: Fix resource leak after strdup failure in gethosts (swbz#25425)
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Fedora Release Engineering <>
  - Rebuilt for
* Mon Jan 20 2020 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-31
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 92ce43eef7ac844782d50a8015d977d216fbadec.
  - Run bench-timing-type with newly built libc.
  - Get rid of Werror=maybe-uninitialized in res_send.c.
  - translations: Update translations
  - translations: Trim po files using msgattrib
  - Update translations
  - translations: Run msgmerge when downloading translations
  - Fix maybe-uninitialized error on powerpc
  - powerpc32: Fix syntax error in __GLRO macro
  - Remove incorrect alloc_size attribute from pvalloc (swbz#25401)
* Fri Jan 17 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30.9000-30
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 70ba28f7ab2923d4e36ffc9d5d2e32357353b25c:
  - Fix tst-pkey.c pkey_alloc return checks and manual
  - powerpc: Move cache line size to rtld_global_ro
  - powerpc: Initialize rtld_global_ro for static dlopen (swbz#20802)
  - Revert outdated translations
  - vcs-to-changelog: Add quirk for __nonnull
  - elf: Add elf/tst-dlopenfail-2 (swbz#25396, #1395758)
  - Clear GL(dl_initfirst) when freeing its link_map (swbz#25396, #1395758)
  - Update Translations
  - Fix "elf: Add tst-ldconfig-ld_so_conf-update test" on 32bit.
  - elf: Add tst-ldconfig-ld_so_conf-update test
  - sl_SI locale: Use "." as the thousands separator (swbz#25233)
* Mon Jan 06 2020 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.30.9000-29
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit cbce69e70dc4b04fefcc7257e593733b8b03856c:
  - Multiple locales: Add date_fmt (bug 24054)
  - Update libc.pot for 2.31 release
  - Add libm_alias_finite for _finite symbols
  - Linux: Fix clock_nanosleep time64 check
  - linux: Fix vDSO macros build with time64 interfaces
  - x86: Make x32 use x86 time implementation
  - Remove vDSO support from
  - linux: Update x86 vDSO symbols
  - linux: Update mips vDSO symbols
  - linux: Consolidate Linux gettimeofday
  - linux: Consolidate time implementation
  - elf: Enable relro for static build
  - elf: Move vDSO setup to rtld (BZ#24967)
  - linux: Add support for clock_gettime64 vDSO
  - linux: Optimize fallback 32-bit clock_gettime
  - linux: Enable vDSO clock_gettime64 for i386
  - linux: Enable vDSO clock_gettime64 for arm
  - linux: Enable vDSO clock_gettime64 for mips
  - linux: Add support for clock_getres64 vDSO
  - linux: Optimize fallback 32-bit clock_getres
  - htl: Use dso_handle.h
  - htl: Drop common tcbhead_t definition
  - htl: Move pthread_atfork to libc_nonshared.a
  - htl: Add __errno_location and __h_errno_location
  - hurd: Fix message reception for timer_thread
* Thu Jan 02 2020 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30.9000-28
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit cc47d5c5f53f6d845ac54698ae8929af15662c44:
  - Linux: Use built-in system call tables
  - lv_LV locale: Correct the time part of d_t_fmt (swbz#25324)
  - km_KH locale: Use "%M" instead of "m" in d_t_fmt (swbz#25323)
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Do not mix -mabi=*longdouble and -mlong-double-128
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Compiler flags for stdio functions
  - Do not redirect calls to __GI_* symbols, when redirecting to *ieee128
  - aarch64: add default memcpy version for kunpeng920
  - aarch64: ifunc rename for kunpeng
  - aarch64: Modify error-shown comments for strcpy
  - linux: Consolidate sigprocmask
  - Fix return code for __libc_signal_* functions
  - nptl: Remove duplicate internal __SIZEOF_PTHREAD_MUTEX_T (swbz#25241)
* Thu Dec 26 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.30.9000-27
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit b8c210bcc74840d24c61d39bde15bea9daf3e271.
  - mnw_MM, my_MM, and shn_MM locales: Do not use %Op
  - Avoid compat symbols for totalorder in powerpc64le IEEE long double
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add *cvt functions
  - Refactor *cvt functions implementation (2/2)
  - Refactor *cvt functions implementation (1/2)
  - Add exception-based flags for wait4
  - aarch64: Optimized memset for Kunpeng processor.
  - aarch64: Optimized strlen for strlen_asimd
  - aarch64: Add Huawei Kunpeng to tunable cpu list
  - aarch64: Optimized implementation of memrchr
  - aarch64: Optimized implementation of strnlen
  - aarch64: Optimized implementation of strcpy
  - aarch64: Optimized implementation of memcmp
  - Consolidate wait3 implementations
  - Implement waitpid in terms of wait4
  - linux: Use waitid on wait4 if __NR_wait4 is not defined
  - Implement wait in terms of waitpid
  - nptl: Move waitpid implementation to libc
  - nptl: Move wait implementation to libc
  - Remove __waitpid_nocancel
  - Fix test isolation for elf/tst-ifunc-fault-lazy, elf/tst-ifunc-fault-bindnow
  - Fix __libc_signal_block_all on sparc64
  - powerpc: Do not run IFUNC resolvers for LD_DEBUG=unused [BZ #24214]
* Thu Dec 19 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-26
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3dcad8158f43d71d5b8f6f317f82952ddf3468f3.
  - hurd: Do not make sigprocmask available in
  - Do not build C++ PCHs by default
  - hurd: Make getrandom honour GRND_NONBLOCK
  - tunables: report sbrk() failure
  - Add mipsisa64r6el-linux-gnu target
  - mips: Do not include hi and lo in __SYSCALL_CLOBBERS for R6
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add ISO C99 versions of scanf functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Fix selection of GNU and ISO C99 scanf
  - hurd: Fix local PLT
  - dlopen: Do not block signals
  - dlopen: Rework handling of pending NODELETE status
  - dlopen: Fix issues related to NODELETE handling and relocations
  - hurd: Fix __close_nocancel_nostatus availability
  - hurd: add getrandom and getentropy implementations
  - hurd: Implement __close_nocancel_nostatus
  - manual: clarify fopen with the x flag
  - S390: Use sysdeps/ieee754/dbl-64/wordsize-64 on s390x.
  - S390: Implement roundtoint and converttoint and define TOINT_INTRINSICS.
  - S390: Implement math-barriers math_opt_barrier and math_force_eval.
  - S390: Use libc_fe* macros in fe* functions.
  - S390: Implement libc_fe* macros.
  - S390: Use convert-to-fixed instruction for llround functions.
