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Packages beginning with letter U

u3-tool-0.3-5 Tool for controlling the special features of a "U3 smart drive" USB Flash disk linux/i686
udns-0.4-1 DNS Resolver Library linux/i686
udpcast-20120424-3 UDP broadcast installation linux/i686
udpcast-devel-20120424-3 Header files for UDPcast linux/i686
udunits2-2.2.26-1 A library for manipulating units of physical quantities linux/i686
ufoai-data-2.4-2 Data files for ufoai linux/noarch
ugrep-1.7-9 Barebones version of grep/egrep linux/i686
uips-20100823-2 Universal IPS create/apply utility linux/i686
ungifsicle-1.58-5 Powerful program for manipulating GIF images and animations linux/i686
unhide-20110113-2 Tool to find hidden processes and TCP/UDP ports from rootkits linux/i686
uniconvertor-1.1.5-6 Universal vector graphics translator linux/i686
unignuplot-2.0-9 Simplify the command line interface with GNUPlot linux/noarch
unity-asset-pool-0.8.23-2 Pool of assets for Unity (icons) linux/noarch
unix2dos-2.2-12 UNIX to DOS text file format converter linux/i686
unixcw-3.1.1-1 Shared library for Morse programs linux/i686
unpackssi-20030612-2 .SSI File Unpacker linux/i686
unpaper-6.1-2 Post-processing scanned and photocopied book pages linux/i686
unrtf-0.21.10-1 RTF to other formats converter linux/i686
unsermake-0.4-6 Buildsystem utility to supersed auto* tools linux/noarch
unshield-0.6-5 A program to extract InstallShield cabinet files linux/i686
up-0.3-13 Displays the uptime in a human readable format linux/i686
updateads-1.0-6 Update BIND ad server listings linux/noarch
upnp-inspector-0.2.2-3 An UPnP Device and Service analyzer linux/i686
upse-1.0.0-7 Playstation sound emulator linux/i686
uptimed-0.3.17-3 A daemon to record and keep track of system uptimes linux/i686
uqm-0.7.0-1 The Ur-Quan Masters linux/i686
uqm-3domusic-0.6.0-8 Optional 3DO music package for Ur-Quan Masters game linux/noarch
uqm-content-0.7.0-2 Mandatory content package for Ur-Quan Masters game linux/noarch
uqm-voice-0.6.0-9 Optional speech package for Ur-Quan Masters game linux/noarch
uriparser-0.9.3-1 URI parsing library - RFC 3986 linux/i686
urlmon-4.0-9 An URL monitor linux/noarch
urpmc-1.2-13 User rpm change(s|log) linux/noarch
urpmdiff-1.9-6 A tool to show diffs between rpms linux/noarch
usermin-1.510-3 A web-based user account administration interface linux/noarch
usermin-webmail-1.510-3 A web-based user account administration interface with webmail linux/noarch
util-multicaster-0.3.3-0.0.6 Utility classes for low-cost event dispatch to multiple listeners linux/noarch
util-multicaster-javadoc-0.3.3-0.0.6 Javadoc for util-multicaster linux/noarch
util-xml-dom2sax-1.0.4-0.0.5 org.freecompany.util linux/noarch
util-xml-dom2sax-javadoc-1.0.4-0.0.5 Javadoc for util-xml-dom2sax linux/noarch

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