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quilt-0.66-1.8 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: quilt Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.66 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.8 Build date: Sun Feb 16 22:42:48 2020
Group: Development/Tools/Version Control Build host: s390zp21
Size: 670536 Source RPM: quilt-0.66-1.8.src.rpm
Summary: A Tool for Working with Many Patches
Quilt allows you to easily manage large numbers of patches by keeping
track of the changes each patch makes. Patches can be applied,
un-applied, refreshed, and more.






* Fri Mar 29 2019 Jean Delvare <>
  - test-faildiff-workaround-order-bug.patch: Avoid false-positive
    test suite failures in the build service.
* Fri Mar 29 2019 Jean Delvare <>
  - Update to version 0.66:
    * Add support for lzip archives and patches
    * Document QUILT_PC as user-settable
    * configure: Don't require md5sum
    * Test suite: Allow keeping the working directory on failure
    * Test suite: Fix /bin/sh filtering
    * Test suite: Run tests again if test.quiltrc changes
    * Test suite: Handle alternative QUILT_PATCHES values
    * Test suite: Increase code path coverage
    * Test suite: Be verbose on directory error
    * Test suite: Clean up when interrupted
    * Test suite: Prevent test cases from escaping
    * diff: Add missing quotes in basename call
    * header: Fix corruption when trailing newline is missing
    * mail: Remove Content-Disposition headers
    * mail: Complain when a patch doesn't exist
    * new: Fix corruption when trailing newline is missing
    * refresh: Add missing quotes in basename call
    * setup: Add basic support for p7zip (.7z) archives
    * setup: Align --fast on --slow for series files
    * quilt.el: Define quilt-edit-top-only before it's used
    * quilt.el: Stop using deprecated toggle-read-only
    * quilt.el: Don't strip directory in quilt-top-patch
    * quilt.el: Fix emacs compatibility issue
    * quilt.el: Read QUILT_PC from config file
    * guards: Mention it in quilt manual page
    * compat/getopt: Handle a second separator
    * compat/getopt: Allow non-digit parameter embedded in short option
    * Obsoletes mail-fix-patch-set-threading.patch
    * Obsoletes patch-wrapper-rpm.diff
    * Obsoletes perl-526.patch
    * Obsoletes quilt-translations.patch
    * Obsoletes quiltrc-support-all-patch-formats-by-default.patch
  - Refresh suse-workaround-pseudo-release.patch
* Thu May 03 2018
  - quiltrc-support-all-patch-formats-by-default.patch: quiltrc:
    Support all patch formats by default (bsc#1088281).
* Sun Sep 24 2017
  - add perl-526.patch to work with perl 5.26
* Fri Jul 21 2017
  - Correct fold -R helptext in german locale with quilt-translations.patch
* Mon May 29 2017
  - Add missing bug number in changes file (bsc#1041323).
* Fri Apr 14 2017
  - Change the rpm group. Quilt is a development tool, not a text
    file editor.
  - We don't need procmail to build quilt.
  - patch-wrapper-rpm.diff: Add a decription and upstream reference.
  - mail-fix-patch-set-threading.patch: mail: Fix patch set threading
    (regression in version 0.64, savannah bug #50775.)
* Thu Nov 10 2016
  - Update to version 0.65:
    * Project settings have priority
    * Fix a race condition in diff_file
    * Performance: Optimizations to the setup command
    * Performance: Optimizations to the bash completion script
    * Test suite: Improve the edit test case
    * Test suite: Test backup failure
    * Test suite: Test the header command with hard links
    * diff: Report diff failures
    * mail: Fix the help text
    * push: Fix the synopsis
    * refresh: Do not remove symlinks
    * refresh: Break links to read-only patch files
    * refresh: Always preserve modification time
    * setup: Report failed look-ups in inspect-wrapper
    * quilt.el: Fix quilt-editable when patches are stored in subdirs
    * bash_completion: Handle spaces in file names
    * bash_completion: Update the list of commands
    * bash_completion: Add new command options
    * bash_completion: Fix handling of mail, new, push options
    * guards: Simplify the help text
    * guards: Include the file name also in the "Not found" case
    * guards: Add support for an external filelist in --check mode
    * guards: Report which config file has problem in --check mode
    * guards: Documentation update
    * guards: Clarify a user message
    * Obsoletes edit-01-test-file-creation.patch
    * Obsoletes edit-02-call-remove-not-revert.patch
    * Obsoletes edit-03-fix-corner-case.patch
    * Obsoletes translation-fixes-01.patch
    * Obsoletes translation-fixes-02.patch
    * Obsoletes translation-fixes-03.patch
    * Obsoletes translation-fixes-04.patch
    * Obsoletes reject-binary-files-in-patches.patch
  - Pass --sysconfdir to configure so that the configuration files
    are installed in the right place.
  - Update package description.
  - Refresh suse-workaround-pseudo-release.patch
* Fri Sep 16 2016
  - reject-binary-files-in-patches.patch: Since diffutils version
    3.4, diff no longer returns an error code for binary files. Parse
    the first line of the output to detect this case and raise our
    own error.
  - Remove fix-faildiff-test-for-diffutils-3.4.patch, use the
    upstream fix instead.
* Fri Sep 09 2016
  - fix-faildiff-test-for-diffutils-3.4.patch: Since diffutils
    version 3.4, diff no longer returns an error code for binary
    files. Remove this test from faildiff.test.



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