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tcl-devel-8.6.10-1.42 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: tcl-devel Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 8.6.10 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.42 Build date: Sat Apr 11 01:35:58 2020
Group: Development/Libraries/Tcl Build host: s390p23
Size: 1699249 Source RPM: tcl-8.6.10-1.42.src.rpm
Summary: Header Files and C API Documentation for Tcl
This package contains header files and documentation needed for writing
Tcl extensions in compiled languages like C, C++, etc., or for
embedding the Tcl interpreter in programs written in such languages.

This package is not needed for writing extensions or applications in
the Tcl language itself.






* Tue Dec 03 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - New version: 8.6.10:
    * (bug)[7a9dc5] [file normalize ~/~foo] segfault
    * (bug)[3cf3a9] variable 'timezone' deprecated in vc2017
    * (bug)[cc1e91] [list [list {*}[set a " "]]] regression
      obsoletes tcl-expand-regression.patch.
    * (bug)[e3f481] tests var-1.2[01]
    * (new) Update to Unicode 12.0
    * (new)[TIP 527] New command [timerate]
    * (bug)[39fed4] [package require] memory validity
    * (new) New command tcl::unsupported::corotype
    * (bug) memlink when namespace deletion kills linked var
    * (new) README file converted to in Markdown
    * (bug)[8b9854] [info level 0] regression with ensembles
    * (bug)[6bdadf] crash multi-arg write-traced [lappend]
    * (bug)[f8a33c] crash Tcl_Exit before init
    * (bug)[fa6bf3] Bytecode fails epoch recovery at numLevel=0
    * (bug)[fec0c1] C stack overflow compiling bytecode
    * tzdata updated to Olson's tzdata2019c
    * (bug)[16768d] Fix [info hostname] on NetBSD
    * (new) libtommath updated to release 1.2.0
    * (bug)[bcd100] bad fs cache when system encoding changes
    * (bug)[135804] segfault in [next] after destroy
    * (bug)[13657a] application/json us text, not binary
* Tue Jul 09 2019 Andreas Schwab <>
  - binary-40.3 is expected to fail on riscv64 which does not support NaN
* Thu Jun 20 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Use FAT LTO objects in order to provide proper static
    library (boo#1138797).
* Thu Jan 17 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - Fix a regression in the handling of denormalized empty lists
    (tcl-expand-regression.patch, tcl#cc1e91552c).
* Wed Dec 12 2018 Reinhard Max <>
  - New version: 8.6.9:
    * NR-enable [package require]
    * (bug)[9fd5c6] crash in object deletion, test oo-11.5
    * (bug)[3c32a3] crash deleting object with class mixed in
    * (platform) stop using -lieee, removed from glibc-2.27
    * (bug)[8e6a9a] bad binary [string match], test string-11.55
    * (bug)[1873ea] repair multi-thread std channel init
    * (bug)[db36fa] broken bytecode for index values
    * (bug) broken compiled [string replace], test string-14.19
    * (bug) [string trim*] engine crashed on invalid UTF
    * (bug) missing trace in compiled [array set], test var-20.11
    * (bug)[46a241] crash in unset array with search, var-13.[23]
    * (bug)[27b682] race made [file delete] raise "no such file"
    * (bug)[925643] 32/64 cleanup of filesystem DIR operations
    * (bug) leaks in TclSetEnv and env cache
    * (bug)[3592747] [yieldto] dying namespace, tailcall-14.1
    * (bug)[270f78] race in [file mkdir]
    * (bug)[3f7af0] [file delete] raised "permission denied"
    * (bug)[d051b7] overflow crash in [format]
    * revised quoting of [exec] args in generated command line
    * HTTP Keep-Alive with pipelined requests
    * (new)[TIP 505] [lreplace] accepts all out of range indices
    * (bug) Prevent crash from NULL keyName in the registry package
    * Update tcltest package for Travis support
    * (bug)[35a8f1] overlong string length of some lists
    * (bug)[00d04c] Repair [binary encode base64]
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - handle s390 like s390x (bnc#1085480)
* Fri Dec 29 2017
  - Version 8.6.8:
    * [array names -regexp] supports backrefs
    * Fix gcc build failures due to #pragma placement
    * (bug)[b50fb2] exec redir append stdout and stderr to file
    * (bug)[2a9465] http state 100 continue handling broken
    * (bug)[0e4d88] replace command, delete trace kills namespace
    * (bug)[1a5655] [info * methods] includes mixins
    * (bug)[fc1409] segfault in method cloning, oo-15.15
    * (bug)[3298012] Stop crash when hash tables overflow 32 bits
    * (bug)[5d6de6] Close failing case of [package prefer stable]
    * (bug)[4f6a1e] Crash when ensemble map and list are same
    * (bug)[ce3a21] file normalize failure when tail is empty
    * (new)[TIP 477] nmake build system reform
    * (bug)[586e71] EvalObjv exception handling at level #0
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - adapt check section for rpm-4.14.0
* Thu Dec 14 2017
  - Add more tests in Whitelist as bypass boo#1072657
    identified following tests failed on PowerPC
    interp-34.9 interp-34.13 http-3.25 timer-2.1 thread-20.9
* Thu Oct 19 2017
  - Sync SLE12 with Factory to fix a bug in Itcl that was affecting
    iwidgets (bsc#903017).
* Mon Sep 25 2017
  - Whitelist known-failing tests. Further investigation needed.
