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RPM of Group Productivity/Security

apparmor-abstractions-3.0.4-10.2 AppArmor abstractions and directory structure linux/noarchNew
apparmor-profiles-3.0.4-10.2 AppArmor profiles that are loaded into the apparmor kernel module linux/noarchNew
apparmor-utils-3.0.4-10.2 AppArmor User-Level Utilities Useful for Creating AppArmor Profiles linux/noarchNew
artifacts-20200118-1.6 Digital Forensics Artifact Repository linux/noarchNew
artifacts-validator-20200118-1.6 Digital Forensics Artifact Repository Validator linux/noarchNew
clamtk-6.14-1.3 GUI for the ClamAV Antivirus linux/noarchNew
gswrap-0.1-9.3 The ghostscript container to wrap ghostscript within linux/noarchNew
ibmtss-base-1.6.0-3.3 IBM's TPM 2.0 TSS shared files linux/noarchNew
iwatch-0.2.2-16.22 Realtime filesystem monitoring program linux/noarchNew
keychain-2.8.5-2.1 A Key Management Application for SSH2 RSA/DSA and GnuPG Keys linux/noarch
permissions-zypp-plugin-20220309.1599-30.5 A zypper commit plugin for calling chkstat linux/noarchNew
policycoreutils-python-utils-3.3-3.2 SELinux policy core python utilities linux/noarchNew
polkit-default-privs-1550+20220404.7b4bea2-1.2 SUSE PolicyKit default permissions linux/noarchNew
python3-policycoreutils-3.3-3.2 SELinux policy core python3 interfaces linux/noarchNew
revelation-0.5.4-2.2 Password manager for GNOME linux/noarchNew
scap-security-guide-0.1.61-1.1 XCCDF files for SUSE Linux and openSUSE linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-debian-0.1.61-1.1 XCCDF files for Debian linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-redhat-0.1.61-1.1 XCCDF files for RHEL, CentOS, Fedora and ScientificLinux linux/noarch
scap-security-guide-ubuntu-0.1.61-1.1 XCCDF files for Ubuntu linux/noarch
seccheck-3.0-18.5 Security-Check Scripts linux/noarchNew
setroubleshoot-doc-3.3.26-3.2 Setroubleshoot documentation linux/noarchNew
setroubleshoot-plugins-3.3.12-1.3 Helps troubleshoot SELinux problems linux/noarchNew
ssh-audit-2.5.0-1.3 SSH server auditing linux/noarchNew
ssl-cert-check-4.11git.1556282902.f3fc941-1.8 Shell script to send notifications when SSL certificates are about to expire linux/noarchNew
torbrowser-apparmor-profile-0.3.5-2.1 Apparmor profile for Tor Browser linux/noarch
xortool-0.99-1.5 A tool to analyze multi-byte xor cipher linux/noarchNew
yast2-apparmor-4.5.0-1.2 YaST2 - Plugins for AppArmor Profile Management linux/noarchNew
yubikey-manager-4.0.8-1.1 Python 3 library and command line tool for configuring a YubiKey linux/noarch

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