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policycoreutils-python-2.6-lp150.3.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.0 for ppc64le

Name: policycoreutils-python Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.0
Version: 2.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp150.3.1 Build date: Mon Apr 30 14:43:26 2018
Group: Productivity/Security Build host: obs-power8-03
Size: 3411848 Source RPM: policycoreutils-2.6-lp150.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: SELinux policy core python utilities
The policycoreutils-python package contains the management tools used to manage an SELinux environment.






* Thu Apr 26 2018
  - SLE 15 doesn't have the necessary files for policycoreutils-gui,
    don't build it there
* Wed Apr 25 2018
  - Drop the requirement for selinux-policy for the gui tools.
* Tue Mar 27 2018
  - Drop SLE11 support, needs the audit that is not present on SLE11
  - Fix service link to actually work on current releases
  - Drop SUSE_ASNEEDED=0 as it seems to build fine without it
  - Do not depend on systemd, just systemd-rpm-macros
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - Added CVE-2018-1063.patch to prevent chcon from following symlinks in
    /tmp, /var/tmp, /var/run and /var/lib/debug (bsc#1083624, CVE-2018-1063)
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - Remove BuildRequires for libcgroup-devel (bsc#1085837)
* Thu Dec 21 2017
  - Removed BuildRequires for setools-devel and added new
    runtime requirement for python2-networkx
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Fri Nov 24 2017
  - Update to policycoreutils version 2.6. Notable changes:
    * setfiles: reverse the sense of -D option
    * sandbox: Use dbus-run-session instead of dbus-launch when available
    * setfiles: Utility to find security.restorecon_last entries
    * setfiles: Add option to stop setting the digest
    * hll/pp: Change warning for module name not matching filename to match new behavior
    * sepolicy: convert to setools4
    * sandbox: create a new session for sandboxed processes
    * sandbox: do not try to setup directories without -X or -M
    * sandbox: do not run xmodmap in a new X session
    * sandbox: fix file labels on copied files
    * semanage: Fix semanage fcontext -D
    * semanage: Default serange to "s0" for port modify
    * semanage: Use socket.getprotobyname for protocol
    * semanage: Add auditing of changes in records
    * Improve compatibility with Python 3
    * Update sandbox types in sandbox manual
    * hll/pp: Warn if module name different than output filename
  - Update to sepolgen version 2.6. Notable changes:
    * Add support for TYPEBOUNDS statement in INTERFACE policy files
  - Dropped CVE-2016-7545_sandbox_escape.patch
* Mon Dec 19 2016
  - Added CVE-2016-7545_sandbox_escape.patch to fix CVE-2016-7545, bsc#1000998
    Sandboxed session could have escaped to the parent session
* Sat Jul 23 2016
  - Trim description in line with other selinux packages
* Thu Jul 14 2016
  - Changes submitted by MargueriteSu:
    Update to version 2.5
    * sepolicy: Do not overwrite CFLAGS, from Nicolas Iooss.
    * sepolicy: Rename policy global variable conflict, from Nicolas Iooss.
    * newrole: Add missing defined in #if, from Nicolas Iooss.
    * newrole: Add description of missing parameter -p in newrole man page, from Lukas Vrabec.
    * secon: Add missing descriptions for --*-key params in secon man page, from Lukas Vrabec
    * semanage: List reserve_port_t in semanage port -l, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * chcat: Add a fallback in case os.getlogin() returns nothing, from Laurent Bigonville.
    * semanage: fix 'semanage permissions -l' subcommand, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * semanage: replace string.join() with str.join(), from Petr Lautrbach.
    * Man page warning fixes, from Ville Skyttä.
    * sandbox: Fix sandbox to propagate specified MCS/MLS Security Level, from Miroslav Grepl.
    * semanage: Require at least one argument for 'semanage permissive -d', from Petr Lautrbach.
    * sepolicy: Improve sepolicy command line interface, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * audit2allow/why: ignore setlocale errors, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * semodule: Add --extract/-E, --cil/-c, and --hll/-H to extract modules, from Yuli Khodorkovskiy.
    * audit2allow: Comment constraint rules in output, from Miroslav Grepl via Petr Lautrbach.
    * Fix PEP8 issues, from Jason Zaman.
    * semanage: fix moduleRecords deleteall method, from Stephen Smalley.
    * Improve compatibility with Python 3, from Michal Srb.
    * semanage: Set self.sename to sename after calling semanage_seuser_set_sename(), from Laurent Bigonville.
    * semanage: Fix typo in semanage args for minimium policy store, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * sepolicy: Only invoke RPM on RPM-enabled Linux distributions, from Sven Vermeulen.
    * mcstransd: don't reinvent getpeercon, from Stephen Smalley.
    * setfiles/restorecon: fix -r/-R option, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * org.selinux.policy: Require auth_admin_keep for all actions, from Stephen Smalley.
    * hll: Move core functions of pp to libsepol, from James Carter
    * run_init: Use a ring buffer in open_init_pty, from Jason Zaman.