  - S390: Use convert-to-fixed instruction for lround functions.
  - S390: Use convert-to-fixed instruction for llrint functions.
  - S390: Use convert-to-fixed instruction for lrint functions.
  - S390: Use load-fp-integer instruction for roundeven functions.
  - Adjust s_copysignl.c regarding code style.
  - Adjust s_ceilf.c and s_ceill.c regarding code style.
  - Adjust s_floorf.c and s_floorl.c regarding code style.
  - Adjust s_rintf.c and s_rintl.c regarding code style.
  - Adjust s_nearbyintf.c and s_nearbyintl.c regarding code style.
  - Use GCC builtins for copysign functions if desired.
  - Use GCC builtins for round functions if desired.
  - Use GCC builtins for trunc functions if desired.
  - Use GCC builtins for ceil functions if desired.
  - Use GCC builtins for floor functions if desired.
  - Use GCC builtins for rint functions if desired.
  - Use GCC builtins for nearbyint functions if desired.
  - Always use wordsize-64 version of s_round.c.
  - Always use wordsize-64 version of s_trunc.c.
  - Always use wordsize-64 version of s_ceil.c.
  - Always use wordsize-64 version of s_floor.c.
  - Always use wordsize-64 version of s_rint.c.
  - Always use wordsize-64 version of s_nearbyint.c.
  - ldconfig: Do not print a warning for a missing file
  - hurd: Fix using altstack while in an RPC call to be aborted
  - Fix failure when CFLAGS contains -DNDEBUG (Bug 25251)
* Mon Dec 09 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-25
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0487ebed2278b20971af4cabf186fd3681adccf0.
  - nptl: Add more missing placeholder abi symbol from nanosleep move
  - sysdeps/riscv/start.S: rename .Lload_gp to load_gp (bug 24376)
  - y2038: linux: Provide __timer_settime64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __timer_gettime64 implementation
  - timer: Decouple x86_64 specific timer_settime from generic Linux implementation
  - timer: Decouple x86_64 specific timer_gettime from generic Linux implementation
  - time: Introduce glibc's internal struct __itimerspec64
  - Correct range checking in mallopt/mxfast/tcache [BZ #25194]
  - misc/test-errno-linux: Handle EINVAL from quotactl
  - <string.h>: Define __CORRECT_ISO_CPP_STRING_H_PROTO for Clang [BZ #25232]
  - Move sparcv8 to extra_glibcs
* Thu Dec 05 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30.9000-24
  - Upstream patches for fallout from dlopen NODELETE changes (#1778344, #1778366)
* Wed Dec 04 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-23
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ec138c67cbda8b5826a0a2a7ba456408117996dc.
  - sysdeps: Add clock_gettime64 vDSO
  - Do not use to open statically linked programs in
  - Attach to test in container from
  - Expand $(as-needed) and $(no-as-needed) throughout the build system
  - x86: Assume --enable-cet if GCC defaults to CET [BZ #25225]
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add tests for strfroml, strtold, and wcstold
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add tests for strfmon and strfmon_l
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add strfmon_l with IEEE long double format
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Replace http with https in new files
  - elf: Do not run IFUNC resolvers for LD_DEBUG=unused [BZ #24214]
  - elf/tst-dlopenfail: Disable --no-as-needed for
  - hurd: Fix __access override from libc
  - hurd: Fix __getcwd override from libc
  - hurd: Make __sigprocmask GLIBC_PRIVATE
  - hurd: Fix renameat2 error
  - hurd: make strerror(0) coherent with other ports
  - hurd: Fix link
  - Update kernel version to 5.4 in
  - Update SOMAXCONN value from Linux 5.4.
  - Update syscall-names.list for Linux 5.4.
  - Fix syntax error in
  - Define MADV_COLD and MADV_PAGEOUT from Linux 5.4.
* Mon Dec 02 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30.9000-22
  - dlopen: Remove incorrect assert in activate_nodelete (#1778344)
* Thu Nov 28 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30.9000-21
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e37c2cf299b61ce18f62852f6c5624c27829b610:
  - Move _dl_open_check to its original place in dl_open_worker
  - Block signals during the initial part of dlopen
  - Remove all loaded objects if dlopen fails, ignoring NODELETE (#1395758)
  - Avoid late dlopen failure due to scope, TLS slotinfo updates (swbz#25112)
  - Avoid late failure in dlopen in global scope update (swbz#25112)
  - Lazy binding failures during dlopen/dlclose must be fatal (swbz#24304)
  - resolv: Implement trust-ad option for /etc/resolv.conf (#1164339)
  - dlsym: Do not determine caller link map if not needed
  - libio: Disable vtable validation for pre-2.1 interposed handles (swbz#25203)
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add syslog functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add obstack printing functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Reuse tests for err.h and error.h functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add error.h functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add err.h functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add argp_error and argp_failure
  - sparc: Use atomic compiler builtins on sparc
  - Remove 32 bit sparc v7 support
* Wed Nov 27 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.30.9000-20
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit bfdb731438206b0f70fe7afa890681155c30b419:
  - rtld: Check __libc_enable_secure for LD_PREFER_MAP_32BIT_EXEC (CVE-2019-19126)
  - Introduce DL_LOOKUP_FOR_RELOCATE flag for _dl_lookup_symbol_x
  - Enable inlining issignalingf within glibc
  - Don't use a custom wrapper macro around __has_include (bug 25189).
  - Remove duplicate inline implementation of issignalingf
  - misc: Set generic pselect as ENOSYS
  - Use DEPRECATED_SCANF macro for remaining C99-compliant scanf functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add regular/wide character printing printing functions
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Test double values and positional arguments
  - ldbl-128ibm-compat: Add regular/wide character scanning functions
  - arm: Fix armv7 selection after 'Split BE/LE abilist'
  - Use Linux 5.4 in
  - sysdeps/posix: Simplify if expression in getaddrinfo
  - sysdeps/posix/getaddrinfo: Return early on invalid address family
  - ru_UA locale: use copy "ru_RU" in LC_TIME (bug 25044)
  - locale: Greek -> ASCII transliteration table [BZ #12031]
  - nptl: Cleanup mutex internal offset tests
  - nptl: Add tests for internal pthread_rwlock_t offsets
  - nptl: Remove rwlock elision definitions
  - nptl: Add struct_mutex.h and struct_rwlock.h
  - nptl: Add default pthreadtypes-arch.h and pthread-offsets.h
  - Compile elf/rtld.c with -fno-tree-loop-distribute-patterns.
  - S390: Fix handling of needles crossing a page in strstr z15 ifunc [BZ #25226]
* Mon Nov 18 2019 Patsy Griffin <> - 2.30.9000-19
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2a764c6ee848dfe92cb2921ed3b14085f15d9e79.
