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Packages beginning with letter M

mISDN-1.1.5-12.el7 Userspace part of Modular ISDN stack linux/ppc64le
mISDN-devel-1.1.5-12.el7 Development files Modular ISDN stack linux/ppc64le
mMass-5.5.0-21.el7 Open Source Mass Spectrometry Tool linux/ppc64le
mMass-doc-5.5.0-21.el7 mMass documentation linux/noarch
mMass-examples-5.5.0-21.el7 mMass examples linux/noarch
mac-encheez-0.1-0.1.20170314git8f11e8a.el7 Run a program with a modified view of network MAC addresses linux/ppc64le
mac-robber-1.02-5.el7 Tool to create a timeline of file activity for mounted file systems linux/ppc64le
macromilter-3.4.3-1.el7 Milter to check mails for suspicious Microsoft VBA macro code linux/noarch
madplay-0.15.2b-11.el7 MPEG audio decoder and player linux/ppc64le
mahout-collection-codegen-plugin-1.0-1.el7 Maven Mojo to generate code for Mahout Collections linux/noarch
mahout-collection-codegen-plugin-javadoc-1.0-1.el7 API documentation for mahout-collection-codegen-plugin linux/noarch
mail-notification-5.4-95.git.9ae8768.el7 Status icon that informs you if you have new mail linux/ppc64le
mailgraph-1.14-31.el7 A RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics linux/noarch
mailgraph-selinux-1.14-31.el7 A RRDtool frontend for Mail statistics linux/noarch
mailman3-fedmsg-plugin-0.1.1-1.el7 Emit fedmsg messages from mailman3 linux/noarch
makedepf90-2.8.8-5.el7 Create Makefile dependency list for Fortran source files linux/ppc64le
makeself-2.2.0-3.el7 Make self-extractable archives on Unix linux/noarch
maloc-1.5-8.el7 Minimal Abstraction Layer for Object-oriented C linux/ppc64le
maloc-devel-1.5-8.el7 Header files and library for developing programs with maloc linux/ppc64le
man-pages-de-1.8-4.g7c4902d.el7 German man pages from the Linux Documentation Project linux/noarch
man2html-1.6-13.g.el7 Convert man pages to HTML - CGI scripts linux/ppc64le
man2html-core-1.6-13.g.el7 Convert man pages to HTML linux/ppc64le
mandoc-1.14.5-14.el7 A suite of tools for compiling mdoc and man linux/ppc64le
marble-4.10.5-3.el7 Virtual globe and world atlas linux/ppc64le
marble-devel-4.10.5-3.el7 Development files for marble linux/ppc64le
marble-libs-4.10.5-3.el7 Runtime files for marble linux/ppc64le
marco-1.16.1-4.el7 MATE Desktop window manager linux/ppc64le
marco-devel-1.16.1-4.el7 Development files for marco linux/ppc64le
marked-0.3.2-2.el7 A markdown parser for Node.js built for speed linux/noarch
mash-0.6.19-1.el7 Koji buildsystem to yum repository converter linux/noarch
masscan-1.0.3-5.el7 This is the fastest Internet port scanner linux/ppc64le
mate-applets-1.16.0-2.el7 MATE Desktop panel applets linux/ppc64le
mate-backgrounds-1.16.0-1.el7 MATE Desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
mate-calc-1.8.0-1.el7 MATE Desktop calculator linux/ppc64le
mate-common-1.16.0-1.el7 mate common build files linux/noarch
mate-control-center-1.16.1-1.el7 MATE Desktop control-center linux/ppc64le
mate-control-center-devel-1.16.1-1.el7 Development files for mate-settings-daemon linux/ppc64le
mate-control-center-filesystem-1.16.1-1.el7 MATE Control Center directories linux/ppc64le
mate-desktop-1.16.2-1.el7 Shared code for mate-panel, mate-session, caja, etc linux/ppc64le
mate-desktop-devel-1.16.2-1.el7 Libraries and headers for libmate-desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-desktop-libs-1.16.2-1.el7 Shared libraries for libmate-desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-dictionary-1.16.1-2.el7 A dictionary for MATE Desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-disk-usage-analyzer-1.16.1-2.el7 A disk usage analyzing tool for MATE Desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-icon-theme-1.16.2-1.el7 Icon theme for MATE Desktop linux/noarch
mate-icon-theme-faenza-1.16.0-1.el7 Extra set of icon themes for MATE Desktop linux/noarch
mate-media-1.16.0-1.el7 MATE media programs linux/ppc64le
mate-menus-1.16.0-1.el7 Displays menus for MATE Desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-menus-devel-1.16.0-1.el7 Development files for mate-menus linux/ppc64le
mate-menus-libs-1.16.0-1.el7 Shared libraries for mate-menus linux/ppc64le
mate-menus-preferences-category-menu-1.16.0-1.el7 Categories for the preferences menu linux/ppc64le
mate-notification-daemon-1.16.1-1.el7 Notification daemon for MATE Desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-panel-1.16.2-1.el7 MATE Desktop panel and applets linux/ppc64le
