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libnemo-extension1-5.2.2-1.2 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: libnemo-extension1 Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 5.2.2 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.2 Build date: Thu Jun 16 04:23:13 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: s390zl26
Size: 100178 Source RPM: nemo-5.2.2-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Nemo extension shared libraries
Nemo is the file manager for the Cinnamon desktop environment.

This package provides Nemo's shared libraries.






* Tue Dec 28 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - nemo 5.2.2:
    * Fix mistake in shortcuts window
  - includes changes from 5.2.1:
    * search: use the python xlrd module to read .xls files
* Thu Nov 18 2021 andy great <>
  - Update to version 5.2.0.
    * Fix label marked untranslatable.
    * makepot: Add shortcuts ui file.
    * nemo-view.c: Follow the same invocation rules for bulk renaming
      as we do for normal renaming.
    * Install language definitions to gtksourceview-4.
    * nemo-file.h: Use the correct icon names for read-only and
      unreadable emblems.
    * mount-archive.nemo_action: Use gnome-disk-image-mounter
      instead of gvfsd-archive.
    * debian/control: Add gnome-disk-utility to recommends
      (for image mount action).
    * Add a manpage for nemo-desktop and clean up nemo's a bit.
    * nemo-toolbar.c: Use flat button style
    * extension gir: Export 'libnemo-extension' to the gir
    * actions: Refactor to remove unnecessary methods.
    * actions: Add new conversion token for a file's parent uri
      (with selection_count > 0) and location uri
      (selection_count == 0).
    * actions: Add UriScheme specifier in the action definition.
    * nemo-window-manager-views.c: When removing a folder, don't
      close the entire window if that folder is open on another tab.
    * nemo-window.c: Don't ignore tab events when renaming.
    * nemo-directory-async.c: Don't write the entire buffer into
      the pixbuf loader all at once.
    * copy/paste: Make the clipboard contents persist after the
      process ends.
    * nemo-search-engine-advanced.c: Ensure a path before using it
      as a key in the skip table - g_str_hash cannot be NULL.
    * search: Update tooltip text (#2810)
    * file operations: Add duplicate button (#2841)
    * file-operations: Rename button label in previous commit
    * l10n: Generate files
    * l10n: Update POT
* Fri Nov 05 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 5.0.5
    * search: Ensure a path before using it as a key in the skip table
    * nemo-view.c: Follow the same invocation rules for bulk renaming
      as we do for normal renaming.
    * nemo-file.h: Use the correct icon names for read-only and
      unreadable emblems.
    * nemo-window-manager-views.c: When removing a folder, don't close
      the entire window if that folder is open on another tab.
* Fri Jul 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.0.3:
    * search: Use untex instead of detex to search latex files.
    * search: Fix build from previous commit.
    * nemo-search-engine-advanced.c: Also match \r (carriage return) in the newline filter.
    * nemo-blank-desktop-window.c: Don't try to open a nonexistent menu.
    * settings: Make the default search button states match the old search behavior.
    * nemo-search-engine-advanced.c: Escape paths properly before passing them to
      search helpers.
    * nemo-query-editor.c: Don't show the bar separator if the search box isn't being shown.
    * Search: Allow TryExec to be a list of programs.
    * Search: Update search for TryExec changes.
    * search-helpers/nemo-mso-to-txt.c: Refactor and improve error handling.
    * Search: Add .doc, .xls and .tex helpers.
    * Search: Add .ppt helper.
    * debian/control: Make search helper programs dependencies instead of recommends.
    * nemo-mime-actions.c: Only add entire view file list to an image viewer
      launch if its commandline supports multiple files.
    * nemo-search-engine-advanced.c: Ensure that the final snippet endpoint is no
      greater than the original endpoint.
    * nemo-search-engine-advanced.c: a couple fixes.
    * search: Disable content search for some special folders.
    * nemo-view.c: Update context menu item visibility from preferences after
      updating the menu items from any extensions.
