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liblttng-ust0-2.10.1-lp152.4.6 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for ppc64le

Name: liblttng-ust0 Distribution: openSUSE:Leap:15.2:PowerPC / ports
Version: 2.10.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.4.6 Build date: Sat May 16 08:24:22 2020
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power9-07
Size: 1159400 Source RPM: lttng-ust-2.10.1-lp152.4.6.src.rpm
Summary: Linux Trace Toolkit Userspace Tracer library
This library may be used by user space applications to generate
tracepoints within the kernel LTT subsystem.






* Fri Jan 19 2018
  - Format with spec-cleaner
  - Drop tex/asciidoc/xmlto dependencies as the manpages are already
    generated in the tarball so we produce the same result and this
    way we are not pulling in python2
* Fri Dec 29 2017
  - Update to version 2.10.1:
    * Fix: Specify SONAME in python-lttngust's LoadLibrary.
    * Fix: Ensure the fd tracker is initialised when called from
    * Fix: fd of an elf object must be registered to the fd tracker.
    * Fix: Override the fclose symbol.
    * Fix: lttng-gen-tp: Only replace the file extension.
    * Fix: Move fsync after ftruncate.
    * Fix: Synch buffer file metadata on buffer allocation.
  - Drop baselibs.conf.
* Fri Sep 15 2017
  - Update to version 2.10.0:
    * Clean-up: Remove unused variables to silence a gcc warning.
    * Add ustctl_snapshot_sample_positions ustctl command.
    * Cleanup: Formatting in strutils_star_glob_match explanation.
    * Use SIZE_MAX instead of -1ULL for the size_t parameter.
    * filter: Use SIZE_MAX rather than UINT_MAX and tuncating -1ULL.
    * Fix: Out of bound array access in filter code.
    * Correctly clean all generated JAR files.
    * Fix: List a missing file in Java agent's Makefile.
    * Support generic globbing patterns in the Java agent.
    * Log more information in the Java TCP client.
    * Cleanup: Remove an unused import in JUL Java agent.
    * Add support for star globbing patterns in event names.
    * Filtering: Add support for star-only globbing patterns.
    * Add string utilities.
    * Filter code relicensing to the MIT licence.
    * Fix: blocking mode: Add the missing stdbool.h include.
    * Introduce the LTTNG_UST_ALLOW_BLOCKING environment variable.
    * Rework the configure script.
    * Move m4 scripts to the m4 directory.
    * doc: Remove the duplicate LTTNG_UST_BLOCKING_RETRY_TIMEOUT
      man page entry.
    * lttng-ust(3): Reword and fix style of the
    * lttng-ust(3): Specify "If set" instead of "if set to 1" for
      some variables.
    * Fix: doc/man: Use a single XSL file and match local names.
    * Fix: Expand the shmobj size for the sequence number.
  - Move manpages out of the library package to lttng-ust-doc.
  - Use tarball signing.
* Tue Jul 11 2017
  - Update to version 2.9.1:
    * lttng-ust-elf.c: Define NT_GNU_BUILD_ID if not defined.
    * Quote CMAKE variable assignment in Makefile.
    * Fix a typo in doc/examples/
    * Don't override user variables within the build system.
    * Add a missing getenv.h include to ustctl.c.
    * Fix a race between lttng-ust getenv() and application setenv().
    * doc/man: Add typical `$` and `#` prompts to command lines.
    * Fix (un)install targets of Python agent.
    * Fix include config.h to resolve HAVE_DLMOPEN.
    * Validate the presence of dlmopen at configure time.
    * Fix CMake examples integration.
    * doc/examples/ Define C and C++ compilers for CMake.
  - Replace the lttng-ust package with liblttng-ust0 and
  - Move lttng-gen-tp to the devel package.
* Mon Jun 12 2017
  - Update to version 2.9.0 (changes since 2.7.1):
    * Remove assertions in lttng-ust-comm init.
    * Add tracepoint_disable_destructors().
    * Fix manpage typo.
    * Move lttng_context_is_app to core file.
    * Move dummy functions to a common file.
    * Handle backward probe compatibility for application contexts.
    * Fix application context header size.
    * Event ctx get size should be after chan ctx.
    * Clarify and simplify the Java agent "Hello" examples.
    * Export the stream instance ID.
    * Generate and export the sequence number.
    * Add stream instance id to the packet header.
    * Print an empty line after AC_OUTPUT.
    * Macros with no arguments do not need ().
    * Standardise indentation to tabs.
    * Move AC_PROG_SED() close to other AC_PROG_*().
    * Test -a -> shell's && (more portable).
    * Use test "x$var" = "xyes".
    * AM_CONDITIONAL() accepts two arguments.
