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RPM of Group Sound/Midi

TiMidity++-2.14.0-9.mga6 MIDI to WAVE converter and player linux/x86_64
TiMidity++-interfaces-extra-2.14.0-9.mga6 Extra GUI/text mode interfaces for TiMidity linux/x86_64
abcmidi-2017.02.02-1.mga6 Tool for processing ABC music notation files linux/x86_64
aeolus-0.9.0-6.mga6 Synthesized pipe organ emulator linux/x86_64
amsynth-1.7.1-1.mga6 Analog Modelling Synthesizer linux/x86_64
ariamaestosa-1.4.13-2.mga6 An open-source midi tracker/editor linux/x86_64
bristol-0.60.11-6.mga6 Synthesizer Emulator Pack linux/x86_64
calf-0.0.60-2.mga6 Pack of multi-standard audio plugins for LV2 and host for JACK linux/x86_64
drumkv1-0.8.3-1.mga6 An old-school drum-kit sampler linux/x86_64
fluid-soundfont-gm-3.1-12.mga6 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont linux/noarch
fluid-soundfont-gs-3.1-12.mga6 Pro-quality General Standard Extension soundfont linux/noarch
fluidsynth-1.1.6-6.mga6 Realtime, SoundFont-based synthesizer linux/x86_64
gstreamer0.10-wildmidi-0.10.23-35.mga6 GStreamer wildmidi plugin linux/x86_64
gstreamer1.0-fluidsynth-1.10.3-1.mga6 GStreamer plugin for Midi Synthesizer Element linux/x86_64
gstreamer1.0-wildmidi-1.10.3-1.mga6 GStreamer wildmidi Plugins linux/x86_64
gt-0.4-9.mga6 Modified Timidity which supportes enhanced gus format patches linux/x86_64
kmetronome-1.0.0-2.mga6 Drumstick Metronome - MIDI Metronome using ALSA sequencer linux/x86_64
linuxsampler-2.0.0-3.mga6 Professional grade software audio sampler linux/x86_64
lv2-calf-plugins-0.0.60-2.mga6 Calf plugins in LV2 format linux/x86_64
lv2-drumkv1-0.8.3-1.mga6 drumkv1 drum-kit sampler LV2 plugin linux/x86_64
lv2-fabla-1.3-0.git20170505.1.mga6 An LV2 drum sampler linux/x86_64
lv2-samplv1-0.8.3-1.mga6 synthv1 sampler synthesizer LV2 plugin linux/x86_64
lv2-synthv1-0.8.3-1.mga6 synthv1 synthesizer LV2 plugin linux/x86_64
lv2-triceratops-0.3.1-2.mga6 Polyphonic synthesizer LV2 plugin linux/x86_64
pianobooster-0.6.4b-5.mga6 A MIDI file player that teaches you how to play the piano linux/x86_64
pianobooster-timidity-0.6.4b-5.mga6 Wrapper to launch PianoBooster with TiMidity as MIDI sequencer linux/x86_64
playmidi-2.5-19.mga6 A MIDI sound file player linux/x86_64
playmidi-X11-2.5-19.mga6 An X Window System based MIDI sound file player linux/x86_64
python-mingus-0.5.1-1.mga6 Music theory and notation package for Python with MIDI playback support linux/noarch
qmidiarp-0.6.4-1.mga6 Arpgeggiator, sequencer and LFO for JACK and ALSA linux/x86_64
qmidiarp-plugins-lv2-0.6.4-1.mga6 LV2 plugins of the QMidiArp MIDI arpeggiator, sequencer and LFO linux/x86_64
qsampler-0.4.0-1.mga6 LinuxSampler GUI front-end application linux/x86_64
qsynth-0.4.4-1.mga6 Qt GUI Interface for FluidSynth linux/x86_64
qtractor-0.8.2-1.mga6 An Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer linux/x86_64
qxgedit-0.4.3-1.mga6 Qt XG Editor linux/x86_64
rakarrack-0.6.1-8.mga6 Guitar FX processor emulator linux/x86_64
rosegarden-16.06-2.mga6 Midi, audio sequencer and notation editor linux/x86_64
samplv1-0.8.3-1.mga6 An old-school polyphonic sampler linux/x86_64
sequencer64-0.90.5-1.mga6 A minimal loop based midi sequencer linux/x86_64
songwrite2-0.4.1-12.mga6 Guitar tabulature editor with playing and printing linux/noarch
synthv1-0.8.3-1.mga6 An old-school polyphonic synthesizer linux/x86_64
timidity-patch-fluid-3.1-12.mga6 Pro-quality General Midi soundfont in GUS patch format linux/noarch
timidity-patch-freepats-20060219-20.mga6 Patch set for MIDI audio synthesis linux/noarch
timidity-patch-gravis-1.0-35.mga6 Instruments for the timidity midi->wave converter/player linux/noarch
tuxguitar-1.4-1.mga6 Multitrack guitar tablature editor and player linux/x86_64
vkeybd-0.1.18d-10.mga6 Virtual ALSA MIDI keyboard linux/x86_64
vmpk-0.6.2a-1.mga6 Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard linux/x86_64
wildmidi-0.4.1-1.mga6 Open-source MIDI synthesizer and player linux/x86_64
yoshimi-1.5.2-1.mga6 Real-time MIDI software synthesizer linux/x86_64
zynaddsubfx-3.0.1-2.mga6 Real-time MIDI software synthesizer linux/x86_64

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