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usb_modeswitch-2.5.1-1.41 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for x86_64

Name: usb_modeswitch Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 2.5.1 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.41 Build date: Thu May 31 10:07:55 2018
Group: Hardware/Mobile Build host: sheep15
Size: 204954 Source RPM: usb_modeswitch-2.5.1-1.41.src.rpm
Summary: A mode switching tool for controlling multiple-device USB gear
USB_ModeSwitch is a mode switching tool for controlling "flip flop"
(multiple device) USB gear. It allows so-called "Zero-CD" devices that
show up as USB storage initially to be switched into their more useful
"application mode". This is most common for UMTS/3G wireless WAN






* Tue Aug 22 2017
  - Update to version 2.5.1
    * New parameter "HuaweiAltMode", uses an alternative Huawei
      standard bulk message which will either provide NCM
      (newer modems) or plain PPP ports (older modems).
    * New option in the global configuration file
      "HuaweiAltModeGlobal", allowing easy override of
      "HuwaeiNewMode" with "HuaweiAltMode".
    * Reworked USB configuration switching, configuring a device
      reset first before setting the target configuration.
    * Improved driver detachment, now taking all configured
      interfaces into account.
  - Update usb-modeswitch-data package to version 20170806
    * Added devices: [03f0:371d] HP un2430, [03f0:4b1d] HP hs2434,
      [03f0:4e1d] HP lt4111, [03f0:a31d] HP lt4132,
      [0846:0fff] Netgear AirCard 779S,
      [12d1:15ec] Vodafone/Huawei K5150.
    * Corrected/amended configs: [0922:1003] Dymo LabelManager 420P,
      [0922:1007] Dymo LabelManager Wireless PnP,
      [1199:0fff] Sierra devices.
    * Removed configs: [1004:61aa] LG VL600.
  - Updated file device_reference.txt.
  - Added file parameter_reference.txt
* Fri Feb 24 2017
  - Update usb-modeswitch-data package to version 20170205
    * Bugfix release: Removed all catch-all fallback config files as
      they can affect unrelated devices - fixes (rh#1374913).
* Sat Jan 28 2017
  - Update to version 2.5.0
    * ATTENTION: Parameter transmitted from udev now reduced to %k
      (kernel name), however, rules file parameters can be '%b/%k' or
      '%k' - this fixes issues with parameter handling by the systemd
      unit file.
    * Remove endpoint reset ahead of bulk message transmission, only
      reset if endpoints are actually stalled, helping with quirky
      device behaviour (see
      viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2582 ).
    * Stability fix by making a buffer in the config parser static,
      preventing problems seen in Fedora (thanks to Lubomir Rintel
      for patches and hints regarding the three previous issues).
    * Removed premature driver unbinding in wrapper which could
      disrupt certain devices already in target mode (reported by
      Aleksander Morgado).
    * Improved check for determining install mode (essential with
      generic config files present, e.g. 12d1:#linux).
  - Update usb-modeswitch-data package to version 20170120.
* Fri Oct 28 2016
  - Update usb-modeswitch-data package to version 20160803.
  - Added systemd as BuildRequires and fixed install of service file.
* Tue Sep 13 2016
  - Avoid a race in make install, which lead to packaging a truncated
    usb_modeswitch_dispatcher script. Fixes boo#998641
* Sat Aug 20 2016
  - Install required usb_modeswitch@.service, fixes boo#994763
* Fri Jul 29 2016
  - Update to version 2.4.0
    * ATTENTION: All ad-hoc driver binding code (using new_id driver
      attribute) removed - was a potential source of side effects and
      should now be obsoleted by good kernel support for modems.
    * Added "dummy" setting for config files, to conditionally
      refrain from handling a device (see this topic:
    * Extended StandardEject sequence to include LUN 1, required for
      some D-Link devices.
    * Add device class 239 ("miscellaneous") to sanity check (thanks
      to Daniel Drake for reporting).
