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Packages beginning with letter K

kcalendarcore-5.114.0-1.1.mga9 KDE calendar access library linux/armv7hl
kernel-desktop-6.6.33-1.mga9 Linux Kernel for desktop use with arm linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-desktop-devel-6.6.33-1.mga9 The kernel-devel files for kernel-desktop-6.6.33-1.mga9 linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-desktop-devel-latest-6.6.33-1.mga9 Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop-devel linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-desktop-latest-6.6.33-1.mga9 Virtual rpm for latest kernel-desktop linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-doc-6.6.33-1.mga9 Various documentation bits found in the kernel source linux/noarchNew
kernel-linus-6.6.33-1.mga9 The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system) linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-linus-devel-6.6.33-1.mga9 The kernel-linus devel files for 3rdparty modules build linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-linus-devel-latest-6.6.33-1.mga9 Virtual rpm for latest kernel-linus-devel linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-linus-doc-6.6.33-1.mga9 Various documentation bits found in the kernel source linux/noarchNew
kernel-linus-latest-6.6.33-1.mga9 Virtual rpm for latest kernel-linus linux/armv7hlNew
kernel-linus-source-6.6.33-1.mga9 The source code for the Linux kernel linux/noarchNew
kernel-source-6.6.33-1.mga9 The Linux source code for kernel linux/noarchNew
kernel-userspace-headers-6.6.33-1.mga9 Linux kernel header files for userspace linux/armv7hlNew
kodi-20.4-1.1.mga9 Kodi - media player and home entertainment system linux/armv7hl
kodi-addon-devel-20.4-1.1.mga9 Development files for Kodi linux/armv7hl
kodi-eventclient-kodi-send-20.4-1.1.mga9 PS3 eventclient for Kodi linux/armv7hl
kodi-eventclient-ps3-20.4-1.1.mga9 PS3 eventclients for Kodi linux/armv7hl
kodi-eventclient-wiiremote-20.4-1.1.mga9 Wii Remote eventclient for Kodi linux/armv7hl
kodi-eventclients-common-20.4-1.1.mga9 Common files for Kodi eventclients linux/armv7hl
kodi-firewalld-services-20.4-1.1.mga9 Firewall services for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-20.4-1.1.mga9 Common Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-bt-20.4-1.1.mga9 Bluetooth Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-xbmcclient-20.4-1.1.mga9 XBMCClient Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-python-zeroconf-20.4-1.1.mga9 Zeroconf Python scripts for Kodi linux/noarch
kodi-texturepacker-20.4-1.1.mga9 Zeroconf Python scripts for Kodi linux/armv7hl

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