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Packages beginning with letter D

d-feet-0.3.14-1 D-Bus debugger linux/i686
d0_blind_id-1.0-1 Blind-ID library for user identification linux/i686
d1x-rebirth-0.58.1-2 The port of Descent 1 for Linux linux/i686
d1x-rebirth-gl-0.58.1-2 Descent 1 for Linux, OpenGL version linux/i686
d1x-rebirth-sdl-0.58.1-2 Descent 1 for Linux, SDL version linux/i686
daemonize-1.7.8-1 Run a command as a Unix daemon linux/i686
daemonlogger-1.2.1-2 Simple packet logging daemon linux/i686
dagrab-0.3.5-13 A CD ripper linux/i686
dangerdeep-0.3.0-4 WW2 german submarine simulation linux/i686
dante-1.3.2-2 A free Socks v4/v5 client implementation linux/i686
dante-server-1.3.2-2 A free Socks v4/v5 server implementation linux/i686
darkice-1.1-3 DarkIce live IceCast / ShoutCast streamer linux/i686
darktable-2.6.3-1 Utility to organize and develop raw images linux/i686
dayplanner-0.11-2 An easy and clean Day Planner linux/noarch
dbench-4.0-4 Filesystem benchmark similar to Netbench linux/i686
dbview-1.0.4-7 View dBase files linux/i686
dcetest-2.0-9 The @stake MSRPC dumper linux/i686
dcmo5-11.2-4 Thomson MO5 emulator linux/i686
dcmtk-3.6.5-1 DICOM libraries and applications linux/i686
dcto9p-11.0-4 Thomson TO9+ emulator linux/i686
dd_rhelp-0.3.0-2 A hard disk rescue helper linux/noarch
ddate-0.2.2-1 Convert Gregorian dates to Discordian dates linux/i686
ddclient-3.8.3-2 A client to update host entries on DynDNS like services linux/noarch
ddrescue-1.24-1 Data recovery tool linux/i686
deadbeef-1.8.0-1 Ultimate music player for GNU/Linux linux/i686
deadbeef-devel-1.8.0-1 Development files for deadbeef linux/i686
deadwood-3.2.02-5 A fully recursive caching DNS resolver linux/i686
debmirror-2.7-3 Debian partial mirror script, with ftp and package pool support linux/noarch
decibel-audio-player-1.08-1 A clean and user-friendly audio player linux/noarch
deflate-stats-1.0-6 Apache mod_deflate logfile analyzer linux/noarch
dekagen-1.0.2-7 Rips and encodes CD's linux/noarch
deluge-1.3.15-1 Full-featured GTK+ Bittorrent client linux/noarch
demoroniser-20030916-5 Corrects incompatible HTML generated by Microsoft applications linux/noarch
denyhosts-2.6-3 A script to help thwart ssh server attacks linux/noarch
deskolo-0.23-5 Energy consumption monitoring utilities linux/i686
desktopcouch-1.0.7-3 Integration of CouchDB storage into desktop applications linux/noarch
desktopcouch-tools-1.0.7-3 Desktopcouch tools linux/noarch
devede-4.16.0-1 Graphical frontend to create video DVDs/(S)VCDs linux/noarch
devilspie-0.23-2 A window matching tool linux/i686
devmon-0.3.1-0.beta1.3 SNMP Device Monitoring for Hobbit/BigBrother linux/noarch
devtodo-0.1.20-5 Todo displays and manages heirarchical lists of prioritized tasks linux/i686
dhcp-forwarder-0.8-4 An DHCP relay agent linux/i686
dhcpdump-1.8-5 Parse tcpdump DHCP packets linux/i686
dhcpv6-client-1.2.0-2 DHCP client for IPv6 linux/i686
dhcpv6-common-1.2.0-2 Common files for DHCP IPv6 linux/i686
dhcpv6-doc-1.2.0-2 Documentation about the DHCP IPv6 server/client linux/i686
dhcpv6-relay-1.2.0-2 DHCP relay agent for IPv6 linux/i686
dhcpv6-server-1.2.0-2 DHCP server for IPv6 linux/i686
dhsd-1.0-13 A daemon that updates your DNS record in DHS.ORG whenever your IP changes linux/i686
diction-1.11-3 Text diction and style analyzer linux/i686
diffeet-1.21.1-1 Enlightenment simple compression utility linux/i686
digicamerge-2.00-6 Digital camera filename manager linux/noarch
dillo-3.0.5-1 Very fast and light web browser linux/i686
ding-1.7-3 A Dictionary Lookup program linux/noarch
disc-cover-1.5.6-6 Makes covers for audio CDs using CDDB info linux/noarch
diskimg-1.1.1-11 A tools to make disks/partitions image linux/i686
disksearch-1.2.1-7 Catalog and search tool for removable media linux/noarch
distro-xfce-config-OpenMandriva-3.0-3 OpenMandriva Lx xfce configuration files linux/noarch
distro-xfce-config-common-3.0-3 OpenMandriva Lx xfce common configuration files linux/noarch
dkms-iscsitarget- iSCSI-target kernel module linux/i686
dkms-kalmia-0.2-2 Driver for Kalmia-based 4G/LTE modems linux/noarch
dkms-lenovo-sl-laptop-0.02-3 Lenovo ThinkPad SL Series Exerimental Driver linux/noarch
dkms-netfilter-rtsp-3.7-2 Netfilter RTSP support (nat and conntrack) linux/noarch
dkms-syntek-2.1.0-6 DKMS-ready kernel-source for the Syntek USB Video Camera kernel module linux/i686
dkms-thinkpad-6.0-2 DKMS-ready module adding kernel support for older Thinkpad laptops linux/noarch
dkms-tp_smapi-0.41-2 DKMS-ready module for SMAPI BIOS of ThinkPad laptops linux/noarch
dkms-usbvision- The usbvision driver for some USB TV devices linux/noarch
dkms-vhba-20190831-1 Virtual SCSI HBA kernel module linux/noarch
dkms-zd1211- DKMS-ready kernel-source for the ZyDAS ZD1211 kernel module linux/i686
dlint-1.4.1-3 A DNS error checking utility linux/noarch
