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devhelp-lang-3.34.0-2.45 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for noarch

Name: devhelp-lang Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 3.34.0 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 2.45 Build date: Wed Jun 10 01:02:36 2020
Group: System/Localization Build host: sheep15
Size: 653655 Source RPM: devhelp-3.34.0-2.45.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package devhelp
Provides translations for the "devhelp" package.






* Sat Jan 25 2020
  - No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use
* Thu Sep 12 2019
  - Update to version 3.34.0:
    + Enable back-forward swipe gesture in the HTML pages.
    + Write more contributor docs.
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Mar 10 2019
  - Update to version 3.32.0:
    + GNOME goal “App menu retirement”.
    + GNOME goal “App Icon Redesign”.
    + A few minor and irrelevant improvements to the code.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Oct 24 2018
  - Update to version 3.30.1:
    + Build: requires Meson >= 0.47.0.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Jul 24 2018
  - Help translation-update-upstream finding the right gettext domain
    name: pass "po %{name}" to the call.
* Mon Jul 23 2018
  - Update to version 3.30.0:
    + A few small improvements.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Jun 19 2018
  - Update to version 3.29.3:
    + Finally write a HACKING file.
    + Do not show a GtkInfoBar on error, use the WebKitWebView
      default implementation to simplify the code.
    + Code refactorings: from DhWindow extract DhNotebook,
      DhSearchBar and bind_sidebar_and_notebook() function, and
      delegate more work to DhWebView.
    + Make the following classes re-usable and move them to the
      libdevhelp: DhWebView, DhTab, DhTabLabel, DhNotebook and
    + And move dh_window_bind_sidebar_and_notebook() to the
    + Flatpak: run Amtk and Devhelp unit tests after building those
    + Application icons: rename filenames to org.gnome.Devhelp.*, to
      simplify the Flatpak manifest.
    + Build system: fix the remaining places where the libdevhelp
      API/major version was hardcoded, use the variable instead, to
      easily bump it in the future.
    + Other small improvements.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop la files rm'ing, not needed as we are using meson
  - Pass flatpak_build=false to meson, ensure we build the features
    we want/need, currently following upstream defaults.
  - Use autosetup macro.
* Sun Jun 03 2018
  - Update to version 3.29.2:
    + New and more flexible book management architecture for
    + Port other Devhelp classes to DhProfile and DhBookList.
    + Listen to external changes to the "books-disabled" GSettings
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Apr 16 2018
  - Update to version 3.29.1:
    + Update the license from GPLv2+ to GPLv3+.
    + Add a profile infrastructure in the library, for example to
      have a generic profile and a GNOME profile in the future.
    + Overhaul preferences dialog implementation.
    + Use the Amtk library to create the menus and the GtkShortcuts\
      Window. It permits to avoid information duplication, and will
      permit to provide a higher-level libdevhelp API.
    + A few other small improvements.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add:
    + meson BuildRequires and replace configure/make/make_install
      macros/command with meson/meson_build/meson_install, following
      upstream port to Meson build system.
    + gtk-doc and pass gtk_doc option to meson as true now that
      pre-build documentation are not found anymore into the tarball.
    + pkgconfig(amtk-5) BuildRequires as a new dependency.
* Sun Apr 08 2018
  - Update to version 3.28.1:
    + AppData: update screenshots.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 28 2018
  - Add Requires: devhelp for vim, emac and gedit plugins as these
    plugins, which are supposed to pop up the devhelp window to
    search for the selected word/phrase, don't work otherwise.
* Tue Mar 20 2018
  - Unconditionally enable translation-update-upstream: on
    Tumbleweed, this results in a NOP and for Leap in SLE paid
    translations being used (boo#1086036).
* Mon Mar 12 2018
  - Fix description grammar.
* Sun Mar 11 2018
  - Update to version 3.28.0:
    + Improve default GSettings values.
    + A few other small improvements.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Feb 28 2018
  - Modernize spec-file by calling spec-cleaner
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Update to version 3.27.90:
    + Flatpak: see books installed on the host (usually installed by
      traditional Linux distribution packages). The Flatpak needs to
      be built with the new --enable-flatpak-build configure flag.
    + Lots of code refactorings, fixing various bugs along the way.
