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python39-urllib3-2.0.4-2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: python39-urllib3 Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.0.4 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Sep 7 21:34:45 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl2a
Size: 842350 Source RPM: python-urllib3-2.0.4-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: HTTP library with thread-safe connection pooling, file post, and more

- Re-use the same socket connection for multiple requests
  (HTTPConnectionPool and HTTPSConnectionPool)
  (with optional client-side certificate verification).
- File posting (encode_multipart_formdata).
- Built-in redirection and retries (optional).
- Supports gzip and deflate decoding.
- Thread-safe and sanity-safe.
- Works with AppEngine, gevent, and eventlib.
- Tested on Python 2.6+ and Python 3.3+, 100% unit test coverage.
- Small and easy to understand codebase perfect for extending and building upon.
  For a more comprehensive solution, have a look at
  Requests which is also powered by urllib3.






* Tue Jul 25 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.0.4:
    * Added support for union operators to ``HTTPHeaderDict``
    * Added ``BaseHTTPResponse`` to ``urllib3.__all__`` (`#3078
    * Fixed ``urllib3.connection.HTTPConnection`` to raise the
      ``http.client.connect`` audit event to have the same behavior
      as the standard library HTTP client
    * Relied on the standard library for checking hostnames in
      supported PyPy releases
* Wed Jul 05 2023 Daniel Garcia <>
  - Disable test_deprecated_no_scheme so it needs network connection to
    run correctly.
* Mon Jun 19 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.0.3:
    * Allowed alternative SSL libraries such as LibreSSL, while
      still issuing a warning as we cannot help users facing issues
      with implementations other than OpenSSL.
    * Deprecated URLs which don't have an explicit scheme
    * Fixed response decoding with Zstandard when compressed data
      is made of several frames.
    * Fixed ``assert_hostname=False`` to correctly skip hostname
* Sun May 14 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.0.2:
    * Fixed ```` to continue yielding bytes if
      buffered decompressed data was still available to be read
      even if the underlying socket is closed. This prevents
      a compressed response from being truncated.
* Wed May 10 2023 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Update to 2.0.1:
    * Fixed a socket leak when fingerprint or hostname verifications fail.
    * Fixed an error when was the first read call or when
      the internal response body buffer was otherwise empty.
    * Removed support for Python 2.7, 3.5, and 3.6.
    * Removed fallback on certificate commonName in match_hostname() function.
    * Removed support for Python with an ssl module compiled with LibreSSL,
    CiscoSSL, wolfSSL, and all other OpenSSL alternatives.
    * Removed support for OpenSSL versions earlier than 1.1.1.
    * Removed urllib3.contrib.appengine.AppEngineManager and support for Google
      App Engine Standard Environment.
    * Changed ssl_version to instead set the corresponding
      SSLContext.minimum_version and SSLContext.maximum_version values.
    * Changed default SSLContext.minimum_version to be TLSVersion.TLSv1_2
      in line with Python 3.10.
    * Changed urllib3.util.create_urllib3_context to not override the system
      cipher suites with a default value.
    * Changed multipart/form-data header parameter formatting matches the
      WHATWG HTML Standard as of 2021-06-10.
    * Changed HTTPConnection.request() to always use lowercase chunk boundaries
      when sending requests with Transfer-Encoding: chunked.
    * Changed enforce_content_length default to True, preventing silent data
      loss when reading streamed responses.
    * Changed all parameters in the HTTPConnection and HTTPSConnection
      constructors to be keyword-only except host and port.
    * Changed HTTPConnection.getresponse() to set the socket timeout from
      HTTPConnection.timeout value before reading data from the socket.
    * Changed name of Retry.BACK0FF_MAX to be Retry.DEFAULT_BACKOFF_MAX.
    * Changed TLS handshakes to use SSLContext.check_hostname when possible.
    * Changed the default blocksize to 16KB to match OpenSSL's default read
    * Changed to raise an error when calling with
      decode_content=False after using decode_content=True to prevent data loss.
    * Fixed thread-safety issue where accessing a PoolManager with many
      distinct origins would cause connection pools to be closed while
      requests are in progress.
    * Fixed the default value of HTTPSConnection.socket_options to match
    * Fixed a socket leak if HTTPConnection.connect() fails.
  - Drop patch remove_mock.patch, included upstream.
  - Fiddle with {Build,}Requires as appropiate, six finally dropped.
* Fri Apr 21 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - add sle15_python_module_pythons (jsc#PED-68)
* Thu Apr 13 2023 Matej Cepl <>
  - Make calling of %{sle15modernpython} optional.
* Tue Mar 14 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.15:
    * Fix socket timeout value when ``HTTPConnection`` is reused
    * Remove "!" character from the unreserved characters in IPv6
      Zone ID parsing
    * Fix IDNA handling of '<80>' byte
* Sat Jan 21 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.14:
    * Fixed parsing of port 0 (zero) returning None, instead of 0.
    * Removed deprecated getheaders() calls in contrib module.
* Fri Dec 02 2022 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>
  - update to 1.26.13
    * Deprecated the ``HTTPResponse.getheaders()`` and ``HTTPResponse.getheader()`` methods.
