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python3-pyasn1-0.4.2-lp152.3.4 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: python3-pyasn1 Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 0.4.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.3.4 Build date: Sun Mar 1 13:07:15 2020
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: cloud105
Size: 842941 Source RPM: python-pyasn1-0.4.2-lp152.3.4.src.rpm
Summary: ASN.1 types and codecs
This is an implementation of ASN.1 types and codecs in Python programming
language. It has been first written to support particular protocol (SNMP) but
then generalized to be suitable for a wide range of protocols based on ASN.1






* Sun Nov 26 2017
  - update to version 0.4.2:
    * Fixed explicit tag splitting in chunked encoding mode at
      OctetString and BitString encoders
  - changes from version 0.4.1:
    * ANY DEFINED BY clause support implemented
    * Encoders refactored to take either a value (as ASN.1 object) or a
      Python value plus ASN.1 schema
    * BitString decoder optimised for better performance when running on
      constructed encoding
    * Constructed types' .getComponentBy*() methods accept the `default`
      parameter to return instead if schema object is to be returned
    * Constructed types' .getComponentBy*() methods accept the
      `instantiate` parameter to disable automatic inner component
    * The ASN.1 types' `__repr__` implementation reworked for better
      readability at the cost of not being `eval`-compliant
    * Most ASN.1 types' `__str__` magic methods (except for OctetString
      and character types) reworked to call `.prettyPrint()` rather than
      `.prettyPrint` calling `__str__` as it was before. The intention
      is to eventually deprecate `.prettyPrint()` in favor of `str()`.
      The other related change is that `str()` of enumerations and
      boolean types will return string label instead of number.
    * Fixed Choice.clear() to fully reset internal state of the object
    * Sphinx documentation rearranged, simplified and reworded
    * The `isValue` singleton is now the only way to indicate ASN.1
      schema as opposed to ASN.1 schema instance. The legacy `None`
      initializer support has been removed.
    * Changed `Null` object initialization behaviour: previous default
      value (`''`) is not set anymore. Thus `Null()` call produces a
      ASN.1 schema object, while `Null('')` - value object.
    * Migrated all docs and references from SourceForge
    * Imports PEP8'ed
    * Fixed ASN.1 encoder not to omit empty substrate produced for inner
      component if the inner component belongs to the simple class (as
      opposed to constructed class)
    * Fixed CER/DER encoders to respect tagged CHOICE when ordering SET
    * Fixed ASN.1 types not to interfere with the Pickle protocol
    * Fixed Sequence/SequenceOf types decoding heuristics in schema-less
      decoding mode
* Thu Oct 12 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.3.7
    * Fixed ASN.1 time types pickling/deepcopy'ing
* Thu Sep 21 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.3.6
    * End-of-octets encoding optimized at ASN.1 encoders
    * The __getitem__/__setitem__ behavior of Set/Sequence and
      SetOf/SequenceOf objects aligned with the canonical Mapping
      and Sequence protocols in part
    * Fixed crash in ASN.1 encoder when encoding an explicitly tagged
      component of a Sequence
* Tue Sep 19 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.3.5
    - Codecs signatures unified and pass the options kwargs through the
      call chain
    - Explicit tag encoding optimized to avoid unnecessary copying
    - End-of-octets sentinel encoding optimized
    - Refactored ASN.1 codecs properties to silently enforce proper
      length and chunk size encoding modes
    - Fixed DER encoder to always produce primitive encoding
    - Fixed crash at SequenceOf native decoder
    - Fixed Real.prettyPrint() to fail gracefully on overflow
    - Fixed a couple of crashes when debug mode is enabled
* Thu Sep 07 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.3.4
    Revision 0.3.4, released 07-09-2017
  - Fixed Native encoder to handle SEQUENCE/SET objects without
    the componentType property
  - Added missing component-less SEQUENCE/SET objects dict duck-typing support
  - Fixed unnecessary duplicate tags detection at NamesType.tagMap
  - Fixed crash at SEQUENCE and SEQUENCE OF CER encoder when running
    in schemaless mode
  - Fixed Character types instantiation from OctetString type -- double
    unicode decoding may have scrambled the data
    Revision 0.3.3, released 27-08-2017
  - Improved ASN.1 types instantiation performance
  - Improved BER/CER/DER decoder performance by not unconditionally casting
    substrate into str/bytes.
