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libopenvswitch-2_8-0-2.8.7-6.22.2 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: libopenvswitch-2_8-0 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.8.7 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 6.22.2 Build date: Fri May 31 21:08:40 2019
Group: System/Libraries Build host: s390lp8
Size: 4261728 Source RPM: openvswitch-2.8.7-6.22.2.src.rpm
Summary: Open vSwitch core libraries
Contains the shared libraries used by Open vSwitch and any eventual extensions.






* Mon Apr 29 2019
  - Fix problem preventing new installs to run as non root (bsc#1132029),
    * Align with upstream so that no running configuration is changed on
      upgrades, specifically to avoid changes on the user Open vSwitch runs
    * hugetblfs groups is created as systemgroup
  - Version bump to bugfix release 2.8.7 (bsc#1130276). Some of the changes are:
    * ofp-group: support to insert bucket with weight value for select type
    * ofproto: fix the bug of bucket counter is not updated
    * netdev-dpdk: Print netdev name for txq mapping.
    * Add missing "--may-exist" option
    * netdev-tc-offloads: Improve log message for icmpv6 offload not supported
    * travis: Stop rsyslog before start.
    * vlog: Better handle syslog handler exceptions.
    * travis: Remove 'sudo' configuration.
    * Use correct perl scripts.
    * rconn: Avoid occasional immediate connection failures.
    * conntrack: Fix L4 csum for V6 extension hdr pkts.
    * packets: Change return type of 'packet_csum_upperlayer6'.
    * ovsdb-client: Fix typo.
    * ofctl: break the loop if ovs_pcap_read returns error
    * Revert "ovs-tcpdump: Fix an undefined variable"
    * dhparams: Fix .c file generation with OpenSSL >= 1.1.1-pre9
    * dhparams: Add pregenerated .c file to the repository.
    * netlink: added check to prevent netlink attribute overflow
    * conntrack: Keep Address Sanitizer happy.
    * lldp: fix string warnings
    * conntrack: Exclude l2 padding in 'conn_key_extract()'.
    * dp-packet: Add 'dp_packet_l3_size()'.
    * monitor: Fix crash when monitor condition adds new columns.
    * dpif-netdev: Add thread safety annotation to sorted_poll_list.
    * acinclude: Drop DPDK_EXTRA_LIB variable.
    * flow: fix a possible memory leak in parse_ct_state
    * ofproto-dpif-trace: Fix for the segmentation fault in ofproto_trace().
    * datapath: Fix IPv6 later frags parsing
    * datapath: Derive IP protocol number for IPv6 later frags
    * datapath: Avoid OOB read when parsing flow nlattrs
    * dpif-netlink: Fix a bug that causes duplicate key error in datapath
    * odp-util: Stop parse odp actions if nlattr is overflow
    * ovs-tcpdump: Fix an undefined variable
    * stt: Fix return code during xmit.
    * ofpbuf: Fix arithmetic error in ofpbuf_insert().
    * odp-util: Fix a bug in parse_odp_push_nsh_action
    * netdev-linux: Fix function argument order in sfq_tc_load().
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: Account mirrored packets only if the VLAN matches.
    * ofp-actions: Avoid overflow for ofpact_learn_spec->n_bits
    * python: Escape backslashes while formatting logs.
    * docs: Fix table title for VM MQ config in dpdk howto.
    * conntrack: Check all addresses for ephemeral ports.
    * cmap: Fix hashing in cmap_find_protected().
    * python: Catch setsockopt exceptions for TCP stream.
    * conntrack: Skip ephemeral ports fallback for DNAT.
    * rhel: Add 'SYSTEMD_NO_WRAP=yes' in ovs init script for SLES
    * ofproto: Return correct error codes from meter_set.
    * debian: Install correct vtep-ctl.
    * packets: Fix use-after-free error in packet_put_ra_prefix_opt().
    * Windows: Fix broken kernel userspace communication
    * netdev-tc-offloads: Delete ufid tc mapping in the right place
    * dpif-netlink: Fix error behavior in dpif_netlink_port_add__().
    * datapath-windows: Fix invalid reference in Buffermgmt.c
    * netdev-dpdk: Bring link down when NETDEV_UP is not set
    * actions: Enforce a maximum limit for nested action depth
    * bond: Fix LACP fallback to active-backup when recirc is enabled.
    * netdev-dpdk: Fix netdev_dpdk_get_features().
    * ovn-northd: Fix memory leak in free_chassis_queueid().
    * python-c-ext: Fix memory leak in Parser_finish
    * bridge.c: prevent controller connects while flow-restore-wait
    * connmgr: Fix vswitchd abort when a port is added and the controller is down
    * odp-util: Move ufid handling to odp_flow_from_string
  - Remove patches present in upstream 2.8.7:
    * 0001-python-c-ext-Fix-memory-leak-in-Parser_finish.patch
* Mon Mar 25 2019
  - Backport upstream fixes (bsc#1128407)
    * 0001-rhel-don-t-drop-capabilities-when-running-as-root.patch
    * 0002-rhel-Fix-literal-dollar-sign-usage-in-systemd-servic.patch
  - Rebased upstream fixes that had conflict with the previous ones
    * 0003-rhel-Use-correct-user-in-the-logrotate-configuration.patch
  - Add extra openvswitch headers (bsc#1125897)
* Fri Feb 15 2019
  - Obsolete old python[2]-openvswitch-test subpackages (bsc#1124435)
* Mon Dec 17 2018
  - Backport upstream fix for python json parser memory leak (bsc#1116437)
    * 0001-python-c-ext-Fix-memory-leak-in-Parser_finish.patch
* Thu Nov 08 2018
  - Improve python packaging (bsc#1115085)
    * Rename python*-openvswitch subpackages to python*-ovs to follow
      the openSUSE policy that packages should be named after the modules
      they install.
    * Build the JSON C bindings and as a result the 'noarch' BuildArch
      needs to be removed.
    * Drop the python*-openvswitch-test packages and merge them with the
      test subpackage
    * Build the python bindings using setuptools
    * Include the egg-info package.
    * Use libopenvswitch as dependency to python bindings
* Mon Oct 22 2018
  - Version bump to 2.8.5 (bsc#1112703). Some of the changes are:
    * Add missing backslash.
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: Avoid deadlock on multicast snooping recursion.
    * expr: Disallow < <= >= > comparisons against empty value set.