  - Enhance _dl_catch_exception to allow disabling exception handling
  - hurd: Suppress GCC 10 -Warray-bounds warning in init-first.c [BZ #25097]
  - linux: Add comment on affinity set sizes to tst-skeleton-affinity.c
  - Avoid zero-length array at the end of struct link_map [BZ #25097]
  - Introduce link_map_audit_state accessor function
  - Properly initialize audit cookie for the dynamic loader [BZ #25157]
  - nios2: Work around backend bug triggered by csu/libc-tls.c (GCC PR 92499)
  - Redefine _IO_iconv_t to store a single gconv step pointer [BZ #25097]
  - Add new script for plotting string benchmark JSON output
  - support: Fix support_set_small_thread_stack_size to build on Hurd
  - login: Use pread64 in utmp implementation
  - Clarify purpose of assert in _dl_lookup_symbol_x
  - aarch64: Increase small and medium cases for __memcpy_generic
  - login: Introduce matches_last_entry to utmp processing
* Tue Nov 12 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.30.9000-18
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit cba932a5a9e91cffd7f4172d7e91f9b2efb1f84b:
  - nptl: Move nanosleep implementation to libc
  - Refactor nanosleep in terms of clock_nanosleep
  - nptl: Refactor thrd_sleep in terms of clock_nanosleep
  - math: enhance the endloop condition of function handle_input_flag
  - hurd: Remove lingering references to the time function
  - hurd: Use __clock_gettime in _hurd_select
  - login: Remove double-assignment of fl.l_whence in try_file_lock
  - nptl: Add missing placeholder abi symbol from nanosleep move
  - login: Acquire write lock early in pututline [BZ #24882]
  - Remove hppa pthreadP.h
  - sysdeps/clock_nanosleep: Use clock_nanosleep_time64 if avaliable
  - Fix array bounds violation in regex matcher (bug 25149)
  - support: Add support_set_small_thread_stack_size
  - linux: Reduce stack size for nptl/tst-thread-affinity-pthread
  - y2038: linux: Provide __ppoll64 implementation
  - Declare asctime_r, ctime_r, gmtime_r, localtime_r for C2X.
  - support: Add xsetlocale function
  - libio/tst-fopenloc: Use xsetlocale, xfopen, and xfclose
  - Fix clock_nanosleep when interrupted by a signal
  - slotinfo in struct dtv_slotinfo_list should be flexible array [BZ #25097]
* Wed Nov 06 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2a0356e1191804d57005e1cfe2a72f019b7a8cce.
  - posix: Sync regex with gnulib
  - Add mnw language code [BZ #25139]
  - Add new locale: mnw_MM (Mon language spoken in Myanmar) [BZ #25139]
  - S390: Fp comparison are now raising FE_INVALID with gcc 10.
  - linux: pselect: Remove CALL_PSELECT6 macro
  - Fix run-one-test so that it runs elf tests
  - nptl: Fix niggles with pthread_clockjoin_np
  - hppa: Align __clone stack argument to 8 bytes (Bug 25066)
  - y2038: linux: Provide __futimens64 implementation
  - y2038: linux: Provide __utimensat64 implementation
  - nptl: Add pthread_timedjoin_np, pthread_clockjoin_np NULL timeout test
  - nptl: Add pthread_clockjoin_np
  - manual: Add documentation for pthread_tryjoin_np and pthread_timedjoin_np
  - nptl: Convert tst-join3 to use libsupport
  - Sync time/mktime.c with gnulib
  - Sync timespec-{add,sub} with gnulib
  - Sync intprops.h with gnulib
  - Refactor adjtimex based on clock_adjtime
  - Refactor PI mutexes internal definitions
  - Remove pause and nanosleep not cancel wrappers
  - nptl: Replace non cancellable pause/nanosleep with futex
  - Consolidate lowlevellock-futex.h
  - Consolidate futex-internal.h
  - Base max_fast on alignment, not width, of bins (Bug 24903)
  - Revise the documentation of simple calendar time.
  - Make second argument of gettimeofday as 'void *'
  - Use clock_gettime to implement gettimeofday.
  - Use clock_gettime to implement timespec_get.
  - Consolidate and deprecate ftime
  - Change most internal uses of time to __clock_gettime.
  - Use clock_gettime to implement time.
  - Use clock_settime to implement settimeofday.
  - Use clock_settime to implement stime; withdraw stime.
  - Change most internal uses of __gettimeofday to __clock_gettime.
  - Linux/Alpha: don't use timeval32 system calls.
  - resolv/tst-idna_name_classify: Isolate from system libraries
  - hurd: Support for file record locking
  - Comment out initgroups from example nsswitch.conf (Bug 25146)
* Mon Oct 28 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-16
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 177a3d48a1c74d7b2cd6bfd48901519d25a5ecad.
  - y2038: linux: Provide __clock_getres64 implementation
  - time: Introduce function to check correctness of nanoseconds value
  - Add Transliterations for Unicode Misc. Mathematical Symbols-A/B [BZ #23132]
  - Install charmaps uncompressed in testroot
  - Add wait-for-debugger test harness hooks
  - hurd: Fix build after __pread64 usage in the dynamic loader
  - sysdeps/stat: Handle 64-bit ino_t types on 32-bit hosts
  - S390: Remove not needed stack frame in syscall function.
* Fri Oct 25 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-15
  - Add *.mo files to all-langpacks (#1624528)
* Thu Oct 24 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-14
  - Add Requires on basesystem for main package (#1757267)
  - Add Requires on coreutils for glibc-headers (uses rm)
* Wed Oct 23 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.30.9000-13
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 7db1fe38de21831d53ceab9ae83493d8d1aec601:
  - Include <kernel-features.h> explicitly in Linux clock_settime.c
  - Remove math-finite.h
  - Remove finite-math tests
  - Remove x64 _finite tests and references
  - Fix testroot.pristine creation copying dynamic linker
* Fri Oct 18 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-12
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ef21bd2d8c6805c0c186a01f7c5039189f51b8c4.
  - loadarchive: guard against locale-archive corruption (Bug #25115)
  - Undo accidental commit to ChangeLog.19.
  - nptl: Document AS-safe functions in cancellation.c.
  - elf: Use nocancel pread64() instead of lseek()+read()
  - Add nocancel version of pread64()
  - Add run-one-test convenience target and makefile help text
  - Update sysvipc kernel-features.h files for Linux 5.1
  - S390: Add new s390 platform z15.
