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libpcap1-32bit-1.10.1-1.2 RPM for ppc64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64

Name: libpcap1-32bit Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.10.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Tue Jan 11 15:50:22 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: obs-power8-05
Size: 395501 Source RPM: libpcap-1.10.1-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: A Library for Network Sniffers
libpcap is a library used by packet sniffer programs. It provides an
interface for them to capture and analyze packets from network devices.
This package is only needed if you plan to compile or write such a
program yourself.






* Fri Jun 11 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 1.10.1
    * Fix "type XXX subtype YYY" giving a parse error
    * Add PCAP_AVAILABLE_1_11.
    * Rename struct bpf_aux_data to avoid NetBSD compile errors
    * Fix cross-builds with older kernels lacking BPF_MOD and BPF_XOR
    * Fix Bison detection for minor version 0.
    * Fix parallel build with FreeBSD make.
    * Get DLT_MATCHING_MAX right in gencode.c on NetBSD.
    * Define timeradd() and timersub() if necessary.
    * Fix Cygwin/MSYS target directories.
    * Fix symlinking with DESTDIR.
    * Fix generation of libpcap.pc with CMake when not building
      a shared library.
    * Support reading version 1.2, which some writers produce,
      and which is the same as 1.0
    * Drop support for text-mode USB captures, as we require a 2.6.27
      or later kernel
    * Bluetooth: fix non-blocking mode. Don't assume that all compilers
      used to build for Linux support the __atomic builtins
* Sun Feb 14 2021 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.10.0
    * Require, and assume, some level of C99 support in the C compiler
    * Add support for capturing on DPDK devices
    * rpcap: support rpcap-over-TLS
    * Fix some memory leaks, including in pcap_compile()
    * Linux: handle systems without AF_INET or AF_UNIX socket support
    * Catch invalid IPv4 addresses in filters
    * Show special Linux BPF offsets symbolically in bpf_image()
      and bpf_dump()
    * Linux: get rid of Wireless Extensions for turning monitor mode on
    * Linux: proper memory sync for PACKET_MMAP
    * Linux: drop support for libnl 1 and 2.
    * Linux: Require PF_PACKET support, and kernel 2.6.27 or later
    * Add DLT_LINUX_SLL2
    * Add a new filter "ifindex" for DLT_LINUX_SLL2 files and live
      Linux captures
    * optimizer: add a hack to try to catch certain optimizer loops
    * Probe CONFIGURATION descriptor of connected USB devices
    * Linux: return error on interface going away, but not if it just
      went down
    * Linux: set socket protocol only after packet ring configured,
      reducing bogus packet drop reports
    * Linux: get ifdrop stats from sysfs.
    * Fix various security issues reported by Charles Smith at
      Tangible Security
    * Fix various security issues reported by Include Security
    * rpcapd: on UN*X, don't tell the client why authentication failed
    * Linux: when adjusting BPF programs, do not subtract the
      SLL[2]_HDR_LEN if the location is negative (special
      metadata offset)
    * Linux: with a timeout of zero, wait indefinitely
    * Linux: clean up support for some non-GNU libc C libraries
    * Increase the maximum snaplen for LINKTYPE_USBPCAP/DLT_USBPCAP
    * Fix handling of some ioctls that fail with "permission denied"
      even when the ioctl isn't supported at all
    * Added support for ICMPv6 types 1-4 as tokens in filters
    * Report the DLT description in error messages
    * Linux: Add support for DSA data link types
    * Linux USB: use the snapshot length to set the buffer size,
      and set the len field to reflect the length in the URB
    * rpcapd: allow rpcapd to rebind more rapidly
    * Add Haiku pcap implementation
    * rpcap: redo protocol version negotiation to avoid problems
      with old servers (it still works with servers using the old
      negotiation, as well as servers not supporting negotiation)
    * Remove (unused) SITA support here.
