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Packages beginning with letter F

Field3D-1.7.3-1.fc32 Library for storing voxel data linux/aarch64
Field3D-devel-1.7.3-1.fc32 Development files for Field3D linux/aarch64
f32-backgrounds-32.2.2-1.fc32 Fedora 32 default desktop background linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-animated-32.2.2-1.fc32 Time of day images for Fedora 32 backgrounds linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-base-32.2.2-1.fc32 Base images for Fedora 32 default background linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-base-32.2.2-1.fc32 Base images for F32 Extras Backrounds linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-gnome-32.2.2-1.fc32 Extra F32 Wallpapers for GNOME and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-kde-32.2.2-1.fc32 Extra F32 Wallpapers for KDE linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-mate-32.2.2-1.fc32 Extra F32 Wallpapers for Mate linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-extras-xfce-32.2.2-1.fc32 Extra F32 Wallpapers for XFCE linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-gnome-32.2.2-1.fc32 Fedora 32 default wallpaper for GNOME and Cinnamon linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-kde-32.2.2-1.fc32 Fedora 32 default wallpaper for KDE linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-mate-32.2.2-1.fc32 Fedora 32 default wallpaper for Mate linux/noarch
f32-backgrounds-xfce-32.2.2-1.fc32 Fedora 32 default background for XFCE4 linux/noarch
fabtests-1.12.0-0.1.fc32 Test suite for libfabric API linux/aarch64
fail2ban-0.11.2-1.fc32 Daemon to ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors linux/noarch
fail2ban-all-0.11.2-1.fc32 Install all Fail2Ban packages and dependencies linux/noarch
fail2ban-firewalld-0.11.2-1.fc32 Firewalld support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-hostsdeny-0.11.2-1.fc32 Hostsdeny (tcp_wrappers) support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-mail-0.11.2-1.fc32 Mail actions for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-selinux-0.11.2-1.fc32 SELinux policies for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-sendmail-0.11.2-1.fc32 Sendmail actions for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-server-0.11.2-1.fc32 Core server component for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-shorewall-0.11.2-1.fc32 Shorewall support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-shorewall-lite-0.11.2-1.fc32 Shorewall lite support for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-systemd-0.11.2-1.fc32 Systemd journal configuration for Fail2Ban linux/noarch
fail2ban-tests-0.11.2-1.fc32 Fail2Ban testcases linux/noarch
fakeroot-1.25.2-1.fc32 Gives a fake root environment linux/aarch64
fakeroot-libs-1.25.2-1.fc32 Gives a fake root environment (libraries) linux/aarch64
falkon-pdfreader-0-0.7.20200924gitdcb8453.fc32 PDF reader extension for Falkon using pdf.js linux/aarch64
fapolicyd-1.0.2-1.fc32 Application Whitelisting Daemon linux/aarch64
fapolicyd-dnf-plugin-1.0.2-1.fc32 Fapolicyd dnf plugin linux/noarch
fapolicyd-selinux-1.0.2-1.fc32 Fapolicyd selinux linux/noarch
fasjson-client-0.1.1-6.fc32 An OpenAPI client for FASJSON - CLI linux/noarch
fastd-21-1.fc32 Fast and secure tunneling daemon linux/aarch64
fasttext-0.9.2-1.fc32 Efficient learning of word representations and sentence classification linux/aarch64
fasttext-devel-0.9.2-1.fc32 Libraries and header files for fastText linux/aarch64
fasttext-libs-0.9.2-1.fc32 Runtime libraries for fastText linux/aarch64
fatresize-1.1.0-1.fc32 FAT16/FAT32 resizer linux/aarch64
fawkes-1.3.0-11.fc32 Robot Software Framework linux/aarch64
fawkes-core-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes base system linux/aarch64
fawkes-devel-1.3.0-11.fc32 Development files for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-devenv-1.3.0-11.fc32 Development environment Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-doc-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes API documentation linux/noarch
fawkes-firevision-1.3.0-11.fc32 Computer vision sub-system linux/aarch64
fawkes-firevision-tools-1.3.0-11.fc32 Computer vision sub-system tools linux/aarch64
