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RPM of Group System/X11/Utilities

compiz-manager-0.7.0-1.23 Wrapper script to launch Compiz with proper options linux/noarchNew
dex-0.9.0-1.4 DesktopEntry Execution linux/noarch
flashfocus-2.2.4-2.3 Focus animations for tiling window managers linux/noarchNew
fontweak-1.3.1-2.29 GUI front-end of fontconfig linux/noarchNew
hicolor-icon-theme-0.17-3.10 Fallback Icon Theme linux/noarchNew
hicolor-icon-theme-branding-openSUSE-42.1-2.14 Fallback Icon Theme -- openSUSE Icons linux/noarchNew
kupfer-319-6.4 An interface for access to applications and documents linux/noarchNew
mate-utils-common-lang-1.26.0-1.4 Languages for MATE utilities linux/noarch
suse-prime-0.8.7-1.2 GPU (nvidia/intel) selection for NVIDIA optimus laptops with bbswitch support linux/noarchNew
sway-launcher-desktop-1.5.4-1.2 TUI Application launcher with Desktop Entry support linux/noarchNew
tbsm-0.6-1.2 A pure bash session or application launcher linux/noarchNew
tkfont-1.1-958.3 Tool to select fonts linux/noarchNew
x11-tools-0.1-212.5 Tools for the X Window System linux/noarchNew
xdmsc-0.6-2.2 XTerminal -- Use SUSE Linux as an X Terminal linux/noarchNew
xkeyboard-config-2.34-2.2 The X Keyboard Extension linux/noarchNew
xorg-scripts-1.0.1-10.22 Miscellaneous scripts for X linux/noarchNew
xorg-x11-7.6_1-16.22 Compatibility metapackage for X.Org sample applications linux/noarchNew
xorg-x11-essentials-7.6_1-16.22 Compatibility metapackage for X.Org core applications linux/noarchNew
xterm-console-1.1-1.3 A Linux vt console look-alike xterm wrapper linux/noarchNew
xvfb-run-1.5.2-6.5 Script to run a virtualized X-Server linux/noarchNew

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