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python2-GeoIP-1.3.2-lp151.2.3 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 for armv7hl

Name: python2-GeoIP Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 1.3.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.3 Build date: Wed Apr 24 09:44:28 2019
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: obs-arm-6
Size: 83871 Source RPM: python-GeoIP-1.3.2-lp151.2.3.src.rpm
Summary: Python bindings for the GeoIP geographical lookup libraries
This package contains the Python bindings for the GeoIP API,
allowing IP to location lookups to country, city and organisation
level within Python code.






* Tue May 02 2017
  - Update for the multipython build.
* Wed Jul 20 2016
  - Update to version 1.3.2 (changes since 1.2.1):
    * Python 3 support and significant code cleanup.
    * Update and
    * Add region_name to GeoIPRegion.
    * Add database_info and database_edition attributes to GeoIP
    * Add region_name and time_zone keys to GeoIPRecord wrapper.
    * Export the country list, country code -> country name mapping,
      and country->continent mapping.
    * Raise country code counter from 251 to 253.
    * record_by_addr and record_by_name return None instead of
      throwing a exception. See
    * Add a py_geoip.error Exception object.
    * Export the country list, country code -> country name mapping,
      and country->continent mapping.
    * Update - replace with
    * Add range_by_ip - returns largest start and stop ip for any ip.
      Remember to use a IP not a name.
    * Add range_by_ip example.
    * Add metro_code as a alias for the depreciated dma_code.
    * Add charset and set_charset methods, as well as the new
      attributes GeoIP.GEOIP_CHARSET_ISO_8859_1 and
    * Add script showing howto use charset and
    * Add last_netmask.
    * Fix compile warnings.
    * Fix small memoryleak in database_info, org_by_name and
    * Remove dma_code from example.
    * Remove Confidence and Accuracy Database, it is unused anyway.
    * Add new methods enable_teredo, teredo,
      time_zone_by_country_and_region and lib_version.
    * Add support for Confidence and Accuracy Database.
    * Add support for Netspeed Database. via: id_by_addr id_by_name.
    * Add IPv6 glue (needs libGeoIP 1.4.7):
      + country_code_by_name_v6;
      + country_name_by_name_v6;
      + country_code_by_addr_v6;
      + country_name_by_addr_v6.
    * Add new methods record_by_name_v6 and record_by_addr_v6 to
      support GeoIPCityv6 databases.
    * Fix low memory error handling and refcount issues on error.
    * Add example
    * The methods name_by_addr, name_by_addr_v6, name_by_name, and
      name_by_name_v6 were added for ISP, Org, and ASNum lookups.
    * Portability fixes.
    * Expose GEOIP_MMAP_CACHE from the C library.
    * Unit tests were added.
    * The description for org_by_name incorrectly directed people to
      use name_by_addr rather than name_by_name.
    * Previously GeoIP.country_names was populated from
      GeoIP_country_name in the libGeoIP C API. Some versions of the
      libGeoIP include non-ASCII ISO-8859-1 characters in these names,
      causing encoding errors under Python
    * Changed licence to LGPLv2+ from GPLv2+.
  - Correct RPM group: Development/Languages/Python.
  - Package examples instead of tests.
  - Spec cleanup.
* Sun Jan 28 2007
  - now GeoIP-devel is needed.
* Thu Dec 07 2006
  - import 1.2.1 from FC6 extra



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