fawkes-guis-1.3.0-11.fc32 GUI applications to control Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-lua-1.3.0-11.fc32 Lua libraries and scripts for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-amcl-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin providing adaptive Monte Carlo Localization linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-bblogger-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to log data from blackboard linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-bbsync-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to synchronize multiple instances linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-cedar-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for system status monitoring linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin providing CLIPS environments linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-agent-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to run a CLIPS-based agent linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-executive-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to run the Clips Executive linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-navgraph-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to provide the CLIPS navgraph feature linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-pddl-parser-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to parse PDDL from CLIPS linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-protobuf-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to access protobuf messages from CLIPS linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-clips-tf-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to access coordinate transforms from CLIPS linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-colli-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for local path planning with collision avoidance linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-dynamixel-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin generic access to Dynamixel servos linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-flite-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes Flite speech synthesis plugin linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazebo-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for Gazebo simulation integration linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-comm-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to simulate network communication linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-depthcam-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to simulate a depth camera linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-laser-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to simulate a laser range finder linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-localization-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to provide localization data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-robotino-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to simulate Robotino robot linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-timesource-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to use simulation time linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-vis-localization-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to visualize localization info linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gazsim-webcam-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to provide images from simulated webcam linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-gossip-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for Gossip communication linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-imu-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for access IMU sensors linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-jaco-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to access a Kinova Jaco arm linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-joystick-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to access joysticks linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-joystick-teleop-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to move a robot by joystick linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-katana-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to control the Katana robot arm linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to access laser range finders linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-cluster-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to extract clusters from laser data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-filter-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin providing laser data filtering linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-lines-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to extract lines from laser