    * udev shell script - removed driver binding, removed almost all
      waiting and forking, improved check for systemd (thanks to
      Daniel Drake for problem analysis and solution, see this
* Tue Feb 16 2016
  - Update to version 2.3.0
    * ATTENTION: -I flag is now history and being ignored - determining
      SCSI attributes is really an 'outside task'.
    * -n flag (NeedResponse) is being ignored, CSW response will now
      always be read.
    * Introduction of parameter "OptionMode", wrapping the standard
      bulk message for all newer Huawei devices.
    * Fixed missing variable initialization in dispatcher script which
      could lead to crash (thanks, Dmitry Kunilov!).
    * Fixed bug which prevented early logging.
    * Fixed success report for Cisco AM10.
    * Some source code formatting and clean-up.
  - Removed fix for bnc#899013, fixed upstream.
* Fri Nov 13 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.6
    * Renamed function abort(), avoiding possible conflicts in static
      builds with libjim (thanks, Gustavo Zacharias).
    * Removed storage class check of interface 0 from dispatcher,
      enabling new multi-config devices in data package 20151101.
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - Removed unused usb_modeswitch-data.rpmlintrc
  - Removed changelog from documentation
  - Cleaned up specfile
  - Update to version 2.2.5
    * Fixed bug in configuration check, possibly leading to segfault (thanks,
      Leonid Lisovskiy);
    * fixed Pantech commandline parameter evaluation (was not working at all);
    * added driver unbind step via sysfs in wrapper, getting rid of the
      USB subsystem complaint "interface 0 claimed by usb-storage while
      'usb_modeswitch' <does this and that>"
  - Update to version 2.2.4
    * Fixed buggy check of USB configuration selection (possibly leading
      to segfault), tested with Alcatel X602D;
    * removed call to 'libusb_strerror'
      from libusb initialization - not available in earlier libusb1 versions
  - Update to version 2.2.3
    * Fixed problem arising with systemd version 221 (220 untested), which
      affects starting the usb_modeswitch systemd unit from the sh script
      (reported by Archlinux users)
  - Update to version 2.2.2, 2015/06/27
    * Added catch for libusb init error (thanks, Henrik Gustafsson);
    * removed global function result variable; added catch for USB configuration
      read error (both thanks to "otila");
    * fixed wrapper script where port search for symlinking modem port was
      broken ("/dev/gsmmodem");
    * changed PantechMode parameter to represent different targets;
    * added global config option to disable MBIM checking and setting
      alltogether (request from "kai");
    * changed udev sh script so that systemd processing takes precedence over
    * changed systemd template unit parameter to avoid escaping problems
  - Update the data package to version 20150627
* Sat Apr 25 2015
  - use pkgconfig to detect udev install directory to avoid problems
    during bootstrap
* Wed Apr 08 2015
  - Update to version 2.2.1
    * Fixed unreliable switching function for Cisco AM10
  - Update the data package to version 20150115
  - Update device_reference.txt
* Tue Mar 24 2015
  - add usb_modeswitch-fix_fsf_address.patch
    * Update FSF address.