dmalloc-5.5.2-8 Debugging MALLOC linux/i686
dmenu-4.9-1 A dynamic menu for X linux/i686
dns2tcp-client-0.5.2-5 Client for dns2tcp (Tunnel TCP over DNS) linux/i686
dns2tcp-server-0.5.2-5 dns2tcp server (Tunnel TCP over DNS) linux/i686
dnsflood-1.12-8 DNS Flood Detector linux/i686
dnshistory-1.3-9 Processes various log file formats doing dns IP Address lookups linux/i686
dnsproxy-1.16-6 Proxy for DNS queries linux/i686
dnssec-conf-2.02-2 DNSSEC and DLV configuration and priming tool linux/noarch
dnstop-20121017-2 This displays various tables of DNS traffic on your network linux/i686
dnstouch-0.4-17 Incrementally updates bind v8+ zone file serial numbers linux/i686
dnstracer-1.9-4 A tool to trace dns queries linux/i686
dnsutl-1.8-6 Utilities to make DNS easier to configure linux/i686
dnswalk-2.0.2-10 The dnswalk DNS database debugger linux/noarch
docx2txt-1.2-2 cli tool to convert docx to ascii txt files linux/noarch
dolly-0.57-11 Clone the installation of one machine to many other machines linux/i686
dolly_plus-0.93-8 Clone the installation of one machine to many other machines linux/i686
domain-check-1.3-6 DNS domain expiration checker linux/noarch
dosbox-0.74.3-1 A DOS emulator linux/i686
dotclear-2.6.3-2 Web-based blog linux/noarch
dpgconv-9-3 Transcode video files to DPG (nDs mPeG) linux/noarch
dpic-2013.03.10-2 Pic language processor linux/i686
dpkg-1.19.4-1 Package maintenance system for Debian Linux linux/i686
drakclick-0.2-9 A program to change Single/Double click in KDE linux/noarch
drakcluster-1.6-5 Graphic interface tool to setup server cluster linux/noarch
drakcowsay-0.7-6 Graphical interface for cowsay linux/i686
drakfon-0.6-6 Install FON firmwares in wireless routers linux/noarch
drakguard-policy-0.7.7-10 Parental control tool with NetPolice DNS enable linux/noarch
draklive-0.9-7 Live systems generation and copying tool linux/noarch
drakmsync-0.6.1-2 Mobile device synchronization tool linux/noarch
draktermserv-0.8.1-2 Terminal server configurator linux/noarch
drakx-autoinstall-doc-10.0.3-8 Auto Install Documentation for Drakx linux/noarch
drgeo-doc-1.5-7 Drgeo documentation linux/noarch
driconf-0.9.1-8 DRI Configuration GUI linux/noarch
drpython-3.11.1-4 Python editor and development environment linux/noarch
drupal-7.14-3 Open source content management platform linux/noarch
drupal-antispam-7.x.1.5-2 AntiSpam module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-ctools-7.x.1.1-2 Chaos tool suite module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-metatags_quick-7.x.2.5-2 Meta tags quick module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-module_filter-7.x.1.7-2 Module Filter module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-mysql-7.14-3 mysql storage of drupal linux/noarch
drupal-page_title-7.x.2.7-2 Page Title module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-panels-7.x.3.2-2 Panels module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-pathauto-7.x.1.1-2 Pathauto module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-postgresql-7.14-3 postgresql storage of drupal linux/noarch
drupal-seo_checker-7.x.1.5-2 SEO Compliance Checker module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-sqlite-7.14-3 sqlite storage of drupal linux/noarch
drupal-token-7.x.1.1-2 Token module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-transliteration-7.x.3.1-2 Transliteration module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-variable-7.x.2.1-2 Variable module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-views-7.x.3.3-2 Views module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-wysiwyg-7.x.2.1-3 Wysywig module for Drupal linux/noarch
drupal-wysiwyg-ckeditor-3.6.4-2 CKEditor for Drupal Wysiwyg module linux/noarch
drupal-wysiwyg-tinymce-3.5.6-2 TinyMCE editor for Drupal Wysiwyg module linux/noarch
drupal-wysiwyg-wymeditor-0.5-0.rc2.1 WYMeditor for Drupal Wysiwyg module linux/noarch
dsgui-1.6.3-2 Free graphical interface for 'Datove schranky' linux/noarch
dslib-2.1.0-3 Free Python library for accessing Datove schranky linux/noarch
dspam-scripts-0.0.6-7 A script for let dspam learning maildirs of spam/ham linux/noarch
dstat-0.7.2-2 Versatile vmstat, iostat and ifstat replacement linux/noarch
dt-15.14-7 Hardware performances test linux/i686
dtach-0.8-4 A simple program that emulates the detach feature of screen linux/i686
dvbstream-0.5-4 Dvbstream linux/i686
dvorak7min-1.6.1-2 Typing tutor for dvorak keyboards linux/i686
dvtm-0.8-2 Tiling window management for the console linux/i686
dwm-6.0-5 A minimalist window manager for the X Window System linux/i686
dxf2fig-2.13-7 Convert dxf files to xfig format linux/i686
dynagen-0.11.0-2 A configuration tool the dynamips Cisco router simulator linux/noarch

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