    * nemo-view.c: Clear extension menu items during real_update_menus.
    * nemo-view.c: Move call added to last commit to nemo_view_stop_loading.
* Fri Jun 11 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to version 5.0.1.
    * nemo-search-engine-advanced.c: Convert input data to utf8,
      and manipulate match snippets as utf8 to ensure they display
      correctly in the tooltip.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Fix a memory leak.
    * make ps2txt search helper work on non-debianlike distros
    * toolbar: Fix updating the state of the "Up" button.
    * search: Add a readme for search helpers, move third-party helpers
      into the search-helpers directory, clean up search logging a bit.
    * search helpers: Change the group name, follow my own rules for
      mimetype list termination, improve readme.
    * nemo-window-menus.c: Update extension and action entries in the
      File menu when it is shown.
    * nemo-tree-sidebar.c: Fix states for pin/unpin and
      create-folder menu items.
    * toolbar: Disable the 'create-folder' button in non-writable
* Mon May 31 2021 andy great <>
  - Update to version 5.0.0.
    * Issue 1881. Adds keyboard shortcut for Same Location as other
      pane. Adds shortcut to shorcut UI.
    * Issue 1263. Enables F6 to immediately toggle between panes.
    * nemo-shortcuts.ui: Add a new section for dual-pane and put related
      shortcuts there.
    * Added option to toggle sorting favorites before other files
    * Fixed whitespace
    * nemo-main-application.c: Remove 30s inactivity timeout.
    * nemo-menu-provider.c: Don't request menu items for selections if
      there is no selection - not all extensions guard against this.
    * Fix segfault when g_file_info_get_symlink_target() returns "".
    * feat: added the `--existing-window` flag to open URLs in an
      existing window, cf
    * feat: use `gtk_window_present_with_time()` instead of
      `gtk_window_present()`, otherwise the window manager will ignore
      this window's focus request and try to just mark it urgent
      instead (flashing in the window list for example)
    * Fixes 2696. Detects if Trash is supported.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix bookmark separator positioning to
      account for conditionally hidden immovable elements.
    * nemo-desktop-application.c: Remove root check.
    * nemo-view.c: Hide trash menu item when trash is not supported.
    * Add option to treat root as normal.
    * actions: Implement passing the active window xid to exec strings.
    * nemo-window-menus.c: hide gvfs locations based on their actual
      availability, not strictly on the process uid.
    * nemo actions: Implement reverse dependencies.
    * nemo-view.c: Only update the context menu when it's about to
      be shown.
    * docs: added docs for the `--existing-window` flag
    * Allow images to be viewed in supported image viewers in the
      same order as they are shown in the current nemo view
      (directory or search).
    * Remove g_list_insert_before_link call for compatibility with
      older glib versions.
    * Revert "nemo-view.c: Only update the context menu when it's
      about to be"
    * nemo-view.c: Delay actions and extension menu providers from
      updating until the menu is requested.
    * bookmark-list: Clean up and close memory leak General cleanup.
      Use NemoBookmarkList instead of casting itself every line.
    * Prevent the menu bar from disappearing when some of its elements
      is currently selected.
    * Remove the menu bar inmediately after selecting an item
      (if configured to auto-hide).
    * nemo-directory.c: Fix memory leak.
    * nemo-directory.c: Fix previous commit which altered potential
      behavior more than necessary.
    * Issue 541. Removes spaces from Samba drive paths in location bar.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Implement 'double-click blank area to go up one (#2646)
    * Fixes #2244. Adds logic to strip leading whitespace and checks
      for absolute path when copy/pasting value.
    * Fixes Issue #2415. Removes nemo self checks (#2439)
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Sort all devices in the sidebar.
    * nemo-location-entry.c: Don't modify a string we don't own.
    * Implement Content search.
    * Add a search helper for Open XML (MS Office).
* Wed Apr 21 2021 andy great <>
  - Update to version 4.8.6.