    * Fixed an issue where parsing a URL with leading zeroes in the port would be rejected
      even when the port number after removing the zeroes was valid.
    * Fixed a deprecation warning when using cryptography v39.0.0.
    * Removed the ``<4`` in the ``Requires-Python`` packaging metadata field.
* Sun Oct 23 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Fix pycache when undbundling six
* Mon Aug 22 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.12:
    * Deprecated the `urllib3[secure]` extra and the `urllib3.contrib.pyopenssl` module.
      Both will be removed in v2.x. See this `GitHub issue <>`_
      for justification and info on how to migrate.
* Tue Aug 02 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - update to 1.26.11
    * Fix OverflowError when TLS is used on some Python versions
* Sun Jul 24 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.10:
    * Removed support for Python 3.5
    * Fixed an issue where a ``ProxyError`` recommending configuring the proxy as HTTP
      instead of HTTPS could appear even when an HTTPS proxy wasn't configured.
  - refresh remove_mock.patch with extra mock usages
* Tue Apr 19 2022 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Remove unneeded BuildRequires of mock.
* Tue Apr 05 2022 Ben Greiner <>
  - Remove unbundling off ssl.match_hostname.
    * It was only done for the primary python3 flavor
    * It is bundled for a reason gh#urllib3/urllib3#2439,
    * The tests (and probably urllib3 users) use wildcard patterns
      not supported by the stdlib
  - Fix undbundling of six for all flavors
  - Replace brotlipy recommendation and test with python-Brotli
    (see release notes below)
* Tue Mar 29 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.9:
    * Changed ``urllib3[brotli]`` extra to favor installing Brotli libraries that are still
      receiving updates like ``brotli`` and ``brotlicffi`` instead of ``brotlipy``.
      This change does not impact behavior of urllib3, only which dependencies are installed.
    * Fixed a socket leaking when ``HTTPSConnection.connect()`` raises an exception.
    * Fixed ``server_hostname`` being forwarded from ``PoolManager`` to ``HTTPConnectionPool``
      when requesting an HTTP URL. Should only be forwarded when requesting an HTTPS URL.
* Mon Jan 10 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.8:
    * Added extra message to``urllib3.exceptions.ProxyError`` when urllib3 detects that
      a proxy is configured to use HTTPS but the proxy itself appears to only use HTTP.
    * Added a mention of the size of the connection pool when discarding a
      connection due to the pool being full.
    * Added explicit support for Python 3.11.
    * Deprecated the ``Retry.MAX_BACKOFF`` class property in favor of
      ``Retry.DEFAULT_MAX_BACKOFF`` to better match the rest of the default parameter names.
      ``Retry.MAX_BACKOFF`` is removed in v2.0.
    * Changed location of the vendored ``ssl.match_hostname`` function from
      ``urllib3.packages.ssl_match_hostname`` to
      ``urllib3.util.ssl_match_hostname`` to ensure Python 3.10+ compatibility after
      being repackaged by downstream distributors.
    * Fixed absolute imports, all imports are now relative.
* Tue Oct 26 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.7:
    * Fixed a bug with HTTPS hostname verification involving IP addresses and lack
      of SNI.
    * Fixed a bug where IPv6 braces weren't stripped during certificate hostname
* Tue Jul 13 2021 Markéta Machová <>
  - update to 1.26.6
    * Deprecated the urllib3.contrib.ntlmpool module.
    * Changed HTTPConnection.request_chunked() to not erroneously emit multiple
      Transfer-Encoding headers in the case that one is already specified.
    * Fixed typo in deprecation message to recommend Retry.DEFAULT_ALLOWED_METHODS.
* Sun Jun 06 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.5 (bsc#1187045, CVE-2021-33503):
    * Fixed deprecation warnings emitted in Python 3.10.
    * Updated vendored ``six`` library to 1.16.0.
    * Improved performance of URL parser when splitting
      the authority component.
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.4:
    * Changed behavior of the default ``SSLContext`` when connecting to HTTPS proxy
      during HTTPS requests. The default ``SSLContext`` now sets ``check_hostname=True``.
* Thu Jan 28 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.26.3:
    * Fixed bytes and string comparison issue with headers (Pull #2141)
    * Changed ``ProxySchemeUnknown`` error message to be
      more actionable if the user supplies a proxy URL without
      a scheme. (Pull #2107)
* Fri Jan 01 2021 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Skip test for RECENT_DATE. It is a test purely for developers.
    To maintain reproducibility, keep upstreams possibly outdated
    RECENT_DATE in the source code. (bsc#1181571)
* Thu Dec 17 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Add CI variable, which makes timeouts in the test suite longer
    (gh#urllib3/urllib3#2109, bsc#1176389) and
    test_timeout_errors_cause_retries should not fail.
* Mon Dec 14 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - If you skip_python2 you don't need mock.
* Sun Dec 13 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - We don't need to break Python 2.7
* Fri Dec 11 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Add remove_mock.patch to remove dependency on the external mock
    package (gh#urllib3/urllib3#2108).
