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Packages beginning with letter R

radeon-firmware-20200905-1 ATI R600/R700/Evergreen/Fusion Firmware linux/noarchlinux/noarch
radeon-firmware-20200905-1 ATI R600/R700/Evergreen/Fusion Firmware linux/noarch
radeon-firmware-20190925-1 ATI R600/R700/Evergreen/Fusion Firmware linux/noarch
radeon-profile-20190903-1 Application to read current clocks of ATi Radeon cards (xf86-video-ati, xf86-video-amdgpu) linux/x86_64
radeontool-1.6.3-19 Enable/disable ATI Radeon external display/backlight linux/x86_64
radio-3.106-1 Console radio application linux/x86_64
radiusclient-ng-0.5.6-13 Radiusclient library and tools linux/x86_64
radiusclient-ng-conf-0.5.6-13 Radiusclient configuration files linux/x86_64
radiusclient-utils-0.3.2-29 Radiusclient library linux/x86_64
radvd-2.18-1 The IPv6 Router Advertisement Daemon linux/x86_64
ragel-6.10-2 Finite state machine compiler linux/x86_64
range-v3-devel-0.10.0-1 Development files for range-v3 linux/x86_64
ranger-1.9.3-1 A flexible console file manager linux/noarch
rapidjson-1.1.0-2 A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ linux/x86_64
raptor-1.4.21-22 RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/x86_64
raptor2-2.0.15-3 Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit for Redland linux/x86_64
rarian-0.8.1-22 Cataloging system for documentation on open systems linux/x86_64
rasqal-0.9.33-4 RDF querying library linux/x86_64
rav1e-0.2.1-1 The fastest and safest AV1 encoder linux/x86_64
rawshark-3.2.1-1 Dump and analyze raw libpcap data linux/x86_64
rcs-5.9.4-4 Revision Control System (RCS) file version management tools linux/x86_64
rdate-1.5-1 Retrieving the date and time from another machine on your network linux/x86_64
re2c-1.3-1 A tool for generating C-based recognizers from regular expressions linux/x86_64
readline-doc-8.0-3 Readline documentation in GNU info format linux/noarch
recode-3.7.6-1 GNU recode linux/x86_64
redir-3.3-1 Redirect TCP connections linux/x86_64
redis-5.0.7-1 A persistent key-value database linux/x86_64
redland-1.0.17-14 RDF Application Framework linux/x86_64
regexp-1.5-20 Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
regexp-javadoc-1.5-20 Javadoc for regexp linux/noarch
reiserfsprogs-3.6.27-1 The utilities to create reiserfs volumes linux/x86_64
relaxngcc-1.12-7.3 RELAX NG Compiler Compiler linux/noarch
relaxngcc-javadoc-1.12-7.3 Javadoc for relaxngcc linux/noarch
repo-1.26-1 Tool to manage multiple git repositories, commonly used for Android linux/noarch
rfkill-2.35-2 Simple /dev/rfkill userspace tool linux/x86_64
rgb-1.0.6-7 Uncompile an rgb color linux/x86_64
rhash-1.3.9-1 Great utility for computing hash sums linux/x86_64
rhythmbox-3.4.4-1 Music Management Application linux/x86_64
rhythmbox-devel-3.4.4-1 Rhythmbox plugin development files linux/x86_64
ripole-0.2.0-29 Extracts attachments out of mailpack format emails linux/x86_64
rkdeveloptool-1.3.20180731-2 Tool for flashing Rockchip devices linux/x86_64
rman-3.2-21 PolyglotMan - manual page translator to HTML, ASCII, TkMan, DocBook linux/x86_64
rmilter-1.10.0-2 Multi-purpose milter linux/x86_64
rmt-0.4b46-2 Provides certain programs with access to remote tape devices linux/x86_64
rng-tools-6.10-2 Random number generator related utilities linux/x86_64
rng-tools-6.9-1 Random number generator related utilities linux/x86_64
