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icingaweb2-common-2.7.4-bp153.1.11 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for noarch

Name: icingaweb2-common Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 2.7.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.11 Build date: Fri Feb 26 03:57:30 2021
Group: System/Monitoring Build host: lamb28
Size: 1283612 Source RPM: icingaweb2-2.7.4-bp153.1.11.src.rpm
Summary: Common files for Icinga Web 2 and the Icinga CLI
Common files for Icinga Web 2 and the Icinga CLI.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND MIT AND BSD-3-Clause


* Mon Oct 12 2020 ecsos <>
  - Update to 2.7.4
    This is a security release.
    * Path Traversal Vulnerability
      The vulnerability in question allows an attacker to access
      arbitrary files which are readable by the process running
      Icinga Web 2. Technical details can be found at the
      corresponding CVE-2020-24368 and in the issue below.
    - Possible path traversal when serving static image files #4226
  - Fix boo#1175530 (CVE-2020-24368) Path Traversal Vulnerability
* Fri Oct 18 2019
  - Update to 2.7.3
    This is a hotfix release and fixes the following issue:
    - Servicegroups for roles with filtered objects not available #3983
* Wed Oct 16 2019
  - Update to 2.7.2
    You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap.
    * Less Smoky Database Servers
      The release of v2.7.1 introduced a change which revealed an
      inefficient part of our database queries. We made some general
      optimizations on our queries and changed the way we utilize
      them in some views. The result are faster response times by
      less work for the database server.
    - Consuming more CPU resources since upgraded to 2.7.1 #3928
    * Anarchism Infested Dashboards
      Recent history already showed signs of anarchism. (Pun intended)
      A similar mindset now infested default dashboards which appeared
      in a different way than before v2.7.0. We taught their dashlets
      a lesson and order has been reestablished as previously.
    - Recently Recovered Services in dashboard Current Incidents
      seems out of order #3931
    * Solitary Downtimes
      We improved the host and service distinction with v2.7.0. The
      downtimes list however got confused by this and didn't knew
      anymore how to combine multiple downtimes. If you now instruct
      the list to select multiple downtimes this works again as we
      removed the confusing parts.
    - Selection of multiple downtimes fails #3920
* Sat Aug 24 2019
  - Update to 2.7.1
    You can find all issues related to this release on our Roadmap.
    * Sneaky Solution for Sneaky Links
      Usually we try to include only bugs in minor-releases. Sorry,
      bug-fixes, of course. But thanks to @winem_ we have also a
      little enhancement this time: Links in comments, notes, etc.
      are now highlighted as such.
    - Highlight links in the notes of an object #3888
    * Nobody's Perfect, Not Even Developers
      We knew it. We saw it coming. And forgot about it. Some views,
      especially histories, showed an anarchic behavior since v2.7.0.
      The change responsible for this has been undone and history's
      order is reestablished now.
    - Default sort rules no longer work in 2.7.0 #3891
    * Restrictions Gone Wild Cagey
      A fix unfortunately caused restrictions using wildcards to show
      no results anymore. This is now solved and such restrictions
      are as permissive as ever.
    - Wildcard filters in chains broken #3886
* Tue Jul 30 2019
  - Update to 2.7.0
    You can find issues related to this release on our Roadmap.
    * Icinga's Amazingness Spreads Further
      All the Japanese and Ukrainian monitoring enthusiasts can now
      appreciate our web-frontend in their native tongue. Being so
      late to the party is also of their advantage, though. Because
      they can adjust their dashboard without worrying it gets broke
      with the next update. (All other admins with non-english users,
      please have a look at our upgrading documentation)
    - Add Japanese language support #3776
    - Add Ukrainian language support #3828
    - Don't translate pane and dashlet names in configs #3837
    * Modules - Bonus Functionality Unleashed
      With this release module developers got additional ways to
      customize Icinga Web 2. Whether you ever wanted to hook into
      a configuration form's handling, to perform your very own Ajax
      requests or enhance our multi-select views with fancy graphs.
      All is possible now.
    - Allow to hook into a configuration form's handling #3862
    - Allow to fully customize click and submit handling #3794
    - Integrate DetailviewExtension into multi-select views #3304
    * UI - Your Daily Routine and Incident Management, Enhanced
      Users with color deficiencies now have a built-in theme to ease
      navigating within Icinga Web 2. Also, our forms got a long
      overdue re-design and now look less boring. Though, the best of
      all features is that clicking while holding the Ctrl-key now
      actually opens a new browser tab! Lost comments? No more.