data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-laser-pointclouds-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to convert laser data to point clouds linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-luaagent-1.3.0-11.fc32 Agent framework written in Lua linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-map-lasergen-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to generate fake laser data linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for a 2D navigation graph linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-clusters-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to convert clusters to obstacles linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-generator-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to generate a navgraph from POIs linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-navgraph-static-constraints-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to apply static constraints on navgraph linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-openni-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin providing access to OpenNI linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-pantilt-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to control pan-tilt units linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-realsense-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to use older Intel RealSense cameras linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-realsense2-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to use newer Intel RealSense cameras linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-refboxcomm-1.3.0-11.fc32 RoboCup referee box integration linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-robot-state-publisher-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to publish transforms based on model linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-robotino-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes driver for the Festo Robotino linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-robotino-ir-pcl-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for Robotino IR data as pointcloud linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-roomba-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to control a Roomba linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-rrd-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin providing tools to create RRD graphs linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-skiller-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes behavior engine plugin linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-skiller-simulator-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to simulate skill execution linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-static-transforms-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin to publish static transforms linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-tabletop-objects-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes plugin for table top scene analysis on 3D point clouds linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-ttmainloop-1.3.0-11.fc32 Time tracking main loop linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-webview-1.3.0-11.fc32 Fawkes polugin to provide a web interface linux/aarch64
fawkes-plugin-xmlrpc-1.3.0-11.fc32 XML-RPC communication plugin linux/aarch64
fawkes-protobuf-1.3.0-11.fc32 Google protobuf libraries and integration for Fawkes linux/aarch64
fb303-0-0.3.20210412git9066fd2.fc32 Base Thrift service and a common set of functionality linux/aarch64
fb303-devel-0-0.3.20210412git9066fd2.fc32 Development files for fb303 linux/aarch64
fbb-7.0.10-1.fc32 Packet radio mailbox and utilities linux/aarch64
fbb-doc-7.0.10-1.fc32 Documentation for fbb linux/noarch
fbb-gui-7.0.10-1.fc32 GUI for fbb linux/aarch64
fbrnch-0.8.0-1.fc32 Fedora packager tool to build package branches linux/aarch64
fbterm-1.7-20.fc32 A frame-buffer terminal emulator linux/aarch64
fbthrift-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Facebook's branch of Apache Thrift, including a new C++ server linux/aarch64
fbthrift-devel-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Development files for fbthrift linux/aarch64
fbzmq-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Framework for writing services in C++ while leveraging libzmq linux/aarch64
fbzmq-devel-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Development files for fbzmq linux/aarch64
fbzx-4.2.0-1.fc32 A ZX Spectrum emulator for FrameBuffer linux/aarch64
fcitx- An input method framework linux/aarch64