    - nemo-view.c: Partially revert some commit.
* Fri Mar 05 2021 Aaron Stern <>
  - Update to version 4.8.5.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: re-add favorite removal during a delete operation.
    * nemo-view.c: Hide favorites and pinning menu items when in the trash folder.
    * nemo-view.c: Don't allow trash/delete to work inside the favorites view.
    * nemo-view.c: Don't show favorite/pinning items in menubar->edit when there is no selection.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: When trashing (not deleting) a folder, check favorites and remove any descendents of the toplevel.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Update favorites when moving files from their real location.
    * nemo-file.c: Don't try to set metadata on a null file when adding or removing favorites.
    * Fix desktop bold fonts
    * nemo-icon-canvas-item.c: restore the style context after drawing any caption text.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Fix NemoFile leaks.
    * nemo-properties-window.c: Fix leak. nemo-directory-async.c: remove extra g_object_unref.
    * nemo-file: Add a convenience macro to print file uris.
    * nemo-view.c: Fix leak when generating extension menu items, nemo- menu.c: Free list of menu items during finalize, not just the list itself.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Use a safer function to check for favorite and recent support.
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Fix #2075
    * nemo-list-view.c: Only allow double-clicks with the primary and middle buttons
    * Fixes #2239. The value for customizing the desktop layout for Sort items was not being saved.
    * nemo-directory-async.c: Fix favorite check callback arguments, remove unnecessary g_free().
    * Issue 1908: Sets correct values for x and y for file->details->cached_position.
    * Issue 2666. Blocks emoji chooser from breaking Nemo
    * Issue 591. Increases emit time of change for progress update.
* Thu Jan 14 2021 andy great <>
  - Update to version 4.8.4.
    * nemo-tree-sidebar.c: Use correct icon for favorites.
* Sat Jan 02 2021 andy great <>
  - Update to version 4.8.3.
    * file-operation: Prevent recursion to speed up emptying trash
    * file-operations: auto-escape filenames on native ntfs mounts
    * file-operations: auto-escape filenames on fuseblk mounts
    * file-operations: don't auto-escape semicolon
    * nemo-file-operations: Remove a toplevel folder from favorites
      during a delete operation.
    * nemo-file.c: Check if a favorite:///file is a symbolic link
      before trying to look up its target uri.
    * nemo-file.c: nemo_file_set_is_favorite - always set metadata,
      not just when a file is a symlink.
    * nemo-file.c: nemo_file_is_local - Use the target file uri to
      decide if a file in the favorites:/// view should be considered
    * nemo-view.c: Hide the 'move to trash' menu items for recent and
      favorites, and hide the 'delete' item in favorites.
    * nemo-view.c: Fix visibility check for the trash menu item.
    * favorites: Accept dnd to places-sidebar item to add favorites,
      refactor existing dnd in list and icon views.
    * nemo-file.c: Check for a broken symbolic link before trying to
      get a favorite's target uri.
    * nemo-file-conflict-dialog.c: Fix hidpi scaling of the file
    * nemo-file.c: Allow the favorites folder to better respect the
      various thumbnailing settings.
    * Add escaping for percent sign in action Exec
    * build: fix typelibdir in libnemo-extension/
    * nemo-desktop-manager.c: Recreate the desktop when the primary
      monitor's scale factor changes.
* Sat Dec 26 2020 andy great <>
  - Update to version 4.8.2.
    * Fix some leaks revealed by valgrind.
    * nemo-directory-async.c: Fix an issue with the idle favorite
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Remove favorites signal listener when
      the sidebar is destroyed.
  - Updates for version 4.8.1
    * Removed unused variable
    * nemo-window.c: Blocks operations while renaming. Fixes #1854
    * build: Update some dependencies.
    * change favorites icon
    * Fixes 276. Remove type-ahead search on mouse click
    * Remove Send by Email action
    * Hide some menu items when running as root
  - Remove explicit-lib-dependency libcinnamon-desktop-data.
