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Packages beginning with letter M

m17n-contrib-1.1.12-3 Contributed input methods for m17n library linux/noarch
m2vrequantizer-20030929-4 Requantizes MPEG-2 streams linux/i686
macchanger-1.7.0-1 Uility for viewing/manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces linux/i686
macrofusion-0.7.4-1 GUI for HDR tool Enfuse linux/noarch
magicrescue-1.1.9-4 Tries to recover files linux/i686
maildrop-2.5.5-4 Mail filter/mail delivery agent linux/i686
mairix-0.24-1 A program for indexing and searching email messages linux/i686
makebootfat-1.4-7 A command line utility able to create bootable USB disks linux/i686 A very flexible random signature generator linux/noarch
maniadrive-data-1.2-5 ManiaDrive data files linux/noarch
mantis-1.2.1-6 Web-based bug tracker linux/noarch
marathon-1.0.1-3 3D first-person shooter game linux/noarch
marathon-infinity-1.0.1-3 3D first-person shooter game linux/noarch
marathon2-1.0.1-3 3D first-person shooter game linux/noarch
marco-1.22.4-1 Mate window manager linux/i686
marst-2.4-8 Algol-to-C translator linux/i686
masscan-1.0.5-1 This is the fastest Internet port scanner linux/i686
massif-visualizer-0.7.0-1 Tool for visualizing massif data linux/i686
mate-applets-1.22.2-1 Small applications which embed themselves in the MATE panel linux/i686
mate-backgrounds-1.22.0-2 Background images for the MATE desktop linux/noarch
mate-calc-1.22.2-1 MATE desktop calculator linux/i686
mate-common-1.22.2-1 Common files for MATE desktop environment linux/noarch
mate-control-center-1.22.2-1 MATE control center linux/i686
mate-desktop-1.22.2-1 Package containing code shared among mate-panel, mate-session-manager etc linux/i686
mate-desktop-schemas-1.22.2-1 Gsettings schema files for mate-desktop linux/noarch
mate-dictionary-1.22.2-1 A dictionary for MATE Desktop linux/i686
mate-disk-usage-analyzer-1.22.2-1 A disk usage analyzing tool for MATE Desktop linux/i686
mate-icon-theme-1.22.2-1 MATE default icons linux/noarch
mate-icon-theme-faenza-1.20.0-2 MATE icon theme faenza linux/noarch
mate-indicator-applet-1.22.1-1 MATE Panel applet indicator linux/i686
mate-media-1.22.2-1 MATE media programs linux/i686
mate-menus-1.22.1-1 MATE menu library linux/i686
mate-netbook-1.22.2-1 MATE Desktop window management tool linux/i686
mate-notification-daemon-1.22.1-1 MATE Notification Daemon linux/i686
mate-panel-1.22.2-1 The core programs for the MATE GUI desktop environment linux/i686
mate-polkit-1.22.0-2 PolicyKit integration for the MATE desktop linux/i686
mate-power-manager-1.22.2-1 MATE Power Manager linux/i686
mate-screensaver-1.22.2-1 MATE Screensaver linux/i686
mate-screensaver-devel-1.22.2-1 Pkgconfig file for mate-screensaver linux/i686
mate-screenshot-1.22.2-1 A utility to take a screen-shot of the desktop linux/i686
mate-search-tool-1.22.2-1 A file searching tool for MATE Desktop linux/i686
mate-sensors-applet-1.22.1-2 Detailed hardware monitoring applet for MATE linux/i686
mate-session-manager-1.22.3-1 The mate desktop programs for the MATE GUI desktop environment linux/i686
mate-session-manager-bin-1.22.3-1 The mate desktop programs for the MATE GUI desktop environment linux/i686
mate-settings-daemon-1.22.1-1 MATE Settings Daemon linux/i686
mate-settings-daemon-devel-1.22.1-1 Include files for the MATE settings daemon linux/i686
mate-system-log-1.22.2-1 A log file viewer for the MATE desktop linux/i686
mate-system-monitor-1.22.2-1 Simple process monitor for MATE linux/i686
mate-terminal-1.22.1-2 MATE terminal linux/i686
mate-themes-3.22.20-1 Themes for MATE linux/noarch
mate-user-guide-1.22.3-1 MATE user file sharing linux/noarch
mate-user-share-1.22.1-1 MATE user file sharing linux/i686
mate-utils-1.22.2-1 MATE utility programs such as file search and calculator linux/i686
mate-utils-common-1.22.2-1 Common files for mate-utils linux/noarch
