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Packages beginning with letter F

f21-backgrounds-21.1.0-13.fc35 Fedora 21 default desktop background linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-base-21.1.0-13.fc35 Base images for Fedora 21 default background linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-extras-base-21.1.0-13.fc35 Base images for F21 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-extras-gnome-21.1.0-13.fc35 Extra F21 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-extras-kde-21.1.0-13.fc35 Extra F21 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-extras-mate-21.1.0-13.fc35 Extra F21 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-extras-xfce-21.1.0-13.fc35 Extra F21 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-gnome-21.1.0-13.fc35 Fedora 21 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-kde-21.1.0-13.fc35 Fedora 21 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-mate-21.1.0-13.fc35 Fedora 21 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f21-backgrounds-xfce-21.1.0-13.fc35 Fedora 21 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-22.1.1-11.fc35 Fedora 22 default desktop background linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-base-22.1.1-11.fc35 Base images for Fedora 22 default background linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-extras-base-22.1.1-11.fc35 Base images for F22 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-extras-gnome-22.1.1-11.fc35 Extra F22 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-extras-kde-22.1.1-11.fc35 Extra F22 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-extras-mate-22.1.1-11.fc35 Extra F22 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-extras-xfce-22.1.1-11.fc35 Extra F22 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-gnome-22.1.1-11.fc35 Fedora 22 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-kde-22.1.1-11.fc35 Fedora 22 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-mate-22.1.1-11.fc35 Fedora 22 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f22-backgrounds-xfce-22.1.1-11.fc35 Fedora 22 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-23.1.0-12.fc35 Fedora 23 default desktop background linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-base-23.1.0-12.fc35 Base images for Fedora 23 default background linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-extras-base-23.1.0-12.fc35 Base images for F23 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-extras-gnome-23.1.0-12.fc35 Extra F23 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-extras-kde-23.1.0-12.fc35 Extra F23 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-extras-mate-23.1.0-12.fc35 Extra F23 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-extras-xfce-23.1.0-12.fc35 Extra F23 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-gnome-23.1.0-12.fc35 Fedora 23 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-kde-23.1.0-12.fc35 Fedora 23 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-mate-23.1.0-12.fc35 Fedora 23 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f23-backgrounds-xfce-23.1.0-12.fc35 Fedora 23 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-24.1.2-11.fc35 Fedora 24 default desktop background linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-base-24.1.2-11.fc35 Base images for Fedora 24 default background linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-extras-base-24.1.2-11.fc35 Base images for F24 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-extras-gnome-24.1.2-11.fc35 Extra F24 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-extras-kde-24.1.2-11.fc35 Extra F24 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-extras-mate-24.1.2-11.fc35 Extra F24 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-extras-xfce-24.1.2-11.fc35 Extra F24 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-gnome-24.1.2-11.fc35 Fedora 24 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-kde-24.1.2-11.fc35 Fedora 24 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-mate-24.1.2-11.fc35 Fedora 24 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f24-backgrounds-xfce-24.1.2-11.fc35 Fedora 24 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-25.1.1-12.fc35 Fedora 25 default desktop background linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-base-25.1.1-12.fc35 Base images for Fedora 25 default background linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-extras-base-25.1.1-12.fc35 Base images for F25 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-extras-gnome-25.1.1-12.fc35 Extra F25 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-extras-kde-25.1.1-12.fc35 Extra F25 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-extras-mate-25.1.1-12.fc35 Extra F25 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-extras-xfce-25.1.1-12.fc35 Extra F25 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-gnome-25.1.1-12.fc35 Fedora 25 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-kde-25.1.1-12.fc35 Fedora 25 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-mate-25.1.1-12.fc35 Fedora 25 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f25-backgrounds-xfce-25.1.1-12.fc35 Fedora 25 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-26.2.7-10.fc35 Fedora 26 default desktop background linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-animated-26.2.7-10.fc35 Time of day images for Fedora 26 backgrounds linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-base-26.2.7-10.fc35 Base images for Fedora 26 default background linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-extras-base-26.2.7-10.fc35 Base images for F26 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-extras-gnome-26.2.7-10.fc35 Extra F26 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-extras-kde-26.2.7-10.fc35 Extra F26 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-extras-mate-26.2.7-10.fc35 Extra F26 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-extras-xfce-26.2.7-10.fc35 Extra F26 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-gnome-26.2.7-10.fc35 Fedora 26 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-kde-26.2.7-10.fc35 Fedora 26 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-mate-26.2.7-10.fc35 Fedora 26 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f26-backgrounds-xfce-26.2.7-10.fc35 Fedora 26 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-27.0.1-9.fc35 Fedora 27 default desktop background linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-base-27.0.1-9.fc35 Base images for Fedora 27 default background linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-extras-base-27.0.1-9.fc35 Base images for F27 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-extras-gnome-27.0.1-9.fc35 Extra F27 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-extras-kde-27.0.1-9.fc35 Extra F27 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-extras-mate-27.0.1-9.fc35 Extra F27 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-extras-xfce-27.0.1-9.fc35 Extra F27 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-gnome-27.0.1-9.fc35 Fedora 27 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-kde-27.0.1-9.fc35 Fedora 27 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-mate-27.0.1-9.fc35 Fedora 27 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f27-backgrounds-xfce-27.0.1-9.fc35 Fedora 27 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-28.1.5-7.fc35 Fedora 28 default desktop background linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-base-28.1.5-7.fc35 Base images for Fedora 28 default background linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-extras-base-28.1.5-7.fc35 Base images for F28 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-extras-gnome-28.1.5-7.fc35 Extra F28 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-extras-kde-28.1.5-7.fc35 Extra F28 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-extras-mate-28.1.5-7.fc35 Extra F28 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-extras-xfce-28.1.5-7.fc35 Extra F28 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-gnome-28.1.5-7.fc35 Fedora 28 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-kde-28.1.5-7.fc35 Fedora 28 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-mate-28.1.5-7.fc35 Fedora 28 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f28-backgrounds-xfce-28.1.5-7.fc35 Fedora 28 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-29.1.3-7.fc35 Fedora 29 default desktop background linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-animated-29.1.3-7.fc35 Time of day images for Fedora 29 backgrounds linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-base-29.1.3-7.fc35 Base images for Fedora 29 default background linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-extras-base-29.1.3-7.fc35 Base images for F29 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-extras-gnome-29.1.3-7.fc35 Extra F29 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-extras-kde-29.1.3-7.fc35 Extra F29 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-extras-mate-29.1.3-7.fc35 Extra F29 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-extras-xfce-29.1.3-7.fc35 Extra F29 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-gnome-29.1.3-7.fc35 Fedora 29 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-kde-29.1.3-7.fc35 Fedora 29 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-mate-29.1.3-7.fc35 Fedora 29 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f29-backgrounds-xfce-29.1.3-7.fc35 Fedora 29 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f2c-20190311-6.fc35 A Fortran 77 to C/C++ conversion program linux/aarch64
f2c-libs-20190311-6.fc35 Dynamic libraries from f2c linux/aarch64
f2fs-tools-1.14.0-3.fc35 Tools for Flash-Friendly File System (F2FS) linux/aarch64
f2fs-tools-devel-1.14.0-3.fc35 Development files for f2fs-tools linux/aarch64
f3-8.0-1.fc36 Utility to test for fake flash drives and cards linux/aarch64New
f30-backgrounds-30.1.2-6.fc35 Fedora 30 default desktop background linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-animated-30.1.2-6.fc35 Time of day images for Fedora 30 backgrounds linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-base-30.1.2-6.fc35 Base images for Fedora 30 default background linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-extras-base-30.1.2-6.fc35 Base images for F30 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-extras-gnome-30.1.2-6.fc35 Extra F30 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-extras-kde-30.1.2-6.fc35 Extra F30 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-extras-mate-30.1.2-6.fc35 Extra F30 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-extras-xfce-30.1.2-6.fc35 Extra F30 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-gnome-30.1.2-6.fc35 Fedora 30 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-kde-30.1.2-6.fc35 Fedora 30 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-mate-30.1.2-6.fc35 Fedora 30 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f30-backgrounds-xfce-30.1.2-6.fc35 Fedora 30 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-31.0.4-5.fc35 Fedora 31 default desktop background linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-animated-31.0.4-5.fc35 Time of day images for Fedora 31 backgrounds linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-base-31.0.4-5.fc35 Base images for Fedora 31 default background linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-base-31.0.4-5.fc35 Base images for F31 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-gnome-31.0.4-5.fc35 Extra F31 Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-kde-31.0.4-5.fc35 Extra F31 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-mate-31.0.4-5.fc35 Extra F31 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-extras-xfce-31.0.4-5.fc35 Extra F31 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-gnome-31.0.4-5.fc35 Fedora 31 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-kde-31.0.4-5.fc35 Fedora 31 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-mate-31.0.4-5.fc35 Fedora 31 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f31-backgrounds-xfce-31.0.4-5.fc35 Fedora 31 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-32.2.2-4.fc35 Fedora 32 default desktop background linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-animated-32.2.2-4.fc35 Time of day images for Fedora 32 backgrounds linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-base-32.2.2-4.fc35 Base images for Fedora 32 default background linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-base-32.2.2-4.fc35 Base images for F32 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-gnome-32.2.2-4.fc35 Extra F32 Wallpapers for GNOME and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-kde-32.2.2-4.fc35 Extra F32 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-mate-32.2.2-4.fc35 Extra F32 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-xfce-32.2.2-4.fc35 Extra F32 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-gnome-32.2.2-4.fc35 Fedora 32 default wallpaper for GNOME and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-kde-32.2.2-4.fc35 Fedora 32 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-mate-32.2.2-4.fc35 Fedora 32 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-xfce-32.2.2-4.fc35 Fedora 32 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-33.0.8-3.fc35 Fedora 33 default desktop background linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-base-33.0.8-3.fc35 Base images for Fedora 33 default background linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-extras-base-33.0.8-3.fc35 Base images for Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-extras-gnome-33.0.8-3.