      Defining an expiry date again? No more!
    - Add colorblind theme #3743
    - Improve the look of forms #3416
    - Make ctrl-click open new tab #3723
    * Stay Focused - More Room for More Important Stuff
      Some of you know that some checks tend to produce walls of text
      or measure (too) many interfaces. Now, plugin output and
      performance data will collapse if they exceed a certain height.
      If necessary they can of course be expanded and keep that way
      across browser restarts. The same is also true for the sidebar.
      (Though, this one stays collapsed)
    - Persistent Collapsible Containers #3638
    - Collapsible plugin output #3870
    - Collapsed sidebar should stay collapsed #3682
    * Markdown - Tables, Lists and Emphasized Text The Easy Way
      Since we now have the possibility to collapse large content
      dynamically, we allow you to add entire wiki pages to hosts and
      services. Though, if you prefer to use a real wiki to maintain
      those (what we'd strongly suggest) it's now easier than ever
      before to link to it. Copy url, paste url, submit comment,Done.
    - Make notes, comments and announcements markdown aware #3814
    - Transform any URL in a Comment to a clickable Link #3441
    - Support relative links in plugin output #2916
    * Things You Have Missed Previously
      The tactical overview, our fancy pie charts, is now the very
      first result when you search something in the sidebar.
      If you'll see two entirely green circles there, relax.
      Also overdue or unreachable checks are now appropriately marked
      in list views and the service grid now allows you to switch
      between everything or problems only.
    - Add tactical overview to global search #3845
    - Servicegrid: Add toggle to show problems only #3871
    - Make overdue/unreachable checks better visible #3860
    * Authorization - Knowing and Controlling What's Going On
      Roles can now be even more tailored to users since the
      introduction of a new placeholder. This placeholder allows to
      use a user's name in restrictions.
      Things like _service_responsible_person=$user:local_name$ are
      now possible. The audit log now receives failed login-attempts,
      that's been made possible since hooks can now run for anonymous
    - Allow roles to filter for the currently logged in user #3493
    - Add possibility to disable permission checks for hooks #3849
    - Send failed login-attempts to the audit log #3856
    See also the audit module which got an update and is required for
    [#3856] to work.
* Thu Apr 25 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - update to 2.6.3
    You can find issues related to this release on our Roadmap.
    * PHP 7.3
    - Now supported. tada
    * LDAP - Community contributions, that's the spirit
      With the help of our users we've finally fixed the issue that
      defining multiple hostnames and enabling STARTTLS has never
      properly worked. Also, they've identified that defining
      multiple hostnames caused a customized port not being utilized
      and fixed it themselves.
      There has also a rare case been fixed that caused no group
      members being found in case object classes had a different
      casing than what we expected. (Good news for all the
      non-OpenLdap and non-MSActiveDirectory users)
    - LDAP connection fails with multiple servers using STARTTLS
    - LDAPS authentication ignores custom port setting #3713
    - LDAP group members not found #3650
    * We take care about your data even better now
      With this are newlines and HTML entities (such as &nbsp;) in
      plugin output and custom variables meant.
      Sorry if I've teased some data security folks now. innocent
    - Newlines in plugin output disappear #3662
    - Windows path separators are converted to newlines in custom
      variables #3636
    - HTML entities in plugin output are not resolved if no other
      HTML is there #3707
    * You've wondered how you got into a famous blue police box?
      Don't worry, not only you and the european union are sometimes
      unsure what's the correct time.
    - Set client timezone on DB connection #3525
    - Ensure a valid default timezone is set in any case #3747
    - Fix that the event detail view is not showing times in
      correct timezone #3660
    * UI - The portal to your monitoring environment, improved
      The collapsible sidebar introduced with v2.5 has been plagued
      by some issues since then. They're now fixed. Also, the UI
      should now flicker less and properly preserve the scroll
      position when interacting with action links. (This also allows
      the business process module to behave more stable when using
      drag and drop in large configurations.)
    - Collapsible Sidebar Issues #3187
    - Fix title when closing right column #3654
    - Preserve scroll position upon form submits #3661
    * Corrected things we've broke recently
      That's due to preemptive changes to protect you from bad
      individuals. Unfortunately this meant that some unforeseen
      side-effects appeared after the release of v2.6.2.
      These are now fixed.
