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dolphin-emu-lang-5.0+git.1581377336.a9dc4ac3f0-bp153.1.18 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for noarch

Name: dolphin-emu-lang Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 5.0+git.1581377336.a9dc4ac3f0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.18 Build date: Thu Apr 22 20:26:31 2021
Group: System/Localization Build host: lamb25
Size: 2957824 Source RPM: dolphin-emu-5.0+git.1581377336.a9dc4ac3f0-bp153.1.18.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package dolphin-emu
Provides translations for the "dolphin-emu" package.






* Thu Feb 13 2020
  - Update to version 5.0+git.1581377336.a9dc4ac3f0:
    * InputCommon: Clean up creation of inputs.
    * InputCommon: Only update setting expressions when the input gate is enabled.
    * Update to Qt 5.14.1
    * VolumeVerifier: Ignore invalid partitions in GetBiggestReferencedOffset
    * Fix VolumeVerifier not showing a problem for invalid partitions
    * InputCommon: Eliminate some duplicated button threshold logic.
    * Fix another implicit false-to-nullptr conversion
    * DiscIO: Check for DirectoryBlob seek failure
    * DolphinQt/Debugger: Fix crash with floating debugger windows
    * CMake: add DOLPHIN_CXX_FLAGS option
    * Cleanup: Use std::abs instead of abs.
    * InputCommon: Allow Wii remote extension to be set with an input expression.
    * InputCommon: XInput cleanups.
    * InputCommon: Expose XInput battery level as an input.
    * InputCommon: Allow controller settings specified with input expresions.
    * DolphinQt: Kill some unused member variables.
    * DolphinQt: Fix stereoscopy hotkeys.
    * DolphinQt: setTabKeyNavigation(false) on QTableWidget and QTableView.
    * Core/NetPlayClient: Add documentation for SendPadHostPoll
    * DolphinQt/Mapping: Change "Dead Zone" color from shadow color of
      palette to a transparent black or white depending on theme.
      Tweak order of "shake" indicator axis colors so red is more often shown.
    * VolumeVerifier: Don't return early when file is too small
    * VolumeVerifier: Don't show an assert for files that are too small
    * Core/Jits: Adds an option to disable the register cache.
* Thu Feb 06 2020
  - Update to version 5.0+git.1580849962.a205ecb446:
    * Common: Amend includes to handle the upgrade to fmt
    * Core: Amend includes to handle the upgrade to fmt
    * VideoCommon: Amend formatting code to handle the upgrade to fmt
    * Externals: Update fmt to 6.1.2
    * Report use of DI interrupt mask commands as a game quirk
    * WiimoteEmu: Fix default IMU accelerometer mappings.
    * Fix assignment of DI interrupt mask ioctls
    * Translation resources sync with Transifex
    * Android: Fix typo in Skip Presenting Duplicate Frames setting name
    * Vulkan: Treat VK_SUBOPTIMAL_KHR as VK_SUCCESS on Android
    * Vulkan: Log when a swap chain resize is occurring
    * IOS/FS: Fix CreateFullPath to not create directories that already exist
    * WiiRoot: Fix CopySysmenuFilesToFS directory creation
    * ButtonManager: Fix handling of empty device id.
    * ControllerInterface/DSUClient: Eliminate m_accl/m_gyro state by accessing the pad data directly like every other input.
* Tue Jan 28 2020
  - Update to version 5.0+git.1580163603.57f4837e4d:
    * DolphinQt/GCMemcardManager: Make use of QLatin1Char within GetErrorMessagesForErrorCode()
    * DolphinQt/GCMemcardManager: Mark string as translatable within GetErrorMessagesForErrorCode()
    * DolphinQt/GameConfigWidget: Remove unimplemented EditUserConfig() member function
    * DolphinQt/GameConfigEdit: Remove unimplemented SetReadOnly() member function
    * DolphinQt/MainWindow: Surround prototype of OnSignal() with relevant ifdef
    * DolphinQt/NetPlayDialog: Remove unimplemented SetGame() prototype
    * VertexLoaderX64: Don't use PDEP on AMD Zen
    * Jit64: Don't use PEXT in DoubleToSingle on AMD Zen
    * x64CPUDetect: Add flag for slow PDEP/PEXT on AMD Zen
    * x64CPUDetect: Add detection for AMD Zen architecture
    * DolphinQt/TASCheckBox: Mark GetValue() as const
    * Translation resources sync with Transifex
    * Common/Analytics: Replace mutex with shared_mutex and minor cleanups.
    * VolumeVerifier: Report read errors to the user
    * IOS/ES: Remove now unnecessary title sorting hack
    * UnitTests/FS: Improve deletion test
    * Tools: Add a small Python tool to print FSTs
    * UnitTests/FS: Add ReadDirectory ordering test (issue 10234)
    * UnitTests/FS: Fix file rename tests
    * UnitTests/FS: Add path validity and splitting tests
    * UnitTests/FS: Add metadata tests
    * IOS/FS: Actually implement SetMetadata
    * IOS/FS: Implement GetMetadata properly and remove GID hack
    * IOS/FS: Implement ReadDirectory properly and remove sorting hack
    * IOS/FS: Implement Rename properly
    * IOS/FS: Implement Delete properly
    * IOS/FS: Implement CreateFile and CreateDir properly
    * Core: Fix a few misuses of FS::CreateDirectory
    * IOS/FS: Implement Format properly
    * IOS/FS: Make sure FS root directory exists
    * IOS/FS: Move /tmp clearing back to the IPC interface
    * IOS/FS: Add base FST functions
    * IOS/FS: Move path validity check functions
    * VideoCommon/OSD: Process OSD messages even when they are disabled.
    * InputCommon: Make "Cursor" inputs aware of the rendered aspect ratio.
    * Add Dolphin version and current video backend to shader compilation logs
    * Common/Core: Minor rvalue reference related cleanups.
    * VideoCommon/TextureConversionShader: Make use of fmt where applicable
    * VideoCommon/TextureConversionShader: Convert over to using ShaderCode
    * x64Emitter: Remove unused macros
    * X64Emitter: Remove obsolete TODO
    * x64Emitter: Refactor OpArg::WriteRest
    * x64Emitter: Avoid 8-bit displacement when possible
    * x64Emitter: Unit test memory addressing modes
    * WiimoteEmu: Nunchuk and Classic Controller calibration accuracy improvements.
    * Core/WiimoteReal: Make wiimote source type an enum class and add Get/SetWiimoteSource functions. Add connected real Wii Remotes to a pool when a slot is not available.
    * Qt/RenderWidget: Account for devicePixelRatio when auto-adjusting window size
    * Jit64AsmCommon: Use PEXT in GenConvertDoubleToSingle
    * Jit64AsmCommon: Make ConvertDoubleToSingle use RSCRATCH as output
    * UnitTests/Jit64Common: Test GenConvertDoubleToSingle
    * Jit64: Make DoubleToSingle a common asm routine
* Thu Jan 23 2020
  - Update to version 5.0+git.1579717236.ea9b96370d:
    * DiscIO: Fix CISOFileReader::GetDataSize()
* Wed Jan 22 2020
  - Update to version 5.0+git.1579658152.f0669f5aa6:
    * Initial release for



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