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-extras-kde-33.0.8-3.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-extras-mate-33.0.8-3.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-extras-xfce-33.0.8-3.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-gnome-33.0.8-3.fc35 Fedora 33 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-kde-33.0.8-3.fc35 Fedora 33 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-mate-33.0.8-3.fc35 Fedora 33 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f33-backgrounds-xfce-33.0.8-3.fc35 Fedora 33 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-34.0.1-2.fc35 Fedora 34 default desktop background linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-base-34.0.1-2.fc35 Base images for Fedora 34 default background linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-extras-base-34.0.1-2.fc35 Base images for Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-extras-gnome-34.0.1-2.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-extras-kde-34.0.1-2.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-extras-mate-34.0.1-2.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-extras-xfce-34.0.1-2.fc35 Extra Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-gnome-34.0.1-2.fc35 Fedora 34 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-kde-34.0.1-2.fc35 Fedora 34 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-mate-34.0.1-2.fc35 Fedora 34 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f34-backgrounds-xfce-34.0.1-2.fc35 Fedora 34 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-35.0.1-2.fc36 Fedora 35 default desktop background linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-base-35.0.1-2.fc36 Base images for Fedora 35 default background linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-extras-base-35.0.1-2.fc36 Base images for Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-extras-gnome-35.0.1-2.fc36 Extra Wallpapers for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-extras-kde-35.0.1-2.fc36 Extra Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-extras-mate-35.0.1-2.fc36 Extra Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-extras-xfce-35.0.1-2.fc36 Extra Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-gnome-35.0.1-2.fc36 Fedora 35 default wallpaper for Gnome and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-kde-35.0.1-2.fc36 Fedora 35 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-mate-35.0.1-2.fc36 Fedora 35 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f35-backgrounds-xfce-35.0.1-2.fc36 Fedora 35 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
fabtests-1.13.1-1.fc36 Test suite for libfabric API linux/aarch64
facter-4.2.0-2.fc35 Command and ruby library for gathering system information linux/noarch
facter-doc-4.2.0-2.fc35 Documentation for facter linux/noarch
factory-4.2.0p3-1.fc36 C++ class library for multivariate polynomial data linux/aarch64
factory-devel-4.2.0p3-1.fc36 Development files for the Singular factory linux/aarch64
factory-gftables-4.2.0p3-1.fc36 Singular factory addition tables linux/noarch
faience-icon-theme-0.5-15.fc35 Faience icon theme linux/noarch
fail2ban-0.11.2-9.fc36 Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-all-0.11.2-9.fc36 Install all Fail2Ban packages and dependencies linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-firewalld-0.11.2-9.fc36 Firewalld support for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-hostsdeny-0.11.2-9.fc36 Hostsdeny (tcp_wrappers) support for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-mail-0.11.2-9.fc36 Mail actions for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-selinux-0.11.2-9.fc36 SELinux policies for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-sendmail-0.11.2-9.fc36 Sendmail actions for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-server-0.11.2-9.fc36 Core server component for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-shorewall-0.11.2-9.fc36 Shorewall support for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-shorewall-lite-0.11.2-9.fc36 Shorewall lite support for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-systemd-0.11.2-9.fc36 Systemd journal configuration for Fail2Ban linux/noarchNew
fail2ban-tests-0.11.2-9.fc36 Fail2Ban testcases linux/noarchNew
fakechroot-2.20.1-9.fc35 Gives a fake chroot environment linux/aarch64
fakechroot-libs-2.20.1-9.fc35 Libraries of fakechroot linux/aarch64
fakeroot-1.26-4.fc36 Gives a fake root environment linux/aarch64New
fakeroot-libs-1.26-4.fc36 Gives a fake root environment (libraries) linux/aarch64New
falkon-3.1.0-10.fc36 Modern web browser linux/aarch64
falkon-gnome-keyring-3.1.0-10.fc36 gnome-keyring plugin for falkon linux/aarch64
falkon-kde-3.1.0-10.fc36 KDE Frameworks Integration plugin for falkon linux/aarch64
falkon-pdfreader-0-0.9.20200924gitdcb8453.fc35 PDF reader extension for Falkon using pdf.js linux/aarch64
fann-2.2.0-23.fc35 A fast artificial neural network library linux/aarch64
fann-devel-2.2.0-23.fc35 Development libraries for FANN linux/aarch64
fantasdic-1.0-0.18.beta7.fc36 Dictionary application using Ruby linux/noarch
fapg-0.43-4.fc35 Fast Audio Playlist Generator linux/aarch64
fapolicyd-1.0.3-4.fc36 Application Whitelisting Daemon linux/aarch64
fapolicyd-dnf-plugin-1.0.3-4.fc36 Fapolicyd dnf plugin linux/noarch
fapolicyd-selinux-1.0.3-4.fc36 Fapolicyd selinux linux/noarch
farstream02-0.2.9-7.fc35 Libraries for videoconferencing linux/aarch64
farstream02-devel-0.2.9-7.fc35 Development files for farstream02 linux/aarch64
fasjson-client-1.0.4-1.fc36 Metapackage for python3-fasjson-client: cli extras - CLI linux/noarchNew
fast-cdr-1.0.14-3.fc35 Fast Common Data Representation (CDR) Serialization Library linux/aarch64
fast-cdr-devel-1.0.14-3.fc35 Development files and libraries for fast-cdr linux/aarch64
fast_float-devel-3.2.0-1.fc36 Fast & exact implementation of C++ from_chars for float/double linux/aarch64
fastback-0.4-22.fc35 File uploader, configureable file uploader linux/aarch64
fastbit-2.0.3-22.fc35 An Efficient Compressed Bitmap Index Technology linux/aarch64
fastbit-devel-2.0.3-22.fc35 FastBit development linux/aarch64
fastd-22-4.fc36 Fast and secure tunneling daemon linux/aarch64
fasterxml-oss-parent-41-3.fc35 FasterXML parent pom linux/noarch
fastlz-0.1.0-0.16.20070619svnrev12.fc35 Portable real-time compression library linux/aarch64
fastlz-devel-0.1.0-0.16.20070619svnrev12.fc35 Header files and development libraries for fastlz linux/aarch64
fasttext-0.9.2-3.fc35 Efficient learning of word representations and sentence classification linux/aarch64
fasttext-devel-0.9.2-3.fc35 Libraries and header files for fastText linux/aarch64
fasttext-libs-0.9.2-3.fc35 Runtime libraries for fastText linux/aarch64
fasttrack-5.3.5-1.fc36 Multiple objects tracking software, easy to use, and performant. linux/aarch64New
fasttrack-cli-5.3.5-1.fc36 Multiple objects tracking software, easy to use, and performant. linux/aarch64New
fasttrack-doc-5.3.5-1.fc36 Documentation for FastTrack linux/noarchNew
fastx_toolkit-0.0.14-28.fc35 Tools to process short-reads FASTA/FASTQ files linux/aarch64
fastx_toolkit-galaxy-0.0.14-28.fc35 Integrate fastx_toolkit with a local Galaxy installation linux/aarch64
fatcat-1.1.0-1.fc36 FAT filesystems explore, extract, repair, and forensic tool linux/aarch64
fatcat-doc-1.1.0-1.fc36 Documentation for fatcat linux/noarch
fatrace-0.15-5.fc35 Reports file access events from all running processes linux/aarch64
fatresize-1.1.0-4.fc35 FAT16/FAT32 resizer linux/aarch64
fatsort- FAT sorter for FAT16 and FAT32 filesystems linux/aarch64
faust-0.9.46-21.fc35 Compiled language for real-time audio signal processing linux/aarch64
faust-doc-0.9.46-21.fc35 Documentation for faust linux/noarch
faust-kate-0.9.46-21.fc35 Kate/Kwrite plugin for faust linux/noarch
faust-osclib-0.9.46-21.fc35 OSCLib Library linux/aarch64
faust-osclib-devel-0.9.46-21.fc35 Headers for the OSCLib Library linux/aarch64
faust-tools-0.9.46-21.fc35 3rd party tools written for faust linux/noarch
fawkes-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Robot Software Framework linux/aarch64
fawkes-core-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes base system linux/aarch64
fawkes-devel-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Development files for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-devenv-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Development environment Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-doc-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes API documentation linux/noarch
fawkes-firevision-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Computer vision sub-system linux/aarch64
fawkes-firevision-tools-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Computer vision sub-system tools linux/aarch64
fawkes-guis-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 GUI applications to control Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-lua-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Lua libraries and scripts for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-amcl-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin providing adaptive Monte Carlo Localization linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-bblogger-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to log data from blackboard linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-bbsync-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to synchronize multiple instances linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-cedar-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for system status monitoring linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin providing CLIPS environments linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-agent-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to run a CLIPS-based agent linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-executive-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to run the Clips Executive linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-navgraph-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to provide the CLIPS navgraph feature linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-pddl-parser-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to parse PDDL from CLIPS linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-protobuf-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to access protobuf messages from CLIPS linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-tf-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to access coordinate transforms from CLIPS linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-colli-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for local path planning with collision avoidance linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-dynamixel-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin generic access to Dynamixel servos linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-execution-time-estimator-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Execution time estimator plugin for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-flite-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes Flite speech synthesis plugin linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazebo-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for Gazebo simulation integration linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-comm-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to simulate network communication linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-depthcam-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to simulate a depth camera linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-laser-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to simulate a laser range finder linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-localization-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to provide localization