fcitx-anthy-0.2.3-1.fc32 Anthy Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-data- Data files of Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx-devel- Development files for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-gtk2- Fcitx IM module for gtk2 linux/aarch64
fcitx-gtk3- Fcitx IM module for gtk3 linux/aarch64
fcitx-libs- Shared libraries for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-pinyin- Pinyin Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-qt4- Fcitx IM module for qt4 linux/aarch64
fcitx-qt5-1.2.5-1.fc32 Fcitx IM module for Qt5 linux/aarch64
fcitx-qt5-devel-1.2.5-1.fc32 Development files for fcitx-qt5 linux/aarch64
fcitx-qw- Quwei Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-table- Table Engine for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx-table-chinese- Chinese table of Fcitx linux/noarch
fcitx5-5.0.3-3.fc32 Next generation of fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-autostart-5.0.3-3.fc32 This package will make fcitx5 start with your GUI session linux/noarch
fcitx5-chewing-5.0.2-2.fc32 Chewing Wrapper for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-chinese-addons-5.0.2-2.fc32 Chinese related addon for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-chinese-addons-data-5.0.2-2.fc32 Data files of fcitx5-chinese-addons linux/noarch
fcitx5-chinese-addons-devel-5.0.2-2.fc32 Development files for fcitx5-chinese-addons linux/aarch64
fcitx5-configtool-5.0.0-1.fc32 Configuration tools used by fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-data-5.0.3-3.fc32 Data files of Fcitx5 linux/noarch
fcitx5-devel-5.0.3-3.fc32 Development files for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk-5.0.1-1.fc32 Gtk im module and glib based dbus client library linux/aarch64
fcitx5-gtk-devel-5.0.1-1.fc32 Development files for fcitx5-gtk linux/aarch64
fcitx5-kkc-5.0.2-2.fc32 Libkkc input method support for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-lua-5.0.1-1.fc32 Lua support for fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-lua-devel-5.0.1-1.fc32 Development files for fcitx5-lua linux/aarch64
fcitx5-migrator-5.0.0-1.fc32 Migration tools for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-migrator-devel-5.0.0-1.fc32 Devel files for fcitx5-migrator linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-5.0.1-2.fc32 Qt library and IM module for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-devel-5.0.1-2.fc32 Development files for fcitx5-qt linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-libfcitx5qt5widgets-5.0.1-2.fc32 Provide libFcitx5Qt5WidgetsAddons for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-libfcitx5qtdbus-5.0.1-2.fc32 Provides libFcitx5Qt5DBusAddons for fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fcitx5-qt-module-5.0.1-2.fc32 Provides seperately modules for fcitx5-qt linux/aarch64
fcitx5-rime-5.0.2-2.fc32 RIME support for Fcitx linux/aarch64
fcitx5-skk-5.0.2-2.fc32 Japanese SKK (Simple Kana Kanji) Engine for Fcitx5 linux/aarch64
fd-find-8.1.0-1.fc32 Simple, fast and user-friendly alternative to find linux/aarch64
fdupes-2.1.1-1.fc32 Finds duplicate files in a given set of directories linux/aarch64
fedfind-4.4.4-1.fc32 Fedora compose and image finder linux/noarch
fedmod-0.6.4-1.fc32 Utilities for generating & maintaining modulemd files linux/noarch
fedmsg-1.1.2-1.fc32 Tools for Fedora Infrastructure real-time messaging linux/noarch
fedmsg-base-1.1.2-1.fc32 Base file system layout for other fedmsg packages linux/noarch
fedmsg-doc-1.1.2-1.fc32 Documentation for the fedmsg library and CLI linux/noarch
fedora-business-cards-2.2.1-1.fc32 The Fedora business card generator linux/noarch
fedora-chromium-config-1.1-10.fc32 Fedora customizations for Chromium/Chrome linux/noarch
fedora-coreos-config-transpiler-0.10.0-1.fc32 Fedora CoreOS Config Transpiler (FCCT) linux/aarch64
fedora-coreos-config-transpiler-nonlinux-0.10.0-1.fc32 Fedora CoreOS Config Transpiler for macOS and Windows linux/noarch
fedora-coreos-pinger-0.0.4-7.fc32 Telemetry service for Fedora CoreOS linux/aarch64
fedora-developer-portal-1.0.0-0.8.git7fc490c.fc32 Fedora Developer Portal linux/noarch
fedora-easy-karma-0-0.44.20200427git6fc0f39.fc32 Fedora update feedback made easy linux/noarch
fedora-gpg-keys-32-13 Fedora RPM keys linux/noarch
fedora-jam-kde-theme-3.0.0-1.fc32 Fedora Jam KDE Theme linux/noarch
fedora-messaging-2.0.2-1.fc32 Set of tools for using Fedora's messaging infrastructure linux/noarch
fedora-messaging-doc-2.0.2-1.fc32 Documentation for fedora-messaging linux/noarch
fedora-obsolete-packages-32-57 A package to obsolete retired packages linux/noarch