* Sun Dec 06 2020 andy great <>
  - Update to version 4.8.0.
    * Misc cleanup
    * data/ fix icon
    * Add option to preview files up to 64GB
    * Drop Debian menu file
    * Fixed small copy-paste bug.
    * small improves to debian/copyright and debian/not-installed
    * Removed unused variables in pathbar function (#2549)
    * Remove uft8 colon-like char in datetime strings
    * Add XAppFavorites support.
    * Fix for #2513. Avoid single quote escape by checkng for QUOTE_TYPE_SINGLE and QUOTE_TYPE_DOUBLE.
    * nemo-action.c: Fix build from previous commit typo.
    * make sure pango development files are installed
    * Fixes #942. Uses g_content_type_get_description for when mime type is NULL.
    * Fixing small memory leak. Freeing volume_monitor per GIO documentation.
    * Fixes #2499. Changes the option from -x to -- when using gnome-terminal
    * nemo-connect-dialog: Remove Help button (#2562)
    * nemo-mime-actions.c: Don't show mime button if the activation URI is null (#2559)
    * l10n: Update POT
    * l10n: Generate files
* Tue Sep 29 2020 andy great <>
  - Move nemo-lang from Requires to Recommends.
* Fri Sep 18 2020 andy great <>
  - Update to version 4.6.5.
    * nemo-window-pane.c: Only show the active window-pane's toolbar
      when toggling toolbar visiblity.
    * nemo-view.c: Don't cache the selection, this has been broken by
      deferred attribute loading.
    * debian/rules: Set buildtype to 'debug'.
    * nemo-bookmark-list.c: Don't get bookmark icon property
* Tue Jun 09 2020 Aaron Stern <>
  - Enable -fcommon which is not default with GCC10.
* Thu Apr 02 2020 Marguerite Su <>
  - Update to version 4.4.2
    * Disable GLib deprecation warnings
    * file-operations: fix copying from the trash
    * list view: Don't remove the dummy (Loading) entry except during post-loading updates.
    * nemo-tree-sidebar.c: Don't free the NemoFile after setting up the context menu for showing, it is owned by the tree model.
    * Remove tracker
    * nemo-icon-canvas-item.c: Don't hyphenate long filenames
    * eel-editable-label.c: Don't hyphenate long filenames
    * nemo-program-choosing.c: Remove unused variable that was causing a warning during the build.
    * Use meson for pango-1.44 check
* Sun Jul 28 2019 Marguerite Su <>
  - Update to version 4.2.2:
    * nemo-desktop-link.c: Don't allow an attempt to rename mounts.
* Sun Jul 21 2019 Marguerite Su <>
  - Update to version 4.2.1:
    * Fix nemo_global_preferences_get_size_prefix_preference
      getting set to the wrong value
    * nemo-view.c: Always show the pin/unpin actions.
    * various: Fix a couple leaks
    * nemo-list-model.c: When the last child of a node is
      removed, Handle re-adding a dummy row (or not) in the
      file removed handler, instead of always adding one,
      then removing it on parent's subsequent changed call.
    * nemo-list-view.c: When triggering a rename using the
      'slow double click' trigger, check whether the file
      is a folder to determine whether to select all or
      only non-extension text.
    * nemo-view.c: Use the stack for running the action
      visiblity cycle.
    * nemo-*-view.c: Update the selection info when a view
      has finished loading.
    * Toolbar: Don't show thumbnail button by default
* Mon Jul 01 2019 Dead Mozay <>
  - Update to version 4.2.0:
    * nemo-view.c: Don't ignore non-symbolic extension menu icons.
    * nemo-icon-view.c: Don't apply the 'ignore metadata' mode to the desktop, this prevents the icon size from loading or saving properly when that setting is active.
    * nemo-icon-info: Use different text widths for the desktop than for windowed mode.
    * Update URL (#2045)
    * nemo-query-editor.c: Ignore leading and trailing whitespace in search query text.
