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dejavu-fonts-2.37-1.21 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for noarch

Name: dejavu-fonts Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.37 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.21 Build date: Fri May 25 20:19:30 2018
Group: System/X11/Fonts Build host: sheep59
Size: 11904655 Source RPM: dejavu-fonts-2.37-1.21.src.rpm
Summary: DejaVu Truetype Fonts
The DejaVu fonts are a font family based on the Bitstream Vera Fonts.
Its purpose is to provide a wider range of characters while maintaining
the original look and feel through the process of collaborative






* Mon Aug 01 2016
  - Update to 2.37
    * Changes from 2.36 to 2.37
    * Fix issue with empty glyphs in condensed typefaces in the released source files.
    * Changes from 2.35 to 2.36
    * Math: added DejaVu Math Tex Gyre by B. Jackowski, P. Strzelczyk and P. Pianowski (on behalf of TeX users groups)
    * Sans: removed dot of U+06BA in all forms
    * Sans: fixed position of three dots of U+06BD in init and medi forms (by Denis Jacquerye)
    * Sans: corrected direction of contours in U+05E7 (by Lior Halphon]])
    * Sans: added U+1F643 (by Olleg Samoylov)
    * Serif: moved up U+0360-0361 (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰]])
    * Serif: increased spacing of Roman numerals U+2161-2163, U+2165-2168, U+216A-216B (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Serif: fixed anchor position of U+00E6 (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Sans: fixed vertical position of U+20BA (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Sans, Serif: fixed glyph height of Block Elements (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Sans, Serif: added U+A698-A699 (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Sans, Mono, Serif: added U+037F (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Mono: added U+0376-0377, U+037B-037D (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Serif: removed duplicate point from U+1D05 (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Mono: added U+20BA, U+20BD (by Gee Fung Sit 薛至峰)
    * Sans: Added moon symbols U+1F311-1F318 (by Ben Laenen)
* Thu Jul 16 2015
  - Update to 2.35:
    * For details see:
* Mon Aug 26 2013
  - Update to 2.34:
    * This release includes the addition of Lisu, an update of Georgian,
      the addition of some symbols and the addition and modification
      of several Latin characters.
    * Sans, SansMono, Serif: unlinked references of U+2596 for bug 50848
    * Sans, SansMono, Serif: added U+A7AA
    * Sans, SansMono, Serif: added U+2A6A, U+2A6B, U+2E1F based on U+223B
    * Sans, Serif: removed superfluous ligature definitions for
      ffl und ffi (bug 55363)
    * Sans, Serif: swapped glyphs for U+25D2 and U+25D3 (bug 55197)
    * Sans, Serif: added U+A740, U+A741
    * Sans: added U+20BA Turkish Lira sign
    * Sans: replaced Georgian Asomtavruli U+10A0-U+10C5 and Mkhedruli
      U+10D0-U+10FC with new version
    * Sans: added Georgian Nuskhuri U+2D00-U+U+2D25
    * Sans: added Private Use Area glyphs for Georgian U+F400-U+F441
    * Sans: tweaked U+0250, U+0254
    * Sans: adjusted hinting of U+032C-U+032D, avoiding problem on
      some platforms
    * Sans: added U+A7A0-U+A7A9, pre-1921 Latvian letters with
      oblique stroke
    * Sans: added anchors to U+2C6D
    * Sans: added cedilla anchor to some Latin characters
    * Sans: added ogonek anchor to A, E, O, U, Y
    * Sans: adjusted ogonek reference in U+0172, U+01EA, U+01EB
    * Sans: added anchors to U+0104, U+0105
    * Sans: added U+1F600, U+1F611, U+1F615, U+1F617, U+1F619,
      U+1F61B, U+1F61F, U+1F626-U+1F627, U+1F62E-U+1F62F, U+1F634
    * Sans: replaced U+27A1 with mirror image of U+2B05 for consistency
    * Sans: copied hints from U+14A3, U+14A7 to U+2142-U+2143
    * Sans: added Lisu block
    * Sans: typographical improvements to U+0166-U+0167, U+02A6, U+02AA
    * Sans: slightly change hinting of "2" to fix bug 37395
    * Sans: fixed U+1444 which had wrong top dot that shouldn't be there
    * Sans: added anchors for diacritics to U+01B7, U+01B8, U+01B9, U+0292
    * Sans: added U+01B7, U+01B8 to context for case diacritics above
    * SansMono: fixed U+0574
    * SansMono: added U+2016, U+27C2
    * SansMono: added U+02CE, U+02CF
    * SansMono: added U+2148, U+27E6-U+27E7, U+2B05-U+2B0D, U+1D55A
    * Serif: added U+02BA, U+02C2-U+02C5, U+02CA-U+02CB, U+02D7, U+02F3,
      U+02F7, U+046C-U+046D, U+0476-U+0477, U+1D7C-U+1D7F, U+20B8, U+2132,
      U+214E, U+2C7B to Serif
    * Serif: typographic improvements to U+0194, U+01B1, U+0263, U+028A,
      U+02A6, U+02A8, U+02AA, U+02E0, U+03DC, U+1D3B, U+1D7B
    * Serif: added small cap versions of q, x (in italic styles), delta,
      theta, xi, sigma, phi, omega, not wired in yet
    * Serif: added anchors to U+0234-U+0236
    * Serif: added U+02EC, U+02EF, U+02F0, U+0360
* Fri Mar 22 2013
  - Added url as source.