    - Multiline values in ini files broken #3705
    - PHP ini parser doesn't strip trailing whitespace #3733
    - Escaped characters in INI values are not unescaped #3648
    - Though, if you've faced issue #3705 you still need to take
      manual action (if not already done) as the provided fix does
      only prevent further occurrences of the resulting error. The
      required changes involve the transformation of all real
      newlines in Icinga Web 2's INI files to literal \n or \r\n
      sequences. (Files likely having such are the roles.ini and
* Wed Nov 21 2018
  - update to 2.6.2
    You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.
    This bugfix release addresses the following topics:
    * Database connections to MySQL 8 no longer fail
    * LDAP connections now have a timeout configuration which defaults to 5 seconds
    * User groups are now correctly loaded for externally authenticated users
    * Filters are respected for all links in the host and service group overviews
    * Fixed permission problems where host and service actions provided by modules were missing
    * Fixed an SQL error in the contact list view when filtering for host groups
    * Fixed time zone (DST) detection
    * Fixed the contact details view if restrictions are active
    * Doc parser and documentation fixes
  - Fix security issues:
      boo#1119784 (CVE-2018-18246) and
      boo#1119785 (CVE-2018-18247) and
      boo#1119799 (CVE-2018-18249) and
      boo#1119800 (CVE-2018-18250) and
      boo#1119801 (CVE-2018-18248)
* Wed Nov 21 2018
  - Use current spec file from upstream.
  - Insert missing things from old spec file in new upstream spec file.
  - Remove setuid from new upstream spec file for following dirs:
* Wed Sep 26 2018
* Sat Aug 11 2018
  - update to 2.6.1
    - You can find issues and features related to this release on our
    - The command audit now logs a command's payload as JSON which fixes
      a [bug](
      that has been introduced in version 2.6.0.
* Sat Jul 28 2018
  - updatet to 2.6.0
    You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap.
    * Enabling you to do stuff you couldn't before
    - Support for PHP 7.2 added
    - Support for SQLite resources added
    - Login and Command (monitoring) auditing added with the help of a dedicated module
    - Pluginoutput rendering is now hookable by modules which allows to render custom icons, emojis and .. cute kitties :octocat:
    * Avoiding that you miss something
    - It's now possible to toggle between list- and grid-mode for the host- and servicegroup overviews
    - The servicegrid now supports to flip its axes which allows it to be put into a landscape mode
    - Contacts only associated with services are visible now when restricted based on host filters
    - Negated and combined membership filters now work as expected (#2934)
    - A more prominent error message in case the monitoring backend goes down
    - The filter editor doesn't get cleared anymore upon hitting Enter
    * Making your life a bit easier
    - The tactical overview is now filterable and can be safely put into the dashboard
    - It is now possible to register new announcements over the REST Api
    - Filtering for custom variables now works in UTF8 environments
    * Ensuring you understand everything
    - The monitoring health is now beautiful to look at and properly behaves in narrow environments
    - Updated German localization
    - Updated Italian localization
    * Freeing you from unrealiable things
    - Removed support for PHP < 5.6
    - Removed support for persistent database connections
  - Drop 0001-Don-t-call-session_start-after-ini_set.patch,
    because now in upstrem
* Mon Jul 16 2018
  - boo#1101357: Fixed missing dependency php-ctype in spec file.
* Tue May 22 2018
  - Backport of fix for PHP 7.2 (upstream git commit dadd2c80f)
    * 0001-Don-t-call-session_start-after-ini_set.patch
* Fri Apr 27 2018
  - update to 2.5.3
    + Hotfix
    * This is a hotfix release and addresses an issue with frequent
      delays/timeouts when viewing hosts and services in the front-end.
* Fri Apr 27 2018
  - update to 2.5.2
    + Features
    * You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap
* Thu Jan 25 2018
  - update to 2.5.1
    + Features
    * You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap
* Fri Jan 12 2018
  - remove addFilter("permissions-directory-setuid-bit") and
* Thu Jan 11 2018
  - insert missing requires(pre): user(wwwrun) for Tumbleweed
* Mon Jan 08 2018
  - fix rpmlint errors, reduce rpmlint warnings
* Tue Dec 26 2017
  - Remove redundant %clean section. Fix RPM groups.
    Update summaries.