  - nptl: SIGCANCEL, SIGTIMER, SIGSETXID are always defined
  - nptl/tst-cancel25 needs to be an internal test
  - Remove libc_hidden_def from __semtimedop stub
  - sysvipc: Implement semop based on semtimedop
  - ipc: Refactor sysvipc internal definitions
  - Rename and split elf/tst-dlopen-aout collection of tests
  - dlfcn: Remove remnants of caller sensitivity from dlinfo
  - ldconfig: handle .dynstr located in separate segment (bug 25087)
  - ldd: Print "not a dynamic executable" on standard error [BZ #24150]
  - Add PTRACE_GET_SYSCALL_INFO from Linux 5.3 to sys/ptrace.h.
  - Move ChangeLog to ChangeLog.old/ChangeLog.19
  - manual: Remove warning in the documentation of the abort function
  - sysvipc: Set ipc_perm mode as mode_t (BZ#18231)
  - Simplify note processing
  - syscall-names.list: fix typos in comment
  - y2038: linux: Provide __clock_settime64 implementation
  - posix: Use posix_spawn for wordexp
  - mips: Do not malloc on getdents64 fallback
  - sparc: Assume GOTDATA support in the toolchain
  - <dirent.h>: Remove wrong comment about getdents64 declaration
  - ChangeLog: Remove leading spaces before tabs and trailing whitespace
  - Make tst-strftime2 and tst-strftime3 depend on locale generation
  - posix/tst-wordexp-nocmd: Fix diagnostics output in test
  - wordexp: Split out command execution tests from posix/wordexp-test
* Tue Oct 08 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.30.9000-11
  - Adjust glibc-rh741105.patch.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit ca602c1536ce2777f95c07525f3c42d78812e665:
  - Add TCP_TX_DELAY from Linux 5.3 to netinet/tcp.h
  - [powerpc] fenv_private.h clean up
  - [powerpc] libc_feupdateenv_test: optimize FPSCR access
  - [powerpc] __fesetround_inline optimizations
  - [powerpc] Rename fegetenv_status to fegetenv_control
  - [powerpc] libc_feholdsetround_noex_ppc_ctx: optimize FPSCR write
  - [powerpc] Rename fesetenv_mode to fesetenv_control
  - Add helper script for glibc debugging
  - Update bits/mman.h constants and for Linux 5.3.
  - y2038: Provide conversion helpers for struct __timespec64
  - Use binutils 2.33 branch in
  - Sync "language", "lang_name", "territory", "country_name" with CLDR/langtable
  - Split up endian.h to minimize exposure of BYTE_ORDER.
  - time: Add padding for the timespec if required
  - Enable passing arguments to the inferior in
  - [powerpc] No need to enter "Ignore Exceptions Mode"
  - Y2038: Include proper header to provide support for struct timeval on HURD
  - Disable warnings in string/tester.c at top level.
  - string/endian.h: Restore the __USE_MISC conditionals
  - Disable -Wmaybe-uninitialized for total_deadline in sunrpc/clnt_udp.c.
  - ChangeLog update from my last commit
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_setinheritsched implementation into libc.
  - elf: Never use the file ID of the main executable [BZ #24900]
  - elf: Assign TLS modid later during dlopen [BZ #24930]
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_getschedparam implementation into libc
  - riscv: Remove support for variable page sizes
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_setschedparam implementation into libc
* Fri Sep 27 2019 Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <> - 2.30.9000-10
  - Use full locale names in langpack descriptions (#1651375)
* Thu Sep 26 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 464cd3a9d5f505d92bae9a941bb75b0d91ac14ee.
  - y2038: Introduce struct __timespec64 - new internal glibc type
  - auto-changelog: Remove latin1 from codecs
  - Set the expects flags to clock_nanosleep
  - Fix tst-sigcontext-get_pc rule name from a43565ac447b1
  - inet/net-internal.h: Fix uninitalised clntudp_call() variable
  - Fix vDSO initialization on arm and mips
  - Script to generate ChangeLog-like output from git log
  - [powerpc] SET_RESTORE_ROUND optimizations and bug fix
  - Fix building support_ptrace.c on i686-gnu.
  - S390: Use _HP_TIMING_S390_H instead of _HP_TIMING_H.
  - Update syscall-names.list for Linux 5.3.
  - Use Linux 5.3 in
  - S390: Add support for HP_TIMING_NOW.
  - Fix RISC-V vfork build with Linux 5.3 kernel headers.
  - Add UNSUPPORTED check in elf/tst-pldd.
  - sparc64: Use linux generic time implementation
  - mips: Consolidate INTERNAL_VSYSCALL_CALL
  - powerpc: Simplify vsyscall internal macros
  - Refactor vDSO initialization code
  - Fix small error in HP_TIMING_PRINT trailing null char setting
* Mon Sep 16 2019 Parag Nemade <pnemade AT redhat DOT com> - 2.30.9000-8
  - Change Supplements "langpacks-" to "langpacks-core-" (#1729992)
* Mon Sep 16 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-7
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 1a6566094d3097f4a3037ab5555cddc6cb11c3a3.
  - alpha: force old OSF1 syscalls for getegid, geteuid and getppid [BZ #24986]
  - Fix http: URL in 'configure'
  - Regenerate charmap-kw.h, locfile-kw.h
  - Fix three GNU license URLs, along with trailing-newline issues.
  - Prefer https to http for and URLs
* Fri Sep 06 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.30.9000-6
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 1b7f04070bd94f259e2ed24d6fb76309d64fb164.
  - locale: Avoid zero-length array in _nl_category_names [BZ #24962]
  - math: Replace const attribute with pure in totalorder* functions
  - y2038: Introduce the __ASSUME_TIME64_SYSCALLS define
  - Finish move of clock_* functions to libc. [BZ #24959]
  - Update Alpha libm-test-ulps
  - localedef: Use initializer for flexible array member [BZ #24950]
  - Add misc/tst-mntent-autofs, testing autofs "ignore" filtering
  - Use autofs "ignore" mount hint in getmntent_r/getmntent
  - hurd: Fix build
  - Use generic memset/memcpy/memmove in benchtests
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_getinheritsched implementation into libc
  - hurd: Fix SS_ONSTACK support
  - hurd: Remove optimizing anonymous maps as __vm_allocate.
  - hurd: Fix poll and select POSIX compliancy details about errors
  - hurd: Fix timeout handling in _hurd_select
  - hurd getcwd: Allow unknown root directory
  - hurd: Fix implementation of setitimer.
