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bacula-common-1.34.5-1mdk RPM for i586

From Mandriva 10.1 for i586 / media / contrib

Name: bacula-common Distribution: Mandrakelinux
Version: 1.34.5 Vendor: Mandrakesoft
Release: 1mdk Build date: Sun Jun 27 18:05:34 2004
Group: Archiving/Backup Build host:
Size: 90088 Source RPM: bacula-1.34.5-1mdk.src.rpm
Packager: Luca Berra <>
Summary: Common files for bacula package
Bacula - It comes by night and sucks the vital essence from your computers.
Bacula is a set of computer programs that permit you (or the system
administrator) to manage backup, recovery, and verification of computer
data across a network of computers of different kinds. In technical terms,
it is a network client/server based backup program. Bacula is relatively
easy to use and efficient, while offering many advanced storage management
features that make it easy to find and recover lost or damaged files.






* Sun Jun 27 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.34.5-1mdk 
  - 1.34.5
  - added manpages (stolen from debian package)
* Mon Jun 21 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.34.4-1mdk 
  - 1.34.4
  - switched back to wxWindows-2.4
* Fri Jun 04 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.34.3-0.cvs.20040604mdk 
  - 1.34.2 cvs
* Tue Apr 27 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.34.2-1mdk 
  - 1.34.2 release
  - dropped p4, p5
* Sat Apr 24 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.34.1-1 
  - 1.34.1 release
  - bscan fix from cvs
* Sun Apr 18 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.34.1-0.cvs.20040418mdk 
  - update to 1.34.1 from cvs
  - rediffed p0, p2 added p3
  - readline is not used anymore, so remove p1
  - termcap-devel BuildRequires for console
  - console binary was renamed to bconsole
  - tools can be run with usermode consolehelper
  - reworked db update logic
  - added wxWindows gui
* Thu Feb 26 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.32f-2mdk 
  - added patches 1 to 4 from upstream
  - split bacula-common package to ease upgrades
  - some cleanups
  - use epochs in requires
* Thu Jan 01 2004 Luca Berra <> 1.32f-1mdk
  - 1.32f
  - revert .rpmnew change (it was not working anyway)
  - DIRM: include directory %{_sysconfig}/%{name}
  - use a macro to change passwords in config files in %post
  - removed subdir creation in %setup
  - added prereq sed to dir package
  - changed default user for dir and sd daemons
  - changed name of pid files, so killproc finds them
  - more conflicts
* Tue Nov 04 2003 Luca Berra <> 1.32d-1mdk
  - 1.32d
  - use gnome2 for console
  - use tcp_wrappers
  - try not to create unneeded .rpmnew in configuration
* Tue Aug 12 2003 Luca Berra <> 1.31a-1mdk
  - 1.31a
  - modified %post script to upgrade database if needed and do not try to create if it already exists.
  - %post_service should be last in %post script
  - changed sql upgrade script to remove multiple Version rows introduced by %post
  - trying to create the tables multiple times in previous releases.
  - smtp is required by btraceback which is required by every daemon.
  - added conflicts for lower version
* Wed Aug 06 2003 Luca Berra <> 1.30a-3mdk
  - changed sqlite requires to match package in contrib
  - set passwords for single components to produce an error until user changes them
  - try to change passwords automatically if dir package is installed
* Sun Aug 03 2003 Luca Berra <> 1.30a-2mdk
  - many spec changes
  - almost please rpmlint
  - fixed readline eats last message bug in console
* Fri Aug 01 2003 Luca Berra <> 1.30a-1mdk
  - Initial spec file from spec by D. Scott Barninger <barninger at>



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