fedora-packager- Tools for setting up a fedora maintainer environment linux/noarch
fedora-packager-yubikey- tool for setting up a yubikey for use in Fedora linux/noarch
fedora-release-32-4 Fedora release files linux/noarch
fedora-release-cinnamon-32-4 Base package for Fedora Cinnamon-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-cloud-32-4 Base package for Fedora Cloud-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-common-32-4 Fedora release files linux/noarch
fedora-release-container-32-4 Base package for Fedora container specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-coreos-32-4 Base package for Fedora CoreOS-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-iot-32-4 Base package for Fedora IoT specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-kde-32-4 Base package for Fedora KDE Plasma-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-matecompiz-32-4 Base package for Fedora MATE-Compiz-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-server-32-4 Base package for Fedora Server-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-silverblue-32-4 Base package for Fedora Silverblue-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-snappy-32-4 Base package for Fedora snap specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-soas-32-4 Base package for Fedora Sugar on a Stick-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-workstation-32-4 Base package for Fedora Workstation-specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-release-xfce-32-4 Base package for Fedora Xfce specific default configurations linux/noarch
fedora-repo-zdicts-2103.1-2.fc32 Zstd dictionaries for Fedora repository metadata linux/noarch
fedora-repos-32-13 Fedora package repositories linux/noarch
fedora-repos-archive-32-13 Fedora updates archive package repository linux/noarch
fedora-repos-eln-32-13 ELN repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-repos-ostree-32-13 OSTree specific files linux/noarch
fedora-repos-rawhide-32-13 Rawhide repo definitions linux/noarch
fedora-review-0.7.6-2.fc32 Review tool for fedora rpm packages linux/noarch
fedora-review-plugin-ruby-0.7.6-2.fc32 Enhanced ruby tests for fedora-review linux/noarch
fedora-review-tests-0.7.6-2.fc32 Test and test data files for fedora-review linux/noarch
fedora-update-feedback-0.6.0-1.fc32 Provide feedback for fedora updates (inspired by fedora-easy-karma) linux/aarch64
fedora-upgrade-34.3-1.fc32 Upgrade Fedora to next version using dnf upgrade (unofficial tool) linux/noarch
fedpkg-1.40-6.fc32 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
fedpkg-minimal-1.2.0-1.fc32 Script to allow fedpkg fetch to work linux/noarch
fedpkg-stage-1.40-6.fc32 Fedora utility for working with dist-git linux/noarch
fedscm-admin-1.0.18-1.fc32 CLI tool to process Fedora SCM requests linux/noarch
feedreader-2.11.0-1.fc32 RSS desktop client linux/aarch64
feh-3.6.3-1.fc32 Fast command line image viewer using Imlib2 linux/aarch64
fennel-0.9.1-1.fc32 A Lisp that compiles to Lua linux/noarch
fetchmail-6.4.8-1.fc32 A remote mail retrieval and forwarding utility linux/aarch64
ffado-2.4.4-2.fc32 Free firewire audio driver library applications and utilities linux/aarch64
ffsend-0.2.64-1.fc32 Easily and securely share files from the command line linux/aarch64
fido2-tools-1.3.1-2.fc32 FIDO2 tools linux/aarch64
file-5.38-4.fc32 A utility for determining file types linux/aarch64
file-devel-5.38-4.fc32 Libraries and header files for file development linux/aarch64
file-libs-5.38-4.fc32 Libraries for applications using libmagic linux/aarch64
file-roller-3.36.3-1.fc32 Tool for viewing and creating archives linux/aarch64
file-roller-nautilus-3.36.3-1.fc32 File Roller extension for nautilus linux/aarch64
file-static-5.38-4.fc32 Static library for file development linux/aarch64
filezilla-3.48.1-1.fc32 FTP, FTPS and SFTP client linux/aarch64
finch-2.13.0-18.fc32 A text-based user interface for Pidgin linux/aarch64
finch-devel-2.13.0-18.fc32 Headers etc. for finch stuffs linux/aarch64
findutils-4.7.0-4.fc32 The GNU versions of find utilities (find and xargs) linux/aarch64
fio-3.21-1.fc32 Multithreaded IO generation tool linux/aarch64
fips-mode-setup-20200619-1.git781bbd4.fc32 Enable or disable system FIPS mode linux/noarch
fira-code-fonts-5.2-1.fc32 Monospaced font with programming ligatures linux/noarch
firebird- SQL relational database management system linux/aarch64
firebird-devel- UDF support library for Firebird SQL server linux/aarch64
firebird-doc- Documentation for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-examples- Examples for Firebird SQL server linux/noarch
