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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Building

ant-1.10.12-2.1 Java-based build tool linux/noarch
ant-antlr-1.10.12-2.1 Antlr Task for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-bcel-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache bcel tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-bsf-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache bsf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-log4j-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache log4j tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-oro-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache oro tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-regexp-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache regexp tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-resolver-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache resolver tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-apache-xalan2-1.10.12-2.1 Optional apache xalan2 tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-logging-1.10.12-2.1 Optional commons logging tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-commons-net-1.10.12-2.1 Optional commons net tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-imageio-1.10.12-2.1 Optional imageio tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-javamail-1.10.12-2.1 Optional javamail tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jdepend-1.10.12-2.1 Optional jdepend tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jmf-1.10.12-2.1 Optional jmf tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-jsch-1.10.12-2.1 Optional jsch tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-junit-1.10.12-2.1 Optional junit tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-junit5-1.10.12-2.1 Optional junit tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-manual-1.10.12-2.1 Manual for ant linux/noarch
ant-scripts-1.10.12-2.1 Additional scripts for ant linux/noarch
ant-swing-1.10.12-2.1 Optional swing tasks for ant linux/noarch
ant-testutil-1.10.12-2.1 Test utility classes for ant linux/noarch
ant-xz-1.10.12-2.1 Opional xz tasks for ant linux/noarch
apache-ivy-2.5.0-1.1 Java-based dependency manager linux/noarch
asterisk-sounds-devel-3-1.10 Build helpers for Asterisk sound packages linux/noarch
automake-1.16.5-1.5 A Program for Automatically Generating GNU-Style Files linux/noarch
bazel-workspaces-20200113-1.7 Bazel workspaces for libraries packaged in openSUSE linux/noarch
boost-jam-1.79.0-1.1 A Boost Make Replacement linux/noarch
brp-extract-translations-84.87-5.5 Extract translations from desktop files, polkit actions, mimetype descriptions and AppStream metainfo linux/noarch
brp-trim-translations-84.87-5.5 Trim translations from desktop files, polkit actions, mimetype descriptions and AppStream metainfo linux/noarch
build-20220429-1.1 A Script to Build SUSE Linux RPMs linux/noarchNew
build-compare-20220307T115648.b5abdde-1.1 Build Result Compare Script linux/noarch
build-initvm-s390x-20220429-1.1 Virtualization initializer for emulated cross architecture builds linux/noarchNew
build-mkbaselibs-20220429-1.1 Tools to generate base lib packages linux/noarchNew
build-mkdrpms-20220429-1.1 Tools to generate delta rpms linux/noarchNew
checkbashisms-2.19.5-2.6 Tool for checking /bin/sh scripts for possible bashisms linux/noarch
colormake-0.9.20140503-3.28 Colorize the make output linux/noarch
container-build-checks-1650464301.a198cf9-1.1 Scripts to validate built container images linux/noarch
container-build-checks-strict-1650464301.a198cf9-1.1 Strict configuration for container-build-checks linux/noarch
container-build-checks-vendor-SUSE-1650464301.a198cf9-1.1 SUSE configuration for container-build-checks linux/noarch
container-build-checks-vendor-openSUSE-1650464301.a198cf9-1.1 openSUSE configuration for container-build-checks linux/noarch
debhelper-13.7.1-1.1 Helper programs for debian/rules linux/noarchNew
dejagnu-1.6.3-1.6 Framework for Running Test Suites on Software Tools linux/noarch
fontpackages-devel-0.2-12.2 Development Commons for Font Packages linux/noarch
gccmakedep-1.0.3-4.2 Utility to list the resource database of an X application linux/noarch
godot-rpm-macros-1-1.9 RPM macros for Godot linux/noarch
leiningen-2.9.8-1.2 Automation for Clojure projects linux/noarch
mate-common-1.26.0-1.2 Common scripts and macros to develop with MATE linux/noarch
memory-constraints-20180406-4.2 Macros to limit resources allocation when building linux/noarch
meson-0.62.1-1.1 Python-based build system linux/noarchNew
mingw32-pkgconf-1.6.3-2.104 Package compiler and linker metadata toolkit linux/noarch