mate-panel-devel-1.16.2-1.el7 Development files for mate-panel linux/ppc64le
mate-panel-libs-1.16.2-1.el7 Shared libraries for mate-panel linux/ppc64le
mate-polkit-1.16.0-2.el7 Integrates polkit authentication for MATE desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-polkit-devel-1.16.0-2.el7 Integrates polkit with the MATE Desktop environment linux/ppc64le
mate-power-manager-1.16.2-2.el7 MATE power management service linux/ppc64le
mate-screensaver-1.16.1-1.el7 MATE Screensaver linux/ppc64le
mate-screensaver-devel-1.16.1-1.el7 Development files for mate-screensaver linux/ppc64le
mate-screenshot-1.16.1-2.el7 A utility to take a screen-shot of the desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-search-tool-1.16.1-2.el7 A file searching tool for MATE Desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-sensors-applet-1.16.1-1.el7 MATE panel applet for hardware sensors linux/ppc64le
mate-sensors-applet-devel-1.16.1-1.el7 Development files for mate-sensors-applet linux/ppc64le
mate-session-manager-1.16.1-3.el7 MATE Desktop session manager linux/ppc64le
mate-settings-daemon-1.16.2-1.el7 MATE Desktop settings daemon linux/ppc64le
mate-settings-daemon-devel-1.16.2-1.el7 Development files for mate-settings-daemon linux/ppc64le
mate-system-log-1.16.1-2.el7 A log file viewer for the MATE desktop linux/ppc64le
mate-system-monitor-1.16.0-2.el7 Process and resource monitor linux/ppc64le
mate-terminal-1.16.3-2.el7 Terminal emulator for MATE linux/ppc64le
mate-themes-3.22.21-2.el7 MATE Desktop themes linux/noarch
mate-themes-extras-3.14.7-1.el7 Extra gtk-2/3 themes for gtk based desktops linux/noarch
mate-user-guide-1.16.0-1.el7 User Guide for MATE desktop linux/noarch
mate-utils-1.16.1-2.el7 MATE utility programs linux/ppc64le
mate-utils-common-1.16.1-2.el7 Common files for mate-utils linux/noarch
mate-utils-devel-1.16.1-2.el7 Development files for mate-utils linux/ppc64le
mathex-0.3b-3.el7 C++ library to parse/evaluate mathematical expressions linux/ppc64le
mathex-devel-0.3b-3.el7 Development files for mathex linux/ppc64le
mathgl-2.3.3-7.el7 Cross-platform library for making high-quality scientific graphics linux/ppc64le
mathgl-common-2.3.3-7.el7 Common files for mathgl linux/noarch
mathgl-devel-2.3.3-7.el7 Libraries and header files for mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-doc-2.3.3-7.el7 HTML documentation and tutorial for the mathgl applications linux/noarch
mathgl-examples-2.3.3-7.el7 Example illustration generators for mathgl linux/ppc64le
mathgl-fltk-2.3.3-7.el7 Fltk widgets of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-fltk-devel-2.3.3-7.el7 Devel files for fltk widgets of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-fonts-2.3.3-7.el7 Compiled fonts for the mathgl linux/ppc64le
mathgl-mglview-2.3.3-7.el7 Execute MathGL scripts and show in an window linux/ppc64le
mathgl-mpich-2.3.3-7.el7 MPICH version of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-mpich-devel-2.3.3-7.el7 Devel files for MPICH version of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-openmpi-2.3.3-7.el7 OpenMPI version of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-openmpi-devel-2.3.3-7.el7 Devel files for OpenMPI version of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-qt-2.3.3-7.el7 Qt widgets of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-qt-devel-2.3.3-7.el7 Devel files for qt widgets of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-wx-2.3.3-7.el7 wxWidgets widgets of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathgl-wx-devel-2.3.3-7.el7 Devel files for wxWidgets widgets of mathgl library linux/ppc64le
mathjax-2.7.4-2.el7 JavaScript library to render math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-ams-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-caligraphic-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-fraktur-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-main-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-math-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-sansserif-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-script-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-size1-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-size2-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-size3-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-size4-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-stixweb-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-typewriter-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-vector-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-winchrome-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax-winie6-fonts-2.7.4-2.el7 Fonts used by MathJax to display math in the browser linux/noarch