* Fri Aug 11 2017
  - New version: 8.6.7:
    * (bug)[c09edf] Bad caching with  custom resolver
    * (bug)[4dbdd9] Memleak in test var-8.3
    * (bug)[2bf561] Allow empty command as alias target
    * (bug)[4d5ae7] Crash in async connects host no address
    * (bug)[838e99] treat application/xml as text => http 2.8.10
    * (bug)[3cc1d9] Thread finalization crash in zippy
    * (bug)[be003d] Fix [scan 0x1 %b], [scan 0x1 %o]
    * (bug)[eb6b68] Fix stringComp-14.5
    * (bug)[b26e38] Fix zlib-7.8
    * (bug)[1ae129] Fix memleak in [history] destruction
    * (feature) Provisional Tcl 9 support in msgcat and tcltest
      => msgcat 1.6.1 => tcltest 2.4.1
    * (bug)[824752] Crash in Tcl_ListObjReplace()
    * (bug)[79614f] invalidate VFS mounts on sytem encoding change
    * (bug) TclOO fix stops crash mixing Itcl and snit
    * (update) Reconcile libtommath updates; purge unused files
    * (bug)[b87ad7] Repair drifts in timer clock
    * (bug)[39f630] Revise Tcl_LinkVar to tolerate some prefixes
    * (bug)[d0f7ba] Improper NAN optimization. expr-22.1[01]
    * (bug)[25842c] zlib stream finalization
    * (enhancement) [clock] and [encoding] are now ensembles
    * (enhancement) several [clock] subcommands bytecoded
    * (bug)[900cb0] Fix OO unexport introspection
    * (bug)[42202b] Nesting imbalance in coro injection
    * (bug)[bc4322] http package support for safe interps
    * (bug)[f34cf8] [file join a //b] => /b
    * (bug)[8bd13f] Windows threads and pipe
    * (bug)[f9fe90] [file join //a b] EIAS violation
    * (bug)[601522] [binary] field spec overflow -> segfault
    * (bug)[6ca52a] http memleak handling keep-alive=> http 2.8.11
    * (bug)[a3fb33] crash in [lsort] on long lists
    * (bug)[67aa9a] Tcl_UtfToUniChar() revised handling invalid UTF-8
    * (bug)[2738427] Tcl_NumUtfChars() corner case utf-4.9
    * (update) Update Unicode data to 10.0
    * (TIP 473) Let [oo::copy] specify target namespace
    * (bug)[46f801] Repair autoloader fragility
    * (bug)[adb198] Plug memleak in TclJoinPath
    * (bug)[fb2208] Repeatable tclIndex generation
  - Included Itcl is now version 4.0.5.
* Sat Jul 22 2017
  - Add zlib-devel to BuildRequires, don't use included zlib sources
* Mon Feb 27 2017
  - Reenable testsuite on %arm
* Wed Dec 21 2016
  - Disable check for s390x for now
* Tue Jul 26 2016
  - New version 8.6.6:
    * (bug)[803042] mem leak due to reference cycle.
    * (bug)[bbc304] reflected watch race condition.
    * (bug)[fadc99] compile-5.3.
    * (enhancement)[1a25fd] compile [variable ${ns}::v]
    * (bug)[1af8de] crash in compiled [string replace]
    * (bug)[d30718] segv in notifier finalize
    * (enhancement)[7d0db7] parallel make
    * [f12535] enable test bindings customization
    * (bug)[47ac84] compiled [lreplace] fixes
    * (bug)[866368] RE \w includes 'Punctuation Connector'
    * [07d13d] Restore TclBlend support lost in 8.6.1
    * (bug)[3154ea] Mem corruption in assembler exceptions
    * (bug) registry package support any Unicode env
      => registry 1.3.2
    * (bug)[f7d4e] [namespace delete] performance
    * (TIP 447) execution time verbosity option
      => tcltest 2.4.0
    * (bug)[16828b] crash due to [vwait] trace undo fail
    * (enhancement)[4b61af] good [info frame] from more cases.
    * (bug)[c383eb] crash in [glob -path a]
    * (update) Update Unicode data to 9.0 (nijtmans)
    * (bug)[16896d] Tcl_DString tolerate append to self.
    * (bug)[d55322] crash in [dict update].
    * (bug)[dd260a] crash in [chan configure -dictionary].
    * (bug)[f961d7] usage message with parameters with spaces.
    * (enhancement)[09fabc] Sort order of -relateddir.
    * (bug)[1493a4] [namespace upvar] use of resolvers.
    * (bug)[da340d] integer division in clock math.
  - Fix %check ("make test" was run in the wrong directory).
