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libndr-standard0-4.9.5+git.224.86a8e66adea-lp151.2.12.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 updates for aarch64

Name: libndr-standard0 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 4.9.5+git.224.86a8e66adea Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.2.12.1 Build date: Tue Dec 17 14:42:56 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-arm-7
Size: 3541016 Source RPM: samba-4.9.5+git.224.86a8e66adea-lp151.2.12.1.src.rpm
Summary: NDR marshallers for the standard set of DCE/RPC interfaces
This subpackage contains NDR encoders/decoders for the set of standard
DCE/RPC interfaces found on Windows and Samba servers.






* Mon Dec 02 2019 Noel Power <>
  -  CVE-2019-14861: DNSServer RPC server crash, an authenticated user
    can crash the DCE/RPC DNS management server by creating records
    with matching the zone name; (bso#14138); (bsc#1158108).
  -  CVE-2019-14870: DelegationNotAllowed not being enforced, the
    DelegationNotAllowed Kerberos feature restriction was not being
    applied when processing protocol transition requests (S4U2Self),
    in the AD DC KDC; (bso#14187); (bsc#1158109).
* Tue Oct 22 2019 Noel Power <>
  - CVE-2019-14847: User with "get changes" permission can
    crash AD DC LDAP server via dirsync; (bso#14040); (bsc#1154598);
  - CVE-2019-10218: Client code can return filenames containing path
    separators; (bso#14071); (bsc#1144902);
* Fri Oct 18 2019 Noel Power <>
  - CVE-2019-14833: samba: Accent with "check script password"
    Samba AD DC check password script does not receive the full
    password; (bso#12438); (bsc#1154289).
* Thu Sep 26 2019 Noel Power <>
  - Fix broken username/password authentication with CUPS and
    smbspool; (bsc#1152143); (bso#14128).
* Tue Sep 03 2019 Noel Power <>
  - Fix auth problems when printing via smbspool backend with kerberos;
    (bnc#1148539); (bso#13832).
* Fri Aug 23 2019 James McDonough <>
  - CVE-2019-10197: user escape from share path definition;
    (bso#14035); (bsc#1141267).
* Wed Aug 07 2019 npower <>
  - Prepare for use future use of kernel keyrings, modify
    /etc/pam.d/samba to include; (bsc#1144059).
* Thu Jun 13 2019 npower <>
  - CVE-2019-12435: zone operations can crash rpc server;
    (bso#13922); (bsc#1137815).
* Tue May 14 2019 David Disseldorp <>
  - Fix cephwrap_flistxattr() debug message; (bso#13940); (bsc#1134697).
  - Add ceph_snapshots VFS module; (jsc#SES-183).
* Wed May 08 2019 David Disseldorp <>
  - Fix vfs_ceph realpath; (bso#13918); (bsc#1134452).
* Wed Apr 17 2019 npower <>
  - MacOS credit accounting breaks with async SESSION SETUP;
    (bsc#1125601); (bso#13796).
  - Mac OS X SMB2 implmenetation sees Input/output error or Resource
    temporarily unavailable and drops connection; (bso#13698)
* Sun Apr 14 2019 David Disseldorp <>
  - Explicitly enable libcephfs POSIX ACL support; (bso#13896); (bsc#1130245).
* Tue Apr 02 2019 npower <>
  - CVE-2019-3880: Save registry file outside share as unprivileged
    user; (bso#13851); (bsc#1131060 ).
* Wed Mar 27 2019 David Mulder <>
  - CVE-2019-3870 pysmbd: missing restoration of original umask after umask(0);
    (bso#13834); (bsc#1130703);
* Wed Mar 27 2019 David Mulder <>
  - Update to samba-4.9.5
    + audit_logging: Remove debug log header and JSON Authentication:
      prefix; (bso#13714);
    + Fix upgrade from 4.7 (or earlier) to 4.9; (bso#13760);
    + s3: lib: nmbname: Ensure we limit the NetBIOS name correctly; (bso#
      CID: 1433607; (bso#11495);
    + smbd: uid: Don't crash if 'force group' is added to an existing
      share connection; (bso#13690);
    + s3: VFS: vfs_fruit. Fix the NetAtalk deny mode compatibility
      code; (bso#13770);
    + s3: SMB1 POSIX mkdir does case insensitive name lookup; (bso#13803);
    + s3:utils/smbget fix recursive download with empty source
      directories; (bso#13199);
    + samba-tool drs showrepl: Do not crash if no dnsHostName found; (bso#13716);
    + s3:libsmb: cli_smb2_list() can sometimes fail initially on a
      connection; (bso#13736);
    + join: Throw CommandError instead of Exception for simple errors; (bso#13747);
    + ldb: Avoid inefficient one-level searches; (bso#13762);
    + s3: libsmb: use smb2cli_conn_max_trans_size() in
      cli_smb2_list(); (bso#13736);
    + tldap: Avoid use after free errors; (bso#13776);
    + Fix idmap xid2sid cache churn; (bso#13802);
    + access_check_max_allowed() doesn't process "Owner Rights" ACEs; (bso#13812);
    + s3-smbd: Avoid assuming fsp is always intact after close_file
      call; (bso#13720);
    + s3-vfs-fruit: Add close call; (bso#13725);
    + s3-smbd: Use fruit:model string for mDNS registration; (bso#13746);
    + s3-vfs: add glusterfs_fuse vfs module; (bso#13774);
    + printing: Check lp_load_printers() prior to pcap cache update; (bso#13766);
    + vfs_ceph: vfs_ceph strict_allocate_ftruncate calls (local FS)
      ftruncate and fallocate; (bso#13807);
    + lib/audit_logging: Actually create talloc; (bso#13737);
    + netcmd/user: python[3]-gpgme unsupported and replaced by
      python[3]-gpg; (bso#13728);
    + dns: Changing onelevel search for wildcard to subtree; (bso#13738);
    + samba-tool: Don't print backtrace on simple DNS errors; (bso#13721);
    + sambaundoguididx: Use the right escaped oder unescaped sam ldb
      files; (bso#13759);
    + ctdb: Print locks latency in machinereadable stats; (bso#13742);
    + messages_dgm: Messaging gets stuck when pids are recycled; (bso#13786);
    + audit_logging: auth_json_audit required auth_json; (bso#13715);
    + man pages: Document prefork process model; (bso#13765);
    + CVE-2019-3824 ldb: Release ldb 1.4.6; (bso#13773);
    + s3:auth: ignore create_builtin_guests() failing without a valid
      idmap configuration; (bso#13697);
    + s3:auth_winbind: Ignore a missing winbindd as NT4 PDC/BDC
      without trusts; (bso#13722);
    + s3:auth_winbind: return NT_STATUS_NO_LOGON_SERVERS if winbindd
      is not available; (bso#13723);
    + s4:server: Add support for 'smbcontrol samba shutdown' and
      'smbcontrol <pid> debug/debuglevel'; (bso#13752);
    + Python: Ensure ldb.Dn can doesn't rencoded str with py2; (bso#13616);
    + vfs_glusterfs: Adapt to changes in libgfapi signatures; (bso#13330);
    + s3-vfs: Use ENOATTR in errno comparison for getxattr; (bso#13774);
    + notifyd: Fix SIGBUS on sparc; (bso#13704);
    + waf: Check for libnscd; (bso#13787);
    + s3:vfs: Correctly check if OFD locks should be enabled or not; (bso#13770);
    + lib/util: Count a trailing line that doesn't end in a newline; (bso#13717);
    + Recovery lock bug fixes; (bso#13800);
    + s3: net: Do not set NET_FLAGS_ANONYMOUS with -k; (bso#13726);
    + s3:libsmb: Honor disable_netbios option in smbsock_connect_send; (bso#13727);
    + vfs_fileid: Fix get_connectpath_ino; (bso#13741);
    + vfs_fileid: Fix fsname_norootdir algorithm; (bso#13744);
* Mon Mar 04 2019 David Disseldorp <>
  - Fix vfs_ceph ftruncate and fallocate handling; (bso#13807); (bsc#1127153).
* Fri Feb 22 2019 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Fix update-apparmor-samba-profile script after apparmor switched
    to using named profiles. The change is backwards compatible;
* Thu Feb 07 2019 David Mulder <>
  - LoadParm().load_default() fails with "Unable to load default file";
* Thu Feb 07 2019
  - Abide by load_printers smb.conf parameter; (bso#13766); (bsc#1124223);
* Tue Jan 08 2019
  - Update to samba-4.9.4
    + libcli/smb: Don't overwrite status code; (bso#9175).
    + wbinfo --group-info 'NT AUTHORITY\System' does not work; (bso#12164).
    + Session setup reauth fails to sign response; (bso#13661).
    + vfs_fruit: Validation of writes on AFP_AfpInfo stream; (bso#13677).
    + vfs_shadow_copy2: Nicely deal with attempts to open previous
      version for writing; (bso#13688).
    + Restoring previous version of stream with vfs_shadow_copy2 fails
      with NT_STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID fsp->base_fsp->fsp_name; (bso#13455).
    + CVE-2018-16853: Fix S4U2Self crash with MIT KDC build; (bso#13571).
    + s3-vfs: Prevent NULL pointer dereference in vfs_glusterfs; (bso#13708)
    + PEP8: fix E231: missing whitespace after ','.
    + winbindd: Fix crash when taking profiles;(bso#13629)
    + CVE-2018-14629 dns: Fix CNAME loop prevention using counter
      regression; (bso#13600)
    + 'samba-tool user syscpasswords' fails on a domain with many DCs; (bso#13686).
    + CVE-2018-16853: Do not segfault if client is not set; (bso#13571).
    + lib:util: Fix DEBUGCLASS pointer initializiation; (bso#13679)
    + ctdb-daemon: Exit with error if a database directory does not
      exist; (bso#13696).
    + s3:libads: Add net ads leave keep-account option; (bso#13498).
* Thu Dec 06 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Drop more %if..%endif guards which are idempotent.
  - Drop requires on ldconfig which are already auto-discovered.
  - Do not ignore errors from useradd/groupadd.
* Thu Nov 29 2018 David Mulder <>
  - Remove python2 build dependency from samba-libs; (bsc#1116900);
* Wed Nov 28 2018 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update update-apparmor-samba-profile script to ignore the shares's
    paths containing substitution variables in any place, not only at the
    beginning of the path.