mathjax3-3.2.2-1.el7 JavaScript library to render math in the browser linux/noarch
matio-1.5.17-3.el7 Library for reading/writing Matlab MAT files linux/ppc64le
matio-devel-1.5.17-3.el7 Development files for matio linux/ppc64le
maven-processor-plugin-2.2.4-8.el7 Maven Processor Plugin linux/noarch
maven-processor-plugin-javadoc-2.2.4-8.el7 Javadoc for maven-processor-plugin linux/noarch
mawk-1.3.4-6.20131226.el7 Interpreter for the AWK programming language linux/ppc64le
mb2md-3.20-17.el7 Mailbox to maildir converter linux/noarch
mbedtls-2.7.17-1.el7 Light-weight cryptographic and SSL/TLS library linux/ppc64le
mbedtls-devel-2.7.17-1.el7 Development files for mbedtls linux/ppc64le
mbedtls-doc-2.7.17-1.el7 Documentation files for mbedtls linux/noarch
mbedtls-static-2.7.17-1.el7 Static files for mbedtls linux/ppc64le
mbedtls-utils-2.7.17-1.el7 Utilities for mbedtls linux/ppc64le
mbrowse-0.4.3-7.el7 GUI SNMP MIB browser linux/ppc64le
mbuffer-20181119-1.el7 Measuring Buffer is an enhanced version of buffer linux/ppc64le
mcabber-1.1.2-1.el7 Console Jabber instant messaging client linux/ppc64le
mcabber-devel-1.1.2-1.el7 Development files for mcabber linux/ppc64le
mchange-commons- A collection of general purpose utilities for c3p0 linux/noarch
mchange-commons-javadoc- API documentation for mchange-commons linux/noarch
mcrcon-0.6.1-3.el7 Console based rcon client for minecraft servers linux/ppc64le
mcrypt-2.6.8-11.el7 Replacement for crypt() linux/ppc64le
md5deep-4.4-1.el7 A set of cross-platform tools to compute hashes linux/ppc64le
mdbtools-0.7.1-3.el7 Access data stored in Microsoft Access databases linux/ppc64le
mdbtools-devel-0.7.1-3.el7 Development files for mdbtools linux/ppc64le
mdbtools-gui-0.7.1-3.el7 Graphical interface for MDB Tools linux/ppc64le
mdbtools-libs-0.7.1-3.el7 Library for accessing data stored in Microsoft Access databases linux/ppc64le
mdns-repeater-1.11-1.el7 Multicast DNS repeater linux/ppc64le
mdns-scan-0.5-1.el7 Scan for mDNS/DNS-SD services published on the local network linux/ppc64le
med-3.0.8-1.el7 Library to exchange meshed data linux/ppc64le
med-devel-3.0.8-1.el7 Development files for med linux/ppc64le
med-doc-3.0.8-1.el7 Documentation for med linux/noarch
med-tools-3.0.8-1.el7 Runtime tools for med linux/ppc64le
mediaconch-18.03.2-8.el7 Most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files (CLI) linux/ppc64le
mediaconch-gui-18.03.2-8.el7 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (GUI) linux/ppc64le
mediaconch-server-18.03.2-8.el7 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (Server) linux/ppc64le
mediainfo-23.09-1.el7 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (CLI) linux/ppc64le
mediainfo-gui-23.09-1.el7 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (GUI) linux/ppc64le
mediainfo-qt-23.09-1.el7 Supplies technical and tag information about a video or audio file (Qt GUI) linux/ppc64le
medusa-2.1.1-5.el7 Parallel brute forcing password cracker linux/ppc64le
megatools-1.9.98-6.el7 Command line client for MEGA linux/ppc64le
meld-3.16.4-2.el7 Visual diff and merge tool linux/noarch
memoryfilesystem-0.6.7-1.el7 An in memory implementation of a JSR-203 file system linux/noarch
memoryfilesystem-javadoc-0.6.7-1.el7 API documentation for memoryfilesystem linux/noarch
menu-cache-1.1.0-1.el7.5 Caching mechanism for compliant menus linux/ppc64le
menu-cache-devel-1.1.0-1.el7.5 Development files for menu-cache linux/ppc64le
menulibre-2.2.1-1.el7 compliant menu editor linux/noarch
meson-0.55.1-1.el7 High productivity build system linux/noarch
meta-test-family-0.8.0-3.el7 Tool to test components of a modular Fedora linux/noarch
metadata-extractor2-2.8.1-2.el7 Extracts EXIF, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other metadata from image files linux/noarch
metadata-extractor2-javadoc-2.8.1-2.el7 Javadoc for metadata-extractor2 linux/noarch
metainf-services-1.7-2.el7 Small java library for generating META-INF/services files linux/noarch
metainf-services-javadoc-1.7-2.el7 Javadoc for metainf-services linux/noarch
metis-5.1.0-12.el7 Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering linux/ppc64le