    * expr: Set a limit on the depth of nested parentheses
    * dpif-netdev: Add vlan to mask for flow_put operation.
    * odp-util: Fix a use-after-free bug.
    * dpif-netlink: Fix null pointer.
    * dpif-netlink: don't allocate per thread netlink sockets (bsc#1110865)
    * netdev: Properly clear 'details' when iterating in NETDEV_QOS_FOR_EACH.
    * lex: Fix buffer overrun parsing overlong hexadecimal constants.
    * ovsdb-client: Fix a bug that uses wrong index
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix conntrack fields on NXT_RESUME
    * flow: Fix uninitialized flow fields in IPv6 error case.
    * ofproto-dpif: Fix NXT_RESUME flow stats
    * meta-flow: Make "nw_frag" a synonym for "ip_frag".
    * lib/tc: treat vlan id and prio as independent fields
    * odp-util: Don't attempt to write IPv6 flow label bits that don't exist.
    * lib/tc: reject offloading of non-Ethernet packets
    * ovn-controller: Fix test - IP relocation using GARP request.
    * tests: Make test result more predictable.
    * ovs-ctl: Allow add-remote without vswitchd started.
    * daemon-unix: Use same name for original or restarted children.
    * dpif-netdev: Prevent unsafe access when retrieving meter stats.
    * tests: Use the default key length when generating RSA keys
    * utilities: Drop shebang from bash completion script
    * ofp-actions: Re-fix error path for parsing OpenFlow actions.
    * nx-match: Avoid double-free on some error paths.
    * ovn-northd: Support learning neighbor from ARP request.
    * ovn-northd: LR respond ARP from valid subnet only.
    * netdev-dpdk: Support the link speed of XL710
    * netdev-linux: Avoid division by 0 if kernel reports bad scheduler data.
    * ofp-actions: Avoid assertion failure for clone(ct(...bad actions...)).
    * ovsdb-idl.c: Fix IDL index problem when rows are updated.
    * netdev-dpdk: Fix failure to configure flow control at netdev-init.
    * netdev-dpdk: Use hex for PCI vendor ID.
    * ofctl: Fixup compare_flows function
    * stream-ssl: Define SSL_OP_NO_SSL_MASK for OpenSSL versions that lack it.
    * utilities: Launch ovsdb-tool without using PAM
    * ovs-ofctl: Better validate OpenFlow message length in "ofp-parse-pcap".
    * stream-ssl: Don't enable new TLS versions by default
    * pcap-file: Fix formatting of log message.
    * meta-flow: Make mf_vl_mff_mf_from_nxm_header() require a valid field.
    * nx-match: Fix memory leak in oxm_pull_field_array() error case.
    * compat: Initialize IPv4 reassembly secret timer
    * conntrack: Fix use after free for FTP control case.
    * Correctly bring up bond slaves.
    * conntrack: Fix using alg_exp_entry out of scope.
    * ofp-group: Don't assert-fail decoding bad OF1.5 group mod type or command.
    * ofp-actions: Fix buffer overread in decode_LEARN_specs().
    * ofp-actions: Avoid buffer overread in BUNDLE action decoding.
    * rconn: Suppress 'connected' log for unreliable connections.
    * datapath: stt: linearize in SKIP_ZERO_COPY case
    * ovn: Fix DHCP classless static route for non-classful masks.
    * ofproto: Fix OVS crash when reverting old flows in bundle commit
    * rconn: Introduce new invariant to fix assertion failure in corner case.
    * Correct argument to "dump-flows".
    * ovs-thread: Fix thread id for threads not started with ovs_thread_create()
    * netdev-dpdk: Handle ENOTSUP for rte_eth_dev_set_mtu.
    * netdev-dpdk: Enable HW_CRC_STRIP for virtual functions.
    * lib: fix typo in fragment handling error messages
  - Remove old patch which is included in this release:
    * 0001-utilities-Launch-ovsdb-tool-without-using-PAM.patch
* Thu Aug 09 2018
  - Add upstream patch to fix permissions when running the logrotate
    script (bsc#1104049)
    * 0001-rhel-Use-correct-user-in-the-logrotate-configuration.patch
* Tue Aug 07 2018
  - Add upstream patch to fix dbus timeout due to deadlock in systemd
    dependencies (bsc#1098630).
    * 0001-utilities-Launch-ovsdb-tool-without-using-PAM.patch
* Tue May 29 2018
  - Version bump to 2.8.4 (bsc#1094234). Some of the changes are
    * dpif-netdev: Free packets on TUNNEL_PUSH if may_steal.
    * netdev-dpdk: fix check for "net_nfp" driver
    * netdev-dpdk: Don't use PMD driver if not configured successfully
    * netdev-dpdk: Remove use of rte_mempool_ops_get_count.
    * conntrack-tcp: Handle tcp session reuse.
    * tunnel: make tun_key_to_attr aware of tunnel type.
    * Configurable Link State Change (LSC) detection mode
    * netdev-dpdk: don't enable scatter for jumbo RX support for nfp
    * faq: Document DPDK version maintenance.
    * Avoid crash in OvS while transmitting fragmented packets over tunnel.
    * compat: Fix upstream 4.4.119 kernel
    * ovs-vsctl: Fix segfault when attempting to del-port from parent bridge.
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix segmentation fault caused by tun_table
    * odp-util: Remove unnecessary TOS ECN bits rewrite for tunnels
    * datapath: Prevent panic
    * netdev-dpdk: Free mempool only when no in-use mbufs.
    * python: Fix a double encoding attempt on an Unicode string
    * ofproto-dpif: Init ukey->dump_seq to zero
    * nsh: Add unit test for double NSH encap and decap
    * xlate: Correct handling of double encap() actions
    * tc: Change filter error to debug once
    * lib/tc: Handle error parsing action in nl_parse_single_action
    * ovn: Fix tunnel id overflow.
    * ofp-actions: Correct execution of encap/decap actions in action set
    * Fix test failed. (writing large data via IDL with unicode)
    * netdev-dpdk: Limit rate of DPDK logs.
    * netdev-dpdk: Remove 'error' from non error log.
    * odp-util: Print eth() for Ethernet flows if packet_type is absent.
    * python: Fix decoding error when the received data is larger than 4096.