* Mon Nov 19 2018 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to samba-4.9.3
    + CVE-2018-14629: Unprivileged adding of CNAME record causing loop in AD
      Internal DNS server; (bso#13600); (bsc#1116319);
    + CVE-2018-16841: Double-free in Samba AD DC KDC with PKINIT; (bso#13628);
    + CVE-2018-16851: NULL pointer de-reference in Samba AD DC LDAP server;
      (bso#13674); (bsc#1116322);
    + CVE-2018-16852: NULL pointer de-reference in Samba AD DC DNS servers;
      (bso#13669); (bsc#1116321);
    + CVE-2018-16853: Samba AD DC S4U2Self crash in experimental MIT Kerberos
      configuration (unsupported); (bso#13678); (bsc#1116324);
    + CVE-2018-16857: Bad password count in AD DC not always effective;
      window; (bso#13683); (bsc#1116323);
* Thu Nov 08 2018 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to samba-4.9.2
    + dsdb: Add comments explaining the limitations of our current backlink
      behaviour; (bso#13418);
    + Fix problems running domain backups (handling SMBv2, sites); (bso#13621);
    + testparm: Fix crashes with PANIC: Messaging not initialized on SLES 12 SP3;
    + Make vfs_fruit able to cleanup AppleDouble files; (bso#13642);
    + File saving issues with vfs_fruit on samba >= 4.8.5; (bso#13646);
    + Enabling vfs_fruit looses FinderInfo; (bso#13649);
    + Cancelling of SMB2 aio reads and writes returns wrong error
      NT_STATUS_INTERNAL_ERROR; (bso#13667);
    + Fix CTDB recovery record resurrection from inactive nodes and simplify
      vacuuming; (bso#13641);
    + examples: Fix the smb2mount build; (bso#13465);
    + libtevent: Fix build due to missing open_memstream on Illiumos;
    + winbindd_cache: Fix timeout calculation for sid<->name cache; (bso#13662);
    + dsdb encrypted_secrets: Allow "ldb:// and "mdb://" in file path;
    + Extended DN SID component missing for member after switching group
      membership; (bso#13418);
    + Return STATUS_SESSION_EXPIRED error encrypted, if the request was
      encrypted; (bso#13624);
    + python: Allow forced signing via smb.SMB(); (bso#13621);
    + lib:socket: If returning early, set ifaces; (bso#13665);
    + ldb: Bump ldb version to 1.4.3, Python: Ensure ldb.Dn can accept utf8
      encoded unicode; (bso#13616);
    + smbd: Fix DELETE_ON_CLOSE behaviour on files with READ_ONLY attribute;
    + waf: Add -fstack-clash-protection; (bso#13601);
    + winbind: Fix segfault if an invalid passdb backend is configured;
    + Fix bugs in CTDB event handling; (bso#13659);
    + Misbehaving nodes are sometimes not banned; (bso#13670);
* Mon Oct 29 2018
  - lib:socket: If returning early, set ifaces; (bso#13665); (bsc#1111373);
* Tue Oct 23 2018
  - winbind requires latest version of libtevent-util0 to start
* Fri Oct 12 2018
  - Backport latest gpo code from master
    + Read policy from local gpt cache
    + Offline policy application
    + Make group policy extensible via register/unregister gpext
    + gpext's run via a process_group_policy method
* Wed Sep 26 2018
  - Enable profiling data collection
* Tue Sep 25 2018
  - Change samba-kdc package name to samba-ad-dc
  - Move samba-ad-dc.service to the samba-ad-dc package
* Mon Sep 24 2018 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to samba-4.9.1
    + s3: nmbd: Stop nmbd network announce storm; (bso#13620);
    + s3-rpcclient: Use spoolss_init_spoolss_UserLevel1 in winspool cmds;
    + CTDB recovery lock has some race conditions; (bso#13617);
    + s3-rpc_client: Advertise Windows 7 client info; (bso#13597);
    + ctdb-doc: Remove PIDFILE option from ctdbd_wrapper man page; (bso#13610);
* Thu Sep 13 2018
  - Tumbleweed doesn't define the sle_version macro, so we must
    include a check for suse_version also. Otherwise python3 is
    disabled on Tumbleweed.
* Thu Sep 13 2018 Samuel Cabrero <>
  - Update to samba-4.9.0
    + samba_dnsupdate: Honor 'dns zone scavenging' option, only update if
      needed; (bso#13605);
    + wafsamba: Fix 'make -j<jobs>'; (bso#13606);
* Mon Sep 10 2018
  - Update to samba-4.9.0rc5
    + s3: VFS: vfs_full_audit: Ensure smb_fname_str_do_log() only
      returns absolute pathnames; (bso#13565);
    + s3: util: Do not take over stderr when there is no log file; (bso#13578);
    + Durable Reconnect fails because cookie.allow_reconnect is not
      set; (bso#13549);
    + krb5-samba: Interdomain trust uses different salt principal; (bso#13539);
    + vfs_fruit: Don't unlink the main file; (bso#13441);
    + smbd: Fix a memleak in async search ask sharemode; (bso#13602);
    + Fix Samba GPO issue when Trust is enabled; (bso#11517);
    + samba-tool: Add "virtualKerberosSalt" attribute to
      'user getpassword/syncpasswords'; (bso#13539);
    + Fix CTDB configuration issues; (bso#13589);
    + ctdbd logs an error until it can successfully connect to
      eventd; (bso#13592);
* Wed Aug 29 2018
  - Update to samba-4.9.0rc4
    + s3: smbd: Ensure get_real_filename() copes with empty
      pathnames; (bso#13585);
    + samba domain backup online/rename commands force user to specify
      password on CLI; (bso#13566);
    + wafsamba/samba_abi: Always hide ABI symbols which must be
      local; (bso#13579);
    + Fix a panic if fruit_access_check detects a locking conflict; (bso#13584);
    + Fix memory and resource leaks; (bso#13567);
    + python: Fix print in; (bso#13580);
    + Aliasing issue causes incorrect IPv6 checksum; (bso#13588);
    + Fix CTDB configuration issues; (bso#13589);
    + s3: vfs: time_audit: fix handling of token_blob in
      smb_time_audit_offload_read_recv(); (bso#13568);
* Mon Aug 27 2018
  - Add missing zlib-devel dependency which was previously pulled in
    by libopenssl-devel
* Tue Aug 21 2018
  - Update to samba-4.9.0rc3+git.22.3fff23ae36e
    + CVE-2018-10858: libsmb: Harden smbc_readdir_internal() against
      returns from malicious servers; (bso#13453);
    + CVE-2018-1140: ldbsearch '(distinguishedName=abc)' and DNS query
      with escapes crashes, ldb: Release LDB 1.3.5 for CVE-2018-1140; (bso#13374);
    + CVE-2018-10918: cracknames: Fix DoS (NULL pointer de-ref) when
      not servicePrincipalName is set on a user; (bso#13552);
    + CVE-2018-10919: acl_read: Fix unauthorized attribute access via
      searches; (bso#13434);
    + ctdb_mutex_ceph_rados_helper: Set SIGINT signal handler; (bso#13540);
    + CVE-2018-1139 libcli/auth: Do not allow ntlmv1 over SMB1 when it
      is disabled via "ntlm auth"; (bso#13360);
    + s3-tldap: do not install test_tldap; (bso#13529);
    + ctdb_mutex_ceph_rados_helper: Fix deadlock via lock renewals; (bso#13540);
    + CVE-2018-1140 Add NULL check for ldb_dn_get_casefold() in
      ltdb_index_dn_attr(); (bso#13374);
    + ctdb-eventd: Fix CID 1438155; (bso#13554);
    + Fix CIDs 1438243, (Unchecked return value) 1438244
      (Unsigned compared against 0), 1438245 (Dereference before null check) and
      1438246 (Unchecked return value); (bso#13553);
    + ctdb: Fix a cut&paste error; (bso#13554);
    + systemd: Only start smb when network interfaces are up; (bso#13559);
    + Fix quotas don't work with SMB2; (bso#13553);
    + s3/smbd: Ensure quota code is only called when quota support
      detected; (bso#13563);
    + s3/libsmb: Explicitly set delete_on_close token for rmdir; (bso#13204);
    + s3:waf: Install eventlogadm to /usr/sbin; (bso#13561);
    + Shorten description in vfs_linux_xfs_sgid manual; (bso#13562);
* Mon Aug 20 2018
  - Update to samba-4.9.0rc2+git.21.a1069afb007
    + s3: smbd:  Using "sendfile = yes" with SMB2 can cause CPU spin; (bso#13537);
    + s3: smbd: Fix path check in smbd_smb2_create_durable_lease_check();
    + samba-tool trust: Support discovery via netr_GetDcName; (bso#13538);
    + s4-dsdb: Only build dsdb Python modules for AD DC; (bso#13542);
    + Fix portability issues on freebsd; (bso#13520);
    + DNS wildcard search does not handle multiple labels correctly; (bso#13536);
    + samba-tool domain trust: Fix trust compatibility to Windows
      Server 1709 and FreeIPA; (bso#13308);
    + Fix portability issues on freebsd; (bso#13520);
    + ctdb-protocol: Fix CTDB compilation issues; (bso#13545);
    + ctdb-docs: Replace obsolete reference to CTDB_DEBUG_HUNG_SCRIPT
      option; (bso#13546);
    + ctdb-doc: Provide an example script for migrating old
      configuration; (bso#13550);
    + ctdb-event: Implement event tool "script list" command; (bso#13551);
* Tue Aug 14 2018
  - Update to samba-4.8.4+git.37.a7a861d7982;
    + CVE-2018-1139:  Weak authentication protocol allowed;
      (bsc#1095048); (bsc#13360);
    + CVE-2018-1140:  Denial of Service Attack on DNS and LDAP server;
      (bsc#1095056); (bso#13466); (bso#13374);
    + CVE-2018-10858: Insufficient input validation on client directory
      listing in libsmbclient; (bsc#1103411); (bso#13453);
    + CVE-2018-10918: Denial of Service Attack on AD DC DRSUAPI server;
      (bsc#1103414); (bso#13552);
    + CVE-2018-10919: Confidential attribute disclosure from the AD
      LDAP server; (bsc#1095057); (bso#13434);
    + s3:winbind: winbind normalize names' doesn't work for users;
    + winbind: Fix UPN handling in canonicalize_username(); (bso#13369);
    + s3: smbd: Fix SMB2-FLUSH against directories; (bso#13428);
    + samdb: Fix building Samba with gcc 8.1; (bso#13437);
    + s3:utils: Do not segfault on error in DoDNSUpdate();  (bso#13440);
    + smbd: Flush dfree memcache on service reload; (bso#13446);
    + ldb: Save a copy of the index result before calling the
    + lib/util: No Backtrace given by Samba's AD DC by default;
    + s3: smbd: printing: Re-implement delete-on-close semantics for
      print files missing since 3.5.x; (bso#13457).
    + python: Fix talloc frame use in make_simple_acl(); (bso#13474).
    + krb5_wrap: Fix keep_old_entries logic for older Kerberos
    + krb5_plugin: Add winbind localauth plugin for MIT Kerberos;
* Tue May 29 2018
  - Add missing package descriptions; (bsc#1093864);
  - Fix dependency issue between samba-python and samba-kdc; (bsc#1062876);
  - Call update-apparmor-samba-profile when running samba-ad-dc;
* Wed May 23 2018
  - Update to 4.8.2
    + After update to 4.8.0 DC failed with "Failed to find our own
      NTDS Settings objectGUID" (bso#13335).
    + fix incorrect reporting of stream dos  attributes on a
      directory (bso#13380).
    + vfs_ceph: add asynchronous fsync; fake synchronous call (bso#13412).
    + vfs_ceph: add fake async pwrite/pread send/recv hooks; (bso#13425)
    + vfs_ceph: Fix memory leak; (bso#13424).
    + libsmbclient: Fix hard-coded connection error return of
      ETIMEDOUT; (bso#13419).
    + s4-lsa: Fix use-after-free in LSA server; (bso#13420).
    + winbindd: Do re-connect if the RPC call fails in the passdb
      case; (bso#13430).
    + cleanupd: Sends MSG_SMB_UNLOCK twice to interested peers; (bso#13416).
    + cleanupd: Use MSG_SMB_BRL_VALIDATE to signal cleanupd
      unclean process shutdown; (bso#13414).
    + ctdb-client: Remove ununsed functions from old client code;
    + printing: Return the same error code as windows does on upload
      failures; (bso#13395).
    + nsswitch: Fix memory leak in winbind_open_pipe_sock() when the
      privileged pipe is not accessable; (bso#13400).
    + s4:lsa_lookup: remove TALLOC_FREE(state) after all
      dcesrv_lsa_Lookup{Names,Sids}_base_map() calls; (bso#13420).
    + rpc_server: Fix NetSessEnum with stale sessions; (bso#13407).
    + s3:smbspool: Fix cmdline argument handling; (bso#13417).
