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libnbd0-1.9.3-8.4.1 RPM for armv7hl

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.4 for armv7hl

Name: libnbd0 Distribution: openSUSE Step 15
Version: 1.9.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 8.4.1 Build date: Mon Sep 20 11:13:02 2021
Group: Unspecified Build host: armbuild24
Size: 225459 Source RPM: libnbd-1.9.3-8.4.1.src.rpm
Summary: Core library for nbd
This is the NBD client library in userspace, a simple library for
writing NBD clients.






* Wed Aug 25 2021
  - Update to version 1.9.3:
    * Version 1.9.3.
    * maint: Modernize to silence autoreconf warnings
    * maint: Update to latest ax_pthread.m4
    * copy: Avoid potential divide by zero when source size is zero
    * copy: Test corner case of copying from zero-sized source
    * copy: Fix progress bar
    * Update CI files once more
    * ci: Allow failure when building fedora rawhide container
    * ci: Consolidate refresh scripts
    * macOS: Simple cloexec/nonblock fix
    * info: Require can_cache for
    * CI: Add testing on Alpine
    * Update CI files
    * macOS: Do not use --version_script
    * One more VSOCK include fix
    * m4: Remove *~ on make clean
    * ci: Rework the build script to run check-valgrind properly
    * fuse: move check-valgrind out from condition
    * qemu-storage-daemon 5.2.0 is still broken
    * Version 1.9.2.
    * python: Add missing test file to EXTRA_DIST
    * build: Warn about large stack frames
    * configure: Add a macro to test if compiler -W warning flags work
    * lib/uri.c: nbd_get_uri: Do not translate port name into service
    * python: Implement nbd.aio_connect for AF_UNIX
    * bash: Generate completion files during build
    * info: Add percentage after field in --map --totals
    * info: Add --can|--is options to test for NBD flags
    * info: Add --map --totals sub-mode to display summary of map
    * info: Don't print extra trailing \n after output
    * fuse: Tidy up MODES section of the documentation
    * fuse: Note in docs that read-only server implies -r flag
    * fuse: Improve documentation on the thread model
    * fuse: Update comment as we expect zero support to be present in 5.14
    * copy: Set default request-size to 2**18 (262144 bytes)
    * copy/ Set request-size explicitly
    * maint: Untabify
* Thu Jul 01 2021
  - Update to version 1.9.1:
    * Version 1.9.1.
    * ci: Update build files
    * ci: Also perform `brew upgrade` on MacOS
    * ci: Only run `make check` on Linux
    * ci: Skip some broken tests/distro combinations
    * ci: Rename to just
    * ci: Add support for test skipping
    * ci: Some build script fixes
    * ci: Fix run commands in README
    * ci: Add support for FreeBSD-13.0
    * ci: Remove debian-10-clang build
    * ci: Remove cross-compilation targets
    * ci: Change docker driver and archive logs
    * tests: Rename version to get-version
    * tests: Do not use magic parameter for some nbdkit plugins
    * tests: Require cap_sys_admin where root is required
    * tests: Fix port randomisation
    * tests: Enhance fuse probing
    * tests: Clean up qemu-nbd detection
    * tests: Fix hexdump probing
    * interop: Do not test against broken qemu-storage-daemon
    * fuse: Only support defined fallocate modes
    * Include sys/vsock.h if linux/vm_sockets.h is not available
    * info: Avoid ambiguous 'allocated' terminology in --map
    * run: Unset DEBUGINFOD_URLS
    * ci/cirrus: Update system before doing anything else
* Wed Jun 09 2021
  - Update to version 1.8.0:
    * Version 1.8.0.
    * docs: Get release notes ready for a release today
    * copy/ Skip this test for old qemu-nbd
    * docs: Put links to release notes in a separate section
    * docs: Add preliminary release notes for libnbd 1.8
    * common/utils: Add test-vector.c (unit test for vectors) from nbdkit
    * copy, fuse, info: Synchronize --help output with manual
    * generator: Update copyright year in generated files.
    * Update README
    * Version 1.7.12.
* Wed Apr 14 2021
  - Update to 1.7.7
    * Fixed CVE-2021-20286
    * Fix parsing and construction of IPv6 URIs
    * New API nbd_get_uri to get an NBD URI for a connection
    * Permit "see also" links to nbd_get_error and nbd_get_errno
    * Avoid over-long lines in POD.
    * Fix reporting of NBD URI support
    * Let exit status reflect any failures during NBD_OPT_INFO
    * Fix page eviction when len < page_size.
* Sun Mar 14 2021
  - Specfile modernization
* Thu Feb 25 2021
  - spec: Only enable system nbd interop tests if
    suse_version >= 1550
* Tue Jan 26 2021
  - Initial packaging of libnbd:
    * Version 1.7.1.
    * sh: Add NOTES section.
    * copy: Update multi-conn documentation.
    * sh: Arrange --opt-mode documentation in alphabetical order.
    * python: Add example.
    * copy: Fix initialization complaint with ancient GCC on RHEL 7.
    * python: Fix Python style error.
    * copy/file-ops.c: Small whitespace fix.
    * copy/ Skip test unless nbdkit available.



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