data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-robotino-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to simulate Robotino robot linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-timesource-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to use simulation time linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-vis-localization-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to visualize localization info linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-webcam-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to provide images from simulated webcam linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gossip-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for Gossip communication linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-hardware-models-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for declarative hardware models linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-imu-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for access IMU sensors linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-jaco-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to access a Kinova Jaco arm linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-joystick-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to access joysticks linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-joystick-teleop-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to move a robot by joystick linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-katana-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to control the Katana robot arm linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to access laser range finders linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-cluster-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to extract clusters from laser data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-filter-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin providing laser data filtering linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-lines-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to extract lines from laser data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-pointclouds-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to convert laser data to point clouds linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-luaagent-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Agent framework written in Lua linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-map-lasergen-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to generate fake laser data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for a 2D navigation graph linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-clusters-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to convert clusters to obstacles linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-generator-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to generate a navgraph from POIs linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-static-constraints-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to apply static constraints on navgraph linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-openni-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin providing access to OpenNI linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-pantilt-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to control pan-tilt units linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-realsense-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to use older Intel RealSense cameras linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-realsense2-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to use newer Intel RealSense cameras linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-refboxcomm-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 RoboCup referee box integration linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-robot-state-publisher-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to publish transforms based on model linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-robotino-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes driver for the Festo Robotino linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-robotino-ir-pcl-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for Robotino IR data as pointcloud linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-roomba-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to control a Roomba linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-rrd-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin providing tools to create RRD graphs linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-skiller-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes behavior engine plugin linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-skiller-simulator-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to simulate skill execution linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-static-transforms-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin to publish static transforms linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-tabletop-objects-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes plugin for table top scene analysis on 3D point clouds linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-ttmainloop-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Time tracking main loop linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-webview-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Fawkes polugin to provide a web interface linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-xmlrpc-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 XML-RPC communication plugin linux/aarch64
fawkes-protobuf-1.3.1-0.16.4923a6c.fc36 Google protobuf libraries and integration for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fb303-0-0.6.20210722git5b60630.fc35 Base Thrift service and a common set of functionality linux/aarch64
fb303-devel-0-0.6.20210722git5b60630.fc35 Development files for fb303 linux/aarch64
fbb-7.0.10-1.fc35.3 Packet radio mailbox and utilities linux/aarch64
fbb-doc-7.0.10-1.fc35.3 Documentation for fbb linux/noarch
fbb-gui-7.0.10-1.fc35.3 GUI for fbb linux/aarch64
fbg2-0.4-26.fc35 A falling block stacking game linux/aarch64
fbida-2.14-12.fc35 FrameBuffer Imageviewer linux/aarch64
fbida-fbgs-2.14-12.fc35 Framebuffer Postscript Viewer linux/aarch64
fbida-fbpdf-2.14-12.fc35 Framebuffer PDF Viewer linux/aarch64
fbida-ida-2.14-12.fc35 Motif based Imageviewer linux/aarch64
fbpanel-7.0-12.fc35 A lightweight X11 desktop panel linux/aarch64
fbpanel-doc-7.0-12.fc35 Documentation for fbpanel linux/noarch
fbreader-0.99.4-8.fc35 E-book reader linux/aarch64
fbrnch- Fedora packager tool to build package branches linux/aarch64
fbterm-1.7-23.fc35 A frame-buffer terminal emulator linux/aarch64
fbthrift-2021.08.02.00-2.fc35 Facebook's branch of Apache Thrift, including a new C++ server linux/aarch64
fbthrift-devel-2021.08.02.00-2.fc35 Development files for fbthrift linux/aarch64
fbzmq-2021.07.22.00-2.fc35 Framework for writing services in C++ while leveraging libzmq linux/aarch64
fbzmq-devel-2021.07.22.00-2.fc35 Development files for fbzmq linux/aarch64
fbzx-4.8.0-2.fc35 A ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer linux/aarch64
fcft-2.4.5-1.fc36 Simple library for font loading and glyph rasterization linux/aarch64
fcft-devel-2.4.5-1.fc36 Development files for fcft linux/aarch64
fcgi-2.4.0-41.fc35 FastCGI development kit linux/aarch64
fcgi-devel-2.4.0-41.fc35 Development files for fcgi linux/aarch64
fcgiwrap-1.1.0-17.20181108git99c942c.fc35 Simple FastCGI wrapper for CGI scripts linux/aarch64
fcitx- An input method framework linux/aarch64
fcitx-anthy-0.2.3-3.fc35 Anthy Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-chewing-0.2.3-13.fc35 Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-cloudpinyin-0.3.7-7.fc35 Cloudpinyin module for fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-configtool-0.4.10-13.fc35 Gtk+-based configuring tools for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-data- Data files of Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-devel- Development files for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-fbterm-0.2.0-22.fc35 Fbterm Support for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-gtk2- Fcitx IM module for gtk2 linux/aarch64
fcitx-gtk3- Fcitx IM module for gtk3 linux/aarch64
fcitx-hangul-0.3.1-13.fc35 Hangul Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-kkc-0.1.4-3.fc35 Japanese Kana Kanji Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-libpinyin-0.5.4-2.fc35 Libpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-libs- Shared libraries for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-m17n-0.2.4-12.fc35 M17n Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-pinyin- Pinyin Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-qt4- Fcitx IM module for qt4 linux/aarch64
fcitx-qt5-1.2.6-2.fc35 Fcitx IM module for Qt5 linux/aarch64
fcitx-qt5-devel-1.2.6-2.fc35 Development files for fcitx-qt5 linux/aarch64
fcitx-qw- Quwei Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-skk-0.1.4-3.fc35 Japanese SKK (Simple Kana Kanji) Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-sunpinyin-0.4.2-13.fc35 Sunpinyin Wrapper for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-table- Table Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-table-chinese- Chinese table of Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-extra-0.3.8-12.fc35 Extra tables for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-table-other-0.2.4-12.fc35 Other tables for Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-ui-light-0.1.3-23.fc35 Light UI for fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-unikey-0.2.7-12.fc35 Vietnamese Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-5.0.9-1.fc36 Next generation of fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-anthy-5.0.6-1.fc36 Anthy Wrapper for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-autostart-5.0.9-1.fc36 This package will make fcitx5 start with your GUI session linux/noarch
fcitx5-chewing-5.0.6-1.fc36 Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-chinese-addons-5.0.7-1.fc36 Chinese related addon for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-chinese-addons-data-5.0.7-1.fc36 Data files of fcitx5-chinese-addons linux/noarch
fcitx5-chinese-addons-devel-5.0.7-1.fc36 Development files for fcitx5-chinese-addons linux/aarch64
fcitx5-configtool-5.0.6-1.fc36 Configuration tools used by fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-data-5.0.9-1.fc36 Data files of Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-devel-5.0.9-1.fc36 Development files for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk-5.0.8-1.fc36 Gtk im module and glib based dbus client library linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk-devel-5.0.8-1.fc36 Development files for fcitx5-gtk linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk2-5.0.8-1.fc36 fcitx5 gtk module for gtk2 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk3-5.0.8-1.fc36 fcitx5 gtk module for gtk3 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk4-5.0.8-1.fc36 fcitx5 gtk module for gtk4 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-hangul-5.0.4-1.fc36 Hangul Wrapper for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-kkc-5.0.6-1.fc36 Libkkc input method support for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-libthai-5.0.5-1.fc36 Libthai Wrapper for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-lua-5.0.5-2.fc35 Lua support for fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-lua-devel-5.0.5-2.fc35 Development files for fcitx5-lua linux/aarch64
fcitx5-m17n-5.0.5-2.fc35 m17n Wrapper for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-migrator-5.0.6-1.fc36 Migration tools for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-migrator-devel-5.0.6-1.fc36 Devel files for fcitx5-migrator linux/aarch64
fcitx5-mozc-2.17.2102.102.1-11.20210926git34522ba.fc36 A wrapper of mozc for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-5.0.7-1.fc36 Qt library and IM module for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-devel-5.0.7-1.fc36 Development files for fcitx5-qt linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-libfcitx5qt5widgets-5.0.7-1.fc36 Provide libFcitx5Qt5WidgetsAddons for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-libfcitx5qtdbus-5.0.7-1.fc36 Provides libFcitx5Qt5DBusAddons for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-module-5.0.7-1.fc36 Provides seperately modules for fcitx5-qt linux/aarch64