* Fri Apr 27 2018
  - Move library from kdc to libs package, as it is
    required by some client libs; (bsc#1074135);
  - Update to 4.8.1; (bsc#1091179);
    + s3: ldap: Ensure the ADS_STRUCT pointer doesn't get freed on error,
      we don't own it here; (bso#13244);
    + s3: smbd: Fix possible directory fd leak if the underlying OS doesn't
      support fdopendir(); (bso#13270);
    + Round-tripping ACL get/set through vfs_fruit will increase the number of
      ACE entries without limit; (bso#13319);
    + s3: smbd: SMB2: Add DBGC_SMB2_CREDITS class to specifically debug credit
      issues; (bso#13347);
    + s3: smbd: Files or directories can't be opened DELETE_ON_CLOSE without
      delete access; (bso#13358);
    + s3: smbd: Fix memory leak in vfswrap_getwd(); (bso#13372);
    + s3: smbd: Unix extensions attempts to change wrong field in fchown call;
    + ms_schema/samba-tool visualize: Fix python2.6 incompatibility;
    + Fix invocation of gnutls_aead_cipher_encrypt(); (bso#13352);
    + Windows 10 cannot logon on Samba NT4 domain; (bso#13328);
    + winbindd: Recover loss of netlogon secure channel in case the peer DC is
      rebooted; (bso#13332);
    + s3:smbd: Don't use the directory cache for SMB2/3; (bso#13363);
    + ctdb-client: Fix bugs in client code; (bso#13356);
    + ctdb-scripts: Drop "net serverid wipe" from 50.samba event script;
    + s3: lib: messages: Don't use the result of sec_init() before calling
      sec_init(); (bso#13368);
    + libads: Fix the build '--without-ads'; (bso#13273);
    + winbind: Keep "force_reauth" in invalidate_cm_connection, add
      'smbcontrol disconnect-dc'; (bso#13332);
    + vfs_virusfilter: Fix CIDs 1428738-1428740; (bso#13343);
    + dsdb: Fix CID 1034966 Uninitialized scalar variable; (bso#13367);
    + rpc_server: Fix core dump in dfsgetinfo; (bso#13370);
    + smbclient: Fix notify; (bso#13382);
    + Fix smbd panic if the client-supplied channel sequence number wraps;
    + Windows 10 cannot logon on Samba NT4 domain; (bso#13328);
    + lib/util: Remove unused '#include <sys/syscall.h>' from tests/tfork.c;
    + Fix build errors with cc from developerstudio 12.5 on Solaris;
    + Fix the picky-developer build on FreeBSD 11; (bso#13344);
    + s3:modules: Fix the build of vfs_aixacl2.c; (bso#13345);
    + s3:smbd: map nterror on smb2_flush errorpath; (bso#13338);
    + lib:replace: Fix linking when libtirpc-devel overwrites system headers;
    + winbindd: 'wbinfo --name-to-sid' returns misleading result on invalid
      query; (bso#13312);
    + s3:passdb: Do not return OK if we don't have pinfo set up; (bso#13376);
    + Allow AESNI to be used on all processor supporting AESNI; (bso#13302);
* Wed Apr 11 2018
  - Use new foreground execution flags for systemd samba daemons;
    (bsc#1088574); (bsc#1071090); (bsc#1065551);
    + Add %post scriptlet to clear old sysconfig flags
  - Update vendor-files to commit 880b3e7.
    + Set samba sysconfig template variables to ""
    + Add required daemon flags directly to systemd unit
* Mon Mar 26 2018
  - Specfile cleanup
    + Remove %if..%endif guards which don't affect the build
    + Remove redundant %clean section
    + Replace old $RPM_* shell vars with macros
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) and pkgconfig(libsystemd) in
    place of systemd and systemd-devel: Allow OBS to optimize the
    workload by allowing the usage of the 'build-optimized' systemd
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Enable building samba with python3, and create a samba-python3 package.
* Thu Mar 15 2018
  - Update to 4.8
    + New GUID Index mode in sam.ldb for the AD DC
    + GPO support for samba KDC
    + Time machine support with vfs_fruit
    + Encrypted secrets
    + AD Replication visualization
    + Improved trust support
    - ability to not scan global trust list
    - AD external trusts have limited support
    - verbose trusted domain listing
    + VirusFilter VFS module
    + NT4-style replication removed
    + vfs_aio_linux removed
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Disable samba-pidl package, due to the removal of dependency
    perl-Parse-Yapp; (bsc#1085150);
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Update to 4.7.6;
    + CVE-2018-1050: DOS vulnerability when SPOOLSS is run externally;
      (bso#11343); (bsc#1081741);
    + CVE-2018-1057: Authenticated users can change other users' password;
      (bso#13272); (bsc#1081024).
* Mon Feb 26 2018
  - Disable python until full python3 port is done; (bsc#1082139);
    + Remove contents of package samba-python
    + Remove contents of package libsamba-policy0
    + Remove contents of package libsamba-policy-devel
    + Remove library from samba-libs package
    + Remove library from samba-libs package
    + Remove smbtorture binary and manpage from samba-test
* Fri Feb 23 2018
  - samba fails to build with glibc2.27; (bsc#1081042);
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Update to 4.7.5; (bsc#1080545);
    + smbd tries to release not leased oplock during oplock II downgrade;
    + Fix copying file with empty FinderInfo from Windows client to Samba share
      with fruit; (bso#13181);
    + build: Deal with recent glibc sunrpc header removal; (bso#10976);
    + Make Samba work with tirpc and libnsl2; (bso#13238);
    + vfs_ceph: Add fs_capabilities hook to avoid local statvfs; (bso#13208);
    + Kerberos: PKINIT: Can't decode algorithm parameters in clientPublicValue;
    + ctdb-recovery-helper: Deregister message handler in error paths;
    + samba: Only use async signal-safe functions in signal handler; (bso#13240);
    + Kerberos: PKINIT: Can't decode algorithm parameters in clientPublicValue;
    + repl_meta_data: Fix linked attribute corruption on databases
      with unsorted links on expunge. dbcheck: Add functionality to fix the
      corrupt database; (bso#13228);
    + Fix smbd panic when chdir returns error during exit; (bso#13189);
    + Make Samba work with tirpc and libnsl2; (bso#13238);
    + Fix POSIX ACL support on HPUX and possibly other big-endian OSs;
* Fri Feb 09 2018
  - Update to 4.7.4; (bsc#1080545);
    + s3: smbclient: Implement 'volume' command over SMB2; (bso#13140);
    + s3: libsmb: Fix valgrind read-after-free error in
      cli_smb2_close_fnum_recv(); (bso#13171);
    + s3: libsmb: Fix reversing of oldname/newname paths when creating a
      reparse point symlink on Windows from smbclient; (bso#13172);
    + Build man page for vfs_zfsacl.8 with Samba; (bso#12934);
    + repl_meta_data: Allow delete of an object with dangling backlinks;
    + s4:samba: Fix default to be running samba as a deamon; (bso#13129);
    + Performance regression in DNS server with introduction of DNS wildcard,
      ldb: Release 1.2.3; (bso#13191);
    + vfs_zfsacl: Fix compilation error; (bso#6133);
    + "smb encrypt" setting changes are not fully applied until full smbd
      restart; (bso#13051);
    + winbindd: Fix idmap_rid dependency on trusted domain list; (bso#13052);
    + vfs_fruit: Proper VFS-stackable conversion of FinderInfo; (bso#13155);
    + winbindd: Dependency on trusted-domain list in winbindd in critical auth
      codepath; (bso#13173);
    + repl_meta_data: Fix removing of backlink on deleted objects; (bso#13120);
    + ctdb: sock_daemon leaks memory; (bso#13153);
    + TCP tickles not getting synchronised on CTDB restart; (bso#13154);
    + winbindd: winbind parent and child share a ctdb connection; (bso#13150);
    + pthreadpool: Fix deadlock; (bso#13170);
    + pthreadpool: Fix starvation after fork; (bso#13179);
    + messaging: Always register the unique id; (bso#13180);
    + s4/smbd: set the process group; (bso#13129);
    + Fix broken linked attribute handling; (bso#13095);
    + The KDC on an RWDC doesn't send error replies in some situations;
    + libnet_join: Fix 'net rpc oldjoin'; (bso#13149);
    + g_lock conflict detection broken when processing stale entries;
    + s3:smb2_server: allow logoff, close, unlock, cancel and echo on expired
      sessions; (bso#13197);
    + s3:libads: net ads keytab list fails with "Key table name malformed";
      (bso#13166); (bsc#1067700);
    + Fix crash in pthreadpool thread after failure from pthread_create;
    + s4:samba: Allow samba daemon to run in foreground; (bso#13129);
    + third_party: Link the aesni-intel library with "-z noexecstack";
    + vfs_glusterfs: include glusterfs/api/glfs.h without relying on "-I"
      options; (bso#13125);
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - Re-enable usage of libnsl (did got lost with glibc change)
  - Use TI-RPC (sunrpc is deprecated and will be removed soon from
* Wed Nov 29 2017
  - smbc_opendir should not return EEXIST with invalid login credentials;
* Tue Nov 28 2017
  - Update to 4.7.3; (bsc#1069666);
    + Non-smbd processes using kernel oplocks can hang smbd;
    + python: use communicate to fix Popen deadlock; (bso#13127);
    + smbd on disk file corruption bug under heavy threaded load;
    + tevent: version 0.9.34; (bso#13130);
    + s3: smbd: Fix delete-on-close after smb2_find; (bso#13118);
    + CVE-2017-14746: s3: smbd: Fix SMB1 use-after-free crash bug;
    + CVE-2017-15275: s3: smbd: Chain code can return uninitialized
      memory when talloc buffer is grown; (bsc#1063008); (bso#13077);
  - Build with AD DC support only in openSUSE.
* Mon Nov 27 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Wed Nov 15 2017
  - samba-tool requires samba-python; (bnc#1067771).
* Tue Nov 07 2017
  - Run all daemons in the foreground and let systemd handle it; (bsc#1065551).
  - Update to 4.7.1;
    + Fix exporting subdirs with shadow_copy2; (bso#13091);
    + Currently if getwd() fails after a chdir(), we panic; (bso#13027);
    + Ensure default SMB_VFS_GETWD() call can't return a partially completed
      struct smb_filename; (bso#13068);
    + sys_getwd() can leak memory or possibly return the wrong errno on older
      systems; (bso#13069);
    + smbclient doesn't correctly canonicalize all local names before use;
    + Fix broken linked attribute handling; (bso#13095);
    + Missing LDAP query escapes in DNS rpc server; (bso#12994);
    + Link to -lbsd when building replace.c by hand; (bso#13087);
    + Cannot delete non-ACL files on Solaris/ZFS/NFSv4 ACL filesystem;
    + Map SYNCHRONIZE acl permission statically in zfs_acl vfs module;
    + Samba fails to honor SEC_STD_WRITE_OWNER bit with the acl_xattr module;
    + Missing assignment in sl_pack_float; (bso#12991);
    + Wrong Samba access checks when changing DOS attributes; (bso#12995);
    + samba_runcmd_send() leaves zombie processes on timeout; (bso#13062);
    + groupmap cleanup should not delete BUILTIN mappings; (bso#13065);
    + Enabling vfs_fruit results in loss of Finder tags and other xattrs;
    + man pages: Properly ident lists; (bso#9613);
    + smb.conf.5: Sort parameters alphabetically; (bso#13081);
    + Fix GUID string format on GetPrinter info; (bso#12993);
    + Remote serverid check doesn't check for the unique id; (bso#13042);
    + CTDB starts consuming memory if there are dead nodes in the cluster;
    + ctdb-common: Ignore event scripts with multiple '.'s; (bso#13070);
    + libgpo doesn't sort the GPOs in the correct order; (bso#13046);
    + Remote serverid check doesn't check for the unique id; (bso#13042);
    + vfs_catia: Fix a potential memleak; (bso#13090);
    + Fix file change notification for renames; (bso#12903);
    + Samba DNS server does not honour wildcards; (bso#12952);
    + Can't change password in samba from a Windows client if Samba runs on
      IPv6 only interface; (bso#13079);
    + vfs_fruit: Replace closedir() by SMB_VFS_CLOSEDIR; (bso#13086);
    + Apple client can't cope with SMB2 async replies when creating symlinks;
    + s4:rpc_server:backupkey: Move variable into scope; (bso#12959);
    + Fix ntstatus_gen.h generation on 32bit; (bso#13099);
    + Fix a double free in vfs_gluster_getwd(); (bso#13100);
    + Fix resouce leaks and pointer issues; (bso#13101);
    + vfs_solarisacl: Fix build for samba 4.7 and up; (bso#13049);
* Mon Oct 23 2017
  - Add samba-kdc to baselibs.conf.
  - Do not wrap samba-kdc's package definition into if/endif: the
    package won't be generated simply based on the fact that there is
    no files section for the package. Allows the source validator to
    ensure samba-kdc is a built package.