    * run_init: fix open_init_pty availability check, from Nicolas Iooss.
    * Widen Xen IOMEM context entries, from Daniel De Graaf.
    * Fix -Wformat errors with gcc-5.0.0, from Petr Lautrbach.
    * Fixed typo/grammatical error, from Christopher Peterson.
    * Fix typo in semanage-port man page, from Andrew Spiers.
    Update to version 2.4
    * Fix bugs found by hardened gcc flags, from Nicolas Iooss.
    * Improve support for building with different versions of python from
      Nicolas Iooss.
    * Ensure XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is passed through to the sandbox in seunshare,
      from Dan Walsh
    * Remove cgroups from sandbox, from Dan Walsh
    * Try to use setcurrent before setexec in seunshare, from Andy Lutomirski
    * Stop using the now deprecated flask.h and av_permissions.h, from Stephen Smalley
    * Add a store root path in semodule, from Yuli Khodorkovskiy
    * Add a flag to ignore cached CIL files and recompile HLL modules, from
      Yuli Khodorkovskiy
    * Add and install HLL compiler for policy packages to CIL. The compiler is
      installed in /var/libexec/selinux/hll/ by default, from Steve Lawrence
    * Fixes to pp compiler to better support roles and type attributes, from
      Yuli Khodorkovskiy
    * Deprecate base/upgrade/version in semodule. Calling these commands will
      now call --install on the backend, from Yuli Khodorkovskiy
    * Add ability to install modules with a specified priority, from Caleb
    * Use /tmp for permissive module creation, by Caleb Case
    * Update semanage to use new source policy infrastructure, from Jason Dana
    * Add RuntimeDirectory to mcstrans systemd unit file, from Laurent
* Wed Nov 05 2014
  - added Requires: python-yum, yum-metadata-parser to fix sepolicy
* Mon Sep 08 2014
  - removed execute permission from systemd unit file
* Sun May 18 2014
  - Version 2.3
    sepolgen: Add back attributes flag to fix exception crash from Dan Walsh.
    (drop policycoreutils-sepolgen_missing_attributes.patch)
    * Add -P semodule option to man page from Dan Walsh.
    * selinux_current_policy_path will return none on a disabled SELinux system
    * Add new icons for sepolicy gui from Dan Walsh.
    * Only return writeable files that are enabled from Dan Walsh.
    * Add domain to short list of domains, when -t and -d from Dan Walsh.
    * Fix up desktop files to match current standards from Dan Walsh.
    * Add support to return sensitivities and categories for python from Dan Walsh.
    * Cleanup whitespace from Dan Walsh.
    * Add message to tell user to install sandbox policy from Dan Walsh.
    * Add systemd unit file for mcstrans from Laurent Bigonville.
    * Improve restorecond systemd unit file from Laurent Bigonville.
    * Minor man pages improvements from Laurent Bigonville.
    * Ignore selevel/serange if MLS is disabled from Sven Vermeulen.
    * Revert automatic setting of serange and seuser in seobject; was breaking non-MLS systems.
    * Apply polkit check on all dbus interfaces and restrict to active user from Dan Walsh.
    * Fix typo in sepolicy gui dbus.relabel_on_boot call from Dan Walsh.
    * Remove import policycoreutils.default_encoding_utf8 from semanage from Dan Walsh.
    * Make yum/extract_rpms optional for sepolicy generate from Dan Walsh.
    * Add test suite for audit2allow and sepolgen-ifgen from Dan Walsh.
* Fri Dec 13 2013
  - sepolgen: add back attributes
    * fixes build of selinux-policy
    * policycoreutils-sepolgen_missing_attributes.patch
* Mon Dec 09 2013
  - fix issues which prevented accepting to Factory
    * mention the dropped patches (merged upstream):
    - policycoreutils-rhat.patch
    - policycoreutils-sepolgen.patch
* Thu Oct 31 2013
  - update to version 2.2
    * Properly build the swig exception file
    * Fix man pages
    * Support overriding PATH and INITDIR in Makefile
    * Fix LDFLAGS usage
    * Fix init_policy warning
    * Fix semanage logging
    * Open newrole stdin as read/write
    * Fix sepolicy transition
    * Support overriding CFLAGS
    * Create correct man directory for run_init
    * restorecon GLOB_BRACE change
    * Extend audit2why to report additional constraint information.
    * Catch IOError errors within audit2allow
    * semanage export/import fixes
    * Improve setfiles progress reporting
    * Document setfiles -o option in usage
    * Change setfiles to always return -1 on failure
    * Improve setsebool error r eporting
    * Major overhaul of gui
    * Fix sepolicy handling of non-MLS policy
    * Support returning type aliases
    * Add sepolicy tests
    * Add org.selinux.config.policy
    * Improve range and user input checking by semanage
    * Prevent source or target arguments that end with / for substitutions
    * Allow use of <<none>> for semanage fcontext
    * Report customized user levels
    * Support deleteall for restoring disabled modules
    * Improve semanage error reporting
    * Only list disabled modules for module locallist
    * Fix logging
    * Define new constants for file type character codes
    * Improve bash completions
    * Convert semanage to argparse
    * Add semanage tests
    * Split semanage man pages
    * Move bash completion scripts
    * Replace genhomedircon script with a link to semodule
    * Fix fixfiles
    * Add support for systemd service for restorecon
    * Spelling corrections
    * Improve sandbox support for home dir symlinks and file caps
    * Switch sandbox to openbox window manager
    * Coalesce audit2why and audit2allow
    * Change audit2allow to append to output file
    * Update translations
    * Change audit2why to use selinux_current_policy_path
  - Update sepolgen to version 1.2
    * Return additional constraint information.