* Fri Dec 11 2020 Markéta Machová <>
  - Fixed the testsuite and updated dependencies
* Thu Nov 26 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.26.2:
    * Fixed an issue where ``wrap_socket`` and ``CERT_REQUIRED`` wouldn't
      be imported properly on Python 2.7.8 and earlier (Pull #2052)
    * Fixed an issue where two ``User-Agent`` headers would be sent if a
      ``User-Agent`` header key is passed as ``bytes`` (Pull #2047)
    * Added support for HTTPS proxies contacting HTTPS servers (Pull #1923, Pull #1806)
    * Deprecated negotiating TLSv1 and TLSv1.1 by default. Users that
      still wish to use TLS earlier than 1.2 without a deprecation warning
      should opt-in explicitly by setting ``ssl_version=ssl.PROTOCOL_TLSv1_1`` (Pull #2002)
    * *Starting in urllib3 v2.0: Connections that receive a ``DeprecationWarning`` will fail**
    * Deprecated ``Retry`` options ``Retry.DEFAULT_METHOD_WHITELIST``, ``Retry.DEFAULT_REDIRECT_HEADERS_BLACKLIST``
      and ``Retry(method_whitelist=...)`` in favor of ``Retry.DEFAULT_ALLOWED_METHODS``,
      ``Retry.DEFAULT_REMOVE_HEADERS_ON_REDIRECT``, and ``Retry(allowed_methods=...)``
      (Pull #2000) **Starting in urllib3 v2.0: Deprecated options will be removed**
    * Added default ``User-Agent`` header to every request (Pull #1750)
    * Added ``urllib3.util.SKIP_HEADER`` for skipping ``User-Agent``, ``Accept-Encoding``,
      and ``Host`` headers from being automatically emitted with requests (Pull #2018)
    * Collapse ``transfer-encoding: chunked`` request data and framing into
      the same ``socket.send()`` call (Pull #1906)
    * Send ``http/1.1`` ALPN identifier with every TLS handshake by default (Pull #1894)
    * Properly terminate SecureTransport connections when CA verification fails (Pull #1977)
    * Don't emit an ``SNIMissingWarning`` when passing ``server_hostname=None``
      to SecureTransport (Pull #1903)
    * Disabled requesting TLSv1.2 session tickets as they weren't being used by urllib3 (Pull #1970)
    * Suppress ``BrokenPipeError`` when writing request body after the server
      has closed the socket (Pull #1524)
    * Wrap ``ssl.SSLError`` that can be raised from reading a socket (e.g. "bad MAC")
      into an ``urllib3.exceptions.SSLError`` (Pull #1939)
    * Fix retry backoff time parsed from ``Retry-After`` header when given
      in the HTTP date format. The HTTP date was parsed as the local timezone
      rather than accounting for the timezone in the HTTP date (typically
      UTC) (Pull #1932, Pull #1935, Pull #1938, Pull #1949)
* Wed Sep 09 2020 Alberto Planas Dominguez <>
  - Generate pyc for ssl_match_hostname too
* Tue Aug 04 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.25.10:
    * Added support for ``SSLKEYLOGFILE`` environment variable for
      logging TLS session keys with use with programs like
      Wireshark for decrypting captured web traffic (Pull #1867)
    * Fixed loading of SecureTransport libraries on macOS Big Sur
      due to the new dynamic linker cache (Pull #1905)
    * Collapse chunked request bodies data and framing into one
    call to ``send()`` to reduce the number of TCP packets by 2-4x (Pull #1906)
    * Don't insert ``None`` into ``ConnectionPool`` if the pool
      was empty when requesting a connection (Pull #1866)
    * Avoid ``hasattr`` call in ``BrotliDecoder.decompress()`` (Pull #1858)
* Tue Jun 02 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.25.9 (bsc#1177120, CVE-2020-26137):
    * Added ``InvalidProxyConfigurationWarning`` which is raised when
      erroneously specifying an HTTPS proxy URL. urllib3 doesn't currently
      support connecting to HTTPS proxies but will soon be able to
      and we would like users to migrate properly without much breakage.
    * Drain connection after ``PoolManager`` redirect (Pull #1817)
    * Ensure ``load_verify_locations`` raises ``SSLError`` for all backends (Pull #1812)
    * Rename ``VerifiedHTTPSConnection`` to ``HTTPSConnection`` (Pull #1805)
    * Allow the CA certificate data to be passed as a string (Pull #1804)
    * Raise ``ValueError`` if method contains control characters (Pull #1800)
    * Add ``__repr__`` to ``Timeout`` (Pull #1795)
* Tue Apr 21 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Explicitly switch off building python 2 version.
* Fri Feb 07 2020 Marketa Calabkova <>
  - update to 1.25.8
    * Drop support for EOL Python 3.4
    * Optimize _encode_invalid_chars
    * Preserve chunked parameter on retries
    * Allow unset SERVER_SOFTWARE in App Engine
    * Fix issue where URL fragment was sent within the request target.
    * Fix issue where an empty query section in a URL would fail to parse.
    * Remove TLS 1.3 support in SecureTransport due to Apple removing support.



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