fcitx5-rime-5.0.7-1.fc36 RIME support for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-sayura-5.0.3-2.fc35 Sinhala Transe IME engine for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-skk-5.0.7-1.fc36 Japanese SKK (Simple Kana Kanji) Engine for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-table-extra-5.0.4-2.fc35 Extra tables for Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-table-other-5.0.5-2.fc35 Other tables for Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-unikey-5.0.5-1.fc36 Unikey support for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-zhuyin-5.0.6-1.fc36 Libzhuyin Wrapper for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-zhuyin-data-5.0.6-1.fc36 Data files for fcitx5-zhuyin linux/noarch
fcl-0.6.1-6.fc35 Flexible Collision Library linux/aarch64
fcl-devel-0.6.1-6.fc35 Development files for fcl linux/aarch64
fcode-utils-1.0.2-25.svn1354.fc35 Utilities for dealing with FCode linux/aarch64
fcoe-utils-1.0.34-0.git14ef0d2.fc35.1 Fibre Channel over Ethernet utilities linux/aarch64
fctxpd-0.2-5.20210326gitc4dba7f.fc35 Fibrechannel transport daemon linux/aarch64
fd-find-8.2.1-3.fc35 Simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find linux/aarch64
fdk-aac-free-2.0.0-7.fc35 Third-Party Modified Version of the Fraunhofer FDK AAC Codec Library for Android linux/aarch64
fdk-aac-free-devel-2.0.0-7.fc35 Development files for fdk-aac-free linux/aarch64
fdr-1.3-0.fc35 A daemon which enables ftrace probes and harvests the data linux/aarch64
fdupes-2.1.1-3.fc35 Finds duplicate files in a given set of directories linux/aarch64
featherpad-0.16.0-3.fc35 Lightweight Qt5 Plain-Text Editor linux/aarch64
fedfind-4.4.4-4.fc35 Fedora compose and image finder linux/noarch
fedmod-0.6.4-2.fc35 Utilities for generating & maintaining modulemd files linux/noarch
fedmsg-1.1.2-6.fc35 Tools for Fedora Infrastructure real-time messaging linux/noarch
fedmsg-base-1.1.2-6.fc35 Base file system layout for other fedmsg packages linux/noarch
fedmsg-doc-1.1.2-6.fc35 Documentation for the fedmsg library and CLI linux/noarch
fedora-bookmarks-28-22.fc36 Fedora bookmarks linux/noarch
fedora-business-cards-2.3.0-1.fc36 The Fedora business card generator linux/noarchNew
fedora-chromium-config-1.1-12.fc35 Fedora customizations for Chromium/Chrome linux/noarch
fedora-coreos-pinger-0.0.4-12.fc35 Telemetry service for Fedora CoreOS linux/aarch64
fedora-dockerfiles-0-0.30.giteab04ff.fc35 Example dockerfiles to assist standing up containers quickly linux/aarch64
fedora-easy-karma-0-0.48.20210526gitfa76ab7.fc35 Fedora update feedback made easy linux/noarch
fedora-flathub-remote-1-1.fc36 Third party remote pointing to a filtered version of linux/noarch
fedora-gather-easyfix-0.2.1-86.fc35 Gather easyfix tickets across fedorahosted projects linux/noarch
fedora-gnat-project-common-3.15-3.fc35 Files shared by Ada libraries linux/noarch
fedora-gpg-keys-36-0.3 Fedora RPM keys linux/noarch
fedora-jam-backgrounds-2.0.0-4.fc36 Fedora Jam desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
fedora-jam-backgrounds-gnome-2.0.0-4.fc36 Fedora Jam Wallpapers for Gnome linux/noarch
fedora-jam-backgrounds-kde-2.0.0-4.fc36 Fedora Jam Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
fedora-jam-backgrounds-single-2.0.0-4.fc36 Single screen images for Fedora Jam Backgrounds linux/noarch
fedora-jam-backgrounds-xfce-2.0.0-4.fc36 Fedora Jam Wallpapers for XFCE4 linux/noarch
fedora-jam-kde-theme-3.0.6-3.fc36 Fedora Jam KDE Theme and Configs linux/noarch
fedora-kickstarts-0.31.0-0.6.fc35 Official Fedora Spins linux/noarch
fedora-logos-35.0.0-1.fc36 Fedora-related icons and pictures linux/noarchNew
fedora-logos-classic-35.0.0-1.fc36 Classic versions of the Fedora icons and pictures linux/noarchNew
fedora-logos-httpd-35.0.0-1.fc36 Fedora-related icons and pictures used by httpd linux/noarchNew
fedora-messaging-2.1.0-3.fc35 Set of tools for using Fedora's messaging infrastructure linux/noarch
fedora-messaging-doc-2.1.0-3.fc35 Documentation for fedora-messaging linux/noarch
fedora-obsolete-packages-36-6 A package to obsolete retired packages linux/noarchNew
fedora-packager- Tools for setting up a fedora maintainer environment linux/noarch
fedora-packager-kerberos- files for connecting via kerberos to Fedora linux/noarch
fedora-packager-yubikey- tool for setting up a yubikey for use in Fedora linux/noarch
fedora-release-36-0.7 Fedora release files linux/noarch
fedora-release-cinnamon-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Cinnamon-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-cloud-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Cloud-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-common-36-0.7 Fedora release files linux/noarch
fedora-release-compneuro-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Comp Neuro specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-container-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora container specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-coreos-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora CoreOS-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-designsuite-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Design Suite specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-i3-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora i3 specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-basic-36-0.7 Package providing the basic Fedora identity linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-cinnamon-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Cinnamon Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-cloud-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Cloud Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-compneuro-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Comp Neuro Lab linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-container-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Container Base Image linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-coreos-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora CoreOS linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-designsuite-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Design Suite Lab linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-i3-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora i3 Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-iot-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora IoT Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-kde-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora KDE Plasma Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-kinoite-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Kinoite linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-matecompiz-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora MATE-Compiz Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-server-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Server Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-silverblue-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Silverblue linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-snappy-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Snappy environments linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-soas-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Sugar on a Stick linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-workstation-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Workstation Edition linux/noarch
fedora-release-identity-xfce-36-0.7 Package providing the identity for Fedora Xfce Spin linux/noarch
fedora-release-iot-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora IoT specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-kde-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora KDE Plasma-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-kinoite-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Kinoite-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-matecompiz-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora MATE-Compiz-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-ostree-desktop-36-0.7 Configuration package for rpm-ostree variants to add rpm-ostree polkit rules linux/noarch
fedora-release-server-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Server-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-silverblue-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Silverblue-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-snappy-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora snap specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-soas-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Sugar on a Stick-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-workstation-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Workstation-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-xfce-36-0.7 Base package for Fedora Xfce specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-remix-logos-1.0.0-20.fc35 Fedora Remix logos linux/noarch
fedora-repo-zdicts-2108.1-1.fc36 Zstd dictionaries for Fedora repository metadata linux/noarch
fedora-repos-36-0.3 Fedora package repositories linux/noarch
fedora-repos-archive-36-0.3 Fedora updates archive package repository linux/noarch
fedora-repos-eln-36-0.3 ELN repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-repos-modular-36-0.3 Fedora modular package repositories linux/noarch
fedora-repos-ostree-36-0.3 OSTree specific files linux/noarch
fedora-repos-rawhide-36-0.3 Rawhide repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-repos-rawhide-modular-36-0.3 Rawhide modular repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-review-0.7.6-5.fc35 Review tool for fedora rpm packages linux/noarch
fedora-review-plugin-java-4.6.1-10.fc35 Java plugin for FedoraReview linux/noarch
fedora-review-plugin-ruby-0.7.6-5.fc35 Enhanced ruby tests for fedora-review linux/noarch
fedora-review-tests-0.7.6-5.fc35 Test and test data files for fedora-review linux/noarch
fedora-rpm-macros-26-11.fc35 Miscellaneous Fedora RPM macros linux/noarch
fedora-third-party-0.7-1.fc36 Tool for handling third-party RPM and Flatpak repositories in Fedora linux/noarchNew
fedora-update-feedback-1.1.0-1.fc36 Provide feedback for fedora updates (inspired by fedora-easy-karma) linux/aarch64
fedora-upgrade-35.2-1.fc36 Upgrade Fedora to next version using dnf upgrade (unofficial tool) linux/noarch
fedora-workstation-backgrounds-1.1-10.fc35 Desktop backgrounds for Fedora Workstation linux/noarch
fedora-workstation-repositories-35-1.fc36 Repository files for searchable repositories linux/noarch
fedorainfinity-backgrounds-0.0.5-23.fc35 Fedora Infinity desktop backgrounds linux/noarch
fedorawaves-kdm-theme-1.1-22.fc35 Fedora Waves KDM theme linux/noarch
fedpkg-1.41-1.fc36 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
fedpkg-minimal-1.2.0-4.fc36 Script to allow fedpkg fetch to work linux/noarch
fedpkg-stage-1.41-1.fc36 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
fedscm-admin-1.1.2-1.fc35 CLI tool to process Fedora SCM requests linux/noarch
feedbackd-0.0.0+git20210426-3.fc36 Feedback library for GNOME linux/aarch64
feedbackd-devel-0.0.0+git20210426-3.fc36 Development files for feedbackd linux/aarch64
feedreader-2.11.0-4.fc35 RSS desktop client linux/aarch64
feh-3.6.3-3.fc35 Fast command line image viewer using Imlib2 linux/aarch64
felix-parent-7-6.fc35 Parent POM file for Apache Felix Specs linux/noarch
felix-utils-1.11.6-3.fc35 Utility classes for OSGi linux/noarch
felix-utils-javadoc-1.11.6-3.fc35 API documentation for felix-utils linux/noarch
fence-agents-all-4.10.0-3.fc35 Set of unified programs capable of host isolation ("fencing") linux/aarch64
fence-agents-alom-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for SUN ALOM linux/noarch
fence-agents-amt-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Intel AMT devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-amt-ws-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Intel AMT (WS-Man) devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-apc-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for APC devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-apc-snmp-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agents for APC devices (SNMP) linux/noarch
fence-agents-aws-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Amazon AWS linux/noarch
fence-agents-azure-arm-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Azure Resource Manager linux/noarch
fence-agents-bladecenter-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter linux/noarch
fence-agents-brocade-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Brocade switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-cdu-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for a Sentry Switch CDU linux/noarch
fence-agents-cisco-mds-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Cisco MDS 9000 series linux/noarch
fence-agents-cisco-ucs-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Cisco UCS series linux/noarch
fence-agents-common-4.10.0-3.fc35 Common base for Fence Agents linux/noarch
