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ibus-lang-1.5.26-3.3 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: ibus-lang Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.5.26 Vendor: obs://
Release: 3.3 Build date: Wed Jun 15 14:50:41 2022
Group: System/Localization Build host: s390zl24
Size: 1209610 Source RPM: ibus-1.5.26-3.3.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package ibus
Provides translations for the "ibus" package.






* Tue Apr 19 2022 Yifan Jiang <>
  - Add patch ibus-fix-refcounting-issues.patch:
    This addresses the possible GLib warnings, fixes the possible
    double unrefs happening on IBusText used in signals, and fixes
    the missing unrefs on IBusText objects created from static
    strings (gh#ibus/ibus#2387, gh#ibus/ibus#2393).
* Tue Mar 29 2022 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Add install/uninstall scripts for the user service files
  - Drop ibus-missing-include.patch
    * fix build error under Leap 15.4
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.5.26
    * Enhance compose keys
    * Enhance Emoji features
    * Implement clear preedit for GTK4
    * Calculate keycode from keysym in GTK3 forward-key-event
    * Fix to send char position at update_preedit_text
    * Deprecate gettext.bind_textdomain_codeset() since Python 3.8
    * Fix ibus_key_event_from_string for gobject-introspection
    * Fix a key event loop with forwarding keys
    * Delete gnome-autogen dependency
    * Change XKB layout string color in panel
    * Add IBUS_INPUT_HINT_PRIVATE for browser private mode
    * mkdir socket dirs instead of socket paths
    * Add org.freedesktop.IBus.session.generic.service
    * Check XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP for Plasma desktop
    * Update simple.xml with xkeyboard-config 2.35.1
    * Update ibusunicodegen.h with unicode-ucd 14.0.0
    * Enhance CI
    * Fix typos
    * Fix wrong cursor location in gtk3 apps
    * Update URLS
    * invalidate cache based on symlink mtime too
    * Fix unref problems with floating references
    * Update man page for Emoji shortcut key
    * Add systemd unit file
    * Fix forward key keycode for GTK4
  - Drop ibus-fix-wrong-cursor-location.patch, merged by upstream
* Wed Jan 05 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Do not introduce ibus-gtk4-32bit unless there will be demand for
    it: drop its definition from baselibs.conf.
* Tue Dec 21 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix name of gtk4 flavor generated packages (was ibus-gtk4-gtk4).
* Thu Dec 16 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Split build of gtk4 module into an own flavor, allowing us to
    break a build cycle.
* Sun Oct 03 2021 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Enable GTK 4 IM Module for Leap 15.4 and Tumbleweed
  - Remove ibus-python-install-dir.patch
    * Not used for build anymore
* Wed Sep 08 2021 Predrag Ivanović <>
  - Refresh ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch
  - Add ibus-missing-include.patch to fix build on Leap
  - Add ibus-fix-wrong-cursor-location.patch
    (based on
  - Drop ibus-python-install-dir.patch
    Two reasons: it's for, disabled in .spec, python2, and patch forces
    the re-generation of configure, which requires aclocal-1.16,
    unavailable on Leap-15.3, and that breaks the build.
* Mon Sep 06 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.5.25
    * src/tests: Run gnome-session with no-overview mode
    * client/gtk2: Implement ibus_im_context_set_surrounding_with_selection
    * src/ibuscomposetable: Do not include the same compose file
    * src/ibusenginesimple: Multi_key to 0xB7
    * src/ibusenginesimple: Make Compose preedit less intrusive
    * Change default Emoji shortcut key
    * setup: Enhance engine search function
    * client/gtk2/ibusimcontext: Enable sync process in GTK4
    * engine: Update simple.xml with xkeyboard-config 2.33
    * src/ibuscomposetable: Add support for the include directive (lf-)
    * src/ibuscomposetable: Fix a buffer overflow in compose handling (lf-)
    * client/x11: Add support for XFixes ClientDisconnectMode (Olivier Fourdan)
    * setup: Start ibus-daemon with the --daemonize option (Gunnar Hjalmarsson)
    * src: Fix a typo in ibusenginesimple.h (user202729)
    * Update translations
* Tue Jul 20 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Own /usr/share/GConf and /usr/share/GConf/gsettings: the time
    has come where the migration code is drying out and we can't
    expect the deps to just be in the buildroot (but it still works).
* Wed Jun 30 2021 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Rollback ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch for Leap 15. Qt5 does
    not be updated to the new version or patch for ibus on Leap 15.