    * datapath-windows: fix hash creation on ct mark
    * tunnel: Fix deletion of datapath tunnel ports in case of reconfiguration
    * tests: Make hash independent
  - Remove patches which are now upstream:
    * 0001-ovsdb-Use-items-instead-of-iteritems-for-Python3.patch
  - Use openvswitch user/group for the log directory (3f556d66edb9)
* Wed May 09 2018
  - Add support for RedHat distributions. All SUSE macros are now
    conditional and the spec file has been adapted based on the upstream
    one (fate#324537)
  - spec-cleaner fixes
* Wed May 02 2018
  - Move openvswitch user/group creation to %pre scriptlet. The default
    ownership of the configuration files expects the user and group to
    be available as early as possible (bsc#1091408)
* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - Preserve 'enable' status of openvswitch.service file when upgrading
    from <SLE-12-SP3. The service file has been moved from the old
    openvswitch-switch subpackage to the main openvswitch one so we
    need to handle this migration step in %posttrans (bsc#1089476)
  - Move DISABLE_STOP_ON_REMOVAL=yes to %preun. This variable is only
    checked in %service_del_preun macro
* Thu Mar 22 2018
  - Fix file permissions in /etc/openvswitch for upgrades (951d79e638ec)
* Wed Mar 21 2018
  - set rundir to %_rundir
* Thu Feb 22 2018
  - Fix incorrect python3 dependencies for python2 subpackages
  - Add upstream patches so we can build tools using python3 (bsc#1082194)
    * 0001-ovsdb-Use-items-instead-of-iteritems-for-Python3.patch
* Wed Feb 21 2018
  - Version bump to 2.8.2 (bsc#1081953). Some of the changes are
    * ofp-meter: Fix use-after-free for decoding meter mods.
    * xlate: fix xport lookup for recirc
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: add uuid to xports
    * netdev-dpdk: Fix requested MTU size validation.
    * netdev-dpdk: fix ingress_policer leak on error path
    * ofproto: Fix double-unref of temporary rule when learning.
    * gre: strip gre-tso offload flags
    * tc flower: reorder tunnel encap/decap actions
    * ofproto: Fix wrong datapath flow with same in_port and output port.
    * dpif: geneve: supply dpif function to get ifindex
    * ovs-tcpundump: fix a conversion issue
    * tunnel: fix tunnel flags set/clear.
    * netdev-dpdk: replace uint8_t with dpdk_port_t
    * lex: Fix parsing of long tokens.
    * odp-util: Use flexible sized buffer to hold Geneve options.
    * odp-util: Avoid reading wrong table in generate_all_wildcard_mask().
    * bond: Fix bug that writes to freed memory
    * conntrack: Fix icmp error address sanity check.
    * ovsdb-idl: Fix assertion failure on error path parsing server reply.
    * ofproto: Keep inserting buckets into a group from changing group type.
    * odp-util: Fix another hang in NSH action parsing.
    * odp-util: Fix parsing corner case for encap_nsh() actions.
    * netdev: netdev_get_etheraddr is not functioning as advertised.
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: Fix bug that may leak ofproto_flow_mod
    * bfd: Fix memory leak
    * dpif: Fix memory leak
    * execution: Fix bug that leaks ovsdb_row
    * flow: Avoid buffer overread in parse_nsh() for malformed packet.
    * ovs-ofctl: Fix bad free in colors_parse_from_env().
    * odp-util: Fix buffer overread in parsing string form of ODP flows.
    * OpenvSwitch logrotate: Use ctl file path as target in ovs-appctl to reset logs
    * ovn-ctl: Add -vfile:info option to OVN_NB/SB_LOG options
    * netdev-tc-offloads: update stats properly on flow deletion
    * tests: Try harder to figure out whether IPv6 is supported.
    * netdev, dpif: fix the crash/assert on port delete
    * ovs-ctl: Don't remember vport-* kernel modules
    * NSH: Adjust NSH wire format to the latest IETF draft
    * ovs-lib: dont't purge corrupted DB
    * meta-flow: Fix format in documentation.
    * dpif-netlink-rtnl: Fix ovs_geneve probing after restart.
    * ovsdb-server: Fix memory leak
    * test-ovsdb: Fix memory leak
    * ovsdb-idl: Fix memory leak
    * netdev-linux: Fix wrong ceil rate when max-rate less than 8bit.
    * ofproto/trace: Fix memory leak in oftrace_push_ct_state()
    * ofproto-dpif-upcall: Fix null pointer dereference on exit.
    * ofproto-dpif-xlate: use xlate error enum for unsupported packet type
    * timeval: Check for OS-provided clock_gettime on macOS
    * Add dl_type to flow metadata for correct interpretation of conntrack metadata
    * Check flow's dl_type before setting ct_orig_tuple in 'pkt_metadata_from_flow()'
    * tests/stp: Use long warps instead of multiple calls.
    * ovs-save: Handle different 'ip addr show' output.
    * datapath-windows: Remove the workaround in NAT for TCP checksum
    * netdev: Fix memory leak on error path.
    * replication: Avoid theoretical use-after-free error in reset_database().
    * Call 'hostname -f' after vswitchd starts.
    * dpif-netdev: Use portable error code for zero rate meter band
  - Remove patches that have been applied upstream:
    * 0001-netdev-dpdk-replace-uint8_t-with-dpdk_port_t.patch
* Tue Jan 09 2018
  - Add upstream patches to support DPDK 17.11 (fate#322609)
    * 0001-netdev-dpdk-replace-uint8_t-with-dpdk_port_t.patch
    * 0002-netdev-dpdk-DPDK-v17.11-upgrade.patch
    * 0003-netdev-dpdk-vHost-IOMMU-support.patch
* Wed Dec 27 2017
  - Python fixes and improvements
    * Build Python3 subpackages for Open vSwitch python bindings
    * Switch build architecture to 'noarch' for python bindings.
    * Fix license for python subpackages
    * Build and ship python bytecode files.
  - Do not mark files in /usr/share/* as configuration files
  - Replace version macro with actual version number of Obsoletes tags.
    The DPDK packages have been merged with the regular OvS ones in the
    2.7.0 release so make it more explicit which ones we are obsoleting.
  - spec-cleaner fixes
* Wed Dec 06 2017
  - Fix documentation installation. It's best to install everything to
    %buildroot and then remove the files we don't need instead of the
    other way around since some files need to be present in the source
    directory for the testsuite to run.
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Fri Sep 29 2017
  - Version bump to 2.8.1. Some of the changes are:
    * connmgr: Fix violation of flow monitoring protocol description.