    Please see
* Wed Jul 04 2012
  - amend spec file to reflect new font packaging scheme
    (see openFATE#313536);
* Thu May 17 2012
  - call spec-cleaner
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - license update: SUSE-Permissive
    Use this SPDX proprietary extension tag until upstream SPDX adopts a
    permissive category
* Wed Dec 21 2011
  - Renamed dejavu -> dejavu-fonts according to
    openSUSE packaging guidelines and FATE#313035
    Adjusted Obsoletes and Provides accordingly
* Sun Sep 18 2011
  - Remove redundant tags/sections from specfile
    (cf. packaging guidelines)
* Wed Jun 15 2011
  - update to version 2.33
    * added Old Italic block to Sans
    * added U+051E, U+051F to Sans
    * added U+01BA, U+0372-U+0373, U+0376-U+0377, U+03CF, U+1D00-U+1D01,
      U+1D03-U+1D07, U+1D0A-U+1D13, U+1D15, U+1D18-U+1D1C, U+1D20-U+1D2B,
      U+1D2F, U+1D3D, U+1D5C-U+1D61, U+1D66-U+1D6B, U+1DB8, U+1E9C-U+1E9D,
      U+1EFA-U+1EFB, U+2C60-U+2C61, U+2C63, U+A726-U+A73C, U+A73E-U+A73F,
      U+A746-U+A747, U+A74A-U+A74B, U+A74E+U+A74F, U+A768-U+A769,
      U+A77B-U+A77C, U+A780-U+A787, U+A790-U+A791, U+A7FA-U+A7FF to Serif
    * added alternate forms to U+014A and U+01B7 in Serif
    * typographical improvements to U+0166-U+0167, U+0197, U+01B5-U+01B6,
      U+01BB, U+0222-U+0223, U+023D, U+0250-U+0252, U+026E, U+0274, U+028F,
      U+029F, U+02A3-U+02A5, U+02AB, U+03FE-U+03FF, U+1D02, U+1D14,
      U+1D1D-U+1D1F, U+1D3B, U+1D43-U+1D46, U+1D59, U+1D9B, U+2C71, U+2C73 in Serif
    * fixed bugs #31762 and #34700 plus other small fixes
      (wrong direction, duplicate points, etc.) for Sans and Serif
    * added U+204B to Mono
    * added U+26E2 to Sans
    * added Playing Cards block (U+1F0A0-U+1F0DF) to Sans
    * emoticons in Sans: replace U+2639-U+263B with better versions,
      add U+1F601-U+1F610, U+1F612-U+1F614, U+1F616, U+1F618,
      U+1F61A, U+1F61C-U+1F61E, U+1F620-U+1F624, U+1F625,
      U+1F628-U+1F62B, U+1F62D, U+1F630-U+1F633, U+1F635-U+1F640
    * added U+A78E, U+A790-U+A791 to Sans and Mono
    * added U+A7FA to Sans
    * subscripts: added U+2095-U+209C to Sans, Serif and Mono,
      adjusted U+1D49-U+1D4A in Sans and Mono
    * added U+0243 to Mono
    * adjusted U+0307 to match dot of i, replaced dotaccent U+02D9 with
      U+0307 in most dependencies in Sans
    * adjusted anchors of f and added them to long s in Sans
    * added anchors to precomposed dependencies of D and d
    * added debug glyphs U+F002 and U+F003 which will show current point size
    * use correct version for Serbian italic be
    * added pictograms U+1F42D-U+1F42E, U+1F431, U+1F435
    * improved Hebrew in Sans
    * improved Armenian in Sans, and added Armenian in Serif and Mono
    * remove "locl" feature for Romanian for S/T/s/t with cedilla/comma accent
    * replace wrong "dflt" script tag in Mono with "DFLT"
* Tue Aug 24 2010
  - updated to version 2.32:
    * added to Sans: Latin small letter p with stroke (U+1D7D),
    Latin capital letter p with stroke through descender (U+A750),
    Latin small letter p with stroke through descender (U+A751),
    Latin capital letter thorn with stroke (U+A764),
    Latin small letter thorn with stroke (U+A765),
    Latin capital letter thorn with stroke through descender (U+A766),
    Latin small letter thorn with stroke through descender (U+A767),
    Latin capital letter q with stroke through descender (U+A756),
    Latin small letter q with stroke through descender (U+A757),
    Latin capital letter p with flourish (U+A752),
    Latin small letter p with flourish (U+A753)