* Mon Dec 11 2017
  - drop permissions.d and add BuildRequires nagios-rpm-macros >= 14.0
    to remove setBadness in rpmlintrc
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - removed php5-Zendframework dependency
  - added icingaweb2-vendor-zf1 package
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - update to 2.5.0
    + Features
    * You can find issues and features related to this release on our Roadmap
* Wed Oct 18 2017
  - update to 2.4.2
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 2965: Transport config: Default port not changing upon auto-submit
    * Bug 2926: Wrong order when sorting by host_severity
    * Bug 2923: Number fields should be valid when empty
    * Bug 2919: Fix cached loading of module config
    * Bug 2911: Acknowledgements are not working without an expiry time
    * Bug 2878: process-check-result Button is visible even when user isn't allowed to use it
    * Bug 2850: Link to acknowledgements is wrong in the timeline
    * Bug 2841: Wrong menu height when switching back from mobile layout
    * Bug 2806: Wrong service state count in hostgroup overview
    * Bug 2805: Response from the Icinga 2 API w/ an empty result set leads to exception
    * Bug 2801: Wrong help text for the director in the icingacli
    * Bug 2784: Module and gravatar images are not served with their proper MIME type
    * Bug 2776: Defaults not respected when acknowledging problems
    * Bug 2767: Monitoring module: Config field protected vars not updated after zeroing config.ini
    * Bug 2728: Gracefully handle invalid Icinga 2 API response types
    * Bug 2718: Hide check attempt for hard states in history views
    * Bug 2716: Web 2 doesn't detect the browser time zone if the time zone offset is negative
    * Bug 2714: icingacli module disable fails on consecutive calls
    * Bug 2695: Macros cannot be used for a navigation item's url-port
    * Bug 2684: [ #14027] Translation module should not write absolute path to .po files
    * Bug 2683: [ #14025] Translation module should remove temp files
    * Bug 2661: [ #13651] Don't offer the Icinga 2 API as transport if PHP cURL is missing
    * Bug 2660: [ #13649] Make the Icinga 2 API the default command transport
    * Bug 2656: [ #13627] Wrong count of handled critical service in the hover text
    * Bug 2645: [ #13539] Improve error handling and validation of multiple LDAP URIs
    * Bug 2598: [ #12977] Adding an empty user backend fails
    * Bug 2545: [ #12640] MSSQL ressource not working
    * Bug 2523: [ #12410] Click on Host in Service Grid can cause "Invalid Filter" error
    * Bug 2519: [ #12330] Filter editor may show wrong values after searching
    * Bug 2509: [ #12295] group_name_attribute should be "sAMAccountName" by default
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - make package compatible to php7
* Sun Aug 20 2017
  - change spec to use php7 also
* Sat May 27 2017
  - fix build error for Tumbleweed
* Wed Feb 22 2017
  - rename package icingacli to icingaweb-icingacli
    and make icingacli as Recommends
* Tue Jan 24 2017
  - update to 2.4.1
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 2651: [ #13607] Displayed times messed up in Icinga Web 2.4.0 w/ PostgreSQL
    * Bug 2654: [ #13615] Setup wizard: Not possible to setup Icinga Web 2 with an external database
    * Bug 2663: [ #13691] Hook::all() is broken on CLI
    * Bug 2669: [ #13735] Setup wizard: Progress bar isn't shown correctly, if setup is at finish step
    * Bug 2681: [ #13957] Support failover API command transport configuration
    * Bug 2686: Granular module permissions do not work for hooks
    * Bug 2687: Update URLs to, remove wiki & update to GitHub
* Wed Dec 14 2016
  - update to 2.4.0-2
    + Bugfixes
    * RPM: Fix specfile
    * RPM: Update revision
    * CSS: Reset line-height in the button mixin
  - update to 2.4.0
    + Feature
    * Feature 12598 (Authentication & Authorization): Support nested AD groups for Roles and not just login
    * Feature 11809 (Authentication & Authorization): Test and document multiple LDAP-URIs separated by space in LDAP ressources
    * Feature 10616 (Authentication & Authorization): Users w/o administrative permissions should be allowed to change their password
    * Feature 13381 (CLI): Allow to configure the default listen address for the CLI command web serve
    * Feature 11820 (Configuration): Check whether chosen locale is available
    * Feature 11214 (Configuration): Logger: Allow to configure the Syslog Facility
    * Feature 13117 (Framework): Add charset UTF-8 to default content type