    * Fix bug in calls to attributes
    * Add support for filename transitions
    * Fix sepolgen tests
  - Remove restorecond.service; use upstream service file
  - Don't provide support for sysvinit and systemd on a same system
    Use either one or the other
* Thu Jun 27 2013
  - change the source url to the official release tarballs
* Wed Apr 03 2013
  - fixed source url
  - removed old tarball
* Fri Mar 29 2013
  - update to 2.1.14
    * setfiles: estimate percent progress
    * load_policy: make link at the destination directory
    * Rebuild with glade-3
    * sepolicy: new command to unite small utilities
    * sepolicy: Update Makefiles and po files
    * sandbox: use sepolicy to look for sandbox_t
    * gui: switch to use sepolicy
    * gui: sepolgen: use sepolicy to generate
    * semanage: use sepolicy for boolean dictionary
    * add po file configuration information
    * po: stop running update-po on all
    * semanage: seobject verify policy types before allowing you to assign them.
    * gui: Start using Popen, instead of os.spawnl
    * sandbox: Copy /var/tmp to /tmp as they are the same inside
    * qualifier to shred content
    * semanage: Fix handling of boolean_sub names when using the -F flag
    * semanage: man: roles instead of role
    * gui: system-config-selinux: Catch no DISPLAY= error
    * setfiles: print error if no default label found
    * semanage: list logins file entries in semanage login -l
    * semanage: good error message is sepolgen python module missing
    * gui: system-config-selinux: do not use lokkit
    * secon: add support for setrans color information in prompt output
    * restorecond: remove /etc/mtab from default list
    * gui: If you are not able to read enforcemode set it to False
    * genhomedircon: regenerate genhomedircon more often
    * restorecond: Add /etc/udpatedb.conf to restorecond.conf
    * genhomedircon generation to allow spec file to pass in SEMODULE_PATH
    * fixfiles: relabel only after specific date
    * po: update translations
    * sandbox: seunshare: do not reassign realloc value
    * seunshare: do checking on setfsuid
    * sestatus: rewrite to shut up coverity
  - removed policycoreutils-glibc217.patch (upstream fix)
  - added patches:
    * policycoreutils-rhat.patch
    * policycoreutils-sepolgen.patch
    * loadpolicy_path.patch
* Wed Jan 30 2013
  - update to 2.1.13
    - drop policycoreutils-po.patch.bz2 (updated upstream)
    - drop policycoreutils-gui.patch.bz2 (added to upstream)
    - drop sandbox init scripts (shouldn't be needed anymore)
    - numerous other changes
* Tue Dec 11 2012
  - added service unit for restorecond
* Wed Dec 05 2012
  - semanage needs python-xml and python-ipy to run
* Sat Nov 17 2012
  - Fix compilation with glibc 2.17 (add patch policycoreutils-glibc217.patch
    extracted from Fedora)
* Tue Aug 07 2012
  - updated policycoreutils to 2.1.10
    - adapated patches
  - updated sepolgen to 1.1.5
* Tue Feb 14 2012
  - fix seceral rpmlint errors and warnings
    * use /var/adm/fillup-template for sandbox
    * don't use /var/lock/subsys in any of init script
    * use set_permissions macro and add correct Requires(pre)
    * fix the languages to new -lang package
    * fix policycoreutils-sandbox Group
    * remove runlevel 4 from inint scripts
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - patch license to follow standard
* Mon Mar 14 2011
  - updated to 2.0.85
    * changes too numerous to list
* Fri Feb 04 2011
  - fix a typo in the package group
* Fri Jun 04 2010
  - remove usermode-gtk from Requires of -gui subpackage
* Fri May 07 2010
  - remove incorrect and unnecessary rpmlintrc.
* Mon Mar 22 2010
  - fix build by moving _GNU_SOURCE define (gnusource.patch), thx darix
* Thu Feb 25 2010
  - updated to 2.0.79
    * changes too numerous to list
* Wed Jul 15 2009
  - disable Requires usermode-gtk
* Fri Jun 19 2009
  - added libsepol-static-devel to BuildRequires
* Wed May 27 2009
  - updated to 2.0.62
    * Add btrfs to fixfiles from Dan Walsh.
    * Remove restorecond error for matching globs with multiple hard links
      and fix some error messages from Dan Walsh.
    * Make removing a non-existant module a warning rather than an error
      from Dan Walsh.
    * Man page fixes from Dan Walsh.



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