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dnf-utils-4.0.7-lp151.3.3.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.1 updates for noarch

Name: dnf-utils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.1
Version: 4.0.7 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp151.3.3.1 Build date: Wed Dec 18 16:31:45 2019
Group: System/Packages Build host: obs-arm-3
Size: 23807 Source RPM: dnf-plugins-core-4.0.7-lp151.3.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer
As a Yum-utils CLI compatibility layer, supplies in CLI shims for
debuginfo-install, repograph, package-cleanup, repoclosure, repomanage,
repoquery, reposync, repotrack, builddep, config-manager, debug, and
download that use new implementations using DNF.






* Fri May 24 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 4.0.7
    + Fix: copr disable command traceback (rh#1693551)
    + [doc] state repoid as repo identifier of config-manager (rh#1686779)
    + Fix download of src when not the latest requested (rh#1649627)
  - Add missing dependencies on dateutil and distro Python modules (boo#1141374)
  - Drop backported fixes that are part of this release
    * 0001-Fix-copr-disable-command-traceback-RhBug-1693551.patch
    * 0002-doc-state-repoid-as-repo-identifier-of-config-manage.patch
* Fri Apr 26 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport fix for copr disable command traceback (rh#1693551)
    * Patch: 0001-Fix-copr-disable-command-traceback-RhBug-1693551.patch
  - Backport doc fix to state repoid as repo identifier for config-manager (rh#1686779)
    * Patch: 0002-doc-state-repoid-as-repo-identifier-of-config-manage.patch
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 4.0.6
    + [download] Do not download src without ``--source`` (rh#1666648)
    + Use improved config parser that preserves order of data
    + [leaves] Show multiply satisfied dependencies as leaves
    + [download] Fix downloading an rpm from a URL (rh#1678582)
    + [download] Fix problem with downloading src pkgs (rh#1649627)
  - Drop backported fixes that are part of this release
    * 0001-Fix-traceback-when-local-rpm-url-is-passed.patch
    * 0002-reposync-fix-up-path-traversal-prevention.patch
    * 0003-doc-Use-the-correct-sphinx-build-binary-for-Python-2.patch
  - Restore needs-restarting files to the dnf-utils package
  - Add conflicts to zypper < 1.14.26 to dnf-utils package to prevent file conflicts
* Mon Feb 11 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Temporarily drop needs-restarting files from dnf-utils until
    zypper splits them out into zypper-needs-restarting subpackage
  - Add conflicts to yum-changelog and zypper-needs-restarting to
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Rebase to version 4.0.3:
    + Compatible with DNF 4.0.0+
    + Reworked COPR plugin
    + New changelogs and repodiff plugins/subcommands
  - Drop Python 2 subpackages
  - Drop unneeded patches:
    * 0001-copr-Add-openSUSE-support.patch
    * dnf-plugins-core-2.1.5-Fix-detection-of-Python-2.patch
  - Backport fixes from upstream to build and run plugins
    * 0001-Fix-traceback-when-local-rpm-url-is-passed.patch
    * 0002-reposync-fix-up-path-traversal-prevention.patch
    * 0003-doc-Use-the-correct-sphinx-build-binary-for-Python-2.patch
* Mon Apr 23 2018
  - Enable COPR plugin with openSUSE support backported (rh#1570418)
    * Add patch: 0001-copr-Add-openSUSE-support.patch
* Sat Jan 20 2018
  - Fix build-time detection of Python 2
    * Add patch: dnf-plugins-core-2.1.5-Fix-detection-of-Python-2.patch
* Tue Oct 10 2017
  - Update to version 2.1.5:
    + Fix issues with the '--arch' in 'dnf download' (rh#1476834)
    + Fix 'dnf repoclosure' when used with '--check' and '--best'
    + Use preconfigure hook from DNF for 'local' plugin
  - Split lang data into lang subpackage
* Sun Aug 13 2017
  - Initial package based on Mageia package



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