firebird-utils- Firebird SQL user utilities linux/aarch64
firefox-88.0.1-1.fc32 Mozilla Firefox Web browser linux/aarch64
firefox-pkcs11-loader-3.13.6-1.fc32 Helper script for Firefox that sets up the browser for authentication with Estonian ID-card linux/aarch64
firefox-wayland-88.0.1-1.fc32 Firefox Wayland launcher. linux/aarch64
firefox-x11-88.0.1-1.fc32 Firefox X11 launcher. linux/aarch64
firejail- Linux namespaces sandbox program linux/aarch64
firewall-applet-0.8.6-1.fc32 Firewall panel applet linux/noarch
firewall-config-0.8.6-1.fc32 Firewall configuration application linux/noarch
firewalld-0.8.6-1.fc32 A firewall daemon with D-Bus interface providing a dynamic firewall linux/noarch
firewalld-filesystem-0.8.6-1.fc32 Firewalld directory layout and rpm macros linux/noarch
fish-3.1.2-2.fc32 Friendly interactive shell linux/aarch64
fityk-1.3.1-24.fc32 Non-linear curve fitting and data analysis linux/aarch64
fityk-devel-1.3.1-24.fc32 Header files, libraries and development documentation for fityk linux/aarch64
fizz-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 A C++14 implementation of the TLS-1.3 standard linux/aarch64
fizz-devel-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Development files for fizz linux/aarch64
flameshot-0.8.5-1.fc32 Powerful and simple to use screenshot software linux/aarch64
flamethrower-0.11.0-1.fc32 A DNS performance and functional testing utility linux/aarch64
flashrom-1.2-5.fc32 Simple program for reading/writing flash chips content linux/aarch64
flashrom-devel-1.2-5.fc32 Development package for flashrom linux/aarch64
flat-remix-gtk2-theme-0.0.20200718-1.fc32 GTK+ 2 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-gtk3-theme-0.0.20200718-1.fc32 GTK+ 3 support for the Flat Remix GTK theme linux/noarch
flat-remix-icon-theme-0.0.20201112-1.fc32 Icon theme inspired on material design linux/noarch
flat-remix-theme-0.0.20200718-1.fc32 Pretty simple theme inspired on material design linux/noarch
flatbuffers-1.12.0-1.fc32 Memory efficient serialization library linux/aarch64
flatbuffers-devel-1.12.0-1.fc32 Development files for flatbuffers linux/aarch64
flatpak-1.8.5-1.fc32 Application deployment framework for desktop apps linux/aarch64
flatpak-builder-1.0.12-1.fc32 Tool to build flatpaks from source linux/aarch64
flatpak-devel-1.8.5-1.fc32 Development files for flatpak linux/aarch64
flatpak-libs-1.8.5-1.fc32 Libraries for flatpak linux/aarch64
flatpak-module-tools-0.13-1.fc32 Tools for maintaining Flatpak applications and runtimes as Fedora modules linux/noarch
flatpak-rpm-macros-32-3.fc32 Macros for building RPMS for flatpaks linux/aarch64
flatpak-selinux-1.8.5-1.fc32 SELinux policy module for flatpak linux/noarch
flatpak-session-helper-1.8.5-1.fc32 User D-Bus service used by flatpak and others linux/aarch64
flatpak-tests-1.8.5-1.fc32 Tests for flatpak linux/aarch64
fldigi-4.1.18-2.fc32 Digital modem program for Linux linux/aarch64
flmsg-4.0.17-1.fc32 Fast Light Message Amateur Radio Forms Manager linux/aarch64
flnet-7.4.0-1.fc32 Amateur Radio Net Control Station linux/aarch64
flocq-3.3.1-1.fc32 Formalization of floating point numbers for Coq linux/aarch64
flocq-source-3.3.1-1.fc32 Source Coq files linux/aarch64
flopgen-0.1.0-3.fc32 Tool for automatic creation of FAT-formatted floppy disk images linux/aarch64
flrig-1.3.54-1.fc32 Transceiver control program linux/aarch64
fluid-0.8.0-10.fc32 Library for fluid and dynamic applications development with QtQuick linux/aarch64
fluidsynth-2.1.8-3.fc32 Real-time software synthesizer linux/aarch64
fluidsynth-devel-2.1.8-3.fc32 Real-time software synthesizer development files linux/aarch64
fluidsynth-dssi-1.0.0-22.fc32 DSSI implementation of Fluidsynth linux/aarch64
fluidsynth-libs-2.1.8-3.fc32 Real-time software synthesizer run-time libraries linux/aarch64
fmf-0.16.0-1.fc32 Flexible Metadata Format linux/noarch
fmt-6.2.1-1.fc32 Small, safe and fast formatting library for C++ linux/aarch64
fmt-devel-6.2.1-1.fc32 Development files for fmt linux/aarch64
fmt-doc-6.2.1-1.fc32 Documentation files for fmt linux/noarch
focuswriter-1.7.6-1.fc32 A full screen, distraction-free writing program linux/aarch64
foliate-2.6.3-1.fc32 Simple and modern GTK eBook reader linux/noarch
folly-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 An open-source C++ library developed and used at Facebook linux/aarch64
folly-devel-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Development files for folly linux/aarch64
folly-docs-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Documentation for folly linux/noarch