    * ovn/actions: Improve OVN load-balancing performance.
    * dpif-netdev: Fix a zero-rate bug for meter
    * conntrack: Tighten handling of alg reverse conns.
    * conntrack: Add function ct_print_conn_info().
    * conntrack: Create nat_conn_keys_insert().
    * netdev-dpdk: reset packet_type for reused dp_packets.
    * ofp-util: Fix memory leaks when parsing OF1.5 group properties (cve-2017-14970) (bsc#1061310)
    * ofp-util: Fix memory leaks on error cases in ofputil_decode_group_mod() (cve-2017-14970) (bsc#1061310)
    * ofp-util: Fix buffer overread in ofputil_decode_bundle_add().
    * ofproto: Include patch ports in mtu overriden check
    * netdev-tc-offloads: Fix vxlan tunnel offloading
    * bridge: Fix controller status update to passive connections
    * lib/odp: Fix handling of set masked action in parse_odp_action
    * tests: Fix sparse error on test-ovn.c
    * dpif-netdev: Fix per packet cycles statistics.
    * netdev-dpdk: update vhost user client port status.
    * ovsdb-server.1: Fix mention of wrong option.
* Mon Sep 04 2017
  - Version bump to 2.8.0 (fate#323334, bsc#1050700). Some of the changes are:
    * ovs-ofctl can now accept and display port names in place of numbers.  By
      default it always accepts names and in interactive use it displays them;
      use --names or --no-names to override.  See ovs-ofctl(8) for details.
    * "ovs-ofctl dump-flows" now accepts --no-stats to omit flow statistics.
    * New ovs-dpctl command "ct-stats-show" to show connection tracking stats.
    * DPDK log messages redirected to OVS logging subsystem.
      Log level can be changed in a usual OVS way using
      'ovs-appctl vlog' commands for 'dpdk' module. Lower bound
      still can be configured via extra arguments for DPDK EAL.
    * dpdkvhostuser ports are marked as deprecated.  They will be removed
      in an upcoming release.
    * Support for DPDK v17.05.1.
    * New support for multiple VLANs (802.1ad or "QinQ"), including a new
      "dot1q-tunnel" port VLAN mode.
    * Added NAT support for userspace datapath.
    * Added FTP and TFTP support with NAT for userspace datapath.
    * Experimental NSH (Network Service Header) support in userspace datapath.
    * Tracing with ofproto/trace now traces through recirculation.
    * New support for role-based access control (see ovsdb-server(1)).
    * New commands 'stp/show' and 'rstp/show' (see ovs-vswitchd(8)).
    * All features required by OpenFlow 1.4 are now implemented, so
      ovs-vswitchd now enables OpenFlow 1.4 by default (in addition to
      OpenFlow 1.0 to 1.3).
    * Increased support for OpenFlow 1.6 (draft).
    * Bundles now support hashing by just nw_src or nw_dst.
    * The "learn" action now supports a "limit" option (see ovs-ofctl(8)).
    * The port status bit OFPPS_LIVE now reflects link aliveness.
    * OpenFlow 1.5 packet-out is now supported.
    * Support for OpenFlow 1.5 field packet_type and packet-type-aware
      pipeline (PTAP).
    * Added generic encap and decap actions (EXT-382).
      First supported use case is encap/decap for Ethernet.
    * Added NSH (Network Service Header) support in userspace
      Used generic encap and decap actions to implement encapsulation and
      decapsulation of NSH header.
      IETF NSH draft -
    * ovs-vswitchd and ovsdb-server run as non-root users by default.
    * Add --cleanup option to command 'ovs-appctl exit' (see ovs-vswitchd(8)).
    * Use new tunnel port option "packet_type" to configure L2 vs. L3.
    * In conjunction with PTAP tunnel ports can handle a mix of L2 and L3
    * New vxlan tunnel extension "gpe" to support VXLAN-GPE tunnels.
    * New support for non-Ethernet (L3) payloads in GRE and VXLAN-GPE.
    * Add experimental support for hardware offloading
    * HW offloading is disabled by default.
    * HW offloading is done through the TC interface.
    * The next major version of OVS will introduce a change in the
      conntrack API.  Conntrack state is only available to the processing
      path that follows the "recirc_table" argument of the ct() action.
      Starting in OVS 2.9, this state will be cleared for the current
      processing path whenever ct() is called.
  - Create new openvswitch-doc subpackage for the Open vSwitch documentation
  - Fix filename for logrotate configuration (bsc#1057357)
  - Fix constrains with Provides/Obsoletes tags (bsc#1057357)
  - Misc cleanups from spec-cleaner
* Thu Aug 10 2017
  - Update filename in /var/adm/update-messages to match documentation,
    and build-compare pattern
* Thu Jul 27 2017
  - Do not restart the ovs-vswitchd and ovsdb-server services
    on package updates (bsc#1002734)
  - Do not restart the ovs-vswitchd, ovsdb-server and openvswitch
    services on package removals. This facilitates potential future
    package moves but also preserves connectivity when the package is
    removed (bsc#1050896)
* Wed Jul 19 2017
  - Version bump to 2.7.2. Some of the changes are:
    * Revert "netdev: Fix netdev_open() to adhere to class type if given"
    * connmgr: Fix crash when in_band_create() fails.
    * db-ctl-base: Fix reference-following feature in get_row_by_id().
    * netdev: Fix crash when ifa_netmask is null.
    * ovn-controller: fix use-after-free in physical_run()
    * ovn-controller: avoid crash when vswitchd connection is lost
    * ovsdb-types: Fix memory leak on error path.
    * vswitchd: Fix IFACE_STAT name error in iface_refresh_stats
    * netdev: Fix crash when interface option is changed to invalid value.
    * ofp-util: fix memory leak in ofputil_pull_ofp11_buckets
    * configure: Fix check for rte_config.h to handle cross-compilation.
    * ofp-util: Check length of buckets in ofputil_pull_ofp15_group_mod() (cve-2017-9265) (bsc#1041447)
    * ofp-print: Don't abort on unknown reason in role status message (cve-2017-9263) (bsc#1041470)
* Sat Jul 08 2017
  - Remove irrelevant wording from summaries/description.
    Diversify summaries.
  - Get rid of an empty if block by inverting the condition.
  - Implement shared library packaging guideline.
* Thu Jul 06 2017
  - Version bump to 2.7.1. Some of the changes are:
    * Add --cleanup option to command 'ovs-appctl exit' (see ovs-vswitchd(8)).