roccat-arvo-5.9.0-2 Roccat Arvo userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-isku-5.9.0-2 Roccat Isku userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-iskufx-5.9.0-2 Roccat IskuFX userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-kiro-5.9.0-2 Roccat Kiro userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-kone-5.9.0-2 Roccat Kone userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-koneplus-5.9.0-2 Roccat Kone[+] userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-konepure-5.9.0-2 Roccat KonePure userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-konextd-5.9.0-2 Roccat KoneXTD userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-kova2016-5.9.0-2 Roccat Kova 2016 userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-kovaplus-5.9.0-2 Roccat Kova[+] userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-lua-5.9.0-2 Roccat Lua userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-nyth-5.9.0-2 Roccat Nyth userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-pyra-5.9.0-2 Roccat Pyra userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-ryos-5.9.0-2 Roccat Ryos userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-savu-5.9.0-2 Roccat Savu userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-skeltr-5.9.0-2 Roccat Skeltr userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-sova-5.9.0-2 Roccat Sova userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-suora-5.9.0-2 Roccat Suora userland tools linux/x86_64
roccat-tools-5.9.0-2 Common files shared by all Roccat tools linux/x86_64
roccat-tyon-5.9.0-2 Roccat Tyon userland tools linux/x86_64
rocs-19.12.1-2 Graph - Editor and a Programming Environement linux/x86_64
rocs-devel-19.12.1-2 Development files for rocs linux/x86_64
rofi-1.5.4-1 A window switcher, application launcher and dmenu replacement linux/x86_64
rofi-devel-1.5.4-1 Development files for rofi linux/x86_64
rofi-devel-doc-1.5.4-1 Documentation files for rofi linux/noarch
rofi-themes-1.5.4-1 Themes for rofi linux/noarch
rootcerts-20191126.00-1 Bundle of CA Root Certificates linux/noarch
rootcerts-java-20191126.00-1 Bundle of CA Root Certificates for Java linux/noarch
rootfiles-11.0-21 The basic required files for the root user's directory linux/noarch
rosa-elementary-theme-2.6.1-10 ROSA-elementary theme linux/noarch
rosa-imagewriter- Tool for writing ROSA installer to USB drive linux/x86_64
rosegarden-19.12-1 Midi, audio and notation editor linux/x86_64
routed-0.17-25 The routing daemon which maintains routing tables linux/x86_64
rp-pppoe-3.12-3 ADSL/PPPoE userspace driver linux/x86_64
rp-pppoe-gui-3.12-3 GUI front-end for rp-pppoe linux/x86_64
rpcbind-1.2.5-1 Universal Addresses to RPC Program Number Mapper linux/x86_64
rply-1.1.4-6 A library to read and write PLY files linux/x86_64
rpm-4.15.1-8 The RPM package management system linux/x86_64
rpm-apidocs-4.15.1-8 API documentation for RPM libraries linux/noarch
rpm-build-4.15.1-8 Scripts and executable programs used to build packages linux/x86_64
rpm-cron-4.15.1-8 Create daily logs of installed packages linux/noarch
rpm-helper-0.24.17-9 Helper scripts for rpm scriptlets linux/noarch
rpm-javamacros-1.0-1 RPM macros for dealing with Java files linux/noarch
rpm-openmandriva-setup-0.4.2-2 Macros and scripts for OpenMandriva specific rpm behavior linux/noarch
rpm-openmandriva-setup-build-0.4.2-2 Macros and scripts for OpenMandriva specific rpmbuild behavior linux/noarch
rpm-plugin-audit-4.15.1-8 Rpm plugin for logging audit events on package operations linux/x86_64
rpm-plugin-ima-4.15.1-8 Rpm plugin for IMA file signatures linux/x86_64
rpm-plugin-prioreset-4.15.1-8 Rpm plugin for resetting scriptlet priorities for SysV init linux/x86_64
rpm-plugin-syslog-4.15.1-8 Rpm plugin for syslog functionality linux/x86_64
rpm-plugin-systemd-inhibit-4.15.1-8 Rpm plugin for systemd inhibit functionality linux/x86_64
rpm-rebuilder-0.28-18 Tools to build/check distributions linux/noarch
rpm-sign-4.15.1-8 Package signing support linux/x86_64