folly-static-2021.04.12.00-1.fc32 Static development libraries for folly linux/aarch64
fondo-1.5.2-1.fc32 Find the most beautiful wallpapers linux/aarch64
fontbox-2.0.23-1.fc32 Apache FontBox linux/noarch
fontconfig-2.13.92-9.fc32 Font configuration and customization library linux/aarch64
fontconfig-devel-2.13.92-9.fc32 Font configuration and customization library linux/aarch64
fontconfig-devel-doc-2.13.92-9.fc32 Development Documentation files for fontconfig library linux/noarch
fontforge-20200314-5.fc32 Outline and bitmap font editor linux/aarch64
fontforge-devel-20200314-5.fc32 Development files for fontforge linux/aarch64
fontforge-doc-20200314-5.fc32 Documentation files for fontforge linux/noarch
foobillard-3.0a-34.fc32 OpenGL billard game linux/aarch64
foomatic-4.0.13-17.fc32 Tools for using the foomatic database of printers and printer drivers linux/aarch64
foomatic-db-4.0-70.20210209.fc32 Database of printers and printer drivers linux/noarch
foomatic-db-filesystem-4.0-70.20210209.fc32 Directory layout for the foomatic package linux/noarch
foomatic-db-ppds-4.0-70.20210209.fc32 PPDs from printer manufacturers linux/noarch
forbidden-apis-2.5-6.fc32 Policeman's Forbidden API Checker linux/noarch
fossil-2.12.1-2.fc32 A distributed SCM with bug tracking and wiki linux/aarch64
fossil-doc-2.12.1-2.fc32 Fossil documentation linux/aarch64
fotoxx-20.19-1.fc32 Photo editor linux/aarch64
four-in-a-row-3.36.7-1.fc32 GNOME Four-in-a-row game linux/aarch64
fpaste- A simple tool for pasting info onto the Fedora community paste server linux/noarch
fpc-3.2.0-1.fc32 Free Pascal Compiler linux/aarch64
fpc-doc-3.2.0-1.fc32 Free Pascal Compiler - documentation and examples linux/aarch64
fpc-src-3.2.0-1.fc32 Free Pascal Compiler - sources linux/noarch
fping-4.4-1.fc32 Scriptable, parallelized ping-like utility linux/aarch64
frama-c-21.1-1.fc32 Framework for source code analysis of C software linux/aarch64
frama-c-doc-21.1-1.fc32 Large documentation files for frama-c linux/noarch
frama-c-emacs-21.1-1.fc32 Emacs support file for ACSL markup linux/noarch
frama-c-xemacs-21.1-1.fc32 XEmacs support file for ACSL markup linux/noarch
freecad-0.18.4-10.fc32 A general purpose 3D CAD modeler linux/aarch64
freecad-data-0.18.4-10.fc32 Data files for FreeCAD linux/noarch
freeciv-2.6.3-1.fc32 A multi-player strategy game linux/aarch64
freedv-1.4-3.fc32 FreeDV Digital Voice linux/aarch64
freefem++-4.6-6.fc32 PDE solving tool linux/aarch64
freefem++-mpich-4.6-6.fc32 PDE solving tool - MPICH version linux/aarch64
freefem++-openmpi-4.6-6.fc32 PDE solving tool - OpenMPI version linux/aarch64
freeipa-client-4.9.3-1.fc32 IPA authentication for use on clients linux/aarch64
freeipa-client-common-4.9.3-1.fc32 Common files used by IPA client linux/noarch
freeipa-client-epn-4.9.3-1.fc32 Tools to configure Expiring Password Notification in IPA linux/aarch64
freeipa-client-samba-4.9.3-1.fc32 Tools to configure Samba on IPA client linux/aarch64
freeipa-common-4.9.3-1.fc32 Common files used by IPA linux/noarch
freeipa-fas-0.0.6-1.fc32 Fedora Account System extension for FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-healthcheck-0.8-2.fc32 Health check tool for FreeIPA linux/noarch
freeipa-healthcheck-core-0.8-2.fc32 Core plugin system for healthcheck linux/noarch
freeipa-python-compat-4.9.3-1.fc32 Compatiblity package for Python libraries used by IPA linux/noarch
freeipa-selinux-4.9.3-1.fc32 FreeIPA SELinux policy linux/noarch
freeipa-server-4.9.3-1.fc32 The IPA authentication server linux/aarch64
freeipa-server-common-4.9.3-1.fc32 Common files used by IPA server linux/noarch
freeipa-server-dns-4.9.3-1.fc32 IPA integrated DNS server with support for automatic DNSSEC signing linux/noarch
freeipa-server-trust-ad-4.9.3-1.fc32 Virtual package to install packages required for Active Directory trusts linux/aarch64
freeipmi-1.6.7-1.fc32 IPMI remote console and system management software linux/aarch64
freeipmi-bmc-watchdog-1.6.7-1.fc32 IPMI BMC watchdog linux/aarch64
freeipmi-devel-1.6.7-1.fc32 Development package for FreeIPMI linux/aarch64
freeipmi-ipmidetectd-1.6.7-1.fc32 IPMI node detection monitoring daemon linux/aarch64
freeipmi-ipmiseld-1.6.7-1.fc32 IPMI SEL syslog logging daemon linux/aarch64
freeopcua-0-0.10.20200131.da2b76f.fc32 Open Source C++ OPC-UA Server and Client Library linux/aarch64
freeopcua-devel-0-0.10.20200131.da2b76f.fc32 Development files for freeopcua linux/aarch64
freeradius-3.0.21-7.fc32 High-performance and highly configurable free RADIUS server linux/aarch64
freeradius-devel-3.0.21-7.fc32 FreeRADIUS development files linux/aarch64
freeradius-doc-3.0.21-7.fc32 FreeRADIUS documentation linux/aarch64