    * misc: Fix some memory leaks revealed by valgrind.
    * Add keyboard shortcuts page
    * nemo-bookmarks-window.c: Fix support for Computer/Bookmarks section separator.
    * nemo-bookmarks-window: Remove help button, fix some breakpoint accounting during dnd.
    * nemo-view.c: Never have more than one connection to an action's 'activate' signal.
    * actions: Monitor gsettings condition changes and trigger menu updates when these or any dbus conditions change.
    * application: Add debug flag to command line options, remove environment variable-based verbose mode for actions.
    * nemo-action: Cleanup
    * nemo-blank-desktop-window.c: Fix initial popup menu failure due to a not-fully-initialized action manager.
    * nemo-action.c: Allow discovery of tokens in any order in an action line.
    * nemo-action.c: Queue gsettings condition updates (same as dbus updates). This should have been done in 92c58403f12436c65a1c.
    * Update nemo-style-fallback-mandatory.css
    * Add Move to Trash confirmation option
    * nemo-file-operations.c: Remove unused translatable string.
    * nemo-window-manage-views.c: ignore cache when thumbnails are disabled
    * nemo-window-manage-views.c: add a weak pointer to the window slot's bad cache bar when spawned.
    * preferences: Finalize our settings instances using the eel_call_at_shutdown function.  This occurs at a point closer to exit, and allows handlers to disconnect cleanly.
    * Reimplement thumbnailing-per-folder and add inheritance for view type
    * A couple of bugfixes
    * nemo-main-application.c: Make sure any command-line geometry option takes precedence over the saved window geometry.
    * nemo-window-slot: Remove trailing spaces
    * Navigation: Fix go to parent action for Samba
    * nemo-window-slot.c: Use GString for manipulating samba uris, it makes what's being done to the uri a bit more explicit.
    * nemo-window-slot.c: (samba) When navigating up from a host, load network:/// instead of smb:///.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Wait to un-freeze canvas updates until the renaming operation has completed.
    * nemo-file.c: Check for NULL when converting the raw file timestamp to a GDateTime.
    * desktop-prefs: Change to match the new cinnamon settings style
    * Update to match new settings format. (mostly)
    * Nemo desktop entry - ensure caret-color matches text color
    * nemo-mime-application-chooser.c: escape file names in Open With tab
    * nemo-view.c: Open Terminal in parent if a file is selected
    * Start implementing exec support
    * Optimize nemo_action_get_visibility()
    * nemo-action.c: Support multiple selection and action path for exec condition checks.
    * nemo-action.c: Support tokens in exec condition calls.
    * sample action:  Update to include exec conditions, new correct method to enable debugging.
    * Revert "nemo-file-operations.c: Remove unused translatable string."
    * Remove some unused code, optimize some frequently-used settings.
    * nemo-view.c: Clear a source id at the end of the rename delay callback.
    * Remove the context menu toggle (the +/- button) for displaying additional menu items.
    * Add a mechanism for pinning a file to the top of a view.
    * Improve pin icon.
    * pinned emblem: try to improve (again)
    * icon view: Use bold text instead of an emblem for pinned files.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Workaround incorrectly-sized popup menus when right- clicking on a currently-unselected item.
    * move code after early return statements where possible (#2149)
    * l10n: Update POT
    * l10n: Generate additional files
    * Option to open uri in tabs at startup
    * l10n: Update POT
* Fri Mar 15 2019 Dead Mozay <>
  - Update to version 4.0.6:
    * Packaging: Depend on cinnamon-l10n
    * nemo-program-choosing.c: add a wrapper for simple .desktop files that invoke pkexec.
    * nemo-desktop-overlay.c: Don't respond to slider value-changed signals when syncing *from* the view.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Always display at the default list view zoom level during a search.
    * nemo-icon-view.c: Don't rely on the default icon zoom level for the grid desktop, hardcode to normal instead.