  - hurd: Fix _hurd_select for single fd sets
  - MIPS support for GNU hash
  - sh: Split BE/LE abilist
  - microblaze: Split BE/LE abilist
  - arm: Split BE/LE abilist
  - Correct the spelling of more contributors
  - Fix posix/tst-regex by using UTF-8 and own test input
  - [powerpc] fegetenv_status: simplify instruction generation
  - [powerpc] fesetenv: optimize FPSCR access
  - [powerpc] SET_RESTORE_ROUND improvements
  - [powerpc] fe{en,dis}ableexcept, fesetmode: optimize FPSCR accesses
  - [powerpc] fe{en,dis}ableexcept optimize bit translations
  - misc: Use allocate_once in getmntent
  - nptl: Move pthread_attr_setdetachstate implementation into libc
  - login: pututxline could fail to overwrite existing entries [BZ #24902]
  - Fix posix/tst-regex by using a dedicated input-file.
* Tue Aug 27 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-5
  - Move makedb from glibc-common to nss_db (#1704334)
* Mon Aug 26 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.30.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 1bced8cadc82077f0201801239e89eb24b68e9aa.
  - Don't put non-ASCII into installed headers
  - Fix spellings of contributor names in comments and doc
  - [MIPS] Raise highest supported EI_ABIVERSION value [SWBZ #24916]
  - mips: Force RWX stack for hard-float builds that can run on pre-4.8 kernels
  - linux: Make profil_counter a compat_symbol (SWBZ#17726)
  - Refactor sigcontextinfo.h
  - Add RTLD_SINGLE_THREAD_P on generic single-thread.h
  - Chinese locales: Set first_weekday to 2 (swbug 24682).
  - powerpc: Fix typos and field name in comments
  - Mark IDN tests unsupported with libidn2 before 2.0.5.
  - Document strftime %Ob and %OB as C2X features.
  - Remove dead regex code
  - Fix bad pointer / leak in regex code
  - Don't use the argument to time.
  - Add tgmath.h macros for narrowing functions.
  - Update i386 libm-test-ulps
* Mon Aug 19 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.30.9000-3
  - Drop glibc-fedora-nscd-warnings.patch; applied upstream.
  - Drop Source7: nsswitch.conf; applying patch to upstream.
  - Add glibc-fedora-nsswitch.patch for Fedora customizations.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit d34d4c80226b3f5a1b51a8e5b005a52fba07d7ba:
  - Do not print backtraces on fatal glibc errors.
  - elf: Self-dlopen failure with explict loader invocation (swbz#24900)
  - login: Add nonstring attributes to struct utmp, struct utmpx (swbz#24899)
  - login: Use struct flock64 in utmp (swbz#24880)
  - login: Disarm timer after utmp lock acquisition (swbz#24879)
* Fri Aug 16 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.30.9000-2
  - Fix C.UTF-8 to use full code ranges.
* Thu Aug 15 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 341da5b4b6253de9a7581a066f33f89cacb44dec.
* Fri Aug 02 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.30-1
  - Drop glibc-rh1734680.patch, applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.30/master,
    commit be9a328c93834648e0bec106a1f86357d1a8c7e1:
  - malloc: Remove unwanted leading whitespace in malloc_info (swbz#24867)
  - glibc 2.30 release
  - iconv: Revert steps array reference counting changes (#1734680)
  - Restore r31 setting in powerpc32 swapcontext
* Wed Jul 31 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-37
  - Fix memory leak in iconv_open (#1734680)
* Tue Jul 30 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-36
  - Drop glibc-rh1732406.patch, fix for the regression applied upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8a814e20d443adc460a1030fa1a66aa9ae817483:
  - nptl: Use uintptr_t for address diagnostic in nptl/tst-pthread-getattr
  - Linux: Move getdents64 to <dirent.h>
  - test-container: Install with $(sorted-subdirs) (swbz#24794)
  - gconv: Check reference count in __gconv_release_cache (#1732406)
  - x86-64: Compile branred.c with -mprefer-vector-width=128 (swbz#24603)
  - Use Linux 5.2 by default
  - Linux: Use in-tree copy of SO_ constants for !__USE_MISC (swbz#24532)
  - test-container: Avoid copying unintended system libraries
* Thu Jul 25 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <>
  - Rebuilt for
* Tue Jul 23 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-34
  - Revert libio change that causes crashes (#1732406)
* Mon Jul 22 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-33
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit dcf36bcad3f283f77893d3b157ef7bb2c99419f2.
  - Add NEWS entry about the new AArch64 IFUNC resolver call ABI
  - locale/ Cyrillic -> ASCII transliteration [BZ #2872]
  - Linux: Update syscall-names.list to Linux 5.2
* Thu Jul 18 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-32
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 3556658c5b8765480711b265abc901c67d5fc060.
  - Regenerate po/libc.pot for 2.30 release.
  - nptl: Add POSIX-proposed _clock functions to hppa pthread.h
  - nptl: Remove unnecessary forwarding of pthread_cond_clockwait from libc
  - Afar locales: Months and days updated from CLDR (bug 21897).
  - nl_BE locale: Use "copy "nl_NL"" in LC_NAME (bug 23996).
  - nl_BE and nl_NL locales: Dutch salutations (bug 23996).
  - ga_IE and en_IE locales: Revert first_weekday removal (bug 24200).
  - nptl: Remove futex_supports_exact_relative_timeouts
  - Update NEWS for new _clockwait and _clocklock functions
  - nptl: Add POSIX-proposed pthread_mutex_clocklock
  - nptl: Rename lll_timedlock to lll_clocklock and add clockid parameter
  - nptl: Add POSIX-proposed pthread_rwlock_clockrdlock & pthread_rwlock_clockwrlock
  - nptl: pthread_rwlock: Move timeout validation into _full functions
  - nptl: Add POSIX-proposed pthread_cond_clockwait
  - nptl: Add POSIX-proposed sem_clockwait
  - nptl: Add clockid parameter to futex timed wait calls
  - posix: Fix large mmap64 offset for mips64n32 (BZ#24699)
  - nss_db: fix endent wrt NULL mappings [BZ #24695] [BZ #24696]
* Wed Jul 10 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-31
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 30ba0375464f34e4bf8129f3d3dc14d0c09add17.
  - Don't declare __malloc_check_init in <malloc.h> (bug 23352)
  - nftw: fill in stat buf for dangling links [BZ #23501]
  - dl-vdso: Add LINUX_4 HASH CODE to support nds32 vdso mechanism
  - riscv: restore ABI compatibility (bug 24484)
  - aarch64: new ifunc resolver ABI
  - nptl: Remove vfork IFUNC-based forwarder from libpthread [BZ #20188]
  - malloc: Add nptl, htl dependency for the subdirectory [BZ #24757]
  - Call _dl_open_check after relocation [BZ #24259]
  - Linux: Use mmap instead of malloc in dirent/tst-getdents64
  - Support moving versioned symbols between sonames [BZ #24741]
  - io: Remove copy_file_range emulation [BZ #24744]
  - Linux: Adjust gedents64 buffer size to int range [BZ #24740]
  - powerpc: Use generic e_expf
  - Linux: Add nds32 specific syscalls to syscall-names.list
  - szl_PL locale: Fix a typo in the previous commit (bug 24652).