    * Correctly handle pcapng captures with more than one IDB with a
      snspshot length greater than the supported maximum
  - Remove libpcap-no-old-socket.patch
  - Rebase libpcap-1.0.0-s390.patch
* Wed Oct 02 2019 Pedro Monreal <>
  - Update to 1.9.1 [bsc#1153332]
    * Five CVE-2019-15161, CVE-2019-15162, CVE-2019-15163, CVE-2019-15164, CVE-2019-15165
    * Fixes for CVE-2018-16301, errors in pcapng reading.
    * Mention pcap_get_required_select_timeout() in the main pcap man page
    * Fix pcap-usb-linux.c build on systems with musl
    * Fix assorted man page and other documentation issues
    * Plug assorted memory leaks
    * Documentation changes to use https:
    * Changes to how time stamp calculations are done
    * Lots of tweaks to make newer compilers happier and warning-free and
      to fix instances of C undefined behavior
    * Warn if AC_PROG_CC_C99 can't enable C99 support
    * Rename pcap_set_protocol() to  pcap_set_protocol_linux().
    * Align pcap_t private data on an 8-byte boundary.
    * Fix various error messages
    * Use 64-bit clean API in dag_findalldevs()
    * Fix cleaning up after some errors
    * Work around some ethtool ioctl bugs in newer Linux kernels
    * Add backwards compatibility sections to some man pages
    * Fix autotool configuration on AIX and macOS
    * Don't export bpf_filter_with_aux_data() or struct bpf_aux_data;
      they're internal-only and subject to change
    * Fix pcapng block size checking
    * Fix reading of capture statistics for Linux USB
    * Fix packet size values for Linux USB packets
    * Check only VID in VLAN test in filterss
    * Fix pcap_list_datalinks on 802.11 devices on macOS
    * Fix overflows with very large snapshot length in pcap file
    * Improve parsing of rpcapd configuration file
    * Handle systems without strlcpy() or strlcat() better
    * Fix crashes and other errors with invalid filter expressions
    * Fix use of uninitialized file descriptor in remote capture
    * Fix some CMake issues
    * Fix some divide-by-zero issues with the filter compiler
    * Work around a GNU libc bug in pcap_nametonetaddr()
    * Add support for DLT_LINUX_SLL2
    * Fix handling of the packet-count argument for Myricom SNF devices
    * Fix --disable-rdma in configure script
    * Fix compilation of TurboCap support
    * Constify first argument to pcap_findalldevs_ex()
    * Fix a number of issues when running rpcapd as an inetd-style daemon
    * Fix CMake issues with D-Bus libraries
    * In rpcapd, clean up termination of a capture session
    * Redo remote capture protocol negotiation
    * In rpcapd, report the same error for "invalid user name" and
      "invalid password", to make brute-forcing harder
    * For remote captures, add an error code for "the server requires TLS"
    * Fix building as part of Npcap
    * Allow rpcapd to rebind more rapidly
    * Fix building shared libpcap library on midipix (
    * Fix hack to detect UTF-16LE adapter names on Windows not to go past
      the end of the string
    * Have pcap_dump_open_append() create the dump file if it doesn't exists
    * Fix the maxmum snapshot length for DLT_USBPCAP
    * Use -fPIC when building for 64-bit SPARC on Linux
    * Fix CMake 64-bit library installation directory on some Linux distributions
    * Boost the TPACKET_V3 timeout to the maximum if a timeout of 0 was specified
    * PCAPNG reader applies some sanity checks before doing malloc().
  - Drop patch fixed upstream:
    * Check-only-VID-in-VLAN-test-issue-461.patch
  - Rebase patch:
    * libpcap-1.0.0-ppp.patch
* Fri Aug 02 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Use FAT LTO objects in order to provide proper static library.