    * libopenvswitch-2 was renamed to libopenvswitch-2.7. Applications built
      against libopenvswitch must be recompiled against the newer library.
    * ovs-ctl: allow passing user:group to daemons
    * ofproto/bond: Fix bond reconfiguration race condition
    * ofproto/bond: Fix bond post recirc rule leak.
    * ofproto/bond: fix interal flow leak of tcp-balance bond
    * mcast-snooping: Avoid segfault for vswitchd.
    * tun-metadata: Fix memory leak in tun_metadata_table_mod().
    * netdev-dpdk: Fix mempool segfault.
    * mirror: Allow concurrent lookups.
    * ofp-util: Fix buffer overread in ofputil_pull_queue_get_config_reply10() (bsc#1040543)
    * ovsdb: Check null before deref in ovsdb_monitor_table_condition_update().
    * For the complete list of changes, please see:
  - Remove upstreamed patch
    * 0001-ofp-util-Fix-buffer-overread-in-ofputil_pull_queue_g.patch
  - OVN services are no longer restarted automatically after upgrade (44dd4cc49c8a)
* Sat May 27 2017
  - Install firewalld OVN files with chmod 644 instead of 755 (4a54614120ea)
  - Use python-six instead of python2-six dependency to cover distributions
    which are not using the python-singlespec packaging specification yet (bsc#1041110)
  - Add upstream patch to fix a buffer overread vulnerability (cve-2017-9214) (bsc#1040543)
    * 0001-ofp-util-Fix-buffer-overread-in-ofputil_pull_queue_g.patch
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Version bump to 2.7.0 (fate#321541). Some of the changes are:
    * Utilities and daemons that support SSL now allow protocols and
      ciphers to be configured with --ssl-protocols and --ssl-ciphers.
    * OVN:
    - QoS is now implemented via egress shaping rather than ingress policing.
    - DSCP marking is now supported, via the new northbound QoS table.
    - IPAM now supports fixed MAC addresses.
    - Support for source IP address based routing.
    - ovn-trace:
    * New --ovs option to also print OpenFlow flows.
    * put_dhcp_opts and put_dhcp_optsv6 actions may now be traced.
    - Support for managing SSL and remote connection configuration in
      northbound and southbound databases.
    * Fixed regression in table stats maintenance introduced in OVS
      2.3.0, wherein the number of OpenFlow table hits and misses was
      not accurate.
    * OpenFlow:
    - OFPT_PACKET_OUT messages are now supported in bundles.
    - A new "selection_method=dp_hash" type for OpenFlow select group
      bucket selection that uses the datapath computed 5-tuple hash
      without making datapath flows match the 5-tuple fields, which
      is useful for more efficient load balancing, for example.  This
      uses the Netronome extension to OpenFlow 1.5+ that allows
      control over the OpenFlow select groups selection method.  See
      "selection_method" and related options in ovs-ofctl(8) for
    - The "sample" action now supports "ingress" and "egress" options.
    - The "ct" action now supports the TFTP ALG where support is available.
    - New actions "clone" and "ct_clear".
    * ovs-ofctl:
    - 'bundle' command now supports packet-out messages.
    - New syntax for 'ovs-ofctl packet-out' command, which uses the
      same string parser as the 'bundle' command.  The old 'packet-out'
      syntax is deprecated and will be removed in a later OVS
    - New unixctl "ofctl/packet-out" command, which can be used to
      instruct a flow monitor to issue OpenFlow packet-out messages.
    * ovsdb-server:
    - Remote connections can now be made read-only (see ovsdb-server(1)).
    * DPDK:
    - Support for DPDK v16.11.
    - Support for rx checksum offload. Refer DPDK HOWTO for details.
    - Port Hotplug is now supported.
    - DPDK physical ports can now have arbitrary names. The PCI address of
      the device must be set using the 'dpdk-devargs' option. Compatibility
      with the old dpdk<portid> naming scheme is broken, and as such a
      device will not be available for use until a valid dpdk-devargs is
    - Virtual DPDK Poll Mode Driver (vdev PMD) support.
    * For the complete list of changes, please see:
  - Add patch to fix DPDK configuration migration for < 2.6 installations
    * 0001-utilities-Add-script-to-support-DPDK-option-migratio.patch
  - Rework spec file
    * Enable DPDK by default and drop openvswitch-dpdk* packages. DPDK is only
      enabled on supported architectures though.
    - Remove openvswitch-dpdk.changes
    - Remove openvswitch-dpdk.spec
    - Remove
    * Merge openvswitch and openvswitch-switch into a single package since there
      was no compelling reason to keep the switch functionality in a separate
    * Split OVN package to ovn-common, ovn-central, ovn-docker, ovn-host and
      ovn-controller similar to the Debian and RedHat packages.
* Fri Nov 25 2016
  - Relax the DPDK dependency a bit so we can support stable and
    possibly new minor releases as well.
* Mon Nov 21 2016
  - Do not restart the openvswitch service after a package update.
    Restarting the systemd service may break connectivity so let the
    user decide when it is the best time for such an action. (bsc#1002734)
* Thu Nov 03 2016
  - Version bump to 2.6.1. Some of the changes are:
    * ovn: Do not reply to ARP or ND NS for a VM's own IP address.
    * ovs-ofctl: Tolerate differences in IPv6 formatting.
    * netdev-linux: double tagged packets should use 0x88a8
    * expr: Fix abort when simplifying "x != 0/0".
    * dpif-netdev: Fix crash in dpif_netdev_execute().
    * ovn-controller: Container can have connection to a hosting VM.
    * stream-ssl: Fix memory leak on error path.
    * Other bug fixes.
* Mon Oct 03 2016
  - Version bump to 2.6.0. Some of the changes are:
    * First supported release of OVN.  See ovn-architecture(7) for more
    * ovsdb-server:
    - New "monitor_cond" "monitor_cond_update" and "update2" extensions to
      RFC 7047.
    * OpenFlow:
    - OpenFlow 1.3+ bundles now expire after 10 seconds since the
      last time the bundle was either opened, modified, or closed.
    - OpenFlow 1.3 Extension 230, adding OpenFlow Bundles support, is
      now implemented.
    - OpenFlow 1.3+ bundles are now supported for group mods as well as
      flow mods and port mods.  Both 'atomic' and 'ordered' bundle
      flags are supported for group mods as well as flow mods.