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - New version 8.6.5:
    * (bug)[d87cb1] Proper tailcall from compiled ensembles
    * (bug)[879a07] Incomplete chars @ buffer ends
    * (bug)[894da1] Hang flushing blocking channels
    * (enhance)[b9d043] Default use of gzip transfer encoding
      => http 2.8.9
    * (bug)[9dd1bd] destructor [self] after failed constructor
    * (bug)[0f42ff] [tailcall] combined with [next]
    * (bug)[c11a51] http: race condition in -accept option
    * (enhance) More pure lists from compiled [list]
    * (enhancement) Relax memdebug constraint on extensions
    * (bug)[268b23] crash in traced [expr]
    * (bug)[478c44] Memleak in zlib compresion errors
    * (bug)[e770d9] Higher baud on serial channels
    * (update) Update Unicode data to 8.0
    * (bug)[a4cb3f] compiled [lreplace] handling of end
    * (enhance) Use Unicode SendMessageTimeout()
      => registry 1.3.1
    * (TIP 412) msgcat dynamic locale change and package private
      locale    => msgcat 1.6.0
    * (bug)[a0ece9] crash in traced [expr]
    * (TIP 436) [info object isa] favors 'false' over error
      => TclOO 1.0.4
    * (bug)[b1534b][9bad63] writes beyond buffer bounds
    * (bug)[a3309d] Memleak in compiled [unset a($i)]
    * (bug)[57945b] lock in forking/multi-threading
    * (bug)[3e7eca] Allocation overflow in expr parsing
    * (bug) Correct problems found in Coverity audit
    * (bug)[00189c] MSVC 14: semi-static UCRT support
    * (bug)[0df7a1] Tolerate getcwd() failures
    * (bug)[1115587][a3c350][d7ea9f][0e0e15][187d7f] Many fixes and
      improvements to regexp engine from Postgres
    * (enhance) hash lookup microoptimization
    * (bug)[e0a7b3] Input buffer draining & file events
    * (bug)[219866] Cygwin support error (yorick,nijtmans)
      => platform 1.0.14
    * (bug)[1080042][8f2450] More regexp from Postgres
    * (bug)[4a0c16] [clock] react to msgcat locale change
    * (bug)[261a8a] Overflow segfault in I/O translation
    * (bug)[40f628] ListObjReplace callers fail to detect max
    * (enhance)[32c574] Improve list growth performance
    * (bug)[c9eb6b] tolerate unset ::env(TZ)
    * (TIP 440) tcl_platform(engine) -- Tcl implementation
    * (bug)[25842c] stream [zlib deflate] fails with 0 input
    * (bug)[3d96b7][593baa][cf74de] crashes in OO teardown
    * (bug)[9b4702] [info exists env(missing)] kills trace
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - New version 8.6.4:
    * restore tbcload/tclcompiler support
    * (bug)[0c043a] Fix compiled [set var($) val]
    * (bug)[d2ffcc] Limit $... and bareword parsing to ASCII
    * (TIP 427) [fconfigure $h -connecting, -peername, -sockname]
    * (bug)[af08c8] Crash in full finalize encoding teardown
    * (bug)[7c187a] [chan copy] crash (io-53.17)
    * (bug)[df0848] Trouble with INFINITY macro
    * (bug) Stop crashes when extension var resolvers misbehave
    * (bug)[088727] [read] past EOF (io-73.4)
    * (bug)[32b615] Fix compiled [lreplace] (lreplace-4.[345])
  - Obsoletes itcl-unbreak-iwidgets.patch
* Wed Nov 12 2014
  - New version 8.6.3:
    * (bug)[b9e1a3] Correct Method Search Order
    * (bug)[ccc2c2] Regression [lreplace {} 1 1]
    * <oo-1.18.2> Crash regression in [oo::class destroy]
    * (bug)[84af11] Regress [regsub -all {\(.*} a(b) {}]
    * (bug)[cee90e] [try {} on ok {} - on return {} {}] panic
    * (feature) [tcl::unsupported::getbytecode] disassember
    * (enhancement) [string cat] bytecode optimization
    * (bug)[82521b] segfault in mangled bytecode
    * (bug)[bc5b79] Hang in some [read]s of limited size
    * (bug)[bc1a96] segfault in [array set] of traced array
    * (bug)[59a2e7] MSVC14 compile support
    * (bug)[ed29c4] [fcopy] treats [blocked] as error
    * (bug)[bf7135] regression in Tcl_Write() interface
    * (bug)[10dc6d] fix [gets] on non-blocking channels
    * (bug)[214cc0] Restore [lappend v] return value
    * (bug)[5adc35] Stop forcing EOF to be permanent
  - Add itcl-unbreak-iwidgets.patch to revert a recent change in
    itcl that broke iwidgets.
* Sat Sep 06 2014
  - avoid %nil to pass download_files service
* Mon Sep 01 2014
  - Update license tag to SPDX 1.2.
  - Remove obsolete patches tcl-unload.patch and tcl.patch.
* Thu Aug 28 2014
  - Update to 8.6.2:
    * TIP 429: New command [string cat].
    * [lsearch -integer], [lsort -integer] operate on wide ints.
    * [dict replace], [dict remove] return canonical dicts.
    * Improved ::env synchronization with environment.
    * transchans converted blocked writes to errors.
    * [info class subclasses ::oo::object] includes ::oo::class .
    * Fix: [chan configure -error] breaks [socket -async] connection.
    * Better handle NUL in filenames.
    * Fix: failures in nested ensemble bytecode compiler.
    * Fixed crashes in...
    - [apply {{} {while 1 {a {*}
      [return -level 0 -code continue]}}}]
    - [apply {{} {namespace upvar a b [x]}}]
    - [coroutine X coroutine Y info frame]
    - multi-interp font teardown
    - oo chain deletion
    * Plugged memory leaks in...
    - execution traced coroutine deletion
    - [close [zlib push ... -dictionary ...]]
    - AtForkChild()
    - managing oo instance lists
    * Performance addressed in...
    - [lappend l $multiple $arg] compile: quadratic -> linear
    - binary [chan copy]: move bytes instead of copy
    - Improved bytecode: [catch], [foreach], [lmap],
      num. conversion
    * Bytecode compiled: [concat], [linsert], [namespace origin],
      [next], [nextto], [string is], [string replace],
      [string tolower], [string totitle], [string toupper],
      [string trim], [string trimleft],
      [string trimright] [yieldto]
    * New package releases:
      http 2.8.8:     Accept upper case schemes in URLs
      tcltest 2.3.7:   cleanup runs before output comparisons
      platform 1.0.13: Update macosx-* variant compatibilities
      TclOO 1.0.2
      itcl 4.0.1
      thread 2.7.1
      sqlite3 3.8.6
      tdbc* 1.0.1
  - removed tcl-unload.patch and tcl.patch
* Fri Sep 20 2013
  - Final 8.6.1 release. Changes since rc0 include:
    * Fix segfaults in [dict] compilers.
    * Fix mem leak in [lreplace].