* Mon Sep 24 2018
  - update to 1.9.0
    * add testing system to libpcap, independent of tcpdump
    * changes to how pcap_t is activated
    * update included copies of BSD 4-clause license to 3-clause
    * additions to TCP header parsing, per RFC3168
    * support setting non-blocking mode before activating
    * fixes so that non-AF_INET addresses, are not ==AF_INET6 addresses
    * pcap_compile() in 1.8.0 and later is newly thread-safe
    * bound snaplen for linux tpacket_v2 to ~64k
    * make VLAN filter handle both metadata and inline tags
      (bsc#874131 bsc#993691 fate#321405)
    * D-Bus captures can now be up to 128MB in size
    * allow specifying a specific capture protocol
    * RDMA sniffing support for pcap
    * increase minimum autoconf version requirement to 2.64
    * rpcapd: support for xinetd.conf and systemd units
    * provide pkgconfig file
  - add BuildRequires for autoconf >= 2.64
  - package (newly added) pkgconfig file
  - Check-only-VID-in-VLAN-test-issue-461.patch:
    fix "vlan <id>" test to check only VID, not complete TCI
  - drop disable-remote.diff (superseded by upstream changes)
* Thu Mar 01 2018
  - Fix SRPM group
* Tue Sep 12 2017
  - Added a patch (disable-remote.diff) to fix applications to FTBFS
    if they define HAVE_REMOTE (deb#843384). Patch taken from Debian.
* Thu Mar 23 2017
  - Restore section setting $pic
* Wed Mar 01 2017
  - Do not put conditions about the provides for < 11.0
* Wed Feb 15 2017
  - Dropped patches not required after review
    * libpcap-1.0.0-pcap-bpf.patch
    * libpcap-1.5.2-filter-fix.patch
  - Reference of the pull request for the rest of the patches
  - Changed libpcap-1.0.0-s390.patch to the git formatted one
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Formatted the specs file using spec-cleaner.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Allow bluetooth monitoring support unconditionally.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - update to 1.8.1
    * Clean up the name-to-DLT mapping table.
    * Add some newer DLT_ values:
    * Fix handling of packet count in the TPACKET_V3 inner loop: GitHub issue
    * Filter out duplicate looped back CAN frames.
    * Fix the handling of loopback filters for IPv6 packets.
    * Add a link-layer header type for RDS (IEC 62106) groups.
    * On Linux, handle all CAN captures with pcap-linux.c, in cooked mode.
    * Removes the need for the "host-endian" link-layer header type.
    * Compile with '-Wused-but-marked-unused' in devel mode if supported
    * Have separate DLTs for big-endian and host-endian SocketCAN headers.
    * Require that version.h be generated: all build procedures we support generate version.h (autoconf, CMake, MSVC)!
    * Properly check for sock_recv() errors.
    * Re-impose some of Winsock's limitations on sock_recv().
    * Replace sprintf() with pcap_snprintf().
    * Fix signature of pcap_stats_ex_remote().
    * Have rpcap_remoteact_getsock() return a SOCKET and supply an "is active" flag.
    * Clean up {DAG, Septel, Myricom SNF}-only builds.
    * pcap_create_interface() needs the interface name on Linux.
    * Clean up hardware time stamp support: the "any" device does not support any time stamp types.
    * Recognize 802.1ad nested VLAN tag in vlan filter.
  - dropped libpcap-ocloexec.patch, never upstreamed.
  - refreshed libpcap-1.0.0-ppp.patch
* Sun Apr 17 2016
  - libpcap-no-old-socket.patch: never fallback to the obsolete
    SOCK_PACKET (kernel < 2.2) interface, this still happens
    for example, when you update the kernel, run iftop and
    the old kernel af_packet module wasn't loaded, program fails
    and the kernel prints "iftop uses obsolete (PF_INET,SOCK_PACKET)"
* Sun Jun 21 2015
  - remove dependency on libusb-devel, only libusb-1.0 is used for
  - split a -devel-static subpackage that contains the static
    libraries and all the extra dependencies which are not needed
    for dynamic linking.
* Sun Apr 26 2015
  - libpcap 1.7.3:
    * work around a Linux bonding driver bug.
* Fri Mar 13 2015
  - update to 1.7.2
    * Support for filtering Geneve encapsulated packets.