* Mon Jun 24 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-30
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 2bd81b60d6ffdf7e0d22006d69f4b812b1c80513.
  - szl_PL locale: Spelling corrections (swbz 24652).
  - nl_{AW,NL}: Correct the thousands separator and grouping (swbz 23831).
  - Add missing VDSO_{NAME,HASH}_* macros and use them for PREPARE_VERSION_KNOWN
  - nptl: Convert various tests to use libsupport
  - support: Invent verbose_printf macro
  - support: Add xclock_now helper function.
* Fri Jun 21 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-29
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 21cc130b78a4db9113fb6695e2b951e697662440:
  - During exit, skip wide buffer handling for legacy stdio handles (#1722216)
  - powerpc: add 'volatile' to asm
  - powerpc: Fix static-linked version of __ppc_get_timebase_freq (swbz#24640)
  - nl_AW locale: Correct the negative monetary format (swb#z24614)
  - Fix gcc 9 build errors for make xcheck. (swbz#24556)
  - dlfcn: Avoid one-element flexible array in Dl_serinfo (swbz#24166)
  - elf: Refuse to dlopen PIE objects (swbz#24323)
  - nl_NL locale: Correct the negative monetary format (swbz#24614)
  - powerpc: Refactor powerpc64 lround/lroundf/llround/llroundf
  - powerpc: refactor powerpc64 lrint/lrintf/llrint/llrintf
* Mon Jun 17 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-28
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 48c3c1238925410b4e777dc94e2fde4cc9132d44.
  - Linux: Fix __glibc_has_include use for <sys/stat.h> and statx (#1721129)
  - <sys/cdefs.h>: Inhibit macro expansion for __glibc_has_include
  - Add IPV6_ROUTER_ALERT_ISOLATE from Linux 5.1 to bits/in.h
  - aarch64: handle STO_AARCH64_VARIANT_PCS
  - powerpc: Remove optimized finite
  - math: Use wordsize-64 version for finite
  - powerpc: Remove optimized isinf
  - math: Use wordsize-64 version for isinf
  - powerpc: Remove optimized isnan
  - math: Use wordsize-64 version for isnan
  - benchtests: Add isnan/isinf/isfinite benchmark
  - powerpc: copysign cleanup
  - powerpc: consolidate rint
  - libio: freopen of default streams crashes in old programs (swbz#24632)
  - Linux: Deprecate <sys/sysctl.h> and sysctl
  - <sys/stat.h>: Use Linux UAPI header for statx if available and useful
  - <sys/cdefs.h>: Add __glibc_has_include macro
  - Improve performance of memmem
  - Improve performance of strstr
  - Benchmark strstr hard needles
  - Fix malloc tests build with GCC 10
* Mon Jun 10 2019 Patsy Franklin <> - 2.29.9000-27
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 51ea67d54882318c4fa5394c386f4816ddc22408.
  - powerpc: get_rounding_mode: utilize faster method to get rounding mode
  - riscv: Do not use __has_include__
  - powerpc: fegetexcept: utilize function instead of duplicating code
  - iconv: Use __twalk_r in __gconv_release_shlib
  - Fix iconv buffer handling with IGNORE error handler (swbz#18830)
* Wed Jun 05 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-26
  - Restore /usr/lib/locale/locale-archive under its original name (#1716710)
* Tue Jun 04 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-25
  - Add glibc version to locale-archive name (#1716710)
* Mon Jun 03 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-24
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit dc91a19e6f71e1523f4ac179191a29b2131d74bb:
  - Linux: Add oddly-named arm syscalls to syscall-names.list.
  - arm: Remove ioperm/iopl/inb/inw/inl/outb/outw/outl support.
  - Add INADDR_ALLSNOOPERS_GROUP from Linux 5.1 to netinet/in.h.
* Sat Jun 01 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-23
  - Convert glibc_post_upgrade to lua.
* Sat Jun 01 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-22
  - Remove support for filtering glibc-all-langpacks (#1715891)
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 9250e6610fdb0f3a6f238d2813e319a41fb7a810:
  - powerpc: Fix build failures with current GCC
  - Remove unused get_clockfreq files
  - powerpc: generic nearbyint/nearbyintf
  - tt_RU: Add lang_name (swbz#24370)
  - tt_RU: Fix orthographic mistakes in mon and abmon sections (swbz#24369)
  - Add IGMP_MRDISC_ADV from Linux 5.1 to netinet/igmp.h.
* Mon May 27 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.29.9000-21
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 85188d8211698d1a255f0aec6529546db5c56de3:
  - Remove support for PowerPC SPE extension
  - elf: Add tst-ldconfig-bad-aux-cache test
  - Add F_SEAL_FUTURE_WRITE from Linux 5.1 to bits/fcntl-linux.h
  - nss_dns: Check for proper A/AAAA address alignment
* Tue May 21 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-20
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 46ae07324b1cd50fbf8f37a076d6babcfca7c510.
  - Improve string benchtest timing
  - sysvipc: Add missing bit of semtimedop s390 consolidation
  - wcsmbs: Fix data race in __wcsmbs_clone_conv [swbz #24584]
  - libio: Fix gconv-related memory leak [swbz #24583]
  - libio: Remove codecvt vtable [swbz #24588]
  - support: Expose sbindir as support_sbindir_prefix
  - support: Add missing EOL terminators on timespec
  - support: Correct confusing comment
  - sysvipc: Consolidate semtimedop s390
  - sysvipc: Fix compat msgctl (swbz#24570)
  - Add NT_ARM_PACA_KEYS and NT_ARM_PACG_KEYS from Linux 5.1 to elf.h.
  - Small tcache improvements
  - manual: Document O_DIRECTORY
  - Update kernel-features.h files for Linux 5.1.
  - nss_nis, nss_nisplus: Remove RES_USE_INET6 handling
  - nss_files: Remove RES_USE_INET6 from hosts processing
  - support: Report NULL blobs explicitly in TEST_COMPARE
  - dlfcn: Guard __dlerror_main_freeres with __libc_once_get (once) [swbz# 24476]
  - Add missing Changelog entry
* Wed May 15 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-19
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 32ff397533715988c19cbf3675dcbd727ec13e18:
  - Fix crash in _IO_wfile_sync (#1710460)
  - nss: Turn __nss_database_lookup into a compatibility symbol
  - support: Add support_install_rootsbindir
  - iconv: Remove public declaration of __gconv_transliterate
  - Linux: Add the tgkill function
  - manual: Adjust twalk_r documentation.