matemixer-backend-alsa-1.22.0-2 ALSA backend for libmatemixer linux/i686
matemixer-backend-oss-1.22.0-2 OSS backend for libmatemixer linux/i686
matemixer-backend-pulse-1.22.0-2 PulseAudio backend for libmatemixer linux/i686
mathomatic-16.0.5-2 General purpose CAS (Computer Algebra System) linux/i686
matio-1.5.17-1 MAT File I/O Library linux/i686
mbootpack-0.4a-7 Turns a multiboot kernel and modules (eg Xen) into a single file linux/i686
mbw-1.2.2-1 Memory bandwidth benchmark linux/i686
mcomix-0.98-3 Fork of the Comix project linux/noarch
mcp-plugins-0.4.0-2 A set of audio plugins for LADSPA linux/i686
md5sha1sum-0.9.5-2 Microbrew MD5sum/SHA1sum/RIPEMD160sum linux/i686
mdf2iso-0.3.1-1 Alkohol 120 CD Images (.mdf) to ISO converter linux/i686
mecab-ipadic-2.7.0-20070801.4 IPA dictionary for MeCab linux/i686
med-3.3.1-3 Data exchanges in multi-physics simulation work linux/i686
mediainfo-19.09-1 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file linux/i686
mediainfo-gui-common-19.09-1 Common files for mediainfo GUIs linux/noarch
mediainfo-gui-qt-19.09-1 GUI for mediainfo linux/i686
mediainfo-gui-wx-19.09-1 GUI for mediainfo linux/i686
megaupload-dl-0.3.3-1 Megaupload automatic downloader linux/noarch
meld-3.20.1-1 A visual diff and merge tool targeted at developers linux/noarch
meld-schemas-3.20.1-1 Gsettings schema files for meld linux/noarch
memaker-r49-2 An avatar creator linux/noarch
memtester-4.3.0-4 Memory tester linux/i686
mergelog-4.5-7 Merges httpd log files by date linux/i686
merlin-0.9.0-3 Nagios distributed monitoring linux/i686
metaconf-1.3.1-12 Maintains multiple configurations in the same machine linux/noarch
metalink-0.3.6-3 A commandline metalink generator linux/i686
mew-6.5-3 Messaging in the Emacs World linux/i686
mfs-cgi-1.6.26-7 MooseFS CGI Monitor linux/i686
mfs-chunkserver-1.6.26-7 MooseFS data server linux/i686
mfs-client-1.6.26-7 MooseFS client linux/i686
mfs-master-1.6.26-7 MooseFS master server linux/i686
mfs-metalogger-1.6.26-7 MooseFS metalogger server linux/i686
mgarepo-1.10.2-2 Tools for Mageia repository access and management linux/noarch
mgarepo-ldap-1.10.2-2 Mgarepo plug-in to retrieve maintainer information from LDAP linux/noarch
mgm-1.1-11 Moaning Goat Status Meter linux/noarch
mgtools-2.2.1-3 Tools and scripts to edit and visualize Meta Grammars linux/i686
mhwaveedit-1.4.24-1 WAV Editing Package linux/i686
mib-ossigeno-icons-4.3.0-69.5 MIB-Ossigeno icon theme linux/noarch
midori-9.0-1 Web browser based on WebKitGtk linux/i686
mime-construct-1.9-6 Construct and optionally mail MIME messages linux/noarch
mimetex-1.77-1 Easily embed LaTeX math in web pages linux/i686
mimms-3.2.1-4 MMS stream downloader linux/i686
minetest-5.0.1-1 An InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game linux/i686
miniChinput-0.1.9-9 A X Input Method Server for Chinese linux/i686
mini_sendmail-1.3.6-2 Accept email on behalf of real sendmail linux/i686
minised-1.14-2 A smaller, cheaper, faster SED implementation linux/i686
mirage- A fast and simple image viewer linux/i686
mirror-2.9-14 Perl program to mirror FTP sites linux/noarch
mixxx-2.2.3-1 Music DJing software linux/i686
mj-1.14-2 Chinese game of mah-jong linux/i686
mk-files-20180528-1 Support files for bmake, the NetBSD make(1) tool linux/noarch
mkbootdisk-1.5.3-8 Creates an initial ramdisk image for preloading modules linux/i686
mkcd-4.3.0-9 Script to build OpenMandriva Lx distributions installation discs linux/noarch
modappbot-0.4.6-9 A robot written in perl to moderate Usenet groups linux/noarch
mongo-2004.08.17-7 Filesystem load tester linux/i686
monika-0.4.4-8 PBS monitor tools linux/noarch
monsterz-0.7.1-8 A little addictive puzzle game linux/noarch
moodle-2.2-5 A course management system for distance education linux/noarch
moon-buggy-1.0.51-3 Drive and jump with some kind of car across the moon linux/i686
more-e-0.1-5 10 additional themes for Enlightenment linux/noarch