    * Use dnl at appropriate places.
    * if -> AS_IF().
    * case -> AS_CASE().
    * Add missing quotes in macro calls.
    * Use macros for version name and description.
    * Do not use shell eval for known values.
    * Add
    * Output "(null)" when ctf_string()'s arg is NULL.
    * Disable use of __builtin_return_address(0) on 32-bit PowerPC.
    * Fix java agent 32-bit pointer to jlong warning.
    * Use Java 6 syntax in JUL examples.
    * Add missing example file to dist tarball.
    * Add missing header to dist tarball.
    * Add missing to dist tarball.
    * Pass the Java application context information using two
      separate arrays.
    * Correctly report filter notifications on Java agent teardown.
    * Add some logging to the AbstractLttngAgent.
    * Clear tracked application contexts upon closing a Java agent.
    * Introduce a verbose mode for the Java agent.
    * Implement Java agent application context retrieval.
    * Turn ISessiondCommand into an abstract class.
    * Split the JNI APIs in separate classes.
    * Add application context support to ust-ctl protocol.
    * Handle application context cmd.
    * Implement dynamic types, and application context provider
    * Handle negative range for LTTNG_UST_REGISTER_TIMEOUT.
    * nsure the Java JUL messages are correctly formatted.
    * Fix double-free on error sending fields.
    * Add CTF enum type support to tracepoint event.
    * Fix a missing _GNU_SOURCE define.
    * python-lttngust/ Update setup() fields.
    * Refactor Python agent build and install.
    * Remove debugging print() call from Python agent.
    * Python agent: Support Agent protocol v2.0.
    * Fix Java agent protocol network endianness inconsistency.
    * examples jul: Add missing files to make dist
    * Fix Filer -> Filter typo in an example.
    * Fix: Return the correct list of available Java events.
    * Add a toString() to Java agent's EventRule.
    * Add API stubs for the Java context info retrievers.
    * Receive the event filter string in the Java agent.
    * Document the Java filter notification model.
    * Add filter change notification mechanism to the Java agent.
    * Manage complete "event rules" in the Java agent.
    * Introduce a new client listener interface for the Java agent.
    * Turn ILttngAgentResponse into an abstract class.
    * Clean-up: remove extraneous "found" parameters in ust-elf.
    * Fix: potential leaks in error paths.
    * Fix: double free in liblttng-ust-dl.
    * Fix: make check in OOT build with absolute path.
    * Fix: elf: leaks on error paths.
    * Cleanup: coding style.
    * Cleanup: elf: use off_t for offsets, size_t for len.
    * Cleanup: eliminate implicit sign-extension.
    * Fix: elf: NULL pointer dereference.
    * Fix: add missing ust-elf.h header to dist.
    * Fix: make check in out of tree build.
    * Fix: old gcc warnings.
    * Fix: remove stale lttng-ust-elf.h from makefile.
    * Fix: elf: uninitialised ret.
    * Fix: test elf: handle NULL debug file.
    * test: elf move constants to top of implementation.
    * Fix: elf test prog arg checking.
    * baddr statedump: remove dependency on file streams.
    * baddr statedump: hold ust lock around allocations.
    * Add unit tests for lttng_ust_elf.
    * Add memory size, build id, and debug link info to statedump and
    * Fix: Send the correct Java agent return code when disabling
    * Fix: Correctly handle the command to disable all events.
    * Small refactor of the Java agent's TCP client.
    * Rename Java Agent event names to "event".
    * Allow compiling the Java agent with Java 1.6.
    * Restore concurrent build when Java agent is enabled.
    * Refactor Java agent to let applications manage the log
    * Cleanup: Add Javadoc to all public methods and members.
    * Fix: Small fixes to the Java agent example files.
    * Update doc/java-agent.txt to reflect the new packaging.
    * Split Java agent library in 3 separate jars.
    * Remove deprecated org.lttng.ust.jul.LTTngAgent class.
    * Use tar-ustar format for the dist archive.
    * Fix: cmake example with configure based oot build.
    * Fix: perform statedump before replying to sessiond.
    * build: check for CXX_WORKS for cmake example.
    * Implement liblttng-ust-fd.
    * Introduce file descriptor tracker.
    * Fix: honor send timeout on unix socket connect.
    * Fix: perform TLS fixup in all UST entry points from each
    * Fix: build: pass configure flags to cmake example.
    * Performance: implement lttng_inline_memcpy.
    * Performance: mark ring buffer do_copy callers always inline.
    * Performance: cache the backend pages pointer in context.
    * Add ctx_len field to ring buffer context.
    * ring buffer: handle shmp errors.
    * Cleanup: libringbuffer: remove duplicate shmp() invocations in
      slow paths.
