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mlterm-3.9.1-1.4 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for i586

Name: mlterm Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.9.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.4 Build date: Sun Sep 19 00:02:44 2021
Group: System/X11/Terminals Build host: old-cirrus2
Size: 5537274 Source RPM: mlterm-3.9.1-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Multilingual Terminal Emulator for X
Mlterm is a multilingual terminal emulator for the X Window System.

Multilingual features:

supported charsets: US_ASCII, ISO8859[1-11], ISO8859[13-16], TCVN5712,
VISCII, KOI8_R, KOI8_U, JISX0201, JISX0208, JISX0212, JISX0213, GB2312,
GBK, KSC5601, UHC, CNS11643-N, Big5, UCS2(4)

supported encodings: ISO-8859-[1-11], ISO-8859- [13-16], TCVN5612,
VISCII, KOI8_R, KOI8_U, EUC-JP, EUC-JISX0213, ISO-2022-JP [1, 2, 3],
Shift_JIS, Shift_JISX0213, EUC-KR, UHC, JOHAB, ISO-2022-KR,
ISO-2022-CN, GB2312(EUC-CN), GBK, GB18030, EUC-TW, Big5, Hz, UTF-8

character composition: TIS620, TCVN5712, JISX0213, UNICODE

Multiple xims are also supported and you can dynamically change various

Other features:
* scroll by wheel mouse
* antialias font (requires Xft and Xrender extensions)
* proportional font
* transparent background
* background image (requires Imlib)
* multiple pty windows
* scrollbar plug-in API (unstable)