moserial-3.0.8-2 Serial terminal for the Gnome desktop linux/i686
mousepad-0.4.1-1 A simple text editor for Xfce linux/i686
mozo-1.22.2-1 Simple menu editor for MATE linux/noarch
mozplugger-1.14.6-3 Generic mozilla plug-in linux/i686
mp-5.2.13-1 Minimum Profit - Programmer Text Editor linux/i686
mp3asm- An mpeg 1/2/2.5 audio layer 1,2,3 frame level editor linux/i686
mp3c-0.31-9 MP3 creator for audiocds with usage of CDDB linux/i686
mp3info-0.8.5a-8 Utility for MP3 information and tag modification linux/i686
mp3splt-2.6.2-1 Command line utility to split mp3 and ogg files linux/i686
mp3splt-gtk-0.9.2-1 GTK2 utility to split MP3 and Ogg Files without decoding linux/i686
mp3val-0.1.8-3 Tool to validate and fix MPEG audio files linux/i686
mp3valgui-0.1.1-5 Tool to validate and fix MPEG audio files linux/noarch
mpeg-stat-2.2b-4 MPEG-1 video analyser linux/i686
mplayer-fonts-1.0-17 Fonts for MPlayer linux/noarch
mpop-1.0.27-3 A POP3 client that retrieves mail from POP3 mailboxes linux/i686
mppenc-1.16-9 Musepack encoder linux/i686
mrepo-0.8.7-2 Tool to set up a Yum/Apt mirror from various sources linux/noarch
mrxvt-0.5.4-6 A multi-tabbed X terminal emulator based on rxvt linux/i686
ms-sys-2.3.0-2 Create DOS/MS-compatible boot records linux/i686
mserv-0.41-13 Jukebox-style music server for unix-like systems linux/i686
msitools-0.100-1 Tool to inspect and build Windows Installer (.MSI) files linux/i686
msmtp-1.4.28-3 An SMTP client linux/i686
mstone-4.9.4-6 Mail protocols benchmark framework linux/i686
mtf-0.2.1-12 A Linux reader for the Microsoft Tape Format used by NT Backup linux/i686
mtr-0.93-1 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool linux/i686
mtr-gtk-0.93-1 Ping/Traceroute network diagnostic tool - GTK Interface linux/i686
mtree-2.7-8 Map a directory hierarchy linux/i686
mtx-1.3.12-4 Controls the robotic mechanism in DDS Tape drive autoloaders linux/i686
mucommander-0.9.0-4 Lightweight, cross-platform file manager linux/noarch
mudix-4.3-12 Console mud client linux/i686
muffin-4.4.2-1 A small window manager for Cinnamon Desktop linux/i686
multitail-5.2.8-4 Lets you view one or multiple files like the original tail program linux/i686
multiwalk2c-0.2.1-7 Multi-threaded SNMP scanner (like a snmpbulkwalk) linux/i686
munin-plugins-sympa-20090617-5 Munin sympa plugins linux/noarch
munin-plugins-xen-20080625-4 Munin xen plugins linux/noarch
mupen64plus-2.0-2 Plugin-Based Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i686
mupen64plus-plugin-audio-sdl-2.0-2 SDL Audio Plugin for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i686
mupen64plus-plugin-input-sdl-2.0-2 SDL Input Plugin for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i686
mupen64plus-plugin-rsp-hle-2.0-2 RSP High-Level Emulation Plugin For the Mupen64plus linux/i686
mupen64plus-plugin-video-rice-2.0-2 Rice Video Plugin for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i686
mupen64plus-ui-console-2.0-2 Command Line Frontend for the Mupen64plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i686
murrine-themes-2.0-7 Themes for Murrine linux/noarch
mussh-1.0-2 MUltihost SSH linux/noarch
mydns- A Database based DNS server linux/i686
mydns-mysql- MyDNS compiled with MySQL support linux/i686
mydns-pgsql- MyDNS compiled with PostGreSQL support linux/i686
mygui-3.2.2-3 Fast, simple and flexible GUI library for Ogre linux/i686
mygui-doc-3.2.2-3 Development documentation for MyGUI linux/noarch
myspell-br-0.3-2 Breton hunspell dictionaries linux/noarch
mysql_performance_tuning_primer-1.4-0.r2.3 MySQL Performance Tuning Primer Script linux/noarch
mysqldoc-0.0.9-5 A command-line tool for auto-documenting MySQL Schema linux/noarch
mysqltuner-1.7.19-1 High Performance MySQL Tuning Script linux/noarch
mystar-2.56-8 A 802.1x auth client for Ruijie linux/i686
mytop-1.6-6 A clone of top for MySQL 3.22.x to 4.x linux/noarch

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