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gmsh-doc-4.10.3-1.1 RPM for noarch

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Name: gmsh-doc Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 4.10.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sat Jun 18 22:13:34 2022
Group: Documentation/Other Build host: goat03
Size: 2151017 Source RPM: gmsh-4.10.3-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: A three-dimensional finite element mesh generator
Gmsh is a 3D finite element grid generator with a build-in CAD engine
and post-processor.

This package contains the documentation for gmsh.






* Sat Jun 18 2022 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.10.3
    * small bug fixes.
    * New API function: fltk/finalize
  - Update to 4.10.2
    * fixed regression introduced in 4.9 for recombined meshes
      with boundary layers
    * new Geometry.OCCSafeUnbind option to disable boolean
      optimization introduced in 4.10.0 (for backward compatibility)
    * new HealShapes command in .geo files
    * simplified calculation of OCC STL bounding boxes generalized
      Crack plugin
    * small bug fixes.
  - Update to 4.10.1
    * small bug fixes.
  - Update to 4.10.0
    * more flexible homology/cohomology workflow in the API
    * "Attractor" field is now just a synonym for the newer (and more
      efficient) "Distance" field
    * periodic bsplines now use the same default multiplicities in
      OCC as in the built-in kernel
    * model/isInside now also handles discrete entities
    * speed-up repeated simple boolean operations
    * C++ api now throws std::runtime_error on errors
    * small bug fixes.
    * New API functions:
      geo/addGeometry, geo/addPointOnGeometry, mesh/addHomologyRequest,
      mesh/clearHomologyRequests, mesh/setVisibility,
    * Incompatible API changes:
      + additional const qualifiers in C API
      + removed mesh/computeCohomology
      + new arguments to occ/getCurveLoops and occ/getSurfaceLoops
      + changed arguments of mesh/computeHomology
      + new optional arguments to occ/addCircle, occ/addEllipse,
      occ/addDisk, occ/addTorus, occ/addWedge, model/addPhysicalGroup,
      model/geo/addPhysicalGroup, mesh/removeDuplicateNodes and
  - Update to 4.9.5
    * dynamic Gmsh library now also only exports public symbols on
      macOS and Linux, like it does on Windows
    * better handling of max. thread settings
    * small bug fixes.
    * New API function: mesh/getDuplicateNodes
  - Make demos and doc subpackages noarch
  - Some more specfile cleanup
* Wed Jun 15 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Disable julia subpackage and do not install related examples and
    tutorials when building for openSUSE >= 1550 where julia is no
    longer available.
* Sun Feb 06 2022 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.9.4:
    * Improved BSpline filling; new options Mesh.MinimumLineNodes,
      Mesh.RecombineNodeRepositioning, Mesh.RecombineMinimumQuality
      and Mesh.StlLinearDeflectionRelative
    * updated bundled Eigen
    * small bug fixes
    * New API functions:
      gmsh/isInitialized, occ/convertToNURBS, occ/getCurveLoops,
      occ/getSurfaceLoops, mesh/importStl, parser/getNames,
      parser/setNumber, parser/setString, parser/getNumber,
      parser/getString, parser/clear, parser/parse,
      onelab/getChanged, onelab/setChanged.
  - Drop 0001-mpeg_encode-Do-not-free-stack-allocated-frame.patch
* Sat Jan 08 2022 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.9.3:
    * improved handling of degenerate curves in periodic surfaces and
      boundary layer extrusion
    * extended Mesh.SaveGroupsOfElements capabilities for INP export
    * extended Mesh.MeshSizeExtendFromBoundary + new "Extend" mesh
      size field to enable alternative mesh size extensions from boundary
    * enhanced X3D output
    * moved all kernel sources to src/ subdirectory
    * renamed demos/ as examples/ and tutorial/ as tutorials/
    * small bug fixes
  - Update to 4.9.2:
    * faster projection on OCC entities
    * extended Mesh.SaveGroupsOfNodes capabilities for INP export
    * improved transfinite meshing of surfaces with boundary on
      periodic seam.
  - Update to 4.9.1:
    * relax tolerance on curve parametrization match for periodic meshing
    * enable extruded boundary layers on generic model entities
    * activate IncludeBoundary by default in Restrict field
    * downgraded compiler for official Linux releases to gcc 6 to
      improve compatibility with older systems
    * small bug fixes (view tag generation with zero tag, model/setTag).
  - Update to 4.9.0:
    * new initial 2D meshing algorithm
    * new quasi-structured quad algorithm
    * improved handling of imperfect curve reparametrization on
      surfaces in 2D periodic meshing algorithm
    * mesh renumbering now also renumbers dependent post-processing views
    * the mesh size callback is now per-model and its returned value
      is not gathered with the other size constraints in a global min
      reduction anymore: instead the callback takes as additional
      argument the mesh size lc that would be prescribed in the absence
      of the callback, which allows to perform any desired modification
      (the old behavior can be achieved by returning min(lc, value))
    * OCC STL representation is now generated using relative deflection
    * new TransformMesh command in .geo files
    * new behavior of Mesh.SaveGroupsOf{Nodes,Elements} in UNV and
      INP exports
    * partitioned MSH4 files now contain the full partition topology
      (i.e. all partition entities)
    * fixed metric calculation with Eigen (for anisotropic mesh generation)
    * official binary builds now support OpenMP parallelization and are
      64 bit only (build OS upgraded to Windows 10, macOS 10.15 and
      Linux glibc 2.24)
    * new experimental Fortran API
    * new API functions to handle view options by tag instead of by index
    * color options in the API can now be specified as in .geo files,
      in the form "Category.Color.Option"
    * small bug fixes.