    * nemo-icon-view.c: Correctly initialize to the default view zoom level when ignore-metadata mode is active.
    * per-folder thumbnails: Remove toolbar thumbnail button preference, instead base visibility on the show-image-thumbnails preference.
    * nemo-window.c: Fix hidden menu alt-key activation.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Keep the selected bookmark scrolled into view when a selection is made on a bookmark.
    * nemo-list-view.c:  Ignore triple-clicks and reset the double-click last_click_time when the current double-click succeeds.
    * nemo-extension-config-widget.c: Allow description to be multi-line instead of reverting to a horizontal scroll bar.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Don't use fixed-height mode, it does not work well with zoom changes.
    * nemo-action.c: Don't include previously inserted characters/text in subsequent token matching - skip ahead based on the inserted text length, so we avoid potentially parsing escape codes that are part of a file's uri.
    * places and tree sidebars: Listen for action manager reloads, rebuild popup menus when needed.
    * places sidebar: Enable actions to work properly even when the item being right-clicked/context-menu'd is not the currently loaded view.
    * nemo-tree-sidebar.c: Fix memory leak.
    * nemo-file-management-properties.c: Don't drop builder object ref until the window is closed, as callbacks to setting changes refer to it still.
    * desktop/extension config: remove incorrect tooltips
    * nemo-desktop-overlay.c: Don't use g_clear_pointer to destroy a widget, this causes build warnings in newer glib.
    * nemo-properties-window.c: If the icon picker is spawned on a file that has an existing custom icon name or path, display it initially in the picker.
    * nemo-window-manage-views.c: When clearing thumbnails for a view refresh, drop the NemoIconInfo cache as well.
    * nemo-application.c: Check for "nemo" in the current theme, instead of "nemo-window". Remove unintentional additions to nemo-style- application.css which were made in 21a960712bf4d7688.
    * nemo-desktop: Simplify view layout preferences, other changes.
    * desktop overlay: Use normal window hints instead of hidden.  Allow resizing, assign an icon (and use XAppGtkWindow so the icon isn't blurry). Make sure all the action names are not marked as translate. Show the monitor plug name and dimensions when displaying view settings.
    * l10n: Update POT
    * Version bump for dev.
    * libnemo-extension: Refactor a bit, replace a lot of boilerplate with macros, simplify doc generation.  Documentation needs more work at some point.
    * nemo-file.c: Do a better job of figuring out the mimetype for empty files.
    * Add creation time (btime) support.
    * preferences window: Add toggle for creation date in tooltips.
    * nemo-file-info.h: Don't use G_DECLARE_INTERFACE - it doesn't allow us to properly use NemoFile for its vtable - it works but throws a ton of build warnings and isn't safe.
    * misc: Clean up build warnings
    * icon view: remove some deprecated paths (gtk doesn't return anything useful anymore.)
    * nemo-icon-canvas-item.c: Insert some space between the icon and label bounds in compact view.
    * nemo-statusbar.c: Remove custom scroll handler.  The gtk one works correctly now.
    * menus: Respect the gtk-menu-images preference for the primary 'open/ open-with' menu item.
    * Add option to disable omit-frame-pointers from build (useful for perf profiling.)
    * icon container: Generate tooltips for icon items on-demand, instead of when the view loads.
    * show profiling flag status in config summary.
    * nemo-icon-info: Optimize icon lookups by GIcon.
    * search: Respect the current state of the 'show hidden files' setting when calculating results.
    * nemo-query-editor.c: don't intercept keys when hidden.
    * nemo-view.c: Decrease minimum update interval.
    * nemo-view: Optimize *_get_selection(), don't create deep copies when not necessary.
    * nemo-file: Remove pixbuf cached in NemoFile.
    * nemo-list-model.c: Improve accounting for dummy expander row, so it more reliably removes the expander for empty folders.
    * nemo-file.c: Cache some heavily used values from date construction, particularly caching of the GTimeZone object for use in GDateTime construction.
