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prelude-correlator-5.2.0-bp156.2.2 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for noarch

Name: prelude-correlator Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP6
Version: 5.2.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp156.2.2 Build date: Mon Mar 4 18:54:41 2024
Group: Productivity/Networking/Security Build host: h02-ch1b
Size: 765263 Source RPM: prelude-correlator-5.2.0-bp156.2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Real time correlator of events received by Prelude Manager
Prelude-Correlator allows conducting multi-stream correlations
thanks to a powerful programming language for writing correlation
rules. With any type of alert able to be correlated, event
analysis becomes simpler, quicker and more incisive. This
correlation alert then appears within the Prewikka interface
and indicates the potential target information via the set of
correlation rules.






* Wed Oct 20 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Modified:
    * prelude-correlator.service
* Sun Oct 25 2020 Andreas Stieger <>
  - prelude-correlator 5.2.0:
    * Take timeout into account for CTI data
    * Fix DownloadCache initialization
    * Add SELinux rule for service startup
    * Add 'CTI' in CTI related alerts
    * Change 300s to 20s for CTI correlation rules
    * Fix grouping option with listed path
    * Avoid undefined analyzerid when referencing alerts
  - add upstream signing key and verify source signature
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - BuildRequire pkgconfig(systemd) instead of systemd: allow OBS to
    shortcut through the -mini flavors.
* Fri Oct 25 2019
  Bump version 5.1.0
    - Fully support Python 3
    - Update internal frameworks
    - Fix various bugs
    - Add new option for grouping correlation contexts
    - Add metadata for rules
  - Bump spec copyright to 2019
  - Remove Python2 support
    - Python 2 will be removed step by step in all Linux distributions
    - Rename packages from %{name}-core to python3-%{name}
  - Force deleting __pycache__ directory
    - It contains pyc files
  - Remove patch prelude-correlator-ez_setup.patch
    - Fixed upstream
* Wed Oct 04 2017
  - Update to 4.0.0
  - Rename source to prelude-correlator-tmpfiles.conf
  - Clean prelude-correlator.service
  - Create python2-prelude-correlator and python3-prelude-correlator
    packages since prelude-correlator is python 3 compatible
  - Move to Python Singlespec
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - Update to 3.1.0 (Prelude 3.1.0 released on 14 Sept 2016)
  - Remove unnecessary patches (prelude-correlator-main_py.patch)
  - Remove unnecessary spool directory
  - Spec-Cleaner
* Sun Sep 04 2016
  Remove Selinux since it should be directly in Security:SELinux
* Tue May 03 2016
  Initial import
    Add patchs :
    * prelude-correlator-ez_setup.patch
    * Support old setuptools
    * prelude-correlator-main_py.patch
    * Wrong shebang
    Add systemd files because it is a daemon.
    Also package SELinux files.



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