* Thu Sep 28 2017
  - Update to 4.7.0;
    + Whole DB read locks: Improved LDAP and replication consistency;
    + Samba AD with MIT Kerberos
    + Dynamic RPC port range: Default range changed from "1024-1300" to
    + Authentication and Authorization audit support: New auth_audit debug
    + Multi-process LDAP Server: The LDAP server in the AD DC now honours
      the process model used for the rest of the 'samba' process.
    + Improved Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) Support; (bso#12977).
    + Additional password hashes stored in supplementalCredentials.
    + Improvements to DNS during Active Directory domain join.
    + Significant AD performance and replication improvements.
    + Query record for open file or directory.
    + Removal of lpcfg_register_defaults_hook().
    + Change of loadable module interface.
    + SHA256 LDAPS Certificates: The self-signed certificate generated for use
      on LDAPS will now be generated with a SHA256 self-signature, not a SHA1
    + CTDB no longer allows mixed minor versions in a cluster.
    + CTDB now ignores hints from Samba about TDB flags when attaching to
    + New configuration variable CTDB_NFS_CHECKS_DIR.
    + The CTDB_SERVICE_AUTOSTARTSTOP configuration has been removed.
    + The CTDB_SCRIPT_DEBUGLEVEL configuration variable has been removed.
    + The example NFS Ganesha call-out has been improved.
    + A new "replicated" database type is available.
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - CVE-2017-12163: Prevent client short SMB1 write from
    writing server memory to file; (bso#13020); (bsc#1058624).
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - CVE-2017-12150: Some code path don't enforce smb signing,
    when they should; (bso#12997); (bsc#1058622).
* Thu Sep 14 2017
  - CVE-2017-12151: Keep required encryption across SMB3 dfs
    redirects; (bso#12996); (bsc#1058565).
* Thu Aug 31 2017
  - Clean specfile assuming SUSE-only system and product >=SLE11
    + %{ul_version}, %{rhel_version}, %{mandriva_version}, %{centos_version}
      are always undefined
    + %{_vendor} is "suse" and %{suse_version} is at least 1100
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to 4.6.7; (bsc#1054017)
    + Joining a Huawai storage fails: empty CLDAP ping answer; (bso#11392).
    + smbcacls can fail against a directory on Windows using SMB2.; (bso#12937).
    + vfs_ceph provides inconsistent directory listings; (bso#12911).
    + Misused talloc context can cause a user to crash their smbd by chaining
      SMB1 commands.; (bso#12836).
    + Use-after free can crash libsmbclient code.; (bso#12927).
    + Server exit with active AIO can crash.; (bso#12925).
    + Ensure notifyd doesn't return from smbd_notifyd_init; (bso#12910).
    + fd leak to ctdb sub-processes leads to SELinux AVC denial in audit logs;
    + vfs_fruit shouldn't send MS NFS ACEs to Windows clients; (bso#12897).
    + smbspool_krb5_wrapper does not tell CUPS that it requires negotiate for
      authentication; (bso#12886).
    + finder sidebar showing question mark instead of icon when using ip to
      connect with vfs_fruit; (bso#12840).
    + Winbind stops obtaining the 'unixHomeDirectory' & 'loginShell' attributes
      from AD.; (bso#12720).
    + KCC run at selftest startup can fail spuriously due to a race;
    + winbindd changes the local password and gets NT_STATUS_WRONG_PASSWORD for
      the remote change; (bso#12782).
    + rpc_pipe_client memory leaks due to long term memory context passed to
      rpc_pipe_open_interface(); (bso#12890).
    + CVE-2017-2619 breaks accessing previous versions of directories with
      snapshots in subdirectories of the share; (bso#12885).
    + dns_name_equal doing OOB read; (bso#12813).
    + replica_sync tests flap; (bso#12753).
    + Selftest should not call 'net cache flush' and wipe important winbind
      entries; (bso#12868).
    + Old Samba versions don't support using recent ldb versions (>=1.1.30);
    + pam_winbind fails with kerberos method = secrets and keytab; (bso#10490).
    + race starting winbindd against posixacl test; (bso#12843).
    + Crash in the reentrant smbd_smb2_create_send() if the something fails in
      the subsequent try; (bso#12832).
    + spnego.c passes the wrong argument order to gensec_update_ev() for the
      FALLBACK case; (bso#12788).
    + Clients with SMB3 support can't connect with
      "server max protocol = SMB2_02"; (bso#12772).
    + A log message of samb-tool user syncpasswords reverses string arguments in
      a debug message "Call Popen[...".; (bso#12768).
    + The smb tarmode tests kills the share dir contents; (bso#12867).
    + Fix for a bug in MacOS X Sierra NTLMv2 processing; (bso#12862).
    + CVE-2017-2619 regression with non-wide symlinks to directories; (bso#12860).
    + manpage/index.html lists links not in alphabetical order; (bso#12854).
    + smbcacls got error NT_STATUS_NETWORK_NAME_DELETED; (bso#12831).
    + If a record is locked in a database, then recovery does not complete;
    + script does not log any information; (bso#12856).
    + SIGSEGV in cm_connect_lsa_tcp dereferencing conn->lsa_tcp_pipe->transport
      after error; (bso#12852).
    + smbclient can't parse DOMAIN+username if a different winbind separator is
      used; (bso#12849).
    + Related requests with SessionSetup fail with INTERNAL_ERROR; (bso#12845).
    + Related requests with TreeConnect fail with NETWORK_NAME_DELETED;
    + cli->server_os not filled correctly; (bso#12779).
    + REGRESSION: smbclient doesn't print the session setup anymore;
    + smblcient doesn't handle STATUS_NOT_SUPPORTED gracefully for
    + CTDB NFS call-out failures do not cause event failures; (bso#12837).
    + net command fails due to incorrectly return code; (bso#12828).
    + Fix building Samba with GCC 7.1; (bso#12827).
* Tue Aug 08 2017
  - Fix duplicate CTDB_LOGGING params when downgraded and upgraded again;
* Mon Jul 24 2017
  - fix cephwrap_chdir(); (bsc#1048790).
  - Update to 4.6.6
    + CVE-2017-11103: Orpheus' Lyre KDC-REP service name validation;
* Thu Jul 13 2017
  - Fix ctdb logs to /var/log/log.ctdb instead of /var/log/ctdb; (bsc#1048339).
* Wed Jul 12 2017
  - Fix inconsistent ctdb socket path; (bsc#1048352).
  - Fix non-admin cephx authentication; (bsc#1048387).
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - Update to 4.6.5; (bsc#1040157)
    + Specifying CTDB_LOGGING=syslog:nonblocking causes ctdbd to crash at
      startup; (bso#12814).
    + vfs_expand_msdfs tries to open the remote address as a file path;
    + PANIC (pid 1096): assert failed: lease_type_is_exclusive(e_lease_type);
    + With clustering get update_num_read_oplocks failed and PANIC:
      num_share_modes == 1 assertion failure; (bso#11844).
    + contend_level2_oplocks_begin_default oplock optimisation doesn't carry
      over to leases; (bso#12766).
    + `ctdb nodestatus` incorrectly displays status for all nodes with wrong
      exit code; (bso#12802).
    + CTDB can spin hard on revoking readonly delegations if a node becomes
      disconnected; (bso#12697).
    + Printing a share mode entry with leases can crash in the ndr code;
    + Fix flakey unit tests for eventd; (bso#12792).
    + CTDB daemon crashes if built with clang; (bso#12770).
    + smbcacls fails if no password is specified; (bso#12765).
    + idmap_rfc2307: Lookup of more than two SIDs fails; (bso#12757).
    + samba-tool user syncpasswords doesn't trigger the script when a user gets
      removed; (bso#12767).
    + systemd: fix detection of libsystemd; (bso#12764).
    + Notify subsystem only maps first inotify mask to Windows notify filter;
    + Allow passing trusted domain password as plain-text to PASSDB layer;
    + Can't case-rename files with vfs_fruit; (bso#12749).
    + wrong sid->uid mapping for SIDs residing in sIDHistory; (bso#12702).
    + vfs_acl_common should force "create mask = 0777", not 0666; (bso#12562).
    + Ordering of notify responses broken; (bso#12756).
* Wed Jun 07 2017
  - s3: libsmb: Fix error where short name length was read as 2
    bytes, should be 1; (bso#11822); (bsc#1042419).
* Mon May 29 2017
  - Revert explicit winbind %{version}-%{release} dependency.
    + The ABI has stabilized since (bsc#936909), so remove to fix cross-media
      dependencies; (bsc#1037899).
* Mon May 22 2017
  - Fix CVE-2017-7494 remote code execution from a writable share;
    (bso#12780); (bsc#1038231).
* Tue Apr 25 2017
  - Update to 4.6.3; (bsc#1036011)
    + s3:vfs:shadow_copy2: vfs_shadow_copy2 fails to list snapshots
      from shares with GlusterFS backend; (bso#12743).
    + Fix for Solaris C compiler; (bso#12559).
    + s3: locking: Update oplock optimization for the leases era; (bso#12628).
    + Make the Solaris C compiler happy; (bso#12693).
    + s3: libgpo: Allow skipping GPO objects that don't have the
      expected LDAP attributes; (bso#12695).
    + Fix buffer overflow caused by wrong use of getgroups; (bso#12747).
    + lib: debug: Avoid negative array access; (bso#12746).
    + cleanupdb: Fix a memory read error; (bso#12748).
    + streams_xattr and kernel oplocks results in
      NT_STATUS_NETWORK_BUSY; (bso#7537).
    + winbindd: idmap_autorid allocates ids for unknown SIDs from other
      backends; (bso#11961).
    + vfs_fruit: Resource fork open request with
      flags=O_CREAT|O_RDONLY; (bso#12565).
    + manpages/vfs_fruit: Document global options; (bso#12615).
    + lib/pthreadpool: Fix a memory leak; (bso#12624).
    + Lookup-domain for well-known SIDs on a DC; (bso#12727).
    + winbindd: Fix error handling in rpc_lookup_sids(); (bso#12728).
    + winbindd: Trigger possible passdb_dsdb initialisation; (bso#12729).
    + credentials_krb5: use gss_acquire_cred for client-side GSSAPI
      use case; (bso#12611).
    + lib/crypto: Implement samba.crypto Python module for RC4; (bso#12690).
    + ctdb-readonly: Avoid a tight loop waiting for revoke to
      complete; (bso#12697).
    + ctdb_event monitor command crashes if event is not specified;
    + ctdb-docs: Fix documentation of "-n" option to 'ctdb tool'; (bso#12733).
    + smbd: Fix smb1 findfirst with DFS; (bso#12558).
    + smbd: Do an early exit on negprot failure; (bso#12610).
    + winbindd: Fix substitution for 'template homedir'; (bso#12699).
    + s4:kdc: Disable principal based autodetected referral detection;
    + idmap_autorid: Allocate new domain range if the callers knows
      the sid is valid; (bso#12613).
    + LINKFLAGS_PYEMBED should not contain -L/some/path; (bso#12724).
    + PAM auth with WBFLAG_PAM_GET_PWD_POLICY returns wrong policy for
      trusted domain; (bso#12725).
    + rpcclient: Allow -U'OTHERDOMAIN\user' again; (bso#12731).
    + winbindd: Fix password policy for pam authentication; (bso#12725).
    + s3:gse: Correctly handle external trusts with MIT; (bso#12554).
    + auth/credentials: Always set the realm if we set the principal
      from the ccache; (bso#12611).
    + replace: Include sysmacros.h; (bso#12686).
    + s3:vfs_expand_msdfs: Do not open the remote address as a file;
    + s3:libsmb: Only print error message if kerberos use is forced;
    + winbindd: Child process crashes when kerberos-authenticating
      a user with wrong password; (bso#12708).
    + vfs_fruit: Office document opens as read-only on macOS due to
      CNID semantics; (bso#12715).
    + vfs_acl_xattr: Fix failure to get ACL on Linux if memory is
      fragmented; (bso#12737).
* Tue Apr 25 2017
  - Generate and update vendor-files tarball from Git
    + SuSEfirewall2 service samba-client only setup IPv4 rule; (bsc#1034416).