* Tue Sep 10 2013
  - New patchlevel release 8.6.1rc0:
  - Many optimaizations, improvements and tightened stack management
    in bytecode
  - Many enhancements and Bugfixes:
    * Improve ensemble bytecode
    * Selected script code improvements => tcltest 2.3.6
    * Broaden glibc version detection => platform 1.0.12
    * [array set] compile improvement
    * [auto_mkindex] support Tcl00
    * Tcl_Zlib*() routines tolerate NULL interps
    * Improved [list {*}...] compile
    * Restored lost performance appending to long strings
    * Errors from execution traces become errors of the command
* Thu Jun 20 2013
  - New version: 8.6.0.
  - Itcl is now part of the Tcl main package.
  - Disable profile feedback based optimization for now.
  - Highlihhts of the new version:
    * Object Oriented Programming: The commands of the TclOO package
      are now part of Tcl itself. This gives Tcl a built-in object
      system that is fully dynamic, class-based, and includes
      advanced features such as meta-classes, filters, and mixins.
    * New version 4 of the popular package Itcl (aka incr Tcl) is
      also included, now built on a TclOO foundation, granting
      support for some traditional OO Tcl programming out of the box
      as well.
    * Stackless Evaluation: The evaluation of many levels of nested
      proc calls are no longer implemented as a stack of nested C
      routine calls. This revision in the internal implementation of
      Tcl evaluation makes deep recursion in Tcl scripts safe to
      do. But there's more...
    * This new implementation enables a collection of new commands,
      coroutine, tailcall, yield, and yieldto that provide profound
      new capabilities and models of concurrency to Tcl scripts.
    * Enhanced Exceptions: New commands try and throw and a wealth
      of new -errorcode values enable far more precise trapping and
      handling of exceptions using a familiar construct.
    * Batteries Included: Tcl delivers in the pkgs subdirectory a
      bundled collection of third-party packages built and installed
      along with Tcl.
    * Thread-enabled Operations: A thread-enabled default build, a
      bundled Thread package, and new command interp cancel make Tcl
      8.6 ready for your multi-threaded programming tasks.
    * SQL Database Powered: The bundled Tcl DataBase Connectivity
      (tdbc) interface package makes it possible to write your SQL
      database-powered scripts decoupled from any particular
      database engine. The bundled sqlite3 and tdbc::sqlite3
      packages supply a powerful and popular SQL database engine
      ready to use.
    * IPv6 Networking: Both client and server sockets support IPv6
      where platform support exists.
    * Built-in Zlib Compression: New command zlib provides utilities
      to handle compression of data and streams.
    * List Processing: New commands lmap and dict map enable the
      elegant expression of transformations over Tcl containers.
    * Stacked Channels by Script: New commands chan push and chan
      pop expose the power of stacked channels without the need to
      write C code.
    * Additional New Features: Temporary file creation, enhancements
      to list sorting and setting, dict filtering, half-close of
      bidirectional channels, encoding and decoding of binary
      sequences, finer control over load, and many many more.
* Fri Apr 05 2013
  - Add Source URL, see
* Sun Nov 25 2012
  - The testsuite needs timezone data, require it at build time.
* Thu Aug 09 2012
  - New patchlevel: 8.5.12:
    * Fix the values returned by [switch -regexp -indexvar]
    * Improve RFC compliance of the http package
    * Several other bugfixes
* Sun Jul 29 2012
  - Disable profiling on SPARC due to compiler bug [gcc #54121]
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
  - Parallel build with %_smp_mflags
* Wed Jan 04 2012
  - license update: SUSE-TCL
    Use this proprietary extension to SPDX until upstream SPDX accepts TCL
    into their license list
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - add autoconf as buildrequire to avoid implicit dependency
* Tue Nov 08 2011
  - New patchlevel release 8.5.11:
    * [3349507] correct double(1[string repeat 0 23])
    * [3371644] Tcl_ConvertElement() segfault
    * [3372130] hypot(.) segfault
    * [3389764] memleaks due to reference cycles in dup'd paths
    * [3390272] leak of [info script] value
    * [3393150] bignum leaks in Tcl_Get*() routines
    * [3393714] [string toupper] overflow
    * [3398794] panic in interp limit setting (gavlian,fellows)
    * [3401704] revised expr parser to permit function names like
      "nano()" instead of parsing as "nan o()" with missing op
    * [3405652] DTrace workaround
    * [3391977] -headers overrides -type (=> http 2.7.7)
    * [3400658] wrong num args msg with TclOO
    * [2935503] [file stat] returns bad mode
* Tue Oct 04 2011
  - cross-build fix: use %__cc macro
* Thu Jun 30 2011
  - New patchlevel release 8.5.10:
    * Update Unicode data to 6.0
    * Fix handling of empty path lists in Safe Tcl.
    * (bug fix)[3098302] crash in compiled [catch]
    * (TIP 378)[3081184] improved TIP 280 performance
    * (enhancement) Restore TclFormatInt for performance
    * (enhancement) Tcl_PrintDouble performance improvements
    * (bug fix)[3142026] GrowEvaluationStack OBOE
    * (bug fix)[3072640] protect writes to ::error* variables
    * (bug fix)[3200987,3192636] parser buffer overruns
    * (bug fix)[3202905] failed intrep release of interp result
    * (bug fix)[3202171] repair [namespace inscope] optimizer
    * (bug fix) Fixes from libtommath 0.42.0 release
    * (bug fix)[3216070] [load] extension from embed Tcl apps
    * (bug fix)[3285472] intrep corruption in [string reverse]
    * (bug fix)[2662380] crash when variable append trace unsets
    * (bug fix)[3285375] Buffer overflow in [concat]
    * (internals change) revised TclFindElement() interface
    * (enhancement) dict->list w/o string rep generation
    * (bug fix)[3173086] Crash parsing long lists
    * (bug fix)[2715421] surplus \n in POST => http 2.7.6
    * (enhancement) msgcat internal improvements => msgcat 1.4.4
    * (bug fix)[3185407] cmd resolution epoch flaw
    * (bug fix)[3315098] mem leak generating double string rep
    * (new cmd) [tcltest::loadIntoSlaveInterpreter]
      => tcltest 2.3.3
    * (new feature) DEB_HOST_MULTIARCH support => platform 1.0.10
  - Add tcl-stack.patch to fix stack direction checking for gcc 4.6.