    * Fix handling of zones for BPF on Solaris
    * new DLT for ZWAVE
    * clarifications for read timeouts.
    * added bpf_filter1() with extensions
    * some fixes to compilation without stdint.h
    * EBUSY can now be returned by SNFv3 code.
  - refreshed libpcap-ocloexec.patch
* Fri Nov 14 2014
  - No longer perform gpg validation; osc source_validator does it
    + Drop gpg-offline BuildRequires.
    + No longer execute gpg_verify.
* Wed Sep 03 2014
  - libpcap 1.6.2:
    * Don't crash on filters testing a non-existent link-layer type
    * Fix sending in non-blocking mode on Linux with memory-mapped
    * Fix timestamps when reading pcap-ng files on big-endian
* Sun Aug 17 2014
  - libpcap 1.6.1:
    * some fixes for the any device
    * changes for how --enable-XXX works
  - includes changes from 1.6.0:
    * fixes for byte order issues with NFLOG captures
    * Handle using cooked mode for DLT_NETLINK in activate_new().
      removing libpcap-netlink.patch, upstream, [bnc#863823]
    * on platforms where you can not capture on down interfaces, do
      not list them, but: do list interfaces which are down, if you
      can capture on them!
  - libpcap does not build with bluez 5.21, disable bluetooth
    ( bluetooth/mgmt.h moved to kernel )
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - added support for netlink (bnc#863823)
    * libpcap-netlink.patch
* Thu Feb 13 2014
  - update to 1.5.3
    * Don't let packets that don't match the current filter get to the
      application when TPACKET_V3 is used. (GitHub issue #331)
    * Fix handling of pcap_loop()/pcap_dispatch() with a packet count
      of 0 on some platforms (including Linux with TPACKET_V3).
      (GitHub issue #333)
    * Work around TPACKET_V3 deficiency that causes packets to be lost
      when a timeout of 0 is specified. (GitHub issue #335)
    * Man page formatting fixes.
  - refreshed libpcap-1.5.2-filter-fix.patch
* Sat Dec 14 2013
  - update to 1.5.2
    Version 1.5.0 revised for non-code related edits Version,
    1.5.1 revised for for interop against Linux 3.1.0
    * TPACKET_V3 support added for Linux
    * Point users to the the-tcpdump-group repository on GitHub
      rather than the mcr repository
    * Checks added for malloc()/realloc()/etc. failures
    * Support filtering filtering E1 SS7 traffic on MTP2 layer Annex A
    * Use "ln -s" to link man pages by default
    * Added pcap_open_dead_with_tstamp_precision API interface.
    * Many changes to autoconf to deal better with non-GCC compilers
      added many new DLT types
  - require pkg-config for devel library support detection
  - add support for D-Bus capture
  - modified patches for upstream changes:
    * libpcap-ocloexec.patch
    * libpcap-1.0.0-filter-fix.patch to libpcap-1.5.2-filter-fix.patch
* Fri Sep 13 2013
  - update to 1.4.0:
    * add netfilter/nfqueue interface
    * support IPv6 filter expressions when no IPv6 address resolution
    * Fix pcap-config to include -lpthread if canusb support is
    * Try to fix "pcap_parse not defined" problems when --without-flex
      and --without-bison are used when you have Flex and Bison
    * Fix some issues with the pcap_loop man page.