    - Internal OpenFlow rule representation for load and set-field
      actions is now much more memory efficient.  For a complex flow
      table this can reduce rule memory consumption by 40%.
    - Bundles are now much more memory efficient than in OVS 2.5.
      Together with memory efficiency improvements in OpenFlow rule
      representation, the peak OVS resident memory use during a
      bundle commit for large complex set of flow mods can be only
      25% of that in OVS 2.5 (4x lower).
    - OpenFlow 1.1+ OFPT_QUEUE_GET_CONFIG_REQUEST now supports OFPP_ANY.
    - OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPMP_QUEUE_DESC is now supported.
    - OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPT_TABLE_STATUS is now supported.
    - New property-based packet-in message format NXT_PACKET_IN2 with support
      for arbitrary user-provided data and for serializing flow table
      traversal into a continuation for later resumption.
    - New extension message NXT_SET_ASYNC_CONFIG2 to allow OpenFlow 1.4-like
      control over asynchronous messages in earlier versions of OpenFlow.
    - [...]
    - For a complete list of changes, please see
  - Remove obsolete patches and files
    * 0001-Remove-broken-pipe-warning-logs-from-ovsdb-server.lo.patch
    * 0001-ovs-ctl-Add-new-DPDK_OPTIONS-environment-variable.patch
    * openvswitch-2.5.0-detect-dpdk-installation.patch
    * openvswitch-switch.logrotate
    * openvswitch.service
* Wed Sep 28 2016
  - New upstream bugfix release 2.5.1 (bsc#1001657)
    * DPDK:
    - New appctl command 'dpif-netdev/pmd-rxq-show' to check the port/rxq
    - Type of log messages from PMD threads changed from INFO to DBG.
    * ovs-pki: Changed message digest algorithm from SHA-1 to SHA-512 because
      SHA-1 is no longer secure and some operating systems have started to
      disable it in OpenSSL.
    * Bug fixes
* Tue Sep 06 2016
  - Add new DPDK_OPTIONS environment variable to hold the dpdk
    vswitchd options so that the systemd unit files can be used to
    launch an ovs-vswitcd DPDK capable instance instead of doing
    it manually. (bsc#987265)
    * 0001-ovs-ctl-Add-new-DPDK_OPTIONS-environment-variable.patch
* Sun Aug 14 2016
  - enable openvswitch-dpdk on aarch64 since dpdk
    builds on aarch64 now
* Sun Aug 07 2016
  - remove aarch from openvswitch-dpdk until we have a dpdk
    that builds for aarch64
* Tue Jul 12 2016
  - Add missing licenses (bsc#988513)
  - Misc spec file cleanups highlighted by the spec-cleaner tool.
  - Allow aarch64 builds for openvswitch-dpdk
* Mon Jul 04 2016
  - Allow the OvS daemon to run as non-root (bsc#987545)
  - Add missing 'Conflicts' statements to all the subpackages as
    required by the Factory review tools.
* Wed Jun 29 2016
  - Remove the ?_with_dpdk macro usage since this is not being set
    without explicitly passing --with/--without during an OBS build.
    This reverts back to using the %{with dpdk} style which is set
    automatically based on %bcond_with* macros (bsc#989335).
* Tue Jun 28 2016
  - Fix subpackage dependencies to not require the non-existent python
    DPDK subpackages (bsc#986835). We do not provide DPDK versions of
    the python bindings so nothing should depend on these subpackages.
* Wed Jun 22 2016
  - Update rpm groups, acronym forms.
* Tue Jun 21 2016
  - Multiple fixes for the openvswitch-dpdk package (bsc#985878)
    * Rename main package name to openvswitch-dpdk
    * Do not build the python and kmp packages since they do not
      depend on the DPDK capabilities
    * Remove the open_virtual_switch capability. The
      openvswitch-common will be used by reverse dependencies to
      require either of the OvS packages.
    * Provide virtual capabilities for all DPDK subpackages.
    * Fix the dependencies in the python package to require either
      of the OvS packages.
    * Suggest the kmp package only if it's actually provided.
    * Small cleanups.
* Fri May 27 2016
  - Add %check directive to run the openvswitch testsuite on demand.
    The openvswitch contains hundreds of tests covering simple and
    complex openvswitch configuration so it's beneficial to run them
    during package builds. However, running the testsuite is not enabled
    by default. Also add the following upstream patch:
    * 0001-Remove-broken-pipe-warning-logs-from-ovsdb-server.lo.patch
* Thu May 26 2016
  - Build a DPDK-enabled Open vSwitch (fate#319170)
    * Apply the following changes to the openvswitch.spec file
    - Add support for building with DPDK capabilities
    - Add conflicts between the two packages.
    - Add new 'open_virtual_switch-*' capabilities for openvswitch,
      openvswitch-switch, openvswitch-test packages which can be used
      by reverse dependencies to select between the two openvswitch
    * Add to generate the openvswitch_dpdk.spec file
      based on the openvswitch.spec one.
    * Add upstream openvswitch-2.5.0-detect-dpdk-installation.patch
      patch to detect and link against a DPDK installation.
* Mon May 23 2016
  - Keep %prep small for speedier `quilt setup`. Kill __DATE__ from
    source. Drop all .la files that are in %_libdir.
* Fri May 20 2016
  - Add missing %dir directive for /var/log/openvswitch
* Thu May 19 2016
  - remove aarch64 conditional, no longer needed
* Thu May 05 2016
  - Multiple spec file and package fixes.
    * Drop obsolete log-check-module-loop.patch patch.
    * Drop conditional code for older openSUSE releases. This also removes
      all of the sysvinit files which were pulled in when the package was
      originally developed.
    * Drop support for building the GUI. The GUI code has been removed in
      7868fbc6c97c2 ("ovsdbmonitor: Remove.") upstream commit and it does
      not exist since v2.2.0 so drop the code in the spec file.
    * Use the upstream systemd service files for the OVN components instead
      of maintaining our own downstream.
    * Drop the unofficial ipsec support. It hasn't been enabled in years.
    * Drop support for building the upstream kernel module since it's being
      shipped with the kernel package in latest releases. Restore the
      %bcond_with kmp to make it easier to build the external kernel module
      if needed.
    * Fix some suse-missing-rclink rpmlint warnings for the ovn subpackage
    * Base our service unit to the upstream one.
    * Stop silently enabling the GRE protocol in iptables by default.