    It still needs this patch on leap 15 (boo#1187202).
* Mon Feb 22 2021 Fuminobu Takeyama <> - 1.5.24
  - Upstream update to 1.5.24
    * Add GTK4 IM module (currently disabled for openSUSE)
    * Search engine name directly
    * Update IBusInputPurpose and IBusInputHints in ibustypes.h
    * Warn deprecated IBus XKB engines /w dialog
    - Workaround for boo#1177545
    * Update simple.xml
    * Fix arguments in GLib.DBusSignalCallback for Vala 0.50
    * Fix to build emoji-*.dict in CLDR 38
    * Fix build environments
    * Hide IBus Preferences from AppStream
  - Drop vala-0.50.patch, merged by upstream
  - Remove old "Obsoletes" for ibus-gnome-shell and libibus-1_0-0
* Mon Feb 08 2021 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Fix the invalid desktop file for auto start (boo#1178447)
  - Fix xim.d/ibus so that a Plasma session can use XDG auto start
* Mon Feb 01 2021 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Do not build in parallel for reproducible build results (boo#1102408)
* Mon Oct 26 2020 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add vala-0.50.patch: Fix build with vala 0.50 (gh#ibus/ibus#2265)
* Wed Sep 30 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.5.23
    * Generate simple.xml with denylist 6042974 508527d 37db75b 6879879 59b902a
      568d58d 6ed34f3 5959d6f 5d67a28 394d9a8 ed7bc8d e938846 3aa670e 0d90da4
    * Accept xdigits only for Unicode typing a440942
    * Update emoji-parser with CLDR emoji annotation release-31-0-1 9a9f828
    * Update ibusunicodegen.h with unicode-ucd 13.0.0 e10fc89
    * Delete deprecated ENABLE_APPINDICATOR_ENGINE_ICON check aa3a9f0
    * Fix SEGV 02105c4 f591381
    * Fix some errors in ibus-desktop-testing-runner 7b0d091 8da0167
    * Refactor source files 0b9d936 0ad5e9a
    * Fix string formats in translatable strings 7caead1 f8c468a ce865f6
    * Use WAYLAND_DISPLAY on Wayland sessions to make up IBus socket name (Carlos
      Garnacho) 8ce2520
    * Skip parsing of compose sequence with invalid keysyms (Neil Shepperd)
    * Tell Pango about the engine language in the candidate panel (Aaron Muir
      Hamilton) 3f098dc 79a09f1
    * Fix for several error spotted by static analyzer (ntfs.hard) 00adea6
    * Remove glib_check_version() in gtk immodule (Changwoo Ryu) 5765bfd
    * Build the Emoji dictionaries in parallel (Changwoo Ryu) 59d0de4
    * Update translation
  - Drop 0001-Replace-the-Qt-check-for-appindicator-engine-icon-wi.patch,
    ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch. Merged by upstream
* Thu Sep 24 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update ibus.spec: Drop the is_opensuse macro to eliminate the
    difference between SLE-15 and openSUSE-Leap (jsc#SLE-11653).
* Sat Sep 19 2020 Callum Farmer <>
  - Move xim.d files to /usr/etc when available, which is
    currently Tumbleweed only (boo#1176431)
* Tue May 12 2020 QK ZHU <>
  - Add ibus-socket-name-compatibility.patch: Compatibility for
    ibus-use-wayland-display-for-socket-name.patch. This fixes Qt
    clients breakage in Wayland (bsc#1171442, gh#ibus/ibus#2195).
* Mon May 11 2020 QK ZHU <>
  - Add ibus-use-wayland-display-for-socket-name.patch:
    Use WAYLAND_DISPLAY on Wayland sessions to make up IBus socket name
    (bsc#1171442, gh#ibus/ibus#2195).
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update ibus.spec: Drop the is_opensuse macro to eliminate the
    difference between SLE-15 and openSUSE-Leap (jsc#SLE-11652).