    * Fix pcap_getnonblock() and pcap_setnonblock() to fill in the
      supplied error message buffer
    * Fix typo that, it appeared, would cause pcap-libdlpi.c not to
      compile (perhaps systems with libdlpi also have BPF and use
      that instead)
    * Catch attempts to call pcap_compile() on a non-activated pcap_t
    * Fix crash on Linux with CAN-USB support without usbfs
    * Fix addition of VLAN tags for Linux cooked captures
    * Check for both EOPNOTSUPP and EINVAL after SIOCETHTOOL ioctl, so
      that the driver can report either one if it doesn't support
    * Describe "proto XXX" and "protochain XXX" in the pcap-filter man
    * Handle either directories, or symlinks to directories, that
      correspond to interfaces in /sys/class/net
    * Fix handling of VLAN tag insertion to check, on Linux 3.x
      kernels, for VLAN tag valid flag
    * Clean up some man pages
    * Support libnl3 as well as libnl1 and libnl2 on Linux
  - packaging changes:
    * build with libnl
    * refresh libpcap-ocloexec.patch for upstream changes
    * verify source signatures
* Mon Aug 27 2012
  - BuildRequire libusb-devel for "usb sniffing"
* Mon Aug 27 2012
  - Added libpcap-ocloexec.patch:
    Use O_CLOEXEC in all internal fds so they do not
    leak on fork()..execve()
* Fri Jun 15 2012
  - remove some patches
    - libpcap-1.0.0-fcode.patch -- not needed, if this emitted a warning,
      it was a compiler bug
    - libpcap-1.0.0-mac_syntax.patch -- already handled by MAC rule
    - libpcap-1.0.0-man.patch -- tcpdump is man 1, not 8
    - libpcap-1.1.1-scanif.patch -- misapplied, this was fixed upstream
    - libpcap-1.2.1-netfilter-dont-fail-on-EPROTONOSUPPORT.patch
* Thu Jun 14 2012
  - update to 1.3.0
    - Handle DLT_PFSYNC in {FreeBSD, other *BSD+Mac OS X, other}.
    - Linux: Don't fail if netfilter isn't enabled in the kernel.
    - Add new link-layer type for NFC Forum LLCP.
    - Put the CANUSB stuff into EXTRA_DIST, so it shows up in the release tarball.
    - Add LINKTYPE_NG40/DLT_NG40.
    - Add DLT_MPEG_2_TS/LINKTYPE_MPEG_2_TS for MPEG-2 transport streams.
    - [PATCH] Fix AIX-3.5 crash with read failure during stress
    - AIX fixes.
    - Introduce --disable-shared configure option.
    - Added initial support for canusb devices.
    - Include the pcap(3PCAP) additions as 1.2.1 changes.
    - many updates to documentation:
    - Improve 'inbound'/'outbound' capture filters under Linux.
    - Note the cleanup of handling of new DLT_/LINKTYPE_ values.
    - On Lion, don't build for PPC.
    - For mac80211 devices we need to clean up monitor mode on exit.
* Tue Feb 28 2012
  - make it work also on kernels without netfilter (bnc#746356)
* Tue Jan 03 2012
  - update to libpcap-1.2.1
    - Support 802.1 QinQ as a form of VLAN in filters.
    - Treat "carp" as equivalent to "vrrp" in filters.
    - Fix code generated for "ip6 protochain".
    - Add some new link-layer header types.
    - Support capturing NetFilter log messages on Linux.
    - Turn off monitor mode on exit for mac80211 interfaces on Linux.
    - Fix problems turning monitor mode on for non-mac80211 interfaces
    - on Linux.
    - Properly fail if /sys/class/net or /proc/net/dev exist but can't
    - be opened.
    - Fail if pcap_activate() is called on an already-activated
    - pcap_t, and add a test program for that.
    - Fix filtering in pcap-ng files.
    - Simplify handling of new DLT_/LINKTYPE_ values.
    - Expand pcap(3PCAP) man page.
