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RPM of Group Sciences/Astronomy

aladin-9.013-1.mga6 The Aladin Sky Atlas linux/noarch
astromatic-1-7.mga6 A suite of astronomy pipeline softwares linux/noarch
astropy-tools-1.3.2-1.mga6 Astropy utility tools linux/noarch
cdsclient-3.83-1.mga6 Query astronomical catalogues from the command line linux/x86_64
celestia-1.6.1-18.mga6 A real-time visual space simulation linux/x86_64
cloudy-13.04-1.mga6 Spectral synthesis code to simulate conditions in interstellar matter linux/x86_64
ds9-7.5-2.mga6 Astronomical Data Visualization Application linux/x86_64
enzo-2.5-5.mga6 An adaptive mesh refinement code for astrophysical calculations linux/x86_64
eso-midas-15SEPpl1.0-2.mga6 European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System linux/x86_64
eso-midas-calib-15SEPpl1.0-2.mga6 Calibration data for ESO-MIDAS(tm) linux/x86_64
eso-midas-devel-15SEPpl1.0-2.mga6 ESO-MIDAS(tm) - development files linux/x86_64
eso-midas-doc-15SEPpl1.0-2.mga6 Documentation for ESO-MIDAS(tm) linux/x86_64
eye-1.4.1-6.mga6 Small image feature detector using machine learning linux/x86_64
fitscut-1.4.4-8.mga6 A tool for making cutouts and color images from FITS files linux/x86_64
gnudl-healpix-3.31-2.mga6 HEALPix GDL/IDL routines for the GNU data language linux/x86_64
healpix-3.31-2.mga6 Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelation of a sphere linux/x86_64
iraf-2.16-23.mga6 Programs for Processing and Analysis of Astronomical Data linux/x86_64
kstars-16.12.3-1.mga6 A Desktop Planetarium linux/x86_64
kstars-handbook-16.12.3-1.mga6 KStars Handbook linux/noarch
lib64cpl-devel-7.0-2.mga6 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with cpl linux/x86_64
lib64cpl26-7.0-2.mga6 ESO library for automated astronomical data-reduction tasks linux/x86_64
lib64erfa-devel-1.3.0-1.mga6 Development files for erfa linux/x86_64
lib64erfa0-1.3.0-1.mga6 Essential Routines for Fundamental Astronomy linux/x86_64
lib64sofa-devel-20160503a-1.mga6 Headers for developing programs that will use iausofa-c linux/x86_64
lib64sofa0-20160503a-1.mga6 Standards of fundamental astronomy linux/x86_64
lib64starlink-ast-devel-7.3.1-5.mga6 Headers for developing programs that will use starlink-ast linux/x86_64
lib64starlink-ast0-7.3.1-5.mga6 A Library for Handling World Coordinate Systems in Astronomy linux/x86_64
lib64starlink-pal-devel-0.3.0-6.mga6 Headers for developing programs that will use starlink-pal linux/x86_64
lib64starlink-pal0-0.3.0-6.mga6 Positional Astronomy Library linux/x86_64
lib64wcs-devel-5.15-2.mga6 Libraries, includes, etc. used to develop an application with wcslib linux/x86_64
lib64wcs5-5.15-2.mga6 An implementation of the FITS World Coordinate System standard linux/x86_64
libnova-0.15.0-4.mga6 General purpose astronomy & astrodynamics library linux/x86_64
missfits-2.8.0-4.mga6 FITS file management linux/x86_64
munipack-2.1.16-1.mga6 An astrophotometry software package linux/x86_64
nightfall-1.82-5.mga6 An astronomy application for emulating eclipsing stars linux/x86_64
psfex-3.17.1-6.mga6 Model the Point Spread Function from FITS images linux/x86_64
python-aplpy-1.1.1-1.mga6 The Astronomical Plotting Library in Python linux/noarch
python-asciidata-1.1.1-9.mga6 AstroAsciiData is a Python module to handle ASCII tables linux/noarch
python-astropy-1.3.2-1.mga6 Community-developed python astronomy tools linux/x86_64
python-cosmolopy-0.1.104-9.mga6 a cosmology package for Python linux/x86_64
python-kapteyn-2.3-2.mga6 The Kapteyn Python Astronomy package linux/x86_64
python-opuscoords-1.0.1-9.mga6 Python Tools for OPUS Coordinate Conversions linux/x86_64
python-sherpa-4.8.2-2.mga6 Sherpa is a modeling and fitting application linux/x86_64
python-yt-3.3.3-1.mga6 An analysis and visualization toolkit for Astrophysical simulations linux/x86_64
python3-astropy-1.3.2-1.mga6 Community-developed python astronomy tools linux/x86_64
saoimage-1.35.1-7.mga6 Utility for displaying astronomical images linux/x86_64
scamp-2.2.5-5.mga6 Astrometric calibration and photometric homogenization linux/x86_64
sextractor-2.19.5-6.mga6 Extract catalogs of sources from astronomical images linux/x86_64
siril-0.9.6-1.mga6 Astronomical image (pre-)processing program linux/x86_64
skychart-3.10-7.mga6 Planetarium software for the advanced amateur astronomer linux/x86_64
skychart-data-dso-3.10-7.mga6 Additional Deep Sky Object catalogs for Skychart linux/noarch
skychart-data-stars-3.10-7.mga6 Additional star catalogs for Skychart linux/noarch
skychart-wikidoc-3.10-7.mga6 Wiki documentation for Skychart linux/noarch
skymaker-3.10.5-5.mga6 Image simulation linux/x86_64
stellarium-0.16.0-1.mga6 Desktop planetarium in 3D linux/x86_64
stiff-2.4.0-4.mga6 Automated image compositing and conversion linux/x86_64
stuff-1.27-1.mga6 An astronomical source catalogue generator linux/x86_64
swarp-2.38.0-5.mga6 Tool that resamples and co-adds together FITS images linux/x86_64
task-astronomy-1-19.mga6 Install astronomy related packages linux/noarch
theli-1.9.5-5.mga6 A pipeline for the automated reduction of astronomical images linux/x86_64
virtualmoon-6.0-6.mga6 Software for Moon observation and survey linux/x86_64
virtualmoon-data-6.0-5.mga6 Software for Moon observation and survey linux/noarch
vstar-2.18.0-1.mga6 Variable star plotting linux/noarch
wcslib-utils-5.15-2.mga6 Utility programs provided by wcslib linux/x86_64
weightwatcher-1.12-4.mga6 Weight-map/flag-map multiplexer and rasteriser linux/x86_64
wmmoonclock-1.28-7.mga6 A dock application showing the phase of the moon and much more linux/x86_64
wmspaceweather-1.04-7.mga6 A space weather monitor which displays cosmic ray fluxes from the Sun linux/x86_64
x11iraf-2.0-16.mga6 Programs for Processing and Analysis of Astronomical Data linux/x86_64

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