    * Performance: Only dereference shmp once.
    * Performance: Mark channel and buffer event disabled check
    * Performance: Relax atomicity constraints for crash handling.
    * Fix: compat: -ust suffix sprintf error handling.
    * Performance: disable event counting by default.
    * Fix: remove unlock in getcpu.
    * Performance: remove rcu read lock from ring buffer get/put cpu.
    * Performance: define _LGPL_SOURCE in LGPL c files.
    * Performance: split check deliver fast/slow paths.
    * Fix: perf counters build against kernel headers < 3.12.
    * Fix: perf counter context deadlock.
    * Fix: many-events registration/unregistration speed.
    * Fix: pre-fault TLS in ust-malloc instrumentation.
    * Fix: ust-ctl: use LTTNG_UST_HAVE_PERF_EVENT to report perf
      counter availability.
    * Fix: reset vtid cache before releasing urcu locks.
    * Fix: cleanup local_apps.allowed flag on lib cleanup.
    * Fix: Correctly handle invalid agent port file.
    * Fix: memory corruption in compat.h.
    * Introduce lttng_ust_loaded weak symbol.
    * Fix: remove invalid free.
    * Use AC_PROG_MKDIR_P (generic mkdir -p).
    * Split CMake example build steps on different lines.
    * Fix: CMake example: specify source/built includes/libs.
    * configure: allow building perf support across all
    * Fix: use-after-free in statedump lib iter_end.
    * Add generic fallback for perf counter read.
    * Fix: perf counters: sign-extend pmc register.
    * doc: Add flags for JUL and python agent compiling.
    * tests/hello.cxx: add ctf_enum_auto() entries.
    * Add ctf_enum_auto() for autoincrementing enumeration values.
    * Add missing ust_lib.c and ust_lib.h.
    * dl instrumentation: add dlmopen event, trace dlopen flags.
    * Add library load/unload tracking events.
    * Communication protocol: use fixed-size integer rather than
    * Add ustctl command to regenerate the statedump.
    * Implement statedump command in UST.
    * tests/hello.cxx: add enumeration field.
    * Fix: ctf_enum_value() does not work with g++.
    * Fix: lttng context perf: missing stdbool.h header include.
    * Add perf context support for ARMv7.
    * Keep perf context FD open for other architectures.
    * Doc: cmake example: fix coding style.
    * Doc: ship cmake example with "make distcheck".
    * Doc: add CMake example.
    * check cmake availability.
    * Only build python lib when agent is enabled.
    * doc: information has no plural.
    * Fix: allow non-LGPL modules to use tracepoints.
    * Add -ust to the name of UST threads of the application.
    * Comment the locking mechanisms in ContextInfoManager.
    * Fix: Null-check return value of
    * Add liblttng-ust-agent.jar to the .gitignore.
    * Fix: Specify encoding when reading agent port file.
    * Fix: Include child loggers in the output of "lttng list".
    * Fix: Handle both agent config files pointing to same port.
    * Suppress static method warning.
    * Add more logging to the LttngTcpSessiondClient.
    * Use config.h to detect sched_getcpu support.
    * Fix: use limits.h in ust-elf test.
    * Fix: strerror_r behaviour is glibc specific.
    * Add support for musl libc to ust-dlfcn.h.
    * Fix: don't generate 0-len array in tracepoint probes.
    * Fix: log4j example: set logger level to prevent unexpected
      level inheritance.
    * Fix: no LGPL define for malloc and pthread wrappers.
    * Fix: all lttng-ust source files should be tagged _LGPL_SOURCE.
    * Fix: initialise RCU callbacks with mixed LGPL/non-LGPL objects.
    * Fix: incorrect structure layout with mixed LGPL/non-LGPL
    * Fix: don't call __builtin_return_address(0) on 32-bit powerpc.
    * Update version name TBD.
    * Fix: tracepoint header: declare tracepoint_dlopen_ptr.
    * Fix: update debug message about weak-hidden symbols.
    * Fix: tracepoint-rcu header: use tracepoint_dlopen_ptr.
    * Fix: test: relax requirement on weak-hidden symbol address.
    * Fix: work-around gcc optimisation oddness on 32-bit powerpc.
    * Fix: test weak-hidden symbols.
    * Print DBG() message about compiler weak hidden symbol
    * test: add test for gcc issue with weak hidden symbol on
    * Restrict Java context retriever names to a set of valid
    * Fix: Correctly compute Java agent list loggers response size.
    * Add support for aarch64_be.
    * Fix: Fix synchronization of LTTngAgent#dispose.
    * Fix: Verify number of bytes contained in sessiond agent
    * Fix: Avoid potential null dereference with log4j loggers.
    * Specify UTF-8 encoding for all Java agent commands.