fence-agents-compute-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Nova compute nodes linux/noarch
fence-agents-docker-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Docker linux/noarch
fence-agents-drac-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Dell DRAC linux/noarch
fence-agents-drac5-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Dell DRAC 5 linux/noarch
fence-agents-eaton-snmp-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Eaton network power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-emerson-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Emerson devices (SNMP) linux/noarch
fence-agents-eps-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for ePowerSwitch 8M+ power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-gce-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for GCE (Google Cloud Engine) linux/noarch
fence-agents-hds-cb-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Hitachi Compute Blade systems linux/noarch
fence-agents-heuristics-ping-4.10.0-3.fc35 Pseudo fence agent to affect other agents based on ping-heuristics linux/noarch
fence-agents-hpblade-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for HP BladeSystem devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-ibmblade-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM BladeCenter linux/noarch
fence-agents-ibmz-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM z LPARs linux/noarch
fence-agents-ifmib-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for devices with IF-MIB interfaces linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo-moonshot-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for HP iLO Moonshot devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo-mp-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for HP iLO MP devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo-ssh-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agents for HP iLO devices over SSH linux/noarch
fence-agents-ilo2-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agents for HP iLO2 devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-intelmodular-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for devices with Intel Modular interfaces linux/noarch
fence-agents-ipdu-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM iPDU network power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-ipmilan-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agents for devices with IPMI interface linux/noarch
fence-agents-ironic-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for OpenStack's Ironic (Bare Metal as a service) linux/noarch
fence-agents-kdump-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for use with kdump crash recovery service linux/aarch64
fence-agents-kubevirt-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for KubeVirt platform linux/noarch
fence-agents-ldom-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Sun LDom virtual machines linux/noarch
fence-agents-lpar-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM LPAR linux/noarch
fence-agents-mpath-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for reservations over Device Mapper Multipath linux/noarch
fence-agents-netio-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Koukaam NETIO devices linux/noarch
fence-agents-openstack-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for OpenStack's Nova service linux/noarch
fence-agents-ovh-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for OVH provider linux/noarch
fence-agents-pve-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for PVE linux/noarch
fence-agents-raritan-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Raritan Dominion PX linux/noarch
fence-agents-rcd-serial-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for RCD serial linux/noarch
fence-agents-redfish-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Redfish linux/aarch64
fence-agents-rhevm-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for RHEV-M linux/noarch
fence-agents-rsa-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM RSA II linux/noarch
fence-agents-rsb-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Fujitsu RSB linux/noarch
fence-agents-sanbox2-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for QLogic SANBox2 FC switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-sbd-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for SBD (storage-based death) linux/noarch
fence-agents-scsi-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for SCSI persistent reservations linux/noarch
fence-agents-vbox-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for VirtualBox linux/noarch
fence-agents-virsh-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for virtual machines based on libvirt linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for VMWare with VI Perl Toolkit or vmrun linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-rest-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for VMWare with REST API linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-soap-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for VMWare with SOAP API v4.1+ linux/noarch
fence-agents-vmware-vcloud-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for VMWare vCloud Director linux/noarch
fence-agents-wti-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for WTI Network power switches linux/noarch
fence-agents-xenapi-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for Citrix XenServer over XenAPI linux/noarch
fence-agents-zvm-4.10.0-3.fc35 Fence agent for IBM z/VM over IP linux/noarch
fence-virt-4.10.0-3.fc35 A pluggable fencing framework for virtual machines linux/aarch64
fence-virtd-4.10.0-3.fc35 Daemon which handles requests from fence-virt linux/aarch64
fence-virtd-cpg-4.10.0-3.fc35 CPG/libvirt backend for fence-virtd linux/aarch64
fence-virtd-libvirt-4.10.0-3.fc35 Libvirt backend for fence-virtd linux/aarch64
fence-virtd-multicast-4.10.0-3.fc35 Multicast listener for fence-virtd linux/aarch64
fence-virtd-serial-4.10.0-3.fc35 Serial VMChannel listener for fence-virtd linux/aarch64
fence-virtd-tcp-4.10.0-3.fc35 TCP listener for fence-virtd linux/aarch64
fennel-0.9.1-1.fc35 A Lisp that compiles to Lua linux/noarch
fernflower-211.7442.40-2.fc35 JIdea's java decompiler linux/noarch
fernflower-javadoc-211.7442.40-2.fc35 fernflower API documentation linux/noarch
festival-2.5.0-16.fc35 Speech synthesis and text-to-speech system linux/aarch64
festival-data-2.5.0-16.fc35 Data files for the Festival speech synthesis system linux/noarch
festival-devel-2.5.0-16.fc35 Development files for the Festival speech synthesis system linux/aarch64
festival-freebsoft-utils-0.10-25.fc36 Utilities that enhance Festival with some useful features linux/noarchNew
festival-freebsoft-utils-doc-0.10-25.fc36 Documentation for festival-freebsoft-utils linux/noarchNew
festvox-awb-arctic-hts-2.5.0-16.fc35 Scottish-accent US English male speaker "AWB" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-bdl-arctic-hts-2.5.0-16.fc35 US English male speaker "BDL" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-clb-arctic-hts-2.5.0-16.fc35 US English female speaker "CLB" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-jmk-arctic-hts-2.5.0-16.fc35 Canadian-accent US English male speaker "JMK" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-kal-diphone-0.19990610-16.fc35 American English male speaker "Kevin" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-rab-diphone-0.19990610-16.fc35 American English male speaker "Kurt" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-rms-arctic-hts-2.5.0-16.fc35 US English male speaker "RMS" for Festival linux/noarch
festvox-slt-arctic-hts-2.5.0-16.fc35 US English female speaker "SLT" for Festival linux/noarch
fetch-crl-3.0.21-3.fc36 Downloads Certificate Revocation Lists linux/noarch
fetchlog-1.4-20.fc35 Utility to display new messages of a logfile since last run linux/aarch64
fetchmail-6.4.22-2.fc36 A remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility linux/aarch64
fex-2.0.0-13.fc35 Field split/extraction like cut/awk linux/aarch64
ffado-2.4.4-5.fc35 Free firewire audio driver library applications and utilities linux/aarch64
ffcall-2.4-2.fc35 Libraries for foreign function call interfaces linux/aarch64
ffcall-devel-2.4-2.fc35 Files needed to develop programs with ffcall linux/aarch64
ffcall-static-2.4-2.fc35 Static libraries for foreign function call interfaces linux/aarch64
fflas-ffpack-devel-2.4.3-6.fc35 Header files for developing with fflas-ffpack linux/aarch64
fflas-ffpack-doc-2.4.3-6.fc35 API documentation for fflas-ffpack linux/aarch64
ffsb-6.0-0.21.rc2.fc35 The Flexible Filesystem Benchmark linux/aarch64
ffsend-0.2.71-3.fc36 Easily and securely share files from the command line linux/aarch64
fftw-3.3.8-11.fc35 A Fast Fourier Transform library linux/aarch64
fftw-devel-3.3.8-11.fc35 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW library linux/aarch64
fftw-doc-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW library manual linux/noarch
fftw-libs-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW run-time library linux/aarch64
fftw-libs-double-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW library, double precision linux/aarch64
fftw-libs-long-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW library, long double precision linux/aarch64
fftw-libs-single-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW library, single precision linux/aarch64
fftw-mpich-devel-3.3.8-11.fc35 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW MPICH library linux/aarch64
fftw-mpich-libs-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW MPICH run-time library linux/aarch64
fftw-mpich-libs-double-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW MPICH library, double precision linux/aarch64
fftw-mpich-libs-long-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW MPICH library, long double precision linux/aarch64
fftw-mpich-libs-single-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW MPICH library, single precision linux/aarch64
fftw-mpich-static-3.3.8-11.fc35 Static versions of the FFTW MPICH libraries linux/aarch64
fftw-openmpi-devel-3.3.8-11.fc35 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW OpenMPI library linux/aarch64
fftw-openmpi-libs-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW OpenMPI run-time library linux/aarch64
fftw-openmpi-libs-double-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW OpenMPI library, double precision linux/aarch64
fftw-openmpi-libs-long-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW OpenMPI library, long double precision linux/aarch64
fftw-openmpi-libs-single-3.3.8-11.fc35 FFTW OpenMPI library, single precision linux/aarch64
fftw-openmpi-static-3.3.8-11.fc35 Static versions of the FFTW OpenMPI libraries linux/aarch64
fftw-static-3.3.8-11.fc35 Static versions of the FFTW libraries linux/aarch64
fftw2-2.1.5-41.fc35 Fast Fourier Transform library (version 2) linux/aarch64
fftw2-devel-2.1.5-41.fc35 Headers, libraries and docs for the FFTW library (version 2) linux/aarch64
fftw2-static-2.1.5-41.fc35 Static version of the FFTW library (version 2) linux/aarch64
ffuf-1.0.2-4.fc35 Fast web fuzzer written in Go linux/aarch64
fgrun-2016.3.1-45.fc36 Graphical front-end for launching FlightGear flight simulator linux/aarch64
fido-1.1.5-14.fc35 Multi-threaded file watch utility linux/aarch64
fido2-tools-1.8.0-4.fc36 FIDO2 tools linux/aarch64
fig2ps-1.5-18.fc35 Utility for converting xfig pictures to PS/PDF linux/noarch
figlet-2.2.5-22.20151018gita565ae1.fc35 A program for making large letters out of ordinary text linux/aarch64
figtoipe-20091205-24.fc35 FIG to IPE conversion tool linux/aarch64
file-5.40-9.fc35 Utility for determining file types linux/aarch64
file-devel-5.40-9.fc35 Libraries and header files for file development linux/aarch64
file-libs-5.40-9.fc35 Libraries for applications using libmagic linux/aarch64
file-roller-3.40.0-2.fc35 Tool for viewing and creating archives linux/aarch64
file-roller-nautilus-3.40.0-2.fc35 File Roller extension for nautilus linux/aarch64
file-static-5.40-9.fc35 Static library for file development linux/aarch64
filebench- A model based file system workload generator linux/aarch64
filedrop-1.1-15.fc35 Drag-and-drop support for Java linux/noarch
filelight-21.04.3-1.fc35 Graphical disk usage statistics linux/aarch64
filesystem-3.16-1.fc36 The basic directory layout for a Linux system linux/aarch64
filesystem-content-3.16-1.fc36 Directory ownership content of the filesystem package linux/aarch64
filezilla-3.56.0-1.fc36 FTP, FTPS and SFTP client linux/aarch64New
fillets-ng-1.0.1-27.fc35 Fish Fillets Next Generation, a puzzle game with 70 levels linux/aarch64
fillets-ng-data-1.0.1-16.fc36 Game data files for Fish Fillets Next Generation linux/noarchNew
finch-2.14.7-1.fc36 A text-based user interface for Pidgin linux/aarch64New
finch-devel-2.14.7-1.fc36 Headers etc. for finch stuffs linux/aarch64New