freeradius-krb5-3.0.21-7.fc32 Kerberos 5 support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-ldap-3.0.21-7.fc32 LDAP support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-mysql-3.0.21-7.fc32 MySQL support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-perl-3.0.21-7.fc32 Perl support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-postgresql-3.0.21-7.fc32 Postgresql support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-rest-3.0.21-7.fc32 REST support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-sqlite-3.0.21-7.fc32 SQLite support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-unixODBC-3.0.21-7.fc32 Unix ODBC support for freeradius linux/aarch64
freeradius-utils-3.0.21-7.fc32 FreeRADIUS utilities linux/aarch64
freerdp-2.2.0-6.fc32 Free implementation of the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) linux/aarch64
freerdp-devel-2.2.0-6.fc32 Development files for freerdp linux/aarch64
freerdp-libs-2.2.0-6.fc32 Core libraries implementing the RDP protocol linux/aarch64
freerdp-server-2.2.0-6.fc32 Server support for freerdp linux/aarch64
freetype-2.10.4-1.fc32 A free and portable font rendering engine linux/aarch64
freetype-demos-2.10.4-1.fc32 A collection of FreeType demos linux/aarch64
freetype-devel-2.10.4-1.fc32 FreeType development libraries and header files linux/aarch64
freexl-1.0.6-1.fc32 Library to extract data from within an Excel spreadsheet linux/aarch64
freexl-devel-1.0.6-1.fc32 Development Libraries for FreeXL linux/aarch64
frei0r-devel-1.7.0-7.fc32 Development files for frei0r-plugins linux/aarch64
frei0r-plugins-1.7.0-7.fc32 Frei0r - a minimalist plugin API for video effects linux/aarch64
frei0r-plugins-opencv-1.7.0-7.fc32 Frei0r plugins using OpenCV linux/aarch64
freight-0.3.13-1.fc32 A modern take on the Debian archive linux/noarch
frescobaldi-3.1.3-1.fc32 Edit LilyPond sheet music with ease! linux/noarch
frotz-2.52-1.fc32 Interactive fiction interpreter for Z-Machine (Infocom) games linux/aarch64
frotz-gui-2.52-1.fc32 SDL GUI for frotz interactive fiction interpreter linux/aarch64
frr-7.4-1.fc32 Routing daemon linux/aarch64
fsverity-utils-1.1-2.fc32 fsverity utilities linux/aarch64
fsverity-utils-devel-1.1-2.fc32 Development package for fsverity-utils linux/aarch64
fswatch-1.14.0-3.fc32 A cross-platform file change monitor linux/aarch64
fswatch-devel-1.14.0-3.fc32 Development files for fswatch linux/aarch64
fswatch-static-1.14.0-3.fc32 Static library for fswatch linux/aarch64
fswebcam-20200725-1.fc32 Tiny and flexible webcam program linux/aarch64
fuse-afp-0.8.1-30.fc32 FUSE driver for AFP filesystem linux/aarch64
fuse-btfs-2.23-1.fc32 FUSE filesystem Bittorrent linux/aarch64
fuse-dislocker-0.7.3-1.fc32 FUSE filesystem to access BitLocker encrypted volumes linux/aarch64
fuse-overlayfs-1.4.0-1.fc32 FUSE overlay+shiftfs implementation for rootless containers linux/aarch64
fuse-sshfs-3.7.1-1.fc32 FUSE-Filesystem to access remote filesystems via SSH linux/aarch64
fuse-zip-0.7.2-1.fc32 Filesystem to navigate, extract, create and modify ZIP archives linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-2.6-1.fc32 FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-cron-2.6-1.fc32 Cron for FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-collect-2.6-1.fc32 Custom information retrieval support for FusionInventory agent linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-deploy-2.6-1.fc32 Software deployment support for FusionInventory agent linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-esx-2.6-1.fc32 FusionInventory plugin to inventory vCenter/ESX/ESXi linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-inventory-2.6-1.fc32 Inventory task for FusionInventory linux/aarch64
fusioninventory-agent-task-network-2.6-1.fc32 NetDiscovery and NetInventory task for FusionInventory linux/noarch
fusioninventory-agent-task-wakeonlan-2.6-1.fc32 WakeOnLan task for FusionInventory linux/noarch
fuzza-0.6.0-3.fc32 TCP fuzzing tool to test for remote buffer overflows linux/noarch
fwupd-1.5.7-1.fc32 Firmware update daemon linux/aarch64
fwupd-devel-1.5.7-1.fc32 Development package for fwupd linux/aarch64
fwupd-plugin-flashrom-1.5.7-1.fc32 fwupd plugin using flashrom linux/aarch64
fwupd-plugin-modem-manager-1.5.7-1.fc32 fwupd plugin using ModemManger linux/aarch64
fwupd-plugin-uefi-capsule-data-1.5.7-1.fc32 Localized data for the UEFI UX capsule linux/aarch64
fwupd-tests-1.5.7-1.fc32 Data files for installed tests linux/aarch64
fzf-0.26.0-1.fc32 A command-line fuzzy finder written in Go linux/aarch64

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