* Tue Nov 04 2014
  - removed patch obsolete huawei-timing.patch to fix boo#903753
* Mon Nov 03 2014
  - new upstream version 2.2.0
    * Introduction of parameter "HuaweiNewMode", wrapping the standard bulk
      message for all newer Huawei devices; support for generic fall-back
      config files, combined with OS switch (per vendor ID), implementation
      to use a specific switching command on Android for all Huawei devices
      (see README of data package for details); this change was suggested
      by Huawei
* Sat Oct 11 2014
  - fix for bnc #899013
* Thu Oct 02 2014
  - upgraded the data package to version 20140529
* Mon May 26 2014
  - Update to 2.1.1
    * Code cleanup
    * Better usage of libusb1
    * -I flag meaning reversed, default is to skip SCSI inquiry
    * Experimental systemd and upstart integration
* Thu May 16 2013
  - drop /bin/eject from dependencies, it is no longer called
  - install device_reference.txt as %doc
  - use URL in all relevant Source tags
  - drop obsoleted sections from spec
* Mon Dec 03 2012
  - Update to 1.2.5:
    * Initial support for MBIM devices, use with data package >= 20121109;
      checking for these is the automatic default, new parameter NoMBIMCheck
      prevents the check per device in case of problems; new global option
      to set "delay_use" of usb-storage (as low values may prevent
    * fix for handling multi-configuration devices (thanks
      to Bjørn Mork for advice)
  - Removed files:
    * add_alcatel_ot_x220d.patch: supported on upstream release
    * 1bbb:f017: supported on upstream release
  - Adapt huawei-timing.patch for 1.2.5
* Wed Oct 17 2012
  - Fix build with new udev directory location
* Fri Sep 28 2012
  - huawei-timing.patch:
    * fixed timing issues with huawei devices (E173, ...)
* Fri Jul 20 2012
  - Update data package to 20120531
  - Add Alcatel OT-X220D support
* Sun Apr 01 2012
  - New data package 20120120
  - Update to 1.2.3
  - Add BuildRequires tcl
  - Using fdupes
* Mon Feb 13 2012
  - patch license to follow standard
* Tue May 10 2011
  - New data package 20110227
  - Update to 1.1.7:
    * Attention: paths for runtime files and database have changed!
    * fix for configuration setting race (thanks to Amit Mendapara);
    * discovered incompatibility between Tcl versions <= 8.3
      and >=8.4, so 8.4 is the minimum prerequisite now;
* Mon Jan 10 2011
  - fix dependency
* Wed Jan 05 2011
  - Update to 1.1.6 including:
    * Moved warm-boot driver binding to sh wrapper, was unreliable
      in 1.1.5;
    * initial device checking includes current "bConfigurationValue"
      now, should work with config setting for multiple devices;
    * made tcl script conform to limitations of "jimsh", the minimal
      tcl shell (hint from Barry Kauler);
    * fixes for "usbserial" fallback (driver binding for old systems);
    * in the C program, changed parameter "MessageDelay" (hitherto
      unused) to "ReleaseDelay", to be used in one device configuration
  - Update database to 20101222 state.
* Tue Dec 14 2010
  - Update to 1.1.5 including:
    * Added special control message for Kobil devices
    * try to get active configuration for interface class checking
    * fixed "0000" target product ID - again
    * new bash and tcl wrapper logic: the convenience functions for
      driver binding and symlinking will now start the tcl shell
      ONLY for known devices;
  - Update database to 20101202 state.
* Mon Aug 23 2010
  - Update to 1.1.4
    * The package should work at boot time now (cold and warm)
    * Product IDs of "0000" do exist but were not accepted, fixed
    * Response endpoint is now always detected
    * Wrapper script can now work with a packed collection of config
      files as well as with the plain folder of files
    * Wrapper fix for the symlink feature: handling of multiple interrupt
      ports was incomplete
    * Wrapper does not longer use a temporary file for the symlink feature
* Thu Jul 08 2010
  - New upstream version 1.1.3
    * Added delay option to separate multiple message
      transfers by millisecs
    * fixed (possibly dangerous) sloppy string handling
    * Added "clear_halt" for response endpoint
    * Small additions in Makefile (install with -D)
    * Changes in option handling (no more default config file!)
    * Symlink feature in wrapper can now cope with devices providing
      more than one interrupt port
    * Wrapper now ignores package manager leftovers in config folder
    * Replaced bash-specific syntax in wrapper
    * Changed ZTE skipping (if existing rules are found) to warning
  - update data package to version 20100707
  - spec file clean up (sources support 'make install')
* Tue May 18 2010
  - Cleanup spec file.
* Tue May 11 2010
  - update to version 1.1.2



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