  - elf: Fix tst-pldd for non-default --prefix and/or --bindir (swbz#24544)
  - support: Export bindir path on support_path
  - configure: Make --bindir effective
  - x86: Remove arch-specific low level lock implementation
  - nptl: Assume LLL_LOCK_INITIALIZER is 0
  - nptl: Small optimization for lowlevellock
  - Add single-thread.h header
  - locale: Update to Unicode 12.1.0 (swbz#24535)
  - malloc: Fix tcache count maximum (swbz#24531)
  - sem_close: Use __twalk_r
  - support: Fix timespec printf
  - nptl/tst-abstime: Use libsupport
  - nptl: Convert some rwlock tests to use libsupport
  - nptl: Use recent additions to libsupport in tst-sem5
  - nptl: Convert tst-cond11.c to use libsupport
  - support: Add timespec.h
  - Move nptl/tst-eintr1 to xtests (swbz#24537)
  - powerpc: trunc/truncf refactor
  - powerpc: round/roundf refactor
  - powerpc: floor/floorf refactor
  - support: Add xclock_gettime
  - malloc/tst-mallocfork2: Use process-shared barriers
  - Update syscall-names.list for Linux 5.1
  - Use GCC 9 in
  - aarch64: thunderx2 memmove performance improvements
  - misc/tst-tsearch: Additional explicit error checking
  - elf: Fix elf/tst-pldd with --enable-hardcoded-path-in-tests (swbz#24506)
  - misc: Add twalk_r function
* Thu May 02 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.29.9000-18
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 20aa5819586ac7ad11f711bab64feda307965191:
  - semaphore.h: Add nonnull attributes
  - powerpc: Remove power4 mpa optimization
  - powerpc: Refactor ceil/ceilf
  - Fix -O1 compilation errors with `__ddivl' and `__fdivl' [BZ #19444]
  - Make mktime etc. compatible with __time64_t
* Fri Apr 26 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-17
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit c57afec0a9b318bb691e0f5fa4e9681cf30df7a4:
  - Increase BIND_NOW coverage (#1702671)
  - Fix pldd hang (#1361689)
  - riscv: remove DL_RO_DYN_SECTION (swbz#24484)
  - locale: Add LOCPATH diagnostics to the locale program
  - Reduce benchtests time
* Mon Apr 22 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-16
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 25f7a3c96116a9102df8bf7b04ef160faa32416d.
  - malloc: make malloc fail with requests larger than PTRDIFF_MAX (BZ#23741)
  - powerpc: Fix format issue from 3a16dd780eeba602
  - powerpc: fma using builtins
  - powerpc: Use generic fabs{f} implementations
  - mips: Remove rt_sigreturn usage on context function
  - powerpc: Remove rt_sigreturn usage on context function
  - support: Add support_capture_subprogram
  - stdlib/tst-secure-getenv: handle >64 groups
* Mon Apr 15 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-15
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e3f454bac0f968216699ca405c127c858f0657c7:
  - nss_dns: Do not replace root domain with empty string
  - alloc_buffer: Return unqualified pointer type in alloc_buffer_next
  - malloc: Set and reset all hooks for tracing (swbz#16573)
* Thu Apr 11 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-14
  - Run valgrind smoke test against the install tree
* Thu Apr 11 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-13
  - Do not use --g-libs with; it breaks valgrind (#1698824)
* Wed Apr 10 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-12
  - Strip debugging information from installed programs again (#1661510)
* Tue Apr 09 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-11
  - Drop glibc-warning-fix.patch. Microbenchmark code fixed upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 648279f4af423c4783ec1dfa63cb7b46a7640217:
  - powerpc: Use generic wcscpy optimization
  - powerpc: Use generic wcschr optimization
  - powerpc: Use generic wcsrchr optimization
  - aarch64: thunderx2 memcpy implementation cleanup and streamlining
  - resolv: Remove support for RES_USE_INET6 and the inet6 option
  - resolv: Remove RES_INSECURE1, RES_INSECURE2
* Thu Apr 04 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.29.9000-10
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 8260f23616c1a2a4e609f989a195fba7690a42ca:
  - Fix strptime era handling, add more strftime tests [BZ #24394]
  - time/tst-strftime2.c: Make the file easier to maintain
  - time: Add tests for Minguo calendar [BZ #24293]
  - ja_JP locale: Add entry for the new Japanese era [BZ #22964]
  - Add Reiwa era tests to time/tst-strftime3.c
* Mon Apr 01 2019 Arjun Shankar <> - 2.29.9000-9
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 993e3107af67edefcfc79a62ae55f7b98aa5151e:
  - Add AArch64 HWCAPs from Linux 5.0
  - tt_RU: Fix orthographic mistakes in day and abday sections [BZ #24296]
  - iconv, localedef: avoid floating point rounding differences [BZ #24372]
  - Fix parentheses error in iconvconfig.c and ld-collate.c [BZ #24372]
  - S390: New configure check and hwcap values for new CPU architecture arch13
  - S390: Add memmove, strstr, and memmem ifunc variants for arch13
  - nptl: Remove pthread_clock_gettime pthread_clock_settime
  - linux: Assume clock_getres CLOCK_{PROCESS,THREAD}_CPUTIME_ID
  - Remove __get_clockfreq
  - Do not use HP_TIMING_NOW for random bits
  - hp-timing: Refactor rtld usage, add generic support
  - Add NT_ARM_PAC_MASK and NT_MIPS_MSA from Linux 5.0 to elf.h
  - Add UDP_GRO from Linux 5.0 to netinet/udp.h
  - nptl: Convert tst-sem5 & tst-sem13 to use libsupport
  - nptl/tst-rwlock14: Test pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock correctly
  - nss/tst-nss-files-alias-leak: add missing opening quote in printf
  - math: Enable some math builtins for clang
  - powerpc: Use __builtin_{mffs,mtfsf}
  - RISC-V: Fix `test' operand error with soft-float ABI being configured
* Wed Mar 20 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-8
  - Add warnings and notes to /etc/nsswitch.conf and /etc/nscd.conf.
* Mon Mar 18 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-7
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 78919d3886c9543279ec755a701e279c62b44164.
* Thu Mar 14 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-6
  - Drop glibc-fedora-streams-rh436349.patch.  STREAMS was removed upstream.