rpmdevtools-8.10-7 RPM Development Tools linux/noarch
rpmlint-1.11-5 RPM correctness checker linux/noarch
rpmlint-distro-policy-0.3.32-3 Rpmlint openmandriva policy linux/noarch
rrdcached-1.7.2-2 Data caching daemon for RRDtool linux/x86_64
rrdtool-1.7.2-2 Round Robin Database Tool to store and display time-series data linux/x86_64
rsnapshot-1.3.1-23 Local and remote filesystem snapshot utility linux/noarch
rspamd-2.2-1 Rapid spam filtering system linux/x86_64
rstart-1.0.5-13 A sample implementation of a Remote Start rsh helper linux/x86_64
rsync-3.1.3-5 A program for synchronizing files over a network linux/x86_64
rtkit-0.12-1 Realtime Policy and Watchdog Daemon linux/x86_64
rtmpdump-2.4-0.git20190721.1 Toolkit for RTMP streams linux/x86_64
ruby-2.5.1-2 An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language linux/x86_64
ruby-RubyGems-2.4.4-6 Ruby package manager linux/noarch
ruby-caca-0.99-0.beta19.6 Ruby binding for libcaca linux/x86_64
ruby-doc-2.5.1-2 Documentation for ruby linux/noarch
ruby-irb-2.5.1-2 The Interactive Ruby linux/noarch
ruby-libyui-1.1.2-3 Ruby bindings for libyui linux/x86_64
ruby-obexftp-0.24-5 Ruby binding for obexftp linux/x86_64
ruby-rbogl-0.32g-24 Ruby extension library to use OpenGL linux/x86_64
ruby-selinux-2.9-2 SELinux ruby bindings for libselinux linux/x86_64
rubygem-bigdecimal-1.3.4-2 BigDecimal provides arbitrary-precision floating point decimal arithmetic linux/x86_64
rubygem-did_you_mean-1.2.0-2 "Did you mean?" experience in Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-io-console-0.4.6-2 IO/Console is a simple console utilizing library linux/x86_64
rubygem-json-2.1.0-2 This is a JSON implementation as a Ruby extension in C linux/x86_64
rubygem-minitest-5.10.3-2 Minitest provides a complete suite of testing facilities linux/noarch
rubygem-net-telnet-0.1.1-2 Provides telnet client functionality linux/noarch
rubygem-openssl-2.1.0-2 OpenSSL provides SSL, TLS and general purpose cryptography linux/x86_64
rubygem-pkg-config-1.3.8-1 A pkg-config implementation for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-pkg-config-doc-1.3.8-1 Documentation for rubygem-pkg-config linux/noarch
rubygem-power_assert-1.1.1-2 Power Assert for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-psych-3.0.2-2 A libyaml wrapper for Ruby linux/x86_64
rubygem-rake-12.3.0-2 Ruby based make-like utility linux/noarch
rubygem-rdoc-6.0.1-2 A tool to generate HTML and command-line documentation for Ruby projects linux/noarch
rubygem-test-unit-3.2.7-2 An xUnit family unit testing framework for Ruby linux/noarch
rubygem-xmlrpc-0.3.0-2 XMLRPC is a lightweight protocol that enables remote procedure calls over HTTP linux/noarch
rubygems-2.7.6-2 The Ruby standard for packaging ruby libraries linux/noarch
rubygems-devel-2.7.6-2 Macros and development tools for packaging RubyGems linux/noarch
run-parts-4.9.1-1 Run scripts or programs in a directory linux/x86_64 CLI for running Open Containers linux/x86_64
rust-1.40.0-1 A safe, concurrent, practical programming language linux/x86_64
rust-packaging-13-1 RPM macros for building Rust packages on various architectures linux/x86_64
rust-src-1.40.0-1 Sources for the Rust standard library linux/noarch
rust-srpm-macros-13-1 RPM macros for building Rust source packages linux/noarch
rwall-0.17-29 Client and server for sending messages to a host's logged in users linux/x86_64
rwall-server-0.17-29 Server for sending messages to a host's logged in users linux/x86_64
rwho-0.17-31 Logged in to local network machines linux/x86_64
rxvt-2.7.10-35 A color VT102 terminal emulator for the X Window System linux/x86_64
rxvt-CJK-2.7.10-35 CJK menus for rxvt linux/x86_64

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