metis-devel-5.1.0-12.el7 The OpenMP Metis headers and development-related files linux/ppc64le
metis64-5.1.0-12.el7 Serial Graph Partitioning and Fill-reducing Matrix Ordering (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64le
metis64-devel-5.1.0-12.el7 LAPACK development libraries (64bit INTEGER) linux/ppc64le
metslib-devel-0.5.3-4.el7 Metaheuristic modeling framework and optimization toolkit in modern C++ linux/noarch
metslib-doc-0.5.3-4.el7 Documentation for metslib linux/noarch
mftrace-1.2.19-1.el7 Utility for converting TeX bitmap fonts to Type 1 or TrueType fonts linux/ppc64le
mg-20141007-1.el7 Tiny Emacs-like editor linux/ppc64le
mhash- Thread-safe hash algorithms library linux/ppc64le
mhash-devel- Header files and libraries for developing apps which use mhash linux/ppc64le
mhonarc-2.6.24-2.el7 Perl mail-to-HTML converter linux/noarch
milter-greylist-4.6.2-2.el7 Milter for greylisting, the next step in the spam control war linux/ppc64le
milter-regex-2.4-1.el7 Milter plug-in for regular expression filtering linux/ppc64le
mimedefang-3.4.1-1.el7 E-mail filtering framework using Sendmail's Milter interface linux/ppc64le
mimepull-1.9.6-4.el7 Streaming API to access attachments from a MIME message linux/noarch
mimepull-javadoc-1.9.6-4.el7 Javadoc for mimepull linux/noarch
mimetex-1.74-6.el7 Easily embed LaTeX math in web pages linux/ppc64le
mimetic-0.9.8-6.el7 A full featured C++ MIME library linux/ppc64le
mimetic-devel-0.9.8-6.el7 Development files for mimetic linux/ppc64le
miniaudio-devel-0.11.14-1.el7 Audio playback and capture library linux/noarch
minipro-0-6.20141215gitd6dee16.el7.1 Utility for MiniPro TL866A/TL866/CS programmer linux/ppc64le
minisign-0.11-2.el7 A dead simple tool to sign files and verify digital signatures linux/ppc64le
miniupnpc-2.0-3.el7 Library and tool to control NAT in UPnP-enabled routers linux/ppc64le
miniupnpc-devel-2.0-3.el7 Development files for miniupnpc linux/ppc64le
miniz-1.15-4.r4.el7 Compression library implementing the zlib and Deflate linux/ppc64le
miniz-devel-1.15-4.r4.el7 Development files for the miniz library linux/ppc64le
mint-themes-1.5.0-2.el7 Mint themes linux/noarch
mint-themes-gtk3-3.18+17-1.el7 Mint themes for GTK3 linux/noarch
mint-x-icons-1.4.6-6.el7 Icon theme for Linux Mint linux/noarch
mint-y-icons-1.1.3-3.el7 The Mint-Y icon theme linux/noarch
mint-y-theme-1.2.4-2.el7 The Mint-Y theme linux/noarch
mintlocale-1.4.4-3.el7 Language selection tool linux/noarch
mintlocale-set-default-locale-1.4.4-3.el7 Language selection tool linux/noarch
mintmenu-5.6.5-3.el7 Advanced Menu for the MATE Desktop linux/noarch
mirmon-2.11-1.el7 Monitor the status of mirrors linux/noarch
mirmon-httpd-2.11-1.el7 Apache configuration for mirmon linux/noarch
mirrorbrain-2.18.1-2.el7 A download redirector and metalink generator linux/ppc64le
mirrorbrain-doc-2.18.1-2.el7 MirrorBrain redirector Apache module linux/ppc64le
mirrorbrain-scanner-2.18.1-2.el7 MirrorBrain scanner linux/ppc64le
mirrorbrain-tools-2.18.1-2.el7 MirrorBrain commandline tools linux/ppc64le
mirrormanager2-0.16-1.el7 Mirror management application linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-backend-0.16-1.el7 Backend scripts for MirrorManager linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-client-0.16-1.el7 Fedora mirror management system downstream mirror tools linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-crawler-0.16-1.el7 Crawler for MirrorManager linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-filesystem-0.16-1.el7 Base directories used by multiple subpackages linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-lib-0.16-1.el7 Library to interact with MirrorManager's database linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-mirrorlist-0.16-1.el7 MirrorList serving mirrors to yum/dnf linux/noarch
mirrormanager2-statistics-0.16-1.el7 Scripts to generate MirrorManager statistics linux/noarch
mkdocs-0.14.0-10.el7 Python tool to create HTML documentation from markdown sources linux/noarch
mkrdns-3.3-9.20220829git9dee4a3.el7 Automatic reverse DNS zone generator linux/noarch
mktorrent-1.0-8.el7 Command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files linux/ppc64le
mkvtoolnix-46.0.0-2.el7 Matroska container manipulation utilities linux/ppc64le
mkvtoolnix-gui-46.0.0-2.el7 QT Graphical interface for Matroska container manipulation linux/ppc64le
mld2p4-common-2.2.2-7.el7 Documentation files for mld2p4 linux/noarch