  - Removed stack-3.1 from the list of known-failing tests.
  - tcl-SafeLdExp.patch isn't needed anymore.
* Wed Apr 27 2011
  - Add stack-3.1 test to known failures, according to
    it fails elsewhere too.
* Fri Sep 03 2010
  - Bugfix release 8.5.9:
    * [sf#2891556] encoding finalization crash
    * rewrite of the Safe Base commands
    * [sf#2913616] msgcat: improved safe interp support
      => msgcat 1.4.3
    * [sf#2913625] [info script/nameof] in safe interps
    * [sf#2891362] enable time limit in child interps
    * [sf#2895741] enable min(), max() in safe interps
    * [sf#2918610] [file rootname] corruption
    * [sf#2932421] less [format %s] shimmer
    * [sf#2918110] [chan postevent] crash
    * [sf#2942697] faster match: some pathological regexp patterns
    * [sf#2939073] [array unset] unset trace crash
    * [sf#2933089] [info frame] shared lit trouble
    * [sf#2949740] [open |noSuch rb] crash
    * [sf#2954959] get sign of abs($zero) right
    * [sf#2936225] stop [chan copy] to slow channel consuming all
      memory with buffer backup
    * permit [fcopy] of > 2**31 bytes
    * [sf#2383005] [return -errorcode] reject non-list
    * [sf#2976504] broken fstatfs() call
    * [sf#2978773] refchan mem preservation
    * [sf#3004007] dict/list shimmer w/o string rep loss
    * platform: several fixes for 64 bit systems
      => platform 1.0.9
    * [sf#3016135] [clock format] in he_IL locale
    * (enhancement) -errorcode for [expr] domain errors
    * [sf#3037525] crash deleting vars @ callframe pop
    * [sf#3034840] mem corrupt when refchan loses interp
    * [sf#2826551] line-sensitive matching in regexp
    * [sf#3048354] buffer overflow detect in Fortify build
    * [sf#3057639] no read traces [lappend arr(elem) ...]
* Mon May 17 2010
  - Disable stack check for hppa to fix build.
* Fri Feb 19 2010
  - Add tcl-SafeLdExp.patch to prevent a floating point assist fault
    during startup on IA64 (bnc#578068).
* Thu Jan 21 2010
  - Fix fortify violation in TraceVariableObjCmd.
* Wed Nov 18 2009
  - Bugfix release 8.5.8.
    * [info frame] account for continuation lines
    * account for ia64_32 => platform 1.0.5
    * improved error message in tcltest => tcltest 2.3.2
    * Broken DST applied EU rules to US zones
    * [sf#2446662] uniformly declare EOF on RST on sockets
    * [sf#1028264] delay WSACleanup() from under our feet
    * [sf#2785893] find command in deleted namespace
    * [sf#2798543] incorrect [expr] integer ** results
    * [sf#2801413] overflow in [format]
    * [sf#2802881] corrected compile env context
    * [sf#2819200] underflow settings on MIPS systems
    * [sf#2820349] plug event leak in notifier
    * [sf#2826248] crash in Tcl_GetChannelHandle
    * [sf#2830354] overflow in [format]
    * [sf#2827000] reflected channels can signal EGAIN
    * [sf#2806250] EIAS violation in ~foo pathnames
    * [sf#2837800] [glob */foo] return ./~x/foo
    * [sf#2845535] overflows in [format]
    * [sf#2849860] http handle "quoted" charset value
    * [sf#1941434] broken tclTomMath.h includes
    * [sf#2871908] leaked hash table
    * [sf#2874678] bignum leak in [dict incr]
    * [sf#2629338] crash in var unset traces
    * [sf#2107634] extend [read] and [gets] to Tcl string limits
    * [sf#2882561] Haiku OS signal support
    * [sf#2800740] halved bignum memory on 64-bit systems
    * [sf#2854929] TM search path support in Safe Base
    * [sf#2888099] [close] loses ENOSPC error
    * [sf#2891171] RFC 3986 compliance for ? in URL => http 2.7.5
    * [sf#2895565] [fcopy -size] miscounts when converting encodings
  - Added tcl-unload.patch to fix a crash in the browser plugin.
* Sun Aug 02 2009
  - disable the testsuite for the moment on ARM
* Tue Jun 16 2009
  - Install binaries unstripped to fix debuginfo packages.
* Wed Jun 03 2009
  - New release: 8.5.7:
    * Fix failure to read SHOUTcast streams in the http package.
    * Fix hang in channel finalization.
    * [file normalize] failed on some paths.
    * Fix crash with [chan create]d channel
    * Fix Tcl_FindCommand() bug exposed by oo.
    * Fix [string repeat] overflow crash.
    * Fix memleak in [file normalize].
    * Fix crash in Tcl_AppendStringToObj.
    * Fix Tcl_AppendObjToObj: append to self crash.
    * Fix several string overflows.
    * Fix [http::geturl] connection failures.
* Wed Jan 07 2009
  - obsolete old -XXbit packages (bnc#437293)
* Wed Oct 15 2008
  - Bugfix release 8.5.5:
    * Prevent overflow crash in [lrepeat].
    * Fixed crash in [namespace inscope] involving Tcl_ConcatObj().
    * Improved efficiency converting between lists and dicts.