  - Fixed exponential index size growth bug when building ambiguous
    NamedTypes tree
  - Fixed constructed types decoding failure at BER codec if running
    in schema-less mode
  - Fixed crash on prettyPrint'ing a SEQUENCE with no defined components
  - Fixed SetOf ordering at CER/DER encoder
  - Fixed crash on conditional binascii module import
  - Fix to TagSet hash value build
* Tue Aug 15 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.3.2
    Revision 0.3.2, released 04-08-2017
  - Fixed SequenceOf/SetOf types initialization syntax to remain
    backward compatible with pyasn1 0.2.*
  - Rectified thread safety issues by moving lazy, run-time computation
    into object initializer.
  - Fixed .isValue property to return True for empty SetOf/SequenceOf
  - Fixed GeneralizedTime/UTCTime CER/DER codecs to actually get invoked
  - Fixed DER/CER encoders handling optional SEQUENCE/SET fields containing
    nested SEQUENCE/SET with optional fields.
  - Fixed crash in SequenceOf/SetOf pretty printing and decoding (in some
  - Fixed documentation markup issues.
* Sat Jul 29 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.3.1
  - do not ship doc/source/
    Revision 0.3.1, released 26-07-2017
  - ASN.1 types __init__(), .clone() and .subtype() signatures
    refactored into keyword arguments to simplify their signatures.
  - ASN.1 types initialization refactored to minimize the use of
    relatively expensive isNoValue() call
  - Lazily pre-populate list of values of Sequence/Set/Choice types
  - NamedTypes comparison made more efficient
  - More efficient constraints computation and code clean up
  - The __getitem__() implementation of some ASN.1 types & tag object
    refactored for better performance
  - BER/CER/DER value encoders refactored to produce either tuple of
    bytes or octet-stream depending on what is more optimal
  - Reduced the frequency of expensive isinstance() calls
  - Tag-related classes optimized, refactored into properties and
  - The NamedValues implementation refactored to mimic Python dict, its use
    in ASN.1 types refactored into properties and better documented.
    WARNING: this change introduces a deviation from original API.
  - NamedType family of classes overhauled, optimized and documented.
  - The `componentType` attribute of constructed ASN.1 types turned
    read-only on instances.
  - Sequence/Set DER/CER/DER decoder optimized to skip the case of
    reordered components handling when not necessary.
  - Tags and constraints-related getter methods refactored into read-only
    instance attributes.
  - The .hasValue() method refactored into .isValue property. All ASN.1
    objects now support them, not just scalars.
  - The Real.{isInfinity, isPlusInfinity, isMinusInfinity} methods
    refactored into properties and renamed into IsInf, IsPlusInf and isMinusInf
  - The end-of-octets type refactored to ensure it is a singleton. Codecs
    changed to rely on that for better performance.
  - Codecs lookup made more efficient at BER/CER/DER decoder main loop by
    assigning `typeId` to every ASN.1 type, not just ambiguous ones.
  - The .getComponent*() methods of constructed ASN.1 types changed
    to lazily instantiate underlying type rather than return `None`.
    This should simplify its API as initialization like `X[0][1] = 2` becomes
    WARNING: this change introduces a deviation from the original API.
  - The .setComponent*() methods of SetOf/SequenceOf types changed not
    to allow uninitialized "holes" inside the sequences of their components.
    They now behave similarly to Python lists.
    WARNING: this change introduces a deviation from the original API.
  - Default and optional components en/decoding of Constructed type
    refactored towards better efficiency and more control.
  - OctetsString and Any decoder optimized to avoid creating ASN.1
    objects for chunks of substrate. Instead they now join substrate
    chunks together and create ASN.1 object from it just once.
  - The GeneralizedTime and UTCTime types now support to/from Python
    datetime object conversion.
  - Unit tests added for the `compat` sub-package.
  - Fixed BitString named bits initialization bug.
  - Fixed non-functional tag cache (when running Python 2) at DER decoder.
  - Fixed chunked encoding restriction on DER encoder.
  - Fixed SET components ordering at DER encoder.
  - Fixed BIT STRING & OCTET STRING encoding to be always non-chunked (e.g.
    primitive) at DER encoder
  - Fixed `compat.integer.from_bytes()` behaviour on empty input.