mld2p4-mpich-2.2.2-7.el7 MPICH mld2p4 linux/ppc64le
mld2p4-mpich-devel-2.2.2-7.el7 The mld2p4 headers and development-related files linux/ppc64le
mld2p4-openmpi-2.2.2-7.el7 OpenMPI mld2p4 linux/ppc64le
mld2p4-openmpi-devel-2.2.2-7.el7 The mld2p4 headers and development-related files linux/ppc64le
mld2p4-serial-2.2.2-7.el7 mld2p4 serial mode linux/ppc64le
mld2p4-serial-devel-2.2.2-7.el7 Development files for mld2p4 linux/ppc64le
mlmmj-1.3.0-1.el7 A simple and slim mailing list manager inspired by ezmlm linux/ppc64le
mlpack-3.4.2-16.el7 Scalable, fast C++ machine learning library linux/ppc64le
mlpack-bin-3.4.2-16.el7 Command-line executables for mlpack (machine learning library) linux/ppc64le
mlpack-devel-3.4.2-16.el7 Development headers for mlpack (C++ machine learning library) linux/ppc64le
mlpack-doc-3.4.2-16.el7 Doxygen documentation for mlpack (C++ machine learning library) linux/ppc64le
mlt-6.4.1-13.el7 Toolkit for broadcasters, video editors, media players, transcoders linux/ppc64le
mlt-devel-6.4.1-13.el7 Libraries, includes to develop applications with mlt linux/ppc64le
mlt-php-6.4.1-13.el7 PHP package to work with MLT linux/ppc64le
mlt-python-6.4.1-13.el7 Python package to work with MLT linux/ppc64le
mlt-ruby-6.4.1-13.el7 Ruby package to work with MLT linux/ppc64le
mlton-20180207-6.el7 Optimizing compiler for Standard ML linux/ppc64le
mmdb2-2.0.1-3.el7 Macromolecular coordinate library linux/ppc64le
mmdb2-devel-2.0.1-3.el7 Header files and library for developing programs with mmdb linux/ppc64le
mmg3d-4.0.2-1.el7 Anisotropic Tetrahedral Remesher / Moving Mesh Generator linux/ppc64le
mmg3d-devel-4.0.2-1.el7 Development with mmg3d linux/ppc64le
mmg3d-libs-4.0.2-1.el7 Library of mmg3d linux/ppc64le
mmtf-cpp-devel-1.0.0-5.el7 Development files for mmtf-cpp linux/ppc64le
mmtf-cpp-doc-1.0.0-5.el7 Documentation files linux/noarch
mmv-1.01b-24.el7 Move/copy/append/link multiple files linux/ppc64le
moarvm-0.2018.11-1.el7 Meta-model On A Runtime Virtual Machine linux/ppc64le
moarvm-devel-0.2018.11-1.el7 Development files for moarvm linux/ppc64le
mocha-1.18.2-1.el7 A simple, flexible, fun test framework for Node.js linux/noarch
mock-2.17-1.el7 Builds packages inside chroots linux/noarch
mock-centos-sig-configs-0.5.2-1.el7 Mock configs for CentOS SIGs linux/noarch
mock-core-configs-36.17-1.el7 Mock core config files basic chroots linux/noarch
mock-filesystem-2.17-1.el7 Mock filesystem layout linux/noarch
mock-lvm-2.17-1.el7 LVM plugin for mock linux/noarch
mock-scm-2.17-1.el7 Mock SCM integration module linux/noarch
mockito-1.10.19-1.el7 A Java mocking framework linux/noarch
mockito-javadoc-1.10.19-1.el7 Javadocs for mockito linux/noarch
mod_auth_cas-1.2-4.el7 Apache CAS Authentication Module for the JASIG/Apereo CAS Server linux/ppc64le
mod_auth_ntlm_winbind-0.0.0-0.15.20070129svn713.el7 NTLM authentication for the Apache web server using winbind daemon linux/ppc64le
mod_auth_openid-0.8-2.el7 OpenID authentication for apache linux/ppc64le
mod_auth_token-1.0.5-27.el7 Token based URI access module for Apache linux/ppc64le
mod_authnz_external-3.3.3-3.el7 An Apache module used for authentication linux/ppc64le
mod_autoindex_mb-2.18.1-2.el7 Apache module generating directory indexes for MirrorBrain linux/ppc64le
mod_evasive-1.10.1-22.el7 Denial of Service evasion module for Apache linux/ppc64le
mod_flvx-0-0.7.20100525git.el7.1 FLV progressive download streaming for the Apache HTTP Server linux/ppc64le
mod_form-0.2-1.el7 Apache module that decodes data submitted from Web forms linux/ppc64le
mod_form-devel-0.2-1.el7 Apache module that decodes data submitted from Web forms linux/ppc64le
mod_geoip-1.2.10-1.el7 GeoIP module for the Apache HTTP Server linux/ppc64le
mod_gnutls-0.6-1.el7 GnuTLS module for the Apache HTTP server linux/ppc64le
mod_limitipconn-0.23-14.el7 Simultaneous connection limiting module for Apache linux/ppc64le
mod_log_post-0.1.0-7.el7.1 Module for the Apache web server to log all HTTP POST messages linux/ppc64le
mod_markdown-1.0.4-3.20211115git1bf4fb4.el7 Markdown content filters for the Apache HTTP Server linux/ppc64le
mod_maxminddb-1.2.0-1.el7 Module for the Apache web server to query MaxMind DB files linux/ppc64le
mod_mirrorbrain-2.18.1-2.el7 MirrorBrain redirector Apache module linux/ppc64le
mod_passenger-4.0.53-4.el7 Apache Module for Phusion Passenger linux/ppc64le
mod_perl-2.0.11-1.el7 An embedded Perl interpreter for the Apache HTTP Server linux/ppc64le