    * Corrected failure to export [min] and [max] from
    * Fixed incorrect isqrt() results on a few values and platforms.
    * Tcl now only asks the system to unload shared libraries that
      explicitly Tcl's [unload] facility.
    * Corrected broken handling of ***= regular expressions.
* Mon Sep 08 2008
  - New release: 8.5.4:
    * fix mem leak in [seek] on reflected channels
    * preserve item intreps when converting from dict to list
    * [info frame] returns file data in more cases
    * fix rare panic in TclStackFree
    * 64bit support for http zlib crc
    * automatic [package provide] for TMs
* Thu Jul 10 2008
  - New release: 8.5.3:
    * Add support for bidirectional [fcopy].
    * Fix [fcopy] callbacks.
    * Fix [chan postevent] crash.
    * Fix broken [format {% d}].
    * Fix [dict append] crash.
    * Fix crash in [glob -dir {} a].
    * Support TM packages in Safe Base.
* Wed May 07 2008
  - Added a fix and a test for a crash in the [dict append] command.
* Mon Apr 07 2008
  - Added /etc/rpm/macros.tcl
  - Fixed behaviour of "% d" format string.
* Wed Apr 02 2008
  - New release: 8.5.2:
    * Speed: 8.5 now runs 10% faster than 8.4 with bytecode
      improvements, object caching and reduced memory usage.
    * Bignums: Tcl now supports arbitrary-precision integers, which
      improves math operations on large integers.
    * Safer interps: Tcl's powerful safe interpreter mechanism now
      has improved control of time and command limits in slave
    * clock command: More robust implementation of command for
      specifying time, with significant l10n and i18n improvements.
    * dict command: New data structure that allows access to data
      by value rather than a variable name, which is substantially
    * Additional improvements: Faster list search, new and improved
      mathematics procedures, anonymous procedures, new ways to
      package Tcl extensions, Tcl-level custom channel types, file
      and line location information for each command, and more.
    * More details in /usr/share/doc/packages/tcl/changes .
  - Changed install locations for extensions: Compiled packages now
    go into their own subdir under /usr/lib{,64}/tcl, script-only
    packages go into /usr/share/tcl .
* Wed Jun 06 2007
  - New Patchlevel release: 8.4.15
  - fix [file copy] on afs
  - use > 32 async sockets on 64bit system
  - fix list shimmer crash in [lsort]
  - fix list shimmer crash in [foreach]
  - fix list shimmer crash in [array set]
  - fix buffer overflow in [registry keys]
* Tue Oct 17 2006
  - New patchlevel release: 8.4.14rc2
  - srand() accept wide input.
  - interactive Tcl_Main blocks main loop
  - proc re-compile: preserve the previous bytecode while references
    still on the stack
  - fixed [glob] on VFS
  - fix intermittent failures in TclUnixWaitForFile()
  - fix filesystem segfaults
  - use of MT-safe system calls
  - make [lappend $nonList] complain
  - alignment fixes in unicode encoding routines
  - [set ::http::strict 1] (default value is 0) to enable URL validity
    checking against RFC 2986
* Mon Sep 11 2006
  - New version: 8.4.13
  - Fixes abs(MIN_INT) handling (obsoletes tcl-abs.patch)
  - Fixes exec (#127822, obsoletes tcl-exec.patch)
  - Several other bugfixes.
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Mon Jan 16 2006
  - Fixed a potential segfault in the exec command (#127822).
* Mon Dec 12 2005
  - Fixed abs(MIN_INT) handling.
* Thu Dec 08 2005
  - New version: 8.4.12
* Sun Nov 06 2005
  - Fix syntax error in unix configure script.
* Wed Jul 27 2005
  - New version: 8.4.11
  - Fixed package loading path. Now Tcl extensions are found under
    /usr/share/tcl, /usr/lib, and on biarch platforms also under
* Tue Jun 14 2005
  - New version: 8.4.10
  - Moved script libraries to /usr/share/tcl .
* Mon May 09 2005
  - Fixed profile-based optimisation with gcc4 (tcl-profile.patch).
* Mon Mar 21 2005
  - Added prerequisites for the trigger scripts (bug #74027).
* Fri Mar 18 2005
  - Make sure that tcl-32bit finds the script libraries when
    installed on a 64bit system.
* Fri Dec 03 2004
  - New version: 8.4.9
* Mon Nov 22 2004
  - New version: 8.4.8
* Thu Aug 19 2004
  - Fix broken tests that depend on particular directory order.
* Tue Jul 27 2004
  - New version: 8.4.7
* Thu May 27 2004
  - Added tcl-utf8-null.patch to fix bug #39165. Tcl wrote nullbytes
    as 0xc0, 0xc80 instead of 0x00 when writing to a UTF-8 encoded
* Fri Mar 05 2004
  - Updated to the official 8.4.6 source tarball which fixes a
    memory leak.
* Fri Feb 27 2004
  - New version: 8.4.6
* Fri Feb 06 2004
  - Added -fno-strict-aliasing to CFLAGS.
* Tue Jan 20 2004
  - Move %define before first use.
* Thu Jan 15 2004
  - Added LDFLAGS for gcc-3.4 and feedback based optimization.
* Mon Jan 12 2004
  - New version: 8.4.5
  - Removed tclbench, since "make test" seems to be enough exercise
    for the feedback based optimization.
* Thu Oct 02 2003
  - Removed support for building static libs from the spec file.
  - Added open-std-channels.patch to prevent tclsh from crashing
    when it's started with one or more of std{in,out,err} closed.
* Tue Sep 02 2003
  - Disabled building of the static library to save build time and
    CD space.
* Wed Aug 13 2003
  - Cleaned up the spec file from cruft, left from the times when it
    built multiple packages.
  - Added support for GCC feedback based optimization.
