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Packages beginning with letter H

haproxy-2.0.14-lp152.2.6.1 The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer linux/ppc64le
haproxy-2.0.14-lp152.2.3.1 The Reliable, High Performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer linux/ppc64le
haserl-0.9.36-lp152.4.3.1 CGI scripting with shell/lua linux/ppc64le
hawk-apiserver-0.0.4+git.1604696958.cd5cdf1-lp152.4.3.1 Web server and API provider for Hawk linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.6.4+git.1618478653.7272e6b6-lp152.2.21.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.6.3+git.1614684118.af555ad9-lp152.2.18.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.6.0+git.1613486511.51b6e37d-lp152.2.15.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.4.0+git.1611141202.2fe6369e-lp152.2.12.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.3.0+git.1603969748.10468582-lp152.2.9.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.2.0+git.1603969748.10468582-lp152.2.6.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hawk2-2.1.2+git.1594886920.d00b94aa-lp152.2.3.1 HA Web Konsole linux/ppc64le
hdjmod-kmp-default-1.28_k5.3.18_lp152.36-lp152.6.2.1 Support for Hercules DJ Devices linux/ppc64le
helm-3.4.1-lp152.2.3.1 The Kubernetes Package Manager linux/ppc64le
hexchat-2.12.4-lp152.4.3.1 A popular and easy to use graphical IRC (chat) client linux/ppc64le
hexchat-devel-2.12.4-lp152.4.3.1 Development Files for HexChat linux/ppc64le
hexchat-plugins-lua-2.12.4-lp152.4.3.1 Plugin for HexChat adds support for LUA scripts linux/ppc64le
hexchat-plugins-perl-2.12.4-lp152.4.3.1 Plugin for HexChat adds support for Perl scripts linux/ppc64le
hexchat-plugins-python3-2.12.4-lp152.4.3.1 Plugin for HexChat adds support for Python3 scripts linux/ppc64le
highlight-3.59-lp152.4.3.1 Universal Source Code to Formatted Text Converter linux/ppc64le
highlight-gui-3.59-lp152.4.3.1 Graphical Interface for highlight linux/ppc64le
hiredis-0.13.3-lp152.4.3.1 Minimalistic C client for Redis linux/ppc64le
hiredis-devel-0.13.3-lp152.4.3.1 Header files and libraries for hiredis linux/ppc64le
hivex-1.3.14-lp152.4.6.1 Windows "Registry Hive" extraction library linux/ppc64le
hivex-1.3.14-lp152.4.3.1 Windows "Registry Hive" extraction library linux/ppc64le
hivex-devel-1.3.14-lp152.4.6.1 Development files for hivex linux/ppc64le
hivex-devel-1.3.14-lp152.4.3.1 Development files for hivex linux/ppc64le
hostapd-2.9-lp152.2.3.1 Daemon for running a WPA capable Access Point linux/ppc64le
hplip-3.19.12-lp152.2.3.1 HP's Printing, Scanning, and Faxing Software linux/ppc64le
hplip-devel-3.19.12-lp152.2.3.1 Development files for hplip linux/ppc64le
hplip-hpijs-3.19.12-lp152.2.3.1 Printer drivers for HP printers and all-in-one devices linux/ppc64le
hplip-sane-3.19.12-lp152.2.3.1 SANE backends for HP scanners and all-in-one devices linux/ppc64le
hplip-scan-utils-3.19.12-lp152.2.3.1 HPLIP scanning frontends hp-scan and hp-uiscan linux/ppc64le
htmldoc-1.9.12-lp152.4.3.1 HTML Processor that Generates HTML, PostScript, and PDF Files linux/ppc64le
htop-3.0.5-lp152.4.4.1 An Interactive text-mode Process Viewer for Linux linux/ppc64le
htsfile-1.10.2-lp152.2.4.1 Identify high-throughput sequencing data files from the HTSlib project linux/ppc64le
hunspell-1.6.2-lp152.4.3.1 A spell checker and morphological analyzer library linux/ppc64le
hunspell-devel-1.6.2-lp152.4.3.1 Files for developing with hunspell linux/ppc64le
hunspell-tools-1.6.2-lp152.4.3.1 Hunspell tools linux/ppc64le
hwloc-2.1.0-lp152.2.3.1 Portable Hardware Locality linux/ppc64le
hwloc-devel-2.1.0-lp152.2.3.1 Headers and shared development libraries for hwloc linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-7.0.4-lp152.3.12.1 A fax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-7.0.3-lp152.3.9.1 A fax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-7.0.3-lp152.3.6.1 A fax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-7.0.2-lp152.3.3.1 A fax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-client-7.0.4-lp152.3.12.1 Client package for the Hylafax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-client-7.0.3-lp152.3.9.1 Client package for the Hylafax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-client-7.0.3-lp152.3.6.1 Client package for the Hylafax server linux/ppc64le
hylafax+-client-7.0.2-lp152.3.3.1 Client package for the Hylafax server linux/ppc64le

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