    * Feature 12634 (Framework): Possibitlity to fold and unfold filter by click
    * Feature 11198 (Framework): Announce banner
    * Feature 11115 (Framework): Add SSL support to MySQL database resources
    * Feature 8270 (Installation): Add SELinux policy for Icinga Web 2
    * Feature 13187 (Monitoring): Command toolbar in the host and service detail views
    * Feature 12873 (Monitoring): Change default for sticky option of acknowledgements from true to false
    * Feature 12820 (Monitoring): Export detail views to JSON
    * Feature 12766 (Monitoring): Show flapping events in the host and service history views
    * Feature 12764 (Monitoring): Display downtime end even if it hasn't been started yet
    * Feature 12125 (Monitoring): Allow th in plugin output
    * Feature 11952 (Monitoring): Allow changing default of 'sticky' in acknowledgement and other command options
    * Feature 11398 (Monitoring): Send commands over Icinga 2's API
    * Feature 11835 (UI): Add clear button to search field
    * Feature 11792 (UI): Show hint if notifications are disabled globally
    * Feature 11664 (UI): Show git HEAD for modules if available
    * Feature 13461 (Vendor Libraries): Use Icinga's fork of Zend Framework 1 icingaweb2-vendor-zf1
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 12396 (Authentication & Authorization): Hooks don't respect module permissions
    * Bug 12164 (Authentication & Authorization): REDIRECT_REMOTE_USER not evaluated during external auth
    * Bug 12108 (Authentication & Authorization): assertPermission allows everything for unauthenticated requests
    * Bug 13357 (Configuration): Persistent database resources cannot be made non-persistent
    * Bug 12848 (Configuration): Empty "Protected Custom Variables" falls back to defaults
    * Bug 12655 (Configuration): Permission application/log is not configurable
    * Bug 12170 (Configuration): Adding a DB resource via webinterface requires one to enter a password
    * Bug 10401 (Configuration): LdapUserGroupBackendForm: user_* settings not purged
    * Bug 9804 (Configuration): Renaming the resource used for the config backend does not update the global configuration
    * Bug 11920 (Dashboard): Add to dashboard: wrong url makes whole dashboard unusable
    * Bug 13387 (Documentation): Can't display documentation of disabled modules
    * Bug 12923 (Framework): Navigation Item name must be of type string or NavigationItem
    * Bug 12852 (Framework): Hosts without any services are hidden from roles with monitoring/filter/objects set
    * Bug 12760 (Framework): Do not log exceptions other than those resulting in a HTTP 500 status-code
    * Bug 12583 (Framework): Unhandled exceptions while handling REST requests will silently drop the http response code
    * Bug 12580 (Framework): REST requests cannot be anonymous
    * Bug 12557 (Framework): Module description cannot be on a single line
    * Bug 12299 (Framework): FilterExpression renders a&!b as a=1&b!=1
    * Bug 12161 (Framework): Icinga Web 2 doesn't set Content-Type
    * Bug 12065 (Framework): IniRepository: update/delete not possible with iterator
    * Bug 11743 (Framework): INI writer must not persist section keys with a null value
    * Bug 11185 (Framework): SummaryNavigationItemRenderer should show worst state
    * Bug 10361 (Framework): Handle E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
    * Bug 13459 (Installation): Setup: Can't view monitoring config summary with Icinga 2 API as command transport
    * Bug 13467 (JavaScript): renderLayout has  side-effects
    * Bug 13115 (JavaScript): actiontable should not clear active row in case there is no newer one
    * Bug 12541 (JavaScript): Menu not reloaded in case no search is available
    * Bug 12328 (JavaScript): Separate vendor JavaScript libraries w/ semicolons and newlines on import
    * Bug 10704 (JavaScript): JS: Always use the jQuery find method w/ node context when selecting elements
    * Bug 10703 (JavaScript): JS: Don't use var self = this, but var _this = this
    * Bug 11431 (Modules): Modules can't require permission on menu items
    * Bug 10870 (Modules): Refuse erroneous module folder names when enabling the module
    * Bug 13243 (Monitoring): Inconsistent host and service flags
    * Bug 12889 (Monitoring): Timeline broken
    * Bug 12810 (Monitoring): Scheduling a downtime for all services of a host does not work w/ the Icinga 2 API as command transport
    * Bug 12313 (Monitoring): Multi-line strings within host.notes are being displayed as single line
    * Bug 12223 (Monitoring): State not highlighted in plugin output if it contains HTML