* Tue Apr 18 2017
  - Generate source tarball directly from Git using OBS tar_scm
    + use version string derived from parent Git tag and commit hash
    - remove obsolete vendor-files/tools/package-data version ID
    + explicitly generate ctdb manpages, needed without "make dist"
* Mon Apr 10 2017
  - Update to 4.6.2
    + remove bso#12721 patches now upstream
* Fri Apr 07 2017
  - Enable samba-ceph build for openSUSE and SLE12SP3+; (fate#321622).
    + x86-64 and aarch64
* Mon Apr 03 2017
  - Enable librados CTDB lock helper for samba-ceph package; (fate#321622).
* Thu Mar 30 2017
  - Build and install the html man pages (bsc#1021907).
* Thu Mar 30 2017
  - Fix CVE-2017-2619 regression with "follow symlinks = no";
* Wed Mar 22 2017
  - Update to 4.6.1
    + symlink race permits opening files outside share directory;
      CVE-2017-2619; (bso#12496); (bsc#1027147)
    + testparm checks for valid idmap parameters
    + add new krb client encryption types
    + support for printer driver upload from windows 10
    + inherit owner = 'unix only' for improved quota support
    + improved CTDB event support
    + new primary group support for idmap_ad
    + idmap_hash deprecated
    + mvxattr added to recursively rename extended attributes
* Wed Mar 15 2017
  - Remove chkconfig requirements for systemd systems
* Mon Mar 13 2017
  - Don't call insserv if systemd is used
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Fix check if we need to require insserv
* Thu Feb 09 2017
  - async_req: make async_connect_send() "reentrant";
    (bso#12105); (bsc#1024416).
* Mon Feb 06 2017
  - Force usage of ncurses6-config thru NCURSES_CONFIG env var;
* Thu Jan 26 2017
  - add missing patch for libnss_wins segfault; (bsc#995730).
* Wed Jan 25 2017
  - Fix vfs_ceph builds against recent Ceph versions; (bsc#1021933).
* Mon Jan 23 2017
  - Document "winbind: ignore domains" parameter; (bsc#1019416).
* Thu Jan 19 2017
  - Add base Samba dependency to samba-ceph package.
* Mon Dec 19 2016
  - Update to 4.5.3
    + Heap-based Buffer Overflow Remote Code Execution Vulnerability;
      CVE-2016-2123; (bso#12409); (bsc#1014437).
    + Don't send delegated credentials to all servers; CVE-2016-2125;
    (bso#12445); (bsc#1014441).
    + denial of service due to a client triggered crash in the winbindd
      parent process; CVE-2016-2126; (bso#12446); (bsc#1014442).
  - 4.5.1 and 4.5.2 updates
    + various streams vfs fixes
    + various printing fixes
    + ntlm_auth: do not map explicitly empty domain
    + various stability fixes in smbd
    + match file compression ReFS behavior
* Fri Dec 02 2016
  -  Add missing ldb module directory; (bnc#1012092).
* Thu Nov 17 2016
  - s3/client: obey 'disable netbios' smb.conf param, don't
    connect via NBT port; (bsc#1009085); (bso#12418).
* Mon Sep 26 2016
  - Include vfstest in samba-test; (bsc#1001203).
* Wed Sep 21 2016
  - s3/winbindd: using default domain with format
    fails; (bsc#997833).
* Tue Sep 20 2016
  - Fix segfault in libnss_wins; (bso#12277); (bso#12269); (bsc#995730).
* Wed Sep 14 2016
  - Update to 4.5.0
    + NTLM1 Authentication disabled by default
    + SMB2.1 leases enabled by default
    + Support for OFD locks
    + ctdb tool rewritten
    + Added shadow copy snapshot prefix parameter
* Tue Aug 30 2016
  - Fix illegal memory access after memory has been deleted;
    (bso#11836); (bsc#975299).
* Mon Aug 29 2016
  - Prevent core, make sure response-> is always
    cleared out; (bsc#993692).
* Mon Aug 15 2016
  - Don't package man pages for VFS modules that aren't built;
* Sat Aug 13 2016
  - Fix population of ctdb sysconfig after source merge; (bsc#981566).
* Fri Aug 12 2016
  - Enable vfs_ceph builds for Factory (x86-64)
    + Package as samba-ceph to avoid Ceph dependency in base package.
* Thu Jul 07 2016
  - Update to 4.4.5
    +  Prevent client-side SMB2 signing downgrade; CVE-2016-2119;
      (bso#11860); (bsc#986869).
* Wed Jun 22 2016
  - Remove obsolete; (bsc#983938).
* Tue Jun 14 2016
  - Honor smb.conf socket options in winbind; (bsc#975131).
* Thu Jun 09 2016
  - Don't use htons() with IP_PROTO_RAW; (bso#11705); (bsc#969522).
* Thu Jun 09 2016
  - Update to 4.4.4
    + SMB3 multichannel: Add implementation of missing channel sequence
      number verification; (bso#11809).
    + smbd:close: Only remove kernel share modes if they had been
      taken at open; (bso#11919).
    + notifyd: Prevent NULL deref segfault in notifyd_peer_destructor;
    + s3:rpcclient: Make '--pw-nt-hash' option work; (bso#10796).
    + Fix case sensitivity issues over SMB2 or above; (bso#11438).
    + s3:smbd: Fix anonymous authentication if signing is mandatory.
    + Fix NTLM Authentication issue with squid; (bso#11914).
    + pdb: Fix segfault in pdb_ldap for missing gecos; (bso#11530).
    + Fix memory leak in share mode locking; (bso#11934).
* Thu May 19 2016
  - Update to 4.4.3
    + Various post-badlock regressions; (bso#11841); (bso#11850);
      (bso#11858); (bso#11870); (bso#11872).
    + Only allow idmap_hash for default idmap config (bso#11786).
    + smbd: Avoid large reads beyond EOF; (bso#11878).
    + vfs_acl_common: Avoid setting POSIX ACLs if "ignore system acls"
      is set; (bso#11806).
    + libads: Record session expiry for spnego sasl binds; (bso#11852).
* Tue May 03 2016
  - Fix NTLMSSP regressions caused by previous CVE fixes; (bso#11849);
    (bsc#975962); (bsc#979268), (bsc#977669).
* Thu Apr 28 2016
  - Revert shared library packaging to comply with SLPP
* Sat Apr 09 2016
  - Update to 4.4.2
    + A man-in-the-middle can downgrade NTLMSSP authentication;
      CVE-2016-2110; (bso#11688); (bsc#973031).
    + Domain controller netlogon member computer can be spoofed;
      CVE-2016-2111; (bso#11749); (bsc#973032).
    + LDAP conenctions vulnerable to downgrade and  MITM attack;
      CVE-2016-2112; (bso#11644); (bsc#973033).
    + TLS certificate validation missing; CVE-2016-2113; (bso#11752);
    + Named pipe IPC vulnerable to MITM attacks; CVE-2016-2115;
      (bso#11756); (bsc#973036).
    + "Badlock" DCERPC impersonation of authenticated account possible;
      CVE-2016-2118; (bso#11804); (bsc#971965).
    + DCERPC server and client vulnerable to DOS and MITM attacks;
      CVE-2015-5370; (bso#11344); (bsc#936862).
* Fri Apr 08 2016
  - Fix samba.tests.messaging test and prevent potential tdb corruption
    by removing obsolete now invalid tdb_close call; (bsc#974629).
* Tue Mar 22 2016
  - Obsolete libsmbclient from libsmbclient0 while not providing it;
* Tue Mar 22 2016
  - Update to 4.4.0.
    + Read of uninitialized memory DNS TXT handling; (bso#11128); (bso#11686);
    + Getting and setting Windows ACLs on symlinks can change permissions on link
      target; (bso#11648); CVE-2015-7560.
    + Sockets with htons(IPPROTO_RAW); (bso#11705); CVE-2015-8543.
    + s3: smbd: posix_acls: Fix check for setting u:g:o entry on a filesystem
      with no ACL support; (bso#10489).
    + docs: Add example for domain logins to smbspool man page; (bso#11643).
    + smbd: Show correct disk size for different quota and dfree block sizes;
    + docs: Add smbspool_krb5_wrapper manpage; (bso#11690).
    + winbindd: Return trust parameters when listing trusts; (bso#11691).
    + ctdb: Do not provide a useless pkgconfig file for ctdb; (bso#11696).
    + Crypto.Cipher.ARC4 is not available on some platforms, fallback to
      M2Crypto.RC4.RC4 then; (bso#11699).
    + s3:utils/smbget: Set default blocksize; (bso#11700).
    + Streamline 'smbget' options with the rest of the Samba utils; (bso#11700).
    + s3:clispnego: Fix confusing warning in spnego_gen_krb5_wrap(); (bso#11702).
    + s3: smbd: Fix timestamp rounding inside SMB2 create; (bso#11703).
    + loadparm: Fix memory leak issue; (bso#11708).
    + lib/tsocket: Work around sockets not supporting FIONREAD; (bso#11714).
    + s3:vfs:glusterfs: Fix build after quota changes; (bso#11715).
    + ctdb-scripts: Drop use of "smbcontrol winbindd ip-dropped ..."; (bso#11719).
    + lib:socket: Fix CID 1350010: Integer OVERFLOW_BEFORE_WIDEN; (bso#11723).
    + smbd: Fix CID 1351215 Improper use of negative value; (bso#11724).
    + smbd: Fix CID 1351216 Dereference null return value; (bso#11725).
    + s3:smbd:open: Skip redundant call to file_set_dosmode when creating a new
      file; (bso#11727).
    + docs: Add manpage for cifsdd; (bso#11730).
    + param: Fix str_list_v3 to accept ; again; (bso#11732).
    + lib/socket: Fix improper use of default interface speed; (bso#11734).
    + lib:socket: Fix CID 1350009: Fix illegal memory accesses
      (BUFFER_SIZE_WARNING); (bso#11735).
    + libcli: Fix debug message, print sid string for new_ace trustee;
    + Fix installation path of Samba helper binaries; (bso#11739).
    + Fix memory leak in loadparm; (bso#11740).
    + tevent: version 0.9.28: Fix memory leak when old signal action restored;
    + smbd: Ignore SVHDX create context; (bso#11753).
    + Fix net join; (bso#11755).
    + s3:libads: setup the msDS-SupportedEncryptionTypes attribute on ldap_add;
    + passdb: Add linefeed to debug message; (bso#11763).
    + s3:utils/smbget: Fix option parsing; (bso#11767).
    + libnet: Make Kerberos domain join site-aware; (bso#11769).
    + Reset TCP Connections during IP failover; (bso#11770).
    + ldb: Version 1.1.26; (bso#11772).
    + s3:smbd: Add negprot remote arch detection for OSX; (bso#11773).
    + vfs_glusterfs: Fix use after free in AIO callback; (bso#11774).
    + mkdir can return ACCESS_DENIED incorrectly on create race; (bso#11780).
    + "trustdom_list_done: Got invalid trustdom response" message should be
      avoided; (bso#11782).
    + Mismatch between local and remote attribute ids lets replication fail with
      custom schema; (bso#11783).
    + Quota is not supported on Solaris 10; (bso#11788).
    + Talloc: Version 2.1.6; (bso#11789).
    + smbd: Enable multi-channel if 'server multi channel support = yes' in the
      config; (bso#11796).
    + build: Fix build when '--without-quota' specified; (bso#11798).
    + lib/socket/interfaces: Fix some uninitialied bytes; (bso#11802).
    + Access based share enum: handle permission set in configuration files;
    + See also WHATSNEW.txt from the samba-doc package.
* Sun Mar 06 2016
  - Update to 4.3.6.
    + Getting and setting Windows ACLs on symlinks can change permissions on link
      target; CVE-2015-7560; (bso#11648); (bsc#968222).
    + Fix Out-of-bounds read in internal DNS server; CVE-2016-0771;
      (bso#11128); (bso#11686); (bsc#968223).
* Thu Mar 03 2016
  - Upgrade on-disk FSRVP server state to new version; (bsc#924519).
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - Only obsolete but do not provide gplv2/3 package names; (bsc#968973).
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - Relocate existing lock files to /var/lib/samba/lock; (bsc#968963).
* Thu Feb 25 2016
  - Obsolete no longer existing samba-32bit package; (bsc#967625).