  - drop libpcap-fix-calculation-of-frame-size.patch (upstream)
* Fri Sep 16 2011
  - Add libpcap-devel to baselibs
  - Remove redundant tags/sections
* Thu May 19 2011
  - add libpcap-fix-calculation-of-frame-size.patch (bnc#694779)
  - clean up specfile
* Mon Mar 14 2011
  - fix bug#674278: pcap_findalldevs error with bonding device
* Tue Apr 06 2010
  - update to libpcap-1.1.1
    - notable changes :
    - Add SocketCAN capture support
    - Add Myricom SNF API support
    - Update Endace DAG and ERF support
    - Support monitor mode on mac80211 devices on Linux
    - Fix USB memory-mapped capturing on Linux
    - On Linux, scan /sys/class/net for devices if we have it
    - Add limited support for reading pcap-ng files
    - see /usr/share/doc/packages/libpcap1/CHANGES for
    full list of changes
  - drop fix-any-interface-handling.patch (fixed upstream)
  - drop fix-usb-nic.patch (fixed upstream)
* Tue Jan 26 2010
  - large PIC model is required on SPARC
* Wed Dec 16 2009
  - add baselibs.conf as a source
  - enable parallel building
* Tue Nov 03 2009
  - updated patches to apply with fuzz=0
* Thu Oct 29 2009
  - move pcap-filter and pcap-linktype out from -devel subpackage
* Tue May 26 2009
  - don't obsolete an old libpcap (0.9.x) package on openSUSE 11.0 or
    older (bnc#507083)
* Thu Mar 19 2009
  - add fix-usb-nic.patch (bnc#455774)
* Fri Feb 20 2009
  - fix-any-interface-handling.patch (bnc#463182)
* Wed Jan 14 2009
  - updated to 1.0.0
    * Compile with IPv6 support by default
    * Compile with large file support on by default
    * Add pcap-config script, which deals with -I/-L flags
      for compiling
    * DLT: Add IPMB
    * DLT: Add LAPD
    * DLT: Add AX25 (AX.25 w/KISS header)
    * 802.15.4 support
    * Variable length 802.11 header support
    * X2E data type support
    * SITA ACN Interface support - see README.sita
    * Support for zerocopy BPF on platforms that support it
    * Better support for dealing with VLAN tagging/stripping on Linux
    * Fix dynamic library support on OSX
    * Return PCAP_ERROR_IFACE_NOT_UP if the interface isn't 'UP', so
      applications can print better diagnostic information
    * Return PCAP_ERROR_PERM_DENIED if we don't have permission to open
      a device, so applications can tell the user they need to go play
      with permissions
    * On Linux, ignore ENETDOWN so we can continue to capture packets
      if the interface goes down and comes back up again.
    * On Linux, support new tpacket frame headers (2.6.27+)
    * On Mac OS X, add scripts for changing permissions on /dev/pbf* and
      launchd plist
    * On Solaris, support 'passive mode' on systems that support it
    * Fixes to autoconf and general build environment
    * Man page reorganization + cleanup
    * Autogenerate VERSION numbers better
  - dropped obsoleted shared.patch
* Tue Jan 13 2009
  - obsolete old -XXbit packages (bnc#437293)
* Mon Sep 15 2008
  - adjust buildrequires
* Thu Sep 04 2008
  - updated to CVS-20080503
    * support for USB and Bluetooth capture
* Wed Aug 20 2008
  - renamed libpcap package to libpcap0
  - added ppp.patch and s390.patch (small issues)
* Thu Apr 10 2008
  - added baselibs.conf file to build xxbit packages
    for multilib support
* Tue Jan 08 2008
  - update to 0.9.8
    * Change build process to put public libpcap headers into pcap subdir
    * DLT: Add value for IPMI IPMB packets
    * DLT: Add value for u10 Networks boards
    * Require <net/pfvar.h> for pf definitions - allows reading of pflog
      formatted libpcap files on an OS other than where the file was generated
  - added pcap-bpf.patch
    * add two structs needed for tahi testsuite
* Thu Jul 26 2007
  - updated to 0.9.7
    * added flags/configuration for cloning bpf device.