* Mon Jun 19 2017
  - Cleanup duplicates with fdupes
* Sat May 06 2017
  - Fix Provides/Obsoletes.
* Thu Mar 16 2017
  - Switch to singlespec approach
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.2.3
    Revision 0.2.3, released 25-02-2017
  - Improved SEQUENCE/SET/CHOICE decoding performance by maintaining a single shared
    NamedType object for all instances of SEQUENCE/SET object.
  - Improved INTEGER encoding/decoding by switching to Python's built-in
    integer serialization functions.
  - Improved BitString performance by rebasing it onto Python int type and leveraging
    fast Integer serialization functions.
  - BitString type usability improved in many ways: for example bitshifting and
    numeric operation on BitString is now possible.
  - Minor ObjectIdentifier type performance optimization.
  - ASN.1 character types refactored to keep unicode contents internally
    (rather than serialized octet stream) and duck-type it directly.
  - ASN.1 OctetString initialized from a Python object performs bytes()
    on it when running on Python 3 (used to do str() which is probably
    less logical).
  - Missing support for NoValue.__sizeof__ added.
  - Added checks to make sure SEQUENCE/SET components being assigned
    match the prototypes.
  - Setter methods for constructed types consistently accept matchTags
    and matchConstraints flags to control the strictness of inner
    components compatibility verification. Previously, these checks
    were tied to verifyConstraints flag, now they are all independent.
  - General documentation improvements here and there.
  - Fix to __reversed__() magic to make it returning an iterator.
  - Test suite simplified and unified.
  - The __all__ variable added to most of the Python modules.
  - The "test" directory renamed into "tests" not to collide with
    the "test" module.
* Tue Feb 07 2017
  - updated to upstream release 0.2.2 with security fixes
  - updated project and source URLs and list of doc files
    Revision 0.2.2, released 07-02-2017
  - FIX TO A SECURITY WEAKNESS: define length only decoders could have successfully
    processed indefinite length serialization.
  - FIX TO A SECURITY WEAKNESS: canonical decoders (CER/DER) may have successfully
    consumed non-canonical variations of (otherwise valid) serialization.
  - Broken Enumerated subtyping fixed.
    Revision 0.2.1, released 05-02-2017
  - FIX TO A SECURITY WEAKNESS: BER decoder improperly cached long tags.
  - New "native" codec implemented to transform pyasn1 types to Python built-in types and back.
  - Switched to new-style classes.
  - Sphinx documentation added.
  - BitString improvements:
    * simple string of binary digits is now supported as initializer
    * default str() yields string of binary digits (used to yield str(tuple())
    * binValue and hexValue initializers added
    * .asNumbers(), .asOctets() and asInteger() representation added
  - Components of constructed ASN.1 types can now be populated with
    uninitialized ASN.1 objects by assigning either noValue sentinel or
    setupComponent() function return in addition to now-legacy None sentinel.
    This should improve code readability.
  - NoValue class improved to become a singleton and catch more kinds
    of access to it.
  - Compatibility wrappers str2octs() and oct2strs() fixed to run over
    iso-8859-1 encoding.
  - Integer changed to emit Real instance if division produces a float.
  - True division operation now supported by Integer type.
  - The __contains__(), __reverse__() methods implemented for container types
  - Iterator protocol support implemented for all container types.
    Warning, warning, warning: this change may potentially affect backward
    compatibility when:
    * user class overrides __getitem__() without overriding __iter__()
    * when user code iterates over SEQUENCE object to get its components (now keys will be yielded)
  - Almost complete Python list and dict protocols added to SequenceOf/SetOf and
    Sequence/Set respectively
  - Fix to divmod operation implementation in Integer type.
  - Fix to IntegerDecoder's precomputed value map on Python 3.
  - Fix to base ASN.1 types to run in "unicode_literals" mode.
  - Fix to composite constraints "+" operands ordering (AbstractConstraintSet.__radd__)
  - Fix to constraints merge in .subtype() -- on merge existing constraints are
    expanded to accommodate new constraints, not the other way round. When existing
    constraints are wrapped in ConstraintsIntersection composite, additional
    constraints being added on subtyping effectively further narrow the set of
    allowed values, which aligns well with the notion of subtyping.
  - Fix to NamedTypes methods to handle .getTagMap() returning None
  - Fix to Set/Sequence.setDefaultComponents() to return self
  - Copyright notice added to non-trivial source code files.