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit a0a0dc83173ce11ff45105fd32e5d14356cdfb9c:
  - Remove obsolete, never-implemented XSI STREAMS declarations
  - nss: Fix tst-nss-files-alias-truncated for default --as-needed linking
  - scripts/ Process all headers as UTF-8.
  - Use Linux 5.0 in
  - hurd: Add no-op version of __res_enable_icmp [BZ #24047]
  - Move inttypes.h and stdint.h to stdlib.
  - Use a proper C tokenizer to implement the obsolete typedefs test.
  - Fix output of LD_SHOW_AUXV=1.
* Wed Mar 13 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29.9000-5
  - Drop glibc-rh1670028.patch, applied upstream
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 38b52865d4ccfee3647f27e969e539a4396a73b1:
  - elf: Add DF_1_KMOD, DF_1_WEAKFILTER, DF_1_NOCOMMON to <elf.h>
  - resolv: Enable full ICMP errors for UDP DNS sockets [BZ #24047]
  - C-SKY: add elf header definition for elfutils
  - C-SKY: mark lr as undefined to stop unwinding
  - C-SKY: remove user_regs definition
  - C-SKY: fix sigcontext miss match
  - Bug 24307: Update to Unicode 12.0.0
  - Break lines before not after operators, batch 4.
  - check-wrapper-headers test: Adjust Fortran include file directory
  - Fix location where math-vector-fortran.h is installed.
* Wed Mar 06 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-4
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit 0ddb7ea842abf63516b74d4b057c052afc6ba863.
  - nptl: Assume __ASSUME_FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME support
  - powerpc: Fix build of wcscpy with --disable-multi-arch
  - elf: Remove remnants of MAP_ANON emulation
  - S390: Increase function alignment to 16 bytes.
  - ja_JP: Change the offset for Taisho gan-nen from 2 to 1 [BZ #24162]
  - ldbl-opt: Reuse test cases from misc/ that check long double
  - ldbl-opt: Add error and error_at_line (bug 23984)
  - ldbl-opt: Add err, errx, verr, verrx, warn, warnx, vwarn, and vwarnx (bug 23984)
  - ldbl-opt: Reuse argp tests that print long double
  - ldbl-opt: Add argp_error and argp_failure (bug 23983)
  - elf/tst-big-note: Improve accuracy of test [BZ #20419]
  - S390: Fix introduction of __wcscpy and weak wcscpy symbols.
  - __netlink_assert_response: Add more __libc_fatal newlines [BZ #20271]
  - Add more spaces before '('.
  - elf: Add tests with a local IFUNC resolver [BZ #23937]
  - elf/Makefile: Run IFUNC tests if binutils supports IFUNC
  - powerpc: Fix linknamespace introduced by 4d8015639a75
  - hurd: Add renameat2 support for RENAME_NOREPLACE
  - Fix -Wempty-body warnings in Hurd-specific code.
  - Add some spaces before '('.
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcsnlen
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcsncpy
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcsncat
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcscpy
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcscat
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcpncpy
  - wcsmbs: optimize wcpcpy
  - Break further lines before not after operators.
  - Add and move fall-through comments in system-specific code.
* Fri Mar 01 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.29.9000-3
  - Add .gdb_index to debug information (rhbz#1680765)
* Wed Feb 27 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-2
  - Fix build failure related to microbenchmarks.
* Tue Feb 26 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29.9000-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e0cb7b6131ee5f2dca2938069b8b9590304e6f6b:
  - nss_files: Fix /etc/aliases null pointer dereference (swbz#24059)
  - regex: fix read overrun (swbz#24114)
  - libio: use stdout in puts and putchar, etc (swbz#24051)
  - aarch64: Add AmpereComputing emag to tunable cpu list
  - aarch64: Optimized memset specific to AmpereComputing emag
  - aarch64: Optimized memchr specific to AmpereComputing emag
  - Require GCC 6.2 or later to build glibc
  - manual: Document lack of conformance of sched_* functions (swbz#14829)
  - libio: Use stdin consistently for input functions (swbz#24153)
  - x86-64 memcmp: Use unsigned Jcc instructions on size (swbz#24155)
  - Fix handling of collating elements in fnmatch (swbz#17396,swbz#16976)
  - arm: Use "nr" constraint for Systemtap probes (swbz#24164)
  - Fix alignment of TLS variables for tls variant TLS_TCB_AT_TP (swbz#23403)
  - Add compiler barriers for pthread_mutex_trylock (swbz#24180)
  - rt: Turn forwards from librt to libc into compat symbols (swbz#24194)
  - Linux: Add gettid system call wrapper (swbz#6399)
  - nptl: Avoid fork handler lock for async-signal-safe fork (swbz#24161)
  - elf: Ignore LD_AUDIT interfaces if la_version returns 0 (swbz#24122)
  - nptl: Reinstate pthread_timedjoin_np as a cancellation point (swbz#24215)
  - nptl: Fix invalid Systemtap probe in pthread_join (swbz#24211)
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-8
  - Drop glibc-rh1674280.patch.  Different fix applied upstream.  (#1674280)
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.29/master,
    commit 067fc32968b601493f4b247a3ac00caeea3f3d61:
  - nptl: Fix invalid Systemtap probe in pthread_join (#1674280)
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-7
  - Hotfix for invalid Systemtap probe in pthread_join (#1674280)
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-6
  - Remove LRA bug on POWER workaround, fixed in gcc-9.0.1-0.4.fc30 (#1673018)
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-5
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.29/master,
    commit c096b008d2671028c21ac8cf01f18a2083e73c44:
  - nptl: Avoid fork handler lock for async-signal-safe fork (swbz#24161)
  - nptl: Add compiler barriers in pthread_mutex_trylock (swbz#24180)
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-4
  - Work around LRA hang on ppc64le (#1673018)
* Wed Feb 06 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-3
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.29/master,
    commit 2de15ac95713a238dc258eb8977ecdfca811fc19:
  - arm: Use "nr" constraint for Systemtap probes (#1196181)
* Fri Feb 01 2019 Florian Weimer <> - 2.29-2
  - Eliminate %glibcrelease macro.
  - Switch to regular Release: pattern.
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Carlos O'Donell <> - 2.29-1
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch release/2.29/master,
    commit 86013ef5cea322b8f4b9c22f230c22cce369e947.
  - nptl: Fix pthread_rwlock_try*lock stalls (swbz#23844)
* Thu Jan 31 2019 Fedora Release Engineering <>
  - Rebuilt for
* Mon Jan 28 2019 DJ Delorie <> - 2.28.9000-37
  - Auto-sync with upstream branch master,
    commit e1e47c912a8e557508362715f7468091def3ec4f.
  - Update translations.



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