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RPM of Group Development/Tools/Version Control

bash-git-prompt-2.7.1-2.6 Informative git prompt for bash and fish linux/noarchNew
bs-update-0.18-1.17 Automate maintenance of packages in a Build Service linux/noarch
bumpversion-0.6.0-1.3 Version-bump your software with a single command linux/noarchNew
cvs-doc-1.12.13-2.2 Info pages and Open Source Development with CVS, 2nd Edition Book linux/noarchNew
git-bz-0.0+git.20150908-1.22 Command line integration of git with Bugzilla linux/noarchNew
git-cola-3.12.0-1.1 A GUI for Git linux/noarch
git-deps-1.0.2+git.1559732444.7c75531-3.3 Tool to analyze git deps linux/noarch
git-deps-html-1.0.2+git.1559732444.7c75531-3.3 Tool to analyze git deps - HTML parts linux/noarch
git-filter-repo-2.34.0-1.3 Quickly rewrite git repository history (git-filter-branch replacement) linux/noarchNew
git-remote-gcrypt-1.4-1.4 Encrypted git repositories linux/noarchNew
git-subrepo-0.4.3-1.5 Git Submodule Alternative linux/noarchNew
git-sync-0.0.0~git20151024.eb9adaf-2.11 One-script git synchronization linux/noarchNew
git-test-1.0.4-1.5 Git extension to conveniently test all distinct versions linux/noarchNew
gitolite-3.6.12-1.6 Server for git directory version tracker linux/noarchNew
gitslave-2.0.2-9.25 Creates a group of related repositories linux/noarchNew
gitslave-doc-2.0.2-9.25 Documentation for gitslave linux/noarchNew
mercurial-extension-hg-git-1.0.0-1.1 Hg-Git Mercurial plugin linux/noarchNew
mr-1.20180726-1.6 Version control repository manager linux/noarchNew
pagure-5.13.3-1.1 A git-centered forge linux/noarchNew
pagure-ci-5.13.3-1.1 A CI service for pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-ev-5.13.3-1.1 EventSource server for pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-loadjson-5.13.3-1.1 The loadjson service for pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-logcom-5.13.3-1.1 The logcom service for pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-milters-5.13.3-1.1 Milter to integrate pagure with emails linux/noarchNew
pagure-mirror-5.13.3-1.1 The mirroring service for pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-theme-chameleon-5.13.3-1.1 Pagure web interface theme based on openSUSE's chameleon theme linux/noarchNew
pagure-theme-default-openSUSE-5.13.3-1.1 Configuration for pagure to default to the openSUSE web interface theme linux/noarchNew
pagure-theme-default-upstream-5.13.3-1.1 Configuration for pagure to default to the upstream web interface theme linux/noarchNew
pagure-theme-pagureio-5.13.3-1.1 Pagure web interface theme used on linux/noarchNew
pagure-theme-srcfpo-5.13.3-1.1 Pagure web interface theme used on linux/noarchNew
pagure-theme-upstream-5.13.3-1.1 Base theme for the Pagure web interface linux/noarchNew
pagure-web-apache-httpd-5.13.3-1.1 Apache HTTPD configuration for Pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-web-nginx-5.13.3-1.1 Nginx configuration for Pagure linux/noarchNew
pagure-webhook-5.13.3-1.1 Web-Hook server for pagure linux/noarchNew
quilt-0.67-1.1 A Tool for Working with Many Patches linux/noarch
stgit-1.5-1.2 Stacked GIT - Source Code Management Tool linux/noarchNew
subversion-doc-1.8.r5043-1.23 Documentation files for Subversion linux/noarchNew
yadm-3.2.1-1.2 Yet Another Dotfiles Manager linux/noarchNew
yadm-bash-completion-3.2.1-1.2 Bash completions for yadm linux/noarchNew
yadm-fish-completion-3.2.1-1.2 Fish Completion for yadm linux/noarchNew
yadm-zsh-completion-3.2.1-1.2 ZSH Completion for yadm linux/noarchNew

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