mod_perl-devel-2.0.11-1.el7 Files needed for building XS modules that use mod_perl linux/ppc64le
mod_proxy_uwsgi-2.0.18-8.el7 uWSGI - Apache2 proxy module linux/ppc64le
mod_qos-11.70-1.el7 Quality of service module for Apache linux/ppc64le
mod_ruid2-0.9.8-2.el7 A suexec module for Apache linux/ppc64le
mod_speedycgi-2.22-16.el7.1 SpeedyCGI module for the Apache HTTP Server linux/ppc64le
mod_xsendfile-0.12-10.el7 Apache module to send files efficiently linux/ppc64le
modem-manager-gui- Graphical interface for ModemManager linux/ppc64le
modem-manager-gui-cm-NetworkManager- Use NetworkManager to manage connections in modem-manager-gui linux/ppc64le
modem-manager-gui-cm-connman- Use connman to manage connections in modem-manager-gui linux/ppc64le
modem-manager-gui-cm-pppd- Use pppd to manage connections in modem-manager-gui linux/ppc64le
modem-manager-gui-mm-ModemManager- Use ModemManager to manage modems in modem-manager-gui linux/ppc64le
moin-1.9.11-1.el7 MoinMoin is a WikiEngine to collaborate on easily editable web pages linux/noarch
molequeue-0.8.0-4.20161222giteb397e.el7 Desktop integration of high performance computing resources linux/ppc64le
molequeue-devel-0.8.0-4.20161222giteb397e.el7 Development files of molequeue linux/ppc64le
molequeue-doc-0.8.0-4.20161222giteb397e.el7 HTML documentation of molequeue linux/noarch
molequeue-libs-0.8.0-4.20161222giteb397e.el7 Shared and private libraries of molequeue linux/ppc64le
mom-0.5.5-1.el7 Dynamically manage system resources on virtualization hosts linux/noarch
mongo-c-driver-1.3.6-1.el7 Client library written in C for MongoDB linux/ppc64le
mongo-c-driver-devel-1.3.6-1.el7 Header files and development libraries for mongo-c-driver linux/ppc64le
mongo-c-driver-libs-1.3.6-1.el7 Shared libraries for mongo-c-driver linux/ppc64le
mongo-cxx-driver-1.0.5-1.el7 A legacy C++ Driver for MongoDB linux/ppc64le
mongo-cxx-driver-devel-1.0.5-1.el7 MongoDB header files linux/ppc64le
monit-5.30.0-1.el7 Manages and monitors processes, files, directories and devices linux/ppc64le
monitor-edid-3.2-4.el7 Tool for probing and parsing monitor EDID linux/ppc64le
monitorix-3.15.0-1.el7 A free, open source, lightweight system monitoring tool linux/noarch
monkeysphere-0.37-1.el7 Use the OpenPGP web of trust to verify SSH connections linux/noarch
mono-complete-6.8.0-2.el7 Install everything built from the mono source tree linux/ppc64le
mono-core-6.8.0-2.el7 The Mono CIL runtime, suitable for running .NET code linux/ppc64le
mono-data-6.8.0-2.el7 Database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-data-oracle-6.8.0-2.el7 Oracle database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-data-sqlite-6.8.0-2.el7 sqlite database connectivity for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-devel-6.8.0-2.el7 Development tools for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-extras-6.8.0-2.el7 Provides the infrastructure for running and building daemons and services with Mono as well as various stub assemblies linux/ppc64le
mono-locale-extras-6.8.0-2.el7 Extra locale information for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-mvc-6.8.0-2.el7 Mono implementation of ASP.NET MVC linux/ppc64le
mono-mvc-devel-6.8.0-2.el7 Development files for ASP.NET MVC linux/ppc64le
mono-reactive-6.8.0-2.el7 Reactive Extensions for Mono core libraries linux/ppc64le
mono-reactive-devel-6.8.0-2.el7 Development files for system.web linux/ppc64le
mono-reactive-winforms-6.8.0-2.el7 Reactive Extensions for Mono desktop-specific libraries linux/ppc64le
mono-wcf-6.8.0-2.el7 Mono implementation of Windows Communication Foundation linux/ppc64le
mono-web-6.8.0-2.el7 ASP.NET, Remoting, and Web Services for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-web-devel-6.8.0-2.el7 Development files for system.web linux/ppc64le
mono-winforms-6.8.0-2.el7 Windows Forms implementation for Mono linux/ppc64le
mono-winfx-6.8.0-2.el7 Mono implementation of core WinFX APIs linux/ppc64le
monocypher-3.1.2-2.el7 Boring crypto that simply works linux/ppc64le
monocypher-devel-3.1.2-2.el7 Development files for monocypher linux/ppc64le
monodoc-6.8.0-2.el7 The mono documentation system linux/ppc64le
monodoc-devel-6.8.0-2.el7 .pc file for monodoc linux/ppc64le
monotone-1.1-15.el7 A free, distributed version control system linux/ppc64le
monotone-server-1.1-15.el7 Standalone server setup for monotone linux/ppc64le
moodle-3.1.18-1.el7 A Course Management System linux/noarch