  - Added support for parallel compilaton.
* Thu Jul 24 2003
  - Fixed a typo, that broke [pkg_mkIndex -verbose].
* Wed Jul 23 2003
  - New version: 8.4.4
* Wed May 21 2003
  - New version: 8.4.3
  - Removed obsolete patches
* Wed Mar 05 2003
  - Updated to official 8.4.2 release tarball
  - Essental diff to RC1 added as tcl-20030305.path.gz
* Thu Feb 27 2003
  - Updated to 8.4.2 RC1, and added an essential diff to the
    previous tarball (tcl-20030227.patch.bz2).
  - tcl-StringObj.patch is no longer needed.
  - Disabled the httpold-4.12 test, because it sometimes fails on
    Hammer due to timing issues.
* Tue Feb 18 2003
  - Updated to CVS HEAD, and added diff to the previous tarball
    for completeness.
  - Added tcl-StringObj.patch to fix a bug in conjunction
    with expect (Bug #23694).
  - Made the testsuite break build if any test fails.
* Fri Feb 07 2003
  - Upgrade to CVS HEAD (8.4.2pre).
* Mon Nov 25 2002
  - Upgrade to 8.4.1
  - Added tcl-HEAD.patch with fixes that went in after
    the 8.4.1 release.
  - Moved itcl, iwidgets, tk, and tclx into separate soure packages.
* Mon Sep 09 2002
  - Added patch to final 8.4.0.
  - Another couple of memleak and docu fixes.
* Thu Sep 05 2002
  - Next round of fixes (tcl8.4-20020905.patch tk8.4-20020905.patch).
  - A detailed ChangeLog is at the top of the new patches.
  - Removed autoconf and automake from neededforbuild.
* Tue Sep 03 2002
  - Another CVS snapshot for Tcl and Tk.
  - The version numbers have been bumped from 8.4b3 to 8.4.0
  - A couple more bug fixes. For details see the new ChangeLog
    entries in the patches.
* Mon Sep 02 2002
  - Added patches for to update Tcl and Tk to current CVS HEAD to
    fix some segfault cases and memleaks e.g. bug #18651.
    See ChangeLog for more details.
  - Renamed Object.3 to Tcl_Obj.3 to resolve a name conflict.
* Thu Aug 15 2002
  - Updated Tcl and Tk to the latest CVS snapshot which is close
    to the official 8.4b2 release.
  - Updated Itcl to 3.3 from CVS because it better fits with Tcl8.4.
  - Removed excessive braces from RPM macros, and some more cleanups
    in the spec file.
  - Using x-devel-packages instead of xf86 in needeforbuild.
  - socklen_t.patch isn't needed anymore.
  - Fixed CFLAGS (-fPIC) for TclX.
  - Updated TclX to 8.4 from CVS (needed for Tcl/Tk 8.4).
    This doesn't include /usr/bin/tcl and /usr/bin/wishx anymore.
    In case a script needs one of them, please use a normal tclsh
    or wish and add a line saying "package require Tclx" to the
    beginning of the script.
* Fri Jul 26 2002
  - Removed gdb from #neededforbuild.
* Mon Jul 22 2002
  - Updated to the latest CVS HEAD.
  - Fixed socket calls on s390x (socklen_t.patch).
* Mon Jul 01 2002
  - New Versions of Tcl and Tk: 8.4b1
* Fri Jun 07 2002
  - New Version of tkcon: 2.3.
  - Fixed directory permissions in iwidgets.
  - Put things that are common to all subpackages into shell
    functions to make maintainance of the spec file easier.
* Wed Apr 24 2002
  - Fixed creation of Tk's pkgIndex.tcl.
  - Fixed permissions and path to wish in iwidgets demo scripts.
* Wed Apr 03 2002
  - fix to build with latest autoconf (LIBOBJS vs. AC_LIBOBJ)
* Wed Feb 20 2002
  - fixed to build on ARM
* Wed Feb 20 2002
  - Fixed for lib64-s390x (libdir.patch).
  - Running the testsuite after building Tcl.
* Mon Feb 18 2002
  - Changed TclX to use -fPIC instead of -fpic .
* Wed Feb 06 2002
  - Fixed a typo in the http package.
  - Moved iwidgets out of the itcl dir.
* Thu Jan 17 2002
  - Moved Tix and Expect back into their own source packages.
  - Added some private headers to tcl-devel to be able to
    build Tix and Expect independent of the Tcl/Tk sources.
  - replaced %{_prefix}/lib by %{_libdir} where apropriate
* Fri Dec 14 2001
  - build static only on ARM
* Fri Nov 16 2001
  - Use $(SHLIB_CFLAGS) in itcl makefiles.
* Mon Oct 29 2001
  - New versions:
    o Tcl/Tk 8.3.4
    o expect 5.33.0
    o Tix 8.1.1
    o [incr Tcl/Tk] 3.2.1
    o [incr Widgets] 4.0.0
  - Included tkcon-2.2 with Tk.
  - Removed unnecessary explicit dependencies between
    the subpackages.
  - Changed the memory man page back to the one that comes with Tcl.
  - Changed the -C configure switch to be only used when needed and
* Fri Sep 21 2001
  - replaced the "memory" man page from Tcl with the one from TclX,
    because it is better and there was a filename clash in the two
    packages before.
* Mon Jun 18 2001
* Wed Jun 13 2001
  - Add %suse_update_config.
  - Fix for new autoconf (force use of cache file).
* Tue May 08 2001
  - bzip2 sources
* Tue Apr 10 2001
  - new version of Tcl/Tk: 8.3.3
* Mon Apr 02 2001
  - security fix for expect (/var/tmp/[...] was in rpath).