* Tue Mar 30 2021
  - version update to 3.9.1
    * Support copy mode which starts by Control+Shift+Return.
    * Support OSC 1337;Setmark ST.
    * Support CSI 3 J (ED) which clears backlog.
    * Support gradle to build mlterm for Android. (See doc/en/
    * Add --enable-utmp-suid option to ./configure script.
      (The default value is disabled.)
    * Add --with-utmp option which specifies the way of accessing to utmp database
      to ./configure script.
    * Add SCROLL_UP_TO_MARK, SCROLL_DOWN_TO_MARK and SET_MARK shortcut keys.
    * Add resize_mode / --rz option, and drop scroll_on_resize / --sr option.
      (If you want to revert to the old behavior, specify --rz=none option.)
    * Add emoji_file_format / --emojifmt option.
    * Add libvterm 0.1 API symbols to libvterm compatible library.
    * Add vte 0.62 API symbols to libvte compatible library.
    * Drop SCROLL_DOWN and PAGE_DOWN shortcut keys.
    * Drop use_extended_scroll_shortcut option and SCROLL_UP shortcut key is enabled
      by default. (If you want to disable it, add UNUSED=SCROLL_UP to ~/.mlterm/key.)
    * Update unicode property table (generated from UnicodeData.txt and
      EastAsianWidth.txt) to version 13.0.0.
    * letter_space / --csp option accepts negative value.
    * libvte compatible library supports XInput2.
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix a bug which caused a 'mlimgloader' process not to exit after loading a wall picture.
      (Enbugged at 3.8.8)
      Fix a bug which disabled keyboard and mouse on Haiku R1/beta2.
      Mlconfig starts correctly by Ctrl + RightClick on cygwin 3.1.4.
      Fix segfault of mlcc in exiting after changing configurations.
      Fix segfault in double click at RTL characters. (Enbugged at 3.6.2)
      Fix corruption of data transferred by "OSC 5379; scp ... ST".
* Wed Sep 02 2020
  - version update to 3.9.0
    * Support CSI>4;1m.
    * Support uniscribe for libotl on win32.
    * Support SCP by Shift+DnD on HaikuOS.
    * Support xdg-shell on wayland.
    * Support DEC Technical character set.
    * Support input of unicode characters on mlterm-fb.
    * Support ormode of Sixel Graphics.
    * Update unicode property table (generated from UnicodeData.txt and
      EastAsianWidth.txt) to version 12.1.0.
    * Mlconfig configures files in ~/.mlterm directly if it starts without options
      or with --file option.
    * Change DA1 response.
      \x1b[?63;1;2;3;4;7;29c -> \x1b[?63;1;2;3;4;6;7;15;18;22;29c
    * geometry / -g option works on HaikuOS.
    * Add vte 0.60 API symbols to libvte compatible library.
    * Merge patches:
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix a bug which disabled to change the value of "logsize" option from "0" to "unlimited".
      Fix segfault when "snapshot" command of OSC 5379 is executed.
      Fix mouse tracking position if "use_ot_layout = true".
      Fix segfault when mlterm-sdl2 starts with -im=uim option.
      Fix a bug which makes mlterm-sdl2 on win32 stop starting mlconfig.
      Fix compiling error on HaikuOS + gcc-x86.
      Fix a bug which disabled clipping of DECDHL in cairo. (Enbugged at 3.8.6)
  - deleted patches
    - mlterm-cast.patch (upstreamed)
* Thu Dec 19 2019
  - version update to 3.8.9
    * Support zmodem. (See doc/en/README.tarnsfer)
    * Add "send_file" and "zmodem_start" to OSC 5379.
    * Add receive_directory / --recvdir option.
    * Support xdg-shell-v6 (unstable) on wayland.
    * Support copy&paste via X11 primary selection on wayland.
    * Hide the mouse cursor in inputting keys by default on xlib and win32.
    * ~/.mlterm/font accepts UTF-8 on windows.
    * Change the default value of "font_size_range" option from 1-100 to 1-10000.
    * Clear a window and scroll out all lines on resizing only if
      the value of --sr / "scroll_on_resizing" option is true.
    * Set _NET_WM_PID property.
    * Revive -N/"app_name" option which sets WM_CLASS property.
      (WM_CLASS was disabled at 3.8.6)
    * Add a percent or number argument without '+' and '-' to "vresize_screen" and
      "hresize_screen" of OSC 5379.
    * Add "RESET" (which resets the parser of mlterm) as a shortcut key.
    * Add vte 0.58 API symbols to libvte compatible library.
    * Merge patches:
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix memory leaks of
      Fix (Enbugged at 3.8.8)
      Fix segfault of mlterm for java by race condition.
      Fix unexpected invalidation of --mdi=false option. (Enbugged at 3.8.8)
      Fix uninitialized memory access of mlimgloader.exe for win32.
      Fix broken images of some sixel graphics. (Enbugged at 3.8.5)
    * Support Haiku OS. (Experimental)
      (Execute ./configure with --with-gui=beos option.) (See doc/en/README.beos)