    * icon view: Remove "tighter layout" option.
    * nemo-icon-info: don't implement as a gobject.
    * nemo-mime-actions.c: Don't offer the 'Make executable and run' option by default.
    * nemo-mime-application-chooser.c: Remove hacks for file-picker button.
    * nemo-icon-canvas-item: Remove some unused code for embedded text
    * Icon containers: Improve spacing, increase icon sizes.
    * nemo-icon-view-container.c: Connect the tooltip signal per container instance, rather than once overall.
    * nemo-icon-info.h: Tweak text width a bit for the zoom levels.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Turn on hover prelight by default.  This helps label text overlapping adjacent items (during hover) to have a clean background for better legibility.
    * emblems: Use cached parent pointers when checking for can't-write emblem condition, instead of looking it up for each file.
    * nemo-file.c: Load file-roller mimetype cache upon first demand, instead of at startup.  This has a noticeable impact on startup time.
    * nemo-list-model.c: Reduce number of icon info lookups when creating icon surfaces for the model.
    * preferences: Use the new XApp sidebar switcher, and use an ordinary GtkWindow instead of a GtkDialog to clean up the look.  This includes removing the close button as well (we already don't use one in the plugins window.)
    * preferences: Add the plugin manager as a preferences page.  Refactor to remove unnecessary code and allow the prefs window to open on a particular page.
    * preferences: Use togglebuttons instead of checkbuttons for toolbar button switches, and show the action's icon in the button.
    * nemo-icon-container: Remove some unused code.
    * eel-graphic-effects.c: Lessen the effect eel_create_spotlight_pixbuf.
    * prefs: Restyle the visible buttons page a bit
    * prefs: Move the custom icons to xapps
    * Print the icon cache folder when running.
    * nemo-widget-menu-item.c: Fix allocation warnings.
    * nemo-extension-config-widget.c: Improve look of extension list.
    * nemo-places-sidebar.c: Fix a few issues with mounting/ejecting - some incorrect _finish functions and some assumptions of error always being set.
    * nemo-thumbnails.c: Generate large thumnails to accomodate the larger icon sizes we have now.
    * nemo-list-view.c: use the subclass selection changed callback instead of NemoView's directly - this makes sure the cached selection list is up-to-date before triggering view/menu updates.
    * Add some keywords to the desktop entry (#1939)
    * nemo-window-menus.c: Block split pane view in desktop windows.
    * nemo-action.c: g_file_test here should be checking the *dependency* path, not the path to the action file.
    * Preferences: Remove separators
    * nemo-thumbnails.c: Use GTask.
    * nemo-list-view.c: Start using GtkTreeView's fixed height mode.
    * Remove gthread dependency (no longer used).
    * nemo-list-model.c: Check for unreadable folders and remove the expander when one is discovered during the async count job.
    * nemo-icon-container.c: Don't recalculate the layout while renaming a file.
    * nemo-application.c: Add minimally necessary theme elements to the current theme if they appear to be missing.
    * Fix meson warnings (#1920)
    * Prefer XDS Protocol Type over _NETSCAPE_URL to make DnD work in Firefox.
    * Add option for thumbnails per folder
    * Fix some issues with pkgconfig file
    * desktop: Add overlay window for configuring individual monitor views as well as global desktop preferences.
    * nemo-icon-dnd.c: Fix warning when initiating a drag from a normal windowed icon view.
    * Remove desktop settings action (replaced by 'Customize' fixed entry).
    * nemo-desktop-window.c: Fix build warning (unused variable).
    * nemo-desktop: Add smaller and larger icon sizes.  The smaller is useful for low res monitors and the larger one will be useful for those using physically large 4k monitors (that do not qualify as hidpi).
    * nemo-properties-window.c: Use XAppIconChooserDialog to select custom icons.
    * Update libxapp dependency for icon chooser.
    * l10n: Update POT and additional files



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