  - Update to 4.8.4:
    * set current model in gmsh/model/add
    * small bug fixes.
  - Add 0001-mpeg_encode-Do-not-free-stack-allocated-frame.patch
  - Rebase link_dynamic_gl2ps.patch
  - Rebase gmsh-3.0.5-add-shebang-to-onelab.patch
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.8.3:
    * Small bug fixes.
  - Update to 4.8.2:
    * Fixed regression in OCC transforms
    * Fixed cwrap API.
  - Update to 4.8.1:
    * Improved performance when transforming many OCC entities
    * Fixed regression in high-order meshing of surfaces with
      singular parametrizations
    * Small bug fixes.
  - Update to 4.8.0:
    * New interactive and fully parametrizable definition of boundary
      conditions, materials, etc. through ONELAB variables
    * New API functions for creating trimmed BSpline/Bezier patches,
      perform raw triangulations and tetrehedralizations, get upward
      adjacencies, and create extruded boundary layers and automatic
      curve loops in built-in kernel
    * Improved performance of high-order meshing of OCC models
    * Improved handling of high resolution displays
    * New structured CGNS exporter
    * New transfinite Beta law
    * Added support for embedded curves in HXT
    * Added automatic conversion from partitioned MSH2 files to new
      partitioned entities
    * Element groups can now be imported from UNV files
    * Fixed order of Gauss quadrature for quads and hexas
    * Code modernization (C++11)
    * Further uniformization of option names to match the documented
      terminology (Mesh.Point -> Mesh.Node, ...; old names are still
      accepted, but deprecated)
    * Deprecated Mesh.MinimumElementsPerTwoPi: set value directly to
      Mesh.MeshSizeFromCurvature instead
    * Python and Julia APIs now also define snake case aliases for
      all camelCase function names
    * Small bug fixes and improvements.
    * Incompatible API changes:
      + new optional arguments to mesh/classifySurfaces,
      occ/addBSplineSurface, occ/addBezierSurface, occ/addPipe
      and view/probe
      + renamed mesh/getEdgeNumber as mesh/getEdges.
  - Rebase gmsh-3.0.5-add-shebang-to-onelab.patch
* Fri Jan 15 2021 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.7.1:
    * small bug fixes and improvements.
  - Update to 4.7.0:
    * API errors now throw exceptions with the last error message
      (instead of an integer error code)
    * API functions now print messages on the terminal by default, and
      throw exceptions on all errors unless in interactive mode
    * new API functions to retrieve "homogeneous" model-based data
      (for improved Python performance), to set interpolation matrices
      for high-order datasets, to assign "automatic" transfinite
      meshing constraints and to pass native (C++, C, Python or
      Julia) mesh size callback
    * added option to save high-order periodic nodes info
    * added support for scripted window splitting
    * improved VTK reader
    * new MatrixOfInertia command
    * uniformized commands, options and field option names to match
      the documented terminology (CharacteristicLength -> MeshSize,
      geometry Line -> Curve, ...; old names are still accepted, but
    * improved handling of complex periodic cases
    * removed bundled Mmg3D and added support for stock Mmg 5
    * Gmsh now requires C++11 and CMake 3.1, and uses Eigen by default
      instead of Blas/Lapack for dense linear algebra
    * small bug fixes.
    * Incompatible API changes: new optional argument to
  - Update to 4.6.0:
    * new options to only generate initial 2D or 3D meshes (without node
      insertion), and to only mesh non-meshed entities
    * added ability to only remesh parts of discrete models
    * added support for mesh size fields and embedded points and
      surfaces in HXT
    * improved reparametrization and partitioning code
    * new OCC API functions to reduce the number of synchronizations
      for complex models
    * new OCC spline surface interfaces; new functions and options
      to control the first tag of entities, nodes and elements
    * fixed duplicated entities in STEP output
    * improved mesh subdivision and high-order pipeline
    * MED output now preserves node and element tags
    * small bug fixes.
    * Incompatible API changes: new optional arguments to mesh/clear,
      mesh/createTopology, mesh/createGeometry, occ/addThruSections,
      mesh/getPeriodicNodes; new arguments to mesh/getBasisFunctions;
      removed mesh/preallocateBasisFunctions,
      mesh/precomputeBasisFunctions and
      renamed occ/setMeshSize as occ/mesh/setSize
  - Drop upstream patches:
    * move-globals-to-mmg3d-c.patch
    * 0001-MMG3D-Remove-some-duplicated-variables-from-global-s.patch
    * 0002-Remove-non-namespaced-endcod-function-duplicates-MMG.patch
    * 0003-Define-global-variables-mostly-used-by-MMG_analar-in.patch
* Sun Jun 07 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Fix failing build due to GCC10 catching redefinitions, add
    * move-globals-to-mmg3d-c.patch
    * 0001-MMG3D-Remove-some-duplicated-variables-from-global-s.patch
    * 0002-Remove-non-namespaced-endcod-function-duplicates-MMG.patch
    * 0003-Define-global-variables-mostly-used-by-MMG_analar-in.patch
  - Use OCC OpenCASCADE variant, like FreeCAD. OCE is mostly dormant.