* Thu Mar 08 2001
  - made exclusion of static libs for manual builds more robust
* Wed Mar 07 2001
  - added xdevel and xshared to #neededforbuild
  - using %if to exclude things when building without static libs.
* Wed Jan 10 2001
  - Fixed a bug itcl's manpage installation -
    man.macros was not copied into the individual manpages.
* Mon Jan 08 2001
  - Enabling XIM by default.
    This fixes the compose and deadkey problem. Bug #5234
* Tue Dec 19 2000
  - Fix for race condition with tmpnam(3) in tclUnixPipe.c
* Thu Nov 30 2000
  - try to fix static-lib install
* Thu Nov 30 2000
  - re-enabled static libs
* Wed Nov 29 2000
  - renamed tcld to tcl-devel
  - new version of Tcl/Tk: 8.3.2
  - new version of [incr Tcl]: 3.2
  - new version of TclX: 8.3.2
  - new version of expect: 5.32
  - new version of Tix: 8.1.0
* Fri Nov 24 2000
  - Fix typo in itk makefile.
* Tue Nov 14 2000
  - use "export LANG=en_US" to make it build despite col bug
* Wed Sep 13 2000
  - When running in build or autobuild, configure didn't recognize
    the termios API, because the check needed stdin to be a tty.
    Changed tcl.m4 to fix this by relying on the existance of
    termios.h .
* Wed May 31 2000
  - New version of Tix: 4.1.007
  - Applied Bruce Stephens' Patch to make Tix work with Tcl/Tk 8.3
* Wed May 17 2000
  - Recover bug fixes.
* Thu May 04 2000
  - new version of Tcl/Tk: 8.3.1
  - new version of TclX: 8.2.0
  - new version of expect: 5.31
  - new version of itcl: 3.1.0
  - the package uses RPM_BUILD_ROOT now
  - some of schwab's bad documented "fixes" got lost
* Fri Apr 14 2000
  - Use $RPM_OPT_FLAGS as default CFLAGS.
  - expect, tix: fix missing declarations.
  - itcl: make sure we link to the libraries just built.
* Wed Apr 12 2000
  - expect: make sure ptsname is declared.
  - tclX: fix autoconf check for clock_t (look in <time.t>)
* Mon Feb 28 2000
  - Add group tags
  - expect: use --localdir with autoreconf, update config.{guess,sub}
  - tcl: fix printf formats
* Thu Feb 24 2000
  - Fix 64 Bit Bug in expect.
* Tue Jan 25 2000
  - Remove autopasswd, mkpasswd and tkpasswd from expect file list.
    They will not work with PAM. Fixes [Bug 638] and [Bug 1554]
* Sat Nov 27 1999
  - Fix duplicate SIGPWR/SIGLOST on SPARC
* Mon Nov 15 1999
  - fixed a few minor bugs in spec file, mainly:
    call "autoreconf --force" instead of "autoconf" to regenerate
    also the configure scripts in subdirs
    rm *.o before creating the dynamic version of the library
* Mon Nov 08 1999
  - added some compatibility links:
    /usr/X11R6/bin/wish -> ../../bin/wish8.0
    /usr/X11R6/bin/wish8.0 -> ../../bin/wish8.0
    /usr/X11R6/bin/tixwish -> ../../bin/tixwish4.1.8.0
    /usr/X11R6/bin/tixwish4.1.8.0 -> ../../bin/tixwish4.1.8.0
* Fri Oct 08 1999
  - integrated tclX8.0.4 as an additional subpackage
* Thu Oct 07 1999
  - integrated expect-5.30 as an additional subpackage
  - changed the names of some tk manpages because they
    interferred with itcl
  - removed the tix-sam libraries from tcld
* Thu Sep 30 1999
  - this is a test version for the beta distribution
  - major rework of the spec-file
  - renamed the packages from tcl_new, tk_new, etc. to tcl, tk, etc.
  - Moved Tk from /usr/X11R6 to /usr.
  - Moved Tix from /usr/lib/tcltk to /usr/lib
  - Included itcl 3.0.1 as a subpackage
  - There is a new subpackage, called tcld that holds all the
    static libs and header files for Tcl, Tk, Tix and Itcl.
  - Most file lists are auto-generated now.
* Mon Sep 27 1999
  - fixed requirements for sub packages
* Mon Sep 13 1999
  - ran old prepare_spec on spec file to switch to new prepare_spec.
* Sun Mar 14 1999
  - new version: 8.0.5
  - ro's patch from Mon Sep 21 1998 is not needed anymore
* Tue Mar 02 1999
  - changed macro TK to TKK in specfile
    2char macros don't seem to work in current rpm
* Thu Jan 14 1999
  - fixed path bug with applications linked against libtk which do
    not reside in /usr/X11R6
* Wed Nov 25 1998
  - corrected some paths in tix to make it find its init script
    and libraries correctly
* Tue Nov 24 1998
  - merged spec files of tcl_new, tk_new and tix_new into tcl_new.spec
  - this changes file is from now on for all three packages
* Mon Nov 23 1998
  - new version: 8.0.4
  - cleand up softlinks and compression for man pages
* Mon Sep 21 1998
  - for GLIBC EOPNOTSUPP and ENOTSUP seem to map to same value
  - catch duplicate cases for this reason in tclPosixStr.c
* Mon Nov 10 1997
  new version 8.0p1
* Mon Oct 27 1997
  ready for autobuild
* Thu Jul 03 1997
  A new release 8.0b2, the second (and probably final) beta release for
    Tcl 8.0.
* Tue Jun 03 1997
  - added static librs and all links for the manpages in
      the /usr/doc/packages/tcl8.0/man
* Tue Apr 15 1997
  - manpages    hardlinks removed and added softlinks to
      compressd manpages
      the new directory for the manpages is



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