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RPM of Group Development/Python

python-h5py-3.6.0-1 A Python interface to the HDF5 library linux/aarch64
python-keras-2.3.1-1 A deep learning API written in Python linux/noarch
python-keras-applications-1.0.8-1 Applications module of the Keras deep learning library linux/noarch
python-keras-preprocessing-1.1.2-1 Data preprocessing and data augmentation module for Keras linux/noarch
python-nibabel-3.2.2-1 Access a cacophony of neuro-imaging file formats linux/noarch
python-pkgconfig-1.5.5-1 Python module to interface with the pkg-config command line tool linux/noarch
python-pyacvd-0.2.7-1 A Python implementation of surface mesh resampling algorithm ACVD linux/aarch64
python-pydicom-2.2.2-1 Read, modify and write DICOM files with python code linux/noarch
python-pypubsub-4.0.3-1 A Python publish-subcribe library linux/noarch
python-pyvista-0.33.2-1 A Python 3D plotting and mesh analysis library linux/noarch
python-pywavelets-1.1.1-1 Python module for wavelet transforms linux/aarch64
python-scikit-image-0.18.3-1 Image processing in Python linux/aarch64
python-scooby-0.5.11-1 A Python lightweight environment detective linux/noarch
python-theano-1.0.5-1 Optimizing compiler for mathematical expressions in Python linux/aarch64
python-tifffile-2021.4.8-1 Read and write TIFF(r) files with Python linux/noarch

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