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Packages beginning with letter G

gcc-doc-10.2.1-0.20210227.2.mga9 GCC documentation linux/noarch
gdb-doc-10.1-8.mga9 Documentation for GDB (the GNU source-level debugger) linux/noarch
glibc-doc-2.33-1.mga9 GNU C library documentation linux/noarch
gnome-classic-session-40.0-1.mga9 GNOME "classic" mode session linux/noarch
gnome-settings-daemon-40.0-1.mga9 GNOME Settings Daemon linux/armv7hl
gnome-settings-daemon-devel-40.0-1.mga9 Include files for the GNOME settings daemon linux/armv7hl
gnome-shell-40.0-1.mga9 Core user interface for the GNOME 3 desktop linux/armv7hl
gnome-shell-api_doc-40.0-1.mga9 API documentation for gnome-shell linux/armv7hl
gnome-shell-extensions-apps-menu-40.0-1.mga9 Gnome 2.x style menu on the panel linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-auto-move-windows-40.0-1.mga9 Assign specific workspaces to applications linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-common-40.0-1.mga9 Files common to GNOME Shell Extensions linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-drive-menu-40.0-1.mga9 Disk device manager in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-launch-new-instance-40.0-1.mga9 Always launch a new application instance for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-native-window-placement-40.0-1.mga9 Arrange windows in overview in a more native way linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-places-menu-40.0-1.mga9 Places menu indicator in the system status area linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-screenshot-window-sizer-40.0-1.mga9 Screenshot window sizer for GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-user-theme-40.0-1.mga9 Lets the user select a custom theme for the shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-window-list-40.0-1.mga9 Display a window list at the bottom of the screen in GNOME Shell linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-windowsNavigator-40.0-1.mga9 Keyboard selection of windows and work-spaces in overlay mode linux/noarch
gnome-shell-extensions-workspace-indicator-40.0-1.mga9 A menu for changing workspace linux/noarch
grub2-common-2.06~rc1-8.mga9 Provides files common to both grub2 and grub2-efi linux/armv7hlNew
grub2-efi-2.06~rc1-8.mga9 Boot-loader with support for EFI linux/armv7hlNew
grub2-emu-2.06~rc1-8.mga9 GRUB user-space emulation linux/armv7hlNew
grub2-emu-modules-2.06~rc1-8.mga9 GRUB user-space emulation modules linux/armv7hlNew
grub2-mageia-theme-2.06~rc1-8.mga9 Provides a graphical theme with a custom Mageia background for grub2 linux/noarchNew
grub2-mageia-theme-2.06~rc1-2.mga9 Provides a graphical theme with a custom Mageia background for grub2 linux/noarch
grub2-uboot-2.06~rc1-8.mga9 Boot-loader with support for UBOOT linux/armv7hlNew
gtk-doc-1.33.2-2.mga9 API documentation generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME linux/noarch
gtk-doc-mkpdf-1.33.2-2.mga9 API documentation PDF format generation tool for GTK+ and GNOME linux/noarch

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