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RPM of Group Productivity/Databases/Servers

hsqldb-2.6.1-1.2 HyperSQL Database Engine linux/noarchNew
postgresql-llvmjit-14-4.2 Just-in-time compilation support for PostgreSQL linux/noarchNew
postgresql-llvmjit-devel-14-4.2 Helper package to pull all dependencies to build with llvm support linux/noarchNew
postgresql-plperl-14-4.2 The PL/Tcl, PL/Perl, and PL/Python procedural languages for PostgreSQL linux/noarchNew
postgresql-plpython-14-4.2 The PL/Python Procedural Languages for PostgreSQL linux/noarchNew
postgresql-server-14-4.2 The Programs Needed to Create and Run a PostgreSQL Server linux/noarchNew
postgresql-test-14-4.2 The test suite for PostgreSQL linux/noarchNew
python310-tinydb-4.7.0-1.2 A document-oriented database linux/noarchNew
python38-tinydb-4.7.0-1.2 A document-oriented database linux/noarchNew
python39-tinydb-4.7.0-1.2 A document-oriented database linux/noarchNew

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