findutils-4.8.0-4.fc35 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/aarch64
finger-0.17-71.fc35 The finger client linux/aarch64
finger-server-0.17-71.fc35 The finger daemon linux/aarch64
fio-3.28-2.fc36 Multithreaded IO generation tool linux/aarch64
fio-engine-http-3.28-2.fc36 HTTP engine for fio. linux/aarch64
fio-engine-libaio-3.28-2.fc36 Linux libaio engine for fio. linux/aarch64
fio-engine-nbd-3.28-2.fc36 Network Block Device engine for fio. linux/aarch64
fio-engine-rados-3.28-2.fc36 Rados engine for fio. linux/aarch64
fio-engine-rbd-3.28-2.fc36 Rados Block Device engine for fio. linux/aarch64
fio-engine-rdma-3.28-2.fc36 RDMA engine for fio. linux/aarch64
fips-3.4.0-11.fc35 OpenGL-based FITS image viewer linux/aarch64
fira-code-fonts-5.2-4.fc35 Monospaced font with programming ligatures linux/noarch
firebird- SQL relational database management system linux/aarch64New
firebird-devel- UDF support library for Firebird SQL server linux/aarch64New
firebird-doc- Documentation for Firebird SQL server linux/noarchNew
firebird-examples- Examples for Firebird SQL server linux/noarchNew
firebird-utils- Firebird SQL user utilities linux/aarch64New
firefox-93.0-2.fc36 Mozilla Firefox Web browser linux/aarch64New
firefox-pkcs11-loader-3.13.6-6.fc35 Helper script for Firefox that sets up the browser for authentication with Estonian ID-card linux/aarch64
firefox-wayland-93.0-2.fc36 Firefox Wayland launcher. linux/aarch64New
firefox-x11-93.0-2.fc36 Firefox X11 launcher. linux/aarch64New
firejail-0.9.66-2.fc35 Linux namespaces sandbox program linux/aarch64
firewalk-5.0-27.fc35 Active reconnaissance network security tool linux/aarch64
firewall-applet-1.0.1-2.fc36 Firewall panel applet linux/noarch
firewall-config-1.0.1-2.fc36 Firewall configuration application linux/noarch
firewalld-1.0.1-2.fc36 A firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall linux/noarch
firewalld-filesystem-1.0.1-2.fc36 Firewalld directory layout and rpm macros linux/noarch
firewalld-test-1.0.1-2.fc36 Firewalld testsuite linux/noarch
fish-3.3.1-2.fc35 Friendly interactive shell linux/aarch64
fityk-1.3.1-27.fc35 Non-linear curve fitting and data analysis linux/aarch64
fityk-devel-1.3.1-27.fc35 Header files, libraries and development documentation for fityk linux/aarch64
five-or-more-3.32.2-4.fc35 GNOME "Five or More" game linux/aarch64
fixedptc-devel-0-9.20200228hgb8acfec.fc35 Fixed point math header only library for C linux/noarch
fizz-2021.08.02.00-1.fc35 A C++14 implementation of the TLS-1.3 standard linux/aarch64
fizz-devel-2021.08.02.00-1.fc35 Development files for fizz linux/aarch64
fkill-cli-6.2.0-10.fc36 Fabulously kill processes linux/noarch
flac-1.3.3-9.fc35 An encoder/decoder for the Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/aarch64
flac-devel-1.3.3-9.fc35 Development libraries and header files from FLAC linux/aarch64
flac-libs-1.3.3-9.fc35 Libraries for the Free Lossless Audio Codec linux/aarch64
flac123-0.0.12-19.fc35 Command-line program for playing FLAC audio files linux/aarch64
flacon-7.0.1-3.fc35 Audio File Encoder linux/aarch64
flam3-3.0.1-23.fc35 Programs to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames linux/aarch64
flam3-devel-3.0.1-23.fc35 C headers to generate and render cosmic recursive fractal flames linux/aarch64
flamegraph-1.0-9.20210830git810687f.fc36 Stack trace visualizer linux/noarchNew
flamegraph-demos-1.0-9.20210830git810687f.fc36 Demos of graphs produced by flamegraph linux/noarchNew
flamegraph-stackcollapse-1.0-9.20210830git810687f.fc36 Stack collapsers and support scripts linux/noarchNew
flamegraph-stackcollapse-perf-1.0-9.20210830git810687f.fc36 Stack collapser for perf output linux/noarchNew
flamegraph-stackcollapse-php-1.0-9.20210830git810687f.fc36 Stack collapser for PHP linux/noarchNew
flamerobin- Graphical client for Firebird linux/aarch64
flameshot-0.10.1-1.fc35 Powerful and simple to use screenshot software linux/aarch64
flamethrower-0.11.0-6.fc35 A DNS performance and functional testing utility linux/aarch64
flamp-2.2.07-1.fc35 Amateur Multicast Protocol - file transfer program linux/aarch64
flang-13.0.0-1.fc36 a Fortran language front-end designed for integration with LLVM linux/aarch64New
flang-devel-13.0.0-1.fc36 Flang header files linux/aarch64New
flang-doc-13.0.0-1.fc36 Documentation for Flang linux/noarchNew
flann-1.9.1-5.fc35 Fast Library for Approximate Nearest Neighbors linux/aarch64
flann-devel-1.9.1-5.fc35 Development headers and libraries for flann linux/aarch64
flann-static-1.9.1-5.fc35 Static libraries for flann linux/aarch64
flare-1.07-9.fc35 A single player, 2D-isometric, action Role-Playing Game linux/noarch
flare-engine-1.07-8.fc35 A single player, 2D-isometric, action Role-Playing Engine linux/aarch64
flashrom-1.2-7.fc35 Simple program for reading/writing flash chips content linux/aarch64
flashrom-devel-1.2-7.fc35 Development package for flashrom linux/aarch64
flat-remix-gtk2-theme-0.0.20201129-3.fc35 GTK+ 2 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-gtk3-theme-0.0.20201129-3.fc35 GTK+ 3 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-icon-theme-0.0.20201112-3.fc35 Icon theme inspired on material design linux/noarch
flat-remix-theme-0.0.20201129-3.fc35 Pretty simple theme inspired on material design linux/noarch
flatbuffers-2.0.0-3.fc35 Memory efficient serialization library linux/aarch64
flatbuffers-devel-2.0.0-3.fc35 Development files for flatbuffers linux/aarch64
flatbuffers-python3-2.0.0-3.fc35 Python files for flatbuffers linux/aarch64
flatpak-1.12.2-1.fc36 Application deployment framework for desktop apps linux/aarch64New
flatpak-builder-1.2.0-1.fc36 Tool to build flatpaks from source linux/aarch64New
flatpak-devel-1.12.2-1.fc36 Development files for flatpak linux/aarch64New
flatpak-libs-1.12.2-1.fc36 Libraries for flatpak linux/aarch64New
flatpak-module-tools-0.13-3.fc35 Tools for maintaining Flatpak applications and runtimes as Fedora modules linux/noarch
flatpak-rpm-macros-35-3.fc36 Macros for building RPMS for flatpaks linux/aarch64New
flatpak-selinux-1.12.2-1.fc36 SELinux policy module for flatpak linux/noarchNew
flatpak-session-helper-1.12.2-1.fc36 User D-Bus service used by flatpak and others linux/aarch64New
flatpak-spawn-1.0.4-4.fc35 Command-line frontend for the org.freedesktop.Flatpak service linux/aarch64
flatpak-tests-1.12.2-1.fc36 Tests for flatpak linux/aarch64New
flatpak-xdg-utils-1.0.4-4.fc35 Command-line tools for use inside Flatpak sandboxes linux/aarch64
flaw-1.3.2a-25.fc35 Free top-down wizard battle game linux/aarch64
flawfinder-2.0.11-5.fc35 Examines C/C++ source code for security flaws linux/noarch
flcluster-1.0.7-1.fc35 A management tool for accessing dxcluster nodes linux/aarch64
fldigi-4.1.20-2.fc36 Digital modem program for Linux linux/aarch64New
fleet-commander-admin-0.15.1-4.fc35 Fleet Commander linux/noarch
fleet-commander-client-0.15.0-8.fc35 Fleet Commander Client linux/noarch
fleet-commander-logger-0.15.1-4.fc35 Logs configuration changes in a session linux/noarch
flent-2.0.1-2.fc35 FLExible Network Tester for bufferbloat testing and more linux/noarch
flent-doc-2.0.1-2.fc35 Documentation for Flent: The FLExible Network Tester linux/noarch
flex-2.6.4-9.fc35 A tool for generating scanners (text pattern recognizers) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-3.0.4-6.fc35 A BLAS/LAPACK wrapper library with runtime exchangeable backends linux/aarch64
flexiblas-atlas-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for ATLAS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-blis-openmp-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for BLIS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-blis-openmp64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for BLIS (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-blis-serial-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for BLIS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-blis-serial64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for BLIS (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-blis-threads-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for BLIS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-blis-threads64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for BLIS (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-devel-3.0.4-6.fc35 Development headers and libraries for FlexiBLAS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-hook-profile-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS profile hook plugin linux/aarch64
flexiblas-hook-profile64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS profile hook plugin (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-netlib-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrapper library linux/aarch64
flexiblas-netlib64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrapper library (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-openblas-openmp-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-openblas-openmp64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-openblas-serial-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-openblas-serial64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiblas-openblas-threads-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS linux/aarch64
flexiblas-openblas-threads64-3.0.4-6.fc35 FlexiBLAS wrappers for OpenBLAS (64-bit) linux/aarch64
flexiport-2.0.0-22.20120701git1b6103d.fc35 Flexible communications library linux/aarch64
flexiport-devel-2.0.0-22.20120701git1b6103d.fc35 Header files and libraries for flexiport linux/aarch64
flickcurl-1.26-15.fc35 C library for the Flickr API linux/aarch64
flickcurl-devel-1.26-15.fc35 Development files for flickcurl linux/aarch64
flight-of-the-amazon-queen-1.0-23.fc35 Flight of the Amazon Queen - Adventure Game linux/noarch
flight-of-the-amazon-queen-cd-1.0-23.fc35 Flight of the Amazon Queen - Adventure Game - CD version linux/noarch
flim-1.14.9-20.fc35 Basic library for handling email messages for Emacs linux/noarch
flim-xemacs-1.14.9-20.fc35 Basic library for handling email messages for XEmacs linux/noarch
flint-2.8.1-1.fc36 Fast Library for Number Theory linux/aarch64New
flint-devel-2.8.1-1.fc36 Development files for FLINT linux/aarch64New
flint-static-2.8.1-1.fc36 Static libraries for FLINT linux/aarch64New
flintqs-1.0-1.fc36 William Hart's quadratic sieve linux/aarch64
flite-2.2-1.fc36 Small, fast speech synthesis engine (text-to-speech) linux/aarch64New
flite-devel-2.2-1.fc36 Development files for flite linux/aarch64New
fllog-1.2.7-1.fc35 Amateur Radio Log Program linux/aarch64
flmsg-4.0.19-1.fc35 Fast Light Message Amateur Radio Forms Manager linux/aarch64
flnet-7.4.0-2.fc35 Amateur Radio Net Control Station linux/aarch64
flobopuyo-0.20-33.fc35 2-player falling bubbles game linux/aarch64
flocq-3.4.2-5.fc36 Formalization of floating point numbers for Coq linux/aarch64New
flocq-source-3.4.2-5.fc36 Source Coq files linux/aarch64New
flopgen-0.1.0-5.fc36 Tool for automatic creation of FAT-formatted floppy disk images linux/aarch64
florence-0.6.3-15.fc35 Extensible scalable on-screen virtual keyboard for GNOME linux/aarch64
florence-devel-0.6.3-15.fc35 Development files for florence linux/aarch64
florist-2017-11.fc35 Open Source implementation of the POSIX Ada Bindings linux/aarch64
florist-devel-2017-11.fc35 Development files for Florist linux/aarch64
flow-tools- Tool set for working with NetFlow data linux/aarch64
flow-tools-devel- Development files for flow-tools linux/aarch64
flow-tools-docs- HTML and other redundant docs for flow-tools linux/aarch64
flow-tools-rrdtool- Scripts for flow-tools to build rrd graphs linux/aarch64
flowcanvas-0.7.1-37.fc35 Interactive widget for "boxes and lines" environments linux/aarch64
flowcanvas-devel-0.7.1-37.fc35 Development libraries and headers for flowcanvas linux/aarch64
flpsed-0.7.3-15.fc35 WYSIWYG pseudo PostScript editor linux/aarch64
flrig-1.4.2-1.fc35 Transceiver control program linux/aarch64
flterm-1.2-18.fc35 Firmware download program linux/aarch64
fltk-1.3.6-2.fc35 C++ user interface toolkit linux/aarch64
fltk-devel-1.3.6-2.fc35 Development files for fltk linux/aarch64
fltk-fluid-1.3.6-2.fc35 Fast Light User Interface Designer linux/aarch64
fltk-static-1.3.6-2.fc35 Static libraries for fltk linux/aarch64
fluid-0.8.0-14.fc35 Library for fluid and dynamic applications development with QtQuick linux/aarch64
fluid-soundfont-common-3.1-25.fc35 Common files for FluidR3 soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gm-3.1-25.fc35 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gs-3.1-25.fc35 Pro-quality General Standard Extension soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-lite-patches-3.1-25.fc35 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont in GUS patch format linux/noarch
fluidsynth-2.2.3-1.fc36 Real-time software synthesizer linux/aarch64
fluidsynth-devel-2.2.3-1.fc36 Real-time software synthesizer development files linux/aarch64