    * Bug 12019 (Monitoring): Contact view shows service filters with 'Downtime' even if not set
    * Bug 11915 (Monitoring): Performance data: negative values not handled
    * Bug 11859 (Monitoring): Can't separate between SOFT and HARD states in the history views
    * Bug 11766 (Monitoring): Performance data: Fit label column to show as much text as possible
    * Bug 11744 (Monitoring): Empty user groups are not displayed
    * Bug 10774 (Monitoring): Scheduling downtimes for child hosts doesn't work w/ Icinga 2.x (waiting for Icinga 2)
    * Bug 10537 (Monitoring): Filtering with not-equal on custom variable doesn't show hosts without this cv
    * Bug 7755 (Monitoring): Remove autosubmit in eventgrid
    * Bug 12133 (Navigation): Username and password not being passed in navigation item URLs
    * Bug 12776 (Print & Export): dompdf fails when border-style is set to auto
    * Bug 12723 (Print & Export): Allowed memory size exhausted when exporting the history view to CSV
    * Bug 12660 (QA): Choosing the Icinga theme floods the log with error messages
    * Bug 12774 (UI): Lot's of <span style="visibility:hidden; display:none;"></span> in Output
    * Bug 12134 (UI): Copy and paste: Plugin output contains unicode zero-width space characters
    * Bug 10691 (UI): Closing the detail area does not update the rows selected counter
    * Bug 13095 (Vagrant VM): TicketSalt constant missing
    * Bug 12717 (Vagrant VM): PluginContribDir constant removed during vagrant provisioning
* Fri Jul 15 2016
  - add minimum version 1.12.18 to ZendFramwork,
    because of Bug #655: ZF2015-08 breaks binary data
* Sat Jun 25 2016
  - update to 2.3.4
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 11267: Links in plugin output don't behave as expected
    * Bug 11348: Host aliases are not shown in detail area
    * Bug 11728: First non whitespace character after comma stripped from plugin output
    * Bug 11729: Sort by severity depends on state type
    * Bug 11737: Zero width space characters destroy state highlighting in plugin output
    * Bug 11796: Zero width space characters may destroy links in plugin output
    * Bug 11831: parsing fails in case it contains newlines that are not part of the module's description
    * Bug 11850: "Add to menu" tab unnecessarily appears in command forms
    * Bug 11871: Colors used in the timeline are not accessible
    * Bug 11883: Delete action on comments and downtimes in list views not accessible because they lack context
    * Bug 11885: Database: Asterisk filters ignored when combined w/ other filters
    * Bug 11910: Web 2 lacks mobile meta tags
    * Fix remote code execution via remote command transport
* Mon May 30 2016
  - Changed spec file to work with SLES 11
* Tue May 10 2016
  - update to 2.3.2
    + Feature
    * Feature 11629: Simplified event-history date and time representation
    + Bugfixes
    * Fix a privilege escalation issue in the monitoring module for authenticated users
    * Bug 10486: Menu rendering fails when no monitoring backend was configured
    * Bug 10847: Warn about illogical dates
    * Bug 10848: Can't change items per page if filter is in modify state
    * Bug 11392: Can't configure monitoring backend via the web interface when no monitoring backend was configured
* Mon Apr 18 2016
  - update to 2.3.1
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 11598: Invalid SQL queries for PostgreSQL
  - changes from 2.3.0
    + Features
    * Feature 10887: lib: Provide User::getRoles()
    * Feature 10965: Roles: Restrict visibility of custom variables
    * Feature 11404: Add is_reachable filter column to host and service data views
    * Feature 11485: lib/LDAP: Support scopes base and one
    * Feature 11495: Support data URIs in href
    * Feature 11529: Don't offer command disable notifications /w expire time if backend is Icinga 2
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 9386: Improve order of documentation chapters
    * Bug 10820: Style problems with long plugin output lines
    * Bug 11078: Can't remove default dashboards
    * Bug 11099: Mobile menu icon is mispositioned
    * Bug 11128: Menu stops refreshing when there is text in the search field
    * Bug 11145: Pagination compontents should not float around
    * Bug 11171: Icinga Web 2 tries to load an ifont which results in 404
    * Bug 11245: icingacli monitoring list --problems throws an exception
    * Bug 11264: Cannot execute queries while other unbuffered queries are active
    * Bug 11277: external auth with PHP internal webserver still buggy