    * add new Indian rupee symbol (U+20B9) to Sans, Serif and Mono
    * Sans: adjusted U+0E3F, U+20AB, U+20AD-U+20AE, U+20B1, U+20B5, U+20B8
    to have them take up the same width as digits
    * added U+23E8 to Sans
    * fixed numerous bugs (#22579, #28189, #28977, N'Ko in Windows, fixed U+FB4F,
    anchors for U+0332-U+0333, made extensions in Misc. Technical connect,
    and other small fixes)
    * added looptail g as stylistic variant to Serif
    * added the remaining precomposed characters in Latin Extended Additional
    in Serif
    * added Georgian Mkhedruli (U+10D0-U+10FC) to Sans ExtraLight
    * fix spacing in hinting of U+042E in Mono
    * replaced U+2650 and minor changes to U+2640-U+2642, U+2699,
    U+26A2-U+26A5, U+26B2-U+26B5, U+26B8 in Sans
    * added U+1E9C-U+1E9D, U+1EFA-U+1EFB, U+2028-U+2029, U+20B8, U+2150-U+2152,
    U+2189, U+26C0-U+26C3, U+A722-U+A725, U+1F030-U+1F093 to Sans
    * added U+1E9C-U+1E9E, U+1EFA-U+1EFB, U+2028-U+2029, U+20B8, U+2181-U+2182,
    U+2185 U+A722-U+A725, to Sans ExtraLight
    * added U+20B8, U+22A2-U+22A5, U+A722-U+A725 to Mono
    * added U+02CD, U+01BF, U+01F7, U+0222-U+0223, U+0243-U+0244, U+0246-U+024F,
    U+2150-U+2152, U+2189, U+239B-U+23AD and U+A73D to Serif
  - updated to version 2.31:
    * Fixed bug where Serif Condensed Italic wouldn't get proper subfamily tags
    * Added math operators U+2234-U+2237 to Mono
    * Removed buggy instructions of U+032D
    * added U+2C70, U+2C7E, U+2C7F to Sans and Sans Mono
    * added U+2C7D to Sans Mono
    * added U+2C6D, U+2C70-2C73, U+2C7E-2C7F to Serif
    * added extremas to alpha U+03B1 in Serif-Italic
    * added U+4A4, U+4A5 to Mono
    * added Arabic letters U+0657, U+0670, U+0688-U+0690, U+0693-U+0694,
    U+0696-U+0697, U+0699-U+06A0, U+06A2-U+06A3, U+06A5, U+06A7-U+06A8,
    U+06AA-U+06AE, U+06B0-U+06B4, U+06B6-U+06B9, U+06BB-U+06BE and their
    contextual forms to Sans
    * added U+A78D LATIN CAPITAL LETTER TURNED H for coming Unicode 6.0
* Thu Apr 08 2010
  - removed unnecessary buildrequires for too old distros
* Mon Feb 22 2010
  - updated to version 2.30:
    * added U+0462-U+0463 to Mono
    * corrected U+1E53 in Serif
    * added U+1E4C-U+1E4D to Mono and Serif
    * added U+1E78-U+1E79 to Mono
    * fixed missing diacritics in Latin Extended Additional in Sans ExtraLight
    * fixed anchors on U+1E78 in Serif
    * added U+1DC4-U+1DC9 to Serif
    * renamed above-mark to above-mark in Serif-Italic
    * added U+1DC4-U+1DC9 to context class for dotless substitution
    * changed Doubleacute to Doublegrave in Sans ExtraLight
    * removed redundant reference in U+01FB in Sans Oblique
    * added U+A726-U+A727 to Mono
    * changed U+04BE and U+04BF according to recommedations of Sasha Ankwab in Sans
    * remove "Symbol Charset" from set of codepages in Sans
* Mon Jul 27 2009
  - updated to version 2.29:
    * modified U+10FB in Sans to be a mirror image of U+2056
    * added U+2B1F, U+2B24, U+2B53, U+2B54 in Sans
    * fixed TUR opentype language tag to TRK in Serif (bug 19825)
    * early implementation of Abkhaz letter U+0524-U+0525 in Sans
    * flipped U+1D538 in Sans
    * added U+26B3-U+26B8, U+1D7D8-U+1D7E1 in Sans
    * corrected U+1D7A9 in Sans Bold Oblique
    * Fixed U+0649 to be dual-joining in Sans Mono
    * Remove unnecessary 'isol' feature from Sans Mono
    * Remove 'cmap' mappings for U+066E, U+066F, U+067C, U+067D, U+0681,
    U+0682, U+0685, U+0692, U+06A1, U+06B5, U+06BA, U+06C6, U+06CE,
    and U+06D5 in Sans Mono (bug 20323)
    * add half brackets (U+2E22 - U+2E25, by Steve Tinney)



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