    * Install the upstream sysconfig file to pass more information to the
      openvswitch service unit.
    * Use make install instead of %makeinstall
    * Drop brcompat leftovers.
    * spec-cleaner fixes
* Fri Apr 01 2016
  - address dimstars concerns
* Tue Mar 22 2016
  - Prevent systemd from autogenerating a service file for
    openvswitch-switch which conflicts with the opevswitch
    one. (bsc#966762)
* Fri Mar 18 2016
  - Add missing %defattr to ovn files section.
* Tue Mar 08 2016
  - Add additional install requirements for python-openvswitch-test
* Fri Mar 04 2016
  - Add support for building both 2.4.0 and 2.5.0 from the same spec
    file. Needed to fix SLE11 builds as OVS-2.5.0 no longer supports
    python < 2.7. SLE11 SP3 and SP4 use python 2.6.
  - Added: openvswitch-2.4.0.tar.gz
* Thu Mar 03 2016
  - New upstream version 2.5.0 (LTS)
    - Dropped support for Python older than version 2.7.  As a consequence,
      using Open vSwitch 2.5 or later on XenServer 6.5 or earlier (which
      have Python 2.4) requires first installing Python 2.7.
    - OpenFlow:
    * Group chaining (where one OpenFlow group triggers another) is
      now supported.
    * OpenFlow 1.4+ "importance" is now considered for flow eviction.
    * OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPTC_EVICTION is now implemented.
    * OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPTC_VACANCY_EVENTS is now implemented.
    * OpenFlow 1.4+ OFPMP_TABLE_DESC is now implemented.
    * Allow modifying the ICMPv4/ICMPv6 type and code fields.
      now implemented.
    - ovs-ofctl:
    * New "out_group" keyword for OpenFlow 1.1+ matching on output group.
    - Tunnels:
    * Geneve tunnels can now match and set options and the OAM bit.
    * The nonstandard GRE64 tunnel extension has been dropped.
    - Support Multicast Listener Discovery (MLDv1 and MLDv2).
    - Add 'symmetric_l3l4' and 'symmetric_l3l4+udp' hash functions.
    - sFlow agent now reports tunnel and MPLS structures.
    - New 'check-system-userspace', 'check-kmod' and 'check-kernel' Makefile
      targets to run a new system testsuite.  These tests can be run inside
      a Vagrant box.  See for details
    - Mark --syslog-target argument as deprecated.  It will be removed in
      the next OVS release.
    - Added --user option to all daemons
    - Add support for connection tracking through the new "ct" action
      and "ct_state"/"ct_zone"/"ct_mark"/"ct_label" match fields.  Only
      available on Linux kernels with the connection tracking module loaded.
    - Add experimental version of OVN.  OVN, the Open Virtual Network, is a
      system to support virtual network abstraction.  OVN complements the
      existing capabilities of OVS to add native support for virtual network
      abstractions, such as virtual L2 and L3 overlays and security groups.
    - RHEL packaging:
    * DPDK ports may now be created via network scripts (see README.RHEL).
    - DPDK:
    * Requires DPDK 2.2
    * Added multiqueue support to vhost-user
    * Note: QEMU 2.5+ required for multiqueue support
    - SELinux:
    * Introduced SELinux policy package.
  - New package: openvswitch-ovn
  - Removed:
  - Added:
  - Added: openvswitch-testcontroller.init
  - Added: ovn-controller-vtep.service
  - Added: ovn-controller.service
  - Added: ovn-northd.service
  - TODO: Explicit DPDK support not yet added to spec.
  - Spec file work and cleanup.
  - Includes fixes (or obsoletes) the following issues:
    * bsc#948840, bsc#941466, bsc#936780, bnc#935750, bnc#867964
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - Tighten up openvswitch service ordering.
    bsc#968205 (openSUSE), bsc#951314 (SLE).
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - Don't install INSTALL.* files.
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - Removed: openvswitch-switch.template
* Wed Feb 24 2016
  - New upstream version 2.4.0
    - Flow table modifications are now atomic, meaning that each packet
      now sees a coherent version of the OpenFlow pipeline.  For
      example, if a controller removes all flows with a single OpenFlow
      "flow_mod", no packet sees an intermediate version of the OpenFlow
      pipeline where only some of the flows have been deleted.
    - Added support for SFQ, FQ_CoDel and CoDel qdiscs.
    - Add bash command-line completion support for ovs-vsctl Please check
      utilities/ for how to use.
    - The MAC learning feature now includes per-port fairness to mitigate
      MAC flooding attacks.
    - New support for a "conjunctive match" OpenFlow extension, which
      allows constructing OpenFlow matches of the form "field1 in
      {a,b,c...} AND field2 in {d,e,f...}" and generalizations.  For details,
      see documentation for the "conjunction" action in ovs-ofctl(8).
    - Add bash command-line completion support for ovs-appctl/ovs-dpctl/
      ovs-ofctl/ovsdb-tool commands.  Please check
      utilities/ for how to use.
    - The "learn" action supports a new flag "delete_learned" that causes
      the learned flows to be deleted when the flow with the "learn" action
      is deleted.
    - Basic support for the Geneve tunneling protocol. It is not yet
      possible to generate or match options. This is planned for a future
      release. The protocol is documented at
    - The OVS database now reports controller rate limiting statistics.
    - sflow now exports information about LACP-based bonds, port names, and
      OpenFlow port numbers, as well as datapath performance counters.
    - ovs-dpctl functionality is now available for datapaths integrated
      into ovs-vswitchd, via ovs-appctl.  Some existing ovs-appctl
      commands are now redundant and will be removed in a future
      release.  See ovs-vswitchd(8) for details.
    - OpenFlow:
    * OpenFlow 1.4 bundles are now supported for flow mods and port
      mods.  For flow mods, both 'atomic' and 'ordered' bundle flags
      are trivially supported, as all bundled messages are executed
      in the order they were added and all flow table modifications
      are now atomic to the datapath.  Port mods may not appear in
      atomic bundles, as port status modifications are not atomic.
    * IPv6 flow label and neighbor discovery fields are now modifiable.
    * OpenFlow 1.5 extended registers are now supported.
    * The OpenFlow 1.5 actset_output field is now supported.
    * OpenFlow 1.5 Copy-Field action is now supported.
    * OpenFlow 1.5 masked Set-Field action is now supported.
    * OpenFlow 1.3+ table features requests are now supported (read-only).