    * Bug 11279: Restrict access to Applicationlog
    * Bug 11299: Icon images no longer prepend img/icons
    * Bug 11391: External auth reads REMOTE_USER from process environment instead of request
    * Bug 11414: Doc module does not render images with relative path
    * Bug 11465: Stylesheet remains unchanged when module CSS/LESS files have been changed
    * Bug 11489: lib/LDAP: ordering does explicitly set fields
    * Bug 11490: lib/LDAP: LdapUtils::explodeDN replace deprecated use of eval in preg_replace
    * Bug 11516: Accessibility: Focus in Tactical Overview barely visible
    * Bug 11558: Missing ) in the documentation
    * Bug 11568: Docs: Global permissions table is broken
* Tue Apr 05 2016
  - update to 2.2.0
    + Features
    * Feature 8487: Number headings in the documentation module
    * Feature 8963: Feature commands in the multi select views
    * Feature 10654: Render links in acknowledgements, comments and downtimes
    * Feature 11062: Allow style classes in plugin output
    * Feature 11238: Puppet/Vagrant: Install mod_ssl and forward port 443
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 7350: Tabs are missing if JS is disabled
    * Bug 9800: Debian packaging: Ship translation module w/ the icingaweb2 package and install its config.ini
    * Bug 10173: Failed commands give no useful error any more
    * Bug 10251: Icinga Web 2 fails to run with PHP7
    * Bug 10277: Special characters are incorrectly escaped for tooltips in the service grid
    * Bug 10289: Doc module: Headers are cut off when clicking on TOC links
    * Bug 10309: Move auth backend configuration to app config
    * Bug 10310: Monitoring details: information/action ordering
    * Bug 10362: Debian packaging: Separate package for CLI missing
    * Bug 10366: Text plugin output treated as HTML in too many occasions
    * Bug 10369: Accessibility: Focus not visible and lost after refresh
    * Bug 10397: Users with no permissions can check multiple services
    * Bug 10442: Edit user control should be more prominent
    * Bug 10469: "Remove Acknowledgement" text missing in multi-select views
    * Bug 10506: HTTP basic auth request is sent when using Kerberos authentication with Apache2 and mod_php
    * Bug 10625: Return local date and time when lost connection to the web server
    * Bug 10640: Respect protected_variables in nested custom variables too
    * Bug 10778: Filters in the host group and service group overview not applied to state links
    * Bug 10786: Whitespace characters are ignored in the plugin output in list views
    * Bug 10805: Setup Wizard: Obsolete PHP sockets requirement
    * Bug 10856: Benchmark is not rendered on many pages
    * Bug 10871: Get rid of padding in controls
    * Bug 10878: Dashboards different depending on username casing
    * Bug 10881: Move iframe from modules to framework
    * Bug 10917: Event grid tiles: The filter column "from" is not allowed here
    * Bug 10918: Error on logout when using external authentication
    * Bug 10921: icingacli monitoring list --format=csv throws error
    * Bug 11000: Change license header to only reflect a file's year of creation/initial commit
    * Bug 11008: Wobbling spinners
    * Bug 11021: Global default theme is not applied while not authenticated
    * Bug 11032: Fix icon_image size and provide a CSS class for theming
    * Bug 11039: Misleading tooltip in Tactical Overview
    * Bug 11051: Preferences and navigation items stored in INI files rely on case sensitive usernames
    * Bug 11073: Active row is flickering on refresh
    * Bug 11091: Custom navigation items: URL is not escaped/encoded
    * Bug 11100: Comments are always persistent
    * Bug 11114: Validate that a proper root DN is set for LDAP resources
    * Bug 11117: Vendor: Update dompdf to version 0.6.2
    * Bug 11119: icingacli shows ugly exception when unable to access the config directory
    * Bug 11120: icingacli: command and action shortcuts have been broken
    * Bug 11126: Invalid cookie value in cookie icingaweb2-tzo
    * Bug 11142: LDAP User Groups backend group_filter
    * Bug 11143: Layout: Tabs should be left-aligned
    * Bug 11151: Having basic authentication on the webserver but not in Icinga Web 2 causes Web 2 to require basic auth
    * Bug 11168: Debian packaging: Don't patch HTMLPurifier loading and install HTMLPurifier*.php files from the library/vendor root
    * Bug 11187: Session cookie: Path too broad and unset secure flag on HTTPS
    * Bug 11197: Menu items without url should ignore the target configuration
    * Bug 11260: Scheduling downtimes through the API not working