moon-buggy-1.0.51-13.el7 Drive and jump with some kind of car across the moon linux/ppc64le
moos-10.0.2.a-1.el7 Mission Oriented Operating Suite linux/ppc64le
moos-devel-10.0.2.a-1.el7 Development files for moos linux/ppc64le
moos-libs-10.0.2.a-1.el7 Libraries for moos linux/ppc64le
moreutils-0.49-2.el7 Additional unix utilities linux/ppc64le
moreutils-parallel-0.49-2.el7 Additional unix utility - parallel command linux/ppc64le
mosh-1.4.0-1.el7 Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo linux/ppc64le
mosquitto-1.6.10-1.el7 An Open Source MQTT v3.1/v3.1.1 Broker linux/ppc64le
mosquitto-devel-1.6.10-1.el7 Development files for mosquitto linux/ppc64le
most-5.0.0-14.a.1.el7 more, less, most linux/ppc64le
mote-0.6.1-4.el7 A MeetBot log wrangler, providing a user-friendly interface for Fedora's logs linux/noarch
mousepad-0.4.1-3.el7 Simple text editor for Xfce desktop environment linux/ppc64le
movit-1.5.3-2.el7 GPU video filter library linux/ppc64le
movit-data-1.5.3-2.el7 Data files for the Movit GPU video filter library linux/noarch
movit-devel-1.5.3-2.el7 Development files for the Movit GPU video filter library linux/ppc64le
moyogo-molengo-fonts-0.10-9.el7 A Latin typeface for documents linux/noarch
mozc-2.17.2322.102-1.el7 A Japanese Input Method Editor (IME) designed for multi-platform linux/ppc64le
mozilla-adblockplus-2.6.11-1.el7 Adblocking extension for Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and SeaMonkey linux/noarch
mozilla-fira-fonts-common-4.202-1.el7 Common files for Mozilla's Fira font set linux/noarch
mozilla-fira-mono-fonts-4.202-1.el7 Monospaced version of Mozilla's Fira font linux/noarch
mozilla-fira-sans-fonts-4.202-1.el7 Sans-serif version of Mozilla's Fira font linux/noarch
mozilla-https-everywhere-2022.5.11-1.el7 HTTPS enforcement extension for Mozilla Firefox linux/noarch
mozilla-noscript-11.0.3-3.el7 JavaScript white list extension for Mozilla Firefox linux/noarch
mozilla-requestpolicy-1.0-0.19.20171019git633302.el7 Firefox and Seamonkey extension that gives you control over cross-site requests linux/noarch
mozilla-ublock-origin-1.37.2-1.el7 An efficient blocker for Firefox linux/noarch
mozilla-zilla-slab-fonts-1.002-1.el7 Mozilla's Zilla Slab fonts linux/noarch
mozilla-zilla-slab-fonts-common-1.002-1.el7 Common files for Mozilla's Zilla Slab font set linux/noarch
mozilla-zilla-slab-highlight-fonts-1.002-1.el7 Highlighted version of Mozilla's Zilla Slab font linux/noarch
mozjs38-38.8.0-2.el7 JavaScript interpreter and libraries linux/ppc64le
mozjs38-devel-38.8.0-2.el7 Header files, libraries and development documentation for mozjs38 linux/ppc64le
mozo-1.16.0-1.el7 MATE Desktop menu editor linux/noarch
mp-3.1.0-7.20161124git1f3980.el7 An open-source library for mathematical programming linux/ppc64le
mp-devel-3.1.0-7.20161124git1f3980.el7 Development files for mp linux/ppc64le
mp3fs-1.0-1.el7 FUSE filesystem to transcode FLAC to MP3 on the fly linux/ppc64le
mp3gain-1.6.2-2.el7 Lossless MP3 volume adjustment tool linux/ppc64le
mpdecimal-2.4.2-5.el7 Library for general decimal arithmetic linux/ppc64le
mpdecimal-devel-2.4.2-5.el7 Development headers for mpdecimal library linux/ppc64le
mpdecimal-doc-2.4.2-5.el7 Documentation for mpdecimal library linux/noarch
mph-2b-damase-fonts-002.000-3.el7 Free font encoding many non-Latin scripts linux/noarch
mpi4py-common-1.3.1-2.el7 Common files for mpi4py packages linux/noarch
mpi4py-docs-1.3.1-2.el7 Documentation for mpi4py linux/noarch
mpi4py-mpich-1.3.1-2.el7 Python bindings of MPI, MPICH version linux/ppc64le
mpi4py-openmpi-1.3.1-2.el7 Python bindings of MPI, Open MPI version linux/ppc64le
mpir-3.0.0-14.el7 Highly optimised library for bignum arithmetic linux/ppc64le
mpir-c++-3.0.0-14.el7 Bindings for using mpir in C++ applications linux/ppc64le
mpir-devel-3.0.0-14.el7 Development files for mpir linux/ppc64le
mpir-doc-3.0.0-14.el7 Documentation for mpir linux/ppc64le
mpop-1.4.4-1.el7 A client for receiving mail from POP3 mailboxes linux/ppc64le
mpris-scrobbler-0.3.5-2.el7 User daemon to submit currently playing song to LastFM, LibreFM, ListenBrainz linux/ppc64le
mpssh-1.3.3-2.el7 Parallel ssh tool linux/ppc64le
mrbs-1.7.0-1.el7 Meeting Room Booking System linux/noarch
mrrescue-1.02e-8.el7 Arcade-style fire fighting game linux/noarch
mscgen-0.20-30.el7 Message Sequence Chart rendering program linux/ppc64le
msgpack-3.1.0-4.el7 Binary-based efficient object serialization library linux/ppc64le