* Tue Apr 07 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.5.6:
    * better calculation of OCC bounding boxes using STL
    * API tutorials
    * small bug fixes
  - Update to 4.5.5:
    * tooltips in GUI to help discovery of scripting options
    * fixed MED IO of high-order elements
    * fixed OCC attribute search by bounding box
    * fix parsing of mac-encoded scripts
    * new RecombineMesh command
    * added support for extrusion of mixed-dimension entities with OCC
    * small bug fixes
  - Update to 4.5.4:
    * periodic mesh optimization now ensures that the master mesh is
      not modified
    * code cleanup
    * small bug fixes
  - Update to 4.5.3:
    * improved positioning of corresponding nodes on periodic entities
    * improved LaTeX output
    * improved curve splitting in reparametrization
    * new binary PLY reader
    * small compilation fixes.
  - Drop upstreamed patches:
    * 0001-Fix-ODR-violations-move-private-classes-into-anonymo.patch
    * 0002-Fix-two-definition-mismatches-in-contrib-mmg3d.patch
    * 0001-Add-two-missing-header-includes-in-GModelIO_OCC.patch
* Tue Feb 04 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Move Python and Julia bindings for the public gmsh API to
    separate packages.
  - Remove any references to the unmaintained, swig based
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to 4.5.2:
    + periodic meshes now obey reorientation constraints
    + physical group definitions now follow compound meshing
    + small bug fixes and improvements
  - Update to 4.5.1:
    + new Min and Max commands in .geo files
    + Mesh.MinimumCirclePoints now behaves the same with all
      geometry kernels
    + fixed issue with UTF16-encoded home directories on Windows.
  - Update to 4.5.0:
    + changed default 2D meshing algorithm to Frontal-Delaunay
    + new compound Spline/BSpline commands
    + new MeshSizeFromBoundary command
    + new CGNS importer/exporter
    + new X3D exporter for geometries and meshes
    + improved surface mesh reclassification
    + new separate option to govern curvature adapted meshes
      (Mesh.MinimumElementsPerTwoPi and "-clcurv val")
    + improved handling of anisotropic surface meshes in 3D Delaunay
    + improved high-order periodic meshing
    + improved 2D boolean unions
    + file chooser type is now changeable at runtime
    + FLTK GUI can now be created and destroyed at will through the api
    + fixed regression in MeshAdapt for non-periodic surfaces with
    + combining views now copies options
    + added API support for mesh compounds, per-surface mesh algorithm
      and mesh size from boundary
    + renamed plugin AnalyseCurvedMesh to AnalyseMeshQuality
    + fixed regression for built-in kernel BSplines on non-flat
      geometries (Sphere, PolarSphere)
    + small fixes and improvements.
  - Add 0001-Add-two-missing-header-includes-in-GModelIO_OCC.patch
  - Incompatible API changes:
    + removed mesh/smooth (now handled by mesh/optimize like all
      other mesh optimizers)
    + renamed logger/time to logger/getWallTime and logger/cputime
      to logger/getCpuTime
    + new arguments to mesh/optimize, mesh/getElementProperties and
    + added optional argument to mesh/classifySurfaces and view/combine.
  - Enable OpenMP support
  - Cleanup spec file:
    + remove no longer relevant gmsh-3.0.5-doc-building.patch
    + rename and rebase gmsh-3.0.5-add-shebang-to-onelib.patch to
    + run fdupes over demos and tutorials.
  - Fix license, GPL-2.0-or-later, not GPL-2.0-only
  - Fix Source: URL
  - Reenable LTO, no more linker segfaults
* Mon Feb 03 2020 Steve Kowalik <>
  - Switch python-devel BuildRequires to python3-devel.
  - Run spec-cleaner over the specfile.
* Sun Sep 15 2019 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Override build host name to make package build reproducible (boo#1084909)
* Fri Aug 02 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Disable LTO for now, linker segfaults
  - Fix several ODR violations and redefinitions
  - Prefer system metis over the one from gmsh/contrib/
* Sat Jul 27 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to version 4.4.1 - to many changes to list here, see
    or included CHANGELOG.txt for details.
  - Packaging changes:
    * Only build HTML documentation by default, add bcond for PDF
  - Cleanup specfile
    * Remove unused/obsolete BuildRequires
    * Drop bogus gmsh-2.10.1-fix_spelling_errors.patch
    * Replace gmsh-2.10.1-delete_gl2ps_from_source.patch,
      gmsh-3.0.5-fix_FTBFS_linking.patch with link_dynamic_gl2ps.patch
    * Drop obsolete gmsh-3.0.5-add-missing-headers.patch



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