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RPM of Group Geography

geoclue-2.4.7-1.mga6 A modular geoinformation service linux/x86_64
geoclue1-0.12.99-13.mga6 A modular geoinformation service linux/x86_64
geoclue1-gsmloc-0.12.99-13.mga6 gsmloc provider for geoclue linux/x86_64
geoclue1-gui-0.12.99-13.mga6 Testing gui for geoclue linux/x86_64
geoclue1-gypsy-0.12.99-13.mga6 gypsy provider for geoclue linux/x86_64
gpsbabel-1.5.3-1.mga6 GPSBabel converts GPS data from one format to another linux/x86_64
gpsbabel-gui-1.5.3-1.mga6 Qt GUI interface for GPSBabel linux/x86_64
mapnik-3.0.10-4.mga6 Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications linux/x86_64
mapnik-utils-3.0.10-4.mga6 Utilities distributed with the Mapnik spatial visualization library linux/x86_64
marble-17.12.2-1.1.mga6 A virtual globe and world atlas linux/x86_64
marble-16.12.3-1.mga6 A virtual globe and world atlas linux/x86_64
marble-data-17.12.2-1.1.mga6 Marble Widget data linux/noarch
opencpn-4.4.0-2.mga6 A concise Chartplotter and Navigation software linux/x86_64
opencpn-ais-radar-plugin-1.0-4.mga6 AIS radar view plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-br24radar-plugin-2.2-2.mga6 Radar plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-celestial-navigation-plugin-2.1-3.mga6 Celestial Navigation plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-chartdldr-plugin-1.2-5.mga6 Chart downloader plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-climatology-plugin-1.2-5.mga6 Climatology plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-iacfleet-plugin-0.9-2.mga6 Plugin for OpenCpn for visualizing data in weather bulletins linux/x86_64
opencpn-logbookkonni-plugin-1.2.024-3.mga6 Logbook plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-objsearch-plugin-0.7-3.mga6 Chart Object Search plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-polar-plugin-1.1.007-3.mga6 Polar diagram generation plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-squiddio-plugin-0.7-3.mga6 Waypoints of sailing destinations plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-statusbar-plugin-0.6.001-4.mga6 Plugin for OpenCpn implementing a more configurable statusbar linux/x86_64
opencpn-watchdog-plugin-1.9.050-2.mga6 Plugin for OpenCpn implementing alarms linux/x86_64
opencpn-weather-routing-plugin-1.10.1-2.mga6 Weatherfax plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
opencpn-weatherfax-plugin-1.6.001-2.mga6 Weatherfax plugin for OpenCpn linux/x86_64
viking-1.6.2-1.mga6 Global positioning system (GPS) and mapping manager linux/x86_64

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