  - changes from 2.1.1
    + Features
    * Feature 10488: Use _ENV variables with built-in PHP webserver
    * Feature 10705: Theming
    * Feature 10898: Winter theme
    +  Bugfixes
    * Bug 9685: Deprecate Module::registerHook() in favor of Hook::provideHook()
    * Bug 9957: Sort hosts and services by last state change
    * Bug 10123: CSS loading may fail w/ mkdir(): File exists in FileCache.php
    * Bug 10126: setup config directory --config should use mkdir -p instead of mkdir()
    * Bug 10166: library/vendor/HTMLPurifier tree is incorrectly unpacked
    * Bug 10170: Link to service downtimes from multiple selected services includes host downtimes aswell
    * Bug 10338: Debian: Failed to open stream HTMLPurifier/HTMLPurifier.php
    * Bug 10603: Line breaks are not respected in acknowledgements, comments and downtimes
    * Bug 10658: SUSE packages have the wrong dependencies
    * Bug 10659: LDAP group members are shown with their DN and membership registration does not work
    * Bug 10670: State not highlighted in plugin output
    * Bug 10671: Auto-focus the username field on the login page
    * Bug 10683: lib/CLI command web serve: rename variable basedir to something meaningful
    * Bug 10702: Host- and Service-Actions configured in Web 2 do not resolve any macros
    * Bug 10749: XHR application-state requests pollute the URL if not authenticated
    * Bug 10771: Login shows "Anmelden........" upon login with the german locale
    * Bug 10781: LoggingConfigForm.php complains about whitespace but checks with /^[^\W]+$/
    * Bug 10790: "Problems - Service Grid" does not work with host names that contain only digits
    * Bug 10884: Tabs MUST throw an exception when activating an inexistant tab
    * Bug 10886: "impacted" container is no longer fading out
    * Bug 10892: Wrong mask for FileCache's temp directory
  - changes from 2.1.0
    + Features
    * Feature 10613: Extend and simplify Hook api
    + Bugfixes
    * Bug 8713: Invalid filter "host_name=*(test)*", unexpected ) at pos 17
    * Bug 8999: Navigation and search bar is not available using a small width
    * Bug 10229: Dashboard requests do not refresh the session
    * Bug 10268: Unhandled services in the hosts overview list don't stand out
    * Bug 10287: Redirect after login no longer working
    * Bug 10288: The order for the limit links is incorrect
    * Bug 10292: Hovered links in hover menu are unreadable
    * Bug 10293: Hover menu is missing it's arrow for menu entries providing badges
    * Bug 10295: Reset static line-height on body
    * Bug 10296: Scrolling to the bottom of the page does not load more events
    * Bug 10299: Badges are overridden by menu text
    * Bug 10301: Format helpers like timeSince are polluted with text-small
    * Bug 10303: Zooming in, or having another layout destroys the hover menu
    * Bug 10304: Cannot access a host's customvars for service actions
    * Bug 10305: Hover menu arrow color no longer fits background color
    * Bug 10316: Not all Servicegroups / Hostgroups are shown
    * Bug 10317: Event history style broken
    * Bug 10319: Recursive sharing navigation items doesn't work.
    * Bug 10321: Module iframe doesn't show website with parameters as a single column
    * Bug 10328: ZendFramework packages missing for SLES12
    * Bug 10359: Charset option not passed thru PDO adapter
    * Bug 10364: PostgreSQL queries apply LOWER() on selected columns
    * Bug 10367: Broken user- and group-management
    * Bug 10389: Host overview: vsprintf(): Too few arguments
    * Bug 10402: LdapUserGroupBackend: user_base_dn not used from UserBackend
    * Bug 10419: Swapped icon image order in service header
    * Bug 10490: Unhandled service counter in the hosts overview shows incorrect values
    * Bug 10533: Form notifications of type information are green
    * Bug 10567: Member user name used for basedn when querying usergroup members
    * Bug 10597: Empty PDO charset option is invalid
    * Bug 10614: Class loader: hardcode module and Zend prefixes
    * Bug 10623: Acknowledging multiple selected objects erroneous
  - add set_permission and verify_permissions in spec
  - add permissions to /etc/permissions.d
  - fix some rpmlint-warnings
  - add rpmlintrc
  - remove if statements for deprecated suseversion
  - comment out requires for not existing packages zend-db-adapter-pdo-mysql,
* Sat Oct 31 2015
  - enable env, php5 and rewrite in apache on new installations
* Thu Oct 15 2015
  - initial version 2.0.0, based on upstream spec file



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