msgpack-devel-3.1.0-4.el7 Libraries and header files for msgpack linux/ppc64le
msgpuck-devel-2.0.10-1.el7 MsgPack serialization library in a self-contained header file linux/ppc64le
msktutil-1.1-1.el7 Program for interoperability with Active Directory linux/ppc64le
msmtp-1.8.10-1.el7 SMTP client linux/ppc64le
msoffcrypto-tool-4.11.0-1.el7 Python tool for decrypting MS Office files with passwords or other keys linux/noarch
mtpaint-3.40-20.el7 Painting program for creating icons and pixel-based artwork linux/ppc64le
mtpaint-handbook-3.40-20.el7 Handbook for the mtpaint painting application linux/noarch
muParser-2.2.5-8.el7 A fast math parser library linux/ppc64le
muParser-devel-2.2.5-8.el7 Development and doc files for muParser linux/ppc64le
muffin-3.6.0-2.el7 Window and compositing manager based on Clutter linux/ppc64le
muffin-devel-3.6.0-2.el7 Development package for muffin linux/ppc64le
multilib-rpm-config-1-6.el7 Multilib packaging helpers linux/noarch
multitail-6.5.0-1.el7 View one or multiple files like tail but with multiple windows linux/ppc64le
multiwatch-1.0.0-3.el7 Forks and watches multiple instances of a program in the same context linux/ppc64le
munge-0.5.11-3.el7 Enables uid & gid authentication across a host cluster linux/ppc64le
munge-devel-0.5.11-3.el7 Development files for uid * gid authentication acrosss a host cluster linux/ppc64le
munge-libs-0.5.11-3.el7 Runtime libs for uid * gid authentication acrosss a host cluster linux/ppc64le
munin-2.0.73-1.el7 Network-wide resource monitoring tool linux/noarch
munin-apache-2.0.73-1.el7 Apache support for Munin resource monitoring linux/noarch
munin-cgi-2.0.73-1.el7 FastCGI startup scripts for Munin resource monitoring linux/noarch
munin-common-2.0.73-1.el7 Network-wide resource monitoring tool (common files) linux/noarch
munin-nginx-2.0.73-1.el7 NGINX support for Munin resource monitoring linux/noarch
munin-node-2.0.73-1.el7 Network-wide resource monitoring tool (node) linux/noarch
munin-plugins-ruby-2.0.73-1.el7 Ruby plugins for Munin resource monitoring linux/noarch
mup-7.0-1.el7 A music notation program that can also generate MIDI files linux/ppc64le
mussh-1.0-6.el7 Multihost SSH wrapper linux/noarch
mxml-3.0-1.el7 Miniature XML development library linux/ppc64le
mxml-devel-3.0-1.el7 Libraries, includes, etc to develop mxml applications linux/ppc64le
mylvmbackup-0.16-1.el7 Utility for creating MySQL backups via LVM snapshots linux/noarch
myproxy-6.2.14-1.el7 Manage X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/ppc64le
myproxy-admin-6.2.14-1.el7 Server for X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/ppc64le
myproxy-devel-6.2.14-1.el7 Develop X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/ppc64le
myproxy-doc-6.2.14-1.el7 Documentation for X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/noarch
myproxy-libs-6.2.14-1.el7 Manage X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/ppc64le
myproxy-server-6.2.14-1.el7 Server for X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/ppc64le
myproxy-voms-6.2.14-1.el7 Manage X.509 Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) security credentials linux/ppc64le
myrepos-1.20180726-1.el7 A multiple SCM repository management tool linux/noarch
mysofa-1.2.1-1.el7 Tools for libmysofa linux/ppc64le
mysql++-3.1.0-12.el7 C++ wrapper for the MySQL C API linux/ppc64le
mysql++-devel-3.1.0-12.el7 MySQL++ developer files (headers, examples, etc.) linux/ppc64le
mysql++-manuals-3.1.0-12.el7 MySQL++ user and reference manuals linux/ppc64le
mysql-connector-python-1.1.6-1.el7 MySQL Connector for Python 2 linux/noarch
mysql-mmm-2.2.1-15.el7 Multi-Master Replication Manager for MySQL linux/noarch
mysql-mmm-agent-2.2.1-15.el7 MMM Database Server Agent Daemon and Libraries linux/noarch
mysql-mmm-monitor-2.2.1-15.el7 MMM Monitor Server Daemon and Libraries linux/noarch
mysql-mmm-tools-2.2.1-15.el7 MMM Control Scripts and Libraries linux/noarch
mysql-proxy-0.8.5-2.el7 A proxy for the MySQL Client/Server protocol linux/ppc64le
mysql-proxy-devel-0.8.5-2.el7 Development files for mysql-proxy linux/ppc64le
mysql-utilities-1.3.6-1.el7 MySQL Utilities linux/noarch
mysqlreport-3.5-11.el7 A friendly report of important MySQL status values linux/noarch
mysqltuner-1.8.3-1.git.1333ea9.el7 MySQL configuration assistant linux/noarch
mytop-1.7-10.b737f60.el7 A top clone for MySQL linux/noarch

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