* Tue Feb 23 2016
  - Update to 4.3.5.
    + s3:utils/smbget: Fix recursive download; (bso#6482).
    + s3: smbd: posix_acls: Fix check for setting u:g:o entry on a filesystemi
      with no ACL support; (bso#10489).
    + s3:smbd/oplock: Obey kernel oplock setting when releasing oplocks;
    + vfs_shadow_copy2: Fix case where snapshots are outside the share;
    + smbclient: Query disk usage relative to current directory; (bso#11662).
    + winbindd: Handle expired sessions correctly; (bso#11670).
    + smbd: Show correct disk size for different quota and dfree block sizes;
    + smbcacls: Fix uninitialized variable; (bso#11682).
    + s3:smbd: Ignore initial allocation size for directory creation;
    + s3-client: Add a KRB5 wrapper for smbspool; (bso#11690).
    + s3-parm: Clean up defaults when removing global parameters; (bso#11693).
    + Use M2Crypto.RC4.RC4 on platforms without Crypto.Cipher.ARC4; (bso#11699).
    + s3: smbd: Fix timestamp rounding inside SMB2 create; (bso#11703).
    + ctdb: Remove error messages after kernel security update; CVE-2015-8543;
    + loadparm: Fix memory leak issue; (bso#11708).
    + lib/tsocket: Work around sockets not supporting FIONREAD; (bso#11714).
    + ctdb-scripts: Drop use of "smbcontrol winbindd ip-dropped ...";
    + s3:smbd:open: Skip redundant call to file_set_dosmode when creating a new
      file; (bso#11727).
    + param: Fix str_list_v3 to accept ";" again; (bso#11732).
* Mon Feb 22 2016
  - Shift samba-client sysconfig data into samba and samba-winbind; (bsc#947361).
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - Simplify shared library packaging; (bsc#966956).
* Sun Feb 14 2016
  - Enable clustering (CTDB) support; (bsc#966271).
* Fri Feb 12 2016
  - s3: smbd: Fix timestamp rounding inside SMB2 create; (bso#11703);
* Fri Jan 15 2016
  - Add quotes around path of update-apparmor-samba-profile; (bnc#962177).
* Wed Jan 13 2016
  - Remove autoconf build-time requirement.
* Wed Jan 13 2016
  - Update to 4.3.4.
    + vfs_fruit: Enable POSIX directory rename semantics; (bso#11065).
    + Crash: Bad talloc magic value - access after free; (bso#11394).
    + Copying files with vfs_fruit fails when using vfs_streams_xattr without
      stream prefix and type suffix; (bso#11466).
    + samba-tool: Fix uncaught exception if no fSMORoleOwner attribute is given;
    + Fix a typo in the smb.conf manpage, explanation of idmap config;
    + Correctly initialize the list head when keeping a list of primary followed
      by DFS connections; (bso#11624).
    + Reduce the memory footprint of empty string options; (bso#11625).
    + lib/async_req: Do not install async_connect_send_test; (bso#11639).
    + Fix typos in man vfs_gpfs; (bso#11641).
    + Make "hide dot files" option work with "store dos attributes = yes";
    + Fix a corner case of the symlink verification; (bso#11647);  (bnc#960249).
    + Do not disable "store dos attributes" on-the-fly; (bso#11649).
    + Update lastLogon and lastLogonTimestamp; (bso#11659).
* Mon Jan 11 2016
  - Prevent access denied if the share path is "/"; (bso#11647); (bnc#960249).
* Fri Dec 11 2015
  - Update to 4.3.3.
    + Malicious request can cause Samba LDAP server to hang, spinning using CPU;
      CVE-2015-3223; (bso#11325); (bnc#958581).
    + Remote read memory exploit in LDB; CVE-2015-5330; (bso#11599);
    + Insufficient symlink verification (file access outside the share);
      CVE-2015-5252; (bso#11395); (bnc#958582).
    + No man in the middle protection when forcing smb encryption on the client
      side; CVE-2015-5296; (bso#11536); (bnc#958584).
    + Currently the snapshot browsing is not secure thru windows previous version
      (shadow_copy2); CVE-2015-5299; (bso#11529); (bnc#958583).
    + Fix Microsoft MS15-096 to prevent machine accounts from being changed into
      user accounts; CVE-2015-8467; (bso#11552); (bnc#958585).
* Tue Dec 01 2015
  - Update to 4.3.2.
    + vfs_gpfs: Re-enable share modes; (bso#11243).
    + dcerpc.idl: Accept invalid dcerpc_bind_nak pdus; (bso#11327).
    + s3-smbd: Fix old DOS client doing wildcard delete - gives an attribute
      type of zero; (bso#11452).
    + Add libreplace dependency to texpect, fixes a linking error on Solaris;
    + s4: Fix linking of 'smbtorture' on Solaris; (bso#11512).
    + s4:lib/messaging: Use correct path for names.tdb; (bso#11562).
    + Fix segfault of 'net ads (join|leave) -S INVALID' with nss_wins;
    + async_req: Fix non-blocking connect(); (bso#11564).
    + auth: gensec: Fix a memory leak; (bso#11565).
    + lib: util: Make non-critical message a warning; (bso#11566).
    + Fix winbindd crashes with samlogon for trusted domain user; (bso#11569);
    + smbd: Send SMB2 oplock breaks unencrypted; (bso#11570).
    + ctdb: Open the RO tracking db with perms 0600 instead of 0000; (bso#11577).
    + s3:smb2_server: Make the logic of SMB2_CANCEL DLIST_REMOVE() clearer;
    + s3-smbd: Fix use after issue in smbd_smb2_request_dispatch(); (bso#11581).
    + manpage: Correct small typo error; (bso#11584).
    + s3: smbd: If EAs are turned off on a share don't allow an SMB2 create
      containing them; (bso#11589).
    + Backport some valgrind fixes from upstream master; (bso#11597).
    + auth: Consistent handling of well-known alias as primary gid; (bso#11608).
    + winbind: Fix crash on invalid idmap configs; (bso#11612).
    + s3: smbd: have_file_open_below() fails to enumerate open files below an
      open directory handle; (bso#11615).
    + Changing log level of two entries to DBG_NOTICE; (bso#9912).
* Mon Nov 16 2015
  - Ensure samlogon fallback requests are rerouted after kerberos failure;
    (bnc#953382); (bnc#953972).
* Sat Nov 14 2015
  - Ensure to link with --as-needed flag by removing SUSE_ASNEEDED=0.
  - Always use the default optimization even on pre-9.2 systems.
* Sat Nov 14 2015
  - Remove redundant configure options while adding with-relro.
* Sat Nov 14 2015
  - Relocate the lockdir to the /var/lib/samba/lock directory.
* Sat Nov 14 2015
  - Cleanup and enhance the pidl sub package.
* Thu Oct 22 2015
  - Require renamed python-ldb-devel and python-talloc-devel at build-time.
  - Requires python-ldb and python-talloc from the python subpackage.
* Wed Oct 21 2015
  - Update to 4.3.1.
    + s3: smbd: Fix our access-based enumeration on "hide unreadable" to match
      Windows; (bso#10252).
    + nss_winbind: Fix hang on Solaris on big groups; (bso#10365).
    + smbd: Fix file name buflen and padding in notify repsonse; (bso#10634).
    + kerberos: Make sure we only use prompter type when available;
      winbind: Fix 100% loop; (bso#11038).
    + source3/lib/msghdr.c: Fix compiling error on Solaris; (bso#11053).
    + s3:ctdbd_conn: make sure we destroy tevent_fd before closing the socket;
    + s3: smbd: Fix mkdir race condition; (bso#11486).
    + pam_winbind: Fix a segfault if initialization fails; (bso#11502).
    + s3: dfs: Fix a crash when the dfs targets are disabled; (bso#11509).
    + s4:lib/messaging: Use 'msg.lock' and 'msg.sock' for messaging related
      subdirs; (bso#11515).
    + s3: smbd: Fix opening/creating :stream files on the root share directory;
    + lib/param: Fix hiding of FLAG_SYNONYM values; (bso#11526).
    + net: Fix a crash with 'net ads keytab create'; (bso#11528).
    + s3: smbd: Fix a crash in unix_convert(); (bso#11535).
    + s3: smbd: Fix NULL pointer bug introduced by previous 'raw' stream fix
      (bso#11522); (bso#11535).
    + vfs_fruit: Return value of ad_pack in vfs_fruit.c; (bso#11543).
    + vfs_commit: set the fd on open before calling SMB_VFS_FSTAT; (bso#11547).
    + s3:locking: Initialize lease pointer in share_mode_traverse_fn();
    + s3:smbstatus: Add stream name to share_entry_forall(); (bso#11550).
    + s3:lib: Validate domain name in lookup_wellknown_name(); (bso#11555).
    + s3: lsa: lookup_name() logic for unqualified (no DOMAIN component) names
      is incorrect; (bso#11555).
* Fri Oct 16 2015
  - Fix 100% CPU in winbindd when logging in with "user must change password on
    next logon"; (bso#11038).
* Fri Sep 25 2015
  - Relocate the tmpfiles.d directory to the client package; (bnc#947552).
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Do not provide libpdb0 from libsamba-passdb0 but add it to baselibs.conf
    instead; (bnc#942716).
* Wed Sep 16 2015
  - Package /var/lib/samba/private/sock with 0700 permissions; (bnc#946051).
* Fri Sep 11 2015
  - Package /var/lib/samba/msg with 0755 permissions; (bso#11515); (bnc#945502).
* Wed Sep 09 2015
  - Require to install libfam0-gamin from samba-libs on post-12.1 and pre-13.15
    systems; (bnc#945013).
* Tue Sep 08 2015
  - Update to 4.3.0.
    + Samba "map to guest = Bad uid" doesn't work; (bso#9862).
    + revert LDAP extended rule 1.2.840.113556.1.4.1941
      LDAP_MATCHING_RULE_IN_CHAIN changes; (bso#10493).
    + No objectClass found in replPropertyMetaData on ordinary objects
      (non-deleted); (bso#10973).
    + Stream names with colon don't work with fruit:encoding = native;
    + NetApp joined to a Samba/ADDC cannot resolve SIDs; (bso#11291).
    + tevent_fd needs to be destroyed before closing the fd; (bso#11316).
    + "force group" with local group not working; (bso#11320).
    + strsep is not available on Solaris; (bso#11359).
    + smbtorture does not build when configured --with-system-mitkrb5;
    + Build with GPFS support is broken; (bso#11421).
    + Build broken with --disable-python; (bso#11424).
    + net share allowedusers crashes; (bso#11426).
    + nmbd incorrectly matches netbios names as own name; (bso#11427).
    + Python bindings don't check integer types; (bso#11429).
    + Python bindings don't check array sizes; (bso#11430).
    + CTDB's eventscript error handling is broken; (bso#11431).
    + Fix crash in nested ctdb banning; (bso#11432).
    + Cannot build ctdbpmda; (bso#11434).
    + samba-tool uncaught exception error; (bso#11436).
    + Crash in notify_remove caused by change notify = no; (bso#11444).
    + Poor SMB3 encryption performance with AES-GCM; (bso#11451).
    + Poor SMB3 encryption performance with AES-GCM (part1); (bso#11451).
    + fix recursion problem in rep_strtoll in lib/replace/replace.c; (bso#11455).
    + --bundled-libraries=!ldb,!pyldb,!pyldb-util doesn't disable ldb build and
      install; (bso#11458).
    + xid2sid gives inconsistent results; (bso#11464).
    + ctdb: Fix the build on FreeBSD 10.1; (bso#11465).
    + Handling of 0 byte resource fork stream; (bso#11467).
    + AD samr GetGroupsForUser fails for users with "()" in their name;
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - Configure with --bundled-libraries=NONE; (bso#11458).
* Fri Aug 07 2015
  - Adapt net-kdc-lookup patch for post-3.3 Samba versions; (bnc#295284).
* Fri Jul 17 2015
  - Remove libiniparser-devel build-time requirement.
* Tue Jul 14 2015
  - Update to 4.2.3.