fluidsynth-libs-2.2.3-1.fc36 Real-time software synthesizer run-time libraries linux/aarch64
flute-1.3.0-26.OOo31.fc35 Java CSS parser using SAC linux/noarch
flute-javadoc-1.3.0-26.OOo31.fc35 Javadoc for flute linux/noarch
fluxbox-1.3.7-18.fc35 Window Manager based on Blackbox linux/aarch64
fluxbox-pulseaudio-1.3.7-18.fc35 Enable pulseaudio support linux/noarch
fluxbox-vim-syntax-1.3.7-18.fc35 Fluxbox syntax scripts for vim linux/noarch
flwkey-1.2.3-10.fc35 Modem program for the K1EL Winkeyer series linux/aarch64
flxmlrpc-1.0.1-1.fc35 An xmlrpc library for the NBEMS suite of programs linux/aarch64
flxmlrpc-devel-1.0.1-1.fc35 Development files for flxmlrpc linux/aarch64
flyingsaucersattack-1.20h-15.fc35 Shoot down the attacking UFOs and to save the city linux/aarch64
fmf-0.16.0-3.fc35 Flexible Metadata Format linux/noarch
fmidi-devel-0.1.1-2.fc36 Development files for fmidi linux/aarch64New
fmidi-libs-0.1.1-2.fc36 Libraries for fmidi linux/aarch64New
fmidi-tools-0.1.1-2.fc36 Command-line tools based on the fmidi library linux/aarch64New
fmit-1.2.14-3.fc35 Free Music Instrument Tuner linux/aarch64
fmt-8.0.1-2.fc35 Small, safe and fast formatting library for C++ linux/aarch64
fmt-devel-8.0.1-2.fc35 Development files for fmt linux/aarch64
fmt-ptrn-1.3.22-19.fc35 A simple template system linux/aarch64
fmt-ptrn-devel-1.3.22-19.fc35 Files needed to develop applications using fmt-ptrn's libraries linux/aarch64
fmtools-2.0.7-22.fc35 Simple Video for Linux radio card programs linux/aarch64
fmtools-tkradio-2.0.7-22.fc35 Python/Tk wrapper for fmtools linux/noarch
fntsample-5.3-10.fc35 A program for making font samples that show Unicode coverage of the font linux/aarch64
focuswriter-1.7.6-4.fc35 A full screen, distraction-free writing program linux/aarch64
foliate-2.6.3-2.fc35 Simple and modern GTK eBook reader linux/noarch
folks-0.15.3-1.fc35 GObject contact aggregation library linux/aarch64
folks-devel-0.15.3-1.fc35 Development files for folks linux/aarch64
folks-telepathy-0.15.3-1.fc35 Folks telepathy backend linux/aarch64
folks-tools-0.15.3-1.fc35 Tools for folks linux/aarch64
folly-2021.08.02.00-3.fc36 An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook linux/aarch64
folly-devel-2021.08.02.00-3.fc36 Development files for folly linux/aarch64
folly-docs-2021.08.02.00-3.fc36 Documentation for folly linux/noarch
folly-static-2021.08.02.00-3.fc36 Static development libraries for folly linux/aarch64
foma-0.10.0-0.2.20210601gitdfe1ccb.fc35 Xerox-compatible finite-state compiler linux/aarch64
fondo-1.6.1-1.fc36 Find the most beautiful wallpapers linux/aarch64
fontaine-0-28.svn70.fc35 Font file meta information utility linux/aarch64
fontawesome-fonts-4.7.0-12.fc35 Iconic font set linux/noarch
fontawesome-fonts-web-4.7.0-12.fc35 Iconic font set, web files linux/noarch
fontawesome5-brands-fonts-5.15.4-1.fc36 Iconic font set linux/noarch
fontawesome5-fonts-5.15.4-1.fc36 Support files for the FontAwesome 5 fonts linux/noarch
fontawesome5-fonts-all-5.15.4-1.fc36 All the font packages, generated from fontawesome5-fonts linux/noarch
fontawesome5-fonts-web-5.15.4-1.fc36 Iconic font set, javascript and SVG files linux/noarch
fontawesome5-free-fonts-5.15.4-1.fc36 Iconic font set linux/noarch
fontbox-2.0.24-2.fc35 Apache FontBox linux/noarch
fontconfig-2.13.94-3.fc35 Font configuration and customization library linux/aarch64
fontconfig-devel-2.13.94-3.fc35 Font configuration and customization library linux/aarch64
fontconfig-devel-doc-2.13.94-3.fc35 Development Documentation files for fontconfig library linux/noarch
fontdump-1.3.0-25.fc35 Dump the CSS and different formats of fonts for Google Fonts linux/noarch
fontforge-20201107-5.fc35 Outline and bitmap font editor linux/aarch64
fontforge-devel-20201107-5.fc35 Development files for fontforge linux/aarch64
fontforge-doc-20201107-5.fc35 Documentation files for fontforge linux/noarch
fontopia-1.8-12.fc35 The console font editor linux/aarch64
fonts-KOI8-R-1.0-33.fc35 Russian and Ukrainian language fonts for the X Window System linux/noarch
fonts-KOI8-R-100dpi-1.0-33.fc35 KOI8-R fonts in 100 dpi resolution for the X Window System linux/noarch
fonts-KOI8-R-75dpi-1.0-33.fc35 A set of 75 dpi Russian and Ukrainian language fonts for X linux/noarch
fonts-filesystem-2.0.5-6.fc35 Directories used by font packages linux/noarch
fonts-rpm-macros-2.0.5-6.fc35 Build-stage rpm automation for fonts packages linux/noarch
fonts-rpm-templates-2.0.5-6.fc35 Example fonts packages rpm spec templates linux/noarch
fonts-srpm-macros-2.0.5-6.fc35 Source-stage rpm automation for fonts packages linux/noarch
fonts-tweak-tool-0.4.5-14.fc35 Tool for customizing fonts per language linux/aarch64
fontsquirrel-crete-round-fonts-0-0.10.20111222.fc35 General purpose warm slab serif font linux/noarch
fonttools-4.27.1-1.fc36 Tools to manipulate font files linux/noarch
fonttosfnt-1.2.2-2.fc35 Tool to wrap bdf or pcf bitmap fonts in an sfnt wrapper linux/aarch64
foo2ddst-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for DDST protocol linux/aarch64
foo2hbpl-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for HBPL protocol linux/aarch64
foo2hiperc-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for HIPERC protocol (Oki C3400n etc.) linux/aarch64
foo2hp-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for HP 1600, HP 2600n linux/aarch64
foo2lava-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for Zenographics LAVAFLOW protocol linux/aarch64
foo2oak-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for OAKT protocol (HPLJ1500 etc.) linux/aarch64
foo2qpdl-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for Samsung CLP-300, CLP-600, CLP-3160 linux/aarch64
foo2slx-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for SLX protocol (Lexmark C500n etc.) linux/aarch64
foo2xqx-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for HP LaserJet M1005 MFP linux/aarch64
foo2zjs-0.20201003-18.fc36 Linux printer driver for ZjStream protocol linux/aarch64
foobillard-3.0a-39.fc35 OpenGL billard game linux/aarch64
foomatic-4.0.13-21.fc35 Tools for using the foomatic database of printers and printer drivers linux/aarch64
foomatic-db-4.0-72.20210611.fc35 Database of printers and printer drivers linux/noarch
foomatic-db-filesystem-4.0-72.20210611.fc35 Directory layout for the foomatic package linux/noarch
foomatic-db-ppds-4.0-72.20210611.fc35 PPDs from printer manufacturers linux/noarch
foot-1.9.1-1.fc36 Fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator linux/aarch64New
foot-terminfo-1.9.1-1.fc36 Terminfo files for foot terminal linux/aarch64New
fop-2.6-2.fc36 XSL-driven print formatter linux/noarch
fop-javadoc-2.6-2.fc36 Javadoc for fop linux/noarch
forbidden-apis-2.5-10.fc34 Policeman's Forbidden API Checker linux/noarch
foremost-1.5.7-27.fc35 Recover files by "carving" them from a raw disk linux/aarch64
forge-parent-38-19.fc35 Sonatype Forge Parent Pom linux/noarch
fortune-firefly-2.1.2-28.fc35 Quotes from the TV series "Firefly" linux/noarch
fortune-mod-3.6.1-3.fc35 A program which will display a fortune linux/aarch64
fossil-2.16-3.fc36 A distributed SCM with bug tracking and wiki linux/aarch64
fossil-doc-2.16-3.fc36 Fossil documentation linux/aarch64
fotoxx-21.55-1.fc36 Photo editor linux/aarch64New
foundation-icons-fonts-3.0-7.fc35 Foundation Icons font linux/noarch
foundation-icons-fonts-web-3.0-7.fc35 Foundation Icons font css file linux/noarch
four-in-a-row-3.38.1-3.fc35 GNOME Four-in-a-row game linux/aarch64
fox-1.6.57-9.fc35 C++ based Toolkit for developing Graphical User Interfaces linux/aarch64
fox-devel-1.6.57-9.fc35 Development files for fox linux/aarch64
fox-doc-1.6.57-9.fc35 Documentation files for fox linux/noarch
fox-utils-1.6.57-9.fc35 Utility applications based on fox linux/aarch64
foxtrotgps-1.2.2-10.fc36 GTK+ mapping and GPS application linux/aarch64
fpack-3.490-4.fc35 FITS image compression and decompression utilities linux/aarch64
fparser-4.5.2-15.fc35 Function parser library for C++ linux/aarch64
fparser-devel-4.5.2-15.fc35 Development files for fparser linux/aarch64
fpart-1.4.0-1.fc36 a tool that sorts files and packs them into bags linux/aarch64New
fpaste- A simple tool for pasting info onto the Fedora community paste server linux/noarch
fpc-3.2.2-3.fc36 Free Pascal Compiler linux/aarch64
fpc-doc-3.2.2-3.fc36 Free Pascal Compiler - documentation and examples linux/aarch64
fpc-src-3.2.2-3.fc36 Free Pascal Compiler - sources linux/noarch
fpc-srpm-macros-1.3-4.fc35 RPM macros needed by packages built with Free Pascal Compiler linux/noarch
fpdns-0.10.0-8.20190131.fc35 Fingerprint DNS servers linux/noarch
fping-5.0-4.fc35 Scriptable, parallelized ping-like utility linux/aarch64
fpm2-0.90-4.fc35 Password manager with GTK3 GUI linux/aarch64
fprintd-1.92.0-2.fc35 D-Bus service for Fingerprint reader access linux/aarch64
fprintd-devel-1.92.0-2.fc35 Development files for fprintd linux/noarch
fprintd-pam-1.92.0-2.fc35 PAM module for fingerprint authentication linux/aarch64
fprobe-ulog-1.2-14.fc35 NetFlow probe linux/aarch64
fragments-1.5-3.fc36 Easy to use BitTorrent client which follows the GNOME HIG linux/aarch64
frama-c-23.1-3.fc36 Framework for source code analysis of C software linux/aarch64New
frama-c-doc-23.1-3.fc36 Large documentation files for frama-c linux/noarchNew
frama-c-emacs-23.1-3.fc36 Emacs support file for ACSL markup linux/noarchNew
frama-c-xemacs-23.1-3.fc36 XEmacs support file for ACSL markup linux/noarchNew
free42-1.4.77-14.fc35 42S Calculator Simulator linux/aarch64
freeDiameter-1.5.0-3.fc35 A Diameter protocol open implementation linux/aarch64
freeDiameter-devel-1.5.0-3.fc35 Library for freeDiameter package linux/aarch64
freealut-1.1.0-34.fc35 Implementation of OpenAL's ALUT standard linux/aarch64
freealut-devel-1.1.0-34.fc35 Development files for freealut linux/aarch64
freecad-0.19.2-5.fc36 A general purpose 3D CAD modeler linux/aarch64
freecad-data-0.19.2-5.fc36 Data files for FreeCAD linux/noarch
freecell-solver-6.6.0-1.fc36 The Freecell Solver Executable linux/aarch64New
freecell-solver-data-6.6.0-1.fc36 The Freecell Solver data files linux/noarchNew
freeciv-2.6.5-2.fc35 A multi-player strategy game linux/aarch64
freecol-0.11.6-16.fc35 Turn-based multi-player strategy game linux/noarch
freecol-imperator-fonts-0.11.6-16.fc35 Gothic font linux/noarch
freecol-manual-0.11.6-16.fc35 User Documentation for freecol linux/noarch
freecol-shadowedblack-fonts-0.11.6-16.fc35 Gothic font with drop shadows linux/noarch
freecolor-0.9.3-14.fc35 Display memory information graphically linux/aarch64
freedink-109.6-8.fc35 Humorous top-down adventure and role-playing game linux/aarch64
freedink-data-1.08.20190120-7.fc35 Adventure and role-playing game (assets) linux/noarch
freedink-dfarc-3.14-10.fc35 Frontend and .dmod installer for GNU FreeDink linux/aarch64
freedink-engine-109.6-8.fc35 Humorous top-down adventure and role-playing game (engine) linux/aarch64
freedoom-0.12.1-6.fc35 Doom styled first person shooter game linux/noarch
freedoom-freedm-0.12.1-5.fc35 Doom styled first person shooter deathmatch game linux/noarch
freedoom2-0.12.1-6.fc35 Doom2 styled first person shooter game linux/noarch
freedroid-1.0.2-38.fc35 Clone of the C64 game Paradroid linux/aarch64
freedroid-data-1.0.2-38.fc35 Game data files for Freedroid linux/noarch
freedroidrpg-1.0-0.fc35.rc2.6 Role playing game with Freedroid theme and Tux as the hero linux/aarch64
freedroidrpg-data-1.0-0.fc35.rc2.6 Data files for the freedroidrpg game linux/noarch
freedv-1.6.0-2.fc36 FreeDV Digital Voice linux/aarch64New
freefem++-4.7-6.fc36 PDE solving tool linux/aarch64
freefem++-mpich-4.7-6.fc36 PDE solving tool - MPICH version linux/aarch64
freefem++-openmpi-4.7-6.fc36 PDE solving tool - OpenMPI version linux/aarch64
freeglut-3.2.1-10.fc35 A freely licensed alternative to the GLUT library linux/aarch64
freeglut-devel-3.2.1-10.fc35 Freeglut developmental libraries and header files linux/aarch64
freeimage-3.19.0-0.7.svn1889.fc36 Multi-format image decoder library linux/aarch64
freeimage-devel-3.19.0-0.7.svn1889.fc36 Development files for freeimage linux/aarch64
freeimage-plus-3.19.0-0.7.svn1889.fc36 C++ wrapper for FreeImage linux/aarch64
freeimage-plus-devel-3.19.0-0.7.svn1889.fc36 Development files for freeimage-devel linux/aarch64
freeipa-client-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 IPA authentication for use on clients linux/aarch64
freeipa-client-common-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Common files used by IPA client linux/noarch
freeipa-client-epn-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Tools to configure Expiring Password Notification in IPA linux/aarch64
freeipa-client-samba-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Tools to configure Samba on IPA client linux/aarch64
freeipa-common-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Common files used by IPA linux/noarch
