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xmlgraphics-fop-2.7-2.2 RPM for noarch

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Name: xmlgraphics-fop Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.7 Vendor: obs://
Release: 2.2 Build date: Wed Jun 15 22:24:56 2022
Group: Productivity/Publishing/XML Build host: s390zl24
Size: 4626313 Source RPM: xmlgraphics-fop-2.7-2.2.src.rpm
Summary: Formatter for Printing XSLT Processed XML Files
FOP (Formatting Objects Processor) is driven by XSL formatting objects
(XSL-FO). It is a Java application that reads a formatting object (FO)
tree and renders the resulting pages to one of the following output
formats: PDF (primary output target), PCL, PS, SVG, XML (area tree
representation), Print, AWT, MIF, and TXT.






* Fri Jan 28 2022 Quang Tran <>
  - version 2.7
    * Changes:
      + FOP-2928: PDFDocumentGraphics2D does not clear content on
      + FOP-2943: NPE when inline character is a white space
      + FOP-2973: Cannot use custom schemes starting with "data" in
      resource resolver
      + FOP-2997: Double byte glyphs not working in SVG font
      + FOP-2999: Rollback after checking next page
      + FOP-3000: Absolute positioning wrong with AFP TTF
      + FOP-3002: Optimise memory usage for data uri
      + FOP-3006: XMP Metadata in created PDF/A-2 documents is not
      + FOP-3008: Table with linefeed-treatment may give
      + FOP-3014: ConcurrentModificationException for table cell
      + FOP-3016: Reorder thai marks for zero width
      + FOP-3017: Add option to disable positioning per char
      + FOP-3018: Allow to disable AFP page group
      + FOP-3019: Merge useragent encryption params with fop.xconf
      + FOP-3021: Improve validation of border property
      + FOP-3024: Make sure even number of bytes are output per trn
      for AFP TTF
      + FOP-3025: Keep table size on changing ipd which has graphics
      + FOP-3026: Fix NPE with empty table header
      + FOP-3027: Sections of text sometimes lost with span=all
      multiple columns
      + FOP-3028: Set values in fopFactoryBuilder setConfiguration
      + FOP-3030: AFP page overlay was written twice
      + FOP-3031: Add MCF before MDR in AFP
      + FOP-3032: Allow to embed native PDF in AFP
      + FOP-3033: Update PDFBox to 2.0.21
      + FOP-3034: Update PDFBox to 2.0.24
      + FOP-3038: Allow sections which need security permissions to
      be run when AllPermission denied in caller code
      + FOP-3039: AFP include-page-overlay missing X and Y via IF
      + FOP-3046: Don't use page position only on redo of layout
      + XGC-128: Remove image transparency for PS
    * Allow to embed native PDF in AFP
  - Added patch:
    * update-2.7.patch
* Sun Jan 24 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - version 2.6
    * Changes:
      + FOP-1648: Fix pdf internal named destinations
      + FOP-2536: Allow overpaint of PDF border
      + FOP-2889: Make JAI optional
      + FOP-2919: NPE printing
      + FOP-2935: Make servlet a compile only dependency
      + FOP-2939: Upgrade ant to 1.9.15
      + FOP-2941: SVG container with stroke=black has an unexpected
      + FOP-2945: Don't use change ipd on columns where it won't fit
      + FOP-2950: Display font error at top level exception
      + FOP-2957: Don't change ipd on lastpage if column count changes
      + FOP-2958: Error when using both AFP truetype and base14 font
      + FOP-2960: Soft-Hyphen on Hyphenated words
      + FOP-2975: Put composite glyphs to separate font
      + FOP-2978: Include composite glyphs in otf subset
      + FOP-2979: Update PDFBox to 2.0.19
      + FOP-2980: Reduce filesize for AFP Graphics2D
      + FOP-2981: Convert CFF CID to Type1
      + FOP-2989: Missing text in AFP output when using high
      + FOP-2990: Changing ipd doesn't handle table narrowing
      + FOP-2992: List broken too early without change ipd
      + FOP-2994: Support OTF/TTF SVG fonts
      + XGC-123: Decode image at page load rather than document load
    * Support OTF/TTF SVG fonts
    * Allow overpaint of PDF border
* Sat Jan 23 2021 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Add reproducible.patch to override build date (boo#1047218)
* Thu Jun 04 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - version 2.5
    * Changes:
      + FOP-1606: Incorrect border when using number-columns-spanned
      in RTF
      + FOP-2704: Don't fail on coverage set class table not
      + FOP-2889: Make JAI optional
      + FOP-2892: Font substitutions not working
      + FOP-2894: Fit table contents onto current page
      + FOP-2895: Add missing classes to allinone jar
      + FOP-2898: Only use zero glue for change ipd
      + FOP-2901: NoSuchElementException on empty table footer
      + FOP-2902: Ignore TTF reserved index range
      + FOP-2907: Missing bounding box on repeated image for PDF/UA
      + FOP-2908: Repeated image in header not shown in structure tree
      + FOP-2909: Hide empty blocks from structure tree
      + FOP-2911: Add endpage event for FO to IF
      + FOP-2923: Allow to suppress fo:leader within empty paragaphs
      from structure tree
      + FOP-2924: Images not scaled or rotated in PCL
      + FOP-2925: Change in IPD on empty block NPE
      + FOP-2926: Add artifact type to PDF header/footer
      + FOP-2934: Absolute element should not be removed
    * Allow to hide empty blocks from structure tre
    * Does not need avalon-framework to build or run
    * Adapt the command-line scripts by removing avalon-framework
      from classpath
    * Build against fontbox from apache-pdfbox >= 2
    * Use the included pom file instead of downloading the same
      file from maven central
  - Removed patch:
    * fop-2.1-batik-xmlconstants.patch
      + Included directly in this version. Requires batik >= 1.11
  - Modified patches:
    * fop-2.1-QDox-2.0.patch -> fop-2.5-QDox-2.0.patch
    * fix-javadoc-java8.patch
    * hyphenation-more-stack.patch
    * java8-compatibility.patch
    * reproducible-build-manifest.patch
    * xmlgraphics-fop-cli.patch
      + Port to fop 2.5
* Mon May 18 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Do not install the OFFO hyphenation files to datadir, but package
    instead the xmlgraphics-fop-hyph.jar and
    xmlgraphics-fop-sandbox.jar that we build anyway. This fixes
  - Clean up the build a bit
* Fri Apr 03 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * fop-2.1-batik-xmlconstants.patch
      + apply when building with batik >= 1.11
      + batik 1.11 moved XMLConstants class from
      org.apache.batik.util to org.apache.batik.constants
* Wed Aug 14 2019 Frank H. Ellenberger <>
  - Add fontbox to classpath: (rh#1413340)
* Mon Apr 15 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Build against glassfish-servlet-api
* Mon Jan 21 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Fix build with new avalon-framework and batik
  - Install maven pom file
* Fri Jan 04 2019 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * fop-2.1-QDox-2.0.patch
      + Build against QDox >= 2



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