    + All bugs in bugzilla fixed (only enhancement bugs remaining).
    + Write more unit tests.
    + Write first page of *user* documentation (in Mallard), to
      explain some features of the search in the side panel.
    + Fix and document a feature useful for integration with other
      developer tools: filtering by book and page when doing a
      search, see the README.
    + Improve error info bar (shown on top of the HTML page), use the
      TeplInfoBar utility class, copied from the Tepl library.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#696905, bgo#790902, bgo#792068, bgo#792443.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop emacs.{el,vim} sources again: they are back in the tarball.
  - Add itstool BuildRequires: new dependency.
* Sun Jan 07 2018
  - Update to version 3.27.2:
    + Deprecate Devhelp index file format version 1 (with file
      extension *.devhelp or *.devhelp.gz), print warning when
      loading such index files.
    + Do not use deprecated GCompletion API, implement re-usable
      DhCompletion class based on GSequence with an API better suited
      for Devhelp.
    + Do not use deprecated GdkScreen API, use GdkMonitor.
    + Use WebKit's new font size functionality.
    + Increase number of maximum search results (100 -> 1000).
    + Use the GtkSearchEntry::search-changed signal, adding a small
      delay to show search results.
    + Make right-click menu work in the WebKitWebView.
    + Do not save/restore GtkWindows x/y positions.
    + Fixed bugs:
    - Devhelp applications lacks right-click context menu
    - Add timeout to search entry (bgo#668978).
    - Searching "GFile" doesn't return an exact match (too many
      results) (bgo#784652).
    - dh-sidebar: Crashes when interacting with the GCompletion
    - Start using WebKit's new font size functionality
    - Assertion failed in DhBookManager (bgo#791127).
    + Updated translations.
  - Update package description adding a descriptive package's content
  - Add devhelp's emacs and vim plugins source files until they make
    their way back into the upstream's tarball.
  - Drop gedit and vim BuildRequires: just own their respectives
    directories under /usr/share/ instead.
* Mon Dec 11 2017
  - Update to version 3.27.1:
    + Lots of code refactorings.
    + Write first unit test.
    + DhLink: use a union inside the struct to use less memory.
    + Some minor bug fixes.
    + Improve API documentation.
    + Updated translations.
  - Update Url to current
    Devhelp's web page.
  - Drop intltool BuildRequires once upstream already did the migration
    to gettext and deviations from it is not desired to avoid
    unexpected bugs.
  - Adopt the use of %make_build macro instead of raw make command,
    following the best practices.
  - Add emacs plugin subpackage.
* Sat Dec 09 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.1:
    + Move New Tab button on the right side of the headerbar.
    + Updated translations.
  - Drop obsolete post(un) handling of:
    glib2_gsettings_schema_post(un), desktop_database_post(un) and
    icon_theme_cache_post(un), file-triggers takes care of this now.
* Sun Sep 10 2017
  - Update to version 3.26.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Fri Sep 08 2017
  - Update package summaries and RPM category.
    Replace old RPM macros by new constructs.
    Avoid running fdupes across hardlink boundaries.
* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.91:
    + Bump Libtool version.
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#786008.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Aug 07 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.2:
    + Move New Tab action as a button in the headerbar (it's no
      longer in the hamburger menu).
    + Refactorings in DhLink.
    + Rename dh_free_resources() to dh_finalize().
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#721082, bgo#779386, bgo#783964.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue May 23 2017
  - Update to version 3.25.1:
    + Book tree in the side panel: add context menu with Collapse All
    + Update GUI when system fonts change.
    + Lots of code clean-up and refactorings.
    + Clean up the GSettings schema.
    + Use GIO to load the index files.
    + Several bug fixes in the parser.
    + Build system:
    - Disable -Werror by default.
    - Use
    - Check for gsettings-desktop-schemas with pkg-config.
    + API:
    - There has been some API breaks documented in the reference
      manual, but both Anjuta and gnome-builder should still
      compile and work fine.
    - Several fixes in the GTK-Doc comments and GObject
      Introspection annotations.
    - Improve documentation, write class descriptions for public
    - DhBookManager is now a singleton.
    - Deprecate dh_link_get_page_name().
    - dh_init() now initializes the i18n.