    + s4:lib/tls: Fix build with gnutls 3.4; (bso#8780).
    + s4.2/ Fixed fsmo transfer exception; (bso#10924).
    + winbindd: Sync secrets.ldb into secrets.tdb on startup; (bso#10991).
    + Logon via MS Remote Desktop hangs; (bso#11061).
    + s3: lib: util: Ensure we read a hex number as %x, not %u; (bso#11068).
    + tevent: Add a note to tevent_add_fd(); (bso#11141).
    + s3:param/loadparm: Fix 'testparm --show-all-parameters'; (bso#11170).
    + s3-unix_msg: Remove socket file after closing socket fd; (bso#11217).
    + smbd: Fix a use-after-free; (bso#11218); (bnc#919309).
    + s3-rpc_server: Fix rpc_create_tcpip_sockets() processing of interfaces;
    + s3:smb2: Add padding to last command in compound requests; (bso#11277).
    + Add IPv6 support to ADS client side LDAP connects; (bso#11281).
    + Add IPv6 support for determining FQDN during ADS join; (bso#11282).
    + s3: IPv6 enabled DNS connections for ADS client; (bso#11283).
    + Fix invalid write in ctdb_lock_context_destructor; (bso#11293).
    + Excessive cli_resolve_path() usage can slow down transmission; (bso#11295).
    + vfs_fruit: Add option "veto_appledouble"; (bso#11305).
    + tstream: Make socketpair nonblocking; (bso#11312).
    + idmap_rfc2307: Fix wbinfo '--gid-to-sid' query; (bso#11313).
    + Group creation: Add msSFU30Name only when --nis-domain was given;
    + tevent_fd needs to be destroyed before closing the fd; (bso#11316).
    + Build fails on Solaris 11 with "‘PTHREAD_MUTEX_ROBUST’ undeclared";
    + smbd/trans2: Add a useful diagnostic for files with bad encoding;
    + Change sharesec output back to previous format; (bso#11324).
    + Robust mutex support broken in 1.3.5; (bso#11326).
    + Kerberos auth info3 should contain resource group ids available from
      pac_logon; winbindd: winbindd_raw_kerberos_login - ensure logon_info
      exists in PAC; (bso#11328); (bnc#912457).
    + s3:smb2_setinfo: Fix memory leak in the defer_rename case; (bso#11329).
    + tevent: Fix CID 1035381 Unchecked return value; (bso#11330).
    + tdb: Fix CID 1034842 and 1034841 Resource leaks; (bso#11331).
    + s3: smbd: Use separate flag to track become_root()/unbecome_root() state;
    + s3: smbd: Codenomicon crash in do_smb_load_module(); (bso#11342).
    + pidl: Make the compilation of PIDL producing the same results if the
      content hasn't change; (bso#11356).
    + winbindd: Disconnect child process if request is cancelled at main
      process; (bso#11358).
    + vfs_fruit: Check offset and length for AFP_AfpInfo read requests;
    + docs: Overhaul the description of "smb encrypt" to include SMB3
      encryption; (bso#11366).
    + s3:auth_domain: Fix talloc problem in connect_to_domain_password_server();
    + ncacn_http: Fix GNUism; (bso#11371).
* Sun Jul 05 2015
  - Disable rpath usage; (bnc#902421).
* Fri Jul 03 2015
  - Make the winbind package depend on the matching libwbclient version and
    vice versa; (bnc#936909).
* Tue Jun 16 2015
  - Backport changes to use resource group sids obtained from pac logon_info;
    (bso#11328); (bnc#912457).
* Sat Jun 06 2015
  - Order winbind.service Before and Want nss-user-lookup target.
* Fri Jun 05 2015
  - Remove fam-devel build-time dependency for post-6 RHEL systems.
* Fri May 29 2015
  - Update to 4.2.2.
    + s3:smbXsrv: refactor duplicate code into
      smbXsrv_session_clear_and_logoff(); (bso#11182).
    + gencache: don't fail gencache_stabilize if there were records to delete;
    + s3: libsmbclient: After getting attribute server, ensure main srv pointer
      is still valid; (bso#11186).
    + s4: rpc: Refactor dcesrv_alter() function into setup and send steps;
    + s3: smbd: Incorrect file size returned in the response of
      "FILE_SUPERSEDE Create"; (bso#11240).
    + Mangled names do not work with acl_xattr; (bso#11249).
    + nmbd rewrites browse.dat when not required; (bso#11254).
    + vfs_fruit: add option "nfs_aces" that controls the NFS ACEs stuff;
    + s3:smbd: Add missing tevent_req_nterror; (bso#11224).
    + vfs: kernel_flock and named streams; (bso#11243).
    + vfs_gpfs: Error code path doesn't call END_PROFILE; (bso#11244).
    + s4: libcli/finddcs_cldap: continue processing CLDAP until all addresses
      are used; (bso#11284).
    + ctdb: check for talloc_asprintf() failure; (bso#11201).
    + spoolss: purge the printer name cache on name change; (bso#11210);
    + CTDB statd-callout does not scale; (bso#11204).
    + vfs_fruit: also map characters below 0x20; (bso#11221).
    + ctdb: Coverity fix for CID 1291643; (bso#11201).
    + Multiplexed RPC connections are not handled by DCERPC server; (bso#11225).
    + Fix terminate connection behavior for asynchronous endpoint with PUSH
      notification flavors; (bso#11226).
    + ctdb-scripts: Fix bashism in ctdbd_wrapper script; (bso#11007).
    + ctdb: Fix CIDs 1125615, 1125634, 1125613, 1288201 and 1125553; (bso#11201).
    + SMB2 should cancel pending NOTIFY calls with DELETE_PENDING if the
      directory is deleted; (bso#11257).
    + s3:winbindd: make sure we remove pending io requests before closing client
      sockets; (bso#11141); (bnc#931854).
    + Fix panic triggered by smbd_smb2_request_notify_done() ->
      smbXsrv_session_find_channel() in smbd; (bso#11182).
    + 'sharesec' output no longer matches input format; (bso#11237).
    + waf: Fix systemd detection; (bso#11200).
    + CTDB: Fix portability issues; (bso#11202).
    + CTDB: Fix some IPv6-related issues; (bso#11203).
    + CTDB statd-callout does not scale; (bso#11204).
    + 'net ads dns gethostbyname' crashes with an error in TALLOC_FREE if you
      enter invalid values; (bso#11234).
    + libads: record service ticket endtime for sealed ldap connections;
    + lib/util: Include DEBUG macro in internal header files before samba_util.h;
* Fri May 22 2015
  - Avoid a crash inside the tevent epoll backend; (bso#11141); (bnc#931854).
* Wed May 13 2015
  - Remove the independently built libraries ldb, talloc, tdn, and tevent and
    the post-10.3 renamed libsmbclient from baselibs.conf.
* Wed May 06 2015
  - Drop redundant doc attribute from man pages.
* Thu Apr 16 2015
  - Update to 4.2.1.
    + s3:winbind:grent: Don't stop group enumeration when a group has no gid;
    + Initialize dwFlags field of DNS_RPC_NODE structure; (bso#9791).
    + s3: lib: ntlmssp: If NTLMSSP_NEGOTIATE_TARGET_INFO isn't set, cope with
      servers that don't send the 2 unused fields; (bso#10016).
    + build:wafadmin: Fix use of spaces instead of tabs; (bso#10476).
    + waf: Fix the build on openbsd; (bso#10476).
    + s3: client: "client use spnego principal = yes" code checks wrong name;
    + spoolss: Retrieve published printer GUID if not in registry; (bso#11018).
    + s3: lib: libsmbclient: If reusing a server struct, check every cli->timout
      miliseconds if it's still valid before use; (bso#11079).
    + vfs_fruit: Enhance handling of malformed AppleDouble files; (bso#11125).
    + backupkey: Explicitly link to gnutls and gcrypt; (bso#11135).
    + replace: Remove superfluous check for gcrypt header; (bso#11135).
    + Backport subunit changes; (bso#11137).
    + libcli/auth: Match Declaration of netlogon_creds_cli_context_tmp with
      implementation; (bso#11140).
    + s3-winbind: Fix cached user group lookup of trusted domains; (bso#11143).
    + talloc: Version 2.1.2; (bso#11144).
    + Update libwbclient version to 0.12; (bso#11149).
    + brlock: Use 0 instead of empty initializer list; (bso#11153).
    + s4:auth/gensec_gssapi: Let gensec_gssapi_update() return
      NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE for unknown errors; (bso#11164).
    + docs/idmap_rid: Remove deprecated base_rid from example; (bso#11169);
    + s3: libcli: smb1: Ensure we correctly finish a tevent req if the writev
      fails in the SMB1 case; (bso#11173).
    + backupkey: Use ndr_pull_struct_blob_all(); (bso#11174).
    + Fix lots of winbindd zombie processes on Solaris platform; (bso#11175).
    + s3: libsmbclient: Add missing talloc stackframe; (bso#11177).
    + s4-process_model: Do not close random fds while forking; (bso#11180).
    + s3-passdb: Fix 'force user' with winbind default domain; (bso#11185).
* Thu Apr 16 2015
  - Prevent samba package updates from disabling samba kerberos printing.
* Thu Apr 09 2015
  - Add sparse file support for samba; (fate#318424).
* Tue Mar 31 2015
  - Purge printer name cache on spoolss SetPrinter change; (bso#11210);
* Fri Mar 20 2015
  - Correctly retain errno from Btrfs snapshot ioctls; (bnc#923374).
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - Simplify libxslt build requirement and README.SUSE install.
  - Remove no longer required cleanup steps while populating the build root.
* Tue Mar 17 2015
  - Remove deprecated base_rid example from idmap_rid manpage; (bso#11169);
* Thu Mar 05 2015
  - Update to 4.2.0.
    + smbd: Stop using vfs_Chdir after SMB_VFS_DISCONNECT; (bso#1115).
    + pam_winbind: fix warn_pwd_expire implementation; (bso#9056).
    + nsswitch: Fix soname of linux nss_*.so.2 modules; (bso#9299).
    + Make 'profiles' work again; (bso#9629).
    + s3:smb2_server: protect against integer wrap with
      "smb2 max credits = 65535"; (bso#9702).
    + Make validate_ldb of String(Generalized-Time) accept millisecond format
      ".000Z"; (bso#9810).
    + Use -R linker flag on Solaris, not -rpath; (bso#10112).
    + vfs: Add glusterfs manpage; (bso#10240).
    + Make 'smbclient' use cached creds; (bso#10279).
    + pdb: Fix build issues with shared modules; (bso#10355).
    + s4-dns: Add support for BIND 9.10; (bso#10620).
    + idmap: Return the correct id type to *id_to_sid methods; (bso#10720).
    + printing/cups: Pack requested-attributes with IPP_TAG_KEYWORD; (bso#10808).
    + Don't build vfs_snapper on FreeBSD; (bso#10834).
    + nss_winbind: Add getgroupmembership for FreeBSD; (bso#10835).
    + idmap_rfc2307: Fix a crash after connection problem to DC; (bso#10837).
    + s3: smb2cli: query info return length check was reversed; (bso#10848).
    + s3: lib, s3: modules: Fix compilation on Solaris; (bso#10849).
    + lib: uid_wrapper: Fix setgroups and syscall detection on a system without
      native uid_wrapper library; (bso#10851).
    + winbind3: Fix pwent variable substitution; (bso#10852).
    + Improve samba-regedit; (bso#10859).
    + registry: Don't leave dangling transactions; (bso#10860).
    + Fix build of socket_wrapper on systems without SO_PROTOCOL; (bso#10861).
    + build: Do not install 'texpect' binary anymore; (bso#10862).
    + Fix testparm to show hidden share defaults; (bso#10864).
    + libcli/smb: Fix smb2cli_validate_negotiate_info with min=PROTOCOL_NT1
      max=PROTOCOL_SMB2_02; (bso#10866).
    + Integrate CTDB into top-level Samba build; (bso#10892).
    + samba-tool group add: Add option '--nis-domain' and '--gid'; (bso#10895).
    + s3-nmbd: Fix netbios name truncation; (bso#10896).
    + spoolss: Fix handling of bad EnumJobs levels; (bso#10898).