    * Nicira extension "move" actions may now be included in action sets.
    * "resubmit" actions may now be included in action sets.  The resubmit
      is executed last, and only if the action set has no "output" or "group"
    * OpenFlow 1.4+ flow "importance" is now maintained in the flow table.
    * A new Netronome extension to OpenFlow 1.5+ allows control over the
      fields hashed for OpenFlow select groups.  See "selection_method" and
      related options in ovs-ofctl(8) for details.
    - ovs-ofctl has a new '--bundle' option that makes the flow mod commands
      ('add-flow', 'add-flows', 'mod-flows', 'del-flows', and 'replace-flows')
      use an OpenFlow 1.4 bundle to operate the modifications as a single
      atomic transaction.  If any of the flow mods in a transaction fail, none
      of them are executed.  All flow mods in a bundle appear to datapath
      lookups simultaneously.
    - ovs-ofctl 'add-flow' and 'add-flows' commands now accept arbitrary flow
      mods as an input by allowing the flow specification to start with an
      explicit 'add', 'modify', 'modify_strict', 'delete', or 'delete_strict'
      keyword.  A missing keyword is treated as 'add', so this is fully
      backwards compatible.  With the new '--bundle' option all the flow mods
      are executed as a single atomic transaction using an OpenFlow 1.4 bundle.
    - ovs-pki: Changed message digest algorithm from MD5 to SHA-1 because
      MD5 is no longer secure and some operating systems have started to disable
      it in OpenSSL.
    - ovsdb-server: New OVSDB protocol extension allows inequality tests on
      "optional scalar" columns.  See ovsdb-server(1) for details.
    - ovs-vsctl now permits immutable columns in a new row to be modified in
      the same transaction that creates the row.
    - test-controller has been renamed ovs-testcontroller at request of users
      who find it useful for testing basic OpenFlow setups.  It is still not
      a necessary or desirable part of most Open vSwitch deployments.
    - Support for based continuous integration builds has been
      added. Build failures are reported to See
      file for additional details.
    - Support for the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (IEEE 802.1D-2004).
      The implementation has been tested successfully against the Ixia Automated
      Network Validation Library (ANVL).
    - Stats are no longer updated on fake bond interface.
    - Keep active bond slave selection across OVS restart.
    - A simple wrapper script, 'ovs-docker', to integrate OVS with Docker
      containers. If and when there is a native integration of Open vSwitch
      with Docker, the wrapper script will be retired.
    - Added support for DPDK Tunneling. VXLAN, GRE, and Geneve are supported
      protocols. This is generic tunneling mechanism for userspace datapath.
    - Support for multicast snooping (IGMPv1, IGMPv2 and IGMPv3)
    - Support for Linux kernels up to 4.0.x
    - The documentation now use the term 'destination' to mean one of syslog,
      console or file for vlog logging instead of the previously used term
    - Support for VXLAN Group Policy extension
    - Initial support for the IETF Auto-Attach SPBM draft standard. This
      contains rudimentary support for the LLDP protocol as needed for
    - The default OpenFlow and OVSDB ports are now the IANA-assigned
      numbers.  OpenFlow is 6653 and OVSDB is 6640.
    - Support for DPDK vHost.
    - Support for outer UDP checksums in Geneve and VXLAN.
    - The kernel vports with dependencies are no longer part of the overall
      openvswitch.ko but built and loaded automatically as individual kernel
      modules (vport-*.ko).
    - Support for STT tunneling.
    - Support to configure method (--syslog-method argument) that determines
      how daemons will talk with syslog.
    - Support for "ovs-appctl vlog/list-pattern" command that lets to query
      logging message format for each destination.
    - GRE64 and ipsec_gre64 tunnel protocol is deprecated and will be removed
      from OVS v2.5 release.
    * The openvswitch-testcontroller package is new.  It reintroduces the
      simple OpenFlow controller that was packaged with Open vSwitch prior to
      version 2.1, at request of users who find it useful for testing basic
      OpenFlow setups.  It is still not a necessary or desirable part of most
      Open vSwitch deployments.
  - Fixed: log-check-module-loop.patch to work with new version.
  - Removed: openvswitch-2.3.1.tar.gz
  - Added: openvswitch-2.4.0.tar.gz
  - Spec file work and cleanup.
* Sun Jan 10 2016
  - Add calls to /sbin/ldconfig in %post and %postun
  - Fix typo in Url
* Sun Dec 28 2014
  - new upstream version 2.3.1
    - Compatibility with autoconf 2.63 (previously >=2.64)
    - ovs-pki: Changed message digest algorithm from MD5 to SHA-1 because
      MD5 is no longer secure and some operating systems have started to disable
      it in OpenSSL.
    - Keep active bond slave selection across OVS restart.
    * v2.3.0 - 14 Aug 2014
    - OpenFlow 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3 are now enabled by default in
    - Linux kernel datapath now has an exact match cache optimizing the
      flow matching process.
    - Datapath flows now have partially wildcarded tranport port field
      matches.  This reduces userspace upcalls, but increases the
      number of different masks in the datapath.  The kernel datapath
      exact match cache removes the overhead of matching the incoming
      packets with the larger number of masks, but when paired with an
      older kernel module, some workloads may perform worse with the
      new userspace.
    * v2.2.0 - Internal Release
    - Internal ports are no longer brought up by default, because it
      should be an administrator task to bring up devices as they are
      configured properly.
    - ovs-vsctl now reports when ovs-vswitchd fails to create a new port or
    - The "ovsdbmonitor" graphical tool has been removed, because it was
      poorly maintained and not widely used.
    - New "check-ryu" Makefile target for running Ryu tests for OpenFlow
      controllers against Open vSwitch.  See INSTALL for details.
    - Added IPFIX support for SCTP flows and templates for ICMPv4/v6 flows.
    - Upon the receipt of a SIGHUP signal, ovs-vswitchd no longer reopens its
      log file (it will terminate instead). Please use 'ovs-appctl vlog/reopen'
    - Support for Linux kernels up to 3.14. From Kernel 3.12 onwards OVS uses
      tunnel API for GRE and VXLAN.
    - Added experimental DPDK support.
    - Added support for custom vlog patterns in Python
  - removed datapath-Add-support-for-Linux-3.12.patch no more required
  - removed sle11-device-ops-backport.diff , not used before
* Tue Oct 21 2014
  - fix rcX link



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