  - Author's email changed, copyright extended to 2017
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - updated to upstream release 0.1.9
    - Wheel distribution format now supported.
    - Extensions added to text files, CVS attic flushed.
    - Fix to make uninitilaized pyasn1 objects failing properly on hash().
    - Fix to ObjectIdentifier initialization from unicode string.
    - Fix to CER/DER Boolean decoder - fail on non single-octet payload.
* Sat Jul 04 2015
  - updated to upstrean release 0.1.8 (fate#318838)
    - ObjectIdentifier codec fixed to work properly with arc 0 and arc 2 values.
    - Explicit limit on ObjectIdentifier arc value size removed.
    - Unicode initializer support added to OctetString type and derivatives.
    - New prettyPrintType() abstract method implemented to base pyasn1 types
      to facilitate encoding errors analisys.
    - The __str__() method implemented to Tag, TagSet and TagMap classes to
      ease encoding errors troubleshooting.
      easing encoding errors
    - Fix to SEQUENCE and SET types to give them their private componentTypes
      collection (which is a NamedTypes object) so that they won't collide in
      a MT execution environment.
    - Missing T61String,ISO646String character types and ObjectDescriptor useful
      type added.
    - Distribute is gone, switched to setuptools completely.
    - Missing NamedValues.__repr__() added.
    - The base.NoValue() class, that indicates uninitialized ASN.1 object,
      made public.
    - The base.NoValue() class instances now support __repr__() what makes
      possible to perform repr() on uninitialized pyasn1 types objects.
    - When comparing ASN.1 types, by-tag and/or by-constraints matching
      can now be performed with the isSuperTypeOf()/isSameTypeWith() optional
    - Constructed types now verify their consistency by invoking
      isSameTypeWith(matchTags=True, matchConstraints=False) and
      isSuperTypeOf(matchTags=False, matchConstraints=True) for each of their
      components rather than isSuperTypeOf() as it used to be. Constriants check
      could be enforced to isSameTypeWith() with the strictConstraints=True
      constructed classes attribute.
    - Constructed types can now be initialized with new .setComponents() method
      which accepts both var-args and keyword-args. Default repr() modified to
      reflect this change.
    - NamedTypes() and NamedValues() made comparable.
    - Test coverage extended to cover pyasn1 types __repr__() function.
    - The abs(Integer()) & abs(Real()) operation now returns respective pyasn1
      type, not a Python type.
    - More Python magic methods implementations added to Integer & Real classes
      (e.g.  __pos__, __neg__, __round__, __floor__, __ceil__, __trunc__)
    - The Integer.__invert__ Python magic method implemented.
    - The OctetString.__int__() and .__float__() magic methods implemented.
    - Handle the case of null writer at Debug printer.
    - BitString encoder/decoder performance improved.
    - Built-in debugging is now based on Python logging module.
    - Fix to NamedType.__repr__() to work properly.
    - Fixes to __repr__() implementation of many built-in ASN.1 types to take into
      account all of their initializers such as tagSet, subtypeSpec etc.
    - String typed float initializer to REAL type now supported.
    - Float typed mantissa initializer to REAL type for base 2 added.
    - Encoding bases 8 and 16 support for REAL type binary encoder added.
    - More strict CER/DER encoders added for GeneralizedTime and UTCTime types.
    - Asn1Item.hasValue() added to easily distinguish initalized ASN.1 objects
      from uninitialized ones (e.g. pure types).
    - Fix to REAL type binary decoder to handle different bases and scale factor.
    - Fix to TagSet.repr() to include [obsolete] baseTag information.
    - Fix to broken REAL type decoding handling.
    - Fix to BitString and OctetString decoders dealing with constructed
      encoding -- it used to be possible to embed other types in substrate.
    - Fix to end-of-octest sentinel handling:
    * require strict two-zeros sentinel encoding
    * recognize EOO sentinel only when explicitly requested by caller
      of the decoder via allowEoo=True parameter (warning: API change)
    - DER codec hardened not to tolerate indefinite length encoding/decoding.
* Wed Apr 22 2015
  - Run testsuite in %check
* Tue Mar 03 2015
  - Reflect license change (from BSD-3-Clause to BSD-2-Clause) which
    happened in version 0.1.7 in the spec file



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