    * Support "[font family]:style=..." format in aafont or font-fb config file.
    * Support mosh. (Experimental) (See doc/en/README.mosh)
      (Don't distribute libptymosh in binary format.)
    * Clear a window and scroll out all lines if the size of a window decreases
      and some characters in it disappear.
    * Support "%s" (replaced by selected strings) in "exesel:..." in ~/.mlterm/key.
    * Add local_echo_wait / --lew option.
    * Remove because it is very buggy.
    * Change the default shortcut key of INSERT_SELECTION from Shift+Insert to
      Command+v on MacOSX and iOS.
    * Skip \r in configuration files.
    * Start scp by Shift+Drag&Drop on not only xlib and win32 but also wayland, sdl2
      and cocoa. (Command+Drag&Drop on cocoa.)
    * Change the default value of "font_size_range" option from 6-30 to 1-100.
    * Add vte 0.56.0 API symbols to libvte compatible library.
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix segfault in processing illegal sixel sequence.
      Fix invalidation of DECDWL on cairo. (Enbugged at 3.8.6)
      Fix handling ISCII fonts on cairo and xft. (Improve showing bengali characters.)
      Fix screen corruption (
      on MacOSX 10.14. (Thanks to @Cj_bc_sd)
      Fix segfault in showing an input method window. (Thanks to @isaki68k)
  - modified patches
    % etc.patch (refreshed)
    % mlterm-cast.patch (refreshed)
* Fri Dec 28 2018 Petr Gajdos <>
  - updated to 3.8.7
    * Support sixel graphics extension and option1 of
    * Support Cygwin/x86_64.
    * Support PS2 mouse and PC98 bus mouse on FreeBSD 4.x or before.
    * Support iOS/Cocoa Touch. (see doc/en/README.cocoatouch)
    * Support scrolling by flick on Android and iOS.
    * Update unicode property table (generated from UnicodeData.txt and
      EastAsianWidth.txt) to version 11.0.0.
    * Add "autoscroll" to OSC 5379.
    * Long press at the lower right corner instead of the entire screen shows
      context menu.
    * Change the maximum number of sixel graphics palette colors from 256 to 1024.
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix segfault of mlconfig when GTK_IM_MODULE=uim.
      Fix wrong XSizeHints which causes unexpected resizing.
  - refreshed
    % etc.patch
* Fri Aug 24 2018
  - updated to 3.8.6
    * Support preserveAspectRatio option of OSC 1337.
    * Support DECRQCRA, CSI 15 t, CSI 16 t, CSI 19 t and OSC 5;Ps;? ST.
    * Support framebuffer on FreeBSD(98).
    * Add vte 0.52.0 API symbols to libvte compatible library.
    * Add --rv / "rv_color" option.
    * Add servman.exe which manages the list of servers on win32.
    * Add "PrivKey" entry to the ssh connection dialog on win32 and Android.
    * Add "SCP" entry to the context menu on Android.
    * Drop --servlist / "server_list" option.
    * Improve performance of redrawing screen when type_engine=cairo.
    * Show box style cursor when the cursor is on a picture or an emoji.
    * Modify DECRC to save/restore last-column flag used to control wrapping behavior
      rather than manipulating DECAWM (See and
    * Change the default value of ssh_private(public)_key option from
      /sdcard/.ssh/id_rsa(.pub) to /sdcard/.mlterm/id_rsa(.pub) on Android.
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix compiling error if ./configure is executed with --with-gui=fb,xlib option.
      Fix disappearing title bar on 'lxde' window manager.
      Fix a bug which disabled to replace system palettes by colors of a wall picture
      (if "use_ansi_colors" option is disabled and visual depth is 4) since 3.8.4.
      Fix the response strings of OSC 20 and OSC 21.
      Use the background color specified by SGR instead of the default one to draw
      pictures and emojis.
    * Support libvterm ( compatible library partially.
    * Support DRCS-Sixel.
      (See drcssixel/DRCS-SIXEL-v2 and
    * Support SDL2.
      (Build mlterm with --with-gui=sdl2 option.) (see doc/en/README.sdl2)
    * Support ligature of "Fira Code" font in -otl option.
    * Add --halfwidth / "unicode_half_width_areas" option.
    * Add --emoji / "emoji_path" option which makes mlterm to use a specified emoji font
      (NotoColorEmoji.ttf etc) instead of image files in ~/.mlterm/emoji.
    * Add vte 0.50.0 API symbols to libvte compatible library.
    * Treat not only U+1F1000-1F6FF but also U+1F900-1F9FF characters as emoji.
    * Drop "show_picture" and "add_frame" from OSC 5379.
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix corrupt screen in showing inline pictures if "use_ot_layout" option is true.
  - mlterm-portability.patch renamed to mlterm-cast.patch
* Fri Feb 16 2018
  - Add explicit buildrequires on x11 and fontconfig, do not
    count on them being pulled by other packages.
* Mon Dec 18 2017
  - updated to 3.8.2:
      DECSR, CSI 7 t, CSI 9;1 t, CSI ? Pm s, CSI ? Pm r, CSI 34 [hl], CSI 53 m and CSI 55 m.
    * Support DECSASD, DECSSDT unless vertical mode is enabled.
    * Support 90-degree rotation of alphabet glyphs in vertical mode (cjk alone) on framebuffer,
      wayland and android if freetype is enabled.
    * Support sticky shift key of skk im module, and change the format of skk option from
      "skk:[dictionary]" to "skk:dict=[dictionary],sskey=[sticky shift key]".
    * Add "use_vertical_cursor" and "click_interval" to OSC 5379, 5380 and 5381.
    * Add "ot_features" and "ot_script" to OSC 5380 and 5381.
    * Add "Features" and "Script" buttons to "Encoding" tab of mlconfig.
    * Add "Underline pos (pixels)" and "Baseline pos (pixel)" to "Font" tab of mlconfig.
    * Add "Double click interval (msec)", "Send keys to all windows" and
      "Trim trailing CR/LF in pasting" to "Others" tab of mlconfig.
    * Add doc/en/ControlSequences which lists escape/control sequences which mlterm supports.
    * Change the default value of "use_vertical_cursor" option from false to true.
    * Drop "CSI ? 9500 [hl]".
    * Improve processing sixel graphics on pseudo color framebuffer.
    * Merge patches:
    * Add "trim_trailing_newline_in_pasting" / --trim option which removes trailing
      newline characters in pasting text.
    * Add "broadcast" / --bc option which broadcasts input or pasted characters to
      all ptys whose value of "ignore_broadcasted_chars" option is false.
    * Add "ignore_broadcasted_chars" / --ibc option.
    * Add "Next pty", "Previous pty" and "Close screen" to context menu on Android.
    * Add "next_pty", "prev_pty" and "close_screen" to OSC 5379.
    * Add "fontconfig" to OSC 5380.
    * Support libssh2 on MacOSX/Cocoa.
    * Support ModifyCursorKeys and ModifyFunctionKeys of xterm.
    * Support OSC 0 and OSC 1 on MacOSX/Cocoa.
    * Support _NET_WM_NAME and _NET_ICON_NAME properties on xlib.
    * Support "CSI > Ps t" and "CSI > Ps T".
    * Support "CSI 20 h" and "CSI 20 l" (LNM).
    * Support right click menu on libvte compatible library on wayland.
    * Support fcitx input method module on wayland.
    * Support italic on MacOSX/Cocoa.
    * Remove --hscr / "screen_height_ratio" option.
    * Change the default sequences of Modifier+Function and Modifier+Cursor keys
      from xterm's old/obsolete ones to modern ones.
      (e.g. Shift+F1 outputs "\e[1;2P" instead of "\eO2P" by default.)
    * Merge patches:
    * Bug fixes
  - see doc/ReleaseNote for details
* Tue Jul 18 2017
  - Version update to 3.8.2 release:
    * Support for wayland
    * Support page of VT400 or later. (NP, PP, PPA, PPR, PPB, DECCRA and DECLRP)
    * Support SGR of DECRQSS.
    * Bunch of bugfixes
  - Add all the named dependencies to the package to make sure all the
    features are properly enabled, configure script does not fail on
    dependencies not found
  - Remove libotf as now rendering is done via harfbuzz
  - Disable fctix input method as it fails to compile upstream
  - Install svg icons from the archive rather than our distributed png
  - Add portability patch mlterm-portability.patch to make rpmlint happy
* Mon Nov 21 2016
  - updated to 3.7.2
    * Add mlterm-con which is a console version of mlterm (like
      GNU Screen) and which works on various terminal emulators.
      (see doc/en/README.console)
    * Add "console_encoding" / --ckm option which specifies
      a character encoding of the console where mlterm-con works.
    * Add "default_cell_size" / --csz option for mlterm-con.
    * Add "console_sixel_colors" / --csc option for mlterm-con.
    * Add "primary_da" / --da1 and "secondary_da" / --da2 options.
    * Support DECRQSS partially.
    * Support wheel mouse on MacOSX/Cocoa. (Thanks to @nyarla)
      (Merge a patch at
    * Bug fixes:
      Fix misalignment of the position of characters in drawing
      them with the use of complementary loaded fonts on cairo.
  - removed mlterm-noreturn.patch (upstreamed)
* Wed Mar 23 2016
  - Update to version 3.7.0
    * Support OSC 1337. (See
    * Add 'mlfc' tool which automatically generates ~/.mlterm/aafont and ~/.mlterm/font-fb.
    * Change the format of ~/.mlterm/*font is changed as follows.
      [Charset] = [Font name];[Size],[Font name];[Size],[Font name];...
    - > [Charset] = [Font name]
    * Drop XT_CBLINK (CSI?12h/CSI?12l) support.
    * Simplify font configuration of OSC 5379. ('mlcc font USASCII <Font name>' is available.)
    * "CSI 38;2;r;g;b m" and "CSI 48;2;r;g;b m" shows high colors instead of
      approximate vt 256 colors. "vt_color_mode" / --vtcolor(=256/high/true) option
      changes the behavior.
  - Add mlterm-noreturn.patch to fix signature of non-returning function.



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