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - Enable wayland and emoji features in SLE 15 SP2 (boo#1165844,
  - Remove the with_kde option in the spec file and add a patch
    to remove an unneeded qt5 dependency
    * 0001-Replace-the-Qt-check-for-appindicator-engine-icon-wi.patch
* Mon Mar 09 2020 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Enable emoji also on ppc
* Sat Feb 29 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Enable emoji support on armv6l and riscv64, nodejs-emojione is no longer
  - Remove invalid build options
  - cleanup spec
* Mon Feb 24 2020 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Fix dependency between ibus and ibus-dict-emoji
    * Keep ibus and ibus-dict-emoji from the same source
    * Add Conflict to remove old ibus containing emoji dictionary
* Sat Feb 22 2020 Hillwood Yang <>
  - Update version to 1.5.22
    * GDBusAuthObserver security fix, drop
    * Use XDG_RUNTIME_DIR for Unix socket directory
    * Hangul button press handling
    * Fix deprecated APIs
    * Bug fixes
    * Fix boo#1149065
    * Fix restart crash with inotify read() (Robert Hoffmann)
    * Make session file header comment more clear (Jason)
    * Amend typos (Jason)
    * Add NotShowIn and Keywords keys to the desktop entry (Changwoo Ryu)
    * Handle small final sigma in ibus_keyval_convert_case (Alex Henrie)
    * Update translations.
  - Add ibus-fix-Signal-does-not-exist.patch. Fix build on Leap 15.1 and below
* Wed Feb 19 2020 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Split ibus-dict-emoji so that KDE Plasma can use IBus's emoji
    dictionaries without IBus daemon (boo#1161584)
* Tue Feb 04 2020 Bjørn Lie <>
  - No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use.
* Sat Jan 11 2020 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Drop ibus-delete-weak-pointer-for-vala-0.43.4.patch
    * which cannot be applied to 1.5.21
* Wed Dec 18 2019 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Add ibus-delete-weak-pointer-for-vala-0.43.4.patch:
    Backport this fix from upstream, To make ibus-1.5.19 can success
    build with vala-0.43.4 and later editions(bnc#1159079).
* Fri Sep 20 2019 Cliff Zhao <>
  - Update hide-setup-menu.patch: make it can be compile in SLE
    (openSUSE-Leap 15).
* Tue Sep 17 2019 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add ibus-CVE-2019-14822-GDBusServer-peer-authorization.patch:
    bus: Implement GDBusAuthObserver callback, fix CVE-2019-14822.
* Thu Sep 05 2019 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Apply the change on Jun. 22 again, reverted by the previous
  - Stop exporting OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP (boo#1042136)
    * KDE4 LibreOffice VCL plugin was removed from upstream
    * New KDE5/Qt5 VCL plugin supporting Qt IM Module will be
    * Note only LibreOffice KDE5/Qt5 >= 6.3 supports Qt IM module
    - For older version, please export OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome
      in ~/.profile
* Thu Aug 29 2019 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Upstream update to 1.5.21
    * Enable to run ibus-setup with a different python
    * Update ibusunicodegen.h for Unicode UCD 12.0
    * Add ibus.its for IME's component files
    * Make ISO 639 language names with title
    * Keep preedit cursor_pos and visible in clearing preedit text
    * Support long sequences and multiple output characters for
      compose table
    - fix boo#1138123
    * Exit ibus-daemon with parent's death
    * Update Wayland input-method protocol to unstable v1
    * Indistinguishable address of ibus-daemon
    * Fix typos
  - Drop ibus-fix-check-abs-icon-path-support.patch
    * not necessary anymore since the current Qt is enough new
* Sat Jun 22 2019 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Stop exporting OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP (boo#1042136)
    * KDE4 LibreOffice VCL plugin was removed from upstream
    * New KDE5/Qt5 VCL plugin supporting Qt IM Module will be
* Wed May 08 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Move RPM macros to %_rpmmacrodir.
* Mon Mar 04 2019 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Fix boo#1127711
    * Remove nodejs-emojione form BuildRequires
* Sat Mar 02 2019 Fuminobu Takeyama <>
  - Upstream update to 1.5.20
    * Support Shift-Space to insert a Space on Emojier preedit
    * Do not add emojis in compose category to emoji variants
    * Implement mouse click with Hangul in ibus side
    * Delete Gconf dependencies and migrate intool to gettext
    * Show compose preedit with custom compose file
    * Fix Atom and Slack for Flatpak
    * Delete Super-space notification
    * Use ISO 639-3 to have names for more languages
    * introspection: Tell the GI scanner to include the C headers
    * Add Uzbek layouts
    * Allow using non-abstract UNIX domain sockets
    * Fix minor build problems, bugs, and typos
* Mon Feb 25 2019
  - Fix boo#1126011: fix unexpected LibreOffice's dependency on IBus
    * Remove "Supplements" for libreoffice-gnome



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