    + Fix smbclient loops doing a directory listing against Mac OS X 10 server
      with a non-wildcard path; (bso#10904).
    + Fix print job enumeration; (bso#10905); (bnc#898031).
    + samba-tool: Create NIS enabled users and unixHomeDirectory attribute;
    + Add support for SMB2 leases; (bso#10911).
    + btrfs: Don't leak opened directory handle; (bso#10918).
    + s3: nmbd: Ensure NetBIOS names are only 15 characters stored; (bso#10920).
    + s3:smbd: Fix file corruption using "write cache size != 0"; (bso#10921).
    + pdb_tdb: Fix a TALLOC/SAFE_FREE mixup; (bso#10932).
    + s3-keytab: fix keytab array NULL termination; (bso#10933).
    + s3:passdb: fix logic in pdb_set_pw_history(); (bso#10940).
    + Cleanup add_string_to_array and usage; (bso#10942).
    + dbwrap_ctdb: Pass on mutex flags to tdb_open; (bso#10942).
    + Fix RootDSE search with extended dn control; (bso#10949).
    + Fix 'samba-tool dns serverinfo <server>' for IPv6; (bso#10952).
    + libcli/smb: only force signing of smb2 session setups when binding a new
      session; (bso#10958).
    + s3-smbclient: Return success if we listed the shares; (bso#10960).
    + s3-smbstatus: Fix exit code of profile output; (bso#10961).
    + socket_wrapper: Add missing prototype check for eventfd; (bso#10965).
    + libcli: SMB2: Pure SMB2-only negprot fix to make us behave as a Windows
      client does; (bso#10966).
    + vfs_streams_xattr: Check stream type; (bso#10971).
    + s3: smbd: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return convention;
    + vfs_fruit: Add support for AAPL; (bso#10983).
    + Fix spoolss IDL response marshalling when returning error without clearing
      info; (bso#10984).
    + dsdb-samldb: Check for extended access rights before we allow changes to
      userAccountControl; (bso#10993); CVE-2014-8143; (boo#914279).
    + Fix IPv6 support in CTDB; (bso#10996).
    + ctdb-daemon: Use correct tdb flags when enabling robust mutex support;
    + vfs_streams_xattr: Add missing call to SMB_VFS_NEXT_CONNECT; (bso#11005).
    + s3-util: Fix authentication with long hostnames; (bso#11008).
    + ctdb-build: Fix build without xsltproc; (bso#11014).
    + packaging: Include CTDB man pages in the tarball; (bso#11014).
    + pdb_get_trusteddom_pw() fails with non valid UTF16 random passwords;
    + Make Sharepoint search show user documents; (bso#11022).
    + nss_wrapper: check for nss.h; (bso#11026).
    + Enable mutexes in gencache_notrans.tdb; (bso#11032).
    + tdb_wrap: Make mutexes easier to use; (bso#11032).
    + lib/util: Avoid collision which alread defined consumer DEBUG macro;
    + winbind: Retry after SESSION_EXPIRED error in ping-dc; (bso#11034).
    + s3-libads: Fix a possible segfault in kerberos_fetch_pac(); (bso#11037).
    + vfs_fruit: Fix base_fsp name conversion; (bso#11039).
    + vfs_fruit: mmap under FreeBSD needs PROT_READ; (bso#11040).
    + Fix authentication using Kerberos (not AD); (bso#11044).
    + net: Fix sam addgroupmem; (bso#11051).
    + vfs_snapper: Correctly handles multi-byte DBus strings; (bso#11055);
    + cli_connect_nb_send: Don't segfault on host == NULL; (bso#11058).
    + utils: Fix 'net time' segfault; (bso#11058).
    + libsmb: Provide authinfo domain for encrypted session referrals;
    + s3-pam_smbpass: Fix memory leak in pam_sm_authenticate(); (bso#11066).
    + vfs_glusterfs: Add comments to the pipe(2) code; (bso#11069).
    + vfs/glusterfs: Change xattr key to match gluster key; (bso#11069).
    + vfs_glusterfs: Implement AIO support; (bso#11069).
    + s3-vfs: Fix developer build of vfs_ceph module; (bso#11070).
    + s3: netlogon: Ensure we don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer;
      (bso#11077); CVE-2015-0240; (bnc#917376).
    + vfs: Add a brief vfs_ceph manpage; (bso#11088).
    + s3: smbclient: Allinfo leaves the file handle open; (bso#11094).
    + Fix Win8.1 Credentials Manager issue after KB2992611 on Samba domain;
    + debug: Set close-on-exec for the main log file FD; (bso#11100).
    + s3: smbd: leases - losen paranoia check. Stat opens can grant leases;
    + s3: smbd: SMB2 close. If a file has delete on close, store the return info
      before deleting; (bso#11104).
    + doc:man:vfs_glusterfs: improve the configuration section; (bso#11117).
    + snprintf: Try to support %j; (bso#11119).
    + ctdb-io: Do not use sys_write to write to client sockets; (bso#11124).
    + doc-xml: Add 'sharesec' reference to 'access based share enum';
* Sun Mar 01 2015
  - Update to 4.2.0rc5.
    + Ensure we don't call talloc_free on an uninitialized pointer;
      CVE-2015-0240; (bso#11077); (bnc#917376).
* Tue Feb 24 2015
  - Fix usage of freed memory on server exit; (bso#11218); (bnc#919309).
* Tue Feb 24 2015
  - Fix tdb_store_flag_to_ntdb() gcc5 build failure.
* Thu Jan 22 2015
  - Fix vfs_snapper DBus string handling; (bso#11055); (bnc#913238).
* Thu Jan 22 2015
  - Update to 4.1.16.
    + dsdb-samldb: Check for extended access rights before we allow changes to
      userAccountControl; (bso#10993); CVE-2014-8143; (boo#914279).
* Tue Jan 20 2015
  - Adjust baselibs.conf due to libpdb0 package rename to libsamba-passdb0.
* Mon Jan 19 2015
  - Fix libsmbclient DFS referral handling.
    + Reuse connections derived from DFS referrals; (bso#10123); (fate#316512).
    + Set domain/workgroup based on authentication callback value; (bso#11059).
* Mon Jan 19 2015
  - Update to 4.2.0rc4.
  - Add libsamba-debug, libsocket-blocking, libsamba-cluster-support, and
    libhttp to the libs package; (boo#913547).
  - Rename libpdb packages to libsamba-passdb.
  - Drop libsmbsharemodes packages.
* Tue Jan 13 2015
  - Enable avahi support on post-12.2 systems.
* Tue Jan 13 2015
  - Update to 4.1.15.
    + pam_winbind: Fix warn_pwd_expire implementation; (bso#9056).
    + nsswitch: Fix soname of linux nss_*.so.2 modules; (bso#9299).
    + Fix profiles tool; (bso#9629).
    + s3-lib: Do not require a password with --use-ccache; (bso#10279).
    + s4:dsdb/rootdse: Expand extended dn values with the AS_SYSTEM control;
    + s4-rpc: dnsserver: Fix enumeration of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses; (bso#10952).
    + s3:smb2_server: Allow reauthentication without signing; (bso#10958).
    + s3-smbclient: Return success if we listed the shares; (bso#10960).
    + s3-smbstatus: Fix exit code of profile output; (bso#10961).
    + libcli: SMB2: Pure SMB2-only negprot fix to make us behave as a Windows
      client does; (bso#10966).
    + s3: smbd/modules: Fix *allocate* calls to follow POSIX error return
      convention; (bso#10982).
    + Fix 'domain join' by adding 'drsuapi.DsBindInfoFallBack' attribute
      'supported_extensions'; (bso#11006).
    + idl:drsuapi: Manage all possible lengths of drsuapi_DsBindInfo;
    + winbind: Retry LogonControl RPC in ping-dc after session expiration;
* Tue Jan 06 2015
  - yast2-samba-client should be able to specify osName and osVer on
    AD domain join; (bnc#873922).
* Mon Dec 08 2014
  - Lookup FSRVP share snums at runtime rather than storing them persistently;
* Fri Dec 05 2014
  - Specify soft dependency for in Winbind systemd service
    file; (bnc#889175).
* Thu Dec 04 2014
  - Fix spoolss error response marshalling; (bso#10984).
* Tue Dec 02 2014
  - Update to 4.1.14.
    + pidl/wscript: Remove --with-perl-* options; revert buildtools/wafadmin/
      Tools/ back to upstream state; (bso#10472).
    + s4-dns: Add support for BIND 9.10; (bso#10620).
    + nmbd fails to accept "--piddir" option; (bso#10711).
    + nss_winbind: Add getgroupmembership for FreeBSD; (bso#10835).
    + S3: source3/smbd/process.c::srv_send_smb() returns true on the error path;
    + vfs_glusterfs: Remove "integer fd" code and store the glfs pointers;
    + s3-nmbd: Fix netbios name truncation; (bso#10896).
    + spoolss: Fix handling of bad EnumJobs levels; (bso#10898).
    + s3: libsmbclient-smb2. MacOSX 10 SMB2 server doesn't set
      STATUS_NO_MORE_FILES when handed a non-wildcard path; (bso#10904).
    + spoolss: Fix jobid in level 3 EnumJobs response; (bso#10905).
    + s3: nmbd: Ensure NetBIOS names are only 15 characters stored; (bso#10920).
    + s3:smbd: Fix file corruption using "write cache size != 0"; (bso#10921).
    + pdb_tdb: Fix a TALLOC/SAFE_FREE mixup; (bso#10932).
    + s3-keytab: Fix keytab array NULL termination; (bso#10933).
    + Cleanup add_string_to_array and usage; (bso#10942).
* Fri Nov 28 2014
  - Remove and cleanup shares and registry state associated with
    externally deleted snaphots exposed as shadow copies; (bnc#876312).
* Thu Nov 06 2014
  - Use the upstream tar ball, as signature verification is now able to handle
    compressed archives.
* Wed Nov 05 2014
  - Fix leak when closing file descriptor returned from dirfd; (bso#10918).
* Thu Oct 30 2014
  - Fix spoolss EnumJobs and GetJob responses; (bso#10905); (bnc#898031).
    + Fix handling of bad EnumJobs levels; (bso#10898).
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - Remove dependency on gpg-offline as signature checking is implemented in the
    source validator.
* Sat Oct 25 2014
  - Update to 4.1.13.
    + s3-libnet: Add libnet_join_get_machine_spns(); (bso#9984).
    + s3-libnet: Make sure we do not overwrite precreated SPNs; (bso#9984).
    + s3-libads: Add all machine account principals to the keytab; (bso#9985).
    + s3: winbindd: Old NT Domain code sets struct winbind_domain->alt_name to
      be NULL. Ensure this is safe with modern AD-DCs; (bso#10717).
    + Fix unstrcpy; (bso#10735).
    + pthreadpool: Slightly serialize jobs; (bso#10779).
    + s3: smbd: streams - Ensure share mode validation ignores internal opens
      (op_mid == 0); (bso#10797).
    + s3: smbd:open_file: Open logic fix; Use a more natural check; (bso#10809).
    + vfs_media_harmony: Fix a crash bug; (bso#10813).
    + docs: Mention incompatibility between kernel oplocks and streams_xattr;
    + nmbd: Send waiting status to systemd; (bso#10816).
    + libcli: Fix a segfault calling smbXcli_req_set_pending() on NULL;
    + nsswitch: Skip groups we were not able to map; (bso#10824).
    + s3-winbindd: Use correct realm for trusted domains in idmap child;
    + s3: nmbd: Ensure the main nmbd process doesn't create zombies; (bso#10830).
    + s3: lib: Signal handling - ensure smbrun and change password code save and
      restore existing SIGCHLD handlers; (bso#10831).
    + idmap_rfc2307: Fix a crash after connection problem to DC; (bso#10837).
    + s3-winbindd: Do not use domain SID from LookupSids for Sids2UnixIDs call;
    + s3: smb2cli: Query info return length check was reversed; (bso#10848).
    + registry: Don't leave dangling transactions; (bso#10860).
* Wed Oct 15 2014
  - Update to 4.2.0rc2.



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