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libguestfs-1.44.0-2.2.mga8 RPM for armv7hl

From Mageia 8 for armv7hl / media / core / updates

Name: libguestfs Distribution: Mageia
Version: 1.44.0 Vendor: Mageia.Org
Release: 2.2.mga8 Build date: Thu Dec 30 18:02:29 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host:
Size: 4845341 Source RPM: libguestfs-1.44.0-2.2.mga8.src.rpm
Packager: neoclust <neoclust>
Summary: Access and modify virtual machine disk images
Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying virtual machine
disk images.

It can be used to make batch configuration changes to guests, get disk
used/free statistics (virt-df), perform backups and guest clones,
change registry/UUID/hostname info, build guests from scratch
(virt-builder) and much more.

Libguestfs uses Linux kernel and qemu code, and can access any type of
guest filesystem that Linux and qemu can, including but not limited
to: ext2/3/4, btrfs, FAT and NTFS, LVM, many different disk partition
schemes, qcow, qcow2, vmdk.

Libguestfs is split into several subpackages.  The basic subpackages are:

               libguestfs  C library
         libguestfs-tools  virt-* tools, guestfish and guestmount (FUSE)
       libguestfs-tools-c  only the subset of virt tools written in C
                             (for reduced dependencies)
                 virt-dib  safe and secure diskimage-builder replacement

For enhanced features, install:

     libguestfs-forensics  adds filesystem forensics support
          libguestfs-gfs2  adds Global Filesystem (GFS2) support
       libguestfs-hfsplus  adds HFS+ (Mac filesystem) support
 libguestfs-inspect-icons  adds support for inspecting guest icons
           libguestfs-jfs  adds JFS support
         libguestfs-nilfs  adds NILFS v2 support
      libguestfs-reiserfs  adds ReiserFS support
        libguestfs-rescue  enhances virt-rescue shell with more tools
         libguestfs-rsync  rsync to/from guest filesystems
           libguestfs-ufs  adds UFS (BSD) support
           libguestfs-xfs  adds XFS support
           libguestfs-zfs  adds ZFS support

For developers:

         libguestfs-devel  C/C++ header files and library

Language bindings:

 libguestfs-gobject-devel  GObject bindings and GObject Introspection

              lua-guestfs  Lua bindings
   ocaml-libguestfs-devel  OCaml bindings
         perl-Sys-Guestfs  Perl bindings
           php-libguestfs  PHP bindings
       python3-libguestfs  Python 3 bindings
          ruby-libguestfs  Ruby bindings
          libguestfs-vala  Vala language bindings






* Thu Dec 30 2021 neoclust <neoclust> 1:1.44.0-2.2.mga8
  + Revision: 1765471
  - Rebuild against new ntfs3g
  - Rebuild against new ntfs-3g
* Sun Jan 31 2021 neoclust <neoclust> 1:1.44.0-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1674271
  - Fix buildRequires
* Thu Jan 07 2021 tv <tv> 1:1.44.0-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1669441
  - New upstream stable version 1.44.0.
  - Drop explicit deps on perl(Sys::Virt) and perl(Win::Hivex)
* Thu Dec 03 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.43.3-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1652073
  - New upstream version 1.43.3.
  - Drop merged patches
* Thu Dec 03 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.42.0-11.mga8
  + Revision: 1652068
  - no need to BR gtk3-devel now that virt-p2v has been spit out
  - BR rpcgen
* Tue Nov 24 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.42.0-10.mga8
  + Revision: 1648862
  - include rpm in the appliance in order to "fix":
    "supermin: ext2fs_namei: parent directory not found: /var/lib/rpm: File not found by ext2_lookup"
    as a side note, mga#26089 is fixed
* Mon Nov 23 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.42.0-9.mga8
  + Revision: 1648817
  - include exfatprogs in appliance
  - include kernel-desktop in appliance
  - restore %atches_touch_autotools
* Mon Nov 23 2020 wally <wally> 1:1.42.0-7.mga8
  + Revision: 1648750
  - fix build with autoconf 2.69d
  + tv <tv>
  - Enable NTFS-3g system compression.
* Wed Aug 19 2020 joequant <joequant> 1:1.42.0-6.mga8
  + Revision: 1615571
  - bump
* Sat Jul 18 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.42.0-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1607108
  - rebuild for perl-5.32 (binary package w/o a dep on
  - rebuild for perl-5.32
* Wed Jun 10 2020 joequant <joequant> 1:1.42.0-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1591594
  - rebuild
  + tv <tv>
  - Fix path to libguestfs appliance
  - BR curl, adjust genisoimage BR for easier comp
* Thu Mar 12 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.42.0-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1555856
  - Enable NTFS-3g system compression
* Wed Mar 11 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.42.0-1.mga8
  + Revision: 1555536
  - Drop erlang bindings.
  - virt-v2v is now in a separate project.
  - add the ability to verify sources
  - drop mga5->mga6 obsoletes tags
  - no need to recompile twice for py2/3 anymore
  - New upstream stable version 1.42.0.
  - Drop the benchmarking subpackage: moved to a new package upstream.
  - Enable Vala bindings.
  - drop patches on no more existing files
* Fri Feb 28 2020 umeabot <umeabot> 1:1.40.2-5.mga8
  + Revision: 1551739
  - Rebuild for ocaml 4.10.0 final
* Wed Feb 19 2020 umeabot <umeabot> 1:1.40.2-4.mga8
  + Revision: 1543905
  - Mageia 8 Mass Rebuild
* Thu Jan 23 2020 tv <tv> 1:1.40.2-3.mga8
  + Revision: 1482306
  - rebuild for ocaml-4.10
* Sat Jan 04 2020 luigiwalser <luigiwalser> 1:1.40.2-2.mga8
  + Revision: 1475979
  - rebuild for readline



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