mingw64-pkgconf-1.6.3-2.101 Package compiler and linker metadata toolkit linux/noarch
mk-configure-0.37.0-3.2 A build system on top of bmake linux/noarch
nant-0.92+git20130131-10.136 Ant for .NET linux/noarch
obs-service-appimage- Handles source downloads defined in appimage.yml files linux/noarch
obs-service-cargo_vendor-0.4.3~3-1.1 An OBS source service: Download, verify and vendor Rust crates (libraries) linux/noarch
obs-service-docker_label_helper-0.0-3.2 OBS Service to add prefixed labels in Dockerfile builds linux/noarch
obs-service-download_url-0.1.3-2.2 An OBS source service: wget download tool linux/noarch
obs-service-extract_file-0.4-1.7 An OBS source service: Extract a file from an archive linux/noarch
obs-service-format_spec_file-20211115-2.2 An OBS source service: reformats a spec file to SUSE standard linux/noarch
obs-service-go_modules-0.4.1-1.1 An OBS source service: Download, verify and vendor Go module dependencies linux/noarchNew
obs-service-kiwi_label_helper-0.0-3.5 Service to duplicate labels with a custom prefix linux/noarch
obs-service-kiwi_metainfo_helper-0.6-1.1 Service for substituting various variables in build recipes linux/noarch
obs-service-obs_scm- Creates a OBS cpio from a remote SCM resource linux/noarch
obs-service-obs_scm-common- Common parts of SCM handling services linux/noarch
obs-service-product_converter-1.4.8-2.2 An OBS source service: create product media build descriptions linux/noarch
obs-service-recompress-0.5.2-1.1 An OBS source service: Recompress files linux/noarch
obs-service-refresh_patches-0.3.9+git.1625238904.d59f20e-2.2 An OBS source service: Refreshs local patches linux/noarch
obs-service-replace_using_package_version-0.0.3-1.7 An OBS service: Replaces a regex with the version value of a package linux/noarch
obs-service-set_version-0.5.14-2.2 An OBS source service: Update spec file version linux/noarch
obs-service-snapcraft- Handles source downloads defined in snapcraft.yaml files linux/noarch
obs-service-source_validator-0.23-1.1 An OBS source service: running all the osc source-validator checks linux/noarch
obs-service-tar- Creates a tar archive from local directory linux/noarch
obs-service-tar_scm- An OBS source service: create tar ball from svn/git/hg linux/noarch
obs-service-verify_file-0.1.1-2.19 An OBS source service: file verification linux/noarch
pbuilder-0.231-1.1 Personal package builder for .deb packages linux/noarchNew
php-cs-fixer-2.16.1-1.5 PHP Coding Standards Fixer linux/noarch
php7-phpunit8-8.5.0-2.4 Testing framework for PHP linux/noarch
plexus-ant-factory-1.0~a2.1-2.1 Plexus Ant component factory linux/noarch
post-build-checks-84.87+git20220325.f46ef3c-1.1 post checks for build after rpms have been created linux/noarch
python310-gyp-0+git.20200512-2.2 Generate Your Projects linux/noarch
python38-gyp-0+git.20200512-2.2 Generate Your Projects linux/noarch
python39-gyp-0+git.20200512-2.2 Generate Your Projects linux/noarch
qml-autoreqprov-1.1-2.2 Automatic dependency generator for QML files and modules linux/noarch
release-compare-0.5.5-1.2 Release Compare Script linux/noarch
setconf-0.7.7-1.3 Utility to easily change settings in configuration files linux/noarch
systemd-rpm-macros-16-1.1 RPM macros for systemd linux/noarch
update-bootloader-rpm-macros-0-5.2 RPM macros for update-bootloader linux/noarch
update-desktop-files-84.87-5.5 A Build Tool to Update Desktop Files linux/noarch
vendored_licenses_packager-0.1.0-1.1 Script to package legal files of vendored sources linux/noarch
xmvn-api-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn API linux/noarch
xmvn-bisect-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Bisect linux/noarch
xmvn-connector-aether-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Connector for Maven Resolver linux/noarch
xmvn-connector-gradle-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Connector for Gradle linux/noarch
xmvn-connector-ivy-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Connector for Apache Ivy linux/noarch
xmvn-core-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Core linux/noarch
xmvn-install-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Install linux/noarch
xmvn-mojo-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn MOJO linux/noarch
xmvn-parent-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Parent POM linux/noarch
xmvn-resolve-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Resolver linux/noarch
xmvn-subst-3.1.0-4.3 XMvn Subst linux/noarch
xorg-cf-files-1.0.7-1.2 Data files for the imake utility linux/noarch
xorg-sgml-doctools-1.12-1.1 Set of SGML entities and XML/CSS style sheets for building documentation linux/noarch

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