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collectl-4.1.3-lp152.5.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: collectl Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 4.1.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.5.2 Build date: Fri Sep 20 18:23:44 2019
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: lamb52
Size: 1548361 Source RPM: collectl-4.1.3-lp152.5.2.src.rpm
Summary: Collects data that describes the current system status
Unlike most monitoring tools that either focus on a small set of
statistics, format their output in only one way, run either
interatively or as a daemon but not both, collectl tries to do it all.




Artistic-1.0 AND GPL-2.0-or-later


* Wed Aug 29 2018
  - Specify the type of service as "forking" (boo#1106366)
  - Remove the execution bit from collectl.service
  - Create the collectl directory in /var/log
* Wed Apr 11 2018
  - Cleanup spec file with spec-cleaner
  - Use correct systemd build dependency
  - Reduce duplicities in package via fdupes
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Tue Apr 11 2017
  - include colmux
  - Update to 4.1.3
    + correct use of uninitialized variable on output of distro info
      on openSUSE
* Fri Mar 03 2017
  - Update to 4.1.2
    + incorrectly requiring a + with --rawdskfilt to be at beginning
    + when added support for 64bit IB counters it looks like I was only
      saving 3 of the 4 values (loop only went to 3 instead of 4)
      around line 4403. [thanks seb]
  - Changes from 4.1.1
    + added packet loss and fast restransmissions to TCP Extended versbose
      output and renamed AkNoPy and PreAck to PurAck and HPAcks to be
      consistent with earlier versions [thanks Sophie]
    + add support for nvme disks [thanks fred]
    + it turns out some people re-enable lustre support for the sake of
      monitoring clients and to support that I had to add a check for
      the lustre-client module which is now in a differetn location than
      others [thanks fred]
* Tue Oct 11 2016
  - Update to 4.1.0
    + allow lexpr to pass formatting information for strings and numbers
      [thanks Guy]
    + modify the way reports uptime to thousandths of a day [thanks, seb]
    + added OPA interface support for -sx reporting and cleaned up some very
      old code, like quadrics support! [thanks fred]
* Thu Jul 14 2016
  - Update to 4.0.5
    + rawdskfilt has been enhanced to allow a preceding + which will
      cause the following string to be appended to the default filter
    + needed to initialized anonH for numa stats [thanks andy]
    + added 'hed' to known ethernet devices, used by HP Helion
* Wed May 04 2016
  - Update to 4.0.4
    + if you try to playback a file with --stats and it has recorded
      processes or slabs, ignore them be removing from $subsys
    + playback of process data with -P was not skipping first interval and so
      stats for first entry we not rates but rather raw numbers
    + change 'yikes' message to something more meaningful
    + fixed problem with -sZ -P printing all 0s for thread count
    + added /usr/lib/systemd/system/collectl.service, per sourceforge help
      discussion on 2015-12-28
    + added disk read/write wait timing for disk detail in terminal, plot
      and lexpr format
    + new switch dskremap allows one to change disk names on the fly because
      in some cases such as etherd disks, the names are messy for use with
      other tools like ganlia
    + removed access to disk name remapping file
    + the rawdskfilt has been enhanced to allow a preceding + which will
      cause the following string to be appended to the default filter
  - Changes from 4.0.3
    + add AnonHuge memory to memory stats, both verbose and detailed as
      well as lexpr
    + if lexpr called with --import, throw an error
    + tighten divide-by-zero test for -sM because it looks like in some cases
      when misses >0 we're getting occasional errors.  could hits be somehow
* Thu May 28 2015
  - Update to 4.0.2
    * add /bin/bash to list of 'known shells' excluded from output with
    - -procopt k
    * generalize ethernet network device name to include ALL names
      matching type 'p\dp' so we pick up p2p, p3p, p4p... [thanks Matt]
    * collect nr_shmem so we can track shared memory, apparently something
      I thought of but never acted on [thanks Christian]
    * do not include guest cpu metrics in totals since already accounted
      for in user time
* Mon Apr 20 2015
  - Update to 4.0.0
    * for a complete list of changes see RELEASE-collectl
  - Cleanup spec-file with spec-cleaner
  - Use url for source
  - Fix broken rcservice symlink
  - Add ommited systemd service pre macro



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