    * added DLT_MTP2_WITH_PHDR support (PPI)
    * introduced support for the DAG ERF type TYPE_COLOR_MC_HDLC_POS
    * added basic BPF filtering support for DLT_MTP2_WITH_PHDR
    * add support for DLT_JUNIPER_ISM
    * allocate DLT_ for 802.15.4 without any header munging
    * header for 802.16 MAC Common Part Sublayer plus a radiotap radio header
  - branch -devel subpackage
* Thu Jul 12 2007
  - updated to 0.9.6
    * added Bluetooth support
    * added USB capturing support
    * added support for the binary USB sniffing interface
    * added additional filter operations for 802.11 frame types
    * added support for filtering on MTP2 frame types
    * added LINKTYPE_ for IEEE 802.15.4, with address fields padded
    * added LINKTYPE_ value corresponding to DLT_IEEE802_16_MAC_CPS
    * added DLT for IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) MAC Common Part Sublayer
    * added DLT for Bluetooth HCI UART transport layer
    * fixed discarding of unread packets when changing filters
    * fixed a bug in pcap_open_live()
* Wed May 02 2007
  - Use correct version for naming the shared library (#270226)
* Thu Mar 29 2007
  - add flex and bison BuildRequires
* Tue Jan 16 2007
  - implemented socket timeout (socket-timeout.diff) [#234034]
* Wed Jan 03 2007
  - update to 0.9.5
    * Support for LAPD frames with vISDN
    * Support for ERF on channelized T1/E1 cards via DAG API
    * Better failure detection on PacketGetAdapterNames()
    * Fixes for MPLS packet generation (link layer)
    * OP_PACKET now matches the beginning of the packet, instead of beginning+link-layer
    * Fix allocation of buffer for list of link-layer types
    * Add support for DLT_JUNIPER_VP
    * Don't double-count received packets on Linux systems
* Wed Jan 25 2006
  - converted neededforbuild to BuildRequires
* Mon Jan 09 2006
  - update to 0.9.4
* Tue Aug 09 2005
  - Reverse the -fno-strict-aliasing work around
* Sun Aug 07 2005
  - Compile with -fno-strict-aliasing to work around compiler bug for now.
* Thu Aug 04 2005
  - do not package all of libdir (debuginfo)
* Tue Aug 02 2005
  - update to 0.9.3
* Tue Apr 12 2005
  - added return value to non-void functions
* Thu Nov 18 2004
  - fixed file list
* Tue Aug 24 2004
  - add DLT_PPP_WITHDIRECTION from libpcap cvs to handle PPP filters
    in a compatible way
    Thanks to Hannes Gredler <> for implementing it
* Wed Aug 04 2004
  - updated to version 0.8.3
* Mon Feb 09 2004
  - updated to version 0.8.1
    * the include file include/net/bpf.h renamed to include/pcap-bpf
  - fixed config (LIBOBJS issue)
* Sat Jan 10 2004
  - Use autoreconf.
* Thu Jul 24 2003
  - update to version 0.7.2
    * support frame relay
    * support for ARPHRD_RAWHDLC
    * support eg (Octane/O2xxx/O3xxx Gigabit) devices
    * add new reserved DLT types
* Mon May 20 2002
  - security fix (get spurious packets before kernel filter kicks in)
  - update to 0.7.1
    * pcap_stats() has been documented as to what its counters mean on
      each platform
    * Added pcap_findalldevs() call to get list of interfaces in
      a MI way
* Wed Mar 13 2002
  - fixed to created shared library
* Thu Jan 10 2002
  - use %{_lib}
* Fri Feb 23 2001
  - update to 0.6.2 - it should handle isdn without patch
* Thu Dec 07 2000
  - Compile with -fpic so that it can be included in a shared library.
* Wed Oct 11 2000
  - new version 0.5.2
* Thu Jun 08 2000
  - Group sorted
* Fri Apr 21 2000
  - buildroot added
* Thu Mar 02 2000
  - moved man page to %{_mandir}
* Mon Sep 13 1999
  - ran old prepare_spec on spec file to switch to new prepare_spec.
* Thu Sep 09 1999
  - fixed call of Check at the end of %install section
* Sun Jul 11 1999
  - new package: libpcap
    now an extra package, because many network tools use it (so far
    it was included in .srpm packages that needed it, like tcpdump)



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