    - New function: dh_free_resources().
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#761292, bgo#775175, bgo#776596, bgo#782511.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add pkgconfig(gsettings-desktop-schemas) BuildRequires: New
  - Conditionally apply translations-update-upstream BuildRequires
    and macro for non-openSUSE only.
* Sun Mar 19 2017
  - Update to version 3.24.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Sun Mar 12 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.92:
    + devhelp 3.23.91 fails to build because of -Werror (bgo#779378).
    + Add Flatpak build manifest (bgo#779563).
    + Updated translations.
  - Stop passing disable-Werror to configure: no longer needed since
    upstream fixed the issues.
* Sun Feb 26 2017
  - Update to version 3.23.91:
    + bgo#763518: Add sidebar toggler to the menu.
    + bgo#770785: Add GTK-Doc API reference and GObject Introspection
    + bgo#771503: fix warning in finalize of sidebar.
    + bgo#773900: Small build system update.
    + bgo#774069: unable to build devhelp by jhbuild.
    + bgo#775261: Make DhLanguage a GObject subclass.
    + Updated translations.
  - Add gobject-introspection-devel BuildRequires: new dependency.
  - Replace gtk3-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0):
    matching what configure looks for.
  - Add pkgconfig(gio-2.0) BuildRequires: not a new dependency, but
    explicitly list what configure checks for.
  - Pass --disable-Werror to configure: devhelp for now makes use of
    some deprecated glib functions. Having -Werror in place causes
    them to be failures.
  - Split out new typelib-1_0-Devhelp-3_0 subpackage, containging the
    new gi-based typelib. Required by the -devel package.
* Mon Sep 19 2016
  - Update to version 3.22.0:
    + No changes.
* Wed Sep 14 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.92:
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#771327.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Aug 29 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.91:
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Aug 15 2016
  - Update to version 3.21.90:
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#763942, bgo#769606.
    + Updated translations.
* Mon May 02 2016
  - Update to GNOME 3.20  Fate#318572
* Sun Mar 20 2016
  - Update to version 3.20.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 15 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.92:
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 3.19.90:
    + Bugs fixed: bgo#645620, bgo#696904, bgo#723135, bgo#741806,
      bgo#743704, bgo#757177, bgo#757877, bgo#758141, bgo#759691
      bgo#759692, bgo#761407.
    + Updated translations.
* Sat Dec 19 2015
  - Update to version 3.19.3
    + bgo#709658: gedit plugin: too many .plugin files.
    + bgo#755872: Sometimes a page doesn't get opened.
    + bgo#756341: Various code improvements and bug fixes.
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Oct 13 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.1:
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Sep 21 2015
  - Update to version 3.18.0:
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Sep 02 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.91:
    + bgo#704833: books sidebar shouldn't have type ahead find.
    + bgo#727243: gedit plugin needs to be ported to new menu API.
    + bgo#749797: Misc code improvements.
    + bgo#751446: AppData file needs updating for new desktop file
    + Updated translations.
* Thu Jun 25 2015
  - Update to version 3.17.3:
    + bgo#593267: devhelp manpage.
    + bgo#728384: Make DBus-activatable.
    + bgo#749452: Misc maintenance stuff.
    + bgo#749797: Misc code improvements.
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Apr 15 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.1:
    + Update list of official developer documentation sites.
    + bgo#747016: icon: provide a symbolic variant of the app icon.
* Mon Mar 23 2015
  - Update to version 3.16.0:
    + Fix warning when book cannot be read (bgo#746609).
    + Updated translations.
* Tue Mar 17 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.92:
    + Disable some WebKit features we don't need (bgo#746166).
    + Updated translations.
* Wed Mar 04 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.91:
    + bgo#745256: Update font size automatically when Xft resolution
    + Updated translations.
* Mon Feb 16 2015
  - Update to version 3.15.90:
    + bgo#728916: Can't find "_" in the results.
    + bgo#741806: Added support for XF86Back/XF86Forward keys.
    + bgo#742447: devhelp crashes with empty documentation file.
    + bgo#742457: Typo in GSettings conversion file causes
      gsettings-data-convert to crash.
    + bgo#742687: DevHelpBookTree is wider when searching.
    + Updated translations.



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