freeipa-desktop-profile-0.0.8-15.fc35 FleetCommander integration with FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-desktop-profile-common-0.0.8-15.fc35 Common package for client side FleetCommander integration with FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-fas-0.0.6-3.fc35 Fedora Account System extension for FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-healthcheck-0.9-3.fc35 Health check tool for FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-healthcheck-core-0.9-3.fc35 Core plugin system for healthcheck linux/noarch
freeipa-python-compat-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Compatiblity package for Python libraries used by IPA linux/noarch
freeipa-selinux-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 FreeIPA SELinux policy linux/noarch
freeipa-server-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 The IPA authentication server linux/aarch64
freeipa-server-common-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Common files used by IPA server linux/noarch
freeipa-server-dns-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 IPA integrated DNS server with support for automatic DNSSEC signing linux/noarch
freeipa-server-trust-ad-4.9.7-1.fc36.1 Virtual package to install packages required for Active Directory trusts linux/aarch64
freeipmi-1.6.8-2.fc35 IPMI remote console and system management software linux/aarch64
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog-1.6.8-2.fc35 IPMI BMC watchdog linux/aarch64
freeipmi-devel-1.6.8-2.fc35 Development package for FreeIPMI linux/aarch64
freeipmi-ipmidetectd-1.6.8-2.fc35 IPMI node detection monitoring daemon linux/aarch64
freeipmi-ipmiseld-1.6.8-2.fc35 IPMI SEL syslog logging daemon linux/aarch64
freemarker-2.3.30-3.fc34 The Apache FreeMarker Template Engine linux/noarch
freemarker-javadoc-2.3.30-3.fc34 Javadoc for freemarker linux/noarch
freeopcua-0-0.20.20200131.da2b76f.fc35 Open Source C++ OPC-UA Server and Client Library linux/aarch64
freeopcua-devel-0-0.20.20200131.da2b76f.fc35 Development files for freeopcua linux/aarch64
freeradius-3.0.25-2.fc36 High-performance and highly configurable free RADIUS server linux/aarch64New
freeradius-client-1.1.7-24.fc35 RADIUS protocol client library linux/aarch64
freeradius-client-devel-1.1.7-24.fc35 Development files for freeradius-client linux/aarch64
freeradius-client-utils-1.1.7-24.fc35 Utility programs for freeradius-client linux/aarch64
freeradius-devel-3.0.25-2.fc36 FreeRADIUS development files linux/aarch64New
freeradius-doc-3.0.25-2.fc36 FreeRADIUS documentation linux/aarch64New
freeradius-krb5-3.0.25-2.fc36 Kerberos 5 support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-ldap-3.0.25-2.fc36 LDAP support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-mysql-3.0.25-2.fc36 MySQL support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-perl-3.0.25-2.fc36 Perl support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-postgresql-3.0.25-2.fc36 Postgresql support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-rest-3.0.25-2.fc36 REST support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-sqlite-3.0.25-2.fc36 SQLite support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-unixODBC-3.0.25-2.fc36 Unix ODBC support for freeradius linux/aarch64New
freeradius-utils-3.0.25-2.fc36 FreeRADIUS utilities linux/aarch64New
freerdp-2.4.0-3.fc36 Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) linux/aarch64
freerdp-devel-2.4.0-3.fc36 Development files for freerdp linux/aarch64
freerdp-libs-2.4.0-3.fc36 Core libraries implementing the RDP protocol linux/aarch64
freerdp-server-2.4.0-3.fc36 Server support for freerdp linux/aarch64
freerouting-1.3.1-8.fc35 Circuit Board Routing Tool linux/noarch
freetdi-gala-devel-1-2.fc35 C++ graph abstraction with low-level access linux/noarch
freetds-1.1.20-5.fc35 Implementation of the TDS (Tabular DataStream) protocol linux/aarch64
freetds-devel-1.1.20-5.fc35 Header files and development libraries for freetds linux/aarch64
freetds-doc-1.1.20-5.fc35 Development documentation for freetds linux/noarch
freetds-libs-1.1.20-5.fc35 Libraries for freetds linux/aarch64
freetennis-0.4.8-51.fc35 Tennis simulation game linux/aarch64
freetype-2.11.0-1.fc35 A free and portable font rendering engine linux/aarch64
freetype-demos-2.11.0-1.fc35 A collection of FreeType demos linux/aarch64
freetype-devel-2.11.0-1.fc35 FreeType development libraries and header files linux/aarch64
freewrl-4.3.0-9.20200221gite99ab4a.fc35 X3D / VRML visualization program linux/aarch64
freewrl-devel-4.3.0-9.20200221gite99ab4a.fc35 Development files for FreeWRL linux/aarch64
freewrl-java-4.3.0-9.20200221gite99ab4a.fc35 Java support for FreeWRL linux/aarch64
freexl-1.0.6-3.fc35 Library to extract data from within an Excel spreadsheet linux/aarch64
freexl-devel-1.0.6-3.fc35 Development Libraries for FreeXL linux/aarch64
freeze-2.5.0-31.fc36 freeze/melt/fcat compression utilities linux/aarch64
frei0r-devel-1.7.0-13.fc35 Development files for frei0r-plugins linux/aarch64
frei0r-plugins-1.7.0-13.fc35 Frei0r - a minimalist plugin API for video effects linux/aarch64
frei0r-plugins-opencv-1.7.0-13.fc35 Frei0r plugins using OpenCV linux/aarch64
freight-0.3.13-2.fc35 A modern take on the Debian archive linux/noarch
frescobaldi-3.1.3-4.fc35 Edit LilyPond sheet music with ease! linux/noarch
fribidi-1.0.11-1.fc36 Library implementing the Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm linux/aarch64
fribidi-devel-1.0.11-1.fc36 Libraries and include files for FriBidi linux/aarch64
fritzing-0.9.6-3.fc36 Electronic Design Automation software; from prototype to product linux/aarch64
fritzing-parts-0.9.6-3.fc36 Parts library for the Fritzing electronic design application linux/noarch
frobby-0.9.0-24.fc35 Computations With Monomial Ideals linux/aarch64
frogr-1.6-5.fc35 Flickr Remote Organizer for GNOME linux/aarch64
fros-1.1-27.fc35 Universal screencasting frontend with pluggable support for various backends linux/noarch
fros-gnome-1.1-27.fc35 fros plugin for screencasting using Gnome3 integrated screencaster linux/noarch
fros-recordmydesktop-1.1-27.fc35 fros plugin for screencasting using recordmydesktop as a backend linux/noarch
frotz-2.52-4.fc35 Interactive fiction interpreter for Z-Machine (Infocom) games linux/aarch64
frotz-gui-2.52-4.fc35 SDL GUI for frotz interactive fiction interpreter linux/aarch64
frozen-bubble-2.2.1-0.37.beta1.fc35 Frozen Bubble arcade game linux/aarch64
frozen-bubble-server-2.2.1-0.37.beta1.fc35 Frozen Bubble network game dedicated server linux/aarch64
frr-8.0.1-5.fc36 Routing daemon linux/aarch64New
fruit-2.1-2.fc35 UCI chess engine linux/aarch64
fruit-books-2.1-2.fc35 Opening books for fruit linux/noarch
fs_mark-3.3-24.fc35 Benchmark synchronous/async file creation linux/aarch64
fsarchiver-0.8.5-11.fc35 Safe and flexible file-system backup/deployment tool linux/aarch64
fspy-0.1.1-23.fc35 A filesystem activity monitoring utility linux/aarch64
fstransform-0.9.4-7.fc35 Tool for in-place file-system conversion without backup linux/aarch64
fstrcmp-0.7.D001-16.fc35 Fuzzy string compare library linux/aarch64
fstrcmp-devel-0.7.D001-16.fc35 Development files for fstrcmp linux/aarch64
fstrm-0.6.1-3.fc35 Frame Streams implementation in C linux/aarch64
fstrm-devel-0.6.1-3.fc35 Development Files for fstrm library linux/aarch64
fstrm-doc-0.6.1-3.fc35 API documentation for fstrm library linux/noarch
fstrm-utils-0.6.1-3.fc35 Frame Streams (fstrm) utilities linux/aarch64
fsverity-utils-1.4-5.fc36 fsverity utilities linux/aarch64
fsverity-utils-devel-1.4-5.fc36 Development package for fsverity-utils linux/aarch64
fswatch-1.14.0-6.fc35 A cross-platform file change monitor linux/aarch64
fswatch-devel-1.14.0-6.fc35 Development files for fswatch linux/aarch64
fswatch-static-1.14.0-6.fc35 Static library for fswatch linux/aarch64
fswebcam-20200725-3.fc35 Tiny and flexible webcam program linux/aarch64
ftgl-2.1.3-0.25.rc5.fc35 OpenGL frontend to Freetype 2 linux/aarch64
ftgl-devel-2.1.3-0.25.rc5.fc35 Development files for ftgl linux/aarch64
ftgl-docs-2.1.3-0.25.rc5.fc35 Documentation for ftgl linux/aarch64
ftnchek-3.3.1-34.fc35 Static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs linux/aarch64
ftop-1.0-22.fc35 Utility that shows shows progress of open files and file systems linux/aarch64
ftp-0.17-88.fc35 The standard UNIX FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client linux/aarch64
ftplib-4.0-15.fc35 Library of FTP routines linux/aarch64
ftplib-devel-4.0-15.fc35 Development files for ftplib linux/aarch64
fuelmanager-0.5-7.fc35 Manage fuel mileage linux/aarch64
funguloids-1.06-38.fc35 Space-Flying-Mushroom-Picking-Simulator game linux/aarch64
funionfs-0.4.3-28.fc35 Union filesystem in userspace linux/aarch64
fuse-2.9.9-13.fc35 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 utilities linux/aarch64
fuse-afp-0.8.1-35.fc35 FUSE driver for AFP filesystem linux/aarch64
fuse-btfs-2.24-4.fc36 FUSE filesystem Bittorrent linux/aarch64
fuse-common-3.10.5-1.fc36 Common files for File System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 and v3 linux/aarch64
fuse-convmvfs-0.2.6-23.fc35 FUSE-Filesystem to convert filesystem encodings linux/aarch64
fuse-devel-2.9.9-13.fc35 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 devel files linux/aarch64
fuse-dislocker-0.7.3-4.fc36 FUSE filesystem to access BitLocker encrypted volumes linux/aarch64
fuse-emulator-1.6.0-2.fc35 The Free UNIX Spectrum Emulator linux/aarch64
fuse-emulator-utils-1.4.3-2.fc35 Additional utils for the Fuse spectrum emulator linux/aarch64
fuse-encfs-1.9.5-11.fc36 Encrypted pass-thru filesystem in userspace linux/aarch64
fuse-libs-2.9.9-13.fc35 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v2 libraries linux/aarch64
fuse-overlayfs-1.7.1-2.fc36 FUSE overlay+shiftfs implementation for rootless containers linux/aarch64
fuse-pingfs-0-0.4.20200820gitf2f2b5f.fc35 Stores your data in ICMP ping packets linux/aarch64
fuse-sshfs-3.7.2-2.fc35 FUSE-Filesystem to access remote filesystems via SSH linux/aarch64
fuse-zip-0.7.2-2.fc35 Filesystem to navigate, extract, create and modify ZIP archives linux/aarch64
fuse3-3.10.5-1.fc36 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v3 utilities linux/aarch64
fuse3-devel-3.10.5-1.fc36 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v3 devel files linux/aarch64
fuse3-libs-3.10.5-1.fc36 File System in Userspace (FUSE) v3 libraries linux/aarch64
fuse9p-1.0.9-25.fc35 Plan9 filesystem client for FUSE linux/noarch
fusesource-pom-1.12-8.fc35 Parent POM for FuseSource Maven projects linux/noarch
fusion-icon-0.2.4-18.fc35 Compiz Fusion panel applet linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-2.6-4.fc35 FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-cron-2.6-4.fc35 Cron for FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-collect-2.6-4.fc35 Custom information retrieval support for FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-deploy-2.6-4.fc35 Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-esx-2.6-4.fc35 FusionInventory plugin to inventory vCenter/ESX/ESXi linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-inventory-2.6-4.fc35 Inventory task for FusionInventory linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-network-2.6-4.fc35 NetDiscovery and NetInventory task for FusionInventory linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-wakeonlan-2.6-4.fc35 WakeOnLan task for FusionInventory linux/noarch
fuzza-0.6.0-5.fc35 TCP fuzzing tool to test for remote buffer overflows linux/noarch
fuzzel-1.6.4-1.fc36 Application launcher for wlroots based Wayland compositors linux/aarch64New
fvsp-0.1-14.fc35 Convert Perl version string into RPM-compatible version string linux/aarch64
fvsp-devel-0.1-14.fc35 Development files for fvsp linux/aarch64
fvwm-2.6.9-6.fc35 Highly configurable multiple virtual desktop window manager linux/aarch64
fwknop-2.6.10-9.fc35 A Single Packet Authorization (SPA) implementation linux/aarch64
fwknop-devel-2.6.10-9.fc35 The fwknop library, header and API docs linux/aarch64
fwknop-gui-1.3.1-16.fc35 GUI client for Fwknop linux/aarch64
fwsnort-1.6.5-22.fc35 Translates Snort rules into equivalent iptables rules linux/noarch
fwts-21.03.00-2.fc35 Firmware Test Suite linux/aarch64
fwupd-1.7.0-1.fc36 Firmware update daemon linux/aarch64New
fwupd-devel-1.7.0-1.fc36 Development package for fwupd linux/aarch64New
fwupd-efi-1.1-1.fc35 Firmware update EFI binaries linux/aarch64
fwupd-plugin-flashrom-1.7.0-1.fc36 fwupd plugin using flashrom linux/aarch64New
fwupd-plugin-modem-manager-1.7.0-1.fc36 fwupd plugin using ModemManger linux/aarch64New
fwupd-plugin-uefi-capsule-data-1.7.0-1.fc36 Localized data for the UEFI UX capsule linux/aarch64New
fwupd-tests-1.7.0-1.fc36 Data files for installed tests linux/aarch64New
fx-20.0.2-13.fc36 Command-line JSON processing tool linux/noarch
fx-completion-1.0.5-5.fc36 Shell completion for fx linux/noarch
fxload-2008_10_13-20.fc35 A helper program to download firmware into FX and FX2 EZ-USB devices linux/aarch64
fzf-0.27.2-2.fc35 A command-line fuzzy finder written in Go linux/aarch64

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