    * Fix: merge tap tests stdout and stderr.
    * Documentation: ring buffer: SWITCH_FLUSH can be used when
    * Fix: unchecked return value in trace_clock_read64_monotonic.
    * Fix: portability: no arith on void pointer.
    * Fix: initialize build id and debug link flags to 0.
    * Tests: Add for automake < 1.12.
    * Fix: add "has_build_id" and "has_debug_link" fields to
      debuginfo events.
    * Tests: Replace prove by autotools tap runner.
    * bootstrap: Standardise on autoreconf -vi.
    * Harmonize bootstrap script across projects.
    * lttng-ust(3): order environment variables.
    * lttng-ust(3): fix syntax of env. variables section.
    * lttng-ust(3): document $LTTNG_HOME.
    * Fix: Java agent should use LTTNG_HOME.
    * Fix: examples make distcheck failure.
    * Cleanup: add static for internal symbols.
    * Cleanup: Remove unused max() macros from
    * Use min_t/max_t macros in lttng-ust-elf.c.
    * Tests: update ust-elf tests to reflect correct memsz
    * Fix: erroneous computation of ELF in-memory size.
    * Make code and man pages share the same default values.
    * Fix: remove NULL check of nonnull parameter in dlclose.
    * Tracepoint array/sequence: add nowrite hex macros.
    * Tracepoint: add ctf array for network byte order integers.
    * Tracepoint: add ctf sequence for network byte order integers.
    * Fix: endianness of integers received by filter.
    * Doc: Update
    * Fix: jul and log4j agents makefile missing line and
    * Fix: re-introduce exported symbols.
    * Doc: update manpages for soinfo/sopath name change.
    * Rename statedump and dl events and fields.
    * Tests: list ust-elf test data explicitly in EXTRA_DIST.
    * Tests: add tests for lttng_ust_elf_is_pic.
    * Add is_pic field to statedump soinfo event.
    * Fix: add common jar to lttng-ust-agent-all dependencies.
    * Fix: add version to lttng-ust-agent-all jar file.
    * Fix: rename liblttng-ust-agent to lttng-ust-agent-all.
    * Fix: re-add liblttng-ust-agent.jar.
    * Fix: lttng java agent: dispose is non-static.
    * doc/man: do not use macros in the NAME section.
    * doc/man: remove duplicate copyrights section.
    * doc/man: lttng-ust(3): add tracing control to example.
    * doc/man: lttng-ust(3): split example files in subsections.
    * doc/man/common-copyrights: add missing THANKS section.
    * doc/man: lttng-ust(3): add missing ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
    * bolden dependencies and update links.
    * split required and optional dependencies.
    * Convert man pages to AsciiDoc.
    * Fix: remove dead code from filter interpreter.
    * Fix: convey enum value signedness into metadata.
    * lttng-ust(3): document `lttng_ust_loaded` symbol.
    * lttng-ust(3): document `perf:thread:raw:rN:NAME` context.
    * lttng-ust-dl(3): update documentation.
    * lttng-ust(3): document liblttng-ust-fd.
    * doc/man: document the lttng_ust_lib events.
    * doc/man: add full stop to descriptive table cells.
    * doc/man: reorganise source for tables.
    * lttng-ust(3): sort ctf_*() macro parameter definitions.
    * lttng-ust(3): fix alignment and indentation.
    * lttng-ust(3): document new ctf_*() array/sequence network/hex
    * Performance: add missing "caa_unlikely" on fast-path.
    * Fix: loglevel and model_emf_uri build fix.
    * Fix: loglevel and model_emf_uri with g++ compiled probes.
    * Fix: Out of tree build of liblttng-ust-java.
  - Rename lttng-ust-docs to lttng-ust-doc and fix its RPM group.
  - Remove explicit liburcu-devel requirement for the devel package:
    is autodetected already.
  - Rebase lttng-ust-copying.patch.
  - Remove lttng-ust-aarch64-aligned-access.patch: fixed upstream.
  - Minor spec cleanup.
* Tue Aug 02 2016
  - add ppc64/ppc64le in ExclusiveArch
* Thu Jan 28 2016
  - Update to relese version v2.7.1 for SLE12-SP2
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Update to relese version v2.7.0 (FATE#319273)
    for changelog from v2.7.0-rc1 to v2.7.0
* Mon Aug 31 2015
  - add lttng-ust-aarch64-aligned-access.patch (fate#318370)
    * enable build for aarch64
* Tue Jul 28 2015
  - Update to version 2.7.0-rc1 (FATE#319273)
    Changelog for differences between 2.4.0 and this point may be found at:;a=blob_plain;f=ChangeLog;hb=717e921558631baa4f132676eda9c9398fe7141f



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